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WikiTree BEE Update details


  • Added Wikipedia feature that will show link to WikiTree profile and tools to copy template or link code for WikitTree within Wikipedia's "Tools" section.
  • Added BuildLocationTemplate usage for OpenStreetMap (OSM) in order to have it compatible with "Edit Templates" feature of WBE.
  • Improved Wikipedia Polish Categories to derive powiat names directly from powiat pages (getting rid of terms like "Podlaska").
  • Fixed missing recognition of some French Wikipedia locations
  • Removed special table features from Surname and Watchlist pages (Surname moved to WBE)


  • Replaced recognition of French historical category by information-only popup.
  • Fixed submission of add relative form with empty fields


  • Added custom template parameters to settings, so users can individually have often used parameters inserted in cemetery and location categories.
  • Added display of wiki template code instead of suggesting a category name for countries that have not been configured for creation of cemetery categories, yet.
  • Added review category for Polish cemeteries
  • Improved cemetery names in Australia and England by replacing "St." and "Saint" by "St"
  • Added search for Australia Cemetery Index when creating Australian cemetery categories


  • Added link to country-specific help pages when creating categories
  • Added support for French locations via Wikipedia
  • Added support for French cemeteries via Find a Grave
  • Added support for Australian cemeteries via Find a Grave
  • Added support for Canadian cemeteries via Find a Grave
  • Added citation support for DFG-Viewer civil records from Bremen and North Rhine Westphalia
  • Added support for US cemeteries in District of Columbia
  • Added automatic recognition of Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemeteries
  • Fixed citations after Archion's website update
  • Improved address formatting for German cemeteries
  • Improved handling of US places in multiple counties
  • Improved handling of Italian cemeteries in Aosta Valley
  • Improved state recognition for German locations in Wikipedia

New Features

  • OpenStreetMap Integration: Added OpenStreetMap links to Find a Grave cemetery pages. Now, you can easily navigate to the location of a cemetery.
  • Fold3 Citation Maker: Introduced a new citation feature, currently in the beta stage, that assists in creating citations from Fold3 and Find a Grave records. This feature is accessible via a 'Get Citations' button on a memorial's 'Sources' page.
  • Norwegian Archives Citation Maker: The citation maker for Norway's National Archives' Digital Archive ( is now ready for testing.
  • German sources DFW-Viewer and added to citations
  • German Cemeteries: Expanded the Cemetery category maker to include German cemeteries.


  • Project Parameters for Cemeteries: Enhanced the categorisation of cemeteries by adding project parameters for cemeteries located in Germany, Poland, England, Scotland, and the US.
  • US Town Category Validation: Improved the Chrome extension to verify the existence of US town categories on live data.
  • Category Existence Warning: The extension will now always show a warning if you're about to create a category that already exists.
  • Polish Voiwodeship "Świętokrzyskie": The name automatically translates to "Holy Cross" in category creation.
  • Polish Location Categories: Improved the creation of Polish location categories, which are now solely generated from English language Wikipedia.
  • Scottish and Polish Cemetery Categories: Enhanced parent-category assignment for these cemetery categories.
  • Field Order Respect: Location and cemetery categories now adhere to the order of fields defined in templatesExp.json. Empty parameters will only appear for fields marked as "preferred".
  • English Cemeteries: Improved the handling and categorisation of cemeteries in England.
  • In-place Category Renaming: Added the ability to rename suggested categories immediately without the need to save them first.


  • Improved handling of some Italian provinces and regions when creating categories
  • Fixed special characters in cemetery names


  • Added duplicate check when creating cemetery categories from Find a Grave
  • Fixing check for town-existence (Chrome only)


  • Added creation of Italian location categories from Italian language Wikipedia
  • Added VaDeMecum by State Regional Archives Litomerice to sourcing feature
  • Added basic location category support for node elements with coordinates (example) from Open Street Map
  • Fixed category parameter for cemeteries without coordinates on Find A Grave


  • Added creation of United States location categories from English language Wikipedia
  • Added support for still Hungarian villages when creating Banat Location Categories from Wikipedia
  • Added option US Black Heritage for cemetery category creating via Find A Grave


  • Added additional "language" option kuk for creating Banat Location Categories from Wikipedia for the historical Kingdom of Hungary
  • Added option Town/Country and Billion Graves search for cemetery category creating via Find A Grave
  • Fixed "empty edit field" error for category creation in Chrome
  • Fixed minor problem at Victoria citations


  • Added category creation from cemetery pages in FindAGrave (only broadly tested within the US, if you need customization for "your" country, reach out to Flo)
  • Added category creation from Wikipedia articles (Banat Location Categories and Germany Categories full, others only with Wikidata ID and coordinates; for customization of other countries, reach out to Flo)
  • Fixed conflict with CC7 views table
  • Fixed Porta Fontium source links lacking zoom information
  • Added Victoria and Tasmania BDM to sourcing
  • Added support for Greg Clarke's Canadian Census Citation Creator


  • Removed Copy Wiki Link & Shareable Sources (moved to WBE)


  • Added Badische Landesbibliothek to the sourcing feature
  • Added Volksbund Kriegsgräberfürsorge to the sourcing feature
  • Added Porta Fontium to the sourcing feature
  • Added Archives of Vojvodina – Presentation of Church Registers to the sourcing feature
  • Removed Get All Citations (Use Build All Citations in Sourcer)


  • Removed 'Only Members' on Search Person page
  • Removed 'Add Scratch Pad Button'


  • Removed Connection Finder features


  • Removed Unconnected Branch button


  • Removed Auto Bio and Date Convertor (flipping European dates) as they are now in the WBE.


  • Added Provincial Archives of New Brunswick to the sourcing feature (needs testing)


  • Added an extra button above the scratchpad.


  • FamilySearch: Get All Citations: On the Sources tab of a profile page on FamilySearch, I've added a 'Get All Citations' button. You should find it in the Sources heading. This expands all of the records listed, copies the citations, and puts them all in a textbox for you to copy.


  • Unconnected branch tables on Politicos do Brasil
  • Removed Scissors and My Connections features (moved to WBE)
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Improved WieWasWie citations

v.32.2.6 WieWasWie citations

v.32 Removed more features from the BEE as they've been added to the WikiTree Browser Extension. See here for more details.


  • Google Search Box
  • What Links Here
  • Change Family Lists
  • Collapsible Sources
  • Change Summary Options
  • Dates and Locations on New Profile Page
  • Format Source Reference Numbers
  • G2G Options


Removed many features from the BEE as they've been added to the WikiTree Browser Extension. See here for more details.


  • Clipboard and Notes
  • Draft List
  • My Menu
  • Random Profile
  • Apps Menu
  • AKA Name Links
  • Collapsible Descendants Tree
  • Distance and Relationship
  • Family Group
  • Family Timeline
  • Category Finder Pins
  • Gender Predictor
  • Locations Helper
  • Verify ID

The following will be removed soon:

  • Google Search Box
  • What Links Here
  • Change Family Lists
  • Collapsible Sources
  • Change Summary Options
  • Dates and Locations on New Profile Page


  • New Collapsible Sources option. You can choose to have the inline citations hidden when the page first loads. Just click the toggle button in the Sources heading or one of the reference numbers to see the sources. You may use this with the source previews in the new WT extension.
  • Busted some bugs


  • Fixed the distance number (it was showing as one too many). If you see the wrong number, it may have been stored before. Just right click the number to refresh it.


  • Added option to remove reference numbers from a bio
  • Connected the relationship thing to the 'Ancestor/cousin text' option
  • Moved the 'What Links Here' section to the right-hand column on the edit page
  • Added an 'only active members' button/link to the search page
  • Small changes to Auto Bio: Removed horizontal line; added option to omit the start and end comments


  • I've edited and re-organised a lot of the code, trying to make the BEE faster and less prone to errors. If there are any unfortunate side effects in this update, I'm sorry. If anything seems to be broken, please let me know. Thanks.

A couple of changes:

  • My Menu, Edit/change summary options, and Extra Watchlist will no longer be synched. If you want to move these to another browser, please use the BEE back-up button. These can still be transferred to other browsers/computers via the back-up setting file, but they won't synch.
  • Removed the 'Back-up BEE' button from every page but the Nav Home page.


  • Many of the BEE's features are being added to the new WikiTree extension. If you see any conflict between the two, please let me know. In the future, I may remove these features from the BEE.


  • Added a What Links Here section as an option


  • Added a right-click action to the What Links Here link (Find > What Links Here) to copy the links as wikilinks.


  • Added a 'black text' option (See wish #6 here)
  • Added a thing to confirm the name of the ID entered in the box to add a family member by WikiTree ID (See wish #2 here)
  • Added two columns to the Watchlist table
  • Added to citations thing


  • Added the distance (in degrees) between you and the profile person (on the BEE Connection Finder button)


  • Added and to the source citations
  • Fixed various little bugs


  • BEE Places*: Replicating the current location boxes (which get their data from FamilySearch) but allowing editing and other things. (The new search box combines the 'My Places' locations and the 'BEE Places' locations (from the server).) This is still a work in progress, but it's usable now. You can see what we're doing (and contribute) here. The bonus for the moment is more place names for Wales and Scotland than (I think) FamilySearch has. We're working on getting the right dates in. As examples, the county changes in England and Wales came in on 1974-04-01 (not '1974'), and New York State joined the United States, on 1778-07-26 (not '1776'). Features of the new 'system':
    • My Places allows place names to be stored with dates e.g. New York, New York, United States (1788-07-26 - ).
    • The suggestions do not show place names with dates that are too early or too late for the related date (birth, marriage, or death).
    • Likely good matches are highlighted (based on the locations of family members).
    • The keyboard up and down arrows will move you (surprisingly) up and down the list of matches. Click on a location or hit 'Enter' to select it. Double hit 'Enter' to get the selection into the location box.
  • Added a pin to category suggestions. See here.
  • Added a link to Greg's Antenati Citation Builder. Click the BEE icon on an Antenati record to open the app.
  • Added the option to disable the BEE on Space: and Help: pages
  • Added an option to remember your language choice (on profile edit pages)
  • More access keys (Please check the link for an explanation).
    • g → G2G Recent Activity
    • r → Random Profile
    • n → Nav Home Page
    • h → Help Search
    • Note: These are in addition to:
      • s → Save
      • e → Edit
      • k → Category
      • p → Preview
  • Trimming input on the Special:Following (Tags) page (See here.)
  • "Leave site?" confirmation message on space edit pages (optional). This may help prevent some people from losing their edits on space pages.

* I may change the name.


  • Added a Drafts button to the Find menu to see your uncommitted saved drafts. This won't work for you immediately. The BEE will build and maintain a list of your drafts, but each one will only be added to the list when the BEE sees the draft has been saved on the edit page.

Please try it out and let me know if you see any problems with this.


  • Fixed a problem with the Cousin text.
  • Changed something to keep the FamilySearch template working.
  • Added Clipboard and Notes to G2G.


  • Added the Clipboard and Notes to every page.
More information:
  • The clipboard buttons are now at the top of every page except for the edit pages, where you'll find them with the text editor.
  • You can re-order the notes and clippings by dragging them up and down, but if you click the text of a clipping, the window will close, so you can drag the items by grabbing the number.
  • You can close the Clipboard/Notes window by clicking the button again, clicking the 'x' in the top right of the heading, or double clicking the heading.
  • Please let me know if you have/see any problems with this.


  • Made the Clipboard and Notes optional. (See the Options page).

v.27.1 New:

  • Clipboard and Notes:
    • Clipboard: You may have some phrases or citations that you often use when editing or creating profiles. Save them to the BEE Clipboard. To use them, just click the Clipboard button on the editor's toolbar and click the clipping. When the enhanced editor is not on, this will paste the clipping into the biography box in the place you last had your cursor. With the enhanced editor on (and on G2G), it will be copied to your clipboard for you to paste into the page (Ctrl + v). (If anyone knows how to do this with the enhanced editor, please let me know!)
    • Notes: Maybe you store some notes in the Scratchpad on the Nav Home Page. Put them in the BEE Notes instead, so it's easier to refer to them when you're editing a profile.
Note: These things are saved in a database in your browser. They're not going anywhere. They won't be saved in the BEE Settings (to be synched to another device).
  • My Places box. Here's a new option (see the Options page). Sometimes, the suggestions in the location dropdowns are not quite right. Now, you can save locations that you often use how you want them. Click the gears/settings button and save your locations in the textbox. Then select them at any time in the future. You can find the boxes under the birth, marriage and death location boxes after choosing this option in the settings. There is also a button to add the contents of a location field to your 'My Places' list.


  • Added scissors (Copy ID/Link/URL) to Category pages.
  • Sorted change summary options alphabetically.
  • Improved Auto Bio a little.
  • Added 'k' as an access key to activate the category box on the edit page.


  • Citation makers for more European sites. Thanks, Florian, for the code. 🙂 (Adding these makes your browser ask you to accept the permissions, which is a pain.)
  • Added the option to not have a sticky toolbar on the edit page. Thanks, Peggy. 🙂
  • Added surname lists to Connection Finder page. (See the 'Surname summaries' button.) Thanks, Tommy. 🙂
  • Added some more names to the gender predictor. Thanks, Léa. 🙂
  • Fixed a bug with the Find a Grave sourcing (due to Find a Grave changing its HTML). Thanks, Debi, for pointing it out. 🙂


  • My Connections features
    • A table with a count of your connections on the page.
    • 'Missing Connections' buttons for each degree, looking for missing parents and possible missing spouses.
    • Table button: Sortable table of people in each degree
    • More than 1000 results. The My Connections page maxes out at 1000 results or a certain number of degrees, but the BEE will keep going. Once you max out, the BEE will find the rest of the people in that degree and enable the button to fetch the next degree.
    • CC7 wikitable text: When degree 7 completes, the BEE will give you some text to add your Connection Count at 7 degrees (CC7) to the table on Tommy Buch's CC7 page.


  • Made the Ancestors/Cousins highlighting feature slightly more dynamic.
When new ancestors are added, the extension should recognise this and add them to the database.
If the extension has added (for example) your 23rd great-grandmother to the database, but not her parents, grandparents, etc.:
- as above, visiting the profile of one of her parents should add the next five generations to the database.
- visiting any of the ancestors in the next five generations of ancestors and clicking the 'Descendants' button on the profile, should add the same five generations of ancestors.

(I hope this is clear.)


  • 'Surname search' links on other (aka) last names


  • Numbers of siblings and children on the vanilla (horizontal) family lists on the profile page: The vertical family lists option gives numbered lists of siblings and children. For those who prefer the slightly-more-confusing horizontal lists, I've added a count at the end of each of these lists.
  • 'Empty last name search box' option: Some people have told me that having the last name search box pre-filled can be irritating (you can click the profile person's surname to go to the surname search page). I've added an option to not pre-fill the last name search box.
  • Timed black theme option. If you like the black theme, but only at night, you can set a time range in which to use black theme.
  • 'Unconnected branch table' button on unconnected profiles. I've added a new BEE button on unconnected profiles (it looks a lot like the Connection Finder icon, but it's a button). Click this to load a table of all the people in the person's unconnected branch.


  • Added a sortable 'Last Contribution' column on the My Cousins page to see your active cousins. This includes links to the Connection Finder and to the new Six Degrees app.


  • Added age at marriage to profiles.


  • Removed "Lived to age ~" as it's been added by the WikiTree tech team.


  • Synching settings on Chrome. In Chrome, on different PCs (or in different versions of Chrome on the same PC), your BEE settings should be synched.
  • Sortable Branch tables on Largest Unconnected Branches page
  • Small changes to the surname page (added 'TL' marker, 'unconnected' marker; changed style of missing parent images)


  • Added an extra Auto Bio option related to a spouses's parents
  • Removed French language option (This will hopefully be available in the new WT Apps Project extension.)
  • Removed big tooltips (too many problems)
  • Added the new template to citations from that site
  • Added Trove citations
  • Added scissors on Help pages
  • Added extra pagination links to the top of questions on G2G


  • Citations for UK sites: Free BMD, The National Archives, The History of Parliament, General Register Office
  • Added the new FamilySearch link template to the FamilySearch citations


  • Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) citations


  • Ancestors button: On each profile, there's a new BEE button to show up to 10 generations with a maximum of 126 profiles*. It may take a while, because it's fetching all of each person's family members, too. You can see these by clicking the house icon next to each person's name. The table also shows when the person's father (blue), mother (pink), or both parents (purple) are unknown.

*126 profiles is enough for seven whole generations, but many people won't have all of these on the tree, so others from later generations will be included, up to the 10th generation.

  • Began work on translating the interface to German (baby steps).


  • Backup: In the bottom right of the footer, you should find a BEE icon. Click it to download a backup of your BEE settings, including the change explanations on the edit page, the Extra Watchlist, and 'My Menu'. To upload a backup, right-click the BEE icon and choose the file. Your settings will be loaded into the browser and the page will refresh. I think this is working well, but please let me know if you see any problems. Thanks.


  • citations: Go to a clipping page and click the BEE icon for a citation


  • Table button on Category pages + age sorting on Centenarians and Supercentenarians category page tables
  • Collapsible descendants tree feature on the Wiki-ID > Descendants page
  • Removed the 'fix' for the locations table (to use it with arrow buttons). It needs more work.
  • Fixed various bugs related to Find a Grave, Auto Bio, and FamilySearch searching


  • Location Helper changes: I've decided to do this slightly differently. Now, if there's a location suggestion with dates that don't match the relevant date on the form, it will be sent to the bottom of the list and highlighted in pink. Locations which match family members' locations will still be highlighted in green and taken to the top of the list.

In this example, 'Fayette, Pennsylvania, United States' matched a family member's location (green):

Location Helper: Matched a family member's location

Many 'Fayette' suggestions have been sent to the bottom of the list as the dates don't match this birthdate of 1820.

Location Helper: It's none of these Fayettes.
  • Branch tables on the Unconnected page: On the 'Special:Unconnected' page (Find > Unconnected) you can see people on your watchlist who are not connected to the big tree. Some of these may be part of a large unconnected branch. To see all of the people in that branch, click the button to the left of the person's name and wait a little.


  • Location helper (Highlighting and rearranging suggested locations): Suggested locations are highlighted in light green if they match the time frame of the person. If the year in the birth/death date field does not match the time frame in the suggested location, it is not highlighted. If a location matches both the birth/death date and the location of one of the family members, it is highlighted in a darker green and raised to the top of the suggestion list.

In the image below, I'm adding a son who was born in Liverpool in 1720. Any Liverpool suggestion with dates that don't include 1720 are not highlighted. As this person's father was born in "Liverpool, Lancashire, England", the BEE highlights this suggestion (within the right time period) and brings it to the top of the list.

Location Helper

And here is the same situation without the Location Helper:

Without the Location Helper
  • Fixed the location dropdowns (somewhat). With a normal dropdown select box, you can go up and down the options with your arrow keys, but these location boxes only go down to the first option. I've added some code to fix that. It's not perfect, but it's much better than the current situation.

Please take a look at this, try it out, and let me know what you think. Because I haven't fully tested this, this is an option to opt in to (on the settings/options page).


  • Heading for Profile(s) of the week on profile pages


  • Family Timeline in Connection Finder Table: Connection Finder > More Details > Click the timeline icon next to a name.

v.24.4 New:

  • More Details on Find Ancestor Matches page (for 1 profile), Search Results page, and Suggested Matches on the profile creation page. Sometimes, there are too many results and it's difficult to go through them. Click the 'More Details' button for a sortable table with a couple of filters.

I think this one may be very useful, especially on the profile creation page.

  • Family Timeline: There's a new BEE button on profile pages to show a timeline of events in the life of the family. It's mostly births, marriages, and deaths, but it does include some information from stickers in profiles. This is a work in progress, but it might be interesting anyway.
  • What Links Here button. On profile pages and space pages, you'll find a 'What Links Here' button/link on the Find menu.
  • 'Search WikiTree' from Ancestry/FamilySearch/FindaGrave record (click the BEE icon and click 'Search WikiTree')

v.23.7.1 New (a few things, but nothing major):

  • Text for heritage and lineage organizations such as DAR on the Connection Finder page (below the Connections 'More' Table). (This is only available for direct descendants/ancestors.)
  • 'Add categories?' alert option (on the edit page): Do you want the page to bother you with a floating alert asking you to add categories? Then this is for you. You can enable this on the options page.
  • Made the collapsible descendants tree into an option (so if you like this, you'll need to enable it in the options)
  • Removed the re-arrangement of fields on the search page as it was causing a problem
  • Added a thing to switch off the icon on unrelated sites


  • Ref tags option added to the sourcing feature
  • Citation makers for Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg and Archives Départementales du Bas-Rhin
  • My Favorites button on G2G menu. (It's a plus sign.)


  • A Table option in the sourcing feature. Some (many?) people don't want tables, so I've added a 'Table' option for those people to uncheck.
  • Improved the sourcing feature in the Firefox version. Now, it's closer to the Chrome version (but still not perfect).


  • Text relationship explanation (e.g. "Great-grandaunt's husband's niece's husband's 3rd cousin once removed") in the Connection Finder 'More' table
  • FamilySearch search links under 'Research' on Profile page.
  • 'MFMF' on Anniversaries page: This shows the path from you to your ancestor (e.g. "Mother's father's mother's father"
  • BEE option: Hide buttons: Someone told me that she didn't want to see the buttons. Now, you can remove the ones you don't want to see.
  • Auto Bio options:
  1. Not include children
  2. Not include people's dates
  3. Spouse locations and parents

If anyone else has suggestions for changes or additions to the BEE, the best way to contact me is on Discord.


  • My Menu: The top menus have many links, but you may only use a few of them regularly. Now, you can put those links together under one small menu. You'll find 'My Menu' near the other menus. Click the words ('My Menu') to start building your custom menu. You can also add any other link you want.


  • Sort Watchlist table by LNAB button
  • Auto Bio option: Include siblings (or not)
  • Access keys: 'e' for edit; 'p' for preview
  • Descendant count on the Descendants view
  • Options: 1) Automatically check 'No Middle Name' 2) Redirect to Private view or Edit page after saving

Thanks to Florian Straub for the code for the access keys, descendant count, and the two options.


  • Collapsible descendant trees: This is from the WikiTree Turbo extension. I just lifted the code from there. (Thanks, Julian!)


  • Highlighting cousins and ancestors on the Anniversaries page: This will show the ancestors and cousins recorded in your browser's database. This is not necessarily all of your ancestors and cousins on the list. A cousin is added to the database when you visit their profile, so if you haven't visited their profile, they won't be in the database and won't be highlighted on the Anniversaries page.
  • Date convertor: I added a little thing to convert European dates (DD/MM/YYYY) to the ISO standard (YYYY-MM-DD) on profile creation/edit pages. There's a setting on the options page to use this.
  • Apps submenu under Find > Apps

v.18.8 Extra Watchlist updates

  • You can now export and import Extra Watchlists. This is good as it saves you losing your list if you happen to clear your cache. It also makes it a little easier to build an Extra Watchlist. You can simply write a list of WikiTree IDs, separated by commas and import it to the Extra Watchlist.
  • The Extra Watchlist is now sortable by column: WikiTree ID, Name, or Most recent change date
  • I've added a button on the Watchlist page to get a CSV file of your Watchlist. I'm told that this may be useful. You can find it among all the other white link 'buttons' under the heading.

I've also added a 'Wide table' button for the new-ish Connection Finder 'More' table.

Please let me know if you see any problems.

v.18.3.1 You can now...

  • Sort names by location on a surname page (table view): This will allow you to sort the names on the page (so, not all the search results - just those on the page) by birth location. They can be sorted from 'big to small' - so Australian results will often be listed first, and within those results, New South Wales will come before South Australia, and so on - or 'small to big', with the results listed in order based on the smallest part (town, village, etc.) of the location. The results from one town are then sorted by birth date. If the birth date is unavailable, the death date is used instead (if available). The best results may come by clicking the link to see 5,000 results and then sorting them by location. There is also an option to make the table wide, so that the locations don't wrap. It may be easier to scan them this way.

Also new:

  • AutoBio improvements. To the AutoBio, I've added an 'undo' button, a few settings (click the settings icon next to the AutoBio button), and one more thing:
    • Inline Citations: If you choose this option, the AutoBio will try to take citations from the Sources section and add them to the AutoBio text. This will probably work best if you actually use the BEE to add citations to your Sources section before using the AutoBio. It also requires the citations in the Sources section to be start with a '*'. This is how it should be done anyway, but it seems that some people don't do this. This feature still needs more testing, but the new 'undo' button is there in case anything strange happens. See what you think.
    • Date Format: There was a choice of two date formatting options before in the main extension settings. I've added two more with full month names.
    • Start with birth name: Instead of "Jane (Jones) Smith was born...", you can have "Jane Jones was born..."
    • Bullet lists for siblings and children (rather than numbered lists)
    • The AutoBio is now using the data from the edit page form fields - not just the database data - so if you change any of the information in the form and click the AutoBio button without saving first, your changes will be in the generated bio (unlike before).
  • G2G additions
    • A '+' to show favorited questions
    • Scissors on G2G threads (Some people will find them useful.)
  • The option to start a profile for an 'unrelated' person from Ancestry, etc. (with the sourcing/tables feature)

v.16 You can now...

  • Change the field order on a profile creation page. You can choose between the standard order or an alternative order which may be more logical. The browser should remember your choice.
Change the field order

v.15.4.2 You can...

  • 'Show parents and spouses' of people on the search results page: The new button will get the parents and spouses of each person - including their dates and locations, including the marriage details in the case of a spouse; then, you can see them by clicking the '+' to the left of the person or see all of them by clicking the button at the top.
Search Page - Show parents and spouses
  • I've also rearranged the boxes on the search page a little to save space (some people said they were scrolling too much to get to the search options).


v.15.3 You can now...

  • Sort the surname table by profile manager: This is the 'table view' on the surname page. ( example )
  • See the G2G pages you've visted: Actually, you can already see this, but the black (visited) links are quite similar to the green links. I've added check marks to the left of questions you've visited on the main G2G pages.


  • Your Search page 'name variants' and 'date range' selections will be remembered/stored.

I've also fixed a few other little things. Please let me know if you see any problems. Thanks.


  • Connection Finder Table

On the Connection Finder page, you'll find a 'More' button to the right of the main heading ('Connection Finder'). Click this for a little more information about all of the people listed in the Connection Finder results.

Connection Finder Table

The example shows part of the connection between George Harrison and Charles Darwin. Like the Connection Finder results, the colours change whenever a connection is by marriage, but rather than alternating between green and yellow, we have a different colour each time. The colours in the fourth column represent 50-year periods. The mostly-empty columns on the right are for marriage details when a connection is by marriage.

After the table is loaded, there should also be a download button to the right of the 'Connection Finder' heading in case you want to download the table as an Excel file.

  • Family Lists

This is not a new feature, but it's changed a lot. The layout is a little different, and colours have been added to show which children belong to which parents (in the cases of half-siblings and multiple marriages). There are also optional new headings to replace the standard ones (see the image below). You can change these by clicking any of the headings. The browser should remember your choice.

Family lists

The underlines have been removed to make the list look a little cleaner.

  • Moveable death details

The WikiTree style is to have the death details below the family lists. Some people would prefer to have the death details with the birth details. You can now click the word 'Died' to move the death details up to be just below the birth details. (If you've already used the BEE to move the family lists to the right, this won't make much difference to you.)


  • 'Auto WikiTree Tables +' becomes 'WikiTree BEE' (Browser Extension Extras). I hope you like the name and logo.
  • Coming soon... Compatibility with Firefox.


  • See the whole biography of a profile person's family member

This is an addition to the new feature below. A new button lets you see the whole biography of the person whose sources you may want to copy. This window is draggable (grab the name at the top to move it).

Whole Biography


New feature

  • Easily copy sources from other profiles:

When you create a new profile, you may want to easily copy in citations from the family member that you're attaching the new profile person to. So I've put the source citations of the first person on the new profile page of the second person for you to easily click to add to the Notes or Sources box. (I've also made the Notes and Sources boxes bigger. Why are they so small?)

Sources on Add [Person] page.

On an edit page, you can do the same thing. Use the dropdown box to choose a family member, and their source citations will appear on the right. (This box is now doing two jobs: copying a Wiki Link and fetching the sources).

Copy Wiki Link & Show Sources
Copy Wiki Link & Show Sources (List)

This feature works best without the enhanced editor on.


With the enhanced editor on, there's one more step for an inline citation. Click the 'Copy Inline Citation' button and then paste it in the right place.

Sources with Enhanced Editor


  • Right now, clicking the header (in the example, Emma's name) will hide the sources. At first, I set it to show the sources on click, but I thought this is useful and that that click could be irritating. On the other hand, some may find that the sources get in the way... So... What's better?
  • This will work well (I hope) with inline citations and sources starting with '*' in the Sources section.


  • Extra Watchlist: You can keep an eye on some profiles that are not on your Watchlist by adding them to the extension's Extra Watchlist.

To add a profile to your Extra Watchlist, click this button:

Extra Watchlist Button

You can see your Extra Watchlist in two ways, First, by right-clicking on the '+' button (above) on any profile page. It may look like this (below). Profiles with changes in the previous two weeks are listed in order of edit date, with the most recent first. The other names are listed in WikiTree ID order (so, almost alphabetically).

Extra Watchlist Window


  • To close this window, click the 'X' or double-click the window.
  • The window is draggable.
  • The 'x' next to a name will remove that person from your Extra Watchlist.
  • The date is when the profile was last changed in some way.

You can also see the changed profiles on your Extra Watchlist on your Nav Home Page.

  • Bigger, faster, greener tooltips (hover text):
Tooltip on G2G

v.10.5.3 A small fix:

  • Enabled the change summary save button with the new buttons: See below ('Make your own choices for the change summary box').


  • Added a change summary preview window: The textbox may be a little too narrow for the change summary, so I've added a preview window above it.
  • Make your own choices for the change summary box: I've added a little settings button to the top-right of the Save Buttons box. Click this to easily add or remove your own buttons. e.g. Type 'Research Notes' in the box and click 'Add' - this will be saved as one of the choices. You can remove the choice by clicking on it in the pop-up window.


  • Copy Wiki Link feature: I've added a dropdown box with the profile person's family members to the toolbar on the editor. Click the scissors on the editor's toolbar to reveal the dropdown box. Choose a name to copy their Wiki Link. You can paste it into the biography in the normal way (Ctrl + v / Right-click + Paste / however you do that on a Mac).
Image:Auto WikiTree Tables Update-1.png
Choose a name to copy their Wiki Link.

v. 10.3.x:

  • Moving 'Save' buttons: On the profile Edit page, I'm moving the save buttons and explanation box to the middle of the page (in the right-hand column) to save you having to scroll down to the bottom all the time. It appears to be two sets of the buttons and textbox, but it's the same ones, moving up and down the page as you scroll.
  • Big 'comment' and 'reply' buttons on G2G: Some people asked for this recently, so here it is.
  • Change summary checkboxes: Below the change summary textbox (on the Edit page), I've changed the radio buttons to check boxes. If you check a box it will add the text to the textbox (just as it does now with the radio buttons), but then if you uncheck the box, it will remove the added text. It's better.
  • Black theme: When your eyes are tired, switch to white text on a black background. You can choose this by clicking the dress icon a few times. Take a look and see what you think.

These features (moving save buttons and big comment buttons) can both be disabled on the Options page, which you can find in two ways:

  1. Click the icon. You should see a picture of a table and in the bottom right, there's a gears icon.
  2. Right-click the icon and choose 'Options'.

Hopefully, no-one will go to G2G asking about changes on the site that actually come through this extension.

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  • Private Messages: Send a private message to the Profile Manager. (Best when privacy is an issue.)
  • Public Comments: Login to post. (Best for messages specifically directed to those editing this profile. Limit 20 per day.)

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Hi Ian, I love Wikitree BEE, although I'm still probably only using a tenth of it. Is there a video anywhere which shows the main features? Also I seem to have lost the gender predictor feature. I had it previously but somehow or other have managed to disable it. Any suggestions?
posted by Anne Johnston
Hi Anne, Thanks for the message. No, there's no video, but there's a pretty detailed space page ( and I've highlighted the 'highlights' at the top of the page. The gender predictor can be selected on the options page ( Sometimes, there seems to a small problem in my system and settings get switched off for no reason (my fault). I'm trying to find where the problem is, but... (Wish me luck!)
posted by Ian Beacall
Hi Ian, Thank you for your very speedy response. You'll have to get a slot on the Wikitree Livecast on a Saturday. That's when I think I first heard about Wikitree BEE - they were having a session on Wikitree extensions and they have covered some of the Wikitree apps in more detail there. I've got the gender predictor working again so I'm happy!!!
posted by Anne Johnston
Hi Ian, this is probably a dumb question, but for the life of me I can't get WikiTree_BEE to appear as a default and remain (prominently) on the top of my browser. Can you help with this? I do have it in the top most tool bar, but have to remember to select the ICON before commencing work.
posted by Barney Banks
Barney, I'm not sure I've understood you, but maybe... If you're using Chrome, there's a jigsaw piece icon at the top. Click that to see the extensions. Click a pin next to an extension to have it stay at the top. Does that answer your question?
posted by Ian Beacall
Love the updates.. so much cool and useful stuff.

That being said, I do have a problem with the "My Places" saves. I'm trying to save "Saint-Paul-de-l'Île-aux-Noix, Québec, Canada" but it saves as "Saint-Paul-de-l'Île-aux-Noix, Québec, Canada".. funny that it accepts the accent on the i of île, but not the appostrophy. Would there be a way to fix this?

Thank you for your hard work.

posted by Andréa Boudreau
Hi Andréa, Sorry about that. This should be OK in the latest update. Let me know if you have any more problems. Thanks.
posted by Ian Beacall
I am loving the timed black mode, I have synchronised it with my Vivaldi Browser time switch. Thank you so much.
Great. :) That's good to hear.
posted by Ian Beacall
Can you explain this edit? somehow the findagrave number for James II was combined with a new citation in the automatically generated bio and not any of the other citations.
posted by Aaron Gullison
It's difficult to explain, but thanks for pointing that out. I've found a problem in the code and this will work better after the next update.
posted by Ian Beacall
Aaron, please try this again now and see how it goes. Thanks.
posted by Ian Beacall
Ian, on v25 I get the following error from the Extension in Chrome on Raspbian. Error: Cannot load extension with file or directory name _metadata. Filenames starting with "_" are reserved for use by the system.
posted by Stephen Adey
LOVE "My Menu", that's awesome. Ian, I think you were right on the inline refs, I tried to find more and couldn't.
posted by Jonathan Crawford
The AutoBio button has quit working for me using Version 18.8.7 on a Windows 10 machine. Any suggestions for getting it going again would be appreciated.
posted by Debi (McGee) Hoag
Just so that it doesn't look like I've ignored this... For anyone reading this, Debi and I managed to find a fix for this problem.
posted by Ian Beacall
Hi Ian, just to let you know in case it's not fully fixed, it's not working for me on newly created profiles, and also when I go back to the parents profile (older ones) when I do use the auto bio it's not picking up the newly added child (where the auto bio isn't working)

eta: it's any new profile - I had an existing profile where the auto bio was showing - I edited the LNAB, it is now not showing the auto bio button (new profile creation, I presume) - it will possibly right itself when connections are showing again, will see tomorrow :D

Am loving WikiBee btw, well done!

posted by ClaireSuzy (Darragh) C
edited by ClaireSuzy (Darragh) C
Hi Claire,

Thanks for the message. I wasn't aware of this, because I hadn't seen it before, but it seems you're right. The only explanation I can think of is that the apps server, which is supposed to be a virtually synchronous copy of the main server, is behind. The Auto Bio button appears if the data from the apps server has arrived. If the data is not on the apps server, there'll be no button. The same is true for your second case of the person's data not arriving with their parents' data. I tried this earlier and the data wasn't coming for about 30 minutes after profile creation (after which point I fell asleep), but I think it usually is much better. Maybe the server was having a bad day. So all I can say is that if the button doesn't appear for newly created profiles, try again later. (The one I tried earlier is fine now.) I hope that helps.

posted by Ian Beacall
LOL to you falling asleep, I was gonna come back tomorrow, however it seems you are quite right the ones I did this morning are now showing the auto bio too, so yes that helps ta x

and yeah I know it wasn't always like this as during the Connect-a-thon it was immediate. Still everyone (even the server) is allowed an off day, especially on a Sunday.. so thank you for the quick response

Claire x

posted by ClaireSuzy (Darragh) C
Is there a way to clear out the old change explanations I saved? I can add but not remove.
posted by Aaron Gullison
edited by Aaron Gullison
There's a little 'x' to the right of each one (in the little edit window where you added the phrases). Click that and it should be deleted. Let me know if that doesn't work for you. I just tried it, in case I'd broken it without knowing it, and it worked fine for me.
posted by Ian Beacall
edited by Ian Beacall
That only removes them from the edit window. When I close that, they are still there.
posted by Aaron Gullison
I think this should be OK now.
posted by Ian Beacall
Yes it is. Thanks very much for resolving this so fast.
posted by Aaron Gullison
Have you noticed families with ' in he surname disables the family overview, only the name shows:

Thanks, Antonia. No, I hadn't seen that problem. I'll put it on my list of things to change/fix.
posted by Ian Beacall
This should be OK now. (v.18.8.1)
posted by Ian Beacall
You say above, under AutoBio improvements: "It also requires the citations in the Sources section to be start with a '*'. This is how it should be done anyway, but it seems that some people don't do this." but don't quote a source for the 'should'. In line ref tags give the source a number and not a '*'.
posted by Stephen Adey
Right, you can use inline citations. But if you put your citations in the sources section rather than inline, you should start the citation with a '*'. See here:,Formatting%20Example,-Here%20is%20an .
posted by Ian Beacall
Another thing, that would be useful for an ONS or OPS is to have the WikiTree-ID displayed. I know that everyone experiences duplicate names in the same locations, but both of these types of study experience more of them.
posted by Stephen Adey
edited by Stephen Adey
Assuming you're still talking about the Extra Watchlist, OK, I'll see about adding that.
posted by Ian Beacall
Another thing that would be useful is to have a button to copy the WikiTree IDs from the WikiTree Watchlist to the WikiTree BEE Extra Watchlist.
posted by Stephen Adey
I'm wondering why you want to do that. The idea of the Extra Watchlist is to supplement the Watchlist. There are some profiles which you're not on the trusted list of but you still want to follow. Why would you want to add names from your Watchlist to the Extra Watchlist?
posted by Ian Beacall
I believe the WikiTree Watchlist is really a specialist list containing all the profiles that include me on their Trustlist. The BEE extra watchlist is independent of the Watchlist and its Trustlist system. I see it as being ideal for dealing with a group of person profiles that are related in some way. Therefore it might need to contain some subset of the profile ids currently on my Watchlist, plus some other person profiles where I am not included on their Trustlist. It would be ideal to be able to just copy my Watchlist to the BEE extra watchlist, so I can save the watchlist to a file. Then it is trivial in an editor (or before in the extra watchlist) to eliminate those person ids that I don't want to include in the current group. Alternatively there may be a simpler way to extract the person ids from the Watchlist to a file, but I am still researching that approach.
posted by Stephen Adey
Ian, I successfully used the WikiTree API javascript example ( from a browser to request just the Name/WikiTree-IDs from getWatchlist. As you know, you just have to use the JavaScript form to login to WikiTree using your email and password. On the getWatchlist form, I kept all the defaults but reduced the Fields list to just Name and did a 'Get Watchlist'. It was then a simple matter to copy and paste the JSON Results into the site to convert the data to a CSV list. I then only needed to copy a single line from the Comma Separated Variable result. However, I still feel that the copy WikiTree Watchlist button would be a useful addition on your BEE extra watchlist for anyone who hasn't my programmer background. For any active WikiTreer, the watchlist is likely to be subject to frequent changes and it opens up the possibility of offering additional BEE functionality to the casual user.
posted by Stephen Adey
Ian, is it possible to have a Save Image button to show how the extra BEE Watchlist appears in addition to the Import and Export buttons?
posted by Stephen Adey
When I said Image, I think that I meant convert BEE extra watchlist to a CSV file. I think that is best offered on your watchlist itself, because Chrome extensions are not available on devices like an iPad.
posted by Stephen Adey
Ian thanks, I just found this page. There doesn't appear to be a link between the original Space:WikiTree_BEE and this page that I could find. Also, this page doesn't seem to reference the existence of update version 18.4.
posted by Stephen Adey
Yes... As I think I mentioned to you - I've been busy. Sorry.
posted by Ian Beacall
I've updated this page and added a link to the update page.
posted by Ian Beacall
Field order change ! Great idea Ian!
posted by Ro Hull
Yay. Working again. Thank you. And I'm already finding the quick ID link to other close rellies useful and expect to find the quick link to the spouses sources of use, particularly with marriage citations. Many thanks for this app.
posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Lauren (Salisbury) Thomson
Hullo Ian, I have been using your extension for a while and I'm pleased you are innovating with new ideas.

I do have a request. I use the wiki-id a lot in my profiles mainly used are the profile's own-id, parent-ids and spouse-id/s. I love how they work with clicking the little scissor icon putting the id into the clipboard but my big beef is that the only place you can get the profile's own-id is right up the top of the page.... forever having to scroll all the way to the top - click the icon and then scroll all the way back to the bio box... why is there not a scissor icon on the same line as the floating row of formatting, category and cite buttons - scissor button there please!!!

The two parents wiki-ids are shown as examples to the right side of the bio box but no scissor buttons next to them?? - could scissor buttons for each parent be added there?

And what about the spouse/s? any chance of a spot for them on the side with the parents as well ?

Loving the changes - and the neat window opening explaining the changes.

Regards, Ro

posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Ro Hull
edited by Ro Hull
Hi Ro. Thanks for the idea - it sounds like a good one. I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, if you click the AutoBio button, all of those IDs will in the be auto-generated bio, apart from the profile person's ID... But why do you want the profile person's ID, anyway? It's usually used as a link to the profile page, but if someone's reading the bio, they're already on the profile page.
posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Ian Beacall
The profile's own-id makes the name bold rather than a link to another profile. That bold name is my style preference - makes it earier to see who is the subject of the details. Also source details are often used on multiple profiles (like marriages) so I add both spouse-ids and copy the same text to both profiles.

yes I have used AutoBio button in the past and want to use it more in the future - and it's great I like how it looks - But here is the problem for me. I don't want to do the AutoBio until I've added all the connected family but I've got to add the sources along the way - so the id's haven't yet been added to the biography box when I'm writing the details. I also appreciate that it AutoBio details can be updated without any negative affect. I just like to when the profile is finished.

posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Ro Hull
edited by Ro Hull
OK. I see. What I meant about the AutoBio was just that clicking it will give you the ID links that I think you want. You don't need to use the generated bio - you can just copy-and-paste the links into your bio and then delete the generated bio when you're finished. The AutoBio won't delete any of your work - it's just added to the start of your page - so there's no need to worry about it. The only time it will delete something is when it replaces a previously generated AutoBio bio. If you don't want this (maybe you've used it as a base to build your bio on), you can delete the comments before and after the generated bio or just right click the AutoBio button. Right-clicking it will not delete anything.

Again, I will look into your request, and until then, I hope the AutoBio helps.

posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Ian Beacall
Hi Ro. I've done this now. I hope it's what you were looking for. Let me know if you expected something different.
posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Ian Beacall
just got to use the toolbar scissors for the first time now... excellent ! Wonderful! better than I imagined!!
posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Ro Hull
I'm glad you like it. Thanks again for the idea.
posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Ian Beacall
Hi, Ian,

It just keeps getting better and better! Well done! (Or as we used to say in the Navy, Bravo Zulu!)

I think you should seriously explore changing the name. Maybe something like "WikiTree Power Profiles." I ddn't install it for quite awhile because I have no need to put Ancestry stuff into WikiTree tables, and until I read about its other cool features on G2G didn't realize that I needed it.

To add to Ro's answer about the same-profile ID. I frequently add this boilerplate to a profile, to alert the reader that there's related information about the current subsection in a Research Note and to take them to the note, if they desire to explore it: "See the <single bracket> Research Note below<single bracket>." I then paste the ID of the current profile into the space. I also frequently copy it to paste into a spouse's bio.

posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Stuart Bloom
edited by Stuart Bloom
Hi Stu. Thanks for that. I've updated the extension to do what Ro asked for. I appreciate your name suggestion. I won't be going with it, but I appreciate your suggestion. It's not easy, is it?
posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Ian Beacall
I'm excited to see these changes, particularly the first one. I was thinking about suggesting such a change on G2G. Thanks so much!
posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Nelda (Gilchrist) Spires
Hi Nelda. Thanks for the comment. I hope it all works well for you.
posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Ian Beacall
I can't wait to check out the black on white sugestion. I am an insomniac so I do alot an night when I can't sleep. Thanks!
posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Pam (Dale) Fraley
OK, Pam. Thanks. Let me know if you like it or not. If you have any suggestions, I'm listening.
posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Ian Beacall
me too.. I do it with the light off so not to wake the others in bedroom..
posted on Auto WikiTree Tables + (Update) (merged) by Ro Hull