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The goal of this project is to Sort through and organize Amanda (Moyer) Torrey's Watch List to better and more efficiently manage our Tree to support both Wikitree projects and Family Members' individual trees.



Sandra Patak: Southern Colonies Project
Jackie Prentice: Scotland Project
Robin Lee: Amanda (Moyer) Torrey World Tree


Descendant of Peter Gruber, and Maria Kraher arrived from Salzburg on 12 Mar 1734, from aboard the Transport "Purysburg".
Descendant of Ruprecht Kalcher,and Margaretha (Gunther) Kalcher arrived from Salzburg on 28 Dec 1734 aboard the Transport "Prince of Wales".
Descendant of Johannes Christopher Gugle aboard the 3d Swabian Transport arriving Nov. 1752.
Descendant of Daniel and Margaretha (Hannelein) Schubdrein 2nd Swabian Transport, The Antelope, arriving 23 Oct 1751.

Salzburger Study

Sandra Patak Professional Genealogist & Team Leader
Chad Olivent Christian Dasher
Melanie Paul: Salburger Badges
Robbie Smith Johannes Paulitsch
Katherine Zipperer: Data Doctor
Frederick Wilhelm Miller Anna Christina and 5 children were Franconians but part of the Salzburger community.


Tartan Trail Jackie Prentice


House of Bruce

  • Profiles

House of Grimmett

Tags McElveen, McIlveen, McCrae
Susan (McElveen) Hagan
McCrae (Margaret - married William McIlveen. South Carolina Colonist Williamsburg)


This profile is part of the Torrey Name Study.
"Correspondence with Ian Speed"

A Barrister asks important questions getting to the point of the Torreys role in Somerset. [3]



Mitochondria's contribution to ethnicity: Mitochondria are membrane-bound cell organelles (mitochondrion, singular) that generate most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell's biochemical reactions. Chemical energy produced by the mitochondria is stored in a small molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Mitochondria contain their own small chromosomes. Generally, mitochondria, and therefore mitochondrial DNA, are inherited only from the mother.

Mitochondria are membrane-bound organelles, but they're membrane-bound with two different membranes. And that's quite unusual for an intercellular organelle. Those membranes function in the purpose of mitochondria, which is essentially to produce energy. That energy is produced by having chemicals within the cell go through pathways, in other words, be converted. And the process of that conversion produces energy in the form of ATP, because the phosphate is a high-energy bond and provides energy for other reactions within the cell. So the mitochondria's purpose is to produce that energy. Some different cells have different amounts of mitochondria because they need more energy. So for example, the muscle has a lot of mitochondria, the liver does too, the kidney as well, and to a certain extent, the brain, which lives off of the energy those mitochondria produce. [4]

For genealogical research, you are assured of ruling out lineage mismatches for paper trail comparisons. You will also achieve the highest level of confidence possible that your mtDNA full sequence matches are related to you within the genealogical time frame. The mtFull Sequence test:

Sequences nucleotides 00001 to 00547 (HVR2). Sequences nucleotides 00575 to 16000 (coding region). Sequences nucleotides 16001 to 16569 (HVR1). Provides mtDNA Haplogroup and Sublcade. Allows you to confidently rule out possible genealogical connections and confirm relationships. Provides both ancient and historic migration paths.

The mtFull Sequence test will not be able to identify specific countries that your maternal ancestors came from. mtDNA mutates slowly which allows you to find out ancient information (such as your haplogroup), and will not help you learn about your more recent (within the past 200-500 years) origins. However, you can use mtDNA results with your personal genealogy research to contact your matches to find out more about where your common ancestors may be from. [5]

H1: Unlike other branches of the mega-haplogroup H, the defining mutation for H1 (3010A) has likely happened many times in the history of H. This recurrent nature of H1 adds an extra layer of complexity to understanding our direct maternal origins within H1 and its sub-branches.

H1 encompasses an important fraction of Western European mtDNA, reaching its local peak among contemporary Basques and appearing at a high frequency among other Iberians and North Africans.

Follow the Mitochondrial Path for Unknown Marianne Landry [6]

Autosomal Family DNA

Me: B734779
David: B735085
Robert: N55360


Teri (Dombrowski) Smith (2nd Cousin 2xs removed)
Greg Welker (3d Cousin)
Martha (Demi) Houston (4th Cousin one removed)


Harvey (9)
Carolyn (Pinder) Summers 3d Cousin (See James Groover




91 profiles listed under Moyer. Listed below are among the highlights:

Anna (Moyer) Palmatier 1st cousin once removed (13 Palmatiers)
Wahl married Peter's Sister [[Mayer-3805|Maria] (3)
  • Focht (11): My father's brother, Clark; Clark's Son Richard; Richard's Wife's (Bonnie) family
  • Mayer (9)
  • Harry Vallimont Renaud (23) Renoe (6)
NOTE: Folmar intermarried with the siblings of my Grandfather Edward. They're peppered throughout my Moyers.

My Paternal Grandfather Edward Moyer came from a large family. His brother Harry is my Great Uncle. Harry's son Ed Moyer (my __ Cousin). Ed married Pat Center and their daughter was Susan (Moyer) Dombrowski (My __ Cousin once removed) . Susan's daughter was Teri (Dombrowski) Smith (My Second Cousin once removed) They added me to Terri and Susan's Trusted Lists which added well over 1,000 profiles to my Watchlist.

Pat Center has a Relation to Me on my Mother's side from Virginia. My mother and father met in Colorado in 1951 and they were married for 6 years. The families did not have ANYTHING to do with each other. The following are from Center family yet married to Ed Moyer, the son of my grandfather's brother, Harry's son:
  • Loving (11)
  • Marston/Pettigrew (7) (+25)
  • Steckback (27)
  • Walker (3)
  • Masengill [7]
  • Whalen (15)
  • Whittemere
  • Williamson (Y-DNA Richard Williamson) (10)
  • Woodford (10)
  • Edwards (21) [8] Edward's sister Eva
  • Flynn (24): My paternal grandfather, Edward; Edward's brother, Harry; Harry's son, Ed; Ed's daughter, Susan; Susan's husband (private); husband's mother Flynn (See also Gallagher)
  • Folmar (78): Laura (Moyer) Folmar and Amanda (Moyer) Torrey are both descendants of Susan Ellen (Wagner) Moyer (1857-1921). (See also Geddis)
  • Vallimont married Folmar (See Moyer's extended family) (51)
  • Forsyth (7): Paternal grandfather Edward; Edward's brother Harry; Ed is Harry's son; Pat Center is Harry's wife; Forsyth is branch of Center family [9]
  • Morgan: Grandfather Edward; Harry brother; Morgan Moyer is Harry's son; Harper is Morgan's wife. (78)
  • Haskell (12) [[10]
  • Head (28)[11] See Pat Center
Tuttle See Beherns(23)
Van Valen (11)


Mary (Cooper) Moyer Father was


Christian (Wagner) Peiffer
Wagner (16) My DNA appears on Profiles Teri is PM


Catherine (Vecht) Wagner



William Waite m. Katherine (Eakley) Waite. Their daughter married Kramers


Smale (8)
Stites (5) [12]


  • [[Lansberry-31}Nancy (Lansberry) Hubler]] [13] Lownsberry/Lanning/Lusier-Luzier (39)
Young - m. Kesiah Ownes
  • Ransom (7)
Wallace Bratton
Thomas [14] (3)
Wood (10)



House of Bruce (Rogers/Palmers)


[Sturgeon-1140|James Sturgeon] From County Tyrone - possible Scottish Presbyterian [15] 3d Great Grand Niece.


Anonymous Williamson Cousin See Sir Name "Loving" (Through Grace McKinley, Phillip Norbourne Loving in Moyers "Teri Smith"
Stintons (4) (From Dublin)
Moon (Goodman) (3)
Franky Palmore (20)
Heson Platt
Rickard (18) [16]
Rogers (16)
Ebenezer Ebin Rowe (19)
Smethers (Pat Center) (20) - Cousin: Bruce Davis [17]
Stirling Cardwell [18]
James Sturgeon From County Tyrone - possibly Scottish presbyterian. [19]
Robert Howard Turner + Sturgeon wife
Archer Worsham (2)
Webster [20] (10)



Salzburger Study (Groovers) [21]
Martha Patsy (Groover) Parker Johannes oldest son's daughter (Note Lastinger) (5)
Sheffield Harvey/Gruber


Beth Brown Found on Moyer's distant tree??? but a relationship with Lee/Groover connection
[[Hale-5447|Angnes (Hale) Strate] [22] Teri, Cousin from my Great Uncle Harry, is PM. The Hales might be from David's family and yet the Relationship comes out of my mother's Georgian Lee/Waters. (7)
From Stirlingshire - Cull the cousins ;)

James Gillespie married Janet Bennie A path between me and these Gillespie [23] Janet Bennie [24] Disentangling Gillespie families [25]

Helen Gillespie married Hugh Fleeming
John Kincaid biological bridge to Gillespies of Cowpasture (4)
Mary Robertson wife of John James Gillespie
Thomas McCullough [26]


Fred William Robinson [27]

[Staples] George Ralph Staples [28]

Wises (5)
John McElveen Wise https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Wise-5841


See: mtDNA
House of Grimmett (McElveen)
* Foskey (Harvey) through Kathleen Tyler
Harvey: see Allen Brennan Found on Moyer's family??? (Mast) but could be useful for Harveys
See mtDNA (Harvey, Morel, Landry)
  • McElveens (20) McIlveens (12) (See House of Grimmett
Wives: William Emmanuel McIlveen/Margaret McRae
Isabella Stuart [29] Married Robert McElveen. Robert was John McElveen's older brother who was the first to come to the colonies, but settled first in New Jersey. He later went to South Carolina to joined a Scottish colony from Northern Ireland that were migrating to SC.
Deborah (Bowen) Summerline
William Find Thigpin connection to Harveys [30] There are cousins here which may lead us to Harveys...


Constance Lincoln [31]



Torrey (67) See One Name Study
Randall (A whole tree)
Lydia (Roberts) Torrey - Asa Torrey



William Schouler Brown, Esq.


Mary Emma Margison


Hill (Sweetser (17)
Jackson (19) See Sweetser (David Torrey)
Frank Gazella (4)
Why is my 2d Cousin Teri Dombowski Smith PM of their profiles?
Leonard (3)
Leslie (Sweetser) (6)
Lewis (Sweetser) (3)
Lovejoy/Hill/Sweetser (2)
Raddin m Lucy Sweetser
There are 35 Sweetsers


Hale (20)
Hayes (13) Fay Roberts [32]
James Roberts [33]
Rhodes (16)
Valpey (14)


Schirmer (6)




Friedt; Bergey
Hilty (Steiner)


This is a REAL Sir-Name


Benedict Moser
Steiner (21)
Yoder (1)


Sommer (2)


Ringger (8)




For Review

For David Ursula Needs Bio and Sources
David's Uncle Laurence [34]
Elizabeth (Morel) Harvey [35]
[Hawkins-1132|Thomas]] [36]
Sarah Jane Jewel Where does Sarah jane from Oregon come from? She's a black woman and I have NO trace of Black in my bloodline. What is her story? I'm going to disconnect.


Profiles that are inexplicably part of both maternal and paternal lines [37]:

Charles Cleveland Cobb Mary Louis Jackson: (Compare Battles in Moyer (father) and Palmer/Rogers (mother)

Elizabeth (Worsham) Cardwell
Palmer: Robin Pfeffinger Geraughty [38]
Gilbert (4) [39]
Begin with Augusta Anne Edward Guy
See Sister Laura Sindonia Irving
COMPARE with Pat (Center) Moyer

Eleanor (Carbine) Pierson

Pat Center: Irish Millers from MA
Sargent (8)
Saxton (24)
Scattergood (16)
Scott (4)
Shaw (17)
Smith (27)
Tulp (9)
Yesure [40] Teri is PM and this is David's family
Lydia Ann (Saxton) Glover: [41]
William Gillespie [42]
Hender-62[43] (5) Cousin alert See Rice
Henderson-11004[44] (8)
Benjamin Hicks [45] (3)
Jewell (18) [46]
Sommer: Could be Groover. Could be Rogers. Cousin: [47]
Vaughn (14) David's Plymouth family and Teri's the PM of these profiles?
Dunham (12) Connection to me connected to David's plymouth family [48]
Wright (2)
Jean Yesure + 1 - Teri is PM for these profiles however the Relationship to Me indicates a connection with the Sweetsers...David's family.

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!

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Robin Lee Wed, Sep 29, 11:23 AM (4 days ago) to me

Just wanted to let you know that your watchlist includes some profiles that are a part of a lineage that has been proven as a Fraud. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Leboeuf-168 https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Forsyth_de_Fronsac_Fraud

What we want to do is to figure out where your lineage connects into this fraud and disconnect from the lineage.

Unfortunately, with the internet these kind of "folklore" are multiplying. Take a look at all of them that we have identified on WikiTree. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Frauds_and_Fabrications This is why primary sources are so important on WikiTree. Also, it is why we encourage people to go slow and make sure that each set of parents are proven before moving on.

posted by Amanda (Moyer) Torrey
edited by Amanda (Moyer) Torrey