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The WikiTree Club 100 is for those who have made more than 100 contributions and demonstrated an interest in growing the WikiTree beyond their nuclear family, thereby collaboratively creating a world history resource.

It's a way to honor these generous WikiTreers and give them a forum for discussing special issues of interest to them.

For the list of Club 100 members, see the Featured Contributors page.

This page is no longer active

As of March 2012, we changed the club member images into badges.

Most interaction now happens in the G2G forum.

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My first experience with our Beloved Webmaster was asking him how to add a second (favorite) husband while keeping my first (less favored) husband on the tree. Chris was so helpful and warm that I now email him at the drop of a hat. It might be WikiTree related and it might just be ranting and raving about relatives and laundry. He takes it all in stride and answers every single time. I think this site is the best thing around and it's all due to the hard work and never-ending patience of Chris. Brian does one or two things too.
posted 31 Aug 2009 by Jo (Hall) Tolson
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Hey guys. I want to try moving our discussion to this Facebook page for WikiTree. I'd been working on an in-house forum so we could have more robust discussions than this bulletin board allows, but maintaining a custom system means less time for developing WikiTree features. Will you help me experiment with the new Facebook page and see if that works for us?
posted by Chris Whitten
3.) Alternate Last Names.

By popular demand (most vociferously demanded by Jo), there is now a third last name field. Like the Nicknames field for first names, this new "Other Last Names" field is for anything other than the Last Name at Birth or Current Last Name. This is very handy for multiple married names and alternate spellings for our immigrant ancestors.

These new features aren't entirely perfect. In the photo sort-by-date, the images without dates come up first. Maybe those should appear at the bottom. I'm not sure. Also, the Other Last Names field isn't included in searches yet. It will be.

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Keep me posted (here or via e-mail).

posted by Chris Whitten
2.) Sort Your Watchlist.

This will be really valuable for some of you guys with thousands of people in your family trees. In fact, it was suggested by Dee.

You can now sort the profiles in your Watchlist in three ways:

A.) Date of birth, youngest or oldest first.

B.) Name, alphabetical or reverse alphabetical, and,

C.) Date edited, so you can see the last profiles you were working on, or the ones you haven't touched in ages.

posted by Chris Whitten
Today we released three new features that are kind of neat.

1.) Sort Photos.

You can now browse photos of a person, place, or thing in three different ways:

A.) Popularity, which is the raison d'etre for the [recommend] links you may have noticed beneath images.

B.) Date, i.e. when the photo was taken, either in chronological order or reverse chronological order, and,

C.) Date uploaded, so you can see the latest photos.

posted by Chris Whitten
So long since I posted ... I haven't been adding messages here because we have a discussion forum system that's almost ready for primetime and I mean to move the discussion there. But this forum has been almost-ready for months and months. So maybe it isn't.

Anyway, one quick note: You might notice something at the bottom of your Navigation Home Page entitled "Scratch Pad". This is a free space for personal use. I've found it handy for writing messages to myself about the progress of things I'm working on. I thought you other high-power WikiTreers might find it useful as well.

posted by Chris Whitten
Hey, this place is looking mighty fancy!
posted by Jo (Hall) Tolson
Hi guys! It's been too long since I posted here. Brian and I have been working on some big additions, though, and I have lots to announce. Well, announce to you anyway. Some of it is still being tweaked and refined. One thing we just added is e-cards. You can now send any family photo as an e-greeting. The links for this went live (under all images) yesterday.
posted by Chris Whitten
Is Maj the month of March in Swedish, C-G?
posted by Jo (Hall) Tolson
Okay, I have two names for people born in Sweden. Frans Oscar Larson and his wife, Hilda C. Nelson (maiden name, of course). The dates of birth and death are taken directly from their headstones in Red Wing, Minnesota. They are not protected either.
posted by Jo (Hall) Tolson
Hi C-G! Asking Joanna (like you're doing here) is the only way I can think to do it. Someday soon we'll add a birthplace search tool, but I don't know if you'd be able to limit it by the person who created the profile. (There might actually be a privacy issue there. We'd have to think about that carefully.) Chris
posted by Chris Whitten