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Friday Date Night
I found a date for some profiles during Friday Date Night!

No need to swipe right or left! We're looking for lonely profiles without dates!! Let's give them a little TLC!

This is an informal "challenge." So, we're not tracking or keeping score. Just join in to have some fun, share some social time with your fellow WikiTreers, and make some big improvements to the tree.


When is Friday Date Night?!

We meet every two weeks. Our next scheduled get-together is on ...

8 Sep 2023 -- Zoom link
We'll start at 4 pm Eastern US time.
Stop by to get caught up with other Date Nighters, share what you've been working on and get some answers to your questions.

Planned dates for Q2 and Q3 (subject to change):

  • 22 Sep 2023
Be sure to check out the rest of the page for how to find undated profiles and what to do when you find them.

How to Find Profiles without Dates

Pick from one of these lonesome categories on WikiTree+ (don't forget to click "find suggestions" to generate the report):
For the following suggestions, please be sure that you find an independent source
to verify the information from either Find-a-Grave or Wikidata.
You can also find profiles using one of these methods:
  • Check the Estimated Dates maintenance categories
  • Using the menus in the upper right corner:
    • Go to My WikiTree > Surnames, choose a surname you're interested in, sort the list by date, and look in the date column for Open profiles with no dates.
    • Go to My WikiTree > Suggestions and look for suggestions numbered 131, 132, 133, or 134 in your own watchlist.
  • Peruse the Unsourced Profiles categories for sad profiles with no dates
  • Use WikiTree+ ... Enter the following in the Text section under the Search category: b0 d0 privacy=open iowa This will return profiles with no dates, Open privacy, and a location of Iowa. Adjust those terms for a location you'd like to search for.

When you find a date (or maybe you can't)

  1. I found a date!
    • Add the source citation <-- super important!
    • If the person is deceased
      • Add the date and the source.
      • Save your changes
      • Use "Search for Matches" on the Profile ID menu to check for duplicates
      • Propose merges, if necessary
      • Click the Matches link under the tabs at the top of the profile to see if there are any Unmerged Matches that may have been proposed for the profile to see if they can be cleared.
      • Please be careful about merging. If you're not comfortable with a merge, post a note in G2G to ask for help.
      • Be on your merry way knowing you did a really good thing!
    • If it's likely that the person is still living, please do *not* mark them as deceased. Instead ...
      • Add the date and the source.
      • Can't find a date, but based on their family's dates, there's a good chance they're still living?
        • Click the Still Living indicator by the Death Date field
        • Add a note to the profile to let us know why you think they're still living.
      • If there is no manager, add [[Category: WikiTree Admin]] above the Biography header
        • The Team uses the WikiTree Admin category to make sure these profiles are handled appropriately, including removing you from the Trusted List, if necessary.
      • Save the profile -- you'll have to click "save anyway" in the banner that pops up. (It is not necessary to adopt the profile.)
  2. Can't find a date, but you think you can make a good guess?
    • Use the rules of thumb outlined on the Estimated Dates help page, and make sure to use the {{Estimated Dates}} template. Insructions for the template are also on the help page.
    • Please try not to estimate dates based on other estimated dates.
    • If you encounter a profile or group of profiles where there's no hope of finding anything, please add a note to the profile to let us know where you've looked & why you can't find information, then add Category: WikiTree Admin. Thank you for trying!

Helpful Tips & a Little Bling

Hints & Tips

  • Instructions on how to find contributions if you encounter profiles created by a closed account: G2G Link
  • How to access different pages on a list of suggestions in WikiTree+: G2G link
  • We now have a channel on the WikiTree Discord server! If you don't know how to get there, send Julie or Eowyn a private message, or ask in G2G on the current Date Night announcement. We will be text chatting live with each other here, so it's a good place to ask questions and get answers quickly.

A Little Bling

  • Want a sticker? We have one!
    • {{Friday Date Night}}
    • {{Friday Date Night|xx}} <-- replace "xx" with the # of profiles you "dated"

Are we making progress?

These numbers represent profiles that were improved by all WikiTreers Year-to-date total (as of 3 Sep 2023): 20,645 profiles improved!
Week of: 131 & #132
(No dates; no dates on rel)
Diff[1] 133 & #134
(No dates; dates on rel)
Diff[1] Total Improved
03-Sep-2023 120,771-96 305,267-399 80,412
27-Aug-2023 120,867-93 305,666-529 79,917
20-Aug-2023 120,960-119 306,195-277 79,295
13-Aug-2023 121,07915 306,472-493 78,899
06-Aug-2023 121,064-67 306,965-361 78,421
30-Jul-2023 121,131-286 307,326-592 77,993
23-Jul-2023 121,41784 307,918-1 77,115
16-Jul-2023 121,333-58 307,919-309 77,198
09-Jul-2023 121,39136 308,228-347 76,831
02-Jul-2023 121,355-65 308,575-445 76,520
25-Jun-2023 121,420-175 309,020-1,185 76,010
18-Jun-2023 121,595-219 310,205-703 74,650
11-Jun-2023 121,814-868 310,90847 73,728
04-Jun-2023 122,682-609 310,861-520 72,907
28-May-2023 123,291-101 311,381-574 71,778
21-May-2023 123,392 16 311,955-98 71,103
14-May-2023 123,376 -187 312,053 -508 71,021
07-May-2023 123,563 -209 312,561 -605 70,326
30-Apr-2023 123,772 -173 313,166 -539 69,512
23-Apr-2023 123,945 -179 313,705 -579 68,800
16-Apr-2023 124,124 -56 314,284 -423 68,042
09-Apr-2023 124,180 -200 314,707 -562 67,563
02-Apr-2023 124,380 -107 315,269 -469 66,801
26-Mar-2023 124,487 -113 315,738 -569 66,225
19-Mar-2023 124,600 -45 316,307 -575 65,543
12-Mar-2023 124,645 -95 316,882 -796 64,923
05-Mar-2023 124,740 -88 317,678 -415 64,032
26-Feb-2023 124,828 89 318,093 -560 63,529
19-Feb-2023 124,739 -687 318,653 -515 63,058
12-Feb-2023 125,426 558 319,168 -149 61,856
05-Feb-2023 124,868 -76 319,317 -395 62,265
29-Jan-2023 124,944 -249 319,712 -464 61,794
22-Jan-2023 125,193 -140 320,176 -383 61,081
15-Jan-2023 125,333 -90 320,559 -236 60,558
08-Jan-2023 125,423 133 320,795 305 60,232
01-Jan-2023 125,290 -359 320,490 -544 60,670
2021 Total Profiles Improved: 42,539
2022 Total Profiles Improved: 17,531

Chart Notes

  1. 1.0 1.1 Sometimes we see an increase because batches of private profiles are opened

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Do we have dates for Fridays in 2023?
posted by Beverly Benfer
Thanks, Beverly!

I've added the upcoming dates for the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2023. Our next meeting will be on 27 Jan. Hope you can make it!


I suggest another item to add to the "to-do list" when you've found a date

-> check if the profiles has some Unmerged Matches and review them! This comes from the experience of reviewing Unmerged Matches and finding so many of them lived 50 or 100 years apart, and are quite clearly not matches at all...

That's a great suggestion, Isabelle! And it's just awful that it's taken me this long to reply to you. :-D I'll add your suggestion to the instructions.
G'day Julie. I watched your show last week and dated my first Friday night profile... :) Thanks for another bit of wikitree serious fun.

It's fun because the idea gives us a smile but it is serious because profiles are much happier when they are dated.

So just a question - during what time period does dating a profile 'qualify' for a "Friday night date" and/or the above chart?

posted by Veni Joyner
I also note that the video schedule is fortnightly but the above chart is weekly - does that mean we can Friday night date every Week?
posted by Veni Joyner
Hi, Veni!!

I'm so glad to see you chime in! :-)

We are getting together every other week, as you noted, and I try to update the chart with the numbers weekly. I'm sure other people are also "dating" profiles, so it's just nice to see the numbers improve.

You can "date" whenever you like, and I hope you'll be able to join us for the video next Friday (12/18)!!

Great that means I've got a heavy night of speed Dating ahead of me right now! (I got all their numbers during the week)
posted by Veni Joyner
That's fantastic, Veni!! Have fun!
Could you clarify on this page estimated dates and how to categorize them? There is the link, but I didn't know about the Estimated dates Category until we discussed it.
posted by Nancy (Cox) Wilson
Hi, Nancy --

The link in this section: ... talks about how to use the Estimated Date template, and that template will correctly categorize a profile based on which date is estimated.

For example, if you enter "Estimated Date|Birth" (put that in double curly brackets), it will automatically put the profile in Category:Estimated_Birth_Date.

Does that answer your question??

posted by Julie (Fiscus) Ricketts
edited by Julie (Fiscus) Ricketts
I'd like to recommend people try to find a source for the profile before estimating dates. On almost all the profiles with no dates I've worked on, there were easy to find sources.
Would you mind posting this on the G2G post, too??

Always good advice. :-)