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Wales Project : Managed Profiles Team (MPT) : Managed Profiles Guidance

Project Managed Profiles (PMP) Guidance

This page contains Managed Profiles Team (MPT) guidance for improving and maintaining Project Managed Profiles (PMP), applying or removing Project Protected Profiles (PPP) status, and generally achieving MPT goals. Note, the word guidance as MPT Leadership does not profess to have all the answers or best practises. We do need to set some project standards though, so consider this guide as a foundation to build on together. We'll simply improve processes as ideas are raised by the team going forward.


Managed Profiles Status

Rather than maintaining a MPT member spreadsheet, our Wales Project has streamlined the tasks management process with an automated WikiTree+ report and category report pages for maintenance status.

Wales Project (WikiTree-66) Managed List: This automated list of all Wales Project trusted (all listed), managed (WikiTree-66), and protected (Green locked) profiles, can be used to see the status of any Wales Project managed profile. The following minimum items should be visible on the report for all managed profiles or review/upgrading is required.

  • WikiTree-66 listed as Manager
  • C: Wales Project, MPT Upgrade Complete
  • T: Wales

The following are pages for Managed Profile Timeframe Categories to quickly view a list of managed profiles in a specific era.

The following are pages for Maintenance Categories to quickly determine certain profile status.

  • MPT Maintenance Categories: This page allows MPT members to quickly review profiles with defined maintenance tasks and clear some as time permits.
  • MPT Work in Progress: This category page lists any profiles with active "Work in Progress" by MPT. Applying category "Wales Project, Work In Progress" adds the profile to the page. The category must also be removed from profile once MPT work is completed.
  • MPT Upgrade Complete: This category page lists any profiles with MPT completed so our team knows it's been brought up to full profile standards. Applying category "Wales Project, MPT Uprade Complete" adds the profile to the page.

These are a few weekly project status reports to assist ongoing MPT progress review and general team understanding of where focus is needed.

Wales Project Managed Profiles Weekly Status.
The list below defines MPT targets for the status report. If large batch adjustments are necessary, EditBot can be tasked for this.

  • Rows 1+9 (Goal = All): All properly setup profiles should end up in either of these groups.
  • Rows 2+6+10+14+16 (Goal = 0): Should not occur.
  • Rows 3+11 (Goal = 0): Add WikiTree-66 as Profile Co-Manager.
  • Rows 4+12 (Goal = 0): If not to be managed, replace Project Box with Wales sticker. If should be managed, add WikiTree-66 as Profile Co-Manager.
  • Rows 5+13 (Goal = 0): Add Project Box.
  • Rows 7+15 (Goal = 0) Add WikiTree-66 as Profile Co-Manager.
  • Rows 8 (Global Total): Can be checked by opening links and performing FIND on page for "Wales" to determine if any Wales profile needs realignment to Project attributes.

Wales Project Managed Profiles DD Suggestions (click USER SUGGESTIONS button), as well as, a list of All Wales DD Weekly Suggestions.
Wales Data Doctors will be assisting on Managed Profiles DD Suggestions as we all try to keep our PMP files clean. MPT should maintain particular focus keeping all DBE921-935 resolved and cleared though, as these involve mainly issues with various scenarios with application of project boxes and PPP.

Wales Project 5-Star Weekly Status
This 5-Star status report assists Wales MPT to manage of 5-Star profiles, which are high-traffic profiles (often notable or notorious) drawing more than 1000 annual views from more than 100 different users. Such profiles are what draw people to WikiTree and the Wales Project, so we must ensure they are maintained to the highest standards and ready for show.

Here is a list of our Wales Project Managed 5-Star Profiles, as well as, a list of Unmanaged 5-Star Profiles involving people of Wales, which is not currently managed by Wales Project.

Application of Notables Status

Wales MPT manages profiles of notable people who were born, lived, or died in Wales and/or contributed considerbly to the history of Wales. Assignment of Notables status to a profile means (1) the person is of Wales and (2) meets at least one of the following additional criteria.

Here is a list of our Wales Project Managed Notables Profiles, as well as, a list of Unmanaged Notables Profiles involving people of Wales, which is not currently managed by Wales Project. All Notables should be setup as Wales Project PMP.

Once a profile is deemed to be notable, perform the following tasks to apply Notables status.

  • Add Notables Sticker + county: Example: {{Notables Sticker|Glamorgan, Notables}} See parameters list
  • Add Wales Sticker + county born if applicable: Example: {{Wales Sticker|Glamorganshire}}
  • Add Notables Category for each county of B/M/D: Example: Category "Glamorgan, Notables"
  • See "Application of Project Managed Profiles (PMP) Status" section

Application of PMP Status

MPT follows the WikiTree guidelines for Project Managed Profiles. All Wales PPP, Notables, and 5-Star profiles should be setup as Wales Project Managed Profiles (PMP). This showcases our project's highest level profiles with visible top tier links to Wales Project.

The application of PMP status to a profile is as follows.

  • Add PMP Category for profile era (pre-1500, pre-1700, post-1700): Example: “Wales Project Pre 1700 Managed Profiles”
  • Directly above ==Biography== in the profile, add Wales Project Box {{Wales}}. No other project box should be above ours on a Wales profile, as country projects should precede ancillary projects.
  • If one doesn't exist, add Wales sticker + county born if applicable: Example: {{Wales Sticker|Glamorganshire}}
  • If the profile is an orphan, follow the 3 steps in the text below to have Wales Project adopt the profile. Otherwise, copy the text between the squiggly lines below and paste into the comment section of the profile to alert the PM that Wales Project is requesting addition as profile co-Manager.
Thank you for your great efforts as PM of this profile. Given this person of Wales is of considerable interest to our Wales history, we encourage you to remain as PM of this profile; however, we also ask that WikiTree Wales Project be added as co-Manager. Over time, our Managed Profiles Team (MPT) will assist you in bringing this profile to its highest potential possible for WikiTreers to enjoy even more.

It's just 3 steps to add our WikiTree Wales Project as profile co-Manager.
- Click PRIVACY tab on the profile.
- PRIVACY page: Add to Trusted List section... enter and press ADD THIS PERSON.
- PRIVACY page: Trusted List section... next to Wales Project WikiTree, press ADD AS MANAGER.

Thank you.
WikiTree Wales Project MPT

Application of PPP Status

MPT follows the WikiTree guidelines for Project Protection. On the very rare occasions when PPP must be applied to a profile, it locks the LNAB, prevents adding/removing parents, spouses and children for the profile, and protects against merges. Wales MPT can request PPP status be applied to the profile of any person of Wales (notable or not) if:

  • Aspects of their history are contentious, unproven or speculative. Biography or comments indicate there has been dispute about the person's identity, key details of themselves, descendants, ancestors, or there has been G2G discussion requesting that the profile be locked; or
  • Profile is prone to duplication; or
  • Last Name at Birth (LNAB) is unstable; or
  • Merges are negatively impacting profiles

As team members, we can start the application of PPP on a profile as follows.

  • If possible to edit profile, add Category “Wales, Needs Project Management of Profile” and when saving your edit, enter the explanation as "Wales MPT - requesting project management and brief reason for PPP"

Only Wales Project Leadership have WikiTree access permissions necessary to assign PPP, so the above info will flag the need to the MPT leadership team about the PPP requirement and it will be actioned as follows.

MPT Leadership will:

  • If an orphan profile, adopt the profile for Wales Project. If managed, MPT Leadership will ask the PM to add Wales Project as co-Manager.
  • Directly above ==Biography== in the profile, add Wales Project Box {{Wales}}. No other project box should be above ours on a Wales profile, as country projects should precede ancillary projects.
  • Via Discord: Wales Project server: Leadership Request channel: Enter "PPP Request:" then provide a profile ID and brief reason it requires PPP.
  • Add ===Reason for PPP=== In Research Notes section and brief description of purpose for PPP application. This will assist any future profile review.
  • Add PMP Category for profile era (pre-1500, pre-1700, post-1700): Example: Category = “Wales Project Pre 1700 Managed Profiles”
  • Remove Category of “Wales, Needs Project Management of Profile” from the profile

Project Leadership will:

  • Assign PPP and respond to Discord post with a thumbs up to show completion.

PMP Review/Upgrade Process

The following is a process guide for PMP reviews and subsequent upgrades, which should remain aligned with Profile Improvement Guidelines, Welsh Patronymic Naming Guidelines, and Wales Place Name Categories. At any time, should you encounter major concerns or become uncertain of appropriate direction on an item, contact MPT Leadership for assistance.

Here are a few sample profiles for formatting guidance.

Upgrade Preparation

Once you’ve chosen a new Notables or 5-Star profile to review/upgrade using the various MPT reports above, perform a brief profile assessment.

  • Contact any existing PM or adopt the profile, if orphaned; see Application of PMP Status.
  • If the profile meets Notables criteria, see Application of Notables Status.
  • Reviewing G2G posts (top right on profile) plus any comments on profile page bottom to determine if any conflicts may exist. If Project Protected Profiles (PPP) status would be beneficial for the profile, see Application of PPP Status.
  • If major profile upgrades are ready to commence, post comment on profile: " Profile is being upgraded by the Wales Project Managed Profiles Team. " and add Category "Wales Project, Work in Progress" via profile edit.

Suggestions and Merges

Review profile data and clean what you can to get things all in good stead.

  • Clear any profile DBE Suggestions that are able to be resolved.
  • Review Matches and Merges section (bottom of profile); clear false matches; complete valid merges to the lowest profile ID #.

Family Connections

Look at the connected profiles to ensure each belongs and links go to intended relative’s pages.

  • Confirm parents/spouse(s)/children attached to the profile appear correct.
  • If detachment of any family member is believed necessary, post rationale and any sources for such action in the profile comments section and raise in a G2G post.

Top Page Formatting

In an effort to apply a similar top page look to Wales Project Managed Profiles, we are applying a few formatting standards. This will ensure all users to know it’s a Wales Project Profile upon first glance.

  • Profile Format is to be as follows.
Project Boxes {{Wales}}
Succession Boxes
Notables Sticker {{Notables Sticker|Glamorgan, Notables}} See parameters list
Wales Sticker {{Wales Sticker|Glamorganshire}}
Brief overview outlining Notables status
Bio Section Sub-Headers start here Example: ===Early Years===


The top of this section should already have brief overview of the person’s notability, so ensure all other info is presented below __TOC__.

  • Add basic sub-headings for core bio info and to generate a table of contents (Examples: ===Origins===, ===Early Years=== , ===Marriage and Family=== , ===Death===).
  • Plagiarism: Any copying of large portions of text from copyrighted works, including websites, is against WikiTree policy. All minor quoted works of others must be included in quotation marks and source cited via inline reference.
  • Ensure dates/places in profile data fields match sourced bio date/places
  • WikiTree ID links should be applied to at least the first occurrance of anyone named in bio, if they have profile... [[Jones-11223|Jane Jones]].


A few small, well place pictures can bring the text and profile to life, transforming a well-researched text-only profile into a fantastic visual experience for the reader.

  • Confirm any existing profile images are correct/appropriate and ensure they are public domain with source or clear statement of why image is usable on WikiTree.
  • NEVER detach an image unless you have comfirmed it's attached to another profile, as if not attached to any profile, the image is soon purged from WikiTree.
  • Using WikiTree Galleries and Collections which have given Permission for use of Images, add a few inline images in various locations throughout the bio to bring the profile to life. Whenever possible, add a portrait image for the primary profile photo.

Research Notes

Research Notes is the proper place for facts to help maintain the profile or assist ongoing research. The main profile should be about what we know, not conflation, possibilities, or ongoing research items. Our goal over time is for a profile to be presented in a comprehensive story about the person, rather than looking like an unfinished research project. Keeping research comments in a section below the Biography helps accomplish this.

  • Add ==Research Notes== section for any contentious aspects of biography, relationships, conflation, persistent Net myths, reason for any PPP, etc. Be sure to add inline sources for disputed info or corrections.
  • Also include here any info, links, findings, etc. that might assist future research.


It’s important for Sources to be properly reviewed for validity, functionality, and WT style.

  • Confirm source citations are properly formatted inline form, bio data matches source material (where possible), and source links are functional.
  • Ensure pre-1700 profiles meet WikiTree pre-1700 Citation Guidelines. Any that do not meet source quality, must be moved to "See also" section.
  • Confirm "See also" citations are properly formatted inline, bio data matches source material (where possible), and source links are functional. If a citation here meets source criteria, move to bio as inline source.
  • Most PMP will be Notables and therefore have a WikiData ID; some may have a Wikipedia page too. If either is the case, add a WikiData template to Sources "See also" section as follows, as this will enhance WikiData info from that WikiTree profile and improve its standings in search engines too.
    • Access
    • Enter your profile's name into the Search
    • If WikiData page exists, add the following to the WikiTree profile {{Wikidata|Q########}} and add the Q# from the WikiData page (ie: Q16863770)
    • If Wikipedia page exists for the person (see top right corner of WikiData page, note which language it is in, and expand the template to {{Wikidata|Q########|enwiki|sameas=yes}}, where first 2 letters at front of "enwiki" denotes lanuguage of Wikipedia page being linked, en = English, cy = Welsh, de = German, fr = French, etc.

Completion Checks

It’s almost done; just a few more small items to go!

  • Review the full profile to ensure it reads as intended, has a good flow to it, is comprehensive, and fully sourced.
  • Once the profile is confirmed complete and you're satisfied with the final result, post the comment on profile, " Wales Managed Profiles Team upgrade is now complete. "
  • Remove Category “Wales Project, Work in Progress” from the profile.
  • Add Category “Wales Project, MPT Upgrade Complete”.
  • That's it... one more Wales Managed Profile upgrade complete! Thank you very much! Diolch yn fawr iawn!

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