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Wikidata and Genealogy

Who can be on Wikidata?

Wikidata is connected to Wikipedia so that a person on Wikipedia is also "always on" Wikidata as well; see also Wikidata:Notability.

Is Wikidata a source or not?

Wikidata is never a source but it can have links to sources or give hints. To decide what is a source for a fact and how to do good genealogy please see GPS Genealogy Proof Standard.

By getting more connections to a WikiTree profile we will learn more, easier and use what other people have done at other places and people at WIkipedia will find WikiTree easier, and learn more. By having this connection we tell others that our WikiTree profile is about the same person, as in Wikipedia and Wikidata. And that this profile is also the same as a FindAGrave person etc.... as we now have 40,000 links between Wikidata and WikiTree we also see that those links are a fast way to find duplicates in WikiTree ==> that the profile in Wikipedia/Wikidata has two different links to WikiTree....

What is a source or not is standard genealogy: see the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS): Analysis and Correlation of the Collected Information.

How do I find out if WikiTree is connected to Wikidata

  1. Either the WIkiTree profile has a direct link using the Wikidata Template on the profile
  2. Or you have to look on the WIkipedia link to Wikidata see video

Other examples of connecting:

see video


What is Wikidata

Wikidata is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines.

Wikidata acts as central storage for the structured data of its Wikimedia sister projects including Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikisource, and others.

WikiTree is not a Wikimedia project, but Wikidata also provides support to many other sites and services. The content of Wikidata is available under a free license, exported using standard formats, and can be interlinked to other open data sets on the linked data web.

WikiTree has started to use Wikidata for connecting profiles to Wikipedia and other sites that are connected to Wikidata. Interesting links for genealogy and WikiTree accessible through Wikidata are:

  • Wikipedia
  • FindAGrave
  • Genealogics, and others.

One great benefit of being part of this linked data with WikiData is that WikiTree is more easily found and can also be good for the SEO.

Wikidata (big pic)

Our ID at Wikidata

Thanks to Magnus we got our own property in WikiData. It is WikiTree ID (P2949). The property is used on the following profiles (query).

Linked Data Usage Examples

Timeline Histropedia link question CLAIM[2949]
more about query WikiData from Histropedia

Connecting Wikidata and a WikiTree profile

At the moment linking to Wikidata is done manually at Wikidata site. Here is a video instructions for adding a link between WikiTree and Wikidata.

Other ways to connect are being looked into, but no decision has been made yet.

{{NobleHouseReport|Q81589|House of WIndosor}}

Advanced Editing/Genealogy

Editing using Aleš site

  • Report of Wikipedia links in biography Connected. (linked to a person 23x1000)
  • Report of Wikipedia links in biography To connect. (linked to a person 13x1000)
  • Report of Wikipedia links in biography Non link to person. (not linked to a person 14x1000)
  • Report of Wikipedia links in biography No valid link. (linked to invalid page 1x1000)
  • Report of Wikipedia links in biography No link. (not linked 5x1000)

Editing using Wikidata site

  • List of all wikidata persons with wikitree ID. There are currently over 30,000 of them.
  • List all relatives without Wikitree ID of a person with Wikitree ID. These relatives can be also linked to wikidata, if they have a WikiTree profile. There are over 10,000 of them.
    • Variation of previous query, to limit it to specific Wikitree ID. Like Picasso in example. Just change it to something else.
  • List all royal relatives without Wikitree ID of a royal with Wikitree ID. These relatives can be also linked to wikidata, if they have a WikiTree profile. There are over 6000 of them. You can unmark FILTER line to limit to a certain name.
  • Lists all royals on wikidata.

Validating using Wikidata site


Statistics WikiTree profiles per citizenship on Wikidata (table)
WikiTree profiles on WIkidata grouped by Noble House they belong to (table)

Compare to others

  • Find A Grave has been set on +22,000 profiles in WikiData. It woud be Best if WikiTree used templates for FindAGrave links and we could then easily check if we miss a link that WikiData has: see G2G
FindAGrave and WikiTree
  • Documenting churchyards with grave pictures and coordinates of graves blog example map. As Wikidata supports coordinates for a grave it is easy to generate reports of all people in churchyard xxx who are noble house or WikiTree profiles or xxxx
Map Churchyard Norra Begravningsplatsen, Stockholm - Alfred Nobels grave photo (table)
    • Linking data and combining datasets opens up new possibilities, e.g find all people connected to the Panama papers scandal Q23702848 with a profile on WikiTree see result
WikiTree profiles connected to the Panama papers scandal

5 stars model of open linked data

Connecting data objects is the ultimate goal of internet 3.0. The father of the Internet, Tim Berner Lee, has set up a 5 star model to explain the concept of what can be done. See his Video


His model:

5 star steps
5 stars model

If we look at WikiTree, it is my opinion that we now have 5 stars but we can still be better and also link to sites other than WikiData and also link Categories to sites like WikiData....

★ WikiTree - Check
★★ WikiTree - Check we have machine readable profiles
See Rubens-1 would be nice if the WikiData template generated html telling the requester that this data is the same as Q5599
★★★ WikiTree - Check
★★★★ WikiTree - Check URI www.wikitree.com/wiki/Rubens-1
★★★★★ WikiTree - Check we have the WikiTreeID at WikiData maybe soon also a FindAGraveID field in WikiTree

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