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Will Dyson - Art Tree

Privacy Level: Open (White)
Date: 1916 to 1920
Location: The Australian War Memorial, Campbell ACT 2612 Australiamap
Surnames/tags: Dyson Art Australia
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Dyson was a committed Australian nationalist and it was this dedication that informed his application to join the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) as an artist. In 1916, he wrote to AIF commander General Birdwood, stating his aim "would be to interpret in a series of drawings, for national preservation, the sentiments and special Australian characteristics of our Army". Without pay and allowance, he was granted a position as Honorary Lieutenant and in December 1916 travelled to the Western Front. In May 1917, he was formally appointed as the first official war artist attached to the AIF.

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3DRL/7134 . ] | |
3DRL/7134 . ] | |
ART00766 c. 1917-1918 | Kaiser |
ART02203 . ] | |
ART02204 . ] | |
ART02205 ART02206 ART02207 ART02208 ART02209.001 ART02209.002 ART02209.003 ART02209.011 ART02209.012 ART02209.013 . 1917 | The Dynamo, Hill 60 |
ART02209.014 ART02210 ART02211.001 ART02211.002 ART02211.003 ART02211.004 ART02211.012 ART02211.014 ART02212 ART02213 ART02214 ART02215.001 . ] | |
ART02215.002 ART02215.003 ART02215.005 ART02215.007 ART02215.012 ART02216 ART02217 ART02218 ART02219 ART02220 ART02221.002 ART02221.003 ART02221.014 ART02222.002 ART02222.003 ART02222.005 ART02222.012 ART02222.013 ART02222.014 ART02223 ART02224 ART02225 ART02226.001 ART02226.008 ART02226.009 ART02226.011 . ] | |
ART02226.012 ART02227 ART02228 ART02229 ART02230 ART02231 ART02232 ART02233 ART02234 ART02235 ART02236.001 ART02236.002 ART02236.003 ART02236.004 ART02236.009 ART02236.010 ART02236.012 ART02236.013 ART02236.014 ART02236.015 ART02237 ART02238 ART02239 ART02240.001 ART02240.003 ART02240.004 . ] | |
ART02241 ART02242 ART02243 ART02244 ART02245.003 ART02246.001 ART02246.002 ART02246.003 ART02246.004 ART02246.010 ART02246.012 ART02247 ART02248 ART02249 ART02250.001 ART02250.002 ART02250.003 ART02250.010 ART02251 ART02252.001 ART02252.002 . ] | |
ART02252.003 ART02252.004 ART02252.012 ART02252.013 ART02253 ART02254 ART02255 ART02256 ART02257 ART02258.001 ART02258.002 ART02258.003 ART02258.005 ART02258.006 ART02258.011 ART02258.012 ART02258.014 ART02258.015 ART02259 ART02260 ART02261 ART02262.001 ART02262.002 ART02262.003 ART02262.004 ART02262.006 ART02262.008 . ] | |
ART02262.014 ART02263 ART02264 ART02265 ART02266 ART02267 ART02268 ART02270 ART02271 ART02272 ART02273 ART02274.001 ART02274.002 ART02274.003 ART02274.004 ART02274.005 ART02274.006 ART02274.007 ART02274.012 ART02275 ART02276 ART02277 ART02278.001 ART02278.002 ART02278.009 ART02278.011 ART02278.013 ART02279 . ] | |
ART02280.001 ART02280.002 ART02280.003 ART02280.004 ART02280.005 ART02280.013 ART02281.001 ART02281.002 ART02281.003 ART02281.004 ART02281.008 ART02281.013 ART02281.014 ART02282.001 ART02282.002 ART02282.003 ART02282.004 ART02282.012 ART02282.014 ART02283.001 ART02283.002 ART02283.003 ART02283.004 ART02283.013 . ] | |
ART02283.015 ART02284.001 ART02284.002 ART02284.003 ART02284.006 ART02284.013 ART02285.001 ART02285.002 ART02285.003 ART02285.004 ART02285.005 ART02285.007 ART02286.001 ART02286.002 ART02286.003 ART02286.005 ART02286.006 ART02286.007 ART02287.001 ART02287.002 ART02287.003 ART02287.007 ART02287.012 ART02287.014 ART02288.001 ART02288.002 ART02288.003 ART02288.005 ART02288.006 . ] | |
ART02288.014 ART02289 ART02290 ART02291 ART02292 ART02293.001 ART02293.002 ART02293.004 ART02293.005 ART02293.013 ART02294 ART02295.001 ART02295.002 ART02295.003 ART02295.008 ART02295.012 ART02295.013 ART02296.001 ART02296.002 ART02296.003 ART02296.005 ART02296.008 ART02296.014 ART02297.001 ART02297.002 ART02297.003 ART02297.004 . ] | |
ART02297.007 ART02297.009 ART02297.012 ART02297.014 ART02298.001 ART02298.002 ART02298.008 ART02298.009 ART02298.011 ART02298.012 ART02298.013 ART02298.014 ART02299.001 ART02299.002 ART02299.003 ART02299.009 ART02299.014 ART02299.015 ART02299.016 ART02300.001 ART02300.002 ART02300.003 ART02300.004 ART02300.005 ART02300.008 ART02300.009 ART02301 ART02302 ART02303 ART02304 ART02305 ART02306 ART02307 ART02308 ART02309 ART02310 ART02311 . ] | |
ART02312 ART02313 ART02314 ART02315 ART02316 ART02317 ART02318 ART02319 ART02320 ART02322 ART02323 ART02324 ART02325 ART02326 ART02327 ART02328 ART02329 ART02330 ART02331 ART02332 ART02333 ART02334 ART02335 ART02336 . ] | |
ART02337 ART02338 ART02339 ART02340 ART02341 ART02342 ART02343 ART02344 ART02345 ART02346 ART02347 ART02348 ART02349 ART02350 ART02351 ART02352 ART02353 ART02354 ART02355 ART02356 ART02357 ART02358 ART02359 ART02360 ART02361 ART02362 ART02363 ART02364 ART02365 ART02366 ART02367 ART02368 ART02369 . ] | |
ART02370 ART02371 ART02372 ART02373 ART02374 ART02375 ART02376 ART02378 ART02379 ART02380 ART02381 ART02382 ART02383 ART02384 ART02385 ART02386 ART02387 ART02388 ART02390 ART02391 ART02392 ART02393 ART02394 ART02395 ART02396 ART02397 ART02398 ART02399 ART02400 ART02401 ART02402 ART02403 ART02404 ART02405 ART02406 ART02407 ART02408 ART02409 ART02410 ART02411 . ] | |
ART02412 ART02413 ART02414 ART02415 ART02416 ART02417 ART02418 ART02419 ART02420 ART02421 ART02422 ART02423 ART02424 ART02425 ART02426 ART02427 ART02428 ART02429 ART02430 ART02431 . ] | |
ART02432 . ] | |
ART02433 . ] | |
ART02434 . ] | |
ART09907 . ] | |
ART09908 . ] | |
ART09909 . ] | |
ART09910 . ] | |
ART09911 ART09912 ART09913 ART09914 ART09915 ART09916 ART09917 ART09918 ART09919 ART09920 ART09921 ART09922 ART09923 ART09924 ART09925 ART09926 ART09927 ART09928 ART09929 ART09930 ART09931 ART09932 ART09933 ART11658 ART14104 ART15334 ART15473 ART16155 ART16156 . ] | |
ART16157 ART19603 ART19662 ART19710 ART19770 ART19824 ART19896 ART19897 ART19898 ART50203 ART50297 ART90449 ART90450 ART90833 ART93002 ART93112 ART93113 ART93114 ART93273 ARTC00003 ARTC00004 ARTV03826 ARTV05746 ARTV08843 . ] | |

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