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The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were political leaders and statesmen (and women) who participated in the American Revolution by:

  • Signing the United States Declaration of Independence
  • Establishing the United States Constitution
  • Signers of the Articles of Confederation.

Although the Founding Fathers had no official membership the lists below are generally recognized as being complete.

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Signers of the Continental Association

  1. Peyton Randolph President of First Continental Congress
  2. Nathaniel Folsom New-Hampshire
  3. John Sullivan New-Hampshire
  4. Thomas Cushing Massachusetts Bay
  5. Samuel Adams Massachusetts Bay
  6. John Adams Massachusetts Bay
  7. Robert Treat Paine Massachusetts Bay
  8. Stephen Hopkins Rhode-Island
  9. Samuel Ward Rhode-Island
  10. Eliphalet Dyer Connecticut
  11. Roger Sherman Connecticut
  12. Silas Deane Connecticut
  13. Isaac Low New-York
  14. John Alsop New-York
  15. John Jay New-York
  16. James Duane New-York
  17. Philip Livingston New-York
  18. William Floyd New-York
  19. Henry Wisner New-York
  20. Simon Boerum New-York
  21. James Kinsey New-Jersey
  22. William Livingston New-Jersey
  23. Stephen Crane New-Jersey
  24. Richard Smith New-Jersey
  25. John De Hart New-Jersey
  26. Joseph Galloway Pennsylvania
  27. John Dickinson Pennsylvania
  28. Charles Humphreys Pennsylvania
  29. Thomas Mifflin Pennsylvania
  30. Edward Biddle Pennsylvania
  31. John Morton Pennsylvania
  32. George Ross Pennsylvania
  33. Caesar Rodney The Lower Counties[1]
  34. Thomas McKean The Lower Counties
  35. George Read The Lower Counties
  36. Matthew Tilghman Maryland
  37. Thomas Johnson, Jr. Maryland
  38. William Paca Maryland
  39. Samuel Chase Maryland
  40. Richard Henry Lee Virginia
  41. George Washington Virginia
  42. Patrick Henry Virginia
  43. Richard Bland Virginia
  44. Benjamin Harrison Virginia
  45. Edmund Pendleton Virginia
  46. William Hooper North-Carolina
  47. Joseph Hewes North-Carolina
  48. Richard Caswell North-Carolina
  49. Henry Middleton South-Carolina
  50. Thomas Lynch South-Carolina
  51. Christopher Gadsden South-Carolina
  52. John Rutledge South-Carolina
  53. Edward Rutledge South-Carolina

Signers of the Articles of Confederation

  1. Andrew Adams
  2. Samuel Adams
  3. Thomas Adams
  4. John Banister
  5. Josiah Bartlett
  6. Daniel Carroll
  7. William Clingan
  8. John Collins
  9. Francis Dana
  10. John Dickinson
  11. William Henry Drayton
  12. James Duane
  13. William Duer
  14. William Ellery
  15. Elbridge Gerry
  16. John Hancock
  17. John Hanson
  18. Cornelius Harnett
  19. John Harvie
  20. Thomas Heyward Jr.
  21. Samuel Holten
  22. Titus Hosmer
  23. Samuel Huntington
  24. Richard Hutson
  25. Edward Langworthy
  26. Henry Laurens
  27. Francis Lightfoot Lee
  28. Richard Henry Lee
  29. Francis Lewis
  30. James Lovell
  31. Henry Marchant
  32. John Mathews
  33. Thomas McKean
  34. Gouverneur Morris
  35. Robert Morris
  36. John Penn
  37. Joseph Reed
  38. Daniel Roberdeau
  39. Nathaniel Scudder
  40. Roger Sherman
  41. Jonathan Bayard Smith
  42. Edward Telfair
  43. Nicholas Van Dyke
  44. John Walton
  45. John Wentworth Jr.
  46. John Williams
  47. John Witherspoon
  48. Oliver Wolcott

Signers of the Declaration of Independence

  1. John Adams
  2. Samuel Adams
  3. Josiah Bartlett
  4. Carter Braxton
  5. Charles Carroll
  6. Samuel Chase
  7. Abraham Clark
  8. George Clymer
  9. William Ellery
  10. William Floyd
  11. Benjamin Franklin
  12. Elbridge Gerry
  13. Button Gwinnett
  14. Lyman Hall
  15. John Hancock (presiding)
  16. Benjamin Harrison
  17. John Hart
  18. Joseph Hewes
  19. Thomas Heyward, Jr.
  20. William Hooper
  21. Stephen Hopkins
  22. Francis Hopkinson
  23. Samuel Huntington
  24. Thomas Jefferson
  25. Francis Lightfoot Lee
  26. Richard Henry Lee
  27. Francis Lewis
  28. Philip Livingston
  29. Thomas Lynch, Jr.
  30. Thomas McKean
  31. Arthur Middleton
  32. Lewis Morris
  33. Robert Morris
  34. John Morton
  35. Thomas Nelson, Jr.
  36. William Paca
  37. Robert Treat Paine
  38. John Penn
  39. George Read
  40. Caesar Rodney
  41. George Ross
  42. Benjamin Rush
  43. Edward Rutledge
  44. Roger Sherman
  45. James Smith
  46. Richard Stockton
  47. Thomas Stone
  48. George Taylor
  49. Charles Thomson, Secretary (attesting)
  50. Matthew Thornton
  51. George Walton
  52. William Whipple
  53. William Williams
  54. James Wilson
  55. John Witherspoon
  56. Oliver Wolcott
  57. George Wythe

Convention Delegates who Signed the Constitution

  1. Abraham Baldwin
  2. Richard Bassett
  3. Gunning Bedford, Jr.
  4. John Blair
  5. William Blount
  6. David Brearly
  7. Jacob Broom
  8. Pierce Butler
  9. Daniel Carroll
  10. George Clymer
  11. Jonathan Dayton
  12. John Dickinson
  13. William Few
  14. Thomas Fitzsimons
  15. Benjamin Franklin
  16. Nicholas Gilman
  17. Nathaniel Gorham
  18. Alexander Hamilton
  19. Jared Ingersoll
  20. William Jackson, Secretary (attesting)
  21. Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer
  22. William Samuel Johnson
  23. Rufus King
  24. John Langdon
  25. William Livingston
  26. James Madison
  27. James McHenry
  28. Thomas Mifflin
  29. Gouverneur Morris
  30. Robert Morris
  31. William Patterson
  32. Charles Pinckney
  33. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
  34. George Read
  35. John Rutledge
  36. Roger Sherman
  37. Richard Dobbs Spaight
  38. George Washington (president of the Convention)
  39. Hugh Williamson
  40. James Wilson

Delegates who left the Convention without signing

  1. William Richardson Davie
  2. Oliver Ellsworth
  3. William Houston
  4. William Houstoun
  5. John Lansing, Jr.
  6. Alexander Martin
  7. Luther Martin
  8. James McClurg
  9. John Francis Mercer
  10. William Pierce
  11. Caleb Strong
  12. George Wythe
  13. Robert Yates

Convention delegates who refused to sign

  1. Elbridge Gerry
  2. George Mason
  3. Edmund Randolph

Other founders

The following people are referred to in the cited reliable sources as having been fathers or founders of the United States.

  1. Ethan Allen, military and political leader in Vermont.
  2. Richard Allen, African-American bishop.
  3. Egbert Benson, politician from New York.
  4. Richard Bland, VA delegate to Continental Congress.
  5. Elias Boudinot, NJ delegate to Continental Congress.
  6. Aaron Burr, VP under Jefferson.
  7. George Rogers Clark, army general.
  8. George Clinton, NY governor and VP of the U.S.
  9. Tench Coxe, economist in Continental Congress.
  10. Albert Gallatin, politician and Treasury Secretary.
  11. Horatio Gates, army general.
  12. Stephen Girard, banker and philanthropist.
  13. Nathanael Greene, army general.
  14. Nathan Hale, captured U.S. soldier executed in 1776.
  15. Patrick Henry, Virginia governor.
  16. James Iredell, advocate for Constitution, judge.
  17. Andrew Jackson, Revolutionary War POW, POTUS.
  18. John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the United States.
  19. John Paul Jones, navy captain.
  20. Henry Knox, army general.
  21. Tadeusz Kościuszko, army general.
  22. Gilbert du Motier, marquis de La Fayette, army general.
  23. Henry Lee III, army officer and VA governor.
  24. Robert R. Livingston, diplomat and jurist.
  25. William Maclay, PA politician and U.S. Senator.
  26. Dolley Madison, spouse of President James Madison.
  27. John Marshall, fourth Chief Justice of the United States.
  28. Philip Mazzei, Italian physician, merchant and author.
  29. James Monroe, fifth President of the United States
  30. Daniel Morgan, military hero and VA Congressman.
  31. James Otis, Jr., MA lawyer and politician.
  32. Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense.
  33. Edmund Pendleton, VA politician, lawyer and judge.
  34. Andrew Pickens, army general and SC congressman.
  35. Timothy Pickering, U.S. Secretary of State from MA.
  36. Israel Putnam, army general.
  37. Peyton Randolph, VA politician, lawyer, president of first two Continental Congresses.
  38. Comte de Rochambeau, army general.
  39. Thomas Sumter, SC military hero and congressman.
  40. Haym Solomon, financier and spy for Continental Army.
  41. Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, Prussian officer.
  42. Joseph Warren, doctor, revolutionary leader.
  43. Mercy Otis Warren, political writer.
  44. Anthony Wayne, army general and politician.
  45. Noah Webster, writer, lexicographer, educator.
  46. Thomas Willing, banker.
  47. Paine Wingate, last survivor, Continental Congress.
  48. Elizabeth Griscom aka Betsy Ross, maker of first American flag.

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  1. Delaware Colony in the North American Middle Colonies was a region of the Province of Pennsylvania although never legally a separate colony. From 1682 until 1776 it was part of the Penn proprietorship and was known as the lower counties. In 1701 it gained a separate Assembly from the three upper counties but had the same Governor as the rest of Pennsylvania.

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John Trumball's Painting of the Founding Fathers
John Trumball's Painting of the Founding Fathers


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