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WikiTree Sourcer| User Guide | Release notes | Frequently Asked Questions | Wish List (enhancement requests)

WikiTree Sourcer is a Browser Extension developed by Rob Pavey and other contributors that helps the user to search for sources and cite them, thus saving a lot of time and manual typing.

It focuses on three goals:

  1. From a WikiTree profile page it provides the ability to search other genealogy websites for relevant records.
  2. From one of these genealogy websites' records page it can extract data and build a citation.
  3. Also from one of these genealogy websites records page it can search other genealogy websites for similar records. For example on an Ancestry page it can help find free versions of the same original source.

The extension is still in active development as features and supported sites are added. The project is open source and programmers are invited to help add support for new sites.

The extension is free to download for Chrome and Firefox (donations can be made if desired via the popup menu). For Safari there is a small charge to install the app because Apple charges a yearly subscription fee to publish on the App Store and does not allow donation links in the extension.

Watch the Intro Video here.

How to install

The extension works in many different browsers.

  • For Chrome, Opera, Brave, Edge, Vivaldi and other Chromium based browsers , install it from the Chrome Web Store.
  • For Firefox install it from the Firefox Add-ons page.
  • For Safari search for WikiTree Sourcer in the App Store on Mac, iPad or iPhone. An app is installed, when you run the app it installs the extension in Safari.

For efficient use of the extension (in Chrome at least) you will want to "pin" the extension (under the jigsaw-piece icon in Chrome) so that the "[1]" always shows up in the toolbar.

Before using it too much check out the options page ("Options..." on the menu). There are different options for formatting and you can select which countries your subscriptions for Ancestry and FMP are in.

Technical Support

To report a bug please add a comment on this Free Space Page with a link to the page you were on when you saw the bug.

We have a community of members discussing the extension, reporting issues and making suggestions on a "Rob Pavey Apps" Discord Server. If you would like to join please send a PM to me (Rob Pavey).

More information

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This app has been a great time saver and has improved my citations.

That being said, I recently have been having some issues with searching Family Search on Safari on my iPad. It no longer seems to populate the birthplace field, but it does create an alternate name field with no last name entered

posted by Carl Dickason II
Thanks for the feedback Carl. If you give me the links to from FamilySearch records that you are having trouble with I can see if I can reproduce the problem.
posted by Rob Pavey
Thanks for the example. Those two issues are fixed for the next release which will be coming soon.
posted by Rob Pavey
Great! Thanks. I look forward to the new release.
posted by Carl Dickason II
The way Sourcer works on Ancestry Find A Grave citations just changed for the latest one I have used it for. What I got was this:
  • Burial: "U.S., Find a Grave Index, 1600s-Current", database

Ancestry Record 60525 #71110509 (accessed 19 January 2023) Unknown burial.

from the source that was this:

Name Maurice Gene Fuehring Birth Date 23 Dec 1935 Birth Place Emma, Lafayette County, Missouri, United States of America Death Date 22 Feb 2010 Death Place Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, United States of America Cemetery Higginsville City Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place Higginsville, Lafayette County, Missouri, United States of America Has Bio? N Father Martin Heinrich Wilhelm Otto Fuehring Mother Adele Clara Selma Fuehring

Reloaded the page and still did not work

I just used it on a different person's Find A Grave and it worked fine.  ???????

posted by John Kessler Jr.
edited by John Kessler Jr.
That is odd. I just tried it on that record and it worked for me:

Maurice died on 22 February 2010 and was buried in Higginsville, Lafayette County, Missouri, United States.<ref> Burial: "U.S., Find a Grave Index, 1600s-Current" URL: Find A Grave: Memorial #105821800 Ancestry Record 60525 #71110509 (accessed 19 January 2023) Maurice Gene Fuehring burial (died on 22 Feb 2010) in Higginsville, Lafayette County, Missouri, United States of America. </ref>

BTW I have been told that we should follow the link to FindAGrave and build a citation there rather than building it from the Ancestry Find-a-grave record.

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
The "new and improved" version of ScotlandsPeople that came along with 1921? Census has changed the URL of search results, breaking all the links created before its release. The new format appears to be only temporary and fails some time after the current user logs out. Not sure this is repairable.
posted by Rob Graham
Yes, Scotlands People did a major site update on around Nov 22 which broke Sourcer. I am working on an update to Sourcer.

The new search results URLs of the form only work for one session - so they only work for the user who generated them and only until they log out. The update to Sourcer will attempt to make the existing search URLs in WikiTree profiles work - but only if you have the Sourcer extension installed.

posted by Rob Pavey
Thanks, Rob! I really appreciate the fine work you have done on this extension and have become spoiled by it. Please keep up the good work.
posted by Rob Graham
You could try contacting Scotlands People. Perhaps if enough people do, they will provide a persistent way to cite a search result or record.
posted by Rob Pavey
Done via their "contact us" page.
posted by Rob Graham
The latest version of Sourcer (1.5.2) now works with the updated Scotlands People site. It also has a feature to make the old style search URLs work for users who have the extension installed and enabled.
posted by Rob Pavey
If you live in Scotland you have access to find my past through the National library of Scotland how can you change that option as it does not show on the options
posted by Jean (Tennant) Skar
Hi Jean, I don't live in Scotland so could you give me a bit more detail.

As I understand it the access would be via:

Other than that is it just like the FMP site?

Could you share the URL for a record on that site? I need to know what it starts with.

Thanks, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
I have asked for help for your other questions but you can see as far as I can get live in Norway I can't get past there either as I don't live in Scotland but will get the info for you tomorrow unless someone else posts it her before then thanks Jean

posted by Jean (Tennant) Skar
That should be enough. Thanks very much.
posted by Rob Pavey
If you created a citation for the record above what link would you want to put in the citation? The link to or to ?
posted by Rob Pavey
I asked and got this reply

Doug (McCallum- — Today at 4:22 AM I would say neither. They redirect to the NLS and only residents of Scotland can get an account. Since it redirects to the actual NLS site, reference should be to NLS.

posted by Jean (Tennant) Skar
I have added support for this in version 1.6.0
posted by Rob Pavey
I was pointed toward WT Sourcer by a more-experienced member, in a conversation about references to Ancestry on a profile I created; even after I rebuilt those using the Ancestry Record template, she pointed out that as a non-member she still could not access the images, even though on other profiles she can use links to see images on ancestry... and that finally led to me "ancestry sharing links", a feature that I did not know about.

I see in G2G that there has been recent discussion about sharing links, changes at ancestry, problems with them, and so on. I see in the release notes here a change to Sourcer to build new format sharing links.

I installed the extension (chrome browser) and used it to recreate one of my citations starting from the Ancestry Record template instance that I had in my prior citation. Sourcer build a fine citation (thanks!) and the Sharing and Record links "work", but, if I am not signed in to Ancestry (as would be the case for non-members of Ancestry) then the sharing link just displays a reduced-size, unreadable image of the census page.

Is that as good as it gets now with sharing links? Is this still a work in progress? Or...?



PS the one I tried is reference #13 on William Ticehurst (1800-1871) (I edited it a little, for one thing I did not like the look of one bold prefix alone in the middle of a list without).

posted by Thomas Shanley
Hi Tom,

I recently answered a G2G questions about this here:

As you can see there, there is a way to see a full size image from the new Ancestry sharing links - it is just very obvious. Hopefully Ancestry will implement an easier way to do this at some point.

posted by Rob Pavey
Yes, thanks, Rob, I actually did see that about an hour ago, and I tried it, and yes, it works... not the sort of thing that casual users or visitors will do, and also, if ancestry intended to stop sharing full-size images they probably will regard that as an "exploit" and block it somehow, if they see it being used.

"Hopefully" they will change it.

Anyway I think I understand there is not something better that I should be doing in the markup.



posted by Thomas Shanley
Hi Rob - just want to say what great work you are doing in providing the tool to allow us to search and research in an easier fashion.....

I seem to have lost as part of the drop down choices of research sites, the free bmd website.

Do I need to do something to bring this option back in the drop down or has there been an update as to obtaining a better source instead of using the bmd citations.

I am currently finding bmd through traditional searches.

Thank you. Col


Sorry Rob - have found it under search all sites - can I add it to the drop down for my own use or does it need to be done by you. It would be a nice to have if it is possible. Thank you again

posted by Colin Hardy
edited by Colin Hardy
Hi Colin,

I have added some more documentation on the search menu options here.

The short answer is that you can configure it how you want. Because and BillionGraves have been added it has, by default, pushed FreeBMD and FreeReg off the main menu because, by default, it only shows a maximum of 8 search sites on the main menu. You can increase this number in the options. Or, you can change the priorities so that FreeBMD and FreeRef are higher priority (lower number) than ones that you don't want.

If there are sites that you never use (e.g. if you don't have a FindMyPast of Ancestry sub) then you can set their priority to zero (on main menu and/or submenu) and they will not be shown.

posted by Rob Pavey
In Firefox, I'm trying to Add a Profile in WikiTree, from a Record in FamilySearch or Ancestry.

I select "Build Source Citation" from the Sourcer menu in Ancestry or FamilySearch census record page such as this one:

But then when I look for "Set fields from Citation Data for: <details of person>" on any WikiTree Add Person or Edit Family page I try such as this one:,

the Sourcer menu only says "This web page is not supported by WikiTree Sourcer. It looks like a WikiTree page but not a person profile."

Is this function to fill in the new person fields from a record citation currently working in Firefox? Unless I am missig something...

Thanks for any help, Joe

posted by Joe Murray
edited by Joe Murray
Hi Joe,

Yes, that functionality is working OK for me in Firefox. I tried it with those exact same links and it worked. It sounds like you may have an older version of the extension. This functionality was first added in version 1.3.4 in early September. The latest version is 1.4.3. Cheers, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
Yes I had v.1.0.2 - too old to update even so I removed it and reinstalled.

Works great, and generally much improved - Thank you Rob!

- Joe

posted by Joe Murray
Hello, WikiTree Sourcer is such a great tool for sourcing in the US. Over the last couple of days I have noticed a small issue. If I want to source a US Census, I get an error message like this one:

"Error fetching linked record from URL:, This could be due to internet connectivity issues or server issues. Please try again. "

But my internet is working again, and it is working on many any sites. Apologies if this is not the best place to post this, then please let me know where best to report things like this. Thank you for the great tool! Sven

posted by Sven Elbert
I now have it working properly. Thanks for a great Wiki tool!


A couple of things (perhaps related).

1) I was delighted to have Sourcer introduced to me today and went immediately to add it to my Firefox browser (and yes, the [1] icon showed up in my toolbar). I was shown a list of sites that Sourcer would need permission to access but was not asked to grant permission nor did I see a place to grant permission. 2) When in edit mode on a WikiTree profile, I clicked on [1], selected Ancestry, and was delivered straight away to the search page internal to Ancestry, not at all like the page shown in your video.

I thought, then, that I could simply copy/paste the source URL from my tree, and I did manage to get it linked. In checking out the link, however, I got a Malware warning that disallowed me access to the site. My guess is that's a consequence of 1) above.

How can I get this straightened away, please?

Thanks for help/guidance, Gail

I think in point 1 that is just how Firefox works. It is telling you that the extension wants permission to access those sites. If you don't want it to have permission then you uninstall it or disable it. I may be remembering wrong though. It is a while since I installed an extension in Firefox.

I don't really understand what you are doing on the second point. Are you using the Sourcer [1] menu to build a citation?

The search page it takes you to for Ancestry should be like what is shown in the video so I don't know what is happening there

posted by Rob Pavey
Right, the page I saw on your video is what I expected to see. I think I'll disable/delete the Sourcer app and try re-adding it in Firefox, paying closer attention to various steps in the process.

Thanks, Gail

I am having trouble with your delightful extension for Chrome. I can no longer use it to source from any records on ancestry or familysearch; as soon as I click the icon it opens the "WikiTree Sourcer initializing menu ..." box and does not progress any further no matter how long I wait. Any thoughts as to what could be causing this? Thank you for all you do! I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no luck.
posted by S. Fary
edited by S. Fary
I am aware of a bug in Ancestry census records that just started happening - but that is different.

If you could provide a link to a specific record that doesn't work I can try that but it sounds like it is happening on all Ancestry records for you.

When it does this can you right click on the menu and do "Inspect" and , in the window that comes up, click on the console tab and see if there are any error messages?

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
Thank you for the prompt reply!

Yep, it's happening on all records on both sites. Here is one I tried tonight from FamilySearch:

I do get an error message in the console:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'options_search') at loadOptions (options_storage.mjs:71) at async callFunctionWithStoredOptions (options_loader.mjs:182) options_storage.mjs:65 loadOptions: total sync storage in use is : 0

posted by S. Fary
What happens if you open the options screen?

You can do that several ways:

  1. If you can get the Sourcer menu to come up on any page then there is an "Options" item
  2. Click on the puzzle piece icon to the right of the Sourcer icon, click the 3 dots to the right of WikiTree Sourcer and select options
  3. through the extensions management page ( chrome://extensions/ ). Find the Sourcer extension, click details and then Extension Options

If the options page opens OK you could try pressing the save button and see if that fixes the problem.

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
I can open the extension options page. I pressed save changes - it works, but no change in functionality, unfortunately :(
posted by S. Fary
I get an "undefined " for the built table when loading an Ancestry Census record, but only in Chrome. I just checked Firefox, and the error does not replicate there.
posted by Connie Graham
This is fixed in version 1.4.3. The fix was available on the Firefox store before the Chrome store.
posted by Rob Pavey
I have recently started using the Sourcer. It's FANTASTIC. How did I ever manage without it? It saves so much time, meaning more genealogy research :) Also, the citations look great. I have started improving my citations with what I have learned from the Sourcer's example! Thank you Rob!!!
posted by Chris Orme
When creating the source for a child's birth from Familysearch it formats the data incorrectly. Been meaning to let you know for a couple of weeks, but I get so engrossed, I forget. LOL Latest example:
  • Child Birth Registration: "Illinois, Cook County, Birth Certificates, 1871-1949". Citing FHL microfilm: 1308830; Record number: 118;. FamilySearch Record: N7S6-GJ7 (accessed 31 August 2022). Alice Cain birth 1896 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States.

She wasn't born in Chicago, her son Henry was. Should read something like: Alice Cain in birth of child Henry Green on 4 Jun 1918 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States.

Link to Henry's record:

Love the program and I try to get as many folks to use it as possible. If I update the Sources on an Active Member's Profile(s), I turn them onto this.

posted by LJ Russell
Thanks LJ, this is fixed in version 1.3.4 which I just released (it may take a few days to appear in the Chrome Store). That record now generates this (depends on options):

Alice's son Henry Green was born on 4 June 1918 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States.<ref> Birth Registration of son Henry Green: "Illinois, Cook County, Birth Certificates, 1871-1949" citing FHL microfilm: 1308830; Record number: 118; FamilySearch Record: N7S6-GJ7 (accessed 4 September 2022) Henry Green born to Alice Cain on 4 Jun 1918 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States. </ref>

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
Very nice, Thanks Ron. You da best!
posted by LJ Russell

I have been using this app constantly since I first found it. One item that I would like to bring to your attention. Sometimes the source documents list British Colonial America as the part of the location. Any way for you to search and destroy that phrase when producing the source reference? would be an example

Also really like how you format the Find A Grave source.

posted by Curt Danforth III
Thanks for the suggestion Curt. I will remove British Colonial America from FamilySearch place names in the next release.
posted by Rob Pavey
I love this app. I'm using it on a desktop computer as a Chrome extension. Today for the first time, when I used in on WikiTree, and asked it to search FamilySearch, it successfully got me to FamilySearch. But when I clicked on a record and asked it t build a source, it just has an endless message "WikiT Sourcer Initializing Menu..." I've uninstalled it on chrome and then reinstalled a fresh copy and the same thing happens. Help!
posted by Patti (Stanton) Richey
Hi Patti, could you share a link to a FamilySearch record where it is doing that. There may be something specific about the record that you were on that confuses Sourcer.

Thanks, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
Thanks. I see the problem on the 4th record down on that page. This one:

I will take a look to see if I can fix it.

posted by Rob Pavey
I have a fix. It will be in the next release. Thanks for reporting the problem!
posted by Rob Pavey

First, many many thanks for developing this app for WikiTree. I've been using the app everyday since last year and it makes a world of difference! Second, I apologize in advance, but I'm unclear on how to upgrade to the latest version for Firefox; or is it the case that it automatically updates itself without needing my attention? When I go to the Firefox Extensions site for WikiTree Sourcer, there is a button labeled 'Remove' towards the top of the screen. Do I need to first remove the current version of Sourcer, and then refresh the Firefox Extension site and it will then provide me with an option/button to install the latest version? In the Firefox Add-ons Manager, I see the WikiTree Sourcer and it states that I'm using version 1.01, which was last updated on 10/7/2021. For the automatic updates, the 'Default' radio button is checked. Should this be 'On' rather than 'Default' so that it will actually automatically update itself?


Peter Hiestand

posted by Peter Hiestand
I just had a quick look in Firefox. On the page that says "Manage Your Extensions" there is a gear icon to the right of that text that pops up a menu. There is an item on that menu that says "Update Add-ons Automatically". I have that checked. I imagine that the the "default" that is referred to on the individual extension pages.
posted by Rob Pavey

Thanks for your prompt response,

As requested: You will note that the surname has been incorrectly transcribed as Lago rather than Jago but I shouldn't think that's the problem'

Anyway, I hope I've got the right link.

Thanks again, Norm

posted by Norm Butler
Thanks Norm, yes I get the same error. I will investigate.
posted by Rob Pavey
This bug is fixed in version 1.3.3 which is now available.
posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
I am having trouble getting WikiTree Sourcer past the "WikiTree Sourcer initializing menu ..." for the 1861 Census on this profile:

Doubtless I am doing something wrong, but I know not what! Help/advice would be appreciated, Thanks

posted by Norm Butler
Could you provide a link to the record? I've tried a few possible 1861 census records for this person on FamilySearch and Ancestry and they worked for me.
posted by Rob Pavey

I am having issues getting it to work suddenly. I first noticed it on Find A Grave, it said it didn't look like a memorial page. Now it is saying that I am not on the record page if I try to use it on Ancestry. Windows OS, using Chrome. Deleted extension and reinstalled with no luck. Thanks.

posted by Sarah McKissick
I have heard about the issue with Find A Grave. It looks like that web site has changed the page layout slightly which stops Sourcer from extracting. I will look at that today. I'm not aware of any issue on Ancestry. Could you share a link to an Ancestry record that is not working for you?
posted by Rob Pavey
I have released a new version 1.3.2 which fixes the Find-A-Grave issue. It is currently available for Firefox. It may take a few hours to be available in the Apple App Store. It may take a couple of days to show up in the Chrome store.
posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob,

I just started having trouble getting the sourcer to recognize grave records. Here's one of many sites I was trying use the sourcer to 'Build Narrative with Citation':

This is the error message: This web page is not supported by WikiTree Sourcer. It looks like a WikiTree person profile or free space page but not the right tab. This extension only works on Person Profile and the Profile, Edit or Profile (private view) tab should be selected.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. All the problems started afternoon of 7/20/22. It was working fine in the morning of 7/20/22. I am using Microsoft Edge.

posted by John Powers
edited by John Powers
I am using chrome and it stopped working for me all together. First noticed it on Find A Grave and now it won't work on ancestry....
posted by Sarah McKissick
It looks like Find A Grave has changed the layout of the page slightly. I will take a look today.
posted by Rob Pavey
I have released a new version 1.3.2 which fixes the Find-A-Grave issue. It is currently available for Firefox. It may take a few hours to be available in the Apple App Store. It may take a couple of days to show up in the Chrome store.
posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob,

Whenever I click on the Ancestry links (both the sharing and record links) in the source citations i get "We’re sorry, this page is temporarily unavailable". This is happening on all profiles for the last two days, I am using Chrome.

posted by John Beardsley
Hi John,

I am not seeing that myself. I would guess there it is something local to your machine. Perhaps cookies or a cache issue. I can only suggest restarting your browser. This doesn't seem like anything to do with Sourcer as such. It is either an Ancestry issue or something to do with WikiTree Ancestry templates. Cheers, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob, I keep receiving a tab with this error message when saving a profile at WikiTree:
WikiTree Sourcer Error report.
Error when attempting a dynamic import of the extract data module in a content script.
This may occur in versions of Firefox prior to Firefox 89 and possibly in versions of Safari prior to version 15.
If you get this message it may indicate that the WikiTree Sourcer extension does not work in your browser.
No exception error object.
Input data:
Browser Info
"name": "Firefox",
"vendor": "Mozilla",
"version": "102.0",
"buildID": "20220623063721"
The extension version is 1.2.9
User Agent Info
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:102.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/102.0

Any clue what I'm doing wrong?

Kind regards

posted by Florian Straub
Hi Flo, I'm not sure what is going on there. I tried reproducing it in Firefox but I do not get that error when saving a profile.

Is there any more detail that you could give me to help reproduce it? Does it happen every time that you save a profile? Cheers, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
I just had it with Henßler-16 while I didn't have it with her parents at all yesterday. When editing her page again, it didn't show up. It seems to be timing related. Maybe also has something to do with using WikiTreeBEE in parallel
posted by Florian Straub
It is possible that this is fixed in the latest version of Sourcer (version 1.3.1). It looks like you have 1.2.9. I think I saw something like this on Firefox and suppressed that message in v1.3.0 or 1.3.1
posted by Rob Pavey
Am on v1.3.3. meanwhile and still have it every once in a while. It might be less often, but I'm unsure ...

Anyways: is not a big problem. FamilySearch being German again every new day and Sourcer not being able to create citations without setting it back to English is more annoying ;)

posted by Florian Straub
I had it now three times in a row with Lang-7132, maybe there is something about this particular profile that helps understand it.
posted by Florian Straub
Thanks. I have tried reproducing it in Firefox on that profile but with no luck. As you say, I think it is timing related.

I will put it on my list to look at. I can perhaps try adding a retry in the case of an error.

Do you see any messages in the Javascript console of the wikitree page when this happens?

posted by Rob Pavey
I started getting an error in Chrome saying that WikiTree Sourcer is disabled and to accept the new permissions.

It is: Read and change your data on

I don't recognize the site and so don't have information there.

What does it mean?

posted by Cindy (Carder) McKimm
Hi Cindy,

It is OK to accept the new permissions. Because of the way that Chrome extensions work, when I add support for a new site I have to request permission to access it in the "manifest" file of the extension. For security reasons Chrome then asks the user to allow those permissions. This make sense from a security point of view but is a bit of an inconvenience when I add support for new sites. If an extension asked for permission to your bank's web site for example you would want to deny it. FreeReg is a free UK site where volunteers have transcribed UK parish registers. Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Trevor,

I'd be interested to know if you plan on adding any Android capabilities for this app?

posted by Christine Pike
Hi Christine,

What browser are you using? I do not have an Android device to test on but, in theory, the extension should work on Android devices using both Chrome and Firefox. Rob

Edit: I believe some people are successfully using Sourcer with the Kiwi browser on Android tablets.

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
I am using Firefox on a Sumsung mobile phone. When I go to the Addins link the "Add to Firefox" button is disabled, with only a "Download file" option, which downloads a .xpi file, which seems to just cause an error.

I whenever used Kiwi, I could try that

posted by Christine Pike
Let me know how you get on. As I say, I can't test it myself.

When I publish for Firefox I do check the box to say publish for Android.

posted by Rob Pavey
Dear Rob,

I remain a great fan of the app. As the team leader for Greater London, I am using it on an industrial scale to try to source 4000 unsourced profiles. Adding the census details provides the greatest detail on the profiles and I always add the table. Could you create a setting so that there is the option for both types of census data to be sourced as one operation, ie "Build Narrative with Citation" and "Build household table". Thansk again


posted by Trevor Pickup
Hi Trevor, that is a good suggestion. I am currently adding more options to control what shows up on the menu so I will look at adding that and perhaps making it optional. With that new menu item there would be 5 "Build" items on the menu for a census record:
  • Build Inline Citation
  • Build Narrative with Citation
  • Build Source Citation
  • Build Household Table
  • Build Narrative with Citation and Household Table

Most people are either using inline citations or source citations (not both) so I am thinking of adding checkboxes on the options page to allow the user to disable either of those. I could also add an option for whether to show this new one. Or I could have an option setting to always add a household table (if available) when you do "Build Narrative with Citation" What would work best for you?

posted by Rob Pavey
Dear Rob,

The idea to give people the chance to set options based on their preferences sounds great. I agree that I always tend to go for the same options. I personally would go for

  • Build inline Citation
  • Build Narrative with Citation and Household Table

Hope this helps.

posted by Trevor Pickup
It has been a while coming but the option to generate a household table is now implemented in version 1.3.4,

It is not quite how I described it above. There is now an option under the "Household Table" tab. It is the first option. Let me know if it works out for you.

posted by Rob Pavey

Its a great app but I'm having issues with a single citation. Sourcer is creating this:

  • Child Marriage: "U.S., Cemetery and Funeral Home Collection, 1847-Current"

Luce Funeral Home ~ Luze Funeral Home ~ Reck Funeral Home; Publication Place: Gettysburg, South Dakota, USA; URL: Ancestry Record 2190 #500681718 (accessed 28 April 2022) Allen Eugene Kellogg child marriage on 21 Apr 1956 in St. Lawrence, SD.

From this:

Which is showing this on the page: Name: Allen Eugene Kellogg Gender: Male Death Age: 75 Birth Date: 12 Feb 1937 Birth Place: Burke, South Dakota Marriage Date: 21 Apr 1956 Residence Place: St. Lawrence, SD Death Date: 11 Nov 2012 Burial Date: 16 Nov Father: Francis Kellogg Mother: Mildred Kellogg Spouse: Jo Ann McElroy Child: Cindy Goodrich Kevin Siblings: Beverly Mackey Donald Ernest LeRoy Save

I have run it two or three times to check and the error repeats. I'll try closing and opening Ancestry to see what happens.

New info... I just ran a different citation and it worked fine. Then reran the problem citation and same problem occurred. The citation is definitely for an older man but the word child is mentioned but only as one of a number of survived by or relatives.

posted by John Kessler Jr.
edited by John Kessler Jr.
Hi John,

Thanks for the info. Ancestry is a bit frustrating because most of their records do not have a "record type". Sourcer needs to classify a record into a type for certain features to work (the meaningful title, the narrative and the "sentence" form of the data at the end of the citation). If any of these features are enabled it tries hard to figure out how to classify it. In this case it doesn't recognize the collection title and it ends up deciding that because it has a "Marriage Date" field and a "Child" field that it is a child marriage - there are records where that is pretty much the entire record. This series of tests that it does is always evolving as I get reports of misclassified or unclassified records. I will address this one for the next release. Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
I like the findagrave option but the first name must be exactly the same for it to work. How about using a wild card or skip the first name completely in the search?
posted by Jim Vondrak
Yes, the Find-a-Grave search options are not great. At least it is very easy to remove the first name with one click when looking at the search results. I could look at adding some options for the Find-a-Grave search (on the options page).
posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob, I am getting "undefined" in copied citation - started last night UK time.

Example GRO URL:

Thanks, Rob (another Rob)

posted by Rob Wilson
Sorry about that Rob. This is a bug I introduced in v 1.2.3. It only affects the GRO citations.

I actually found the bug before 1.2.3 hit the Chrome Store and had a fix ready but Chrome doesn't let you submit a new version until the one in the queue is reviewed. So 1.2.3 is now in the store with the bug, but the fix is in 1.2.4 which is still waiting to be reviewed. Their turnaround time seems to be about 2 days at the moment and it has been in the queue for a day. So hopefully you will get the fix today.

Cheers, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
Version 1.2.4 is now available in the Chrome store. So it is now available on all browsers. This fixes the GRO citation resulting in "undefined".
posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob,

Can the Sourcer start using the new templates for FamilySearch?


posted by Debi (McGee) Hoag
Yes definitely. I will put it on my list and hope to get to it fairly soon.
posted by Rob Pavey
This is now implemented in version 1.1.2
posted by Rob Pavey
Very nicely done app. One caveat: for record matches found on Ancestry, to browse and abstract from those, the user still has to have an Ancestry subscriber account.
posted by Porter Fann
This is a wonderful time-saver, Rob. Thanks for creating it. One question: The Social Security Death Index gives a "Last Residence" data point. The WT Sourcer app's citation builder is characterizing this as the place of death. I don't believe this is necessarily the case. The SSDI data point is derived from the last address to which a check was mailed, but the place of death can easily be different from this.
posted by Bill Feidt
Hi, I purchased the app about a week ago, it doesn’t do anything, I tried turning something on in Safari, but still nothing happened.

I let Apple know I was having a problem with it, but then I got busy & never had time to get back to it. Can you either give a more detailed description of what to do, or can I have a refund please? The app apparently isn’t what I thought it was, but that’s my fault for not reading all the fine print. However, that aside, I can’t make it work.

posted by Joy (Flanagan) Lewis
Hi Joy, I can help you get it working - using extensions in Safari can be confusing because all the App does is install the extension in Safari. What device are you using it on? (e.g. Mac, iPad, iPhone). That affects how you will access the extension within Safari.

Refunds are handled through the Apple App Store and I'm afraid I have no control over that.

posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Ron, thank you for getting back to me.

I mainly use Chrome on the computer (haven’t tried to use searcher on there yet) but I also use an iPad & possibly my iPhone from time to time. Regards Joy

posted by Joy (Flanagan) Lewis
On iPad, after you have run the WikiTree Sourcer App the extension will be available in Safari. In Safari you should see an icon that looks like a jigsaw puzzle piece on the right hand side of the URL bar. Tap on that and a menu will come up. If the menu does not yet contain "WikiTree Sourcer" then click on "Manage Extensions" on the menu and turn on the switch next to WikiTree Sourcer. Then click on the puzzle piece again and you should see WikiTree Sourcer on the menu. Click that and select to option to allow WikiTree Sourcer to access this page (assuming that you are on a page that Sourcer supports). Once you have allowed access then the "[1]" icon will show up to the left of the puzzle piece icon and you can access Sourcer through that.

Sorry it is a bit complicated on iPad that is how all extensions work on Safari on iOS.

posted by Rob Pavey
I have a link error (error 404) for the GRO death record for this person: Sourcer generated:

Death Registration: "England & Wales General Register Office" GRO Online Indexes - Death Lewins, Thomas (Age at death: 38). GRO Reference: 1838 Oct-Nov-Dec in The Berwick Upon Tweed Union Volume 25 Page 7.

The 2nd link in the reference produces the error.

Many thanks, Rob

posted by Rob Wilson
Hi Rob,

Thanks for reporting that. I have a mapping from the district names used on the GRO to the web page names used by UKBMD. There are still a few cases where it is not complete so I will add that one.

posted by Rob Pavey
I continue to love this app! Rob is a genius at navigating between the different versions of Ancestry and its record types. The menu item "Sourcer: Open Link in New Tab" is inspired. I was wondering, have you figured out a way to navigate from an Ancestry sharing page back to the indexed or image page?
posted by Kerry Larson
Hi Kerry, sorry for delay replying. I just took a look and that does seem feasible. I will add it to the list.
posted by Rob Pavey
There is a problem with how the narrative and citation are being generated for people who are listed in someone else's obituary. It doesn't happen often. This record is being marked as a marriage.
posted by Miyako Jones
WikiTree Sourcer can't create a source for this page:

Alternate URL (that also doesn't work):

posted by Miyako Jones
Thanks for letting me know. I am traveling for most of February but will take a look when I get back
posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob

There is a slight discrepancy with the citation production. If you go to this page and request an inline citation - you get - <ref> Child Baptism: "England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975"

FamilySearch (accessed 27 January 2022)

Charlotte baptism on 28 May 1882 in Enfield, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom. </ref>

It says Charlotte baptism in the last line, but it is actually the baptism of her son Charles. - it seems to always save the name of the person who the record is attached to rather than the actual person. Minor issue and easily sorted, but would nice for it to be fixed if you can.

Fabulous app

Keep up the good work

posted by Jules Harris
Thanks for letting me know Jules. It looks like the code for the narrative handles it correctly but the code for the sentence form of the data does not. I will put it on my list to fix.
posted by Rob Pavey
Some minutes after installation: I just love your icon (the household tables also pretty neat, it seems)

Some minutes later: is there maybe a way to contribute with support for additional websites?

posted by Florian Straub
edited by Florian Straub
I am planning to make WikiTree Sourcer open source soon and invite other programmers to work on support for additional sites. Are you interested?
posted by Rob Pavey
Could at least take a look at it, yes. May it be that Sourcer has a problem today?
posted by Florian Straub
I am not aware of any problems with Sourcer today.
posted by Rob Pavey
Found it: FamilySearch switched itself to German. When I went back to English, then all was fine.
posted by Florian Straub
Using chrome on iPad. On chrome store, it indicates I've added the app to the desktop ("Added to desktop"), but I see no "[1]" to the right of the chrome search box as illustrated on your screenshot. I've tried mobile as well as desktop view. I've updated my chrome app. Please advise. Thanks.

Edited to add: I also updated my iPad OS to current version. Still no app showing anywhere.

posted by Jillaine Smith
edited by Jillaine Smith
The only way to use the extension on iPad that I know of is in Safari. To do this:
  1. Buy "WikiTree Sourcer" in the app store
  2. Run the "WikiTree Sourcer" app that will show up on your phone like any other app (not in the browser). This then installs it in the browser.
  3. You should now see the [1] in Safari on supported pages

I have read some web pages that suggest that once you have the app (from Apple App store) you can then use the extension in Chrome. I have not tested this though. Apple is not allowing extensions from the Chrome or Firefox store to work on iOS devices.

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
Yes I've got it now on Safari. I just don't use Safari... I played with it a bit yesterday, but did not see how it was different than using Rootsearch. I need to try it on my laptop.
posted by Jillaine Smith
Love this app BTW,

You know how you can Build citation with the UK GRO, I was wondering if you can please do something similar with the New Zealand BDM; (Birth,Death, Marriage), it will help the New Zealand researchers a lot, thanks

posted by Campbell Braddock
Was told about the Chrome extension by another Wikitree user, Dickson-4413. I just downloaded and worked out how to get citation from Ancestry. Will be spending tomorrow adding citations to the profiles I have recently added.

Many thanks Rob for making the process so easy.

posted by Sue Wyatt
Love this extension, but can't figure out how to Pin it in Opera :(
Thanks to Linda Peterson, I am now an enthusiastic fan of WikiTree Sourcer. And, of course, thanks to you for developing it.
posted by Norm Butler

Just got told about this app today and tried it, it is great, already used it to improve some profiles. Looking forward to when it will work with OPC Cornwall and MyHeritage and Freecen. Thank you for your efforts in creating this tool.

posted by Gary Burgess
Will this app work with Microsoft Edge?
posted by D. (Muir) Gainer
Yes I'm told that it does. In Edge go to the chrome web store link on this page and Click the "Add to Chrome" button. It will then show up in Edge.
posted by Rob Pavey
Rob, this app is great. I love it that it works well with the library edition of, and even finds the free sharing images automatically -- great feature, a real time-saver. I have been using the Ancestry library edition at home during the pandemic, since Ancestry permits that, and my library was willing to set it up. That is also very convenient. But I expect that one of these days Ancestry will decide the pandemic is over, and will disallow further use of the library edition at home. And I doubt if any library will look kindly on a user installing a WikiTree browser extension for this app on one or more of their computers (even if they have a supported browser and it's somehow possible). So the question becomes, Is there any possible workaround that could be used to create the sharing URL or the sharing template? Even if it's not fully automatic, as in the current implementation, is there any ancestry data I could either copy to a flash drive at the library, or e-mail to myself, that would enable me to generate the sharing URLs or templates at home later?

I could not log into Ancestry at home in that scenario, and I would note that when I am logged into at home now, I do not have the option to generate a sharing link on the tools menu of an image. I don't know if that option will become available again when I use the site at the library. Thanks!

posted by Dennis Barton
Hi Dennis,

I don't think there is any way do that when using the library edition in person at the library. There is no way to generate the sharing link without being logged in to Ancestry and, as you say, it is probably not possible to install the extension when at the library.


posted by Rob Pavey
The Household Table is also a timesaver but I would like it to appear inline with the other sources. Currently is comes up on the far left edge. It may be me not understanding the WikiTree formatting commands. Any help would be great.
posted by John Kessler Jr.
Hi John,

It sounds like you want to put the household table in the bulleted list of sources at the end of the profile. It is not possible to put a table in a bulleted list and have it be part of the list item. The tables work better when put in as part of the narrative event.

If you look at the WikiTree Sourcer options on the Household Tables tab there is a choice between a table and a list. If you change it to list and then at the bottom select either "Twice indented lines" or "bulleted inner list" you may get the effect that you want.

posted by Rob Pavey
I am using the table to supplement the information in the bulleted item directly above it since that is the source information. In some of the profiles I have three or four tables that represent the family structure nicely as childrem are born, leave home, or whatever. My question is whether there is a way to format the table so it moves in line with the other source information. If this was Word no problem but I'm at al loss here.
posted by John Kessler Jr.
Thank you so much for this, its just fab.

I don't know if its just me, but i think it's not working 100% on the 1911 census. I really like the feature of buiding a table, I used to do this manually in word, then copy it over! it is putting the occupation in full caps and not mixed as it does in other years. also its puts leading zeros in the age column, so you could be 038 or 007. This happened every time i pulled down the census for that year, but not for other years. Ward-32126 was the profile i was working on when this happened. Please don't think I'm moaning, I think its a great gadget.

p.s. also really like the gedcom tidy tool.

posted by Hazel (Ward) Archer
edited by Hazel (Ward) Archer
Hi Hazel, thanks for reporting that. I could add some code to change all upper case occupations (or may all fields) to mixed case.

I will also take a look at the leading zeros on the ages.

posted by Rob Pavey
This app is a game changer.

I noticed this return with family search

  • Marriage: "Germany, Baden, Church Book Duplicates, 1804-1877"

Citing p. 240, volume {record.getField('SOURCE_VOLUME')}, Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg (Provincial Archives), Freiburg, Germany. FamilySearch (accessed 23 October 2021) Katharine Barbara Müller in entry for Jacob Blatt, 22 May 1826

the page data for volume was Landesarchiv Baden-Wurthemberg-Staatsarciv L10 band 2463 (part of that string is in the return)

Is this an issue with family search data or the app's mapping of the page?

posted by George Morstadt
edited by George Morstadt
Hi George,

Currently for FamilySearch I reuse parts of the citation of the FamilySearch page. In this case it looks like the FS Citation text has that error in it. I do plan, at some point, to change the FS citations to use the same system as Ancestry and FMP where it builds the citation in the extension. What would your ideal citation for that record be? Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
I just went back and looked at the record you are correct. on the familysearch page the volume is correct in the record text. but it is not correct in the citation text. I guess I need to report this bug to them. While I am not a punctuation toting citation expert. I will give you my input on citations. For Wikitree I think your format is excellent, I really like your addition of the description of the type of record in bold at the start of the record. I use family tree maker as my primary database, That has a two level structure for sources. "Source"- where all the database/author/repository info is stored and "citations" where the individual record description/website/pages are stored. So when I use your tool to create a new 'source citation' into FTM I have to delete all the source level info (because that is already stored at the source level) and I have to move the website to the field specific for that info. So my ideal for your app would be to have another option in your menu like your citation and inline citation that would be "build citation without source info" (this would contain only the citation level info). Have a thank you again for this app!!
posted by George Morstadt
Thank you so much for this sourcer! Ran into an issue with creation of a household table from a census record. Not sure if this is a WikiTree Sourcer issue, or more likely, perhaps something is off with this particular record, as many other tables created just before this one. Here is the page that generates the error message: This is part of the error message (I don't think I got all of the end bit): v=An error occurred during Building Table

ReferenceError: RT is not defined at Module.buildHouseholdTable (chrome-extension://jaokbnmpdigpgfjckhgpdacpcokipoha/library/utils/table_builder.mjs:320:28) at chrome-extension://jaokbnmpdigpgfjckhgpdacpcokipoha/library/fs/popup_fs.js:77:38 at async doAsyncActionWithCatch (chrome-extension://jaokbnmpdigpgfjckhgpdacpcokipoha

posted by Cheryl Cruise
Thanks for reporting that Cheryl. I have a fix for the next release. In the meantime you can avoid the error by unchecking the "Add a caption above the table." option.
posted by Rob Pavey