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WikiTree Sourcer| User Guide | Release notes | Frequently Asked Questions | Wish List (enhancement requests) | Privacy Policy

WikiTree Sourcer is a Browser Extension developed by Rob Pavey and other contributors that helps the user to search for sources and cite them, thus saving a lot of time and manual typing.

It focuses on three goals:

  1. From a WikiTree profile page it provides the ability to search other genealogy websites for relevant records.
  2. From one of these genealogy websites' records page it can extract data and build a citation.
  3. Also from one of these genealogy websites records page it can search other genealogy websites for similar records. For example on an Ancestry page it can help find free versions of the same original source.

The extension is still in active development as features and supported sites are added. The project is open source and programmers are invited to help add support for new sites.

The extension is free to download for Chrome and Firefox (donations can be made if desired via the popup menu). For Safari there is a small charge to install the app because Apple charges a yearly subscription fee to publish on the App Store and does not allow donation links in the extension.

Watch the Intro Video here.

How to install

The extension works in many different browsers.

  • For Chrome, Opera, Brave, Edge, Vivaldi and other Chromium based browsers , install it from the Chrome Web Store.
  • For Firefox install it from the Firefox Add-ons page.
  • For Safari search for WikiTree Sourcer in the App Store on Mac, iPad or iPhone. An app is installed, when you run the app it installs the extension in Safari.

For efficient use of the extension (in Chrome at least) you will want to "pin" the extension (under the jigsaw-piece icon in Chrome) so that the "[1]" always shows up in the toolbar.

Before using it too much check out the options page ("Options..." on the menu). There are different options for formatting and you can select which countries your subscriptions for Ancestry and FMP are in.

Technical Support

To report a bug please add a comment on this Free Space Page with a link to the page you were on when you saw the bug.

We have a community of members discussing the extension, reporting issues and making suggestions on a "Rob Pavey Apps" Discord Server. If you would like to join please send a PM to me (Rob Pavey).

More information


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Hello Rob, Using the latest version of Firefox and new improved FamilySearch Wikitree Sourcer sometimes is prevented from functioning. My experience of new improved FamilySearch assures me it is not Wikitree Sourcer that is malfunctioning. I was first logged in via Facebook when new improved FamilySearch failed with Sourcer. Then I logged out and signed in with my user id and password to new improved FamilySearch but it continued to malfunction with Sourcer. The page which malfunctioned was I shall now see if this category of new improved FamilySearch malfunctioning happens with Sourcer using Chrome.
posted by Edwin Reffell
That page is working OK for me in Firefox. I'm not sure what you mean by the improved FamilySearch. Maybe you are seeing a different new lokk in FS that I am not.
posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob,

I am using Firefox version 2.3.6 and its not working on this page:

Thought that might help.

Thank you for your work on this.

posted by Bob Land
It is working for me. Have you reloaded the page? If that doesn't work try restarting Firefox.

If still not working please let me know what it is doing? Is it getting an error message when you bring up the menu?

posted by Rob Pavey
Did 2.3.5 break importing from FamilySearch on Chrome? I don't know if it was the update or not, but it was working about an hour ago, and it suddenly doesn't recognize any FamilySearch pages.
posted by Simon Hova
I was just coming to ask the same thing. Works on Ancestry no problem but doesn't recognize FamilySearch. I also use Chrome.
posted by Pat (Holmes) Carlson
I was also coming here to ask about that. I use Firefox, though. I can still build a source citation from a FS record page, but it's hit-or-miss today (mostly miss) on it recognizing FS profile pages. I've been using the source info to fill in fields on the WikiTree new profile page as a workaround.
posted by Miyako Jones
edited by Miyako Jones
Using "Brave". I absolutely love the WikiTree Sourcer. I was working on the profile for Hannah Bartlett (1774-1842) which matches information for Family Search profile 28YJ-HQ8 Hannah Bartlett. .

While checking for sources on Family Search, found this about 10 minutes ago:

WikiTree Sourcer [1]

"WikiTree Sourcer doesn't know how to extract data from this page.

It looks like a FamilySearch page but not a record, image or person page. Sometimes this is because you are no longer logged into FamilySearch. If that may be the case try reloading this page and see if it asks you to login.

Sometimes this is because the page had not finished loading when you clicked the extension icon. If that may be the case try clicking the extension icon again.

Show Citation Assistant

Edit Citation...

Buy me a coffee...

Options... (opens in new tab)


posted by Sherry Bartlett
edited by Sherry Bartlett
The problem was caused by a change to the FamilySearch website.

I have released a new version (2.3.6) which should hopefully fix the issue. It will take some time to be reviewed for Chrome and Safari before it is available. It is available now for Firefox.

posted by Rob Pavey
Thanks. Others have reported this issue too. It look like FamilySearch have changed something so that Sourcer no longer works on some FS pages. I am trying to find a way to make Sourcer work again.
posted by Rob Pavey
I just got an error message on Findmypast too:

The content script did not respond. Cannot initialize the WikiTree Sourcer menu Error: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist.

This was on a 1921 census transcript page.

posted by Katie Fuller
I have a possible fix that I am working on so I may be able to push an update soon. When I do it may take a day or two to make it to the Chrome store.
posted by Rob Pavey
I'll chime in. I use Microsoft Edge and can't use the Sourcerer on Family Search.
posted by Kathryn Morse
Chiming in to add my "me, too."

I'm using Chrome on a Mac. It seems to work sometimes, if I reload the Family Search page enough times.

Since this morning, building individual citations seems to be working, though building all citations from the profile page doesn't.

Hey Rob,

Love WikiTree Sourcer and feel so blessed that we have people like you that make our lives so much easier.

I have an issue, which I have probably created myself. If I am on Family Search and make a request to build all citations, I get a comment "An error occurred getting sources." I can build a narrative with a citation on each source individually.

On Ancestry I have no problem on my request to build all citations.

Please tell me what have I done now?????

Cheryl Smith Hess (Smith-159364)

By the way I use Firefox.

posted by Cheryl (Smith) Hess NSDAR
edited by Cheryl (Smith) Hess NSDAR
Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for adding the browser that you use. I had another report of this issue where the user was using the Brave browser but it worked when they switched to Firefox. So this is different.

One question, has Build All Citations worked for you before in Firefox? I.e. is this a new problem that just started happening?

Does it happen on all FamilySearch profiles?

Possible things to try: - reload the FS page, make sure you are logged in to FS

- try the Sources tab of the FS profile rather than the details tab

- close Firefox and reopen it.

Let me know if any of those help.

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob,

I will answer your questions first-

Build All Citations did work for me before in Firefox? This was a new problem that just started happening. It was happening on all FamilySearch profiles.

I did everything you asked me to do, including deleting the extension and reloading it.

Everything is working perfectly now.

Thanks so much for all of your help. This is a great app. Saves a lot of my time.

If I owe you coffee, or chocolate, let me know.


Hi Rob,

It seems that the Firefox version is not working for me on this page or the other people linked her. I uninstalled and reinstalled (after backing up the settings). Not sure what is up. I tried Save Person Data and it grabbed the information about the person, but not the sources.

BTW, I did not reinstall my options after reinstalling the app. I figured i would check with the default settings but it did not work. This is all on Firefox. It works fine on Edge, though. I also tried the Build Sources option, but that didn't work either. In both cases there seemed to be a "retry 1, retry 2, retry 3" count.

Thank you. Loving the app!!!

posted by Bob Land
edited by Bob Land
Hi Bob,

I just tried that page in Chrome and Firefox. It seems to be working correctly for me. It may be your option settings. If you do "Build All Citations" does it save the sources to the clipboard? If that works, it suggests that you don't have the option turned on to automatically build the citations.

If you are doing Save Person Data in order to add a new person to WikiTree then check this option:

Add/Merge -> Add Person -> Automatically do "Build All Citations" during "Save Person Data" (if site supports it) and include the citations in the biography when doing "Set Fields from Person Data"

If you are doing Save Person Data in order to update an existing WikiTree profile using Merge/Edit then check this option:

Add/Merge -> Merge Edit -> Automatically do "Build All Citations" during "Save Person Data" (if site supports it) and include the citations in the biography when doing "Merge Edit from Person Data"

I hope that helps.

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob,

I checked all of those options (they weren't checked), but it still doesn't work and I get a countdown about Retry 1, Retry 2, Retry 3 and then it doesn't work on this page.

It's working on Edge, though.

Thank you for the help.

posted by Bob Land
edited by Bob Land
Hi Rob from a new 'Sourcer' user.

Wow! What an wonderful invention - thank you so much!

I have been blasting through 'Needs' categories with a new vengeance since I have taken to the Victorian registration Sourcer citations in the last few days.

Congratulations on developing such a great tool.


posted by Clare Spring
Hello! Suddenly now when I add a new profile using the sourcer, I no longer get the line in the biography which includes the parents links and have had to manually add them. Additionally the asterisk is missing after the <references> notation. Did I inadvertently change something?
posted by Janet (Adams) Demcoe
The line that includes the parent links is controlled by an option on the Add/Merge tab, in the "Add Person" subsection, called "Create a birth/parentage line in the biography:". I don't think I have changed this recently. What is this option set to for you?

I'm not sure what you mean by "Additionally the asterisk is missing after the <references> notation". Are you using Set Fields from Person Data" or "Set Fields from Citation Data"? Either way, if it is adding source (non-inline) citations automatically it will insert an asterisk or each of them.

One change I did make was that it now automatically puts the last page of the Add Person flow into "advanced sourcing mode". So if your normal flow was:

- In your WikiTree Settings you have Advanced Sourcing turned off

- You are using "Set Fields from ..." and you have the default options - so it doesn't automatically Build All Citations or insert the citation automatically

- You are manually typing in your own source on the final page of the Add person flow

Then it is true that WikiTree will no longer add a * before the citation that manually typed in.

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
Thanks, Rob. Everything was turned off under the Add Person subsection. I have added that portion back. This is the first time I've ventured in, didn't know you could! Since it happened 2-3 days ago does this coincide with anything you did?

I am unfamiliar with some terms and formats, a novice. The * always appeared after the <references/> notation when I would add a new person's information using the sourcer. I would remove it if I was adding citations with narrative, so don't need it.

Thanks for pointing this out and I can try a few different things.

posted by Janet (Adams) Demcoe
I see now what changed. I made a change in Sourcer 2.3.3 that may explain what you are seeing.

More details in the G2G question:

posted by Rob Pavey
I tried to get a sourcer menu on MyHeritage but got this message:

"It looks like a MyHeritage page but not a record page or peson page." Note the unconventional spelling of "person". But is there any page on MyHeritage where I can get data for a person? For example gives me this message.

posted by Robert Sundquist
Hi Robert,

I tried that link but it is to a person in a private tree so I cannot access it. However, I did try someone from my public tree ( and it looks like MyHeritage have changed the format of person pages and Sourcer no longer understands them. I will put a task on my list to revisit this. Thanks for letting me know.

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
WikiTree Sourcer has stopped showing the FreeCen and FreeBMD sites on profile pages. It still shows them when I go to a FamilySearch page. I can work around it by going directly to those sites, but that means taking the time to enter all the information. What happened to those sites? Could it be just on my computer?

Firefox on Windows 10.

posted by Alan Philip
I assume that you mean that it is not showing "Search FreeCEN (UK)..." or "Search FreeBMD (UK)..." on the profile page.

This can happen if the profile does not have a UK country shown in the Birth, Death of Marriage locations or if the profile dates are out of range for those sites. It could also happen if there are more possible search sites that fit on the menu (this limit is set by on option). Either way, you can work around it...

Try clicking on "Show All Search Sites...". This brings up a submenu. At the top it will show which dates and countries its filtering by on a yellow line. You can click on that yellow line and turn the filtering off to show all possible sites to search.

posted by Rob Pavey
Thank you. That was the problem - I did not have England after the county name in my GED import.
posted by Alan Philip
I got an error on HathiTrust site on IMAC March 21 2024.. I tried to add this site to my sources. It gave me an error.

the extension version is 2.2.4

User Agent Info Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/17.4 Safari/605.1.15

Error while Building Citation

addTerm@safari-web-extension://A7360DB5-F814-4026-BCBC-7CA7FF1FDC4E/site/hathi/core/hathi_build_citation.mjs:66:14 buildSourceReference@safari-web-extension://A7360DB5-F814-4026-BCBC-7CA7FF1FDC4E/site/hathi/core/hathi_build_citation.mjs:72:10 buildCoreCitation@safari-web-extension://A7360DB5-F814-4026-BCBC-7CA7FF1FDC4E/site/hathi/core/hathi_build_citation.mjs:85:23 simpleBuildCitationWrapper@safari-web-extension://A7360DB5-F814-4026-BCBC-7CA7FF1FDC4E/base/core/citation_builder.mjs:570:20 @safari-web-extension://A7360DB5-F814-4026-BCBC-7CA7FF1FDC4E/base/browser/popup/popup_simple_base.mjs:96:70 @safari-web-extension://A7360DB5-F814-4026-BCBC-7CA7FF1FDC4E/base/browser/popup/popup_simple_base.mjs:86:71 @safari-web-extension://A7360DB5-F814-4026-BCBC-7CA7FF1FDC4E/base/browser/popup/popup_menu_building.mjs:629:21 doAsyncActionWithCatch@safari-web-extension://A7360DB5-F814-4026-BCBC-7CA7FF1FDC4E/base/browser/popup/popup_menu_building.mjs:624:39 @safari-web-extension://A7360DB5-F814-4026-BCBC-7CA7FF1FDC4E/base/browser/popup/popup_simple_base.mjs:86:25 simplePopupBuildCitation@safari-web-extension://A7360DB5-F814-4026-BCBC-7CA7FF1FDC4E/base/browser/popup/popup_simple_base.mjs:63:41 @safari-web-extension://A7360DB5-F814-4026-BCBC-7CA7FF1FDC4E/base/browser/popup/popup_menu_building.mjs:1286:20


posted by Anne Fiordalisi
Thanks. I have a fix for the next release.
posted by Rob Pavey
I very appreciative of the effort and work. I installed on the laptop then went to Safari for iOS.

I just to verify that there was supposed to be a $4.99 cost for the application.

Thank you.

posted by DrO (Pirkle) Olmstead
Yes that is correct. The Chrome and Firefox versions are free but the Safari version costs about $5
posted by Rob Pavey
Found a potential issue.

Using Sourcer 2.2.0 and building a citation on Colorado Divorce Index on There are 2 "nearly" identical records. 1 of these builds a citation as "Marriage", and the other builds a citation as "Divorce".

The one that builds as "marriage" might have something that confuses the code to think the divorce is a marriage.

This one builds as "Divorce"

This one builds as "Marriage":

Thanks - and what a great tool, I really appreciate the work put into it.

posted by Kevin Vap
It is a bit weird isn't it. One of those records list the man as a spouse, The other lists him as an ex-spouse. There are dates for both the marriage and the divorce. So it is kind of correct - if you are on the one that mentions the spouse you get a marriage citation and on the one with the ex-spouse you get the divorce citation. Maybe I should try to fix it so it always gives the divorce citation.
posted by Rob Pavey
Maybe familysearch is in a state of changing how they present the records, as they look a bit different now than a month ago (IIRC). Maybe just give it a "wait and see".
posted by Kevin Vap
[Initially posted as a github issue. If you aren't using GItHub issues, you can turn that off in your repo settings.]

This is minor but annoying when it comes up... When building the household table from a FamilySearch record, if the household crosses pages in the image, an entry on the second page appeared before those on the first page.

You can see this effect using and generating the household table. The first entry, for John P Chambers, ought to be last.

I'm originally thought this could be due to the fact that the family is split across two pages in the image. But I notice that John (who is actually a child) is listed in the FamilySearch record under "Other people on this record." This could be a bug in the FamilySearch software, in fact, but you probably have to deal with it anyway. :-)

Are you looking for PRs on stuff like this? It might be a good first issue for me to try.

posted by Charlie Poole
edited by Charlie Poole
Thanks Charlie,

Yes I did see your github issue and I have fixed that issue (which seems to primarily affect the 1950 census) for the next release.

I'm not using GitHub issues for error reports currently. They are usually reported via G2G, Comments on this FSP, PM or Discord and I keep track of them locally.

Cheers, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
Great, thanks! Even though I appear to be the first person who fell into the trap of posting an issue on GitHub, I'd suggest you turn off issues if you don't actually track them there. You just go to the Settings tab in your repository and uncheck "Issues." That said, I like using issues and milestones in my own Open Source work because I can use them to generate release notes automatically. Your call, of course.
posted by Charlie Poole
Hi Rob - minor bug report. In Safari (latest versionm 17.3) on macOS (14.3), when viewing a UK-based wikitree profile, selecting the "search FreeCen" brings up a dialog telling me "To perform a search on FreeCen a content script needs to be loaded on the search page.". I request the permissions but nothing happens - no popup, no console error. Repeat, same thing happens. Works on the phone, just not on the desktop. Extension version 2.1.4. This has worked in the past but broke after an upgrade to the extension - sorry, no version number of the old one.
posted by Anonymous Bremford
edited by Anonymous Bremford
I see the same thing - I will investigate.

There is an easy workaround - go to the FreeCen site ( and click on the Sourcer [1] icon. When Safari asks you to grant permissions, do so. Now search FreeCen from other sites should work.

posted by Rob Pavey
Cheers Rob. Workaround is not working for me - if I bring up a results page on I'm not asked to grant permissions (I suspect I've already done so - I have in the list of permitted sites for the extension) and I can generate the citations just fine. So long as you can reproduce that's great, I'll wait until the next release. Thanks for the quick response.
posted by Anonymous Bremford
That is odd, that workaround worked for me. You may have to look at the extension settings and "Edit Websites" and switch the FreeCen permission from Allow to Ask and then back to Allow again to fix it.
posted by Rob Pavey
That did the trick! Thanks again Rob,
posted by Anonymous Bremford
Hey Rob,

Is there a way we can add an option when using the "Set fields from Person Data" option to not fill the current surname with a husbands surname for cultures and countries where the wife does not officially take on her husband's name. My main use for this is with Dutch profiles, but I know there are others this would apply to.

posted by Maree (Patroni) Evans
Thanks Maree,

That is a good idea. I will put it on my list to look at. It would probably affect search too - no point using the husband's last name in search of the person would not have used it. I will have to find a good list of countries in the world where women take their husband's name when married. Cheers, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
Using Sourcer 2.1.1 and building a citation on Nevada Marriage Index on

It is pulling the "event date" instead of "marriage date" (and event date has multiple "bad" entries). Thus, I don't know if this is due to a problem with familysearch marking the "event date" incorrectly, but it would be nice to get the correct date in the citation. Thanks.

Pages I've come across:

posted by Kevin Vap
edited by Kevin Vap
Thanks. I think I have fixed this in the latest version.
posted by Rob Pavey
I started to get a problem with my Sourcer 2.1.0, when saving people from FamilySearch. It will give me an error, saying that it could not save person data because could not build all citations. Oddly, the tool builds the citations just fine, if I trigger it separately. Has anyone else seen this problem, or is it only affecting me?
posted by Simon Hova
Sorry, I see now that there is a 2.1.1 floating in the wild that fixes this specific bug. It's ignoring my update requests, so I will wait until it's released. Thank you!
posted by Simon Hova
Yes the fix is in 2.1.1. It should be available for Firefox and Safari iOS now. Chrome and Safari macOS are still in review.
posted by Rob Pavey

A small problem occurs with this type of citation:

The citation includes "Margaret Shepherd married Arthur William P Jones in 1901-1905 in Great Britain.<ref> [etc]

But the marriage was in India (Record set is British India Office Marriages, and Collections from Great Britain, UK None)

Hope this can be fixed, and thanks for all you do!

posted by Rob Wilson
It is a tricky one. That record has a place of "Great Britain". I could override the place for that collection - but some records in that collection have a place in India:
posted by Rob Pavey
Do you know for sure that the marriage occurred in India. I could add a special case to force it to India. But what if they married in Great Britain and it was just recorded by the British India Office after the fact? Is that possible?
posted by Rob Pavey
I am sending you a PM shortly - I have some clarification from FIBIS.
posted by Rob Wilson
Additional permissions are needed to complete this operation.

Sourcer needs to request the list of sources from FamilySearch.

I can no longer get all citations when on family search. I get the message below… and get no permission. It used to be so handy to get all citations then verify… says… “Press the button below to request the permission. This may close the popup so you may have to click on the Sourcer [1] icon again.

Request the permissions”

What am I doing wrong? Kindly, Dee

posted by Dee (Spencer) Spencer-Carr
edited by Dee (Spencer) Spencer-Carr
I figured it out! I had to uninstall then do the installation over with permissions’s working now thanks for the great instructions and the video


Hi Dee, could you let me know which operating system, browser and browser version you are using?

One other person is having a similar problem and I wonder if you are on the same versions. Thanks, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
Sorry if I didn’t reply, it’s IOS 17.2 I mainly use my iPad . I hope that helps? Kindly
Reporting a bug: I created a profile for Richard Roman, Roman-816, based upon the FamilySearch profile, The death location in the FS profile is "Russell, Virginia, United States". Sourcer created the WT profile with the death location of "Russell Parish, Campbell, Virginia, United States" (see Changes tab). This is incorrect and I just fixed the WT profile. His death location is actually "Russell County, Virginia, United States". There are sources that shows that's where he lived. Also note that the death location on the FS profile has not changed since 2017.

Sourcer is *assuming* that all locations it sees on FS are of the format "City, State, Country". This is incorrect. The format on FamilySearch is either "County, State, Country", or "City, County, State, Country", but only if the format is in its standard form and not some free-form user entry.

Sourcer needs to enter *exactly* what is shown on FamilySearch and not make assumptions and do an automatic lookup of the location, otherwise Sourcer will be creating wrong data without the user being notified. FamilySearch does not use the word "County" to disambiguate locations. A City could have the same name as a County, but be in a completely different location.

Thanks, Eric

posted by Eric Weddington
Thanks for reporting that Eric. The data I get back from FamilySearch gives two different death places (you can see them if you edit icon next to the death on the FS page). One is a standardized place. Sourcer seems to be using the standardized place rather than the one shown on the main profile page. It is not always easy to work out, from what the API returns, what is being shown on the page. I will see if I can fix it to match what is shown on the page.
posted by Rob Pavey
Thanks for checking into this! Much appreciated. Keep up the great work! :-D
posted by Eric Weddington
Hi! Any way to remove the full SSN from the California Death Index? example.... I already Xed out some digits.... I remember you fixed the SSDI, so figured this could be done :-) Thank you for giving it a look whenever you have time, and thanks generally for this entire program!
I believe Sourcer already does this. That example doesn't look like it was created by Sourcer.
posted by Rob Pavey
Ok, you must be right… I still have no idea how it happened! Here’s the profile creation, not sure what it was. I just tested a new profile, all is well.
Thank you very much Rob. Appreciate all the examples.
Oh my goodness, Rob! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I just learned about this web extension today. I watched your video, downloaded the extension for my iPad, and started using it immediately. It is a game-changer. You absolutely rock!!
posted by Leslie Duszynski
Lately I often get this error message when I try to get a citation from an Ancestry record:

"During initializing menu some linked records could not be retreived. This could be due to internet connectivity issues or server issues. Press continue to use what could be retreived." Continue does not work.

Why do I get this message, and what can I do about it? I am using the latest version of Firefox.

posted by Alan Philip
Hi Alan,

If you can share an example record URL where you get this that would be useful to see how many linked records there are.

The continue button is a new feature from version 1.12.1. Prior to the continue button it would just bring up an error message if any of the linked records could not be fetched. Now it allows to continue and create a citation without those linked records. When you say it doesn't work, what do mean exactly? What happens after you press it and what ends up in the clipboard?

While it is trying to fetch the records does it take some time? Do you see text saying "error 429" is saying "retry"?

Since this is Firefox it could also be related to the switch to Manifest Version 3 in Sourcer version 2.0.0. Do you see a message saying:

Additional permissions are needed to complete this operation. The extension needs to request the data from linked records. Press the button below to request the permission. This may close the popup so you may have to click on the Sourcer [1] icon again.

Cheers, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
Of course, just like taking your car to the mechanic, I haven't seen the error message again to get a URL! I'll keep trying.

The Continue button did nothing when I pressed it, and there was nothing in the clipboard. I was asking for a narrative with citation.

There was an orange popup which lasted for only a couple of seconds. No "error 429".

There was no Firefox message.

Hopefully it won't happen again, but I'm curious why it did.

posted by Alan Philip
When I click the menu on any WikiTree profile page it says "WikiTree Sourcer doesn't know how to extract data from this site."
posted by Robert Sundquist
What browser and device are you using? Could you give the exact URL that is in your URL bar for an example page that is not working?
posted by Rob Pavey
Firefox 113.0 Windows 8 PC

For example

posted by Robert Sundquist
If you look closely at that URL you can see there is a dot after

If you remove that it works.

Do you know how you got to that URL?

posted by Rob Pavey
I noticed that when I copied the URL, I thought it looked funny. The dot is present in the bookmark I was using to get to WikiTree; how it got there I don't know. It would remain there when I navigated to different profiles. I took it out, it's working now, thank you very much.
posted by Robert Sundquist
It works in Google Chrome browse.
posted by Robert Sundquist
This is a fantastic tool. Thank you for your work creating and maintaining it. I have a small feature request. Many interesting documents, lots of them otherwise unpublished, are in the Memories section of profiles on It would be great if the sourcer extension could make citations for them.
posted by Steve Hatchett
Hi Rob, first THANK YOU for this amazing extension -- it makes my workflow SO much easier/faster. I use it extensively on a daily basis. The one thing that has not worked well for me is 'Search WikiTree'. In fact, I don't think it's ever worked for me (i..e returned a result). As one example, when I load the FindAGrave memorial for George Washington (, and select 'Search WikiTree', I get "Sorry, no matches. You may want to adjust the search options below." This will also happen if I load his FS page ( and search WikiTree.

The gating item(s) here appear to be the Birth Location keyword(s) and Death Location keyword(s). Because the standardized locations of FamilySearch, FindAGrave and WikiTree are all slightly different, the Search WikiTree function will very rarely work without manually modifying the search terms. Using birth location as an example:

  • FamilySearch: "Westmoreland, Virginia, British Colonial America"
  • FindAGrave: "Westmoreland County, Virginia, USA"
  • WikiTree: "Pope's Creek, Westmoreland County, Colony of Virginia, British Empire"

WikiTree's builtin search seems to require an exact match on *all* terms that are provided in the location search boxes.

So with that lengthy preamble, my ask is: can you add an option to exclude (or reduce) the birth/death location keywords that the Sourcer supplies to the WikiTree search function? (if such an option already exists, I didn't see it). As things stand today, I will never get a match on 99% of FS and FindAGrave profiles that I search for in WikiTree without hand-editing.

Thanks again Rob!

posted by Larry McQueary
edited by Larry McQueary
Hi Larry, I have had that request before. I will bump up its priority on my to do list.

Would if be useful to have an option to include just the country (as well as an option to omit the place completely)?

Cheers, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
I'm deeply appreciative of the WikiTree Sourcer, it makes citing sources *enormously* easier.

Today I was prompted by Firefox to approve updated permissions for WikiTree Sourcer that would allow it to read all data related to my interactions with the and domains, among others. That's a ... golly, I feel bad saying this, but there's *no way* I would share all of that information with a browser extension unless (a) its source code had been reliably audited by a trustworthy security firm, and (b) I had a *really* compelling reason to enable that. Are there any plans to make it possible to continue using WikiTree Sourcer without granting these permissions?

Many thanks again for all of the work that you've put into this tool.

posted by John Clements
Hi John, it does indeed make sense to look closely at the permissions that a browser extension is requesting since extensions do have the potential to be security risks.

Many users of Sourcer have requested support for citing Google Books so the extension manifest now requests permission for "*://**", "*://**", etc. Firefox may interpret that as granting permissions to "*://**" although the extension only loads a content script for the books subdirectory. The old Google Books used the subdomain but the new Google Books uses "" so I can't restrict the permissions to a subdomain.

Both Safari and Chrome have mechanisms that allow the user to selectively approve the permissions. So you could grant the extension permission to familysearch but not google. However, Firefox does not seem to support that at this time. Reading up on this here: it sounds like this was requested for Firefox but they only implemented it in their MV3 support. Sourcer currently uses MV2 on Firefox and Safari and MV3 on Chrome. So I can do some work on moving the Firefox version to MV3 - not sure if that will make it stop working with older versions of Firefox though.

posted by Rob Pavey
Many thanks, what you're saying makes a lot of sense. It sounds like Mozilla's MV3 is ... pretty close? ... to Google's MV3. As a developer (and someone that did a sabbatical working for Mozilla), I realize what an immense pain it is to support the immense variety of configurations that occur in the wild of browsers, and I'm very grateful to you for considering an MV3 branch of the firefox version of sourcer. (FWIW, I trawled through a number of the announcement pages, and based on the information I saw there, it seems reasonable to conclude that an MV3 version of the extension would not be supported on Firefox versions prior to 109 (which came out in January of 2023, and that supporting users using older versions of Firefox would require maintaining an MV2 version of Sourcer. No good deed goes unpunished, sigh....
posted by John Clements
I have locally got Sourcer working with Manifest Version 3 on Safari and Firefox. As you say this required Firefox version 109. Sourcer already requires Firefox version 89 and the system requirements for 89 and 109 appear the same so it is probably not too onerous to change the requirement to 109.

However, the Firefox implementation of MV3 is ... not friendly to Sourcer. The way that they have implemented the permissions breaks things like fetching additional Ancestry records unless the user specifically goes to manage the extension and turn on the required permissions. So, I'm not sure whether to go ahead with the MV3 change. I don't want to maintain two different Sourcer extensions in the Firefox addon store.

MV3 on Safari works smoothly.

posted by Rob Pavey
I have just released version 2.0.0 of Sourcer on Firefox. It is now using Manifest Version 3 so the permissions work differently. You can pick and choose which host permissions to grant the extension. If you have time could you give it a try and let me know if you see any issues.
posted by Rob Pavey
I'm using it now, and it appears to me to work perfectly. Specifically, I see that under permissions, sites like and are not checked, but I can still use it fine on the site I tried (happened to be findagrave, but I'm guessing they'll all work perfectly). I'm immensely grateful to you for your help and I look forward to using Sourcer a whole bunch in the next few months! A thousand thank-yous! Also, I'd be more than happy to donate $20 to the development effort, if there's a way to do that. (Although I understand that this update probably took 10-20 hours of work, so at $200/hour that's ... $4K? Open-source software has an interesting business model.)
posted by John Clements
Yes, there is not really any business model here. I'm retired so not really trying to make money out of Sourcer. I do have a donation site to help cover expenses here:

It is also accessible via the extension under the "Support/Donate..." menu item - I should probably make it a bit more obvious.

posted by Rob Pavey
Hi, thanks for the awesome too - I would like to make a suggestion. Sometimes I want to link to Wikipedia not as a source but as a reference and because I do it so seldom I forget the syntax of the link so it would be real handy if you had a button like your "Build FamilySearch Template" that just built the link to the page e.g.

See: World War I (The Great War) on Wikipedia

See: [ [Wikipedia:World_War_I |World War I (The Great War)] ] on Wikipedia

or in another language (Afrikaans)

Eerste Wêreldoorlog

[ [Wikipedia:af:Eerste_W%C3%AAreldoorlog|Eerste Wêreldoorlog] ]

NB: Notice the language is in between with extra colons


posted by Shaun Wallace
edited by Shaun Wallace
That is a good idea. There a couple of ways to link to Wikipedia from WikiTree. Also Wikipedia supports perma links. So which would you prefer? Or would you like all options:
  1. World War I ( open bracket World War I close bracket )
  2. World War I ( open bracket World War I close bracket)
  3. World War I ( double open bracket Wikipedia:World War I|World War I double close bracket )
posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
I never knew about the permalink to a version of a page. That is pretty cool. I used to use option 1 until I saw someone else use option 3. The main one for me would be option 3 since I like to use the template type links in case the source site changes then everything still works. The permalink is a brilliant idea too because at least that's how a page looked when it was linked to. So most of the cases option 3 would be fine because I'm not generally needing specific info to be available but it just gives extra on something unusual. Maybe a combo even like:

>> see: World War I (current version) / World War I (permalink) on Wikipedia for more info.

>> see: [ [Wikipedia:World War I|World War I] ] (curent version) / [ World War I ] (permalink) on Wikipedia for more info.

posted by Shaun Wallace
edited by Shaun Wallace
OK I will add something like this next time I add new site support
posted by Rob Pavey
I know you are playing with the code for Sourcer because I see the difference in how the Sourcer ext looks when you engage it. But it's also creating weird numbers with the DOB/DOD fields. Normally citations come out with the DD MMM YYYY format. Now it's coming out MM-DD-YYYY & the WT system is kicking the new profile being made to the beginning again with the note "date format not recognized" & takes me back to the beginning where I input it again, only to get to enter, create the profile & it sends me right back to the beginning again to input everything all over again. Even when the dates are IN the right format when it gets saved, the end result is the MM-DD-YYYY format, every time & gets kicked, every time.
posted by [Living Brunson]
Hi Pat, as far as I know Sourcer never generates dates with the dash in them. Could you give a bit more details about what feature you are using? If this on the Add Person page when doing "Set Fields from...".

Ou possibly you are talking about AutoBio which is part of the WBE and not Sourcer?

posted by Rob Pavey
I was using Sourcer only on my Windows 10 desktop computer on Firefox browser 118.0.2 (64-bit). From the profile page, I click the [1] up on the top right & choose Search Ancestry. After that p[age loads, I click on the name to take me to the tree. At the tree profile, I choose the [1] again to choose build source citation, then go back to the profile & make sure I am on the create new profile page & then click the [1] again to populate the data fields.

I recapitulated some of the setting options in Sourcer, but other than that, I don't mess with settings, it's just point, click, go to another page, point, click. I'm just barely getting Sourcer down & won't be putting anymore aches in my head trying to learn something else.

I have had VERY slow load times even with WT to the point that the process just stops, stops loading, everything. I have had the usual problems dealing with ancestry & their current idiosyncrasies which makes Sourcer lag & not load, because there isn't anything there for it to grab onto. I have also had odd data sets being output at times, data that was from a few profiles before, & other different odd output quirks.

This time, I went all the way through making the profile, had it sourced, profile clean & ready to go but when I hit enter, it took me back to the first of the data entry process with the statement " Can't read date" which was in mm-dd-yyy format when it was input as dd mmm yyyy. It took me through that entire process twice & I said I'm done.

I have no idea what the problem is & the only reason I even thought about Sourcer being the source was because I was manipulating data with Sourcer at the time.

I understand your question regarding the Add Person page, yes, I was on the Add Person page, have no CLUE as to what "Set Fields from..." mean as because as I said, I don't mess with settings, I just point & click; On WT Profile page, go to [1] & click, select the Search Ancestry link & click. Once that page loads, I click on the name & it takes me to the tree on ancestry. At their profile page, I then go back up to [1] & select "Save Person Data" & go back to the WT profile, get on the add person page, click [1] again to select the information I want to populate the data fields with.

I like the colors Sourcer is sporting now.

posted by [Living Brunson]
Here's an example of "odd" outputs. The ancestry tree person has the BD as: Birth 1834-08 • Johnson Co, Tennessee. How it came out from Sourcer is 1834-1808 Johnson, Roane, Tennessee, United States. I get the location output as it probably has access to more information regarding the proper use of United States in the POB/POD fields, but when did it start creating outputs like that?
posted by [Living Brunson]
Hi, Rob!

I'm having problem getting Sourcer to build a citation from a clipping on It comes back w/ the message about not knowing how to extract data because it doesn't look like a clipping.

Here's the page I'm looking at (it's definitely a clipping :-D ):



p.s. I did just update the extension to 1.10.2, and I'm on a MacBook Pro using Chrome (double-checking to make sure I don't need to update Chrome right now)

posted by Julie (Fiscus) Ricketts
edited by Julie (Fiscus) Ricketts
Thanks, Julie. It looks like a small change to the site means that Sourcer is failing the extract the needed data from the page.

I will fix it in the next release.

posted by Rob Pavey
Perfect! I thought it might be something like that. Thanks, Rob!
I'm being nagged by WikiTree Suggestions about "Warning 831: Multiple duplicated lines" when I've collected references to multiple children of an individual, for example:

Having excluded genuine duplication of individuals, I realise that the duplicated lines result from the separation of the source references into separate lines using line breaks, and that the duplication arises because the family members appear on the same digital film number.

This reference to Anna's birth taken in edit mode from her record has been altered by copying-and-pasting into this comment, but contains the necessary information:

Anna, daughter of William Vass, was born on 6 June and baptised on 26 June 1763 in Edinkillie, Morayshire, Scotland.<ref> Baptism: "Scotland Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950"

citing Digital film/folder number: 007907517; FHL microfilm: 990797

FamilySearch Record: VQ7C-Y59 (accessed 31 August 2023)

Anna Vass baptism on 26 Jun 1763 (born 6), daughter of William Vass, in Edinkillie, Morayshire, Scotland. </ref>

I think I can resolve this by removing the after "990797" on each of the source references generated by Sourcer, but this is tedious, and potentially error-prone.




posted by Michael Hendry MBE
edited by Michael Hendry MBE
You can just mark those suggestions as false. I have talked to Ales about that suggestion before - I think it is flawed.
posted by Rob Pavey

For a change I'm not reporting an error report! LOL! But I am asking about the setup for the browser. Specifically, I am following along with your WikiTree Extension Intro & Overview video on You Tube you did a year ago. I have gotten to the Search Results on Family Search. I don't have the pane on the right showing what the search parameters are. How do I bring that up so I can continue following your video & be able to do something next weekend besides using the Research option from the WT dropdown & doing everything else by hand? I FINALLY have something besides the toy to work with; refurbished HP DeskPro w/2T storage running Windows 10. I'm running with the BIG dogs now; if I can get off the poarch.

Thanks for your help, Pat

posted by [Living Brunson]
Hi Rob,

Thank you so much for WT Sourcer, etc. I regularly use it now for FS, Ancestry, and FG citations. It is a huge time-saver.

(1) Would it be possible to add MyHeritage to the serviced genealogy websites used to develop citations? I notice that it's already on your wish list.

(2) If possible, adding citations for (US paid site) and Trove (National Library of Australia free site) would also come in handy.

By the bye, the Swedish Archives ( are currently very easy to generate citations from with a ready-made URL and a ready-made citation on each record page that can be plugged into a little boilerplate to generate a compliant bibliography citation.

(3) I don't know if this is in your bailiwick, but an ability to batch-update existing citations could be very useful in broken <ref>s where a former authoritative source is revised or cancelled (I have hundreds of references to a 25-year-old website of my Mom's lineage that has dropped offline).

Just my thoughts. Thanks again for the tools that you have provided and all the work that you do for us.

posted by Ray Sarlin
edited by Ray Sarlin
Hi Ray,

Yes, MyHeritage is on my list. I am not sure what priority to give it as not many people seem to use it for citations. Are there some example records that you would use it for? and Trove are actually already supported as is PapersPast.

Batch updating links sounds like something that EditBot would be best for. I don't know much about it - Ales is the expert on that.

posted by Rob Pavey
Dear Rob,

As of yesterday, 1 September 2023, OpenArchieven has started redirecting all incoming traffic to to This breaks the OpenArch feature in your extension, as their (new?) domain is not whitelisted by the extension to gather data from.

Edit: Looks like I've an old version still installed, I spotted the changelog for version 1.10.0

posted by Lena Derksen
edited by Lena Derksen
Thanks Lena. I heard about this on Discord yesterday as well.

I released a new version (1.10.0) yesterday that has a fix but that is not yet available for Chrome (still being reviewed). It should be available some time today.

posted by Rob Pavey
I'm getting a lot of broken refs when the app references census reports. Doesn't happen all the time. Here's a good example:

The list of places where he lived all have broken refs.

posted by Eric Christensen
Hi Eric, Sourcer never creates named references so something has edited the citations generated by Sourcer. Did you run another tool? Like AutoBio?
posted by Rob Pavey
Yep, sorry, wrong tool.  :) Thanks.
posted by Eric Christensen
Template not used for FS image page: I created a source citation from this non-indexed image page on FamilySearch -

Oddly (to me), the citation did not use the FS template:

Perhaps this is as intended, but I couldn't find anything about it in the release notes.

posted by Kerry Larson
edited by Kerry Larson
When I tried to manually create the template, it didn't work. Is this a problem with the Wikitree template that you discovered?
posted by Kerry Larson
I think that I (and perhaps the template code) expect the image URL to look like this: with "ark:/61903/3:1:" Your example has: with "ark:/61903/3:2:"

I don't know if this is a rare case.

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
It does seem to be a different format that the template needs to account for. I haven't searched for other examples yet, but it appears that "3:1" links are followed by 3 alphanumeric groupings and "3:2" links are followed by only 2 alphanumeric groupings.
posted by Kerry Larson
Found another example with Google search:

I can post a question in G2G requesting an update to the template unless you have a direct line to Jamie.

posted by Kerry Larson
Hi Rob, loving this extension, bar one little part

For instance, I locate the FreeBMD page I want to Cite, so I then have to go back to the top right of the browser window (using Edge on a nice big 4K screen, sometimes split to have 2 browser windows side by side, but not always), Click the [1] for the Extension and then Build Inline Citations

Wondering if that group might be better placed above the Search list, or if some keyboard accessability would be possible

Half the time I click the [1] and then bring my mouse back to select the appropriate tab to paste the info, then realise I've forgotten to build the citation :( Or even better, if a second extension was possible that simply does citation options - even perfect would be to click [1bc] to run the (option selected) Build Citation you optionally select, somehow

I am a coder so would it be worth having a look at the original code and seeing about cloning it and putting the build above the search when it's appropriate to be shown - could even be an option in the appropriate place - no computing language scares me, so I might give this a try

posted by Andrew Bassett-Smith
The tool is outstanding, and a gamechanger for me for dumping profiles from Familysearch. However, on a few odd records it chokes with an odd error, namely:

dateObjA.getDateString is not a function

I cannot seem to find a pattern, but the last one that it happened on was when I tried to save the data for person K2B7-NSV. If I see anyone else that it chokes on, I will be sure to let you know!

posted by Simon Hova
Thanks for letting me know - I have a fix for the next release.
posted by Rob Pavey
In the meantime you can probably work around it for profiles that get the error by turning off source merging:

Temporarily change "Group Sourcer inline citations by fact and merge narratives" to unchecked.

posted by Rob Pavey
Loving the App - making adding profiles for the Connect-a-Thon so much easier! Is there a way to add ALL of the sources at one time? I am able to do them one at a time, but would love to do all of them. Thanks so much!
posted by Megan Ryno
If you are adding a person from FamilySearch then, yes, you can add them all at once. This is documented here:

posted by Rob Pavey
Have to say after a couple of days of use your App is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Margaret Ann Mc Nutt
What a wonderful thing you have done!
posted by Bob King
Watched your video and was EXTREMELY impressed!!!!! Have now down loaded and am looking forward to using your amazing utility!!! Thank you!! Will let you know how I get on~~~ Margaret Mc Nutt-944
posted by Margaret Ann Mc Nutt
Hi Rob,

First of all, thanks for the APP, I appreciate the time you have taken with this. I just want to let you know that the Sourcerer APP keeps giving me an "Error Report" upon log-in as well as when my tabs/windows keep crashing. Here is the report:

WikiTree Sourcer Error report.

Error when attempting a dynamic import of the extract data module in a content script. This may occur in versions of Firefox prior to Firefox 89 and possibly in versions of Safari prior to version 15. If you get this message it may indicate that the WikiTree Sourcer extension does not work in your browser.

No exception error object.

Input data: "site/wikitree/core/wikitree_extract_data.mjs"

Browser Info { "name": "Firefox", "vendor": "Mozilla", "version": "115.0.2", "buildID": "20230710165010" }

The extension version is 1.8.2

User Agent Info Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:109.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/115.0

Firefox Browser tells me: Firefox up to date 115.0.2 (64-bit)

And my webpages keep crashing. Of course, it all MIGHT be because I am working on a 2011 HP Stream using Windows 10.

Windows edition Windows 10 Home

System Processor: Intel(R) CPU N3060 @ 1.60GHz Installed memory (RAM): 4.00 GB System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64 based processor Pen and Touch: No Pen or Touch Input is available for this display

Does all this help? I think I'm probably going to have to remove the APP as I have never used it because learning curve & the way things stand right now, I'm faster than the output from the APP.

I hope this gives you more data to work with to get the APP up to speed. Thanks again.


posted by [Living Brunson]
edited by [Living Brunson]
Hi Pat,

Thanks for the info. I am not able to reproduce the problem myself. 1.8.2 is working OK on Firefox for me. Could you give a bit more detail on when this is happening? 1. When you say "upon log-in" do you mean when you log into the WikiTree site? There is no login for the Sourcer extension. 2. "as well as when my tabs/windows keep crashing". Do you mean that the web pages are crashing first and then Sourcer gives you an error report. Why are the webpages crashing and what exactly do yo mean by that?

posted by Rob Pavey
"Upon log-in" is just that. I log into WikiTree & the "WikiTree Sourcer Error report." opens in a new tab AS my WikiTree Home Page loads. I know the extension is what is generating this glitch because, as I said, I removed the APP. I re-installed it last night in preparation for today per the email that I got this week saying that you had worked some more on the bugs, so I tried it & this is the result. I came straight here to report it. So that is still happening.

I got the "WikiTree Sourcer Error report." again when I signed into the "RootsSearch WikiTree Integration". I was signed in, but as the page loaded, the error report loaded a tab too.

The other problem of tabs crashing, again, only happens when this APP is installed. Whenever I use an APP, because I can't remember the name of it as I don't use it at all to retrieve records, I switch from 1 tab to another to get or enter the data. When I get back to a tab that I need, to retrieve or enter, by the time I return, there's a blank page & a message that says "Grr, your tab just crashed", or something like that. If I open more than 2 tabs, the entire browser crashes & I have to get back into everything. I don't get an error report when my tabs/browser crashes, just when logging into anything WikiTree.

I really think the problem, especially with the crashing, is the equipment that I am working with. I am LUCKY to be able to even get on the internet, let alone be able to manipulate all this data with the piddly little HP Stream that I am working with. So I have to baby this thing along because the ONLY thing I have for back-up is my Android phone. I do NOT want to be trying to be involved with a Connect_A_Thon or a SSS on the phone!

Like I said, I'm just basically reporting this as no matter how good you make this APP, there's still a learning curve & I'm comfortable enough with my "by hand output" that I will just continue working the connections/sources via the lists themselves & not use a go-between APP to retrieve them, yours or whatever APP that is since the only 2 APPs I have are WikiTree Browser Extension & [1] WikiTree Sourcer. I'll keep the WikiTree Browser Extension as I like what it does to my watch-list. Plus I have experimented & sorry, the problems only come up when your APP is involved, so that 1 stays & the Sourcer APP goes. If you can't reproduce the problem & no-one else has reported it, I'm sure the problem is on my end. Like I said, just wanted you to be aware of it, but unless someone else is working on a dinosaur, you might not ever see this particular problem again.

In the meantime, I am participating in the Connect_A_Thon & I have to go make connections. Have a good day & thanks for your help!

posted by [Living Brunson]
Well, this has discouraged me from even attempting to try this thingamajig, as I have an even older clunky Dell with Windows 7, and poor internet reception.
posted by Alison Gardner
I would go ahead and try it. This is the first time I have heard of it not running on an older PC.
posted by Rob Pavey
Hi, Rob!

I'm having a bit of a glitch with the "Merge/Edit from external data..." option.

I can get as far as the pop-up where I should be able to click the citation data to open the merge/edit screen, but when I click the citation entry, nothing happens.

I checked to see if the extension needed to be updated, and I have the current version (1.8.0) for Chrome on a Mac.




Hi Julie,

It looks like I broke something in the latest release. Merge/Edit from saved person data is working but not from a citation. I am planning to do another release soon (before Connect-a-thon) and will include a fix for this. Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
Ah ... great. I thought it was me! :-D

And I can certainly wait until the CaT. Thanks!!


I just purchased the Wikitree Sourcer and I cannot even get it to open up and function. I got ripped off. Don't buy this.
posted by Roger Kelley
What device are you using? I am happy to work with you to figure out why are are not able to get it to work on your device.

If you purchased it that suggests you are using the Safari version. Using browser extensions in Safari is slightly more complicated than in Chrome and Firefox. Have you used a browser extension before?

Here is some info from Apple on how to use extensions :

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
When I use Sourcer to extract data from to create a new Wikitree profile, it rejects the country name of "German Empire". I have to strip it off the place name and then re-add it later. See for example Would it be possible to permit German Empire as a country name? Thanks for this great tool! Deb
I will add it. In the meantime, you don't need to strip it and re-add it - just press continue for each case.
posted by Rob Pavey
There's a very odd bug where when performing Search Ancestry on a profile with a father but no mother, the search URL is using the father as mother. Example profile: Mary (Owens) Ammerman (aft.1790-aft.1840); search string:

I tried a couple of other profiles with a father but no mother and it's not doing the same: Margaret (Cox) Grimmett (1784-1872), Susan Mabelle (Ammerman) Williams (abt.1877-1911)


posted by Kerry Larson
edited by Kerry Larson
I tried Search Ancestry on that WikiTree profile and it correctly uses George as the father. Are you using other extensions that could be changing the layout of the WT page (e.g. WBE or BEE)? If so, try disabling those extensions and see if it fixes it.
posted by Rob Pavey
Yes, I have both of those. Disabled and refreshed page but no change. Also tried changing from to but no change.
posted by Kerry Larson
I tried on another PC/browser and didn't have the same problem. I cleared my Wikitree cookies in chrome and it resolved the problem. Sorry for the false alarm.
posted by Kerry Larson
A;most forgot. Familysearch added a new set of records a couple of weeks ago for Social Security Applications called: Social Program Document • United States, Social Security Numerical Identification Files (NUMIDENT), 1936-2007

Sourcer doesn't recognize this as a Social Security page, you need to select Social Security from the drop down box when citing it. Here is a record from it:

A programmer's work is never done...... wink, wink

posted by LJ Russell
Are you using the latest version of Sourcer (1.7.0)?

When I try that record on Sourcer it automatically classifies it as a death record.

George died (age 73) on 11 November 1995.<ref> Death: "United States, Social Security Numerical Identification Files (NUMIDENT), 1936-2007"

FamilySearch Record: 6K9T-SVLD (accessed 3 June 2023)

George Ewalt Watters, Jr death 11 Nov 1995 (born 11 Aug 1922). </ref>

posted by Rob Pavey
Hmmm I'm on 1.3.6 I have Automatic Updates ON and when I checked for updates it says there aren't any?? Should I uninstall and load it again?
posted by LJ Russell
Removed it, restarted computer and reloaded app. All is well. Don't know why it didn't auto update???
posted by LJ Russell
That is odd. My Firefox has the latest and auto-updated.

I wrote some notes a while ago about auto-updates in the FAQ: I don't know if that will help at all.

posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob,

Having trouble with Sourcer stuck in initialization on a couple of 1950 census records on Familysearch. Both errors on same record, One for husband and other for wife. Husband William D White Wife Maude White

Thanks in advance, LJ

posted by LJ Russell
Thanks for letting me know LJ,

They are working for me now and I suspect they will work for you too. I have had a couple of reports like this. I don't know if it is a FamilySearch glitch or what but they always work when I try them.


posted by Rob Pavey
Nope, afraid not. I's using Firefox Browser 113.0.2 64 bit on Win 10 Pro. Maybe the browser ain't happy? I tried clearing the cache. No problem really, I just used Sourcer on same record on Ancestry to cite sources on their Profiles. Sauce for the goose......


posted by LJ Russell
I tried it in the same version of Firefox (but on MacOS). Still working for me. I have heard that FamilySearch has being trying out some website changes to allow different citation formats. Maybe they are A/B testing and you are seeing different version of the record page to me.
posted by Rob Pavey