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Waiuku Cemetery Progress page

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Date: 18 Jan 2019
Location: Waiuku, Auckland, New Zealandmap
Surnames/tags: cemeteries New_Zealand Waiuku
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This free-space page is to record the progress in capturing information on interments in Waiuku Cemetery, photos of headstones, and in adding profiles.

Below will be a working table, for recording this information. The Table of Interments is a sortable listing of persons, by surname, interred at this cemetery, some or all of whom are linked to existing WikiTree profiles. If you know of a person interred at this cemetery that should be linked to an existing WikiTree profile, or needs to have a profile created for them, please contact Lianne Trevarthen for assistance.

For information on the cemetery itself, please visit the Free-Space page for Waiuku Cemetery.

To Do

Project members are needed to:

  • Assist with data collection and grave marker transcriptions
Additional photography is needed, and previously collected data can be sent by email to other members willing to assist with transcriptions.
  • Link existing profiles or create new profiles for persons listed in the Table of Interments
When complete, everyone listed in the Table of Interments will be linked to their own WikiTree profile, and to a photo of that person's corresponding grave marker. The created profiles can include other genealogical and biographical information as well as a listing of sources for documentation.
  • Validate links and transcription information
Profile and photo links and transcribed information needs to be cross-checked to ensure accuracy.
  • Create an audio/video tour of the cemetery
Record a virtual tour of the cemetery that can be viewed as downloadable media on computers, tablets or other device. Such a tour would take the viewer around the cemetery to explore the history of the people buried here. Background information can be supplied. Those with mobile internet access can access online links to more information.

71 entries in the table, 38 photos linked, 57 profiles linked. Irwin-2099 06:02, 21 November 2017 (EST)
72 entries in the table, 39 photos linked, 58 profiles linked. Irwin-2099 04:10, 28 November 2017 (EST)
88 entries in the table, 45 photos linked, 73 profiles linked. Irwin-2099 04:44, 12 January 2018 (EST)
95 entries in the table, 49 photos linked, 78 profiles linked. Irwin-2099 04:21, 12 February 2018 (EST)
124 entries in the table, 70 photos linked, 104 profiles linked. Irwin-2099 12:12, 19 May 2018 (UTC)
134 entries in the table, 76 photos linked, 111 profiles linked. Irwin-2099 20:37, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
154 entries in the table, 76 photos linked, 133 profiles linked. Irwin-2099 22:08, 28 December 2018 (UTC)
165 entries in the table, 78 photos linked, 144 profiles linked. Irwin-2099 00:05, 29 December 2018 (UTC)
1791 entries show on Find-a-Grave; This puts current progress on entries (compared to FaG) at 9%. Irwin-2099 02:23, 6 January 2019 (UTC)

Table of Interments

ANDREWARTHAJohn18111858 Dec 04xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
BARRIBALLAlfred John1858 Jan 011922 Jun 0565To be transcribedTo be uploaded
BARRIBALLAlfred Martyn1856 Mar 091937 Jun 0382To be transcribedBarriball AM
BARRIBALLCharles1811 Jun 081880 Jan 2369To be transcribedBarriball C
BARRIBALLCharles Thomas1845 Apr 281917 Feb 2671To be transcribedTo be uploaded
BARRIBALLEliza Jane1852 Oct 031921 Feb 17xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
BARRIBALLCharles Rainsford1892 Jun 261970 Apr 17xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
BARRIBALLJohn18361922 Feb 1086To be transcribedBarriball J
BARRIBALLDelia Bridget1936 Jun 241903 Oct 1267To be transcribedBarriball DB
BARRIBALLJohn Leslie1895 Dec 021974 Feb 2578To be transcribedBarriball, JL & LG
BARRIBALLLilian Grace1897 Aug 271995 Feb 0597To be transcribedBarriball, JL & LG
BARRIBALLJoseph1853 Dec 131942 Sep 1588To be transcribedBarriball, J
BARRIBALLEliza1854 Oct 171930 Jul 675To be transcribedBarriball, E
BARRIBALLSamuel18401895 Apr 1855To be transcribedBarriball, S
BARRIBALLWilliam Henry18511923 Aug 2172To be transcribedTo be uploaded
BARRIBALLElizabeth18541902 Aug 2248To be transcribedBarriball E
BINNSGladys Tabitha1897 Aug 171986 Aug 2189To be transcribedTo be uploaded
BRAUNDoreini May19031905 Dec 192To be transcribedTo be uploaded
BRAUNHenry18721888 Jan 0815To be transcribedBraun, H & M H
BRAUNMaria Henrietta Frederica18351895 Oct 2865To be transcribedBraun, H & M H
BRAUNGeorge Leslie Lewis18981983 Feb 0484To be transcribedBraun GL
BRAUNEsther Sarah18621943 Aug 2980To be transcribedBraun G & ES
BRAUNGeorge William Louis18641938 Feb 1273To be transcribedBraun G & ES
BREGMENGeorge1843 Mar 121925 Aug 23xxTo be transcribedBregmen G & SE
BREGMENGeorge18671878 Apr 0111To be transcribedBregmen G
BREGMENGeorge1814 Sep 181871 Aug 1254To be transcribedBregmen G & C
BREGMENCatherine1821 Aug 061901 Jun 2282To be transcribedBregmen G & C
BREGMENJohn Frederick18721953 Jul 13xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
BREGMENElizabeth Ann18731942 Jun 06xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
BREGMENWilliam Edward19071936 Dec 1529To be transcribedTo be uploaded
BRIGHTThomas1867 Jul 141943 May 0376To be transcribedBright T & EJ
BRIGHTEmily Jane18741959 Sep 0785To be transcribedBright T & EJ
BRIGHTElizabeth1849 Mar 081931 Jul 1182To be transcribedBright J & E
BRIGHTJames1838 Oct 171920 Apr 0679To be transcribedBright J & E
BRIGHTAnnie1884 Jan 131972 Sep 2289To be transcribedTo be uploaded
CAMPBELLSarah1877 Jun 191957 Apr 1579To be transcribedTo be uploaded
CRAIGJohn18371914 Nov 22xxTo be transcribedCraig Family
CRAIGMargaret Ann18401914 Dec 15xxTo be transcribedCraig Family
DEEDWilliam Forster18651937 Nov 0872To be transcribedDeed WF & MJ
DEEDMary Jane18711944 Dec 0273To be transcribedDeed WF & MJ
DROMGOOLMary Ann18661949 Jul 10xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
DROMGOOLAnn Margaret1865 Dec 011904 Aug 2039To be transcribedTo be uploaded
DROMGOOLChristopher1869 Apr 101947 Dec 0979To be transcribedTo be uploaded
FELLOWSEric Russell1898 Jun 051961 Feb 07xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
FELLOWSCharlotte Matilda Ann1899 Nov 071977 Apr 0677To be transcribedTo be uploaded
FELLOWSRussell William1945 Dec 102005 Apr 06xxTo be transcribedFellows, WF, MG & RW
FELLOWSWalter Frederick1922 Feb 271974 Sep 10xxTo be transcribedFellows, WF, MG & RW
FELLOWSMary Grace1924 Apr 092005 Dec 0981To be transcribedFellows, WF, MG & RW
GAULTONAnna Maria1861 Feb 221939 Sep 21xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
GAULTONHarry1868 Aug 021946 Sep 07xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
GHEZZIIsaac18851939 Jun 1953In loving memory of Isaac Beloved husband of Ada S. Ghezzi. Passed away 19th June 1939. In his 54th year. "For ever with the Lord"Ghezzi I
HARVEYDoris Elizabeth1909 Dec 291910 Jan 142wTo be transcribedHarvey, DE
HARVEYEllen1965 May 171941 Apr 0373To be transcribedTo be uploaded
HARVEYFrank18611921 Jan 1159To be transcribedHarvey, F
HARVEYNorman Matthew1907 Aug 061985 Sep 1978In loving memory of Norman Harvey Passed away 19th Sept. 1985 Aged 78 Years Loved Husband of Nell Passed away 18th August 2001 Aged 93 Years. At Rest.Harvey, NM & EN
HARVEYEdith Nellie1908 Aug 162001 Aug 1893In loving memory of Norman Harvey Passed away 19th Sept. 1985 Aged 78 Years Loved Husband of Nell Passed away 18th August 2001 Aged 93 Years. At Rest.Harvey, NM & EN
HARVEYAlice Jane1897 Aug 271980 Aug 1282To be transcribedHarvey, AJ
HARVEYFrank Dudley1905 Feb 141969 Jun 0664To be transcribedHarvey, FD
HENRYRex Osmond1930 Aug 292015 Oct 0385To be transcribedHenry RO & MJ
HENRYOsmond1888 Dec 121980 Sep 05xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
HENRYMarjorie Joan1930 Nov 202015 Dec 2385To be transcribedHenry RO & MJ
HENRYAlan Osmond1952 Mar 131983 Apr 0334To be transcribedHenry AO
HENRYJessie1890 Nov 211970 Jun 3079To be transcribedTo be uploaded
HENRYIsabella Brine1926 Sep 071896 Jun 15xxTo be transcribedHenry IB
HICKEYThomas18151910 May 28xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
HICKEYWilliam James18641934 Dec 17xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
HILLEthel May1887 Sep 111975 Jan 0387To be transcribedHill, A & E & A
HILLArthur Herbert18831960 Jan 0876To be transcribedHill, A & E & A
HILLArthur Maxwell1916 Apr 281918 Dec 112To be transcribedHill, A & E & A
HILLFrank Wallace1912 May 032008 Sep 2196To be transcribedTo be uploaded
HILLZelda Isabel1917 Jun 082006 Feb 0388To be transcribedTo be uploaded
HOLLANDAlice Dorothy1861 Nov 171928 Jan 2365To be transcribedTo be uploaded
HOLLANDSamuel Thomas1859 Jan 171948 Nov 1689To be transcribedTo be uploaded
HOLSTHenry Owen19211939 Feb 0118To be transcribedHolst H O
HOODHenrietta1889 May 211978 Sep 0489To be transcribedTo be uploaded
HOODJohn Alexander1890 Feb 021955 Oct 2965To be transcribedTo be uploaded
JEFFRIESHarry Percy1883 Jan 111918 Nov 2535To be transcribedJeffries HP
LOGANLaurence Edward Johnson1906 Aug 181996 May 2889To be transcribedTo be uploaded
MAKGILLDonald Haldane19211982 Feb 2360To be transcribedMakgill, D H
MAKGILLDavid1880 Jan 021934 Oct 26xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
MAKGILLMargaret Elizabeth1886 Aug 101948 Jun 11xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
MANNINGArthur Wellesley18371911 Sep 0873To be transcribedManning A W & M
MAYAnthony1858 Feb 211918 Nov 2260To be transcribedMay A & A
MAYAnna18611948 Sep 2986To be transcribedMay A & A
MAYMabel1885 Feb 221955 May 1969To be transcribedTo be uploaded
MAYErnest Charles1897 Jan 311918 Dec 0421To be transcribedMay EC
MAYAnthony1832 Jul 061931 Jul 07xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
MAYSusan1838 Sep 031925 Feb 19xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
MCDONALDDorothy Magdalene1896 Feb 031981 Jul 14xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
MCDONALDCatherine Eliza18501932 Jul 0782To be transcribedTo be uploaded
MCDONALDJohn Martin18411914 Oct 0773To be transcribedTo be uploaded
MCDONALDAnthony Henry1874 May 191953 Apr 1778To be transcribedTo be uploaded
MCDONALDEileen Elizabeth19251934 May 2186To be transcribedTo be uploaded
MCDONALDGeorge1893 Apr 121974 Jul 2581To be transcribedTo be uploaded
MCDONALDJames1885 Dec 101964 Nov 1179To be transcribedTo be uploaded
MCDONALDWilliam James1874 May 191958 Jun 0484To be transcribedTo be uploaded
MELLSOPFlorence Adela1874 May 101958 May 0683To be transcribedMellsop AE & F
MELLSOPArthur Ethelbert1869 Jun 091913 Aug 0344To be transcribedMellsop AE & F
MELLSOPCharlotte Elisabeth1840 Jan 141925 Aug 2785To be transcribedMellsop, JT & CE
MELLSOPLawrence Lionel1879 Apr 061914 Aug 1735To be transcribedMellsop, L L & M E G
MELLSOPMargaret Edith Gilmour18781954 Sep 2677To be transcribedMellsop, L L & M E G
MELLSOPJohn Thomas1833 Sep 221896 Jul 1162To be transcribedMellsop, JT & CE
NAYSMITHHenry James Alexander1886 Oct 051966 Dec 228042766 PTE H.J.A. Naysmith Machine Gun Battn Died 22.12.1966Naysmith, HJA
NEWLYNFrancis George1885 May 191977 Mar 2292To be transcribedTo be uploaded
NEWLYNAnnie1879 Aug 201954 Nov 0175To be transcribedTo be uploaded
NEWTHLeslie1898 Sep 181943 Aug 1544To be transcribedTo be uploaded
OLSENChristian Emil1840 Oct 241933 Aug 2692To be transcribedOlsen CE & AI
OLSENAnne Isobel18531907 Sep 0654To be transcribedOlsen CE & AI
PARMENTEREva Lizzie1886 Sep 251976 Oct 1090To be transcribedTo be uploaded
PARMENTERSydney Charles1888 Feb 261970 Feb 0381To be transcribedTo be uploaded
PICKARDEmily18561910 Mar 0754To be transcribedPickard E
PICKARDGeorge1841 Oct 251930 Dec 1889To be transcribedPickard G
PICKARDJohn Henry Tupara (Jack)18921915 May 0722To be transcribedPickard J
RIDGLEYJane18691932 Jun 14xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
RIDGLEYJohn18671938 Dec 29xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
ROBINSONKathleen1870 Oct 021960 Feb 889To be transcribedRobinson, L H & K
ROBINSONLeonard Hewyood1866 Oct 221915 Dec 22xxTo be transcribedRobinson, L H & K
ROSCOECharles Orlando1891 Jan 291938 Jan 0847To be transcribedRoscoe CO
ROSCOEDelcie18911958 Jun 3067N/ANo headstone
ROWEAlison May1913 Jun 041990 Jun 0877To be transcribedTo be uploaded
ROWEJohn Henry1911 Dec 171991 Mar 0279To be transcribedTo be uploaded
SEALESGeorge Reuben1882 Jan 151967 Jan 0281To be transcribedTo be uploaded
SHORTJames William1904 Dec 261980 Dec 0375To be transcribedTo be uploaded
SHORTWilliam Callan1898 Sep 241980 Jun 1581To be transcribedShort, W
SHORTJean Elizabeth19141968 Apr 13xxSHORT In loving memory of JEAN ELIZABETH Passed away 13th April 1968. Aged 54 years Loved wife of Eddie. Loved parents of Wayne. EDWARD MICHAEL Passed away 26 Sept 2001 Aged 88 years. Loved husband of GERTRUDE ETHEL INEZ Passed away 18th Feb. 2001 Aged 86 years.Short, JE & EM & GEI
SHORTEdward Michael1912 Dec 312001 Sep 26xxSHORT In loving memory of JEAN ELIZABETH Passed away 13th April 1968. Aged 54 years Loved wife of Eddie. Loved parents of Wayne. EDWARD MICHAEL Passed away 26 Sept 2001 Aged 88 years. Loved husband of GERTRUDE ETHEL INEZ Passed away 18th Feb. 2001 Aged 86 years.Short, JE & EM & GEI
SMITHAgnes Elizabeth Ann18751949 Nov 0473To be transcribedSmith HW & AEA
SMITHHenry Walter18661943 Sep 2877To be transcribedSmith HW & AEA
SOWRYErnest1871 Feb 211938 Jan 2966To be transcribedSowry E & K J
SOWRYKate Julia18701939 Jan 0668To be transcribedSowry E & K J
SPEEDYRose Haultain1863 Oct 261880 Aug 2117Rose Haultain Speedy, aged 17 years, 1880. Be you also ready.Speedy, R H
SPEEDYJames Havelock1811 Aug 041868 Feb 0656To be transcribedSpeedy J H
SPEEDYSarah Mason1818 Jan 071897 Dec 13xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
THOMSONEsma Florence1896 Apr 031971 Mar 3074To be transcribedTo be uploaded
THOMSONDaniel Maclaren1920 Jul 201995 Jun 0974To be transcribedTo be uploaded
THOMSONMyrtle Elaine1923 May 012000 Nov 20xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
VERNERPaul Sydney19462000 Feb 04xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
WALTERSWilliam John1879 Jun 101911 May 2431To be transcribedWalters, W&W&MA
WALTERSWilliam18391913 Sep 20xxTo be transcribedWalters, W&W&MA
WALTERSMary Ann18391921 Oct 1781To be transcribedWalters, W&W&MA
WALTERSJames1876 Jul 181951 Sep 1075To be transcribedTo be uploaded
WALTERSIsabella Mary18761962 Jan 0685To be transcribedTo be uploaded
WILLIAMSEliza Emily1885 Feb 061971 Dec 30xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded
WILLIAMSVictor Garnett1885 Jun 041976 May 23xxTo be transcribedTo be uploaded



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