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Wales Project : Managed Profiles Team (MPT)

Project Coordinator: Todd Gilbert

Team Members: Stuart Awbrey | Steve Bartlett | Todd Gilbert | Jen (Stevens) Hutton | Jack Day | K (Heenan) Heenan-Davies | Ian Jones


Managed Profiles Team (MPT)

The Wales Managed Profiles Team (MPT) is made up of WT Wales Project members dedicated to the management and improvement of profiles for persons of Wales who were born, lived, or died in Wales and/or contributed considerbly to the history of Wales.


Wales MPT goals are:

  • Assess need for Wales profile assignments of Project Managed Profiles (PMP) or Project Protected Profile (PPP) status. This includes maintaining team processes defining managed profile status, including categories for profile maintenance and MPT "Work In Progress".
  • Improve Wales Project Managed Profiles (PMP). Improvements require well written biographies with sources, inline references, relevant images, categorization, etc. One team member may choose to do the whole task for a managed profile. More complicated and contentious profiles, or profiles involving a very tangled family may involve a group working together.
  • Implement Project Protected Profiles (PPP). Only a very small portion of the Wales profiles will ever need PPP protection.
  • Liaise with existing Profile Manager (PM) or other Project Leaders (PL). MPT does not control profiles, we manage them through collaboration with existing PMs and other WT Projects with connections to the profile.
  • Lead discussion about disputed or controversial aspects of a Wales profile. Such dicussions could occur on G2G, a profile free space set up for the purpose, in comments space on the profile, or Discord channels.


Wales MPT expects members to maintain:

Generally, MPT is for more experienced members of the Wales Project, but MPT Leadership are very happy to discuss membership with any WikiTree member who meets the following minimum membership criteria.

All MPT membership candidates...

  • Must be a member of the Wales Project.
  • Must provide two Wales profiles (at least one pre-1800) for MPT Leadership review with focus on high standard of biography writing, accurate sourcing, analysis of conflicting information, WT style adherence, and collaboration with other members.
  • Completion of pre-1700 Badge is required for any work on pre-1700 profiles throughout WikiTree.
  • Completion of "Trail" or "Voyage" training (ie: England Orphan Trail, Profile Improvement Project Voyage ) with any WikiTree project is considered an asset.


  • Discord Managed-Profiles channel for chat type discussions
  • WikiTree Wales Project Google Group for general topics
  • WikiTree G2G to discuss specific profiles and include other interested WikiTreers

Project Profiles

Notables and 5-Star Profiles

Wales MPT manages profiles of notable people who were born, lived, or died in Wales and/or contributed considerbly to the history of Wales. Assignment of Notables status to a profile means (1) the person is of Wales and (2) meets at least one of the following additional criteria.

Want to see our Wales Project Notables Profiles? CLICK HERE

Wales MPT also manages 5-Star profiles, which are high-traffic profiles (often notable or notorious) drawing more than 1000 annual views from more than 100 different users. Such profiles are what draw people to WikiTree and the Wales Project, so we must ensure they are maintained to the highest standards and ready for show.

Want to see our Wales Project 5-Star Profiles? CLICK HERE

Project Managed Profiles (PMP)

Wales MPT honours its Notables, 5-Stars, and other Wales profiles of note by:

  • adopting the profile if they are a WikiTree orphan
  • becoming a co-manager if the profile is already managed
  • improving the profile with a splendid biography, sources, inline links, images, etc.
  • maintaining long-term integrity of the profile

On very rare occasions, when a profile requires protection, Wales MPT can assign Project Protected Profiles (PPP) status to the profile of any person of Wales (notable or not) if:

  • Aspects of their history are contentious, unproven or speculative. Biography or comments indicate there has been dispute about the person's identity, key details of themselves, descendants, ancestors, or there has been G2G discussion requesting that the profile be locked.
  • Profile is prone to duplication
  • Last Name at Birth (LNAB) is unstable
  • Merges are negatively impacting profiles

If you believe a Wales profile would benefit from Wales Project management, please submit an email briefly outlining how it meets Project Management and/or Project Protection criteria), to MPT Coordinator Todd Gilbert for review.

Managed Profiles Guidance

For guidance on how Wales MPT maintains managed profiles, CLICK HERE

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Hi Team Members,

I hope your new year is off to a good start.

Please take time to reflect on the team goals. Share what has gone well for you. Let Todd and me know your ideas for improving the team’s goals and what can be done to facilitate your work.

Just for fun, share where you are located. Todd is in Canada, Steve is in France, Jack is in Maryland and I am in Texas.

Thanks again for your contributions.

posted by Stuart Awbrey
Hello Wales Project Managed Profiles team - T.E. Laurence (Laurence of Arabia) is PPP but without a project. Born in Wales. Of interest to you?

Jo, England Project Managed Profiles team

posted by Jo Fitz-Henry
Apologies, Jo, on the extreme lag in response but I'm only recently settling into the MPT lead roll. We've added him to Wales Project, so he's under a project for now but beyond the Wales birth, his entire life seems to be "of England". If England Project wants to add him instead, it makes more sense for him to be there. Just let us know if you want to add him and we'll drop the project banner and step away after adding England Project.
posted by Todd Gilbert
Hi Team, we have three new profiles that need working on. Who would like to pick up:

- - - If you could request TL for the one you want to work on and add you name next to them on the spreadsheet that would be great. If you need any help with that just let me know. I'm excited that we're getting started as a team! Olivia :-)

posted by Wales Project WikiTree
Hi Team, we have finalised the policy for PPP / Managed Profiles for Wales which can be found here: We are now reviewing which of our existing profiles need to continue to be managed by us, and which we can let go of. We will also be reviewing the list of 5* profiles to see which, if any, of those we should be managing. I will be liaising with Project Leader and Coordinators as well as Profile Managers with a view to us adopting the profiles that meet our criteria for management. In the mean time, have a look at the criteria and let me know if there are any profiles / people who meet the criteria that you think you might like to work on. I'm really looking forward to us getting stuck into some genealogy and to add to the flagship profiles for Wales. Olivia :-)
posted by Susie MacLeod
Hi all, please welcome Todd Gilbert to the Managed Profiles Team. Many of you know Todd as the Team Leader for the Data Doctors in Wales. He's also a phenomenal bio-writer so it's great to have him on board in the MPT. Olivia :-)
posted by Susie MacLeod
My interest is in the surname of Heenan which is my own family name. I have a one name study for that surname registered with the Guild of One Name Studies. The Welsh connection is based on the fact that my Heenan great great grandparents came to Wales - settling in Monmouthshire in 1867 - they were the first people with that surname I've found in Wales.
Hi Managed Profiles Team, please welcome K Heenan-Davies to the team. K has hit the ground running since joining the project and has already done an enormous amount of work on the profile of Margaret Lindsay Williams which can be found here: I know you'll help her get settled into the team.

Stuart has unfortunately had to take a short break from his role as your coordinator, and has asked me to cover for him in his absence which I'm more than happy to do. I have created a Managed Profiles spreadsheet on Google which I shall send you all an invitation to if I haven't already. We'll use this to document what we're working on. The pending sheet will also eventually be propagated by a Google form that people can fill out if they want to recommend a profile or person for us to work on.

I am also in consultation with the Project Leaders to clarify our policies for what constitutes a Managed and PPP'd profile. It is likely to be similar to what we set up in England, but I'll keep you posted on that front.

In the mean time, how about you tell us a bit about your specific interests. Are you focussed on a particular area of Wales, a particular name or a certain time period? This will help us know who is interested in working on what.

How about I start. My interest in Wales is via two lines from America (I was born in England and grew up here - long story). One line, the Jones' haven't been traced back across the Atlantic yet (I'm ever hopeful) but the other line, the Llewelyn's have. I'm Team Leader for Radnorshire and also working with Steve Bartlett on a Mostyn Name Study in North Wales. Finally, I'm working on a Hendy Name Study across the UK which often takes me into Glamorgan with the mining migrations.

Specific to Managed Profiles, I'm keen to work on what I would call our flagship profiles - these are the profiles that generate the most amount of traffic to them - to ensure that they are up to scratch, of a high standard, and something we can be proud of. These could be notables, but are also often migrating ancestors with a large number of descendants, or early profiles with a lot of historic interest.

Over to you, what are you most interested in, and what would you like to be working on? Please reply all!

Olivia :-)

posted by Susie MacLeod
What I do best are pre 1536 Welsh profiles, stretching back into early medieval pedigrees.
posted by Jack Day
Thanks for the welcome Olivia. I'm very lucky with Margaret Lindsay Williams profile since she is connected to the National Trust property where I volunteer. I wrote an article about her for a family history journal so have a lot of info- just need to nail down the sources.
Hello Team,

Some minor editing has been done to the page. Biggest change is the new section on communication.

Each of you are members of WikiWales Discord.

I will be monitoring/responding to your posts on each of the communication methods.


posted by Stuart Awbrey
This may be useful for finding profiles who should be managed — a list of all Wikitree profiles who were born or died in Wales, and who are also notable (since they are on Wikidata):

posted by Anonymous Jones
edited by Anonymous Jones