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This is a ‘’One Name Study’’ to collect in one place information about the ‘’’Wiborg’’’ surname and the variants of that name. The hope is that you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect.

Please edit this page with any contributions you can make.


Wiborg, & variants thereof, is a hereditary Scandinavian surname which is found in birth records for at least 9 subsequent generations. The Norway DNA Norgesprosjektet advises us:
"The most important fact about Norwegian names is that hereditary surnames were not usually used. Except for the bourgeoisie in the cities and some civil servant families, almost all Norwegians were farmers, and used a three-part naming system:
  • "First name: all given names
  • "Patronymic: Olsdatter, Sveinsson, Nilsen etc, showing the given name of their father
  • "Farm name: the name of the farm where they were born or lived – this would change when people moved, but is the name that can best be used to find a person’s origin
"Exceptions to farm names:
  • "There are only a few groups of people who did not have farm names:
    • "Families with hereditary surnames: typically immigrants to Norway 1500-1800 from Holland, Germany, Denmark, clergy, civil servants (only a few per cent of the population)" ...
If you consider military officers to be civil servants, you cover the early examples for the use of Wiborg as a surname.

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Project Members List

  1. Jim Wiborg, descendent of Anders Nielsen Wiborg – for now the project leader
  2. Rune Nedrud, Accredited Genealogist, descendent of Torsten Wiborg
  3. Jørgen Riis Christensen, descendent of Anders Nielsen Wiborg

Wiborg surname variants

  • Viborg or Wiborg - In Danish, Norwegian & Swedish records the name spelling is Viborg or Wiborg (Wiborg & Viborg are found for the same individuals in early Scandinavian records).
  • Wiborg or Wiburg or Viburg In German the name is spelled Wiborg or Wiburg
  • Выборг or Vyborg - In Russian the Cyrillic spelling is Выборг (i.e., Vyborg).
  • Weborg or Weberg - The name is sometimes Anglicized as Weborg or Weberg in the USA
  • Wiberg - A name variant found in Sweden

Wiborg in Etymology and Geography

"The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland" by Patrick Hanks, Richard Coates, and Peter McClure suggests that the name is of Scandinavian origin and is derived from the Old Norse words "vig" and "borg," which mean "battle" and "fortress," respectively. Alternately it has been suggested that Wiborg derives from Old Norse viðr' 'felled trees - timbers’ or perhaps ‘ sanctuary or pagan temple’, + borg ‘fortress or stronghold or town’. Speculation suggests the name derives from either a temple stronghold or a timbered Viking ring fortress (See also: 1) Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press; 2) English - Old Norse Dictionary by Ross G. Arthur; or 3) https://old-norse.net/search.php#search )

Some uses of the name Wiborg/Viborg probably stem from geographic locations. Wiborg/Viborg is the city/town name for:

  1. Farms with the name Wiborg (or a name that was recorded as a variant of Wiborg):
    1. Hveberg - Hveberg is Anglicized to Weberg. Hveberg is a farm adjacent to Grinder village, Grue municipality, Solør, Hedmark, Norway. Solør is a Norwegian traditional district consisting of the valley between Elverum in the north and Kongsvinger in the south.
    2. Viberg also spelled Vieberg or Wieberg is a farm in Vardal, Oppland, Norway
    3. Veberg also written Weberg, Veghaberg or Wiiberg is a farm in Mælum Parish, Telemark, Norway
  2. Viborg Denmark
  3. Выборг, Viborg or Vyborg, Russia - a city on the Karelian Isthmus, formerly Swedish/Finnish, but now part of Leningrad Region, Russia
  4. Viborg, South Dakota, USA
  5. Wiborg, Kentucky

Known Wiborg Lines

Descendants of Borgermester Niels Wiborg (circa 1610 - ?)

Mayor (borgermester) Niels Wiborg lived in Malmø, Skåne, Denmark (now Sweden) before 1633. Jonas Budde was married in 1670 in Fredericia, Denmark with Alhed Wiborg, born 29 September 1633 in Malmø, Denmark (modern Sweden), daughter of mayor (borgermester) Niels Wiborg and Karen Hendrichsdatter Franche. Alhed died 19 April 1701 in Stavern, Norway with no surviving children. A reference is:

Wikipedia article on Jonas Budde

Another possible child of the borgermester Niels Wiborg was married to Hans Bertelsen Mule, who was an early priest at Eidskog, Hedmark, Norway.[1]His second wife was Gjertrud Nilsdatter Wiborg (1624-1683). She was a priest's widow after the parish priest, Christen Andersen Stud, in Tanum, Båhuslen died. Båhuslen, which had been part of Norway, and Skåne which had been part of Denmark, had just been ceded to Sweden in 1658. Hence Gjertrud Nilsdatter Wiborg could be considered a bit of a refugee. [2][3]

Alternately Gjertrud Nilsdatter Wiborg, in Eidsberg about 1630-1710, is proposed to be the daughter of Niels Christensen (Holberg) about 1590-1642 and Eline Erlandsdatter. Gjertrud may be the sister of the parish priest in Ås, Akershus in the 1660s, Elias Nilsen Hyldebrandt. Quote:

"Nils Christensen from Wisbor in Giidland (Jutland) anno 1580 (such as Wisborg?) - Jens Bjelke's shariff at the Veden in Berg parish, Tistedalen v. Halden which he managed until 1625"

Christen Christensen Stud, died 12/11 1709 on his way to Trømborg Church. He was the son of the priest in Tanum, Båhuslen, Christen Andersen Stud and Gjertrud Nilsdatter Wiborg. Christen Andersen Stud remained as priest in Båhuslen, under Swedish rule, but his son moved to Norway with his mother after the 1676 death of his father and married the daughter of the priest in the Eidsberg church. During the Gyldenløve War in 1670, Christen Christensen Stud served as the field priest for the "2 Bergenhusic and Trondhjemse Reiment" and participated in the recapture of Båhuslen. He married [2]

Misc. Research Notes

Hiistory of Skåne, Denmark for the period includes:

Descendants of Captain Henrich Henrichsen Wiborg (circa 1610 - ?)

Captain Henrich Henrichsen Wiborg was born about 1610 in Wiborg in Norre-Jellan (Viborg, Denmark). He was the husband of Alhed Povelsdatter, about whom it has been suggested without confirmation, descended from Danish royalty. A reference is:

Grener av Eiker-slekten Wiborg; Forfatter: Hauge, Yngvar ; Publisert: Oslo : S.H. Syvertsen, 1966; Språk: Norsk (Bokmål) http://www.nb.no/nbsok/nb/46555a2a683a42909fd6ae2c8599f446?index=1#60 - tilgang for norske IP-adresser

Descendants of Major Anders Nielsen Wiborg (circa 1655 – 1718)

Major Anders Nielsen Wiborg (circa 1655 – 1718) is the founder of several Wiborg lines in Norway. This line is known to have immigrated to the USA as well. A reference is:

Book by Geir Steinar Wiborg titled “Wiborg : en slektsgren med bakgrunn i det gamle norske bondesamfunnet” Gjøvik 1995. (601 s). Norwegian language. lokalhistoriewiki.no entry on Anders Nielsen Wiborg

Several direct male descendants of Anders Nielsen Wiborg may allow for Y-DNA confirmation of descent.

Descendants of Captain Torsten Wiborg (abt. 1680 - 1764)

Captain Torsten Wiborg first appears as an Army officer in Norway. No publication covering his life and descendents has been identified.

Descendants of Merchant David Andersen Wiborg (1673 - 1752)

David Andersen Wiborg was born in 1673 and died September 30, 1752 in Arendal. He married multiple times and fathered several lines (Anders Davidsen Wiborg; Thomas Davidsen Wiborg; Otte Davidsen Wiborg; Anne Kirstine Wiborg; Jens Davidsen Wiborg; and Petter Davidsen Wiborg). A reference is:

Øverland, Per: Kjøpmann i Arendal David Andersen Wiborg og hans efterslekt. Trondheim;1992. (74 bl., trykt som manuskript). ISBN 82-90936-39-7. [NO].

Descendants of Thomas Christensen Wiborg (circa 1680 - ?) and his father, Christen Olufsen Wiborg

Thomas Christensen Wiborg (circa 1680 - ?) married Abigael Ulsen (circa 1680 - ?) and is the father of 8 children, founding several Norwegian lines. A reference is:

Tittel: Slektene Wiborg, Brevik-Kragerø grenen, Schreiner, Esmark, Høegh Forfatter: Fleischer, Martha Wiborg Medvirker: Frölich, Georg Publisert: Oslo : Bye, 1925 Norwegian language. http://www.nb.no/nbsok/nb/7d68b3dadf3b18e13892cd0319355387?index=1#21

Descendants of Peder Nielsen Wiborg (abt. 1721 - 1785)

Peder Nielsen Wiborg (circa 1721 - 1785) was Danish - his descendants are found in Norway and the USA. A reference is:

Drammensfamilien Wiborg by Terje Gudbrandson. Oslo: Reidar Wiborg Jr., 1971, Page 7-17; Norwegian language. http://www.nb.no/nbsok/nb/2e389f82fe5d6dbef15b6b3ea76499dc?lang=no#10

Challenges & Problems

This section captures opportunities to be researched and problems to be resolved.

The missing line

David Andersen Wiborg (1673 - 1752) has not been fully developed on WikiTree, although there are elements of it (e.g., Diederich Jensen Wiberg ). Someone should grab the reins on it and add more.

The Swedish Link

At least one line from Grue ties into Swedish Wiberg lines, but the link is ambiguous or confused. Research opportunities include:

  1. Erik Olsen aka Wiberg was born in Grue, Norway but he & his children consistently take the name surname Wiberg of Viberg in Sweden. It is likely that there is some tie to the line of Wiborgs descended from Major Anders Wiborg in Grue.

Several other lines or Swedish Wiborgs exist and remain to be developed.

More on the Grue Puzzle

Ole Pederrsen Weberg/Hverberg was born on 4 January 1831 to Peder Olsen and Guine Pedersdatter Hveberg in Grue. Ole took the surname Weberg in the USA. It is possible that he ties into the various Wiborg lines in Grue, or this may simply be the Anglicized version of Hveberg, as the Norwegian pronunciation is close to the English spelling. Further research is required.

Miscellaneous Aids

Categories & Spaces

[[Space:Anders Wiborgs descendants in the Norwegian Military|Understanding the roles of Anders Wiborg and his descendants in the Norwegian Military]].

References for Wiborg research

Norwegian Army


  1. Hans Bertelsen Mule: SAO, Heggen og Frøland sorenskriveri I, H/Hb/L0001: Skifteprotokoll, 1667-1675, s. 16b-17a.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Stamtavle over slekten Nannestad Forfatter: Nannestad, Fredrik Medvirker: Nannestad, Eli Publisert: Oslo: (Kirste), Oslo http://urn.nb.no/URN:NBN:no-nb_digibok_2011111405054 (link available from Norwegian ISP only.)
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