Will of Elon Pountney, 1862-1922.

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Transcript of the Last Will and Testament of Elon Pountney of Evlinton, Ravenswood, North Queensland. 1862-1922
Original spelling preserved.
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Transcribed by David Urquhart, from a scanned copy, bought from the Australian Archives in about 1985, on old size, foolscap paper.The document was originally written on an old type page from a stock count record, or something similar, with one, month column, day column, item column and four other columns for figures, repeated twice across the page.

This is my Last Will and Testamant of me, Elon Pountney, Grazier of Evlinton Ravenswood North Queensland[1].

I bequeath unto My Daughter Esther now Married Mrs Esther Ferguson Gordonvale fifty Pounds £50-00 Cash
I bequeath unto My Daughter Clara now Married Mrs Clara Wellington Living in Ayr fifty Pounds £50-00 Cash
I bequeath unto My Daughter Martha now Married Mrs Martha Butler Living at Brookville fifty Pounds £50-00 Cash
I bequeath unto My Daughter Mary Ann Dora Pountney now Living at Home two Hundred Pounds £200-00 Cash & also when she gets Married I bequeath unto her the Piano for being good to her Parents
I bequeath unto My son Albert Pountney thirty head of Mixed Cattle & 5 head of Mixed Horses Branded N-?-9[2] no Cash
I bequeath unto My son William John Pountney two hundred Pounds £200-0-0 Cash & also one fourth share in all the Cattle and Horses Branded N-?-9[2] & a fourth share in Everything Else I Posess he being my Youngest son as attached below
I bequeath unto My sons Samuel Pountney.Edwin Pountney.Arthur Joseph Pountney & Wiliam John Pountney Equeal shares all my Cattle & Horses Branded N-?-9[2] and all Cash belonging to me when I die fixed Deposits & Current a/c & My insurance Policy for £100-0-0 & intrest stock yards Padocks & occupation Licenses & all Working Plant as a Going Concern that is to say after the above Mentioned Cash as been Paid to My four Daughters & My Son William John Pountney as mentioned above

My Dwelling House & Kitchen & out Houses & furniture and all effects will Remain as a Home for all Time as Long as Their Remains any Member of my family unmarried, unless They choose Mutuley to sell the above

I also appoint My Son Samuel Pountney to be Manager of the above going concern & to be Paid his wages Every Month out of The Estate as usual, and all Expenses in the Working of the above Mentioned Going Concern

I also appoint Samuel Pountney, Edwin Pountney Arthur Joseph Pountney & William John Pountney Executors of this My Last Will & Testement

Signed by the said Elon Pountney in the Presence of Two Witnesses

Who have Hereto set their hand this 24th day of July 1922

Signed Elon Pountney

Witnesses N. Otto Anderson
H.W. Gibson

Elon's Cattle Brand.


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Australian Archives.



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