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Will of John Hough Craven - Transcribed

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Date: 3 Aug 1841 [unknown]
Location: Albemarle, Virginia, United Statesmap
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Last will and testament of John Hough Craven

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  • Drafted 3 AUG 1841 in Albemarle, Virginia, United States
  • Probated +++ 1845
  • Transcribed by Nancy Kraus, Architectural Historian.

Albemarle County Will Book 17:37-41

In the name of God amen. I John H Craven of the county of Albemarle, mindful of the uncertainty of my life and desirous of making some disposition of my worldly estate, while I am yet through the mercy of providence in the enjoyment of health and in the possession of my mental faculties, do ordain and establish this my last will and testament, hereby evoking all other wills heretofore made by me.

[1st] In primis, It is my will and desire that my executors, hereafter to be named, proceed as soon after my death as convenient to pay off all my just debts and to enable them to discharge this duty. I hereby direct them to sell on such terms as they may deem best: for my estate--the following lands, or my interest in the same to wit--

First, a tract of 229 1/4 acres as calculated by surveyor P. McGhee in a plat to be found among my papers marked (A.) and bounded as follows to wit:

commencing at a Red oak, on Barrack road corner to my rose hill track; thence S 85° E 245 po to pine stump near the gate, S 45° E 40 po to pts. S 71° E 135 po to road: Thence N 2 1/2° E 42 po. Thence No 38° W. 18 po. thence 1 1/2° W 23 po to dogwood cor and red oak. pts. Thence N 55 1/2° W 23 po to 3 dogwoods, N 11° W 10 po to Black oak on edge of Mill pond, N 39° W 10 po. N 28° W 20 po. to white oak, N 51° W 7 po. to Gum and persimmon N 4 1/2° W 9 8/10 po. N 20° W 31 po. to pts on a branch N 85° W 75 po. to pts N 24° W 74 poles to pts S 49° W 59 poles to post oak and pointers. S 71 1/2° W 123 po. S 44 1/2° W 83 po. S 17° W 18 poles to the beginning--

secondly, all my right [?] and interest to and in the Pen Park Mills, and the Mill tract here to appurtenant.

Thirdly, all the revisionary interest which I hold in the lands now possessed by Mrs. Martha Key in right of dower, which will fully appear from the deed made to me for the same, which are of record, and fourthly my Pen Park farm in case my wife should not elect to take the devise of it hereafter made to her for life, or else if she should so elect, then the remainder thereof at her death, the proceeds of such sales are to be dedicated by my executor to the payment of my debts, and to such distribution as I shall herein provide for it--

2nd I bequeath to my beloved wife Mary and her heirs forever my negro woman Maria and her sons Edward and William, together with all her future increase, I also devise to my wife, as a home for her during and for her life, my Pen Park estate, together with the furniture, plantation utensils stock of every description, and the slaves thereto belonging that may be left after satisfying the bequests hereinafter made, but if she should not elect to accept the devise of the said Farm with the stock of shares and appurtenances then I require my executors to provide out of the sales herein before authorized, of the Pen Park lands an annuity of three hundred dollars a year for my wife during her life. I of course design the provision thus made for my beloved wife in lieu of her right of dower in my estate--

3rd To my beloved son George Washington Craven and his heirs I devise and bequeath my Franklin farm, exclusive of the Naylor lands which I have given and design to convey by deed to my daughter Sarah Lewis, and also the following slaves to wit Gabriel and his wife Nancy Mills, also George and Mary his wife with their five children, now born, and all their future increase. But if my said son George should die without leaving issue at the time of his death, then I desire the said realty, and personality with the increase of the latter, to be equally distributed among his brothers and sisters, or the children of such as may there be giving to the child or children the portion to which, the parent if living would be entitled

4th If I should die before fulfilling my intention of conveying the Naylor lands just named to my daughter Sarah or her husband Robert W. Lewis, it is my desire that she shall take the same to her and her heirs forever,

5th To my beloved daughter Elizabeth Sneed I bequeath the following slaves to wit, John Winston, Sam and his wife Lucy with their five children now born and their future increase--but if my said daughter should die leaving no issue then I desire the portion herein given to her to go to and be divided among her brothers and sisters or their descendants by stocks as directed in the devise to my son George,

6th I devise to the separate use of my daughter in law Jane Cary Craven wife of my beloved son John D. Craven for the support of them and the children born of their bodies during her life or if she should survive my said son, then during her widowhood, to be entirely exempt from the contracts--or debts of her said husband my Rose Hill Tract with the meadow purchased of Joe Brown, together with the plantation utensils stock of every description, and slaves thereon, with the exception of Ellen hereinafter bequeathed to my grand daughter Camilla Ann Craven; But if my said son John should survive his wife aforesaid, in that event the said property shall be vested in my executors in trust to devise for his support and the maintenance of the children aforesaid, upon the death of my said son John or in case his wife Jane Cary should survive him then upon her death or marriage I desire the said property to go to and be divided among their children aforesaid or the issue of such as may have died--such issue to receive the shares which would have fallen to the parent if alive, But if my son should die or if his wife aforesaid surviving him should die or marry again leaving at the time of any of these events no issue alive from this marriage, then it is my will and desire that the property both real and personal should be equally distributed among Johns Brothers and sisters or the children of such as may be dead upon the principle of representation indicated in the preceding clause_

7th I give and devise my Meadow Creek plantation containing 593 1/2 acres being all of and in that quarter, save Rose Hill and the tract of 224 1/2 acres--before devised for sale, with the farming implements stock of every sort and the slaves belonging to the said plantation, with the exception of such of the last--as are hereafter specially bequeathed otherwise. To the separate use of my beloved daughter Amanda F. Crawford, for her exclusive benefit, to be freely enjoyed by her during her life & to be entirely exempt from any contracts or debts of her husband, and should my daughter die without child leaving her husband, I hereby authorise her to declare and appoint by an instrument of writing attested by two or more witnesses such of her blood relatives as she may elect to receive and enjoy said property. and should my said daughter fail to make each appointment, then I desire at her death without child leaving her husband, the said property with its increase to be equally divided amongst her brothers and sisters or their issues, by stocks as directed in similar contingencies before provided for--but should my said daughter die leaving children or descendants of children I desire the said property to be their distributed amongst them in the same mode.

8th It is my will and desire that at my death such of my grand children as I have not herein provided for or to whom I may not advance by such gift in my life time, shall receive from my estate by the allotment of my executors, as a token of my especial interest and regard for them a young negro servant for each of the value as near be of two hundred dollars, to be taken from the familys of slaves on the Pen Park estate, and proceeding now to carry out this design as far as I am now prepared to do.

I bequeath as follows to wit, a negro girl Anna, Lucy Payne's daughter, to me dear grand daughter Sarah Elizabeth Craven, Ellen Seylla's daughter to my dear grand daughter Camilla Ann Craven, Rosanna daughter of Sam and Jenny to my dear grand daughter Elizabeth N. Crawford. Elizabeth daughter of Jacob and Lucy to my dear grand daughter Euphemia Crawford, James Anderson, son of Henry and Mary to my dear grand son Malcom F. Crawford, Catharine daughter of Lucy Payne to my dear grand daughter Mary Elizabeth Craven daughter of William L. Craven, and a negro boy Burwell to my dear grand son John Sneed. But if any of my said grand children should die under age or before marriage, the portion of such under this devise to go to the brothers and sisters of such, or the issue or the issue of brothers or sisters of representation as before directed in like cases. and I also annex the same condition and qualification to the allotments to be made by my executors to my other grand children at my death.

9 The surplus fund which will doubtless accrue upon the sales that I have directed of real estate after the payment of my just debts I wish to be distributed among my children so as to effect as nearly as can be that equality which had ever been the first of my testamentary objects. To accomplish this a value must be fixed upon the advancements heretofor made and the portions herein given to my respective children, or their families, and this I trust I am enabled to do with some accuracy as I have always kept a statement of this sort in my own hand writing, in a book which I leave in a Book called my book of family accounts. From these data, I value the respective portions of my several children as follows to wit, That of my son John's at $14944 That of my son William at $10490 That of my son George at $15000 That of my daughter Amanda at $12613 That of my daughter Elizabeth at $8598 That of my daughter Sarah at $9987

Now I require my executors to be governed in the distribution of this surplus fund among my children. By this my valuation of their shares and so I divide it among them as to equalise their respective shares, as far as possible adding nothing to any one portion while their is one smaller.

10 It is also my will and desire that the negroes on Pen Park devised to my beloved wife for her life in case of her being willing to reside there, shall upon her death or upon her electing to wave this devise and to take the annuity divided among my said children in the same mode and upon the same principal of equalization, which I have proscribed in the distribution of the surplus monies devising from the sales of my lands.

11 It is my will and desire that any accessions that may be thus made after my death to the shares of my children devisees and legatees, shall be holders in the same right and subject to the same restrictions, limitations, and conditions which characterise and qualify the foregoing dispositions in their favour. So that the additions if any to the portion of my daughter Amanda shall be to her separate use for life, with the same power of appointment in case of the failure of her issue, and in default of such appointment, or at her death with children shall be similarly distributable among her brothers and sisters or among her children, and in the manner such increase of the portion of my son John or his children shall be taken and held under all the restrictions and limitations prescribed in the 4th clause of this will in as ample a manner as if the same were herein particularly recited, and so also in regard to this increase of every other of my devisees and bequests,

12th All the residue of my estate of whatever kind a description shall be divided among my children in the same way as prescribed in the 9th clause for the distribution of the surplus from accruing from the sales of my lands_

13th I leave to my own faithful old negro women Rachel and Priscilla the liberty of choosing their master or masters, among my children, and I enjoin it as a sacred duty on such as they may select for this purpose to take care of them and upon my executors, to defray the expense of their support and maintenance,

[14] Lastly I constitute and appoint Alexander Rives and Robert W. Lewis as executors of this my last will and testament. In witness in hereof with a devout and thankfulness for the mercies of almighty god and an anxious supplication of his continued blessings upon my offspring, and the partner of my bosom, I deliberately confirm this solemn act of my life by here unto setting my hand and seal this third day of August in the year of our gracious lord one thousand eight hundred and forty one_

John H. Craven

signed, sealed, published and declared by the testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of John Simpson M.L. Anderson Jas. A. Leitch Geo. Sinclair

  Inventory and Appointment of the Estate of John H. Craven 20-22 March 1845 Pursuant to an Order of the County Court of Albemarle. Albemarle County Will Book 16:24-34.

16:24 Slaves

Jefferson 100 and Rittes 175 man and wife and their children Beverly 100 Patsey 225 Rachael 200 Julia 175 Pocahontas 125

Henry 375 Isabella 425 man and wife their children Nancy 200 Andrew 150

Nancy 225 a mother Lewis 275 her children Manoah 250 Priscilla 175 Maria 125

Humitt 400 a mother Washington 250 her children Mary 225 Martha Jane 225 Sally 150 Emmaline 140

Phil 350 Ginny 100 man and wife their children Jesse 500 Bickerton 425

Maria 450 a mother her children Ned 475 William 450

Gary 550 Blacksmith Michael 475 James 500

Priscilla 00 an extremely old woman

Harrison 450 Simeon 450 Dick 400

John Winston 450 stonemason Sam 350 a cooper Lucy 250 man and wife Sophia 16:25 their children  Sam and his wife Lucy with their five children now born and their future increase -- John 250 Hamett 275 Charity 225

Gabnel 125 an old man Nancy 50 an old woman

- Gabriel and his wife Nancy Mills (named earlier)

George 325 Mary 300 man and wife their children Flemming 400 Washington 325 Amanda 275 Sally 225 Gabriell 225 Mary Ann 150 William 150

James Anderson, son of Henry and Mary – mentioned earlier Catharine daughter of Lucy Payne – mentioned earlier

Furniture in the Parlor

6 armchairs @ $2 each 12.00 6 chairs @ $1.50 each 9.00 a sofa and 2 hair pillows 20.00 2 small tables @ $2.50 5.00 a Large table with folding leaf 3.50 a large corner clock 30.00 1 old map United States 1.50 Framed Declaration of Independence 2.50 Picture Battle New Orleans 1.50 1 Gilt Mantle Mirror 3.00 2 Col' engravings in frames 2.00 2 Plated candle sticks 2.00 2 plant Casts .50 1 Engraved portrait John Jay .1025 1 fire screen .25 1 old Bagammon box .25 shovels & tongs 1.50 Fenders 2.00

1 pair brass & irons 10.00 1 old Brussells carpet 10.00 Hearth rug .50

In the Dining Room

2 Dining Tables 15.00 Side Board 10.00 12 chairs (yellow) @ $1.25 each 15.00 6 chairs Red @ $1.25 each 7.50 Fender 1.00 Shovel and tongs 1.00 1 Pair Brass And Irons 5.00 16:26 2 Brass Candle sticks .375 2 Metalic lamps .25 1 small high chair for child .75 1 dozen Ceramic plates 1.50 1 dozen Soup plates 1.125 Eleven desert plates 1.125 1 dozen glass tumblers 2.00 5 China butter plates .625 2 setts castors 1.50 21 wine glasses 4.00 7 jelly glasses .50 7 pair cups and saucers .75 4 odd saucers .25 1 Silver ladle 9.00 1/2 dos Large new silver Table spoons 24.00 1/2 dos. desert Silver spoons 12.00 six old Silver Table spoons 13.00 11 new Silver tea spoons 10.00 silver sugar tongs 1.00 silver cream ladle 1.25 1 pair laze dove Col' pitchers 1.50 1 small covered pitcher .25 old Carpet 2.00 Large waiter .25 Decanter 1.00 Sausage stuffer .50 Glass jar .75 2 Celery glasses 1.00 3 molded glass preserve dishes .25 six old soup plates .50 6 old dinner plates .50 1 Jug .50 1 dozen Large Knives and forks 5.00 1 dos. small knives and forks 4.00 8 shallow dishes of different sizes 4.00 2 deep vegetable dishes 2.50 8 old knives and forks 1.50 Knife Box .50 3 salt stands .50 2 small waiters .25 2 small pitchers .25

In the Yellow Room

1 mahogany Bedstead & cornice 14.00 16:27 Feather bed no. 1 15.00 Feather bed no. 2 18.00 2 straw under Beds 2.00 2 Bolsters 3.00 4 Pillows 3.00 1 low Post Stained Bed stead 3.00 1 old cradle .50 1 pair and Irons 2.50 1 Fire screen .1250 1 wash stand .50 1 Toilet table .75 1 Gilt Mirror 2.00 1 wash bowl .50 1 Tin Basin .25 old hearth rug & old piece of carpet .75 3 demi johns 2.00

In the Blue Room

Low Post Stained Bed Stead 3.50 Feather Bed 18.00 Bolsters & pillows 3.00 Sheets & wool mattress 8.00 Chamber pot .3725 3 Leather bottom Chairs 3.00 Toilett Table .75 1 Gilt Looking Glass 1.00 4 old Windsor Chairs 4.00 Wash Stand 1.50 1 pr. And Irons 1.50 old Cot frames .50 2 pair Linen Sheets 3.00 8 pair Cotton Sheets 8.00 4 white Counterpanes 12.00 1 Pair New Blankets 4.00 1 Pair old Blankets 4.00 2 small white Counterpanes 3.00 1 Toilet cover 1.00 1 dozen Pillow Cases 3.00 Canopy for cornice of Mahogany Bedstead 2.00 2 Calico Counterpanes 1.50 1 [illegible] Towels 1.00

In the Entry

Desk 1.00 Water Stand .25 16:28 Corn Cob Board 2.50 Old arm Chair .25

In the Chamber

Secretary and Book Case 10.00 Easy chair and 2 calico covers 2.50 2 covered stools .50 6 split bottomed chairs 3.00 Old Table .25 Candle Stand 2.50 1 Pair And Irons 1.00 shovel and tongs 1.00 pr Bellows .50 2 Calf skins 2.00

In Back Lodging Rooms

old writing chair 1.00 Wash stand .50 4 old chairs 3.00 Feather Bed 15.00 Straw under bed 1.00 1 pr Cotton sheets 1.00 2 Comforts 3.00 1 Counterpane 1.00 Bolster & 2 Pillows 3.00 1 Low Post Bed Stead 2.00 2 Chamber Pots .50 Bed mench .25 Straw under Bed 1.00 High Post Bed Stead 2.00 Old Blanket .75 Pair And Irons .50 Old Carpet .50 2 Calico Curtains .50 Toilett Table and cover 1.25

In old Dining Room

New curry Comb .25 British Muskett 5.00 Gun 5.00 Pr. And Irons .3725 Bread Baskett .0425 Old Side Board 3.00 1 Handsaw 1.50 16:29 1 Pine Table .75 Piece of old Carpet .25 Small trunk 1.00 Windsor curtains .0425 Table cloth .75 Candle stick and snuffers .375

In Overseers Room

Feather Bed 10.00 Shass Under Bed 1.00 2 pr cotton Sheets 2.00 1 Comfort 1.50 old Blankett .50 Yarn Counterpane 1.50 3 Pillow Cases .375 2 Towels .375 2 Negro Blanketts 1.75 Bed Stead 1.50 Looking Glass .25 Pr. And Irons .50

Kitchen and Dairy Furniture and Lumber

9 water vesels @ 25c 2.25 Brass vessell 6.00 Hand Patent Seales .75 4 ovens 1 skillett 1 Bakers 10.00 5 iron pots and frying pans 8.00 Tea Kettle and 2 trivetts .50 [illegible] forks ladle rimmer pot hooks and shovel 2.00 7 Tubs 1.50 4 trays sifter salt box & meal Burker 2.00 Loom warping [?] and spooling frames 2.00 11 Sluise 2 setts harneys and 25 spools Hackles 11.00 2 Tin pan 2 Tin Bucketts & tin canister 1.50 1 pair Tin scales and weights .50 8 milk vessels crocks and Jars 1.50 Binell churn and 2 old safes 4.00 wafle irons and toaster .50 511 [?] (for sale) 5.00 5 gals vinegar 1.00 1 Large iron Boiler 4.00 16:30 1 Large iron pot 4.00 1 copper kettle 1.00 1 tray .25 5 cotton spinning wheels 11.00 4 flax wheels 4.00 2 chuck reels 1.75 one swift Two old Barrells 1.00 Lot of Shingles 12.00 Clover seed .125 lot of fruit seeds .125 Table (coarse) .25 Sifter and tin cake moulds .25 12 bee gums with bees 12.00 Lots of old Barrells in Cellar 1.50 1 new Riding saddle 8.00

Farm Implements

1 old Harrow with 2 sheer parking rods 3.00 1.3 horse harrow with heble ties 5.00 1 [?] horse do with double trees 4.50 3 pair humes (old) 1.50 1 ox cart, body & pulling rod 35.00 ox wagon rack body & 2 lock chary 50.00 old horse wagon and body 20.00 log chain 4.00 3 Three horse McCormic ploughs 5.00 2 Two horse McCormic ploughs 2.00 4 one horse wood Board ploughs 6.00 8 shovel ploughs @ 1.25 each 10.00 8 Coalters 4.00 1 steel pulling chain 1.00 2 Jetts, Tables, double & single Tee 3.00 5 Single Trus and 1 old double trus 1.00 1 [?] Baskett .375 2 Iron Tooth Rakes 1.00 2 [Gusting?] Hoes .75 8 Mattarks 5.00 1 Inch Sciers 2.00 4 four pronged dining forks 2.00 1 dung fork and 1 dung hoe 1.50 16:31 Two shovels .75 Two spades 1.50 9 axes 4.00 8 old axes 1.00 3 pair Iron wedges 1.00 15 Hilling hoes 4.00 11 weeding hoes 3.00 2 crow bars and Iron Stob for fencing 2.50 6 old ploughs .50 5 old cultivators 2.50 4 mowing Blades 2.00 7 wheat cradles 7.00 3 Blades .50 3 grind stones 5.00 47 old plaster Banetts @ 8 cents each 3.76 Parcel of Lime 1.50 1 Corn Sheller 10.00 1 old wagon Body 1.00 1 Flax Brake .50 1 Horse cart and Gear 7.00 21 reaping hooks 3.50 a Lot of old Iron 5.00 1 old hand saw and wood saw 1.00 5 arzuss and H channells 1.50 2 Broad axes 1.50 Fire Hammer foot addice drawing knife aw and two foot rule 2.00 2 plaza Shasis 3.00 1 Sett Blacksmiths tools and Bellows 20.00 150 (supposed) of Iron @ 5cent pd 7.50 Old wagon body and Whip saw 1.50 75 (supposed) of Blistered steel @ 8c pd 4.00 Farm horse wagon and rack body 50.50 Wheat Fan (Best) 20.00 Wheat Fan (second quality) 10.00 Two cutting boxes 12.00 1 old cutting box .25 2 Hogsheads 1.50 Sizar Hogshead .50 Wheat woden Shovel .25 Old Barrell and old Yoke .25 Rick of oats for sale 25.00 Half bushel .25 Pr shackles to Horse hooves of Wm McClure .75 Roller 1.00 16:31 Scalding Tub .25 wood slide 1.50 Wheel Barrow 1.50


John 45.00 Fox 15.00 Daniel 50.00 Pat 30.00 Ned 20.00 Blind Mare 12.00 Thom 40.00 Fan 50.00


2 Yoke Red Steer 80.00 1 Yoke Steers 80.00 17 Pigs @ $1.50 25.50 8 Big Shoats @ $3 each 24.00 1 Large white son @ $10 1 small do at $7 17.00 44 old sheep @ $2 each 128.00 14 Lambs @ 75 cents each 12.00 1 Big Red Cow 20.00 1 Roan Cow 15.00 2 Brindle cows 25.00 1 crappled horn cow 20.00 1 Red cow with white back 15.00 1 Black Bow with white back 12.00 1 Tawny white Cow with piece face 10.00 White Heifer 12.00 1 Red Heifer 10.00 1 young white Steer 12.00 1 yearling calf 2.00 1 Red Cow and Calf 20.00 1 Blue & White (bellied) cow & calf 18.00 1 Crooked horn cow & calf 18.00 1 Red bob-tailed & white faced cow & calf 12.00 Vehicles of Pleasure one old & much used Carriage [?] 30.00


American Farmer 9 vols 9.00 Marshalls Life of Washington 5 vols 7.50 Nicholsons Encyclopedia 7 vols 7.00 16:32 Hennings Justice .50 Free Masons Monitor .25 Enfields Speaker .25 Drakes Sermons .125 Eramus .25 Experienced Farmer (old vol) .25 Rules for the Army .0625 Arithmetic .065 English Reader .0425 1 Old Atlas .25

In Book Case

3 new locks with one key 3.00

  At Meadow Creek


Tom 45.00 Elzie 60.00 Rose 55.00 Bill (a Rown horse) 30.00 Fern (a mare in field) 55.00 one roan colt 25.00 one sorrell colt 25.00


2 yoke of work oxen and pulling chains 45.00 3 tawny steers 17.00 3 calves (yearling) 12.00 5 cows 85.00 18 sheep at $2 each 36.00 17 pigs at 75 cents each 12.00 18 large shoats 36.00 6 small shoats at $1.25 each 7.50 3 sows 9.00


  1. Charles 475.00
  2. Jacob (very old) 00.00
  3. Sam (very old) 00.00
  4. . Lucy (very old) 00.00
  5. Jerry (very old) 00.00
  6. Hannah 400.00
  7. . Aggy 300.00
  8. Frances (Aggys child) 200.00
  9. Mary Jane Hannahs child 100.00
  10. Sam (young) 150.00
  11. Tom 100.00
  12. Anderson 275.00
  13. Betsey 200.00

Farm Implements

ox cart and Body 15.00 A four horse wagon and single tees log chain 25.00 2 single horse McCormick ploughs 3.00 one sm horse McCormick plough 1.50 one Harrow 2.00 3 Coultus 1.50 2 shovel ploughs 2.00 4 mattocks 75c 1.50 3 grubbing hoes @ 5c 1.50 Jack screw and 4 dung forks 3.50 Wheat cradles old & broken 1.25 5 setts Plough gear 7.50 1 set wagon Bruchig 1.25 Wheat Fan 8.00

  Real Estate to be sold

A Tract of 224 1/4 5600.00 one half of the Pen Park Mills and mill tract of 101 acre 2250.00 A revisionary interest in the dower lands of Mrs. Martha Key consisting of 390 acres which interest composes one entire share, buy one moiety of a ninth thereof purchased by a certain John W. Rey and one fourth of another share purchased of a certain J.C. Blades and wife as will appear from the deeds of record in the Clerks office of Albemarle at $7 50/100 per acre 243.00 $27,420.885

Alex Rives Robt. W Lewis exors of John H. Craven Deceased 16:34 Agreeable to an order of the county Court of Albemarle hereto annexed the appraisals therein named being first sworn proceeded to execute and order on the 20 21 and 22nd days of March 1845. And do now return the foregoing inventory and appraisement as taken and made by us in those days. In whereof the hereunto annexed our hands this 22 day of March 1845.

Daniel Carr M.L. Anderson William W. Minor

At a Court held for the County of Albemarle the 7 day of April 1845.

This Inventory and Appraisement of the estate of John H. Craven was this day returned unto Court and wanted to be recorded. Teste Ira Garrett CC


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