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Please contact one of the leaders of the subprojects (listed under Members) and add your name to the list.

Questions? Post to G2G and tag it Walker - or you can contact one of the subproject leaders through private message or posting to their profile.


This is a One Name Study to collect together in one place everything about one surname and the variants of that name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect.


A variety of subprojects which focus on Walkers by location, source, DNA or ...

Walker Lines from Plymouth Colony

Walker Lines from Plymouth Colony
Pat Credit, project coordinator
Focus: Walkers listed in the Source: Walkers of the Old Plymouth colony Viewable online

WALKER R M512 M514 M198 M17 L168 From Lanarkshire Scotland

Walker DNA, Lanarkshire, Scotland (suggested subproject name)
Steven Walker, project coordinator
Focus: To aid persons seeking the WALKER surname in the Lanarkshire Scotland area with YDNA R M512 M514 M198 M17 halpogroup.
Persons of interest: Robert Walker C1770 Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland. FTDNA Kit No. 323808

Walkers of Colonial Virginia

Walkers of Colonial Virginia
Liz Shifflett, project coordinator
Focus: Walkers who immigrated to or lived in Virginia before 1776.

Walkers of New York

Walkers of Colonial Virginia
Linda Snyder, project coordinator
Focus: Walkers who migrated from England -> Massachusetts -> Vermont -> New York

Walkers of Uri, Switzerland

Walkers of Uri Switzerland
Lance Martin, project coordinator
Focus: Descendents of Peter Walker (ca 1500- )



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Walker Surname DNA Project Results
Walkers of Uri, Switzerland

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On 23 Sep 2016 C (McKean) M wrote:

On 24 Feb 2014 Steven Walker wrote:

Please post questions and comments here or feel free to contact me via Wikitree.

Steven Walker

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WALKER in Lanarkshire Scotland - YDNA R M512 M514 M198 M17
WALKER in Lanarkshire Scotland - YDNA R M512 M514 M198 M17

Lanarkshire, Scotland
Lanarkshire, Scotland


On 27 Dec 2017 at 01:08 GMT Lance Martin wrote:

My Walkers are from Switzerland. Should I join this project and post infomration here?

On 15 Sep 2017 at 16:28 GMT Jeanne Howell wrote:

my line goes back to 1655 in Wigton, Galloway, Dumfrieshire, Scotland with John Alexander WALKER and his wife, Katherine Jane McKNIGHT. Wikitree has the line back to 1205. I'm just stuck on proving my line back to John Alexander WALKER and then further back. Is anyone else related to this line?

On 15 Sep 2017 at 16:11 GMT Jeanne Howell wrote:

I am looking to find someone who is interested in taking over as profile manager for Daniel WALKER (Born about 1818 in Cayuga County, New York, and Died between 1875 and 1880). He adopted Ira Hall (Born: about 1 October 1850; Died: between 1905 and 1910) sometime before 1860 and Ira HALL's name was changed to Ira Hall WALKER. All of Ira Hall WALKER's children used the Walker Surname. Ira's son, Daniel Lester WALKER (born: 22 January 1877 in Genesee County, New York and died on 8 March 1940 in Kent County, Michigan), also has a profile that needs a manager. I posted my notes on them to wikitree for other researchers, but this is not my line and I would prefer someone who is interested in the line or knows more about the line to take it over.

On 22 Aug 2017 at 14:59 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:

Hi Steven! Could you contact me? We need to regroup & have the Walker Name Study be the "parent" project with subprojects for narrower, specific studies, such as your "WALKER surname in the Lanarkshire Scotland area with YDNA R M512 M514 M198 M17 halpogroup."

I'll send a trusted list request for this page. Could you be thinking of a name for a space page for your Lanarkshire study? Or would a Category page suffice?

Either way, "WALKER R M512 M514 M198 M17 L168 From Lanarkshire Scotland" is a bit clunky for the name of either, but we need something more specific than Lanarkshire, Scotland, Walker Name Study (which would be the proper style for a location subcategory of the Walker Name Study). Would "Walker DNA, Lanarkshire, Scotland" work for you?


On 12 Jan 2017 at 00:56 GMT Brenda Parker wrote:

anyone else searching Elizabeth josephine Walker married to Aaron Ace Parker.they had a son Clarence Columbus Parker .lived in Texas .