Volcanic Eruptions

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Volcanic Eruptions

Several cities were affected by the eruption of Mount Vesuviusin, 79 C.E.: Oplontis, Pompeii and Stabiae. Once a thriving and sophisticated Roman city, Pompeii was buried in meters of ash and pumice after the catastrophic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The archaeological site in southern Italy’s Campania region unearthed Pompeii. Mount Vesuvius has not erupted since 1944, but it is still one of the most dangerous volcanoes.

All of Pompeii residents killed, City and buildings destroyed, buried in lava

Mt Vesuvious, Pompeii.
Pompeii street.

The excavated street was found to have served as an open septic system. The stepping stones were for people to cross to the other side of the street.


Mount St. Helens, Washington, USA May 18, 1980 Earthquake at 8:32:17 a.m. PDT (UTC−7) on Sunday, May 18, 1980 caused N face to slide away, becoming the largest landslide. An eruption column rose 80,000 feet (24 km; 15 mi) into the atmosphere and deposited ash in 11 U.S. states.


Less severe outbursts continued a day, and followed by other large, eruptions later that year.

*Fifty-seven people were killed,

  • Hundreds of square miles were reduced to wasteland.
  • 1 billion U.S. dollars in damage ($2.88 billion in 2014 dollars)
  • thousands of game animals were killed
57 people killed, 100's sq. mi. wasteland, thousands animals killed, $1billion damage

VIDEO: Volcano with lightening

Mount Kilauea Volcano Eruption

Early on May 3, 2018 earthquakes rock Hawaii's Big Island, Hawaii when the active volcano, Kilauea volcano erupted. The island, Hawaii was rattled by the quakes and Kilauea spewed lava and toxic gas. Hawaii is rattled by a series of earthquakes as Kilauea volcano spews lava and toxic gas, Sulphur dioxide. Kilauea Eruption

Image:Paula s Sources-8.jpg Fissures continue to open with the lava being emitted.
Image:Paula s Sources-8.jpgIn the Hawaiian Islands, Mount Kilauea (Hawaii's Kilauea active volcano: tmsnrt.rs/2rmXdVZ) erupted 18 hours ago, May 3, 2018. As of May 7, the lava and tremors continue.The lava spread, destroying 36 homes and buildings near Leilani Estates. 2000 people were evacuated, due to the noxious gas, Sulphur dioxide. No firefighters are currently doing anything, as all is in progress.
Image:Paula s Sources-8.jpgMay 20,2018- Mount Kilauea is still opening through fissures.  :Image:Paula s Sources-8.jpgMolten lava and gases reached the ocean. This releases hydrochloric acid, and lava haze or "laze". This is filled with glass particles in the steam, deadly to breathe.[1]
Image:Paula s Sources-8.jpgMay 23-30 Lava reached a plant nearby which stores flammables
Kilauea May 20
Kilauea lava flow reaches ocean
Lava falling into ocean
44 homes destroyed, 1 injury, >10,000 people evacuated due to sulphur dioxide.


White Island , New Zealand Volcano Eruption

Dec 9, 2019 while a group of tourists were visiting the island and rim, the volcano erupted. It is an active volcano. Searches are currently unable to continue. No activity can be observed currently on the island.

White Island, New Zealand
Some evacuated, 5 deaths, 8 visitors missing. .

January 2, 2019 Anak Krakatau (son of Krakatau or Krakatoa) erupts causing tsunami, cone collapses.

April 10, 2020 Anak Krakatau erupts again.

March 2010 Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland erupts, beginning in March, declared officially over in October, when the snow no longer melted off the mountain.

This volcanic activity so disruptive to air travel because of a combination of factors:
1. The volcano was directly under the jet stream.
2. The direction of the jet stream was unusually stable at the time of the eruption's second phase, continuously southeast.
3. The second eruptive phase happened under 200 m (660 ft) of glacial ice. The resulting meltwater flowed back into the erupting volcano, which created two specific phenomena:
1. The rapidly vaporising water significantly increased the eruption's explosive power.
2. The erupting lava cooled very fast, which created a cloud of highly abrasive, glass-rich ash.
4. The volcano's explosive power was enough to inject ash directly into the jet stream.

June 15, 1991 Mount Pinatubo, Philipines second-largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th Century after 1912 eruption of Novarupta in Alaska. Complicating the eruption was the arrival of Typhoon Yunya.

June 6, 1912 Novarupta (newly erupted) is a volcano that was formed in 1912, located on the Alaska Peninsula in Katmai National Park and Preserve, about 290 miles (470 km) southwest of Anchorage. Formed during the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century, Novarupta released 30 times the volume of magma of the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.

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