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Photograph Help

This page is to help WikiTree members add photographs to a Free Space page to use on their WikiTree profiles. See the WikiTree Photos FAQ page for current information.

Create a Free Space page

The first thing you want to do is create a Free Space page. This allows you to keep all of your photographs where they are easy to find (instead of trying to remember which profile you added them to). This also allows you to share photographs with other members for ancestors that don't have public profiles.
  • Go to the upper right menu and click on "Add" and then "New Thing"

Name your free Space page

  • Decide what you want your title to be. I find it best to use your Wiki-ID and then a word (for example: Silva-1055 Photographs). You can add a tag, location or date if you want but it's not required or necessary. Click on "Create This New Profile."

Click on the Images tab

  • Now that your Free Space page is created you can bookmark it to make it easy to find. Click on the "Images" tab when you are ready to add your first photograph.

Upload an image

  • Click the link titled "Click here to upload it."

Select your image

  • After clicking on "Choose File" select the picture you want on your computer and click on "Open"

Add information to the picture you are uploading

  • Here is where you want to enter the information about the image. Enter the source "From my family collection" or "Viewed on the following site, no copyright restrictions:" Fill in the other fields and click on "Upload Image." The size doesn't matter much right now as long as it is less than 10 Mb in size. You will resize the image once you put it on a profile.

See the uploaded image

  • You will now see the image that you uploaded. You can edit the title from this page, add another profile, and set a background or profile portrait.

Open the profile you want to add the image to

  • Keep the picture page open and then open the profile you want the image on in another window or tab in your browser. Click on "Edit" and scroll down like you were going to type text into the biography.

Use the WikiTree markup to add the photo to a profile

  • If you scroll down and look on the right side of the image page you will see WikiTree markup (code) you can copy and paste into a profile.
Choice 1 is for an image you don't want to change the size on. I rarely use this.
|caption=Mom's dog Smokey
Choice 2 is for an image you do want to change the size on. You can also change where in the page it lines up. The default "align=r" tells it to line up with the right side of the page. You can change that to "l" for left or "c" for center. The default size is "m" for medium. You can change that to "l" for large or "s" for small. You can also change it to a number to have further options over the size. Paste the text into a profile and try changing the number to 250 and see how it looks.
|caption=Here's an image.
Using Choice 2 the text on the profile now looks like this in Edit mode:

Here is how it looks on a profile:

Adjust the picture size

  • Most photographs can be used in this way. The size generally doesn't matter as you resize it when you put the image on a profile. Occasionally a photograph will not display correctly when set as a profile picture. You may need to shrink the photograph down (i.e. 600 x 800 pixels) and upload it again. Most computers have software available that can be used to resize them (for example, Paint on Windows computers).

Image options

  • Once the image is uploaded to WikiTree it can be used on any of your profiles. You can add a person or Space by using their Wiki-ID and set the picture as their profile picture ("Set Primary"). You can remove the photograph from a person by clicking on "REMOVE from image" and then using the saving changes button at the bottom.

Add a picture to the G2G forum

  • There are many reasons one might want to add a picture to a G2G forum thread. Once you've seen how easy it is you'll never hesitate again to add one!
  • Find the chat or topic thread you want to post to and click on "answer."

  • Go to the page that shows you the picture you want to use (as shown above). Click on the picture. Now the picture will be the only thing in the window. Highlight and copy the url (internet address) of the photograph.

Return to the G2G post and click on the image icon (it looks like a little postcard). Paste the url into the url field. In this case the picture was way too big so I changed the width from 2016 to 350 and then clicked on "ok." Make sure to type some words about the picture or the topic and then click on "Add answer."

And now your image is posted to the G2G thread. Congrats on Wiki-ing like a pro!


You have now learned to spruce up your profiles with pictures!

If you are a visual learner check out my other help pages. Good luck and see you around the branches!

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Mom's Dog Smokey
Mom's Dog Smokey



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