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Wales - Managed Profiles Team

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Terms of Reference

We do these things:

  • Improve Wales Project Managed profiles where necessary with a well written biography including sources, inline references and relevant images. (See Profile Standards). This is the main workload for the team.

We also:

  • Assess profiles of people born in Wales for the need to make them PPP or Managed. (See Project Managed Profiles). This includes maintaining a database of those profiles, showing which need work on their profile, and which are complete and in the general maintenance stage.
  • Liaise with the existing PM
  • Lead discussion about disputed or controversial aspects of the profile on G2G, a profile free space set up for the purpose or in the comments space on the profile.
  • Keep the PPP and PMP spreadsheet up to date, so each member knows where each profile is in the process and who is doing what.
  • Work on the Wales Project data errors for the PPP and PMP profiles, especially in regards to errors in PPP and PMP status.

One team member may choose to do the whole task for a managed profile. More complicated and contentious profiles, or profiles involving a very tangled family may involve a group working together.

Team Structure

Team Coordinator:

Team members:

To join the team you must be a badged Wales Project member who:

  • has completed the Orphan Trail
  • is actively involved with at least one Wales Project team after completing the Orphan Trail
  • is in good standing with the Wales Project.
  • can demonstrate a high standard of biography writing, accurate sourcing, analysis of conflicting information, and collaboration with the other members of the Trusted List for that profile and the wider Wiki Tree membership.

We expect from our team members:

  • commitment to completing an allocated task
  • profiles to be written according to the Wales Project Profile Standards
  • collaborative working with other Wikitree members both inside and outside of the Wales Project
  • an expectation that team members will accept constructive feedback on their work.

Generally this is a team for the more experienced members of the Wales Project, but the Team coordinator is very happy to discuss membership with anyone who meets the criteria listed above.

We communicate via

  • the Wales Project Google group for general Wales Project topics
  • G2G to discuss specific profiles and include other interested parties from the wider Wikitree community
  • Discord for general chat.

Wales Project Managed Profiles needing work

Find them here
The list is updated monthly.
Instructions for selecting your chosen profile are on the page.

Complete Wales Project PPP and PMP profile list

A list of all PPP and PMP profiles managed by the Wales Project: PPP and managed by the Wales Project and click 'get profiles'

Error List for the Wales Project PPP and PMP profiles

WikiTree-66 Wales Project

  • Trusted List: 27
  • Managed List: 27
  • Template:Wales: 28
  • All Templates: 26

ProjectState profiles for WikiTree66.

4744 ProjectState Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999
1) PPP, Project box, Managed, Trusted, 20 2 17 1
3) PPP, Project box, Not Managed, Trusted, 0
4) PPP, Project box, Not Managed, Not Trusted, 0
5) PPP, No Project box, Managed, Trusted, 0
7) PPP, No Project box, Not Managed, Trusted, 0
8) PPP, No Project box, Not Managed, Not Trusted, 4715 1991 1399 869 328 128
9) Not PPP, Project box, Managed, Trusted, 4 4
11) Not PPP, Project box, Not Managed, Trusted, 0
12) Not PPP, Project box, Not Managed, Not Trusted, 2 1 1
13) Not PPP, No Project box, Managed, Trusted, 3 2 1
15) Not PPP, No Project box, Not Managed, Trusted, 0

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