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WikiTree Sourcer Release Notes

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WikiTree Sourcer Release Notes

Version 2.2.4 (released 13 March 2024)

  • Add/Merge
    • Set other last names field if the option for married women taking husband’s name is on and there were multiple husbands
  • Tables
    • Add more options
      • Can now highlight selected person in list form
      • Can add extra spacing in list form
      • Can add extra horizontal spacing in table form
      • Extra option for bold non-centered heading in table form
  • Search
    • Improve the WikiTree Search for template use, now works on FamilySearch
  • FamilySearch
    • Improve citations on new image viewer pages
  • Ancestry
    • Add better support for Freedom of the City records

Version 2.2.3 (released 9 March 2024)

  • General
    • Remove standard prefixes from name (Capt. etc)
  • Narrative
    • Change the default narrative style for census narratives to include a comma after the opening clause
  • Ancestry
    • Fix an recent bug with household tables where some fields for other members could be missing
    • Fix Build All Citations to work with ancestrylibrary
    • Add (beta) menu option to search for WikiTree profiles using a template to refer to the current page or related pages
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix an issue where the menu was not working on image pages with :/61903/3:2: rather than :/61903/3:1: in the URL.
  • Find A Grave
    • Add (beta) menu option to search for WikiTree profiles using a template to refer to the current page
  • Irish Genealogy
    • Fix an issue on the full transcription page when an image is not available

Version 2.2.2 (released 7 March 2024)

  • General
    • Fix issue where the import options was not doing a conversion for old versions
    • Tables
      • Added options to set a max number of rows for tables and different ways to prune the table if it is exceeded
  • Ancestry
    • Implement Build All Citations
    • Improve narratives for various record types
  • FamilySearch
    • Move options for Build All Citations from the Add/Merge tab to the new Build All Citations tab

Version 2.2.1 (released 25 February 2024)

  • General
    • Added a new option under “Add/Merge” : “Assume that a woman took husband's last name”
    • Improve handling of age calculations and don’t loose ages of zero in narratives
    • Don’t put computed age in a death registration narrative - only include it if the record states the age
  • GRO
    • Fix an issue that caused a negative age at death in a search
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix crash in build all citations where there are two matching sources with a missing name (like an unnamed son)
    • In Build All Citations a birth source with no event date but a birth date was not sorted correctly
    • Improve handing of the new image viewer
    • Fix a case where a Kentucky marriage record saw the spouse as a third person
    • Fix a case where a Pennsylvania marriage used the prior spouses name as the spouse
  • Find A Grave
    • Fix issue where the url of the page did not match the name on the page

Version 2.2.0 (released 8 February 2024)

  • General
    • Modify permissions in manifest for Safari and FireFox to match Chrome so that requesting permissions works correctly
      • This fixes an issue on Safari where requesting permissions to search FreeCen was failing.
    • Add option for Household Tables to control whether race is included
  • FamilySearch
    • Stop including links to external records in FS citations because they can be broken links
    • Fix issue in 1950 US census where the order in household table was wrong if the household went over a page.
    • Update extract to handle newer form of an image page with a person selected
    • Change citations for the FindAGrave index on FamilySearch to avoid using a plain FindAGrave link in addition to the template
  • Ancestry
    • If father is transcribed as N/A on baptism then ignore that
    • When on a profile page and viewing a source, extract the person profile data as well.
      • This allows the gender of the person to be known for searching or building narratives in cases where the record itself doesn’t have a gender
    • Check marriage records to detect Banns events
    • Change citations for the FindAGrave index on Ancestry to avoid using a plain FindAGrave link in addition to the template
    • Improve handling of Dorset will record
    • fix creating a citation on the latest format sharing page
    • Improve handling of Directory of Deceased American Physicians records and also cause of death.
  • OpenArch
    • Fix crash when one of the first names is [] rather than a string.
  • GRO
    • Fix issue where, if the age at death was zero, it was not given in the citation.
    • In search never use an initial letter for the second forename. Either omit it or expand it with person data.
    • Add a comment in menu under "Search the same collection for the same record" if the year is out of GRO range.
  • Scotlands People
    • Improve handling of slashes in names

Version 2.1.4 (released 29 January 2024)

  • General
    • Clear clipboard before bringing up dialog to select record type
  • Irish Genealogy
    • Fix bug that could cause search menu to hang
  • FindMyPast
    • Fix for “Actions for this transcript” showing up in citation when browser window is narrow.
  • Scotlands People
    • Fix case sensitivity issue with old search URLs
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix an issue where a US birth registration of the person’s child used the main person (the father’s) birth date.

Version 2.1.3 (released 11 January 2024)

  • General
    • Make another country name comparison case-insensitive so that SCT will work as a country name for Scotland in Search menu.
  • GRO
    • Went through all suggestions for ukbmd broken links on WikiTree+ and fixed them and updated the rules and special cases in Sourcer to catch those cases
    • Added a full list of the 1000+ ukbmd district names to Sourcer and prevent it adding ukbmd links that would not resolve.

Version 2.1.2 (released 9 January 2024)

  • General
    • Rename the “Support” menu to “Help”
    • Add Race column to US census household tables from 1880 onward
    • Make country name comparisons case insensitive in search filter and support country abbreviations like "Eng", "Scot"
  • MyHeritage
    • Fix extract error when recordDetective section not found
    • Improve the handling of a person profile (as opposed to a record referencing a person profile)
    • Fix an issue when searching MH with a location that contains a period
    • Fix search with specified parameters - the last name selected was ignored
  • WikiTree
    • Fix extract when in private view and only the mother is attached
  • FMP
    • Add special case for British India Office marriages where no place is specified - assume in India rather than Great Britain.
  • Wikipedia
    • Include language in non-english language Wikipedia special links (double brackets)
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix issue with a Nevada marriage index record using a bad event date rather than marriage date

Version 2.1.1 (released 20 December 2023)

  • General
    • Fix bug where the search all sites menu did not come up if the “On the popup show a search menu item for the site that you are currently on” option was not set.
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix bug where “Save Person Data” got the error message “… could not build all citations”.

Version 2.1.0 (released 19 December 2023)

  • General
    • Add support for MyHeritage
    • Merge/Edit - improve merging of bio
  • Context menu
    • Do not redirect ancestry sharing links to library edition
  • FamilySearch
    • Build all citations - add sub menu
    • Some improvements to FMP links
    • Improve places that is selected for person profiles
  • Ancestry
    • Fix error when a profile has no last name
    • Improve CWGC citations

Version 2.0.1 (released 28 November 2023)

  • General
    • Add Citation Assistant to assist in citing sites that Sourcer does not yet support
    • Fix an occasional crash mentioning “DateUtilsgetStdShortFormDateString”
  • Narrative/Data String
    • Improve birth registration narratives and data strings (include parents in more case, handle separate birth and registration dates etc)
  • Ancestry
    • Media template: if on old link is missing the dashes then add them in the template to avoid suggestions
    • Improve handling of wills where the primary person is in “Others Listed”.
  • FamilySearch
    • Improve date handling
  • Internet Archive
    • Add option to include permanent link in title
  • Scotlands People
    • Add a second step in search when parent names are specified so it uses the refine search

Version 2.0.0 (released 13 November 2023)

  • General
    • Switch to using Manifest Version 3 for Firefox and Safari
      • This involved adding some dialogs for when the extension tries to access a site but doesn't yet have permission. This can even happen on Chrome if the user has turned off permissions for some sites.

Version 1.12.1 (released 9 November 2023)

  • General
    • Merge/Edit improvements
      • The biography text is now merged in a better way that allows sources to go below the == Sources == heading.
      • Added new options to list birth, marriages and death in bio (like for Add Person).
    • Removed unused citation options for HathiTrust, Internet Archive and JSTOR (and sort the sites alphabetically)
  • WikiTree
    • Add option to exclude birth/death locations in search or to use country only
  • Ancestry
    • Improve process for fetching linked records (for household tables for example)
      • Can now skip the process if it is taking a long time
      • If 429 errors (Too Many Requests) occur then slow down the rate of requests
      • If the process can’t complete because of errors there is now an option to continue with the information it could get
  • FamilySearch
    • Add subtype for LDS census
    • Fix an issue on a Wisconsin marriage where date format was incorrect
    • For censuses that put “years” on the end of the age, remove it
    • For censuses that add the country to the end of all birth places, remove it if same as event country
  • FindMyPast
    • Improved Save Person Data for person profiles
  • Google Books
    • Add message for when used on Classic Google Books
  • Archive
    • Fixed a crash when no known publisher

Version 1.12.0 (released 30 October 2023)

  • New sites
    • Wikipedia
    • Google Books (new version)
    • HathiTrust
    • Internet Archive (
    • JSTOR (TBD)
  • Ancestry
    • Fix case where an Australian Death Registration was incorrectly assumed to be that of a spouse
    • Improve citations for UK, Army Roll of Honour, 1939-1945
  • OPC Cornwall
    • Fix a crash and handle case when record has “Year Written” instead of “Year"
  • Debug
    • Now displays the version number in the dialog under “Support”

Version 1.11.0 (released 19 October 2023)

  • New sites
  • Ancestry
    • Tweaked the strings to recognize birth and death registrations
  • FindMyPast
    • Fixed a bug in profile extract

Version 1.10.3 (released 11 October 2023)

  • General
    • UI Improvements
      • Popup menu now has a title
      • Now have a busy animation during actions that can take a while
    • Clear clipboard and saved data at the start of menu actions that can be interrupted
  • WikiTree
    • Improve identification of parents during add person (first use of WikiTree API)
  • FindMyPast
    • Improve extract of family tree profiles
  • Ancestry
    • Improve generalize of unclassified records
    • Improve classification of Birth Indexes with a birth date and place
    • Do more cacheing of fetched record pages
  • FamilySearch
    • Check for a case when FS has an FMP link but it is a transcription, not an image
  • Irish Genealogy
    • Try to be smarter when converting all uppercase name to mixed case (Mc, Mac, O’ etc).
    • Update for a change to the HTML of the clipping page

Version 1.10.2 (released 2 October 2023)

  • General
    • Implement import/export/reset for options
    • Change options page to save automatically after changes
    • Add more country names to list of recognized ones
  • GRO
    • Fix crash when forename is “…”
  • Ancestry
    • Recognize some more military records
    • Include birth date in burial string form FindAGrave index if known

Version 1.10.1 (released 17 September 2023)

  • Ancestry
    • Update to keep sharing link generation working
  • WikiTree
    • Fix an issue where the marriage place could be “undefined”

Version 1.10.0 (released 1 September 2023)

  • OpenArch
    • Update for website address changing from to
  • WieWasWie
    • Fix “van” being changed to “Van” in spouse name in narrative
  • FamilySearch
    • Build All Citations: fix an error when merging parents for two sources when one source had both parents and the other had only one
    • Save Person Data: Fix misleading error message when automatically doing Build All Citations and there are no sources
  • Ancestry
    • Fix some cases where an unclassified record was described as applying to the spouse incorrectly
    • Identify some marriage banns and will records that were unclassified
    • Fix crash bringing up menu for a will record that appears to have household

Version 1.9.1 (released 11 August 2023)

  • General
    • Add more notes to the success message popup when building a citation and make popup stay up for 10 seconds.
    • Add notes to the success message popup for Save Person Data to say how to use it.
  • Ancestry
    • Add better narrative and citation support for slave schedules
  • OpenArch
    • Add options to use the citation text from the page rather than building a ‘source reference’ section from the API
  • Wiewaswie
    • Fix occasional crash when searching to WieWasWie (closePopup not imported)
    • Change the source reference part of the generated citation to use the labels from the page rather than basing them on the data key.
  • IrishGenealogy
    • In narrative and citation spell out “Superintendent Registrar's District” with that capitalization
  • National Library of Ireland
    • Add the parish and microfilm number to the citation source reference

Version 1.9.0 (released 8 August 2023)

  • Added support for three new sites
    • Cornwall Online Parish Clerk (England)
    • wiewaswie (Netherlands)
    • openarch (Netherlands)
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix issue in Build All Citations where the “Exclude sources that do not have a valid link to a FamilySearch record” option was excluding some sources incorrectly.
  • WikiTree
    • Ignore last names of UNKNOWN, unknown etc. This affects searched from a WikiTree profile.
    • When adding a person who is not a child or sibling it was not adding an intro/birth line. It does now (if that option is set).
    • Added option for Add Person to select the image to use in the Died Young sticker
    • Fix an issue when a double-barreled last name (with a dash in it) was not extracted properly
  • Scotlands People
    • Fix spelling of Cromarty

Version 1.8.5 (released 27 July 2023)

  • Add Person
    • Add options to include marriage and death lines if no narratives are being including in biography
  • Citation
    • Add options to put the data string in italics or to indent it
  • Family Search Build All Citations
    • Fix a bug merging dates and places for marriages (caused error when some marriage sources had no date)
  • FamilySearch
    • Add more fields when generating the Source Reference from the record rather than from parts of the FS provided citation
    • Support the new 3rd parameter of the FamilySearch Image template
  • Ancestry
    • Fix a couple of Military records that were not being classified as such
  • WikiTree
    • If mother’s LNAB is “Unknown” then do not use it as Mother’s Maiden Name (or last name etc) in searches

Version 1.8.4 (released 22 July 2023)

  • Family Search Build All Citations
    • Bug fix for Save Person Data with auto Build All Citations enabled
    • Add an extra message on successful Build All Citations to say where to paste the result.
  • Ancestry
    • Add a check in code to possibly fix a reported crash that I cannot reproduce.

Version 1.8.3 (released 21 July 2023)

Version 1.8.2 (released 10 July 2023)

  • Add Person
    • Fix hang bringing up the Sourcer popup menu when adding a sibling of a person when one of the parents is not attached on WikiTree

Version 1.8.1 (released 7 July 2023)

  • FS Build All Citations
    • Fix issue when events merged where father’s name used for mother.
    • Fix issue where it merged baptisms of different children on same day
    • Use exact date of census for sorting narrative events if known
    • If two events have the same exact event date then sort by record type
    • If a person’s name has no first or last name then allow merge match on other parts
  • Merge/Edit
    • Fix bug where merge/edit from a citation was not working
    • Fix 'See also' template when Save Person done from FS sources page
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix lack of date in narrative for burial of child when there is no burial date but death date is known
    • Added code to test for fetch exceptions when page hasn’t been used for a while
  • Ancestry
    • Fix a couple of records that lacked an event date
    • Handle dates (from Australian site) with a period after three letter date
  • ProbateSearch
    • Change to use last name at death in search
    • Fix exception that could occur in search

Version 1.8.0 (released 2 July 2023)

  • New Features
    • Add Build All Citations menu item for FamilySearch, can also be used automatically in Save Person Data
    • Add support for new site: Probate Search/Find A Will (UK)
  • General
    • Add “German Empire” to country list
    • Improve narrative and data string when a registration has a place name rather than a registration district
  • FamilySearch
    • Allow Sourcer popup to work regardless of language setting of FS web site
    • Allow popup on Sources tab for a person
    • Make popup work on images like 1940/50 US census
  • Ancestry
    • Recognize sharing link with ?mark= rather than ?token=
    • Add text “Original data: “ when Ancestry Original data is used as source reference.
  • Scotlands People
    • Update for change to Year of Census column name
    • Change manifest to * in order to support
  • WikiTree
    • Change manifest to work with staging server (only affects developers)

Version 1.7.1 (released 13 June 2023)

  • Add profile
    • Improve handling of nicknames from FamilySearch
    • Handle user’s selection of other parent correctly
  • Narrative
    • Fix crash when building a census citation with no occupation and certain narrative options set
    • If the relationship in a census is “other” then ignore it
  • Citation
    • Improve separator handling (especially for Irish records)
    • Avoid a case where the source citation could end with “;.”
  • FamilySearch
    • Improved the extraction of parents when there are multiple parents. Now uses preferred parents
    • Improve country focus for search when searching from a record
    • If person has no birth or death date then use baptism or burial with qualifier
  • Ancestry
    • Improve handling of US VA census with “Year” field.
    • Improve handling of a Commonwealth War Graves record with a cemetery location
    • Add Canada 1931 Census to list of collections
  • FindAGrave
    • For US locations, include the state name in search if known

Version 1.7.0 (released 29 May 2023)

  • Added support for new sites
    • IrishGenealogy - Irish civil and church records
    • National Archives of Ireland census records
    • National Library of Ireland - Catholic Parish Registers

Version 1.6.8 (released 17 May 2023)

  • Fix one bug that sometimes caused the Sourcer popup to just say "Initializing Menu..."

Version 1.6.7 (released 10 May 2023)

  • Add Person
    • Improve parsing that checks which step it is on
    • Add a blank line before “See also:”
  • Narrative
    • Don’t change case of name in narrative unless it is all uppercase
  • Opening tabs
    • Add options to specify where to open new tab for search and context menu
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix a case where FMP image link created incorrectly
  • Ancestry
    • Update the context menu open for Rakuten/linksynergy affiliate links
    • Update for Ancestry change that broke getting narrative/citation when viewing source on profile page
    • Fix a crash when including the death age as a separate sentence.
    • Fix bug in extracting census year on some US NY Census records
    • Move certificate number in marriage registrations etc to references part of citation
    • Add workaround for Ancestry bug where some census records have names missing in table
  • Find-a-Grave
    • Add option to include country name in search
    • Improve the extraction of name parts like prefix, suffix, first middle and last names, nicknames etc
  • FindMyPast
    • Fix duplicated street address in narrative

Version 1.6.6 (released 4 April 2023)

(Not released on iOS)

  • Add Person
    • Fix bug where forenames were split even when no middle name field exists in form when place fields were corrected
    • Add the prefix, nicknames, other last names and suffix fields back into form if needed
    • Add a menu option to show the 4 fields removed in new WT version (Prefix, Suffix, Nicknames and Other Last Names)
  • FamilySearch
    • Make the extract work on a person's vitals page (which is used on mobile)
    • Update to handle new clipping page HTML layout
  • FreeReg
    • Fix crash when searching for a marriage with a specific date range set in the options

Version 1.6.5 (released 27 March 2023)

  • Add Person
    • Update for the latest web site changes
  • Scotlands People
    • Change to standardize on Peeblesshire rather than Peebles-shire and Dumfriesshire rather than Dumfries-shire.
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix bug when a census record (1950) had no gender
    • Handle records with a factType of “SocialProgramCorrespondence”
    • Handle records with a factType of “Naturalization”
  • Ancestry
    • Fix narrative and citation for a marriage allegation record

Version 1.6.4 (released 13 February 2023)

  • Add Person
    • Recheck the split forenames option after asking user to check place names
    • Fix for the other parent name when adding a child using the non-beta add person page
  • Narrative
    • Add options to include Mother’s Maiden Name in some birth and death registration narratives
  • WikiTree
    • Update extract code for the tab changes (removal of private view tab).
  • Ancestry
    • Fix hang when bringing up Sourcer Menu on an Ancestry profile with a marriage fact with no date
  • FamilySearch
    • Add basic support for citing FamilySearch library books
  • Scotlands People
    • Fix MMN not showing up in stat birth citations

Version 1.6.3 (released 4 February 2023)

  • Add person
    • Update for latest changes in beta EditFamily page
    • Improve getting marriage date/place from citation
    • Improve inferring birth/death date from baptism/burial citation
    • Fix middleName not being updated when user moves name to nickname in warning dialog
  • GRO
    • Add actual date ranges next to the search birth and death menu items
    • Fix some UKBMD district links
  • Ancestry
    • Improve support for "Geneanet Community Trees Index"
    • Improve cleaning of dates and place names for “Save Person Data”
    • Improve context menu “Open Link in New Tab” for Ancestry templates
    • Improve handling of 1881 Canada census
    • Improve handling of US NY probate records
    • For ancestry Find-a-Grave records, include the cemetery name in the place.
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix invalid age like 0320000
    • Add option to add newspaper location to citation
  • WikiTree
    • Add search option for name variants/exactness
    • Update to new URL for WikiTree Plus

Version 1.6.2 (released 7 January 2023)

  • Add person
    • Add checks for name errors like suffix on end of last name
  • Tables
    • Add option to make tables full width
  • FamilySearch
    • Clean date and place on person extract ( < >, “of “, About)
  • Ancestry
    • Fix “Save Person Data” when there are non-ASCII characters in person name
    • Improve handling of marriage dates like: “Abt. 1940”
    • Improve handling of some birth records for the child of the record person
  • Scotlands People
    • Fix generalize crash for forenames ending in “MC”
  • Trove
    • Fix an issue with the date/issue on some records
    • Include the newspaper name in the narrative
  • Papers Past
    • Include the newspaper name in the narrative
    • Add a narrative if requested
  • FreeBMD
    • Improve the conversion of all uppercase place names to initial caps
  • Tech
    • Add check to avoid Sourcer scripts being reloaded when a different extension is updated

Version 1.6.1 (released 20 December 2022)

  • Add person (Edit Family)
    • Updated Sourcer to support the beta version of the new EditFamily page
    • Standardize date format if date in recognizable format
    • Standardize country name (new options for this)
  • FamilySearch
    • Improve extract of person data dates
    • Improve extract of person data names
  • Ancestry
    • Improve handling of spouse burial record
  • Papers Past & Trove
    • Improve search to use advanced search syntax, add submenu
  • GRO
    • Fix “Search GRO” not showing up for a record where the country is England and Wales
    • Fix some ukbmd links

Version 1.6.0 (released 9 December 2022)

  • New sites
    • Commonwealth War Graves Commission (implemented by Colin Thomson)
    • Geneteka : Polish Genealogical Society records (implemented by Przemek Więch)
    • Trove : Australian Newspapers
    • Papers Past : New Zealand Newspapers
  • Add Profile/MergeEdit
    • Add checks for country name, if no recognized country name is detected in a location the user is prompted to edit the location.
  • Ancestry
    • Edit citation below image. New feature allows you to edit the citation in a more convenient manner while viewing the image. See "Edit Citation" button at the bottom of the image.
  • FindMyPast
    • Add support for access via NLS -
      • There is a new option to use this URL for FMP searches
      • A permission is added so Sourcer can extract data from FMP when accessed through NLS
      • The context menu “Sourcer: Open Link in New Tab” will convert links to and from this form.
  • FamilySearch
    • Improve handling of US slave census records and US LDS census
  • GRO
    • Fix some ukbmd district links
  • Debug
    • Add menu item to keep popup menu window open for inspect

Version 1.5.2 (released 5 December 2022)

  • Scotlands People update
    • Scotlands People did a major rewrite of their site around 22 November 2022, this required a big update to Sourcer
    • Search now works differently - the site no longer supports query URLs
      • So Sourcer will fill out the form and submit it for you. There is a slight delay as this happens.
      • Note: On Safari, searches of Scotlands People will not work if you haven’t given the extension permission to access the Scotlands People site yet.
    • Existing links in profiles that link to search results are no longer supported by the Scotlands People site
      • However, if you have the Sourcer extension installed and enabled, these links will still work and will be redirected to use the new search mechanism
    • The Sourcer search menu now includes the 1921 census.
    • The Sourcer search menu now allows an option to include the Mother's Maiden Name in some searches.

Version 1.5.1 (released 21 November 2022)

  • Context menu
    • Support new format Ancestry Sharing template in context menu “Open link in new tab”
  • Search
    • Fix numeric sorting bug where a search item with priority of 10 came before one with priority of 2
    • The term “All Search sites…” on menu could be read to mean “search all search sites”. Changed to “Show all search sites…”
  • Find A Grave
    • Ignore birth date of “unknown” in search, add person etc
  • Options
    • Fix bug where some of the options for Add Person were not being saved.

Version 1.5.0 (released 7 November 2022)

  • Billion Graves
    • New site supported (implemented by Colin Thomson)
  • Merge Edit
    • Can now merge edit into an existing WikiTree profile from either an external profile (Save Person Data) or a citation (similar to the feature in WikiTree X)
  • Ancestry
    • Can now build an Ancestry Tree template on a person’s facts page
    • Can now build an Ancestry Tree Media template on a media page
    • Improve extract of names on profile
    • Sharing links
      • Changed to generate the new style sharing links
      • Added menu item when on sharing link page to view full size image
      • Can now generate a citation on the sharing link page
  • Find A Grave
    • Record the death place in generalized data - helps when adding a person to WikiTree
    • Record the maiden name in generalized data - helps when adding a person to WikiTree
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix some broken FMP image links in citations
    • Can now build a FamilySearch template on a person page
  • Find My Past
    • Handle obituary records
  • GRO
    • Fix a few more ukbmd links

Version 1.4.3 (released 25 October 2022)

  • Add support for (implemented by new contributor Savanna King)

Version 1.4.0 (released 24 October 2022)

  • Fix issue on Ancestry census pages
    • Ancestry changed the column name to "Household members (Name)" which was causing Sourcer to fail to get the names of household members.

Version 1.3.6 (released 10 October 2022)

  • General
    • Correctly format the exact date of census according to narrative options
    • Format the dates in a memorial narrative correctly
    • Improve handling of non-numeric ages in narrative and data sentence
    • Allow use of household tables in list or table format within ”Source” citations
    • Add options for format of the household table sentence format
  • Profile Transfer
    • Add option to include a link to the source profile
  • Ancestry
    • Improve handling of marriage registration when only 2 records on page
    • Improve recognition of some more record types
    • Improve handling of US child birth certificate
    • Extract death county if no death place
  • FamilySearch
    • Improve classification of birth records (that were incorrectly classified as Baptism or BirthRegistration)
    • Improve extract of first names and last name from person page (handle prefix and suffix)
    • Fix issue where household members can be in wrong order (seen in the US 1940 census)
  • FMP
    • Improve handling of a teacher registration
    • Improve handling of Groom/Bride age and parents
  • WikiTree
    • Fix WikiTree search so that input fields are hidden while performing the search
  • GRO
    • Fix some ukbmd links
  • Scotlands People
    • Improve identification of county from OPR parish name

Version 1.3.5 (released 13 September 2022)

  • General
    • Add more narrative date formats
    • Fix extra newline character at end of household table in list format
    • Add spouse age to marriage narrative if known
    • Fix incorrect casing of initial A in names in narrative
  • FamilySearch
    • Improve extraction of spouse age and parents for a marriage fact
    • Improve handling of US 1950 census
    • Support the new format person page
  • GRO
    • Remove “OF “ from the start of district names in the narrative.
    • Fix some more ukbmd links
  • Ancestry
    • Improve extract of data from the modal view source dialog on a person page
    • Improve handling of US CA Divorce Index
    • Extract spouse from a child baptism record if possible

Version 1.3.4 (released 4 September 2022)

  • General
    • Auto household table generation
      • There are multiple options including embedding the citation in the table. The option is on the "Household Table" tab of the options page.
    • Save Person Data/Set Fields in EditFamily
      • This allows transfer of profiles from Ancestry, FamilySearch and FindMyPast
      • Sourcer can also now search from the Add person (Edit Family) page
    • Narrative formatting options
      • Can chose the name/pronoun default and also set it by type of record
      • Can modify the sentence parts
      • Can change date format
      • Many other options
    • Improve handling of date qualifiers (about, before etc) in general and in narrative and data sentence in particular
    • Improve handling of child/parent/spouse records (FS and Ancestry)
      • Consider the gender of the related person and use terms like “son” rather than “child”, “mother” rather than “parent” etc
      • Change the label from “Child Marriage” to “Marriage of daughter Ann Smith”.
    • Enhance context menu “Sourcer: Open Link in new Tab” to handle wiki ids.
    • Improve narrative and citation sentence for wills and probates
    • Improve citation sentence for child birth registration
    • Improve handling of records with no name
    • Improve handling of child birth/marriage/death registration narratives
    • Fix column headings for Canada censuses 1901-1921.
    • Improve narrative for censuses for there is no marital status or if the head of household is not clear
  • Ancestry
    • Fix bug in generalize on an Ancestry profile with no marriages
    • Fix bad Find A Grave link in Ancestry Find A Grave record citations
    • Improve Australian probate record citation
    • Fix bug where a value in a record with embedded <br/>s put them in the citation even if options say no breaks
    • Better handling of residence place in US SS Death
    • Improve handling of records where role is child or sibling, especially for obituaries.
  • FindMyPast
    • Implement search of family trees on FMP
    • Improve handling of probate residence place
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix a bug in fs generalize for census that has “years married”
    • Fix a Scotland census where the household table was not getting the relationships
    • Fix death certificate where parents were not extracted
    • Fix extract bug on US 1950 census
    • Fix bug where, if there was no birth location on an FS profile page it set the original birth place to “false”
    • Remove “British Colonial America” from place names
    • Fix issue where marriage date not picked up for Puerto Rico Marriage Registration
    • Improve FamilySearch Find A Grave citations
    • Fix census citation when head is not first household member
    • Fix bug in death records where spouse was reported as child
    • Better handling of residence place in US SS Death
    • Fix citation for marriage banns record that was not getting exact marriage date
    • Fix bug where FS record linked to an Ancestry image but Sourcer citation links to FMP
    • Fix birth date in England and Wales 1939 Register
    • Improve handling of US 1950 census
  • Find A Grave
    • No longer uses Cemetery location in search as it caused a lot of search misses
  • GRO
    • Fix some more ukbmd links
  • Tech
    • Break options save into sections to get around extension quota limits
    • Add a debug menu

Version 1.3.3 (released 3 August 2022)

  • General
    • Fix column headings for Canada censuses 1901-1921.
    • Improve narrative for censuses for there is no marital status or if the head of household is not clear
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix a bug (that caused menu hang) in generalize for census that has “years married”
    • Fix a Scotland census where the household table was not getting the relationships
    • Fix death certificate where parents were not extracted
  • Ancestry
    • Fix a bug (that caused menu hang) in census when there was no head of household
  • GRO
    • Fix some more ukbmd links

Version 1.3.2 (released 25 July 2022)

  • General
    • Include standard menus items on popup even when not on a supported site. So “Edit Citation” for example can be done anywhere.
    • For census records the spouse and parents are inferred when possible for searches from the record
  • WikiTree
    • Search from anywhere to WikiTree Person Search or WikiTree Plus search
  • Scotlands People
    • Add Mother’s Maiden Name to death registration citation sentence
    • Extract the Frame number and Page from the “Other Details” column for OPR births and marriages
    • Add warning message in search dialog if subcategory or marriage date out of range
    • Add custom data sentence for Valuation Roll and add new record type for it
    • Add option to have the link as a visible URL to Scotlands People
    • Fix bug when backing out from viewing image page
    • For opr_deaths add age to narrative and data sentence if present. Remove parents unless deceased is less than 14 since it could be a spouse.
    • Improve county name by using county in the search URL if present
  • Ancestry
    • Can now do a search from a person page
    • Add search in Ancestry Family Trees
    • Improve Australian Electoral Roll narrative
    • Improve Australian and UK Birth registration citation
    • Include parents (if known) in Death narrative and citation.
    • If occupation is “None” in census then omit it from narrative and data string
    • Improve citation for marriage record where bride and groom are listed as household members. example.
    • Fix extraction of residence in the US Federal Census 1800-1840.
  • FindAGrave
    • Update extraction code due to a change in the page layout
  • FamilySearch
    • Can now search from a FamilySearch person page
    • Add Search in FamilySearch family tree
    • Fix narrative/citation for records where there are no name parts like this one.
  • FindMyPast
    • Can now search from a person profile page (on the Overview tab)
  • FreeCen
    • Fix error reported when using Search with Parameters
  • GRO
    • Fixed some ukbmd district links
    • Do not add MMN of “-“ to search or citation URL since the search fails

Version 1.3.1 (released 28 June 2022)

  • General
    • Fix bug where link was omitted if accessed date set to none.
    • Improve search menu filter so that GRO and FreeBMD are only shown for England and Wales.
  • FamilySearch
    • Try to get a better version of the date - sometimes there are multiple formats available from FS.
  • GRO
    • Fix some ukbmd district links

Version 1.3.0 (released 25 June 2022)

  • General
    • Citation formatting to allow a style more like Evidence Explained:
      • Change to use , rather than . between citation sections
      • Add option for format of accessed date
      • Add option for position of reference
      • Add option to insert “database” or “database with images”
    • Rename “Meaningful name” to “Label” on options screen
    • Add option for format of label (none, bold, italic, normal)
  • Household tables
    • Add options to change the colors used for heading, selected row and closed records
    • Add options for the contents of the caption
    • Add a third format of “Sentence”. E.g. "Jonathan W Salisbury 67, wife Sarah A Salisbury 68, daughter Nellie I Salisbury 32, grandson Vern C Seger 8."
  • Scotlands People
    • Add support for searching and citing Scotland’s People.
    • Allows searching between Scotlands People and other sites as usual, including for same record in census
  • Ancestry
    • If there is no Source Citation in the record then use parts of the Original Data in the Source Information
    • Improve support for Australia Baptisms
    • Improve support for Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots
    • Improve support for U.S., Railroad Retirement Pension Index, 1934-1987
    • Improve support for Moray, Scotland, Local Heritage Index, 1632-2014
    • Fix image links with a period in the record id (like this)
  • FamilySearch
    • Attempt to use user-corrected names on records when present
    • Improve 1940 census citation when trying to parts of the (non-existent) citation on the page.
    • Handle parents in narrative and citation for birth registrations
  • FMP
    • Fix change in label for Birth date on 1939 register
    • Add age to narrative for 1939 register
  • WikiTree
    • Handle extracting the public info from a partially private WikiTree profile
  • GRO
    • Fix some ukbmd district links

Version 1.2.9 (released 15 June 2022)

  • General
    • Change narrative and data string for births and baptism to give full names of parents when known.
  • Ancestry
    • Fix a crash if a census record has an empty household (Note: there is currently a bug on Ancestry where the England 1851 census has an empty Household Members field for all records)

Version 1.2.8 (released 26 May 2022)

  • General
    • Make options page support many sites by adding subsection selector on each tab
    • Make popup menu support many sites by having a search submenu
  • FreeReg
    • This is a new site supported
  • GRO
    • A couple of improvements to the ukbmd link generation
  • FMP
    • Add a record subtype to support better handling of Marriage Banns records
    • Improve place handling for probate records
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix some cases of broken FMP image links
    • Extract parents from records when available (for birth, baptism, christening)
    • Add support for Passport Application records
    • Fix issue where some FS record URLs changed to include “search/”
  • Ancestry
    • Improve handling of child marriages
    • Add support for Passport Application records

Version 1.2.7 (released 14 May 2022)

  • General
    • Improve place name prepositions. In narrative and citation sentence form it now more intelligently decides when to use "in", "at" and "on".
    • Improve citation sentences for UK censuses. Now tries to include the civil parish, registration district and county.
  • FreeCen
    • Added support for this site
    • Includes support for household tables and searching for same census record between sites.
  • FreeBMD
    • Add support for FreeBMD record when ORA has modified tables
  • FMP
  • FamilySearch
    • Add search options for date ranges
    • Improve search parameter handling
  • GRO
    • Fix many UKBMD district links, including recognizing “wellington” as ambiguous. As part of this I went through 450 suggestions for bad ukbmd links and fixed them.
  • Find-A-Grave
    • Optionally include the plot details in the citation
    • Optionally include the inscription in the citation
    • Add search options for first name, middle name and exactness of birth and death dates
  • Ancestry
    • Fix household table for US State census with “Household Member(s)” heading
    • Fix household table missing columns for US federal censuses and add 1950 census to collections list
    • Put more information in the reference section of the citation and exclude it from the data list or table
    • Improve classification of some records
    • Improve narrative for obituaries
    • Ignore record data fields that have scripts on them (e.g. for ordering copies)
    • Improve support for Canada and Scotland censuses
    • Improve narrative for later UK marriage registrations that name the spouse
    • Improve narrative for US Public records
    • If there is an error extracting the sharing data do not prevent building citation
  • Tech
    • Make default popup more robust - should work even if no background script due to a startup error.
    • Move Ancestry fetch code from background to popup so it works even if background fails to activate
    • Updated the default popup menu text
    • Detect when the popup is brought up just before the web page changes during a load

Version 1.2.6 (released 26 April 2022)

  • Big rework on how the popup menu comes up.
    • Focused on making it more robust on all supported browsers in situations like:
      • Bringing up the menu before a page has loaded
      • Handling install of a new version of the extension
      • Handling disable and re-enabled of the extension
      • Quit browser and restart

Version 1.2.5 (released 19 April 2022)

Safari ONLY

  • Fix for an issue on Safari where the popup was not working unless the extension was disabled and re-enabled each time Safari was run.

Version 1.2.4 (released 17-18 April 2022)

  • GRO
    • Fix major bug that prevented citation from being built
    • Correct district link for Bury, Lancashire
  • Ancestry
    • Improve handling of US state censuses where the collection has a date range

Version 1.2.3 (released 15 April 2022)

  • WikiTree page
    • Fix an error parsing the page when the WikiTree BEE extension is active.
  • Ancestry
    • Fix bug that stopped the “Search with Parameters” menu coming up.
    • Improve handling of some US state census records
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix bug where the menu would not come up for a record with no citation text. (US 1940 census)
    • Fix issue when it would report an unexpected error if user was logged out
  • Tech
    • Refactor so that each site has its own popup html

Version 1.2.2 (released 12 April 2022)

  • General
    • Fix some issues with context menu item "Open in New Tab" for templates and add support for FindAGrave templates
  • FindAGrave
    • Added support for this site
  • GRO and FreeBMD
    • Only show these in the search list if person is in the UK
  • Ancestry
    • Improve classification of some criminal records
  • Tech, some refactoring to improve scalability

Version 1.2.1 (released 8 April 2022)

  • General
    • Added ability for context menu to open templates (Ancestry and FamilySearch)
    • A lot of work on improving error reporting
  • Ancestry
    • Improve handling of linked records

Version 1.2.0 (released 3 April 2022)

Chrome and Firefox only: these feature will be in Safari in the next release

  • Ancestry
    • Household tables now fill out additional columns like relationship, status, occupation, birth place etc when available. This is done by fetching the linked records to extract the information.
    • Child baptisms/burials etc now fetch data from linked profiles. Previously they could not see the date or place.
    • Improvements to classification, narrative and data strings
  • Tech
    • Chrome version is now using Manifest Version 3. The Firefox and Safari versions still use Manifest Version 2.

Version 1.1.2 (released 30 March 2022)

  • Ancestry
    • Can now extract data from the view source modal dialog on person page
    • Improve classification and narrative for some record types
  • FamilySearch
  • Tech
    • Removed all use of jQuery and replaced with the native querySelector. Possible slight performance improvement.
    • Switched to using dynamic module load in content scripts. This prevents the extension from working in old versions of Firefox (versions before Firefox 89).

Version 1.1.1 (released 18 March 2022)

  • General
    • Fix Chrome error message about a missing file (commands_fs.js)
    • Burial: Include age at death in narrative and data string if available
    • Improve data string for child baptisms
    • Add birth date to baptism narrative if known
  • GRO
  • Ancestry
    • Fix error when searching Ancestry from an FS marriage record with no spouse name
    • Remove SSN from more Ancestry records (both the data string and the source citation)
    • Improve handling of marriage allegation. E.g. Sara Elizabeth Mills 1861
    • Handle unrecognized record types for US state births. E.g. Henry M Ohlman 1915
    • Improve handling of child marriages
    • Improve handling of a record for a parent for a child’s birth event. E.g. Saml Walt Peck 1897
    • Fix issue where a confederate pension record was classified as a marriage. E.g. Robert William Coleman 1915
    • Fix census year when the collection has a year range. E.g. Mary F Hughes 1825
  • FamilySearch
    • Fix issue where there was no option to build Household Table for Minnesota State Census. E.g. David Palm 1895
    • Fix issue where a record with an AKA name could not create a citation Example
    • If interpreted date is only the year then use original date Example
    • Fix issue where an obituary record for a related person was incorrectly cited Example
    • Fix issue where FMP image link fails if Options say none for FMP domain.
    • Improve date formatting when original and interpreted date are different
    • Fix image link for Ireland census Example
    • Improve handling of spouse death record
  • FMP
    • Exclude Residence from Burial place an other records types where it is not correct.

Version 1.1.0 (released 20 January 2022)

  • FMP: add support for building citation and household table on images where it makes sense (particularly 1921 census)
  • Add submenu for build citation when the record type is not identified. This means that "Unclassified" is no longer used as a meaningful title. If the user doesn't select a record type or enter a title then no meaningful title is used.
  • Improve some place names on FMP
  • Include marriage countries in list of countries for search
  • Improve a lot of Ancestry classification
  • Fix an issue with a rare GRO birth with no page number
  • FMP Tables: fill out row for selected person even if other peoples info not available
  • Fix searching for same record in Ancestry England & Wales Births and Marriages post 1915

Version 1.0.20 (released 8 January 2022)

  • Improve citations and household table for FMP 1921 census transcriptions.

Version 1.0.19 (released 2 January 2022)

  • Fix an issue where the popup menu would not work on an Ancestry Find A Grave record

Version 1.0.18 (released 1 January 2022)

  • Fix an issue where the popup menu would not work on an Ancestry record which has no image

Version 1.0.17 (released 31 December 2021)

  • Add Safari support on Mac, iPad and iPhone
  • Performance improvements when building citations
  • Make Edit citation window wider (when not on iOS)
  • Fix "page not supported" issue when not logged in on WikiTree profile
  • Fix issue when only father is there on wikitree profile and his LNAB is different
  • Fix ukbmd link issue on GRO when “counties” is in registration district name
  • Ancestry: improve handling of 1901 wales census

Version 1.0.16 (released 14 December 2021)

  • Add menu item on an Ancestry sharing page to show the full size image (because of Ancestry zoom bug)
  • Improve some UK BMD district links
  • Improve detection of FMP links on FamilySearch pages

Version 1.0.15 (released 6 December 2021)

  • Allow search from site to same site
  • Improve searching to same collection (on Ancestry)
  • FS Image citations - exclude catalog record link if there are multiple for this image set
  • Improve classification and narrative of more Ancestry records
  • On FS Image Build Citation menu items add subtitle suggesting using record instead

Version 1.0.14 (released 22 November 2021)

  • Add options for whether “subscription required” or similar is included in citations for pay sites
  • Improve handling of Ancestry Births and Baptisms - was identifying some Births as Baptisms, add new Birth or Baptism type
  • Fix issue with FS citations where it used external image link when there was a good FS one
  • Fix relationships when searching from another site to FamilySearch
  • Fix crash on FamilySearch 1939 register when there is a closed record
  • Fix ancestry library URL for UK (
  • Remove leading commas from FS place names in citations/narrative

Version 1.0.13 (released 16 November 2021)

  • Remove use of CSS styles in household tables
  • Fix some ukbmd district links in GRO citations
  • Fix issue with FMP 1911 citation/narrative where Relationship to head was missing
  • Improve FS extract of relationship in households
  • Add better support for citation/narrative for US naturalization records

Version 1.0.12 (released 14 November 2021)

  • Fix an exception when creating a citation for a FamilySearch marriage (Indiana)

Version 1.0.11 (released 13 November 2021)

  • Fix failure on FS Citation for UK marriage registration
  • Improve handling of Ancestry US arriving passenger lists
  • Improve handling of Ancestry Canada Marriages

Version 1.0.10 (released 12 November 2021)

  • Add FS menu item to open external/FMP image page (when available)
  • Add age to narrative for birth, marriage and death events
  • Improvements to list record data for FS citations
  • Improve handling of Ancestry US birth records
  • Improve narrative and citation for Ancestry Ireland Death reg

Version 1.0.9 (released 11 November 2021)

  • Add options for FamilySearch citations. There are options to choose whether to reuse parts of the FS supplied citation string for the reference and the data. The default has changed to be a generated sentence for for the data.
  • Add a “Go to Image Page” on Ancestry popup. Sometime when you click on an image thumbnail on an Ancestry record it doesn't go to a new page - it opens the image within the record page. This forces it to go to a new page where the TWS menu works for image stuff (such as creating a sharing URL).
  • Support Ancestry record URLs of the form
  • Fix duplicated street address in an FMP 1911 census
  • Fix US marriage license narrative
  • Fix issues with German baptism records on Ancestry
  • Fix issues with Ancestry VA BIRLS records
  • Improve Ancestry Electoral Register records and English Christening Index records
  • Remove SSN from more Ancestry records
  • Improve narrative for census citations: include age, occupation, marital status and relationship to head.
  • Fix some bad ukbmd district links on GRO citations

Version 1.0.8 (released 27 October 2021)

  • Citation
    • Improve classification of some Ancestry records
    • UKBMD District Link improvements
    • Remove domain parameter from Ancestry Image template
  • Search
    • Improve last name at death when CLN is not set but there are husbands
    • Improve search of FS in some cases

Version 1.0.7 (released 24 October 2021)

  • Added context menu item "Sourcer: Open Link in New Tab". If used on an Ancestry or FindMyPast link it will modify the link to point to where your subscription is.

Version 1.0.6 (released 23 October 2021)

  • General
    • Change exception report to use separate tab and include input data
    • Add keyboard navigation of popup menu
  • Citations
    • Improved passenger list citations
    • Improved citations for FMP South Australia BMDs
  • Household Tables
    • Fix crash when captions option is checked
    • Fix issue where Ancestry household tables did not highlight the selected person
    • Fix issues with FS 1911 census (all CAPS occupation, leading zeroes on age)

Version 1.0.5 (released 20 October 2021)

  • Add error reporting in the event of a Javascript error - it shows up in the popup menu
  • Fixed some unclassified records

Version 1.0.4 (released 17 October 2021)

  • Fix some bugs in image citations:
    • FS image citations sometimes had "undefined" for the "Image path". In those cases there was no image path so the film number is given.
    • Ancestry image citations were not giving the image number and number of total images.
  • A few improvements to the meaningful title for citations

Version 1.0.3 (released 16 October 2021)

  • General
    • The extension icon now changes colors so it should show up better in dark mode
    • Improved the look of the Edit Citation menu
    • Added a “Go to Record Page” menu item when on an Ancestry image page with an indexed person selected
  • Search
    • Fixed an issue where a prefix was confused with the last name
  • Citation
    • FamilySearch: Implement Build Citation for image pages
    • Ancestry: Implement Build Citation for image pages
    • Fixed some Ancestry Unclassified records
    • fixed some GRO district links
    • Changed from bullet to hyphen to separate links because of unicode concerns
    • improved place names for some Ancestry records
  • Household Tables
    • Add support for household tables on Ancestry census records. Note that they do not have as many columns filled out as FMP and FS (at least for now).

Version 1.0.2 (released 8 October 2021)

  • General
    • Add support for and
    • Improve error/warning messages in popup menu when not on a supported page
    • Handle WikiTree profile pages of active members that have a different layout
    • Fix error when using on FS image page. It is not yet supported for citations but does not get stuck on “initializing” now.
  • Citation
    • Improve handling of Canada 1911 census by extracting more place fields
    • Add Canada censuses to collections (enables search for same record between sites)
    • Ancestry: Fix generation of sharing link when the image URL contains % characters
    • Improve probate data sentence (handle event place vs death place better)
    • When there are two links, put a bullet separator between them for visibility
    • Remove the Social Security Number from citations for privacy
    • Ancestry: Fix situation where a record for the parent record for a burial was categorized as a baptism
  • Narrative
    • Add option to highlight the date in bold or italic
    • Improve probate record narrative (handle event place vs death place better)
  • Tables
    • Add options for table layout. There is now a choice of a table or a list. There are formatting options for both cases.

Version 1.0.1 (released 5 October 2021)

  • General
    • Add support for
  • Search
    • In FMP searches make the spouse last names more intelligent
    • In FMP searches make it use the place name more intelligently
  • Citation
    • Ancestry & FMP: For parish marriages the bride and grooms ages are put in data string when known
    • GRO: Add override for district URL for “East and West Flegg”
    • Ancestry: Add string match to improve identifying Baptism records
  • Narrative
    • Add names of parents in baptism when known.
    • FS citation - extract street address that is not shown on page. Put it in narrative.
  • Household Tables
    • On FMP, if the table is not expanded disable Build Household Table until it is

Version 1.0.0 (released 4 October 2021)

  • Search:
    • Lots of improvements in "Search the same collection for the same record" feature - including more details like Folio, Peiece, Page number etc. There are still more improvements and fine tuning to be done here
    • Fix search for same collection from Ancestry records where the URL was using the alt id (e.g. "uki1891" vs. "6598").
    • Search: intelligently include place name in FMP searches
    • Search: FMP, when searching for baptism do not include father’s last name
    • Search: FMP 1939 register - the Registration District from Ancestry does not work on FMP and makes search fail
    • Search: Fix search from FMP UK census to Ancestry Wales census
    • Fix bug in Ancestry search if a marriage has a date but no place
    • When searching FS for a specified census collection do not include wife's maiden name
  • Citation
    • Fix GRO Source Citation adding a newline before 2nd data line
    • Fix citation issues with Ancestry baptism records using baptism date as birth date in data string
    • Fix citation issue with baptism records that have no gender
    • Fix citation issue with 1841 census saying “in household of”
    • Fix citation issue on FMP with case where “First name(s)” and “First name” can either be used
    • Fix citation issues on Ancestry 1939 Register ref title being Census
    • Remove leading zeroes from dates in data string in citation
  • Tables
    • Improved tables for 1939 register on FMP
    • Improved tables for 1841 census and early US censuses (removed columns)

Version 0.2.6 (released 30 September 2021)

  • Fixed three bugs:
    • When generating a citation on FamilySearch for a census record it sometimes erroneously puts "Child " at the start of the ref title.
    • On Firefox, when your local timezone is a different day to GMT timezone, dates could be a day wrong in data strings and narrative sentences.
    • Household tables were not working on FMP for US Census or UK 1939 Register

Version 0.2.5 (released 30 September 2021)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Household Tables feature working on FMP

Version 0.2.4 (released 29 September 2021)

  • A couple of minor bug fixes to the new Household Tables feature

Version 0.2.3 (released 29 September 2021)

  • First implementation of Household Tables
  • Fix a couple of record types it was not recognizing

Version 0.2.2 (released 28 September 2021)

  • Fixed issue in WikiTree read/private page where both parents have the same last name
  • Add support for and
  • Fix lots of bugs in search, citations and narratives
  • Detect Residence in US state census
  • Add support for US Census Federal Non-population Schedule
  • Add better error reporting for errors in Ancestry build citation (catch exceptions)

Version 0.2.0 (released 24 September 2021)

  • Changed to always use paste to put citations in the WikiTreeProfile
    • The Insert menu items no longer exists
    • There are now three different options on the record pages
      • Build Inline Citation
      • Build Narrative with Citation
      • Build Source Citation
  • Added Ancestry "Search with specified parameters" menu item

Version 0.1.10 (released 23 September 2021)

  • Search
    • Add option to open search results in new window
    • Added British Phone Book collection on Ancestry
    • Added England & Wales Probate collection on Ancestry
  • Citation
    • Add option to choose a list type data string rather than a sentence
    • Improved data strings for citations
    • Improved ref title for Phone Books and other types
    • Added year to Directory ref titles
  • Narrative
    • Add option to remove country name from narrative
    • Improved narrative strings for some event types

Version 0.1.9 (released 19 September 2021)

  • One bugfix in generating the ref title for an Ancestry citation

Version 0.1.8 (released 18 September 2021)

  • Implemented the Narrative feature
    • When in edit mode on WikiTree profile if the cursor in the Edit Text is at the start of a new paragraph then the "Insert inline citation" menu item is replaced with "Insert narrative event with inline citation". This will insert a sentence followed by the inline citation. The sentence is a starting point for writing something about the event and saves you having to type or copy/paste the date and place from elsewhere.
  • Some improvements and code cleanup on how ref titles are created.

Version 0.1.7 (released 14 September 2021)

  • Fix for pages needing reload after install/update of extension
    • It is possible that this fix (adding permissions part) might fix Ancestry sharing templates on Chromium/Linux
  • Disable Insert Citation menu item when in enhanced editor
  • Fix for missing year in some Ancestry death (or birth/marriage) data strings
  • Add 1939 register to collections list
  • Add Ancestry Wales census collections
  • Handle Ancestry death registration split into two collections
  • Fix UKBMD links in GRO citations for st saviour surrey and ashby-de-la-zouch
  • Improved parsing of newer GRO records and add Entry Number to reference string, also add district code to ref string
  • Use correct last name for a given date in FMP (and other searches) Only for search by collection where collection has a single year.

Version 0.1.6 (released 9 September 2021) (Chrome store Only)

  • Fix bug where building an Ancestry citation on Chromium on Linux got an error.

Version 0.1.5 (released 9 September 2021)

  • Fix bug on Firefox when building Ancestry citation
  • Add date to refTitle for Electoral Register and Directories
  • Add collections for all US federal censuses

Version 0.1.4 (released 8 September 2021)

  • Changed the layout of the options page to have separate tabs for Search and Citation options
  • Ancestry sharing links:
    • Add option for Citation/Ancestry: whether to generate sharing link in citation
    • Change to use the current domain when building sharing link (works for also)
    • Change the way it gets the sharing data (might help on other platforms/browsers)
  • Add option for Citation/Ancestry: which domain to use in Ancestry Record template
  • Add option for Search/FMP: whether to enable last name variants
  • Improve data string for 1939 register in Ancestry citation
  • A few other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 0.1.3 (released 4 September 2021)

  • Implemented FindMyPast support
  • Added support for (untested)
  • Added options for which domain use for search for Ancestry and FMP (and to exclude these from searches)
  • Restrict Ancestry search by country if known
  • Lots of little bug fixes and improvements

Version 0.1.2 (released 30 Aug 2021)

  • Ancestry Citations: Changed the default options for new users to use a string rather than a table.
  • FreeBMD citations: Disabled the district link until I add code to deal with the FreeBMD district abbreviations
  • FreeBMD general: fixed issue where other extensions could prevent extracting data from page
  • FamilySearch: Fixed issue with 1851 census records not getting the correct collection id
  • FamilySearch: improve extraction of places and spouse from record pages.
  • FamilySearch: fixed bug in search with specified parameters when there is only one last name
  • FamilySearch: started a list of FindMyPast image documents where FamilySearch has the wrong image numbers. For these no FMP link is added to FS citations.

Version 0.1.1 (only on Firefox)

  • Just a test because Firefox version was blocked because of a Mozilla signing bug on their server

Version 0.1.0 (released 21 Aug 2021)

  • Hierarchical search menus
    • Implemented the "Search with specified parameters" feature for FamilySearch
    • Implemented “Search the same collection for the same record” feature for Ancestry, GRO and FreeBMD (was already implemented for FamilySearch)
    • - Implemented “Search a specific collection” for Ancestry (was already implemented for FamilySearch)
  • Add option to have a data string instead of a table on Ancestry citations
  • Fixes to ref title
    • Fix Unclassified for FS Marriage Banns
    • Fix Unclassified for Ancestry PCC Wills

Version 0.0.7 (released 21 Aug 2021)

  • One minor bug fix in FreeBMD search

Version 0.0.6 (released 21 Aug 2021)

  • Added support for FreeBMD
  • Fix bug on Firefox where the Ancestry Sharing Link/Template was failing to build
  • More improvements to search and popup menus

Version 0.0.5 (released 16 Aug 2021)

  • Change the test for choosing to insert a citation as inline or as a source to use the “== Sources ==“ line as a delimiter.
  • Fix bug in previous version where the </ref> was not fully removed when inserting citation as a source.
  • Add 3 new user options:
    • “Add newlines within the citation between sections (for readability in edit mode, no effect in read mode).”
    • “Add <br/>s within the citation between sections (for readability in read mode).”
    • GRO: “Add a link to the registration district page on FreeBMD.”
    • All of these options default to true which is the previous behaviour

Version 0.0.4 (released 16 Aug 2021)

  • Implemented menu item when on WikiTree edit profile page to insert the citation either as an inline reference or a simple source (depending on the cursor location in the Edit Text box).
  • Fix bug where the use of meaningful names was being controlled by wrong option

Version 0.0.3 (released 15 Aug 2021)


  • First implementation of hierarchical search menus, implemented only when searching FamilySearch so far.
    • Can now search FamilySearch for the same record from Ancestry (only certain collections so far)
    • Can now search FS for a specific collection (only certain collections so far)
  • General improvements to search - more values used in searches.
  • The country or countries for a person/record are now inferred and used in a FamilySearch search.
  • Date ranges used in FamilySearch searches have been widened to allow for the fact that the records being searched may have date inaccuracies (e.g. estimated birth date in a census record).


  • Improved RefTitle matching (fix some “Unclassified” cases)
  • Fixed some cases where BMD district links were failing
  • Added “subscription required” to FMP Image links in FS citations
  • Fixed additional format of FMP image link in FS citations
  • Fixed some “undefined” values in FS 1871 census citations


  • Added Support menu item with Buy me a Coffee link

Version 0.0.2 (released 10 Aug 2021) Chrome store only

  • Add FamilySearch image link (if available) to FS citations (with image number)
  • Add a message when the citations are successfully built and saved and when errors/warnings occur (and added icons to these messages)
  • Added "Build Sharing URL" menu item on Ancestry pages in addition to "Build Sharing Template". "Build Sharing URL" is useful for sharing on Discord etc.
  • Slight improvements to searches from Ancestry and FS
  • Make the WikiTree Add person page not supported to search from for now
  • Fix crash on WikiTree add page when Search Ancestry was done
  • Rewrote all popup menu code so that they are dynamically generated (preparation for hierarchical search menus)


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Re: Version 1.10.1 (released 17 September 2023), Ancestry Update to keep sharing link generation working.

I just used Sourcer to create a citation from an Ancestry Library page and it didn't include a sharing link:

<ref> "Iowa, U.S., Death Records, 1880-1972", State Historical Society of Iowa; Des Moines, Iowa; Iowa Death Records, 1952-1967; Reference: 18-0688_US-IA; Certificate Number: 63-07154, Ancestry Record 61442 #751114753, Issac H Hornbacher death 20 Mar 1963 (born 1 Mar 1898), son of Christopher Hornbacher & Elizabeth Ross, in Nevada, Story, Iowa, USA. </ref>

Other indexed documents appear to have the same problem. It's probably been a couple of weeks since the last time I tried this.

posted by Kerry Larson
edited by Kerry Larson
Uh oh... I don't see the sharing information in the page source. I hope I'm just not seeing it and not that Ancestry has made a change.
posted by Kerry Larson
v. 1.8.0 was an update to work with The current version is no longer working; see ("WikiTree Sourcer doesn't know how to extract data from this page.")
posted by Kerry Larson
Hi Kerry, I am not able to test that as, when I try that link, I get:

Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information). Digest: 262545851

I assume I do not have access to

A workaround is to edit the URL to remove the "newscomwc." part. Since clippings can be viewed by anyone. You can then create a citation.

posted by Rob Pavey
Hi Rob. I believe that 'Application error' is a bug on site. I remember it being a problem several months ago and notifying them of it; took several days to fix. When I requested the newscomwc variant 3 months ago,, I believe you were able to see the clipping and adjust the extension. Yes, I can and did remove newscomwc to create the citation. This will affect several other variants such as = (If you want to see this last example for yourself, you can browse to and click on Search Digital Newspapers). I'll try contacting again. Thanks for looking into this.
posted by Kerry Larson
Hi Rob, just to let you know ScotlandsPeople updated their site last night and WikiTree Sourcer no longer works with it. It looks like their search results URLs are completely different now too.
Thanks, I'm working on a fix. Hopefully they are not still changing things.
posted by Rob Pavey
I have released a new version of Sourcer (1.5.2) that should work with the updated Scotlands People.
posted by Rob Pavey
Is the WikiTree Sourcer not working right? Or is just mine broke?

I am on an ancestry census record, build household table is showing undefined fetching. Will fetch everything but the names. Here is one that it is In the 1870 census G (age 8 months), At Home, was in Elk Springs, Warren, Kentucky.<ref> 1870 Census: "1870 United States Federal Census"

Year: 1870; Census Place: Elk Springs, Warren, Kentucky; Roll: M593_502; Page: 125B

Ancestry Sharing Link - Ancestry Record 7163 #18923868 (accessed 24 October 2022)

G H Smith (8/12), At Home, in Elk Springs, Warren, Kentucky. Born in Kentucky. </ref>

Name Sex Age Occupation Birth Place
M 48 Farmer Kentucky
F 24 Keeping House Kentucky
F 13 At Home Kentucky
F 10 At Home Kentucky
M 6 At Home Kentucky
M 8/12 At Home Kentucky

happening on .

1880 and 1910 census does the same thing.

Yes, that does seem to be broken. Ancestry must have changed something on their census pages. I will work on a fix.
posted by Rob Pavey
Not sure if this will help. Seems to have started after I did this profile

24 Oct 2022 15:01: You edited the Biography for Harry D Roberts (1896-). (Research notes. on possible parents. ) 13:05: You edited the Biography for Harry D Roberts (1896-). (Minor corrections. ) 02:15: You edited the Biography, Birth Place and Status Indicators for Harry D Roberts (1896-). (Adding sources. )

Thanks for looking for the fix, I love this feature.

posted by Terry (McClintock) Fillow
edited by Terry (McClintock) Fillow
Couldn't find your Wish List, so....

I wish for support of Safari on IOS, IPadOS and MacOS,

posted by Jerry Regan