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WikiTree Sourcer is a free Browser Extension developed by Rob Pavey that helps the user to search for sources and cite them, thus saving a lot of time and manual typing.

It focuses on three goals:

  1. From a WikiTree profile page it provides the ability to search other genealogy websites for relevant records.
  2. From one of these genealogy websites' records page it can extract data and build a citation.
  3. Also from one of these genealogy websites records page it can search other genealogy websites for similar records. For example on an Ancestry page it can help find free versions of the same original source.

The extension is still in active development as features and supported sites are added.

NEW: Watch the Intro Video here. NOTE: The video was made with a slightly older version of the extension. There is no longer an "Insert ..." menu item - you just use paste now.


How to install

The extension is free to install and use. It works in many different browsers.

  • For Chrome, Opera, Brave, Edge, Vivaldi and other Chromium based browsers , install it from the Chrome Web Store.
  • For Firefox install it from the Firefox Add-ons page.
  • It is not currently released on Safari but a version is in beta test.

After installing if you already have pages open for WikiTree, Ancestry etc then you will have to do a reload on those pages before the extension will work on them.

For efficient use of the extension you will want to "pin" the extension (under the jigsaw-piece icon in Chrome) so that the "[1]" always shows up in the toolbar.

Before using too much check out the options page ("Options..." on the menu). There are different options for formatting and you can select which countries your subscriptions for Ancestry and FMP are in.

Current status

Currently the Ancestry, FindMyPast, FamilySearch, GRO and FreeBMD sites are supported so you can search those from a WikiTree profile and build citations from those sites and search from one to another.

I have auto generation of the free Ancestry sharing links working when you build an Ancestry citation.

User Guide

Everything in WikiTree Sourcer is done via the popup menu which is accessed via the [1] icon in the toolbar of the browser.

When on a WikiTree profile (in read or edit mode) the menu allows you to search other sites for sources for this profile.

When on an Ancestry, FindMyPast or FamilySearch record page, or a GRO search page or a FreeBMD "Entry Information" page the menu allows you to create a citation or search other sites for information on the person.

There are three options for creating a citation:

  1. Build Inline Citation - creates a inline citation
  2. Build Narrative with Citation - creates some narrative text followed by an inline citation
  3. Build Source Citation - creates a citation suitable for pasting after the == Sources == line.

The citation is put into the paste buffer (clipboard) so you can use Ctrl+V/Cmd+V or whatever your platform/browser uses for paste to insert into the WikiTree biography.


If your search finds more than one record then click the radio button next to the one that you want and then bring up the popup menu to build the citation. By default it will use the first match.

With default options a GRO birth citation will look like this:

Birth Registration: "England & Wales General Register Office"
GRO Online Indexes - Birth (accessed 6 August 2021)
Pavey, Mary Eliza (Mother's maiden name: Ellacott).
GRO Reference: 1844 Jul-Aug-Sep in East Stonehouse Volume 09 Page 338.


With default options an Ancestry citation will look something like this:

1861 Census: "1861 England Census"
Class: RG 9; Piece: 122; Folio: 40; Page: 11; GSU roll: 542577
Ancestry Sharing Link Ancestry Record 8767 #5010161 (accessed 2 September 2021)
Harry A Pavey (8) son, in household of William H Pavey (54) in Pancras registration district. Born in Plymouth, Devon, England.


When I search Ancestry it takes me to the wrong site (and asks me to sign up)

By default WikiTree Sourcer uses the site. But there is an option to tell it where your subscription is:

WTS Options page: Ancestry Subscription

Technical Support

To report a bug please add a comment on this Free Space Page with a link to the page you were on when you saw the bug.

We have a community of members discussing the extension, reporting issues and making suggestions on a "Rob Pavey Apps" Discord Server. If you would like to join please send a PM to me (Rob Pavey).

Wish List

Here is a list of enhancements that I have planned or that have been requested by users (this will probably move to another page).


  • Safari browser support
  • Allow Build Citation on FamilySearch image page (sometimes there is no transcription)
  • Census narratives could include occupation and household details
  • Change the Options page to have two dimensional tabs - for site and feature
  • Add the ability to search for a WikiTree profile from records (or person pages) on other sites.
  • Automatically create named references if the same citation is used in more than one place on the profile.
  • Improve visibility of extension icon in toolbar. Possibly switch icons when browser is in light or dark mode. Possibly grey out icon for pages that the extension does not support.
  • Option put put date in bold in narrative
  • Option to put the person's name in bold in the data string or table in a citation.

New sites to support

  • Find a Grave
  • FreeREG
  • FreeCEN
  • Scotland's People
  • England OPCs (Particularly Cornwall and perhaps Lancashire)
  • UK National Archives Discovery
  • Google Books
  • Dutch sites: openarch and wiewaswie

Release Notes

Release notes are on a separate free space page

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In Ancestry the app recognizes the pages but it hangs at the "Building citation ..." message. I have let it sit for several minutes but no luck.

Hope it is just slow internet. First time this has been an issue. John Kessler

posted by John Kessler Jr.
edited by John Kessler Jr.
Hi John,

Is this happening on all Ancestry pages for you or just specific ones? Could you share a link to a page where it fails? Which browser and platforms are you using? (e.g. Chrome on Mac). Usually if the text "Building citation..." stays up for more than a second or two it means there was an exception (an unexpected error that causes the Javascript code to fail completely). I am currently working on some changes that will catch such an error and provide more information. Cheers, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob

As one of the more "mature" (OAP) users of WT, I find this wonderful. I do, however, have a problem, but I feel sure it must be something I am doing or not doing. As far as I can see, it only searches on the married name of a married woman on FS. Rootsearch is a bit tiresome in that its default search is the maiden name, but manually entering the married name instead completes the picture. I was on Steele-2315 and her married name of Pearson was the only data suggested. I got her christening off Rootsearch. Is it me?

Nick Kennedy

posted by Nick Kennedy
Hi Nick,

Thanks for your feedback. There are several choices on how to search FS from a WikiTree profile using the extension. Using Steele-2315 as an example:

1. The "default search". This is when you click on the "Search FamilySearch" text (and not the little > to the right of it)

In this case it uses the maiden name (Steele) as the primary name and the married name (s) (Pearson) as alternate name. Due to the mysteries of the FS search algorithm all the 20 search results on the first page are using the name Pearson. Her christening under the name "Steele" is the 25th match on the 2nd page.

  • In this case you can easily erase the name Pearson from the box "Alternate last name" on the FS page and press the blue Search box at the bottom. This gets her christening as the first result.

2. Search with Parameters. In the Sourcer menu click the ">" to the right of "Search FamilySearch".

This gives you a sub-menu. Click "Search with specified parameters". This gives you some choices about what to include in the search. So if you are looking for her baptism you can:

  • change the first selector to "Births, Baptisms & Christenings"
  • unselect the name "Pearson"
  • unselect the spouse name
  • leave the parents selected

This finds her christening as the first search result. Not all of those selections are required in this case. Just unchecking Pearson would do the job.

I hope that helps, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
I know you have a lot on your plate Rob with the WT Sourcer, but here's another heaping spoonful.

The Sourcer cannot currently create a full citation from an image page. The indexed information was not on the image page (edit: it was at the bottom) as best I remember, but that seems to have changed. When an image page is open, select the ->| icon. The Detail tab says, "To select a record, please open the Index". If you do that, now the Detail tab fills with the exact same info as the indexed record. The Source tab also contains the same source info as the indexed record. An example: (unselected), (name selected), (indexed record).

Since the same info is available on the image page as the indexed record, perhaps you'd consider adding the option for creating citations from the image page? My reason for requesting this is that as far as I know, there is not a way to get from the image page to the indexed record directly. The only way I've ever been able to do is to go to the repository search page from the top of the image page and search for the indexed name. You're a wizard at this Rob, so perhaps you know the secret. If there is a way to go directly from the image page to the indexed page then my request may be superfluous.

Thanks again for a great resource.

posted by Kerry Larson
edited by Kerry Larson
Hi Kerry,

It is odd that on Ancestry does not provide a link to get from that index on the image back to the record page. One reason that I never use Ancestry Image links in WikiTree Sourcer is that (as you say)) you can get from the record to the image but not vice-versa. I'm curious what the reason would be to support creating citations from the image page? How have you got to the image page without going via the record. I assume that it is because someone manually created a citation with only the image link? As you demonstrate above it is fairly simple to create the URL for the record page once you have an indexed person selected on the image page (since all the required info is in the URL). It just requires a bit of copy/pasting in the URL. So it would probably be simple to add something to WikiTree Sourcer to go from the image page (once the user has selected someone in the index) back to the record page.

posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob,

"How have you got to the image page without going via the record." It's fairly common that I will browse the images one at a time. This is usually happens because the indexing is very inaccurate such as in non-English records, not just names, but also locations and dates. They can be so bad that the record isn't found in a search even when the details are known.

I didn't mention it in my initial message, but another reason, possibly a better one, would be those huge number of images that don't have an index at all. In this case, you could only create a citation from the basic source info since the records are not-indexed. But that would still give the user a big head start over manually creating all of the citation elements. Example:

posted by Kerry Larson
Thanks. I had not seen Ancestry images that had no index. I am currently working on building citations for FamilySearch images so I will take a look at Ancestry ones also.
posted by Rob Pavey
This is now implemented in version 1.0.3.

You can create citations on Ancestry image pages. There is also a menu item to go to the Record Page if you have a person selected in the index.

posted by Rob Pavey
"There is also a menu item to go to the Record Page if you have a person selected in the index." This alone is worth the price of admission. I can't believe you figured it all out let alone implemented it this quickly.

One quirky thing about Wikitree's external link template for image pages is that it just shows "Image" and doesn't say Ancestry anywhere. You may want to add that. Another think I like to do is to add the image #, for example "494 of 1048" or 494/1048.

More fantastic work Rob. Thank you!

Edit: Woops! Looked like you've added the Ancestry Sharing template as well, so "Ancestry" does now appear in the citation.

posted by Kerry Larson
edited by Kerry Larson
Great work on the FamilySearch image pages as well. (1) On the two pages I tested, I'm seeing "Image path: undefined". Is that to be expected? See below. (2) I would request the film # or DGS # be included if available.

  • "Tax books". Catalog: Tax books Tax books 1795-1797, 1799-1823, 1827-1830, 1834; Image path: undefined> image 1155 of 1399. FamilySearch Image (accessed 16 October 2021)
posted by Kerry Larson
Thanks Kerry,

I have published a new version (1.0.4) with a few fixes for image citations. It fixes the "undefined" issue and adds "image n of N" to the Ancestry citations.

posted by Rob Pavey
Sheer genius. Thank you so much. Can't tell you how appreciated this is!

From a grateful technology troglodyte.

This is wonderful! Thanks so much. Now when I am sourcing, it's very little trouble to add all the sources! Very little typing and easy to add in extra detail to the citation if I want. (I like to include household members in Census citations and other details on birth/death records).
posted by s Davenport
Sounds really good but as I am usually on WT via iPhone, please keep Safari on top of wish list! (Wouldn’t work with iPhone Firefox) Chris
posted by Chris Little
Yes, it sounds like the only way to make it work on iOS would be to make a Safari extension and publish it through the App Store. I am doing some experiments with a Safari version.
posted by Rob Pavey
Let me know when you have a Safari version. Wouldn't use any other browser.

Ta Martin

I have a beta version available for Safari. You have to jump through a few hoops to get it installed. If you are interested send me a PM and I will send instructions.
posted by Rob Pavey
This is an awesome extension! It saves an enormous amount of time. Thanks!
posted by Sue (Farrell) LaVoie
Dang Rob, this is fantastic. I have a large amount of older Profile loaded by GEDCOM from when I first started and have be revisiting them to bring them up to WikiTree present Standards. I have been able to reduce my time on each Profile by 40% and expect to be faster as I get used to this utility.

Just two things I might suggest.

1) On Ancestry, the utility copies the Social Security number on records in the Social Security Death Index file into the citation. We're not supposed to include them on Profile for Privacy reasons. I'm deleting them, but others might not notice it was included. Can you parse that out? There are a few other records on Ancestry where this number is included as well, but I can't think of them right now.

2) My sight isn't what it used to be and when viewing a finished citation where there is a link to the record and a link to the image, these sort of run together to me. Could you insert a bullet • (U+2022) between them to break them up? EX: Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General. Ancestry Sharing Link • Ancestry Record 2375 #1623136 (accessed 8 October 2021). Please don't use < br/ > here. These have a tendency to make the citation larger when viewed in real mode and it seems this is disliked by a lot of folks on WikiTree.

Keep up the good work, I owe you a pint or two. wink, wink, nudge, nudge

posted by LJ Russell
edited by LJ Russell
Thanks for the feedback - good suggestions
posted by Rob Pavey
I have implemented both of those requests in version 1.0.2 which I published today.
posted by Rob Pavey
Now that's what I call service. Thanks.
posted by LJ Russell
Dear Rob,

Amazing time saver and great piece of kit. Thank you

posted by Trevor Pickup
The (UK) GRO citation feature is brilliant! Lets you easily cite mother's maiden surname from a birth registration.
posted by Rob Wilson

I saw your sourer add on and decided to give it a go. I followed the video exactly and in all instances with the sites you link to I need to sign up or be be signed in to access anything. I do have a family search account but I NEVER leave myself logged into any site when I'm not using them.

Is this helpful aid only for MEMBERS of the source sites you have listed?

You have put a lot of work into this I just want to make sure I have done everything right so far.

Thanks Robert

posted by Robert Bolton
FreeBMD is free and does not require any sign-up AFAIK.

GRO and FamilySearch are free but require a login. Ancestry and FindMyPast require a paid subscription but are the sites with the most records (for England at least).

If you are not already logged in then of course a search via the extension will take you to the login screen. For FMP, FS and Ancestry once you login it will then proceed to the search results in my experience. For GRO, once you login, redo the search from the extension and it will take you to the populated search page.

posted by Rob Pavey
Thanks Rob for a really helpful time-saving add-on

It seems to work effectively and efficiently. Well done! I will use it extensively I'm sure. However, it does appear to make some assumptions. I did a search from this Profile: searching on using specific parameters Category: Birth, Marriage & Death Sub-Category: Death, Burial, Cemetery & Obituaries Unless I'm much mistaken this record is for a Burial (or possibly death): The Sourcer narrative citation reads: <ref> Child Baptism: "West Yorkshire, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1512-1812"

West Yorkshire Archive Service; Wakefield, Yorkshire, England; Yorkshire Parish Records; New Reference Number: WDP32/4

Ancestry Sharing Link Ancestry au Record 2256 #604340115 (accessed 7 October 2021)

Miles Lumb baptism. </ref> The inline citation is very similar. It hasn't picked up that this is a burial. Should this be a citation for the burial of Michl (sic) (Michael) Lumb on 14 Feb 1794? The heading at the top of the image page reads Nomina Sepultor. Obviously use the Sourcer critically, it doesn't replace good old common sense! Hope a fix can be worked out! And again thank you: what a fantastic tool Neil

posted by Neil Stewart
Hi Neill,

Thanks for reporting that. It is a tricky one since that record page doesn't say anywhere on it that it is a burial. It is actually the record for the father of the person being buried. If you click on the child link and make a citation on that page it will correctly identify it as a burial. I could automatically fetch the child page to figure it out (I don't do ever do that currently), or I could put more safety guards in the string matching of the collection title and call it "Unclassified". Cheers, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
Thanks Rob

Yes indeed, drilling down to the person (in this case Michl Lumb) gives the correct citation. Impressive... it provides all that is needed in the citation. Again a great initiative. The WikiTree community is indebted to you. Cheers, Neil

posted by Neil Stewart
In version 1.0.2 it will treat this parent record as unclassified as that seems better than making the wrong guess. At some point it could peek into the child record to see that it is a burial.
posted by Rob Pavey
Thank you so much for making my life SO EASY.

Ever since joining WikiTree I have struggled in formatting sources and being consistent and for some reason not fully comprehending the documentation, your plugin helps me understand the docs by real examples. I just updated the profile on McGuiness-216 using your add on via firefox, looks so much better than what I had there yesterday.

I do have one issue, at present I am using whilst I have limited time access. Your extension caters for not Do you have any ideas?

Again THANK YOU A Coffee or two coming your way soon. NG Hill

Note: I noticed I used the words "plug in", "extension" and "add on" all meaning the same thing, I would get confused if I read it wondering if the terms meant differing things - sorry readers.

posted by NG Hill
edited by NG Hill
Thanks. I will add support for in the next version. Don't worry about the naming. Google (Chrome) calls them extensions and Mozilla (Firefox) calls them add-ons.
posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
"The extension has very little impact unless you are actively using it. It does not modify any web pages and does nothing (other than registering a listener) unless its popup menu is used." Could you please explains what happens when the "UNLESS" happens? Thanks
posted by Elizabeth (McKibbon) Godon
edited by Elizabeth (McKibbon) Godon
All I mean is that the extension should not affect performance at all since it is not doing anything until you click the icon to bring up the popup menu. I will reword that sentence a bit.

When you do use the popup menu it will read information from the current tab to determine what kind of genealogy page it is. It only does this if it is one of the pages it has permission to access (you can see this list in the Chrome/Mozilla store). It will then extract the info needed to build a citation or perform a search.

It does not change anything on any web site. It is up to you to paste the citation of table where you want it.

posted by Rob Pavey
Thanks for the reply, live with a programmer and know all too well that 'Things Happen' how many people was this rolled out to before put into production?
I would like to try the new extension using Chrome. Thank you so much for making all our lives a bit easier!
posted by Cindi Bonney
Rob -- very, very nice, and timely, too, given the way FamilySearch has unknowingly made it more difficult to copy their records. I am one of those in the minority, I think, who believe that more is better in terms of displaying data provided in sources since it can provide insights when seen in full, e.g. noticing that a person was staying in a boarding house run by his brother's future wife... The option to make a household table is great -- and visually attractive -- and it looks flexible so that I can add columns for the additional data from a US census record, e.g. parents' birthplaces. My priority wish, though, would be to add an option that also copies the more detailed breakdown listed in a FamilySearch or Ancestry record -- which I'm sure you must have considered and have reasons why you didn't include it. For me, a death record that just notes 'John Smith in the record of Jane Smith, 1893.' without the age, birth date, spouse, place of death, etc. misses out on extremely valuable information. How were you seeing it?
posted by Thomas Randolph
Hi Thomas,

Have you tried the option Citation / Ancestry : "Include record data at end of citation as:"? Try setting it to list or table. This will include all the data extracted from the record rather than a summary sentence. If works for Ancestry and FMP at present. Currently I reuse the citation on the FamilySearch page but I have it on my list to provide this option for FS at some point. Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
Rob, This tool sound great. I downloaded it in Chrome, went to a wiki profile and i got the error: "This web page is not supported by WikiTree Sourcer. It looks like a WikiTree page but not a person profile."

What am I doing wrong"

posted by George Morstadt
Hi George,

I tried that profile and it works for me.

Do you have any other extensions installed that might be changing the layout of the page?

If that turns out to be the case I can try to reproduce the problem and see if WikiTree Sourcer can handle that case.

Cheers, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
Thank you Rob,

I am running google translate in chrome and that is a french/English profile. I tried it on a English only profile it worked. I also tried the orginal profile in firefox and that worked. Again Great! program

posted by George Morstadt
This is fantastic! Using on Chrome -- it's going to save a ton of work. You deserve the biggest badge for this.
I just installed and tried the Firefox extension - Amazing!

I normally use Safari but will switch to Firefox when using Wikitree just for the Citation feature this extension offers.

posted by Joseph Murray
I would like to be added to your Beta Testers list. Thank you.
posted by D. (Williams) Smith
Hi. Nice extension. I just tried it for the first time on an Ancestry source (an old baptism record) where Ancestry had the father's name wrongly transcribed ("Hen" instead of "Wm"). I can correct this error on WikiTree easily enough, but how do I correct the information on the image page you reach through the "Ancestry Sharing link"?
posted by Steve Miall
Hi Steve,

If you are asking how to submit a correction to Ancestry you can't do that through the sharing link - you need to use the record link. Cheers, Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
I'd like to be a beta tester as well. I have a question, when I get to the image I want to source on Family search and I select the Wiki Tree Sourcer, it gives me this: "WikiTree Sourcer initializing menu...". How do I source from an image on Family Search? I know how to do it without your program. Will your program only work with research that it finds, or can I find the image and then have your sourcer source it?
Currently WT Sourcer will only create citations on FamilySearch *record* pages, not on image pages. You raise an interesting point though - since many images on FS are not transcribed they do not have associated record pages, so it would be useful to create a citation for the image. I will add that to the "to do" list.

I have sent you an invite to the Discord server.

posted by Rob Pavey
In version 1.0.3 you can now build citations on FamilySearch image pages
posted by Rob Pavey
Hello, I would like to be listed as a Beta tester also. Impatiently as I am I have just uploaded the extension to Firefox, but it still does not work.

Thank you for making it. I suppose, it will be a great help to my ancestry search. I have familytrees on WikiTree, on Familysearch, on and on Ulrike Leo

posted by Ulrike Leo
Would love to try it but I use Safari exclusively.
posted by Paul Campbell
I have it working locally on Safari. Apple make it a bit complicated to publish and require you to pay an annual fee of $99 to join their developer program. I'm trying to get that waived since it is a free extension.
posted by Rob Pavey
Paul, if you are up for jumping through a few hoops I do have a beta version for Safari on Mac. PM me if you would like to try it.
posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob,

I have collected all of my family particulars on the free Family Search website as I find their presentation easy to use for someone like me with a logical mind but limited computer abilities (an age thing - I am 81 next month) - this includes all documentary evidence such as BMD's, census records plus valuation records for Scottish relatives. The information has been mainly collected from the Scotland's people website and by periodically dropping in on other websites such as Ancestry, My Heritage etc to check for any data that I have not managed to trace. Would your system allow me to easily transfer my records data to the Wikitree website?. I ask this as I find it long winded to record individual OPR and statutory records into the format required by Wikitree. In most cases for my own and my wife's families I have managed to trace back 5 generations plus with in many cases involving large families with up to 12 or more record items confirming my data. Just looking for an easy way to transfer my data if this is possible. I have almost completed a detailed dissertation on my own family name - McCaskie - tracing back with full records to Ireland in about 1760 that extends to about 40 pages of text. Additionally, I have written an initial detailed account of my mother's family - Smail - from my 2x great grandfather to the present day and I hope to complete this section of my family history to include the records back to my 7x great grandfather born in 1645. Additional names stemming from my grand mothers are Ford's of Coldstream and the Hope's of Jedburgh and from my great grandmother's the names Kerse from Coldstream and Eccles plus Muldoon from in and around Jedburgh (Bowden and the like). Regards James

posted by James McCaskie
edited by James McCaskie
Hi James,

WikiTree Sourcer will help you in adding the sources that you are using on FamilySearch to WikiTree. It does not currently have a feature to take all of the sources on a FamilySearch profile and copy them in a WikiTree format. Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
Hello Rob,

I'd like to sign up as a beta tester please and get an invite to your Discord server. I was on a UAT team at BT (now DB) when I worked there for 10 years.

I'm active on WikiTree and regularly source 100+ profiles a month.

Thank you, Judi Stutz-25

posted by Judi Stutz
I would love to beta test your extension also!
posted by Brenda (Adkins) Wright
Add me also to your Beta Testers list. I look forward to making easier source citations on Ancestry.
posted by Karen (Rollet) Lorenz
Hi Karen, I have sent you a PM with in invite.
posted by Rob Pavey
Any chance you could make the citations work from the Sources tab in Familysearch? To pull all of them in at once?
posted by Jonathan Crawford
I think that would probably be technically possible. I am concerned about anything that could be considered "bulk" scraping of data though. So for the moment I am avoiding following links from one page to another when gathering data. The terms and conditions on these sites are very broad so it is hard to navigate the grey areas.
posted by Rob Pavey
Fair enough, I can respect keeping it out of the grey areas and clicking on each source to generate the citations. Thanks for the response!
posted by Jonathan Crawford
FWIW, we have a great relationship with FamilySearch and I feel confident they would have no problem with this if the sources were properly cited on WikiTree. But ... bulk scraping might not be a good idea for other reasons. We still want to examine each one of those sources individually.
posted by Chris Whitten
Hey! I'd love to be in the tester Discord server. I tested this out this weekend and it was great.
Hi Katie, I sent you a PM with a Discord invite
posted by Rob Pavey
This tool sounds fantastic. I would love to use it and help beta test, but my browser is Safari. Is there any chance it could be made to work on Webkit browsers?
posted by Duane Poncy
Hi Duane,

It sounds like it would be possible to get it working on Safari on Mac (but not iPad or iPhone). Safari 14 apparently added support for Chrome-like extensions at the start of 2021. ( )

But it would require some work (developing a Mac App) to make it work and would be extra work each time I release an update. So it is unlikely to happen unless they make it easier. Apple is making noises about allowing these extensions on iPad. If they did that it would make it more of a win. Though if they allowed it in Chrome running on iPad there still might not be a big incentive to port to Safari.

Perhaps once the extension is more mature and I am not releasing updates several times a week I will revisit this.

posted by Rob Pavey
I thought that might be the case. I may have to get chrome just to try it out.

I have done some programming in my younger days, so I appreciate what is involved. Thanks for all your hard work.

posted by Duane Poncy
It would be cool on the iPad because that’s what I have and would greatly help me get my sources on my entries. Anyway, thank you for your generosity in sharing this tool. Marge V:)
posted by Marge (H.) V.
Since a lot of people have asked for it I will take another look at porting the extension to Safari. I've read up on it a bit and it seems that Apple has made this easier recently and may also have made it possible on iPad/iPhone with iOS 15.
posted by Rob Pavey
OK I got it up and running in Safari. Unfortunately it appears I may have to pay Apple $99 per year in order to distribute it. I am contacting them to see if I can get that fee waived since I am distributing the extension for free for a good cause :)
posted by Rob Pavey
I do have a beta version running on Safari on Mac. PM me if you would like to try it out.
posted by Rob Pavey
Wonderful tool ! Just stumbled across it today and know it will be something I use constantly. Great work and thank you for your contributions!!
Fantastic tool. Thanks so much Rob for developing and sharing it.

I'd like to request consideration of adding and Search parameters are passed via URL and appear to be the same format for both. I'd be happy to be a beta tester, at least for the library edition.

Another variant to consider is Heritage Quest. It has a subset of records that are available from home for many U.S. library card holders. The search syntax is the same as The site is I'd be happy to help beta test.

posted by Kerry Larson
Thanks for the info Kerry. I don't have a My Heritage Subscription but it is on my radar. I will try the library edition.

Strange that Ancestry has the heritage quest AND the library edition!

And thanks for the coffee!

posted by Rob Pavey
edited by Rob Pavey
During normal (i.e. non-Covid) times, library users can access Heritage Quest from home but the Library edition only in the library. Heritage Quest only covers a fraction of Ancestry's databases, but hopefully it would be easy to implement since the interface should be extremely similar to the Library edition. Heritage Quest doesn't present the global search function to the user, but it can be found at I know that it's available in the U.S. and Canada; I don't know about other countries.

The MyHeritage Library Edition is available from home even during non-Covid times, so it's something I've routinely checked. I can only comment about the U.S. version; I don't know about its availability in Europe. MyHeritage does provide fairly complete citation info with each of its records.

posted by Kerry Larson
Thank you Rob, for making this great wikitree tool! It works brilliantly
posted by David Mortimer
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I've gone to the dark side and used Chrome to use the tool and I have to say brilliant work. Please feel free to add me to the channel on Discord because I think I will be giving it a daily hammering :)
Hi Rob, absolutely loving this app.

I'd like to join your beta testers if I may. I used to be a testing analyst for Barclays back in the day. I'd like to request a couple of features too if I may.



Hi Rob

I'm currently working on OT2 with Ann and she mentioned this app. Do you still need testers? Does it work on FMP? or is that still in the pipeline.

Best wishes and thanks for all your great work - I use AGC a lot.

Maureen (Fearn) Wilkins

Hi Maureen, I sent you a PM with a Discord invite.

I am working on FMP support right now so it should be available within a week. Rob

posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob- if you still need more testers I’d be v happy to help. You’ve saved me many hours work in the last couple of months with your gedcom clean-up tool!

I’m currently working through unsourced profile lists so should have plenty of opportunity to test it out. Helen.

posted by Helen (Parker) Flight
Hi Helen, I have sent you a PM with a Discord link. You are welcome to try out the extension with or without joining the beta test Discord server.
posted by Rob Pavey
Please add me to your list of Beta testers. I look forward to seeing the extension.


posted by Steven Whitfield
I'd be happy to beta test your extension!
posted by Gill Whitehouse