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Wakes Colne Parish Records

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Location: Wakes Colnemap
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Overview of parish records.

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Names are as I see them at first glance. Refine as profile links created. This listing provides an overview of names contained in the parish registers with links to profiles thus giving an overview of what is completed.

Originals can be found on Essex Record Office (Subscription needed)

Transcriptions in pdf format and an assessment of potential gaps in the register are available on Essex and Suffolk Surnames

Transcriptions can also be searched on Freereg

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D/P 88/1/1 Overall Date Range 1559 -1690

In this register Births Deaths and Marriages are mixed on most pages.

Baptisms 1558 -1690

Pdf file from Essex and Suffolk Surnames

1559-1607 Image 3 Margaret Kebel, Margaret Newtone, Alice Tebolt, Margaret Waspe, Christian Brett, Elizabeth Syday, Robert Besouth, Mathew Crabb, Geoffrey Laurel, John Bussell*, Margaret Ricard, Edwarde Kinge, Quilter, John Waffen, Elizabeth Creto, Marie Kinge, Alice Woodthorpe, Cheshell Powell, Robert Tyffin, Anne Saywell, John Botter, Marye Wenden, Anne Underwood, Elyzabeth Aurok, Margaret Turner, Quilter.πŸ“Œ
1607-11 Image 4, John Playto,Edward Norther, John Bealseton, John Cockerton, John Debnam, Marye Tiffine, Daughter Bettes, Susan Clarke, John Simpson, John Laye, John Dines, Marie Underwood, Franncis Kinge, Margaret How, John Turner, Elizabeth Quilter, Thomas Bienes, Martha Saw, Jacob Gasset, John Keble, Samuel Keble, Robert Leppingwell, Robert Kinge, Margaret Powell, Grace Tiffine.πŸ“Œ
1612-15 Image 5 Daughter Clarke, Susann Keble, Hoye, Lasset, Jabob Basset, John Cayo, William Kinge, Elizabeth Dobham, Susan Betts, Alice Underwood, Margaret Corbett, Margaret Keble, Wyborrow Tiffin, Henry Clarke, William Wenden, William Meadow, Robert Kinge, Joan Cook, Anne Cargo,Fancke Gasset, Jepferye Lasset, Alice Dixon , John Borsam, Hugh Powell, Roger Lassot, Susan Wade, Abraham StenensπŸ“Œ
1615-18 Image 6 Joyce Underwood, Susan Meadow, Katherine Carho, John Cook, William Barhame, Henry Tiffin, Anne Kinge, John Cole, Thomas Garret, Susan Bumpstead, John Abors, Anne Meadow, Samuel Keble, Daughter Laye, Rose Wenden, John Rarhe, Matno Diglot, William Cooke, Thomas Larret, Margaret Brodge, Thomas Digbie, Margaret Beacham, Rose Alcocke, Marye Keble, Mary Orad, Margaret Underwood.πŸ“Œ
1619-21 Image 7 Margaret and Martha Burhe, John Carrot, Daughter Wenden, Robert Corkerton, Thomas Meadow, Anna Osborne, Richard Bredge, Edward Sadler, Samuel Larrel, Sarah Keble, Sara Woodthorpe, William Kinge, Henrye Boarham, Anne Corkertan, Son Clarke, Robert Bushe, Daughter Bodgewell, Joane Stevens, Abraham Garrot, Susan Coock, Jane Anlodow, Edward Alcock, Marye Brodge. πŸ“Œ
1621-26 Image 8 John Laye, Sarah Keble, John Smithe, Elizabeth Alcocke, Anne Hilles, Anne Cooke, Rose Boarnham, Flack, Wendon, Moyse, William Bush, Andrew Smithe, John Bridge, Anne Robbins, Anne Langott, John Wenden, John Clarke, Williams Knight, Thomas Bodgewell, Richard Sanhind, Elizabeth Glornd, Robert Newham.πŸ“Œ
1627-29 Image 9 John Moyse, Dorothy Cooke, Grace Collles, Margaret Clarke, Marie Keble, Robert Knight, Thomas London, Elizabeth Moore, John Sadler, Samuel Withor, Sara Halls, Thomas Fflacke, Anna Taylor, Susanna Larrot, John Keble, Samuel Garret, Elizabeth Mowlinge, Edward Osborne, Isabel Keble, John Abbot, Cellor, Jane Sanrgine, Margery Milles, Jane Rooke, Rachol Moyse, Elizabeth, Marye Brett.πŸ“Œ
1629-32 Image 10 Edward Nohinge, Jane Turner, Katherine Taylor, John Lowe, Margaret Lowe, Alice Underwood, Marye Bourham, Elizabeth Stubber, Susanna Anoyse, Robert Keble, Marye Newton, Margerye Wither, John Edgwell, Robert Abbot, William Colman, Elizabeth Brodge, Lawrence Ellis, Elizabeth Coller, Elizabeth Flacke, Sara Sadler, Elizabeth Spuddann, Elizabeth Brewer, William Wither, Boaham Wirham, Margaret Taylor, John Keble, William Turner.πŸ“Œ
1633-36 Image 11 Robert Beachame, John Colman, Elizabeth Bushe, John Deane, Harmond Sheepherd, Marye Mare, Elizabeth Baker, Sara Knight, Margaret Lon, John Brett, Frannis Breur, Edon Breege, Roger Wither, Susanna Taylor, William Sadler, Anne Gib, Elizabeth Baker, Richard Saywell, Richard Newton, Thomas Flacke, Thomas Abbot, Wife Toane, John Keble, Anne Hart, William Baker, Marye Wattor, Linas UnderwoodπŸ“Œ
1636-49 Image 12 John Wither, Robert Carhe, John Bruer, Mary Woodward, Rotira Saywell, Richard Low, Joseph Turner, Elizabeth Woodward, Mary Taylor, Alice Sangine, William Keble, Aralla Cotts, Judith Baker, Anne Stephens, Elizabeth Abbot, Susanna Taylor, James Wittam, Robert Bacon, Marye Wiborron, Edward Saywell, John Botts, James Wither, Brigit Caye, John Fenn, Elizabeth StevensπŸ“Œ
1640 Image 13 John Appleton, Anne Deane, Samuel Knight, Susan Flacke, Mary Wither, William Sell, John Taylor, James Bets, Margaret Bets πŸ“Œ
1641-1664 Image 14 Rose Potter, Thomas Kinge, Ann Bayly, John Sawkins, Margaret Underwood, Woodward, Currington, Alcocke, Makin, Edmund Deane, Anne Deane, William Woodward, Samuel Keble, John Flacke, Mary Baker, Mary Underwood, John Alcocke, Martha Currington, Mary Alcocke, William Stevens, John Woodward, Alice Wyborrow, Gualter Makin, Margaret May, Male Kinge, William Flacke, Sewell, Elizabeth Betts, Mary Betts, William Underwood, Mary Sanders, Thomas Keble, John Baylie, Anne Turner, Hannah Clarke, Sewell, Thomas Richardson, Mary Cockerton, Edmund Woodward, Flack, John Cooke, William Fisher, Taylor, Roger Alcocke, Jeremiah Pitchforke, Richard Heywood, Anne Sadler, Annah Clarke, Currington, Edward Betts, Constance Wyburrow, Anne Sewell, Richard Deane, Sarah Makin, Mary Richardson, Alicia Wither, Susannah Keble, Francesse Bridge, Richard Bridge, Alce Regswell, Mary Redgswell, Sarah Redgeswell, Thomas Redgswell, Abraham RedgeswellπŸ“Œ
1647-57 Image 15 Caleb May, Margery Bayly, Thomas Currington, Rose Coherton, Alcocke, Alice Ridgewell, Rebecca Underwood, Alice Sewell, Zachary Done, Edmund Sadler, Mary Woodward, Rose Richardson, Anne Syday, Elizabeth Clarke, Richardson, Mary Hayward, Maiy Clarke, Margaret Bush, Anne Alcocke, Dednam, Mary Sewell, Mary Falworth, John Martyn, Mary Ridgewell, Zacharie Dove, John Clarke, Matthew Woodward, Betts, Margarett Bridge, Samuel Talworth, Henry Bayly, Anne Syday, Francesse Currington, John Brett, John Sadler, Sarah Woodward, Rose Legate, Judith Alcock, Elizabeth Clarke, Bridgett Richardson, Isaac Martin, John Flack, Anne Corkerton, Francesse Clarke, Sarah Dove, Thomas Wistow, Elizabeth Bush, Thomas Keble, Elizabeth Bridge, Richard Alcock, Robert Xuard, Sarah Ridgewell, Richard Kinge, Mary Talworth, Joseph LazelleπŸ“Œ
1653-59 Image 16 Mary Brett, John Bridge, James Keble, Jacob Bush, Mary Rodgewell, Suzanna Keble, John Lay, John Keble, Edward Alcocke, Mary Mary Burton, Rebecca Burton, Mary Potter, Rose Potter, Mary Layfielde, Phillip Woodward, Mary Lazell, John Wenden, Nathaniel Wenden, Samuel Wenden, Joseph Wenden, Benjamin Wenden, Elizabeth Wenden, Susan Potter, Elizabeth Man, Joseph Turner, Elizabeth Turner, Thomas Cockerton, Richard Lay, Mary Zukarry, John Burton. πŸ“Œ
1659-63 Image 17 Mary Lenton, Frances Layfielde, Jeremiah Bayly, Margaret Salmon, Richard Lay, Sarah Lowe, Susannah London, Thomas Keble, Mary Cooke, Susannah Cook, Anne Potter, James Clarke, Susannah Clarke, Susannah Woodward, Thomas Keble, Elizabeth Turner, Anne Lenton, Susan Lay, Susan Keble, Martha Potter, Edward Sawkins,James Bridge, John LoweπŸ“Œ
1664-66 Image 21 John Wenden, Nathaniel Wenden, Samuel Wenden, Joseph Wenden, Benjamin Wenden, Daniel Wenden, Elizabeth Wenden, James Wenden, Elnathan Wenden, Elizabeth Osborne, Charles Jacob Man, Anne Whrrly, James Poulter, Mathias Lolo, John Potter, Elizabeth Potter, Elizabeth Abbott, Sarah Bridge, Gabriel Abbott, Ambrose Sawkins, Ann OsborneπŸ“Œ
1663-70 Image 22 John Lenton, Anne Keble, Mary Cooke, Hannah Peachie, Margaret Peachie, Francesse Clarke, John Lay, Thomas Woodward, Anne Alcock, Mary Alcock, William Keble, Mary Keble, William Heard, John Abbott, Susan Abbott, Rose Alcock, John Keble, John Arnold, Jane Grante, Richard Clarke, Susannah Cooke, Anne Keble, Mary Man, Sarah Bay, Sarah Redgrill, Elizabeth Sadler, John Grant, Susanna Wendon, William Potter, Siday Eglin, Mary Patten, Rebecca Waters, Sarah Keeble, John Cook, Martha Osburn, William Abbot, John Samon, William Pandy, Edith Arnold, John Sawkins, Martha Keeble, Suzanna Stanners, Alexander Keable, Parnal Bridg, John Turner, William Turner, John Peachie, John Keeble , Mary KeebleπŸ“Œ
1671-89 Image 23 John Woodward, John Bridge, William Salmon, Elyzabeth Abbott, Sarah Bridge, Pheboe Bridge, George Osborn, Elyzabeth Abbott, Hannah Keable, John Keatch, Sarah Bridge, Mary Meadow, Ann Garett, John Bailey, Richard Salkins, John Salkins, John Silletoe, James Keable, William Keatch, John Clarke, William Martyn, Sarah Orsbond, Elizabeth Bloyre, Thomas Man, John Rosbrooke, Mary Arnold, Suzanna Bridge, Nathaniel Wenden, Edward Heard, John Beets, Susan Salkins, Rebecca Arnold, Elizabeth Meadow, John Turner, James Keable, Elizabeth Arnold, James Woodward, John Bloyre, John Osburne, John Bailie, Richard Bloyre, Richard Heard, William Meadow, William Bailie, George Talliday, Elizabeth Woodard, John Kendall, Mary Kendall, William Woodard, Sarah Woodard, John Bayly.πŸ“Œ
1679-85 Image 25 Henry Wenden, Dorothy Wenden, Mary Ffincham, Philip Ristbrook, James Ristbrook, Mary Ristbrook, Sarah Brag, Son Martin, Thomas Cole, Daughter Nathaniel Wenden, Anne Blois, Susannah Blois, Mary Meadows, Thomas Medly, Elizabeth Rosbrook, William Brag, William Cook, Joseph Wenden, James WendenπŸ“Œ
1683-88 Image 29 Mary King, Rosbrook, Jacob Able, Meadows, John Mott, James Stammers, John Keable, James Wenden, John Keable, Daughter Woodward, Mary Bruning, Mary Alcock, Anne Parmenter, Margaret Hast, Daniel Midleton, Joseph Newcome, Thomas Osburn, Richard Salkins, Elizabeth Eglin, Dorothy Keable, John Wenden, William Wenden,Margaret Blois, Anne Ffenner, William Hast, John Newcome, Mary Cole, Thomas Heard, Son Parmenter, Richard Blois, John Cooper, Charles King, William Clark, Martha Clark. πŸ“Œ
1688-89 Image 34 Robert Lazwell, Daughter Woodward, William Newcome, John Heard, Susannah Betts, Sarah Cooper, Charles Martyn, Martha Martyn, Henry Strutt, John Keable, Simon Hast, Martha Wiltshire. πŸ“Œ
1689-90 Image 35 John Osburn, Thomas Newcome, Elizabeth Lazwell, Elizabeth Osburn. πŸ“Œ
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Burials 1559-1690

Pdf file from Essex and Suffolk Surnames

1559-1607 Image 3 Richard Pare, Quilter, Margaret Saywell, Jane Cook, William Cook, Joise Kinge, Chros, Widow Pare, John Leblo, John Keble , Wife TurnerπŸ“Œ
1607-11 Image 4 William Kinge, Doasthe, Wife Bunnds, John klrarke, Elizabeth Dines, Mihes Lay, Rabyerond Lassot, William Meadow, Samuel Keble, Widow Sopton, Margaret Keble, John Quilter, John Sifton, Ann Diglot, Edmond Sampser.πŸ“Œ
1612-15 Image 5 Joseph Lassot, Wife Cooper, Sawkins, Wife Londney, Robert Keble, John Makine, Anne Clarke, William Underwood, Susan Wade, Anne Stenens πŸ“Œ
1615-18 Image 6 Christopher Cook, John London, Mrs Tiffin, Widdow Upcher,Daughter Laye, Henrye Cooke, John Tyfine, Widow Underwood, Waters, Joseph Batos, Elizabeth Tiffin, William Tiffin , Samuel Keble, Susanna Baxter, Widdow Cooke, Widdow Quilter, Widdow Saureine, Thomas Harrot. πŸ“Œ
1619-21 Image 7 Mary Wade, Rose Bodgewell, John Syday, Christian Newton, Anne Basit, Thomas Newton, Marye Digbie, John Smyth, John Keble, Marie Knight, Richard Bunds, William Underwood, Robert RoctortonπŸ“Œ
1621-26 Image 8 Jopam Dapbas, John Boarhamyn, Mary Baker, John Moyse, Edward Alcock, John Alcock, Widower Bake, Wife Hankes.πŸ“Œ
1627-29 Image 9 Wife Low, Widdow Cranfield, Rose Wenden, Marye Withor, Anne Hedgecoke, Roynot Corkerton, Alice Turner, Thomas Garret, Thomas Ffagors, Roger Turner.πŸ“Œ
1629-32 Image 10 Elizabeth Underwood, John Wenden, Susanna Moyse, Widdow Cook, Marye Tiffine, Thomas Upcher, Thomas Lenton, Widow Garret, Roger Lononye, Jane Upcher, John TiffinπŸ“Œ
1633-36 Image 11 Marye Dobnam, John Syday, Anne Gladwine, John London, Robert Keble, Lanronir Ellis, Andrew Hanles, Widdow Alcock, Elizabeth Stenous, John Potter, Widdow Taylor, John Smithe, Elizaobi Flack, Widdow Ruffell, William stenons, Wife Deane, Richard Baker, William Kinge, John CorkertonπŸ“Œ
1636-49 Image 12 Wife Onrs, Margaret Abbot, Richard Smith, Michaiah Low, Wife Deane, Margaret Kindlewood, Jennes Cache, John Abbot, Widdow Cockerton, Margaret Stubber, Susanna Lion, Anne French, Margaret Wither, James Cache, Wife Woodward, Marye Bacon, Richard Bundswood, Wife Abbot, Carterton, Marye Bates, Marye Hart, Robert Knight, Wife Bumpston, Widdow Boots, John Brett, John Underwood, Widdow Cache, William Knight, Samuel WithersπŸ“Œ
1640 Image 13 Samuel Knight, John Wendon, John SankinπŸ“Œ
1661 Image 17 Susan Keble πŸ“Œ
1659-65 Image 20 Robert Abbot, Child Abbot, Martha Death, Nathanael Wenden, Margaret Peach, Elizabeth Sawkins. πŸ“Œ
1663-70 Image 22 William Heard, Mary PoulterπŸ“Œ
1669-78 Image 26 Dorcas Heurihm, Robert Walford, Timothie Abbot, James Poulter, Widow Clark, Daughter Turner, Rebecca Waters, John Patten, Son Pettit, Tabitha Hollin, Steven Clark, Mary Reigne, John Baily, Widow Green, John Turner, Mary Potter, Mary Keeble, Robert Abbott, William Meadow, Ann Baily, Richard Turner, John Peatch, Sarah Bridge, Margaret Clarke, Henry Peatch, Elizabeth Martyn, Wife Mullins, Margery May, Richard Salkins, Ann Tallida, Alice Ridgwell, Bridget Meadow, Martha Keable, John Bailie, Edward Alcocke, Elizabeth Dean, James Keable, Thomas Cooke, Alice Silletoe, Sarah Bridge, James Sammon, Elnathan Wenden, JohnWoodward, William Martin, Elizabeth Clark, John Keeble. πŸ“Œ
1680-82 Image 27 William Baily, John Kendall, John Woodard, William Woodard, James Keable, Susannah King, Ann Awcock, Jane Reath, John Reach, John Turner, Anne Low, Elizabeth Stebbing, Joseph Wenden, John Wenden, Elizabeth Man, Edward Betts, Elizabeth Woodard, John Keable, Elizabeth Blois, Anne Blois, Susannah Blois, Elizabeth Kesbrook, Widow White, John Turnor, Thomas MedlyπŸ“Œ
1682-87 Image 28 Mary Brag, Widow Brag, Sarah Mot, Mary Mot, Wife Clark, Edward Alcock, Ffrancis Martyn, Rebecca Cole, Mary Keable, Mary Keable, Mary Roebrook, Steven Clark, Thomas Meadows, George Osburn, Daughter Meadows, Mary Bray, James Wenden, Anne Turner, Anne Sewell, John Butcher, Rose Day, Jane Cook, Wife Rollinson, Daughter Talliday, Judith Alcock, Son Ffincham, Son King, John Cockerton, Roger Hurrell, Richard Sewell, Margaret Lay, Anne Baily, Thomas Ridgewell. πŸ“Œ
1641-51 Image 30 Alice Moore, Joane Upsher, Anne Deane, John Flacke, Mary Woodward, Rachel Woodward, John Deane, William Stephens, Widow Lawrett, Elizabeth Manners, Clarke, Betts, Margaret Baker, Widdow Garritt, Mrs Baker, Capt Baker Mother, Roses Child, Underwood, Thomas Keble, Mary Sewell, Robert Claypoole, Anne Baily, Wyburrow, Roger Lawrett, Currington, Margarett Bridge, Catherine Taylor, John Bridge, Elizabeth Kinge, Margaret Millar, Thomas Levericke, Mary Talworth, Mary Beacham, Robert Kinge, Thomas Kinge, Zachary Dove, Samuel Talworth, Edmund Sadler, Richard Alcock, Susan Robinson, John Abbott, Margaret Stubber, Richard Alcock, John Stubber. πŸ“Œ
1652-64 Image 31 Uris Lenton, Edmund Spurdance, Widow Sawkins, Daughter Keble, Elizabeth Keble, Anne Lay, John Meadows, Samuel Withers, John Alcock, Katherine Abbott, Mary Wyburrow, Thomas Sewell, John Wyburrow, Widdow Spurdance, Edmund Sadler, Susan Keble, Anne Clarke, Francesse Clarke, Frances Layfielde, Widow Sadler, Thomas Keble, Edward Sawkins, Daughter Man, Child Arnold, Child Ridgewell, Anne Alcock, Hannah Peach, Wife Kennit, William Green, Widdow Medow, Margaritt Kinge, Elizabeth Man, Child Abbott. πŸ“Œ
1666 Image 32 John Keble, Edmond Layfield. πŸ“Œ
1687-88 Image 33 Mary Alcock, Stillborn Ffincham, Sarah Woodard, Emme Abbot, Charles King, Ester Alcock, Jeremiah Stammers, Daughter Woodward, Elizabeth Kendal. πŸ“Œ
1688-89 Image 34 Margaret Betts, Anne Parmenter, Martha Gorbold, Mary Alcock, Martha Wiltshire. πŸ“Œ
1689-90 Image 35 Daniel wenden, Elizabeth Lazwell, Wife Woodard. πŸ“Œ
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Marriages 1558-1689

Pdf file from Essex and Suffolk Surnames by Groom and by Bride

1559-1607 Image 3 Richard Flros and Mary Clark, John Corleston and Rose Sipton, William Underwood and Rimade, Arthur Fuller and Elizabeth Cooke, Robert Vorher and Pare, Henlye Brodgman and Marge BrandπŸ“Œ
1607-11 Image 4 Nathaniel Clarke and Elizabeth Cooke, Thomas Newton and Christian Cuth, John Dines and Elizabeth Mayor, Christopher Smithe and Margaret Keble, William Lay and Ellen Powell, John Keble and Susanna Wither, Thomas Cook and Margaret Cockerton, Edward Ovarner and Margaret Dines, Edward Tillingham and Clinson Amath, Richard Bunnes and Sara Howes, William Minot and Elizabeth LondonπŸ“Œ
1612-15 Image 5 Richard Bates and Jone Marrale, John Cooper and Marrys Lambert, John Clarke and Anne Murrorke, John Nowel and Elizabeth Longe, Christopher Bastram and Judith Sampford, Robert Borham and Marye Siston, Thomas Bumstead and Mary Turner, John Clarke and Matya Makin, John Middleton and Rose Lassot. πŸ“Œ
1615-18 Image 6 Alexander Harrmiston and Grace Brottle, Samuel Diglott and Katherine Tyler, Richard Bunes and Margaret Bridg, William Lambert and Mary Syday, Edmund Sadler and Anne Alcock, Edward Clark and Jone Brewer, Micra Low and Alice Loneoy, Thomas Digsbie and Mary Tiffine, John Abbot and Katherine Laudney, Samuel Woodward and Alice Wither, Richard Deane and Margaret Kinge.πŸ“Œ
1619-21 Image 7 Thomas Woodthorpe and Sara Sadler, Thomas Lovenby and Margaret Ffoorkes, Thomas Bodgewill and Rose Sanchin, Andrew Hanfes and Margaret Porter, John Basett and Sara Sansome, John Alcock and Elizabeth August, John Laye and Elizabeth Ffordany, Joseph Pennock and Margaret Woodwoad, Robert Mayse and Susanna KebleπŸ“Œ
1621-26 Image 8 Tymothie Abbot and Rose KingeπŸ“Œ
1627-29 Image 9 Roger Lanouoy and Rose Stiller, Richard Burbranke and Anne Dixon, Thomas Nund and Mary Turnor, John Abbot and Margaret Bunner, Edward Squrram and Olive Bilwith, John Stubber and Widdow Corketon, Henry Miller and Margaret Alcock.πŸ“Œ
1629-32 Image 10 William Colman and Elizabeth Wright, Thomas Webb and Rebecca Lion, John Bruer and Francis Oswell, George Abbot and Margaret Sponner, John Munte and Katherine Abbot, Richard Alcocke and Margaret Keble, Richard Smith and Marye SawkineπŸ“Œ
1633-36 Image 11 John Keble and Susanna Meadows, William Kilson and Marie Stewart, Richard Appleton and Grace Alcocke, Thomas Stanen and Franns Squire, John Ward and Anne Prior, William Firke and Elizabeth Horton, John Potall and Rose StillsπŸ“Œ
1636-49 Image 12 John Deane and Marie Smith, Beachampe and Rose Kinge , John Appleton and Marye Alcocke, Jefferye Bruse and Margaret Brodge, Robert Puller and Marye Ballard, John Potter and Marye Ballary, Thomas Turner and Marye SmithπŸ“Œ
1640, 1642-49 Image 13 John Alcocke and Easter Stonehard, Thomas Woodward and Margaret Horne, William Longley and Mary Bower, Richard Hayward and Mary Keble, John Martin and Hannah Tanner, John Hiscock and Sarah Newton, John Sewell and Mary Abbott, Thomas Potter and Margery Withine, Martha Campe and Henry Linermoon, John Hunnick and Alice Sewell, Thomas Osborne and Francess Pudney, William Syday and Francess Pudney, James Millar and Mary Christmas, Thomas Man and Rachel Turner, Robert Cockerton and Constance Kinge.πŸ“Œ
1649-53 Image 18 John Steel and Elizabeth, John Ridgewell and Anne Kinge, Edward Byflitt and Martha Cook, John Symson Catharine Briscoe, Thomas Barker and Elizabeth Keble, Thomas Mitten and Susan Hayward, Zachary Rogers and Mary Creffield, Daniel Candler and Susan Knight, Richard Lay and Margaret Meadow, Harry Franklin and Mary South, George Clarke and Mathew Smyth, Sir John Jacob and Elizabeth Ashburneham, William Weeks and Hannah Rushell, Ezekiel Brand and Massy Reynolds, John Ward and Susan Lawrett, Samuel Warner and Mary Montague, John Wilson and Elizabeth Parke, William Lay and Prudence Spurge, Ezekiel Horsnell and Elizabeth Brewer, Gualther Pierson and Elizabeth Sayer, William Moore and Elizabeth Lay, John Theuball and Mary Brewer, Robert Welsby and Elizabeth MillarπŸ“Œ
1653-63 Image 19 Samuel Bounds and Francesse Gates, Francis Ward and Draynes, Anthony Sayward and Anne Picknett, John Houlgate and Jane Smyth, John Cooke and Jane Turner, Jeffray Spinke and Magdalene Bull, Thomas King and Elizabeth Pennock, John Keble and Hannah Fawle, Samuel London and Mary Bridge, Thomas Brewer and Joannah Smyth, Thomas Rayner and Judith Garrett, Robert Stowell and Anne Midleton, James Bridge and Sarah Mott, Thomas Arnold and Trepheny Kandoll, Robert Cornewell and Elizabeth Harrington, Thomas Cockerill and Elizabeth Benyan, John Wenden and Susannah Cowell, Samuel Angier and Elizabeth Layfielde, Henry Peach and Hannah Lowe, Robert Hickleton and Alice Shelley, William Bowles and Grace Smyth, Robert Crane Smyth and Mary Parish, Eliphas Midleton and Alice Sell, John King and Sarah Rook, Thomas Nevitt and Mary Brewer.πŸ“Œ
1663-67 Image 20 William Sells and Susan Bowles, Robert Skingly and Mary Cummins, William Sells and Anne Alcock, Henry Pudney and Anne Simson, Jessye Kyrbie and Mary Cranwell, John Lay and Anne Young, John Pilgrim and Ellin Printise, Isaak Polly and Anne Cock, John Poulter and May Hales. πŸ“Œ
1664-66 Image 24 Henry Benyan and Ester Sayer, John Midleton and Susan Cooke, Thomas Carter and Mary Hills, William Beacon and Bridgett Lenton, John Apleton and Elizabeth Scott, Thomas Fuller and Prudence Hutton, Robert Lock and Mary Wade, George Fuller and Anne Thayre, Isaak Polley and Anne Cock, John Bridge and Anne Stacy, John Bond and Ann Christmas, Henry Ball and Alice Parmenter, Elnathan Midleton and Anne Cooke, John Fookes and Margaritt BiggπŸ“Œ
1667-84 Image 25 Jasper Waters and Rebecca Dove, John Fyner and Elizabeth Jauler, Daniel Rogers and Jane Kendall, George Tallida and Mary Kedgwell, Thomas Bennett and Grace Newton, William Bragg and Mary Woodward, Richard Pauly and Hannah Cox. πŸ“Œ
1681-89 Image 32 Thomas Love and Elizabeth Turner, John Candy and Rose Potter, Richard Pauly and Hannah Cox, John Holmes and Mary Tyler, John Blois and Margaret Thorington, Thomas Hoard and Margaret Lyrter, John Lay and Martha Potter, Charles King and Elizabeth Abbot, William Bartholomew and Anne Creffield πŸ“Œ
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Blank Image 1
Title page Image 2
List of rectors Image 32
Church land Deeds Image 33
List of Feoffes or trustees Image 34

D/P 88/1/2 Overall Date Range 1690-1764

In this register Births Deaths and Marriages are mixed on most pages.

Baptisms 1690-1764

Pdf file from Essex and Suffolk Surnames

1690-92 Image 3 Thomas Cole, George English, John English, John Staniers, Susanna Bloyre, John Davit, Hannah Davit, William Davit, William Keable, Ffrancis Martin, Sarah Ward, William Bartholomew, William Crefield, Martha Ffinch, Elizabeth Lazwell, Susannah Mary Wiltshire, Samuel Newcombe, Mary English, Elizabeth Carter, Elizabeth Cooper, Susannah Cooper, Sarah Wenden, Charles KingπŸ“Œ
1692-94 Image 4 John Rudkin, William Heard, Ann Woodward, Daniel Creffield, William Woodward, Samuel Belcham, Mary Boggis, William Keeble, Martha Cooper, Mary Parmenter, Edward Wakefield, Mary Newcomb, Susan Crefield, Anna Maria Bloyes, Rebecca Wakefield, Margaret Keable, Lydia Keable, William Keable πŸ“Œ
1694-95 Image 5 Stillborn Lazwell, Elizabeth Leppenwell, Rachel Woodthorp, Hannah Keable, William Carter, George English, Elizabeth Wenden, Ann Wiltshire, Mary Wenden, William Parmentar, Ann Godbold, Samuel Woodward, Joseph Cranmer, John Sansom. πŸ“Œ
1695-98 Image 6 Ann Newcomb, Elizabeth Davy, Sarah Wakefield, John Wenden, Edward Osborne, Susanna Wenden, Thomas Cranmer, Joseph Sydey, Jane Wagstaff, Mary Clay, Hugh Pollett, Anna Bartholomew, John Mann, George English, Sarah Davy, Ann Leppenwell, Joseph Strange, Lydia Carter, Sarah Cook, William Sansome, John King, Mary Brocket. πŸ“Œ
1698-1700 Image 7 Peter South, Will Wakefield, Susanna Clay, John Parmenter, Mary Davy, Benjamin Wenden, William Pollett, Hannah Salmon, John Patrick, Ann Wagstaffe, Thomas Manning, Elizabeth Davy, Mary Woodward, Susanna Woodward, Elizabeth Cook, Sarah English.πŸ“Œ
1700-02 Image 8 Mary Mann, Stillborn Rosbrook, Edward Clay, Sarah Winden, Edward Rrockett, John Rosbrook, John Salmon, John Davy, Martha Paine, William Salmon, Sarah Smith, James Don, Mary Lay, William Manning, Mary Rosbrook, James King.πŸ“Œ
1702-04 Image 9 Mary Wakefield, William Davy, Mary Talliday, Susanna Talliday, John English, Joseph Sparrow, Sarah Brockett, Elizabeth Salmon, Susanna Wenden, Ann Kendall, Thomas Kendall, John Kendall, Dorothy Kendall, William Davy, William Bridge, Rose Rosebrook, William Wagstaffe, Ann Mann, Sarah Clay, Thomas Creffield, Mary Manning, Thomas Salmon. πŸ“Œ
1704-06 Image 10 Ann Tiffin, John Shave, Ann Creffield, William Britt, Jonathan Tiffin, Sarah Wenden, Isaac Miller, Mary Rosbrook, William Creffield, John Jalling, Thomas Davies, Sarah Davies, Daniel King, John Sackins. πŸ“Œ
1706-09 Image 11 John Salmon, Benjamin Wenden, ... J..., John J..., James Cole, William Cole, Mary Keable, Sarah Creffield, John Potter, Elizabeth Wilkin, Richard Tiffin, John Hempsted, John Miller, Anne Wenden, Mary Brett, Elizabeth Manning, Mary Hampstead, John Shave, Rebecca Burton, Robert Wilkin, Mary Brett. πŸ“Œ
1709-11 Image 12 John Shave, Daniel Harrington, Mary Hills, William Scott, John Keable, John Newton, Elizabeth Hull, Elizabeth Potter, Gabriel Clark, Susanna Plampin, John Creffield, John Talliday, Francis Halliday, Sarah Tiffin, James Rosbrook, Joseph Wilkin, James Smith, Elizabeth Wenden, John Bowtle, Mary Deane, Mary Laver, William Salmon, John Talliday, Mary Laver. πŸ“Œ
1711-13 Image 13 Sarah King, Mary Barrington, Susanna Plampin, James Smith, Thomas Hall, Elizabeth Firmin, Samuel Newton, William Salmon, Mary Golding, Philip Miller, John Moor, Susanna Keable, John Laver, William Potter, Ann Salmon, David Plampin. πŸ“Œ
1713-15 Image 14 Ann Miller, John Hempstead, Anna Wilkin, Robert Keable, Thomas Keable, Zechariah Shave, John Rosbrook, Mary Tiffin, Alice Brand, Sarah Creffield, Rose More, Joseph Wenden, Sarah Laver, Mary Evered, Hannah Evered, John Evered, Susanna Strange, John Plampin, Sarah Newcomb, John Clarke. πŸ“Œ
1715-19 Image 15 Ann Barrington, Mary Parish, William Miller, Sarah Law, John Pudney, John Creffield, George Talliday, Elizabeth Talliday, William Talliday, Sarah Talliday, Mary More, Hannah Potter, Hannah Rosbrook, John Orsborn, John Wilkins, Mary Salmon, Thomas Pudney, Hannah Wakefield, Joseph Rosbrook, Mary Wenden, Sarah Wenden, Margaret Sawkins, Susanna Sawkins, Martha Bridg, Susan Talliday. πŸ“Œ
1719-20 Image 16 Susan More, Mark Lay, Mary Wakefield, Elizabeth Brand, Elizabeth Lennett, John Davis, Grace Plampin, Mary Miller, John Wistoe, Robert Wilkin, Thomas Parish, Elizabeth Wenden, Elizabeth Wakefield, William Man, Frances Brand, James Pudney, Sarah Wistoe, Mary London, Elizabeth Wakefield, John Lewzy, Daniel Creffield. πŸ“Œ
1721-23 Image 17 Ann Talliday, John Lay, Mary Shave, William Laver, Susanna Barrington, Thomas Keable, Rebecca Linnott, Rebecca Evered, Mary Brownsmith, William Wilson, George Bryant, Rachel Man, Susanne London, Elizabeth Borand, James Wakefield, Samuel Newcomb, John Wenden. πŸ“Œ
1723-25 Image 18 Mary Pratt, Joseph Wiston, Elizabeth King, Harlestone Barrington, Thomas Brand, John Pudney, Sarah Keeble, Sarah Linett, John Crefield, Mary Farrer, Thomas Wakefield, John Emery, Elizabeth London, William, Mary King, Daniel Murrills, Sarah Lay, Samuel Burton, James Rogers, Mary Sawkins, Jonathan Ferrer. πŸ“Œ
1727-29 Image 19 Witaker Jameson, Ann Last, Elizabeth Wistow, John Bunting, John Bunting, Sarah Brand,Martha Palmerton, John Linnit, Hannah Larkin, Dorothy Wisto, Daniel London, Mary Davie, Child Bartholomew, Ann Farrow, Mary Linnet. πŸ“Œ
1729-38 Image 20 Ann Rogers, Mary Crooks, John Parminter, Rebecca Smith, George Griffin, John Keeble, William Keeble, John Murrills, Mary English, Elizabeth London, Benjamin Wenden, Sarah Lufly, Thomas Nucomb, Elizabeth Farrow, John Smith, Sarah Lay, Thomas Brabroke, Joseph Wenden, Susan Gibbin, James Davie, Sarah Parminter, James Rogers, William English, William Farrow, Martha London, Martha Crooks, George Murrells, Samuel Smith, Ann Gibbin, Daniel Event, John Bowls, Mary Lay, Susan Lusey, Sarah Walford, John Parminter, Samuel Smith, Pilbrow King, Jeremiah Bartholomew, Joseph Wenden, James Smith, Samuel English, Mary Everitt, William Springate, John Dare, Richard London, John Smith, George Jerry, Liddia King, Susan Linnett, Ann Farrow, William Stu..., William Smith, George Osborn, Samuel Parminter, John Springate, John London, William Smith, Joseph Crooks, John Dare, Elizabeth Feris. πŸ“Œ
1737-53 Image 21 Grace Bridge, Mary Cudmore, Ann Cudmore, Mary Salmon, William Bowls, George Gallory, Elizabeth Crooks, Isaac Murrels, James Deane, Ann Johnson, Benjamin Keeble, John Smith, Joseph Smith, Susannah Farah, Richard Bridge, Elizabeth Johnson, John Deane, Samuel Smith, John Salmond, Susan Keeble, George Wilbur, Mary Osborn, Rose London, James Bones, James Deane, Sarah Lovely, Samuel Jervis. πŸ“Œ
1742-56 Image 22 Ann Johnson, John Bones, George Smith, Sarah Springitt, Susan King, Benjamin Keable, Mary Crooks, Mary Smith, James Bowls, Daniel Cudmore, Mary Johnson, Ann Lay, Mary Parminter, Hannah Constable, Mary Loveday, Mary Constable, John Jervis, Mary Bones, Richard Wilby, Abraham Brown, Lucy Johnson, Elizabeth Cudmore, Isaac Crooks, Martha Crooks, Charles Wright, Ann Springate, Sarah Salmon, Henry Jervis, Ann Cardy, Ralph Rowly, William Bones, Charles Wright, Ann Springate, Edward Springate, Daniel Springate, William Jervis, John Salmon, Susanna Keeble, Ann Smith, William Cranfield, Richard Everitt, John Everitt, John Salmon, Sarah Keable, Ann Bones, John Lusy, Isaac Cudmore, Hannah Cudmore, Joseph Monticue, Mary Monticue, James Smith, William Dare, Sophie Springate, John Cranfield, John Patten, Mary Everet, John Keable, Hannah Keable, Ann Vence, Martha Patten, Thomas Frost, William Salmon, Samuel Bones, John Shave, Mary Keable, John Patten, William Kemp, Elizabeth Keable, John Vence. πŸ“Œ
1759 Image 24 John Cant, Mary London. πŸ“Œ
1756-60 Image 25 James Frost, Martha Everet, Joseph Crooks, Thomas Brand, John Patten, Ann Kemp, John crooks, Rebecca Mountecue, Joseph Wilkin, Mary Everet, Mary frost, John Everel, Ann Kemp, Sarah Wilkin, John Brett, Ann Claryvence, Rebecca Farrow, James Keable, Stephen Harris, Sarah Everet, James Keable, William Patten, John Goole, John Eldrid, James Samon, John Cant, Mary London, Cornelius Claryvence, Daniel Dyer, John Burls, Stephen Harris, John Brett, Mary Keable, Mark Lay, Robert Wilkin, William Goole, Edward Goole, Samuel Cant, Jonathan Farrow, Thomas Everet, Rose Eldrid, William Brand. πŸ“Œ
1761-62 Image 26 John London, Thomas Harris, Daniel Patten, James Burls, William Halls, Joseph Keable, John Norfolk, Hannah Crooks, Mary Cant, Benjamin Wenden. πŸ“Œ
1762-63 Image 27 William Farrow, John Frost, Elizabeth Brett, Mary Cansdale, John Cansdale, Ann Harris, William Keeble, S Keable, Sarah Patten, Elizabeth Everet, Sarah Everet. πŸ“Œ
1763 Image 28 Joseph Cant, John Cant, Joseph Goole, Thomas Scandrell, Alexander Keeble, James London, Rebeccah Patten, Susanna Everet, James Blackwell, Elizabeth Farrow. πŸ“Œ
1764 Image 29 John Potter, Susan Norfolk, Elizabeth Eldrid, Rose Scandrell. πŸ“Œ
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Burials 1690-1764

Pdf file from Essex and Suffolk Surnames

1690 Image 2 Elizabeth Lazwell, Sarah Woodward. πŸ“Œ
1690-92 Image 3 John English, George English, Abraham Ridgewell, Sarah Martyn, William Keable, Richard Sawkins, Daniel Crefield, Ambrose Pea. πŸ“Œ
1692-94 Image 4 William Johnson, John Cook, William Reach, Hannah Keable, Susan Windin, Ambrose Rawlinson, Stillborn Cook, Thomas Heard, Davison Woodthorpe Β₯ , John Kendall, Edward Wakefield, Jonathan Belcham, Alice Keable, Richard Polly, Martha Cooper, Sarah Woodward. πŸ“Œ
1694-95 Image 5 William Keable, Martha Luffe, Widow Woodward, John Cooper, Hannah Keable, Jacob Man, Susannah Keable, Widow Clark, Mary Burton, Elizabeth Keable, Mary Jenner, Martha Creffield, William Parmentar, Daniel Creffield, Stillborn Woodward, Hannah Knight, Widow Betts, Widow Cockerton, Peter Richardson, George English, Joseph Cranmer, John Bloyce, John Wiltshire, Martha Wiltshire. πŸ“Œ
1695-98 Image 6 Susan Crefield, John Baily, Hannah Herringbone, Jonathan Belcham, John Betts, Child Carter, Child Parmentar, John Salmon, Ann Newcomb, Thomas Salmon, John Quilter, Richard Bridge, John Leppenwell. πŸ“Œ
1698-1700 Image 7 John Parmenter, Will Brett, Mary Wenden, Will Wakefield, John Keable, Elizabeth Witt, John Rosbrook, Elizabeth Woodthorp, Edward Bloome, Elizabeth Davy, Susanna Woodward, Child Woodward, Elizabeth Davy, Ann Godbold. πŸ“Œ
1700-02 Image 8 John Alcock, John Bloyce, John Keable, Will Turner, Richard Alcock, John Rosbrook, Edward Salkins, Susannah Bloyce, William Potter, Child Strange, Thomas Manning, Mary Rosbrook. πŸ“Œ
1702-04 Image 9 Benjamin Wenden, William Davy, Mary Wyborough, Susanna Salkins, William Martin, Susanna Wyborough, Child Osborne, William Salmon, Ann Mann, Robert Keable, Alice Wyborough, Ann Mann, Elizabeth Cowper, Ann Mott, Thomas Creffield. πŸ“Œ
1704-06 Image 10 Willian Maycock, Sarah English, Mary Woodward, Joseph Rayner, Ann Creffield, Mary Salkins, Edward Salkins, William Gorbold, Jn Union, John Knight, Widow Saddler, Widow Wenden, ..unrd May, Mrs Woodthorp, Wife Cole, Mr Bidgerson, Child Butt, Sarah Davies, John Salmon. πŸ“Œ
1706-09 Image 11 Widdow Turner, Thomas Smith, Son Creffield, Wife Cook, William Heard, Mary Wistoe, Wm Creffield, Samll Burton, John Wilkin, Wife Wistoe, Widdow Knight, Ezekiel Hales, John Hales, Daughter Creffield. πŸ“Œ
1709-11 Image 12 Wife Sawkins, Ann Borly, William Bridg, James Warbr, Gabriel Clark, John Keable, Susanna Ellistone, James Wakefield, Wife Salmon. πŸ“Œ
1711-13 Image 13 Wife Sawkins, Sarah Tiffin, Wife Burton, Martha Creffield, Widdow Bows, Child Wenden, John Salmon, John Creffield, Wife King , James Woodward, Mr Bridg, Hary Laver, Widow King, Elizabeth Wakefield, Thomas Ward, Isaac Miller, John Laver, John Eaglin. πŸ“Œ
1713-15 Image 14 George Talliday, Sarah Britt, Wife Creffield, Thomas Keable, Ann Salmon, Mary Tiffin, Mary Taliday, Widdow Eaglin, John Keeble, John Sawkins, Elizabeth Woodward, George English, Mary Eaglin. πŸ“Œ
1715-19 Image 15 Child Bridg, Susanna Strange, Willm Finch, Mary Eaglin, Hannah Rosbrook, Wife Sawkins, Elizabeth Wenden, Robert Wilkin, Mary Wakefield, Martha Bridg, Mary Deane. πŸ“Œ
1719-20 Image 16 John Plampin, Widdow Keable, Elizabeth Brand, Widdow Cooper, Thomas Smith, Thomas Cole, Mary Miller, David Plampin, Ann Barrington, James King, John Syday, Elizabeth Leapingwell, Mary Bridge. πŸ“Œ
1721-23 Image 17 Wife Salmon, Child Brownsmith, Wife Hennington, Mary Clarke, John Hempsted, John Wilkin, John Potter, Elizabeth Barrington, William Keable, Elizabeth Borand. πŸ“Œ
1723-25 Image 18 John Woodward, Child Putney, William Crefel, John Burton, Alice Brand, Sarah English, William Scott, Widow Pudney, Mary Keable, Mary Newcomb, Thomas Brand, John Emery, Anne Talliday, Eliz King, Sarah Cooper. πŸ“Œ
1727-29 Image 19 Nathaniel Wenden, Thomas Wakefield, Francis Last, Alice Brand, Mary Godboul, Nicholas Kendall, Charles King, Edward Keable, Sarah Miller, Elizabeth Briggs, William Bartholomew, John Linnit, Mary Cook, Sarah Wenden, Mary Everit, John Newcomb, John Wenden, Child London, Joseph Newcomb, Wife Barrington, Thomas Lazel, Child Eudir, Ann Miller, Sarah Keeble, Child Sawkins, Child Newcomb. πŸ“Œ
1729-38 Image 20 Wife Patten, Ann Farrow, Isaac Woodthorpe, James Wakefield, John Sawkins, Susan Crooks, Mary Brett, Sarah Wistoe, James Patten, Widow Man, John Keeble, Ann Wilkin, David Plampin, Thomas Brabroke, Thomas Nucomb, John Keeble, William Woodard, William Keeble, William English, James Rogers, Sarah Smith, Sarah Hunt, Mr Osborn, Samuel Smith, John Cook, Hannah Patten, Elizabeth Patten, John Parminter, Mary Salmon, Pilbrow King, Widow Creffield, Ann Smith, Thomas Creffield, Mary English, Elnathan Wenden, Samuel English, Elizabeth Grubb, Elizabeth Miller, Mary Bones, Mary Salmon, William Wenden William English, Mary Everit, John Potter, Widow Scott, Susan Polley, Bridget English. πŸ“Œ
1737-53 Image 21 Mary Davie, George English, Hannah Burton, Ann Smith, Daniel Wenden, Mary Fincham, Elizabeth Gallory, Sarah Brand, Susan Keeble, Elizabeth Simnel, George Gallory, John Wenden, John Gallory, Thomas Selkins, Joseph English, Samuel Jervis, Isaac Murrels, John Smith, Susan Keeble, Benjamin Keeble, Jeremiah Grubb, Widow Woodard, Mary Bowls, Widow Layzel, Elizabeth Jervis, Ann Creffield, Hannah Nevil. πŸ“Œ
1742-59 Image 23 John Salmond, William Bartholomew, Richard Bridge, Sarah Scott, Mary Salmond, Edward Woodthorp, Child Galady, Elizabeth Jervis, Ravi Gayler, daughter Wistoe, Mary Nevil, William lovedy, Mary Wenden, Elizabeth Walford, Sarah Wistoe, Sarah Gayler, John Scott, Susan Cranfield, Abraham May, James Mitter, Mary Wakefield, Elizabeth Scott, John Keeble, John Osborn, John Everit, Sarah Scott, John Wenden, Mary Keeble, John balls, Rebecca Linnet, Rebecca Smith, Sarah Creffield, Rebecca Smith, Edward springate, John Shave, Daniel springate, John Salmon, Richard Bridge, Robert William, Jeffrey Scott, John Aliton, John Cranfield, John Shave, Mary Shave, John Long, James Patten, Alex Keable, Samuel Parminter, George Osborn, Sarah Strange, John Smith, Charles Wright, John Everet, Joseph Wenden, Mary dare, Samuel Smith, Sarah springate, Joseph Mountiane, Nathanial Wenden, Elizabeth Wilkin, Walter Brydon, Mary Woolston, Isaac Cudmore, Sarah Brand, John Smith, Daniel Potter, William Kemp, Samuel Smith, John Patton, Thomas Everet, Thomas Hall, Mary Wenden, Robert Wilkin, Mary Sawkins, Richard Alcock, John Brett, Grace Patrick, Mary Brett, Mary Wenden, Ann Kemp, John Dare, Daniel London, John Nevil, Thomas Keable, Mary Keable, George Wiley, Mary Brady, Mary Cranfield, Mary Asten, Stephen Harris, George Kemp. πŸ“Œ
1759 Image 24 Sarah Halls, Mary Pattrick. πŸ“Œ
1761-62 Image 26 Elizabeth Potter, John Lusy, John Tailor, William Bartholomew, Thomas Everet, Margaret Selkins, Widow Lusey, James Keable, Hannah Cant. πŸ“Œ
1762-63 Image 27 Mary Shave, John Burton, Samuel Pattrick, Mary Lusey, Sarah Everett, William Cranfield, William Talladay, Sarah Patten, Joseph Goole (Deleted?) John Brand, Thomas Scandrett, Susannah EveretπŸ“Œ
1763-64 Image 28 John Asten, William Keeble, Elizabeth Farrow, John Sawkens, John Parminter, Rose Scandrell, John Carter. πŸ“Œ
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Marriages 1693-1753

Pdf file from Essex and Suffolk Surnames by Groom and by Bride

1693-94 Image 4 Henry Unwin and Ann Green, John Keable and Elizabeth Meadows. πŸ“Œ
1694-95 Image 5 Richard Brewer and Elizabeth Satch, John Samson and Mary Knight, John Wenden and Mary Kendall, John Hanse and Elizabeth Cornell, John White and Mary Andrews, William Herringbone and Hannah Woodward. πŸ“Œ
1695-98 Image 6 Robert Alliston and Susanna Wenden, John Man and Ann Goodwin, John Keable and Susannah Potter, James Deadman and Mary Redgwell, John Leppenwell and Ann Syday, John Keable and Elizabeth Toller. πŸ“Œ
1698-1700 Image 7 Thomas Manning and Mary Fincham, David Kinneir and Susanna Harrison, Samuel Burningham and Mary Chamberlin, James Rosbrook and Mary King, John Smith and Margaret Talliday, Thomas Stafford and Rose Hayward. πŸ“Œ
1700-02 Image 8 John Salmon and Katherine Springett, John Talliday and Widow Leppenwell, William Raven and Mary Grimston, James Emmery and Widow Chaplin, George Talliday and Elizabeth Leppenwell, Thomas Paine and Sarah Clarke, John Wenden and Mary Bridge. πŸ“Œ
1702-04 Image 9 Thomas Wyatt and Ruth Cooke, John Bowtell and Mary Webb, Joseph Shaw and Mary Wenden, Samuel Manning and Grace Saul. πŸ“Œ
1704-06 Image 10 Edward Betts and Hannah Wordley, Samuel Smith and Margaret Lungly, John Downey’s and Elizabeth Deane. πŸ“Œ
1706-09 Image 11 Joseph Ladd and Rebeccah Shilleman, Thomas Purcas and Mary Parish, John Kempton and Marthy Henly, James Miller and Ann Gascoign, Edward Green and Elizabeth Lawsell. πŸ“Œ
1709-11 Image 12 John Hurrell and Sarah Tiffin, Isaac Crook and Eliz Tracy, James Sm:wi and Martha Delight, John Sawkins and Mary Sawkins, Henry Abchurch and Susanna Walford, William Thompson and Elizabeth Jackson, John Smith and Mary Hales, Daniel Potter and Hannah Bayly. πŸ“Œ
1711-13 Image 13 James Miller and Elizabeth Smith, William Marshall and Susanna Heard, John Mubbs and Elizabeth Cathinie, Anthony Grimes and Amy Parish, John Salmon and Jane Springate, John Jordan and Ann Stebbing, Jn Salmon and Jane Springate. πŸ“Œ
1713-15 Image 14 William Edwards and Mary Middleton, Alexander Mills and Elizabeth Crosly, Charles Man and Elizabeth Miller, Thomas Newcomb and Sarah Burton. πŸ“Œ
1715-19 Image 15 Henry Nunn and Rachel Woodthorp. πŸ“Œ
1719-20 Image 16 Abraham Lennet and Rebecca Wakefield, Thomas Keable and Sarah Bernard, Nathaniel Whitmore and Hannah Tiffin. πŸ“Œ
1721-23 Image 17 Joshua Friend and Sarah Neal, John Clarke and Ann Keable, John Lusey and Sarah Bowl, Thomas French and Mary Coward, William Bartholomew and Alice Rogers, Thomas Howthlynn and Mary Lagden, Samuell Newcomb and Grace Burton, Gilbert Collins and Ann Kendall. πŸ“Œ
1723-25 Image 18 John Salmon and Sarah Rosbrook, Thomas Kendall and Mary Hempsted.πŸ“Œ
1727-29 Image 19 James Rogers and Anne Tiffin, John Quilter and Amy Lee, John Davies and Mary Collins, John Brand and Sarah Burrows, Thomas Barnham and Fran More, Joseph Crooks and Martha Fincham. πŸ“Œ
1737-53 Image 21 Jeremiah Hearson and Martha Frisbee, Daniel Cobbs and Mary Boggis, John Prentis and Sarah Manning, Thomas Pudny and Margaret Cook, John Honeyball and Elizabeth Hales, Samuel Ralph and Elizabeth Patten, Jonathan Barker and Elizabeth Cudmore, Robert Mussel and Dorothy Debney, William Newton and Mary Murrels, Joseph Butler and Elizabeth Wakefield, James Page and Mary Cole, Samuel Clark and Mary Balls, Samuel Hichin and Freances Moli, Roger Powell and Mary Griggs, Samuel Patrick and Grace Bridge, Isaac Rocklyn and Elizabeth Hicks, Ambrose Orbell and Deborah Morley, Zachary Shave and Sarah Alston, Thomas Bradley and Mary Crooks, John Silvester and Mary Clark, Thomas Frost and Mary Gilbert.πŸ“Œ
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Title page Image 1
Blank Image 30

D/P 88/1/3 Overall Date Range 1755-1812

Marriages 1755-1812

1755-1756 Image 3 Thomas Brand and Sarah Lay, James Keable and Mary Bloomfield, Daniel London and Rebecca Meade, Thomas Everet and Mary Lay. πŸ“Œ
1757-59 Image 4 John Brett and Elizabeth Potter, Jonathan Shaw and Elizabeth Murrils, Jonathan Farrow and Rebecca Walford, Jeremiah Bartholomew and Mary Alston, Richard London and Mary Evans, John Brand and Susan Frost, Emanuel Eldrid and Rose Clark, Daniel Parish and Ann Balls.πŸ“Œ

D/P 88/1/4 Overall Date Range 1764-1812

Baptisms 1764-1783, 1795-1812

1764-1765 Image 3 Mary Keable, Thomas Everet, Daniel Everet, Sarah Brett, Daniel Everet, William Robertson, James Cant.πŸ“Œ
1769-1770 Image 7 William Brett, George Bull, Daniel Wenden, Male Butcher, Sarah Wright, William Nutman, John Turnor Scandrell, Ann Bull, Mary Patten, Charity Longley.πŸ“Œ
1795-1798 Image 14 Jeremiah Bartholomew

Burials : 1764-1812

1764 Image 3
1764 Image 4 Cha

D/P 88/1/5 Overall Date Range 1813-1869

Baptisms 1813-1869

1813 Image 3
1814-15 Image 4 Charles Chrzral, Matilda Garritt, Joseph Hemp, Edward Babl, Frances Sargant, Joseph Frost, James Constable, Elizabeth Cooke, Robert William Wither, Emma Wilkie, James Smith, Edward Halls, Robert Poole, Richard Everitt, Edward Josselyn Lay, Betsy Paine. πŸ“Œ


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