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Will of John Heydon of Othecote 1546

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This is a transcription of the register copy of the Will of John Heydon, parson of Othecote and vicar of Watford It was written on 22 February 1545/46 and proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury on 8 March 1546.Johannis's will passed probate on 8 June 1546.[1]
The National Archives; Kew, Surrey, England; Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Series PROB 11; Class: PROB 11; Piece: 31

Spelling, punctuation and line breaks as per the original Paragraph breaks and bold text are my own for ease of reading ff has been rendered as F, and ligatures and abbreviations have been expanded in [square brackets]

Persons mentioned:

John Heydon Testator
John Deweny Testator's nephew
Henry Heydon Testator's nephew
Alice Watsons Testator's niece
Elizabethe Man Testator's niece
Jane Man Daughter of the above
Richard Grays Testator's cousin Master William Smyth Parson of Thomas Heydon Testator's cousin Elizabeth Graye Rauf Heydon Testator's cousin Nicholas Whittington

In the name of god amen the xx? t daye of the monthe of ffebruary the xxx yeare of the
rayne of ..... moste........ lorde kynge Henirye eightht by the grace of god kynge of England France and
Irelande defendere of the faith and in earth of the churche of Englande and also of Irelande the supreame
hedd, I john Heydon parsonn of Othecote [Edcote] in the countie of Northampton and vicar of Watford in the countie of
hertford beinge in good mynde thankinge lord and praysinge be to allmyghtie god ordayne declare and make my
testament contayninge therin my laste will in this mannure and forme followinge Ffirst in my most harte
and devoute manner I give and bequeth my soule to allmyghtie god my maker and Redeemer most humblye
besechynge him of his most infinite mercie and grace And through his most bytter passion and also by the mediation
of ower blissed Lady Saint Marye and of all the saints of heven to accept the same and take the forme unto
everlastinge joye and blisse there p[er]petually to reste w[ith] him w[ith] oute ..... And my synfull and wretched boddy
I bequeath to the earth and to be buried yf I die in Othecote or wythin 10 myles thereof in the channsell there
And lykewyse if I die in Watford or withyn 10 myles thereof to be buried in the channsell there And a
stonn to be boughte and laid uppon me w[ith] writinge accordinge And also I will that a waxe taper shall stand
uppon my grave and shall burne........masse .............. daye that masse shalbe saide in songe thorough in
for a hole yere after my decease And also I bequeath to every householder of Othecote to praye for my soule
twelve pence betwene the man and the wyfe And to every other body there twoo pence apece to praye and ....
Also I will that all suche ..... as I have made in the saide parsonage and all manner of bedsteddes also one b......
leadd? in the ......house and a table and a table in longe forme and a cubourd in the parlour there Also a longe table w[ith] two
trestles and a large forme in the hall theire Also the glas in the p[ar]l[our] wyndowes there be not removed but be and
abide there as standard for the saide parsonage as longe as they will endure And all lockes w[ith]there keyes of
all the houses not to be taken awaye desiringe the p[er]sonnes that shalbe after me the ..... to pray for me Also
I will that in the houses of the saide vicarage of Watford that is to saye in the longe chamber theire next the
parlour be not taken away there a bedsted a table w[ith]...trestles and a longe forme in the highe chamber a
bedsted and a great bounde cheste In the next chamber there a bedstedd In the parrishe priste chamber a bedstedd
and a presse in the parlour a table w[ith] trestles and a forme And all the glas in all the wyndowes of all
the houses of the saide vicarage w[ith] the ........ in the windowes of the saide p[ar]l[ou]r and longe chamber be
not taken awaye The which I have made of mynne owne cost but be as standes for the saide vicarage of
Watford as longe as they will endure desiringe the vicars after me the power to praye for me And I will that only poore househol
ds w[ith' in the parrishe of Watforde have twoo pence after the discretion of myne executors and also that there shalbe given to
other poor people there as my body shalbe buried fyve pounds besides the foresaid money bequeathed to my parrishoners and
to suchmourners geven twelve pence a pece to priests and clerk twoo pence And also I will that ymediatly after my decease be
paid by myne executors for a gold ywer? an honest priste to saye masse for my soule in speciall And first the saide priste
to saye ? masses for the woounds of ower savior Ihus Criste w]ith] that collect Deus Snner ....... And duringe and
com....... during daye the saide ? dayes for my Soule and that done Then I will that the saide preste do say by him self
or some other yf he be not disposed and able yf it maye be ....... for my soule in ...... w[ith] ..... and.........
to not happen.........weeke or some other days yf that be hollye days to saye masse of requiem And also any
ffridaye yf it be not holllye daye to saye masse of the ? wooundes of ower saviourIhus criste or masse de nomium Ihus
.......vimbus w[ith] the collecte Deus S......... And uppon Saturdayes to saye masse of ower blessed Ladye the virgin yf
it be not hollye daye And? in tymes twemtye weeks to saye ? Ladye spalter for my soule And I will that the saide priste
shall have for his wagis tenne marks to do his dutie well yf he be hired to singe at Watford And if he be hired to singe at
Othecote he to have ? marks and to them there for ...... And to do his dutie as is aforesaide And after to ..... at Watford
Item I bequeath to my nephewe John Deweny? fortie shillinges Item I bequeath to my Nephewe Mr Henry Heydon my sylver
service w[ith] teappot and a sylver salte and the cover? worth .....marks And to his wyfe a round/wound gold ringe
...... aboute a marke in gold Item I bequeath my nece Alice Watsons? a flatt gold ringe and foure small sylver.......
Item I bequethe to my nece Elizabeth Man foure poundes there ,,,,, and my best shorte gowne and a fether bedd a mattress a
coverlet a pare of shettes two blanketts and a bolster And after her decease the saidebeddinge to her daughter
Jane Item I bequeth to my cosyn Richard Grays fortie shillinges Item I bequeth to Mr Rauf? ....son one of my
gownes? to praye for ,,, that is furred w[ith] white furr And I will that the same Mr Rauf shall singe for me for a gold
..... as is aforesaide And aafter as my goodes will extend to afore any other priste yf he will Item I
bequeth to Master William Smyth parson of Em don in the countie of Northampton my beste gowne to
praye for me Item I geve and bequeth to my cosin Jane Man daughter of Henry Man and Elizabeth beinge
my sister....... daughter all my land houses and tenements lyinge in ..... and w[ith]in the pishe
of Stoss...... w[ith]in the countie of the citie of Coventrye?the whiche lands houses and tenements I late purcha
sed of John S....... of west thropp w[ith]in the parrishe of Bimburye the,,,,, is twentie five shillinges eight pence
by the .... To have and to holde to the saide Jane and to the heirs of her boddye lawfullye begotten for ever And also for
default of suche issue the remainder thereof to my cosyn Thomas Heydon And to his heires for ever And also I geve
and bequethe to my saide cosyn Thomas Heydon my ffetherbed in my parloure at Othecote w[ith] all thinges thereto belonging
next to the stand except the bedsted w[ith] a .... hanginge lyinge in my coffer at Watford Also I geve to my saide
cosyn Thomas three bras potts and two bras p..... w[ith] all my.......... that is at Watford And a cubbourd
standing in the parloure there a cheste in the lofte there and a table w[ith]in ..... in.......... I geve and bequeth
to the fore named Joane(Jane) Man twentie five poundes thirtene shillinges foure pence to her marriage yf it shall fortune
her so to be disposed And if she be not so disposed to be married yet I will she shall have to saide monney to be delivered
duly to her when she shalbe twentie years of age or before to make her a stocke to ly... w[ith] by the discretion of myne
executors Item I geve and bequeth unto the saide Jane a fetherbedd and a mattres thre paires of shettes a pair of
blankett twoo pillowes w[ith] bolsters twoo coverletts hanginges? and ..... that be in the l.... chamber at Othecote
and also ........... foure bras potts fouer bras pannes And she to have those of the best of one of every? sort w[ith]
my beste chafingdishe Item I bequethe to the saide Jane my coffers one standinge in the hall another in the p[a]lour
and the third in the butterye and all my pewter vessell excepte every platters every peweter dishes twoo saucers?
the whiche Elizabeth Graye shall have I tem I bequethe to the saide Jane evry of my nine sylver spoons and
other .... of them to my cosyn Rauf Heydon w[ith] the hanginges of my beste p[ar]lo[ur] at Watford And the hangings
of my hall at Othecote Item verlet and bolster twoo brasse potts ... bras pannes a coffer a
chaffinge dishe foure countersete dishes Item I bequethe to Nicholas Whittington my worst fetherbedd a bolster
a coverlet and my pares of the worste shettes twoo bras potts snff one kettell and a greate cheste in the hall and
a nother in the buttrye And all the rest of my kettelles and skilletts I geve to Jane Man afore namyd w[ith]
a little golde ringe a triangle of sylver and gilt w[ith] one of the beste harnest girdell w[ith] a pair of corall beades
and another of amber w[ith] ..... gilte a greate sylver pynne and a pare of silver hookes and one sylver
tablett Item I bequethe to my cosyn Eliabethe Palmer twentie shillinges to pray for me Item I bequeth to my cosyn Anne Denham xxS [twenty shillings] to pray fore me Item I bequethe to my cosyn Raufe
Heydon a litle sylver salte standinge upponvyns? Also I will that the priste that shall be hured/hired to pray for me shall every yere
aslonge as she shall singe for me begin a twentall at Christmas for me and to say my masses of the birth
of o[ur] Lord Ihus criste w[ith]in the notes thereof And so to saye m[y] masses w[ith]in the notes of every feaste w[ith]in that ....... deus s....sp..... and duringe and comendatons and other dayes to saye masse as is aforesaid Item I geve to my nephewe John Heydon my best fetherbed at Watford and my best coverlet and bolster and twoo blanketts and .... pair of my best shetts and a mattress and 2 pillowes of downes and 2 pillowcases w[ith] all the hanginges there And a chest bounde w[ith] yron Item I bequethe to the parrishe churche of Watford a suit of
vestmentes for the priste deacon and subdeacon of white damaske yf I do not deliver it my self before I die to be prayed
for th..... And to Thomas Whittington I bequethe fyve marks And I bequethe to my cosyn Dorothy Shorditche twentie
shillings to pray fr me And toher sister Alon {Ellen} I bequethe 20s to pray for me Iteem I bequethe to my cosyn Elyn
Parsons twentie shillinges And to the foresaide Thomas Heydon a bolster at Watforde and a longe gowne lyned
w[ith] russelle worstedd Item I bequethe to Rauf Heydon a gowne which is at WatfordeItem I bequethe to Sir Wiliam
Small bone a longe gowne lyned w[ith] russelles worstedd Item I bequethe to Nicholas Whittyington foure
marks the whiche I paid to his sue for beanes and 2 ..... barleye the whiche I him delivered and
And a spitt and a gridyron 2 candelsticks and other godes the whiche is in my chest at Watford the .... was his
mothers that I paide for a grave gold ringe and a greate grave mare Item I bequethe to Elizabethe Man a grave
amblyinge mare Item to Thomas Whitinge a sorrell colt w[ith] saddle and bridell Item to Elizabethe
Manne foure hogges And to Jane Man 2 hogges and Elizabethe Man 21 sheepe Item to Thomas Whitington tenne shepe And Jane Man the reste of my shepe Item I bequethe to the parrishe churche of Othecote tenn shillinges Item to Lawrence my servant his hole yeares wages And to Elizabetge Harris my servant her hole yeares wagis And to Marye Blande her half yeares wagis and three shillinges foure pence
And to' Nycholas my sheparde six shillinges eyght pence Item to John Ward his half yeres wagis and
three shillinges foure pence Item to Jane Man a baye amblynge colt Item that .... Willi[a]m Smallbone
shall singe for my soule at Ochecote a hole yere imidyatly after my death And to have six pounds for his labour And also I geve him 20s Also Elizabethe Bryht my serv[an]t 2s 2d And
to Jane Man my andyrons and tonges And all other cubbourdes and sp..... not bequethed Item I will
that Elizabeth Man and Jane her daughter have to?..... baron and..... towards there lyinge this....
aforesaide All other of my goodes and catalles not bequethed I will that they be soulde after the discretion
of anyone executors for the performance of this my laste will and testament And for the reste of all the
monneys my goodes and cattalles so solde and suche monneys as I have lefte this my last will performed and
executed and my debtes paide I will shalbe bestowed and ..... in fyndinge of an honest priste to praye in a speciall
for my soule and for the soules of my ffather Will[a]m Heydon and my mother Elizabethe And of my brother
William and all my sisters and for the soules of all other that I was moste bound to praye for And for the
soule of ..... John Gall priste and all xhristian soules aslonge as the paide monney will ....... to be done in the churche
of Watford and the priste to have for his wagis .. marks to saye mas as is afore whersad todo his dutie
well And I give to Thomas Blande twentie shillinges And of this my laste will and testament I make my cosyn master John ffrankish and Willi[a]m Smallbone prist myne executors to p[er]forme and execute
this my laste will and testament And I give to master ffrankish for his labours a goblet w[ith] a ..... and
twentie shillinges in monney And I make my cosyn master Henry Heydon and master William Chauncey my overseers thereof to helpe this my laste will to be p[er]formyd And I geve to master William Chauncey A
goblett and 20s monney Item I will that Nycholas Whitington shall have my best cart and all my
ploughes and ploughe ...... and cart ....... and all my ploughe tymber and bourdes And to Nicholas
Whte a harness girdell w[ith] pendantes Item I geve to Jane Man a little brownynge lead in the ..........in the house
............. whereof the said John Heydon hathe sette his hand and seale to this his last will and testament
the daye and year afore said These beinge witnes master Willi[a]m Chauncey ...... Raph Jacson Willi[a]m Smyth
....... and Richard Makepeace w[iyh] other .....


  1. Will: "England & Wales, Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858"
    The National Archives; Kew, Surrey, England; Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Series PROB 11; Class: PROB 11; Piece: 31
    Ancestry Sharing Link - Ancestry uk Record 5111 #902290 (accessed 13 January 2022)
    Will of Johannis Heydon of Ochecote, Northamptonshire, England, granted probate on 8 Jun 1546. Died Abt 1546.

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