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  • Page to track open Research questions Space:Wetterskog_Dalarna_Sweden_Research_page

Page to gather all open issues regarding the Swedish roots of Cochoit-2. We have a

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Research challenges/questions

Wetterskog-2 Jan Isaac Wetterskog

See Research Note

  • Looks like we have Katarina Johansdotter in all household records but in the birth record[1] we have another name?!?!?!

Lines Which Need Checking

  • QUESTION:On the profile of Jonas Persson you expressed some doubt regarding his parentage. Does this still need to be confirmed or do you believe his ancestry on the Family Tree of Rolf Persson is proven?
See Persson-3624#Research_Notes no birth records found that we can trust - Sälgö-1 07:30, 2 June 2017 (EDT)
Lines in the ancestry of Anna Louvisa Wetterskog.
Catharina Elg - She occurs in apparently well-researched trees on ancestry.com, daughter of Petter (Jansson) Elg and Stina Berg. Need to trace in primary records on ArkiveDigital.
Jonas Persson - Maternal grandfather of Anna Louvisa Wetterskog. Need to trace in primary records on ArkiveDigital.
Katarina Johansdotter - Paternal grandmother of Anna Louvisa Wetterskog. Need to trace in primary records on ArkiveDigital.
  • May have the family name/soldier name of Bork
  • Possible daughter of Jan Danielsson Bork (1764-1828) and Catarina Olsdotter.
  • Is father Jan or Johan?
Petter (Jansson) Elg
  1. What's his name? The tree on ancestry.com called him Petter Per Jansson Berg. The early records call him Per? correct?
    • Sälgö-1 17:45, 13 May 2017 (EDT)Create a timeline just for the names you find in the sources I feel most of the names are changing overtime. Regarding Swedish names you have
      • Space:Swedish_Names
      • Blog about how you in the churchbook can find a latin form of the name....
      • I feel names changed more in the old days and was not so important and you know who Joe was the son of Jules.... my feeling the best thing is to find a signature in an estate and inventory that they have written themselves...
  1. Peter and Per are different and distinct names, correct?
    • - Sälgö-1 17:45, 13 May 2017 (EDT) I dont understand the question?!?! Peter and Per could be the same name.... Check Wikidata that has objects for names and if we check Q13582800#P460 they mention Petter Pehr Per as said to be the same name compare Joe on WIkidata that have Jo Joel Joseph and Joseph has even more Q471788#P460

Questions for Magnus

Magnus, I often have random thoughts or questions. I may put them here so I don't forget them.
  • Swedish names: For names which have both a patronymic and a family name, (for example, Mats (Karlsson) Wetterskog), which name would you use for the LNAB? Karlsson or Wetterskog? Is the best or correct practice to put Karlsson in the LNAB and Wetterskog in the CLN fields?
    • I am not a big fan of Wikitree fields so few fields are not good for doing good genealogy. I say he is born Karlsson - son of Karl ==> LNAB and then Wetterskog in the CLN' field
  • Swedish names: I noticed on names with two given names (for example, Jan Isaac Wetterskog and Carl Simon Wetterskog) you do not uses the middle name field. Is it wrong to put Jan in the first name field and Isaac in the middle name field?
    • The problem is WikiTree and trying to tell us to define First Name which is a concept we don't have. My name is Carl Magnus but I never use Carl...To make names look better I normally add all names in the First Name field....
  • Tyfors: I keep seeing Tyfors being spelled Tyfors and Thyfors. Which is most correct?
    • I guess names change so you can use what you think is correct. Good blogpost in Swedish about the history of the area...
  • Kopparberg/Dalarnas: Why was Kopparberg county renamed to Dalarna county in 1997?
    • Sälgö-1 16:45, 10 May 2017 (EDT) pass ;-) its an old country things are changing... today parish/socken is never used as an administrative unit except for genealogy BUT 1 jan 2016 we created a new administrative unit districts that are nearly the same as the old parish see Socken#History I guess they need to have an unit that is stable over time so you can compare statistics.... If you ask an average Swedish person they dont know about those changes. I have given up to understand all administrative units I guess you get some information from this page Wikipedia:Dalarna_County....
      • Quote from Wikipedia article: Even though the term socken is no longer used administratively in Sweden, it is still used for cataloging and registering historical archives (Swedish National Heritage Board), botany, dialect research, toponymy and by local historical societies. Socken is a convenient parameter for these purposes since it does not change with time
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Notes on using ArkivDigital

ArkiveDigital Links
Household Examination Records - Once a year the parish priest would examine the household with regard to their religious understanding. These amazing records include the families births, deaths, marriages, moves in and out of the parish.
Understanding the references:
Magnus provides a reference from ArkivDigital that looks something like:
Säfsnäs (W) C:6 (1860-1877) Image 62 (AID: v132070.b62, NAD: SE/ULA/11506)
  • Sälgö-1 11:40, 10 May 2017 (EDT) look at Evidence Explained when they comment this citation format see Link
    • She thinks a citation format like below is better
Säfsnäs (Kopparbergs län, Sweden), “Birth Record, 1860-1877,” C-6:62; Regional Archives, Uppsala; digital images, “Swedish Church Records,” ArkivDigital (https://www.arkivdigital.net/sources/3055?county=21 : 8 May 2017), for Säfsnäs C-3 (also numbered 132070), image 62.
  • Sälgö-1 17:49, 10 May 2017 (EDT) Before in Sweden you used a tool that generated GID ids for churchbooks. This company has been bought by Ancestry and now many people has useless GIDs in the citation. You can inside Ancestry on the Swedish page Sweden, Church Records, 1451-1943 use GID see Elg, Catharina Pettersdtr 1798-
    • At the bottom you have citations for her
      • GID 2159.17.61900, C:2, Födde, 1776-1800, Säfsnäs(W)
      • GID 520.4.49200, Rämen, B:2, IU, 1806-44, 28/0, B 23/180
      • GID 520.4.49500, Rämen, B:2, IU, 1806-44, 32/0, B 27/180
      • GID 2159.16.44100, C:1, Födde 1748-75, Säfsnäs (W)
      • Säfsnäs F:2 (1776-1827) Bild 145 (AID: v132079.b145, NAD: SE/ULA/11506)
      • GID 2159.32.9600, AI:3, HF 1785-94, Säfsnäs(W)
      • GID 2159.10.46200, AI:1, HF 1748-1763, Säfsnäs(W)
      • Säfsnäs C:1 (1748-1775) Bild 73 (AID: v132065.b73, NAD: SE/ULA/11506)
      • GID 2159.33.23900, AI:6, HF 1795-1804, Säfsnäs (W)
      • Säfsnäs AI:5 (1785-1794) Bild 61 / sid 53 (AID: v132040.b61.s53, NAD: SE/ULA/11506)
      • Säfsnäs F:2 (1776-1827) Bild 148 (AID: v132079.b148, NAD: SE/ULA/11506)
      • Säfsnäs AI:4 (1776-1784) Bild 81 / sid 77 (AID: v132039.b81.s77, NAD: SE/ULA/11506)
    • Säfsnäs F:2 (1776-1827) Bild 10 (AID: v132079.b10, NAD: SE/ULA/11506)

Swedish provinces used today...see Dalarna
County letters
Red is vendor dependent the rest is there so you also can find in a physical book
Note: Kopparberg (W) county was renamed to Dalarna (W) county in 1997.
  • Säfsnäs - The parish the record comes from.
  • (W) - is the county letter its just used to make it unque. A map with country letters Counties_of_Sweden
  • C is the type of book in this case a Birth record
    • AL/Alla: Household Records/Congregation Records
    • B: Moving in and out recordss
    • C: Birth and Christening Records
    • El: Banns and Marriage Records
    • F: Death and burial records
    • FII: Estate Inventories
  • 6 is the number of the book of this type
  • (1860-1877) - is date from -> to.
  • Image 62 - scanned Image in the software from Archive Digital
  • often also include the page # which differ from the Image number but is the physical number in the book
  • AID: v132070.b62 - Is the unique image ID number from Arkiv DIgital.
  • NAD: SE/ULA/11506 - Is the Swedish National Archive link to NAD (Nationell Arkivdatabas) and if you click on Förteckning then you see all available books for Säfsnäs see also pdf - Brochure-on-Swedish-National-Archives

See also video how to use churchbooks

Swedish Genealogy Word List
Swedish English
åktenstap Marriage
år year
Dag Day
död, döda, döde dead, death
Flyttat Moved
Föddes Born
Födelse Birth
Gift Married
Kallades Named
i at
Hustru, Hust. Wife
Husman Head of household
län County
Månad, mån. Month
och and
Socken Parish
Stad City

Forest Finns

This area was a place populated by a people called wikipedia:Forest_Finns. they traditionally pursued Wikipedia:Slash-and-burn agriculture, a method used for turning forests into farmlands.


Do we have Forest Finns Roots?

Sälgö-1 05:14, 14 May 2017 (EDT) We are now in a time period that I feel we have few written sources But with DNA testing my feeling is that we at least can get an indication if we have connections to Forest Finns in the family tree....

My understanding is that Forest Finns was a rather "isolated" group ==> we have a small gene pool ==> that we also if we do a Autosomal DNA test will have "too much" Forest Finns connections ==> what is normally thought 2-3 generation back can because of the small gene pool be 8 generations back ==> if we in a Autosomal DNA test see that we get a lot of people from Finland and we know that we have had the roots from Sweden then we can guess that this part is wikipedia:Forest_Finns. I Sälgö-1 has on my autosomal DNA a group of Finnish people that I guess is wikipedia:Forest_Finns long time ago. I used a tool DNAGED see blog to group people related to each other.... See for some more info Space:Forest_Finns_Roots

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On 9 May 2017 at 16:28 GMT C (Sälgö) S wrote:

Good start is videos like Reading Swedish Birth and Christening Records 1854
  • They have more see link