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This page is for members of the Wales Project to keep track of their research interests.

See the badge report for the full list of current participants. If you are not currently a member of the United Kingdom Project and would like to become one, please see our project page !!

Members, beside your name below, please keep track of what you're currently working on for this project. This is both for your own reference, and to aid collaboration among the project participants.


This list is in ALPHA order


Project Leaders

Project Coordinator

Sub Project Coordinators

  • Vic Watt - Coordinating the Cymru Welsh Royals and Aristocrats 742-1535 Project

Project Members

  • TC -
  • Dave Catleugh - England, Scotland, Wales and Irish Roots
  • Michele Camera - Like many other Americans, I have a mixture of ancestors from all over Europe but for this project I'll be working on England, Wales and Ireland. For my husband, I'll also be working on Scotland.
  • Jules Charman - Wales
  • Erin Cole - Descended from one, descended from all it would appear! I plan to start with Llywelyn the Great and move through my connections to and from him.
  • Kimberly Cooper - England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
  • Gina Cope - One name Study for Cope across whole UK. Current focus is England & Wales
  • Seth Cress - Scotland and Wales
  • Byron Davies - Wales
  • Norm Davis - Scotland and Wales
  • Jack Day - Wales -- My ancestor Sampson Waring of Shrewsbury has an ancestry that goes on and on, much of it in Wales. I'm working back to document his ancestors, profile by profile, via my Sampson Waring Ahnentafel. Learning more about them means learning everything I can about Wales as well, from history to spelling and pronunciation!
  • Emma Dissington - England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Jerry Dolman - England - Somerset and Wales.
  • Sandi Dreer - Wales: Weaver (Radnorshire), Havard (Glamorgan), Nash (Pembrokeshire), Owen (Pembrokeshire).
  • Janice Duba - Wales
  • Sarah Dunn - Wales
  • Meredith Tanner - Primary interest is the line of descent from Dafydd Gam to the Gaines family of Virginia, with secondary interest in Welsh Tanners. Breconshire, Carmarthenshire, Monmouthshire mostly.
  • Tony Tarrant - Wales is where my oldest known ancestors are from, through my 2nd great grandfather, Charles Augustine Baker Gabb, a New Zealand immigrant from Abergavenny, so I am interested in the Baker Gabb family and their connections, including the family's descent from Owain Glyndwr's daughter Elizabeth and the work done by Peter Bartrum and others on these ancestors.
  • Katrina Turner - My maternal Grandfather was from North Wales. Attempting to trace his father's line [Evans] and his mother's line [Marsden]
  • Dale Lynn Thomas - Wales and Ireland
  • Gillian Thomas - Walter family of Piercefield, Monmouthshire, and surname Thomas for the Thomas Name Study.

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Counties of Wales from 1996
Counties of Wales from 1996


On 15 Feb 2019 at 01:55 GMT Steven Potter wrote:

Interested in my 4th great grandfather on my mom's lines. Hopkin Bevin. Bevan-869 Would like to get him in the Wales project, assigned as a notable, and look into protection for his page once it is complete.

On 14 Nov 2018 at 18:57 GMT Scott Anderson wrote:

It would be really great if there was a Wales Brickwall category. I would like to add my 2G-Grandfather Jones-70942 to it.

On 12 Jul 2018 at 01:27 GMT Anonymous Bowling wrote:

Hi, Cardiff Blitz is one interest: (now complete). Also St. Edward's which is a War Memorial Church purposely built to honour those who died in WWI and then subsequently WWII.

On 17 Aug 2017 at 15:47 GMT Lori Harlan wrote:

How do you find data on surnames when they are both very common ( Evans, Thomas)? I have no idea where to begin.