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Will of John Mounsell, citizen and salter of London 1638

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John Mounsell
National Archives, Kew, England PROB 11/176/256
Will of John Mounsell, citizen and salter of London and Merchant Venturer late of Askeaton County Limerick '
19 February 1637/8
In the name of God the father my Creator God the sonne my Redemer God the Holy Ghost my Sanctifier & [preserner?] one God everlasting I John Mounsell Cittizen and Salter of Londin And one of the Merchant Adventurers of England late of Courtbrowne castle in the parish of Askeaton within the Barony of [Cournelain?]in the Countie of Lymerick within the Province of Munster in the realme of Ireland being in perfect health both in body and mynde And of the age of fiftie five years the third daye of December last but knowing the sudden alteracon of mans mortality I doe therefore make this my last will and Testament in maner and forme following
I bequeath my soule into the handes of Almightie God trusting only in the meritte death & passion of Jesus Christ my Redeemer & Saviour and through whom & onely I [ass---] self of everlasting life in the world to come And my body to be buryed with my father John Mounsell in the Northend of the chancell of the parish church of Radipole late parish to Melcombe Regis part of the corporation lately united by the name of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis in the County of Dorset within the Realme of England if conveniently it may be done or procured. Especially if I dye in England or where my overseers shall think convenient.
I give to the poor of Launceston in Cornwall twenty shillings in memorie that my grandfather Peter Maunsell was borne in that countie And like twenty shillings to the poore of the towne of Blanford [Blandford] in the countie of Dorset in memorie of my Grandfathers marriage & living As also my father John Maunsells birth there And like twenty shillings to the towne of Weymouth Melcomb Regis in memorie of my fathers marriage there and the birth of me and all his sixe [? Will of father says five] children. And like twenty shillings to the poore of the parish of Askeaton on Ireland aforesaud And like twentie shillings to the poore of the towne or parish where I shall decease & depart this life to be payd them by pole by my overseers of the maiestrates of the Town & places aforesaid assone and conveniently it may be done after my death
I give to Margery my wife during her widowhood and not longer the lease of the farme of the [Mornane & Ballygoole] contayinge two lowlas which I lately bought for one hundred and fiftie pounds [ crossed out:And], five & fortie poundes per Ann’m rent of Thomas Fitz Gerald and Honora[—y] Phillips his mother for the terme of one and twentie yeares from the first daie of May in the yeare of o’r Lord one thousand six hundred thirtie & one withall the [conchant?] stock thereupon at the tyme of my death which at this present doth consist of seaven hundred sheepe or theraboute which lease & premises I have heretofore past and assured unto her by deede of feoffment made for her use to Edward Burges gent & to Bartholomew Gibbins clerke As by the same more at large appeareth And further it is my desire and will is that Margerie my said wife shall have the bestoweing of her stock or moneys in England or Ireland amongst my children And namely that in John Ashes hand of Freshford nere Bath which at this present is fower or five hundred poundes to my knowledge how much more God and they onely knowe of lawfull English money left in trust with him to purchase some estate to her and her children what is or shalbe in the hands of Joseph Pittl of Weymough Melcombe Regis and Christopher Clarke in the right of Franncis his wife lately deceased executrix to Phineas Pitt late of Weymouth Melcomb Regis As also all hers & my childrens annuity & during her life namely the tenn pounds p annum for her owne life and my sonn Peter Mornsell for which I payed One hundred poundes unto John Pitt in the yeere of O’r Lord One thousand six hundred and sixteene As also the other five pounds p Annum during her owne lief she bought herself of the said John Pitt both payable by John Pitt father unto Phinees Pitt executor to his late mother Alice Pitt Executrix unto John Pitt the deeds whereof are now in the custody of James Ash of Westcombe in Somerset clothier and the landes bound for the payment thereof are now false to Joseph Pitt aforenamed As also that shee purchased for her self latelie of her brother John Pitt by the name of Eastlane Howse situate in Weeke Regis [Wyke Regis] parish to Weymouth for her owne life and her twoe daughters Margaret & Marie and is lett unto William Snelling & Alexander Lee for tenn Pounds p annum the writings whereof are in custody of Robert Hayes of Westcomb husbandman But if my said wife shall die without setling the same on my children I doe [gen---] bequeath all and everie parte therof unto my children as I have the rest of my estate in parte & proportion hereafter & by the presente [e---ssed]
I give unto Mr Richard Miller mercer or silkman sometimes dwelling in [Paternestercom] the som of two & fifitie pounds to be payd him within three years after my decease
I give now to my cosen Humfrey Burr merchant, resident in London the some of three score pounds of current money of England to be payd him within one yere after he shall deliver a bond of myne of one hundred & fiftie pounds or thereabouts payable unto Thomas Hampson of London diverse yeeres since and is said to be left with Hampson I never had to doe but for account between Humfrey Burr & mee And thereupon I had and still have generall acquittance under the hands of the said Humfrey Burr and Thomas Hampson or if it be not possible to have upon my bond Then the said Humrey Burr to have the three score pounds when in lawe hee shall take course to serve & sue [harmeles?] my childten of and from the same
And I doe give unto Mr Edward Allan & Thomas Laughton formertyme lynnen drapers at ye sign of the Crowne in Cheapside in London the some of three score & firteene poundes currant money of England to be payd within three yeares after my decease
I give unto Peter Mounsell my eldest sonne all my librarie of books whatsoever in England or Ireland when he shall accomplish the age of twentie & one yeares except such as I have given inserted in the said booke under my handwriting or that therebe two of a sorte or herein otherwise bequeathed But if he dye before he come to that age leaving noe issue male then I give them to Jonathan my sonne but if he dye before he come to the age of twentie and one yeeres leaving noe issue male then I give them to Ephraim my youngest sonne And if he dye alsoe before he come to the age of twentie and one yeares leaving no issue male then to the freeschool that shalbe in Weymouth and Melcombe Regis And for defaulte thereof unto the towne and freeschoole of Dorchester The particlers are in a schedule apart
Also I give untto my said sonne Peter a third parte of my estate unbequeathed aswell of the money I shall have in the handes of Henrie Hatsell also Whitfield Robert hayeman also Samuel and William Cuffin merchantes of Minehead in the County of Somersett And of all other money in any frends hand in England or Ireland And of my stock or stocks leases or any other goodes whatsoever As alsoe of the proceedes thereof yeerely to be payd him when hee shall accomplish the age of twentie and one yeeres or that he can despose it or put in in sufficent securities to the Chamber of London for his brethren & sisters porcons provided And it is my will & meaning that my said librarie or books worth ten pounds p anum after my said sones Peeters mothers death assured by handes from my late brother in lawe John Pitt alderman of Weymouth & Melcombe deceased be not accompted any part of his division or porrcon after he shall come to the age of one and twenty yeares.
It is my desire he shall take his freedome of the Company of Salters in London & of the Citty of London And to go beyond seas where the Company of the Merchant Adventurers of England are or shalbe resident which is now at Roterdam in Holland or [Hamburron?](Hamburgh?)] in the Lower part of High Germany and to take his freedom thereof (although but for the good of his children & frends in futuretymes) And Although the company of the Staple of Woolls betwixt Ireland & England which is now resident at Younghall in Munster in Ireland of all Companies fellowshippes I am a freeman or brother And my children pay demand the same as from mee. I give to my said sonne Peeter the [virtus ease?] William Whiteway made 1633 And that the Chamberlaine of London and my Overseers [--] may knowe when hee is of lawfull age And that he may knowe when to demand it He was borne at Batcombe in Somerset upon mondaie morning the five & twentieth of November being St Katherines daie one thousand sixe hundred & sixteene I say 1616
I give to Jonathan my second sone one sixth parte of my estate Aswell of moneys in England and as Ireland stockes or stocke leases goodes & or of my capital stock & estate As also the yeerely profitte increase and proceede thereof at the age of one & twenty yeeres And upon condition of living at Oxford and mayntenance of twentie poundes p Annum dureing the time he shallbe kept at schoole at any good freeschoole in the Country and thirtie poundes per Annum at Oxford untill hee be of full age and hath his porcon And to take the degree of a Bachelor of Arts if he desire it and freedom as aforesaid untill the some of five hundred poundes currant English money be fully paid him and then to [suchas---] Provided that neither the said twentie pounds p’Annum for his maintenance in the countrey nor thirtie poundes p Annum at Oxford nor any giftes or legacies already given or to be bequeathed or to be given him my his mother shall be accompted as any parte or parcell of his porcon.
I give unto Jonathan sixe bookes of journalls of written hand for the most parte being my owne writinge. The first being from 1581 the yere of my birth until 1612.The second to 1620. The third to 1625.The fowerth to 1630. The fifth to 1633& the sixth to 1636. The first & the last whereof are in my owne custody And the other fower in Ireland But if peeter shall goe for Ireland and keepe possession of any of them it is my will that Jonathan shall keepe the greater Booke of mylife bound in red leather with two broade claspes which contains all the said sixe books. I give unto my said sonne Jonathan my map of Hondius making of all the world at large printed 1628. And my picture made in France 1598. He was borne at Court Browne Castle upon Saterday the tweleth day of June, One thousand sixe hundred twenty & fower I say 1624
I give to Ephraim Mounsell my youngest sonne One sixth parte of my estate Asewll of moneys in England as Ireland Stock or Stockes Leases goddes & or of my capitall stock & estate As also of the yeerely proffitte increase and proceede thereof at the age of twenty & one yeeres And upon the same condicon of living at Oxford And maintenance of twentie poundes p Annum in the Countrey and thirtie poundes p Annum at Oxford untill he bee of full age & hath his porcon and to take his degree Bachelor of Arts if hee desire it and freedom as aforesaid And after the same maner as I have already bequeathed unto my sonne Jonahan till the some of five hundred poundes currant English money bey fullie payd & then to cease provided that neither the said twentie poundes p Annum for his maintenance at schoole in ye countrey nor the thirtie poundes p Annum at Oxford nor any gifte or Legacy already given or to be given him by his mother shalbe accompted as part or parcell of his porcon Hee was borne at Court Browne Castle uppon Sundaie the nynteenth of August One thousand six hundred twentie and seaven I say 1627
I have already given a porcon unto Joane my eldest childe marryed unto Latymer Sampson the seaven & twentieth daie of November one thousand five hundred twentie & eight of eleven hundred sheepe at the value of three hundred poundes sterling when I shall please God to sett more then three hundred in the chamber of London or any other good assurance upon any one of my children Then my will is shall have alike porcon as the rest of my children until the some of five hundred poundes be fully satisfied and no longe viz unto the three hundred poundes already paid in sheepe besides money to have twoe hundred poundes deposited in the Chamber of London there to remaine till Latymer Sampson shall assure unto my said daughter in England to her and her issue for their advancement duringe their natural lyves the some of twentie poundes sterling per annum And then to have out the moneys that shall soe be deposited for her pare in the Chamber of London provided that if the said Latymer Sampson soe not provide twentie poundes sterling p’Annum maintenance for his said wife & children in his lifetyme in the kingdome of England Then my daughter or her children after her shall have the full Allowance of the said Chamber to [ocphante??] for the somme that shalbe payd therein for them if she or they desire it otherwise to remayne therewith the principall untill her childe or children shall accomplish the age of one and twentieyeeres in the discrecon of my executors in trust As they shall think fittest for her him or them provided allwayes the said Latymer Sampson shall repay to my executors within two yeeres next after my death the some of One hundred and fiftie poundes [st--]parte of one hundred fower score & of poundes already lent unto him by mee and payd for him as hee himself hath confessed upon an accompt the tenth of August one thousand sixe hundred thirtie & three to bee equallie devided amongst all my children parte & parte like My daughter Joane was borne at Melcombe Regis upon Monday the one & thirtieth day of December one thousand six hunred & tenn I say 1610
And her eldest sonne Nathaniell Sampson was borne at Court Browne Castle upon the first day of October one thousand sixe hundred thirtie & one I say 1631 Margaret her eldest daughter was borne at Bally Stephens upon Thursday the twentith of September one thousand six hundred & thirtie twoe I say 1632 Latymer her third sonne was borne at Bally Stephens the twentieth of September one thousand sixe hundred thirtie & three I say 1633 And Susanna her fifth child was borne at their howse in the Shanarie? Neere Askeaton upon tuesdaie the twentieth of January one thousand sixe hundred thirtie & fower I say 1634 And Grace her third daughter was borne at the Shanarie upon mondaie the sixe & twentieth daie of [month missing] one thousand six hundred thirtie & six I say 1636 To each which of her children and to the child shee now goeth withall I give five poundes appece to hee payd them by my executors when they come to the age of one & twenty yeeres
I give to Margaret my second daughter likewise one sixth parte of my estate Aswell of my Capitall Stocke monyes leases goodes etc And alsoe of the yearely proffitte & increase of the same untill her porcon be the full some of five hundred poundes & not longer to be payd at her day of marriage or age on one & twentie yeeres which shall first happen And for her maintenance I do hereby allow her twentie poundes Annunm during the tyme she liveth in England to be payd her quarterly five pounds the quarter untill her daie of marriage or age of one & twenty yeeres which shall first happen .I give Margaret my picture on the one side & my issue on the other made upon coppper 1635 And alsoe I give unto my said daughter Margarett the one half of my howshold stuffe that is remayning by me conditionally that she make an assurance to her sister Marie for her life to feoffees in tryst the one half of Eastlane howse which if she refuse to do I bequeath my whole houshold stuff in England & Wales unto my daughter Mary my Bedd and furniture whereon I lye only excepted which I bequeath to Margaret provided that dureing her sister Maryes life shee shall suffer her to enioy the one half of the rent of Eastlane Howse aforesaid Nor is it my meaning that either the whole or the other half of that rent or the twentie poundes p Annum in England for her maintenance be not accompted my parte or parcell of her porcon. She was borne at the Abbie of Canons Iland in the County of Clare in Thomond upon Thursday night the third day of February one thousand six hundred and nyneteene old stile 1619
I give to Marie my third daughter likewise one sixt part of my estate Aswell of the capitall Stock money leases goodes and of also of the yeerelie increase and proceedes of the same untill her porcon be the full some of five hundred poundes of currant money of England like her sister Margared to be payd her at the daye of her marigge or her age of twenty and one yeeres which shall first happen And in the meanetyme I doe hereby allowe her for her maintenance twentie poundes p Annum dureing the tyme she liveth in England to be payd her quarterlie as to her sister Margarett I give to my daughter Marie the picture of my good fatherlawe Thomas Barfoote made 1574 provided that the other half of the Annuity [garent?] of the tenement of Eastlane howse aforesaid nor the yeerlie Allowance of twenty poundes p Annum in England for her maintenance be not accompted any parte or parcell of her porcon She was borne at Court Browne Castle upon Sunday evening the first daie of December one thousand six hundred twentie & twoe I say 1622
Now whereas I have given the remaynder of my estate amongst my children if they live My will is if any one or more of my children dye before the three sonnes come to the age of one & twenty yeeres ad the two daughters before their marriage or age of one & twenty yeeres that child or childrens porcon soe dying to foe to the rest of my children lyvyng in parte & propocons as is already bequeathed viz to be devided in sixe parte or porccons wherof my sonne Peeter to have two sixe parte And the other fower unmarried to have a iust equall parte viz to each of them a sixth parte untill the fower youngest have five hundred poundes a peece & noe longer And the residue after Joane and her children have the like allowance left in the Chamber of London to goe unto my sonne Peeter Mounsell whom I make executor of this my last will & testament provided that if my said sonne Peeter shall happen before he attaines the age of one & twentie yeeres or make probat of this my will & testament to depart this life Then I doe constitute and appoint my said sonnes Jonathan & Ephraim to be executors of this my will And I doe hereby make constitute and appoint executors in trust for the peromance of this my will aswell in England as Ireland my wellbeloved wife Margerie Mounsell my sonne in lawe Laymer Sampson my cosen William Bateman my nephew Richard Bateman of London merchante my brother in lawe William Whiteway & my nephew John Whitewaie of Dorchester merchants and my Cosen John Ash of Freshford [milles?] clothier & John Pitt [F--- abbreviation] now resident with mee to which eight executors in trust or the most part consenting I give full power to determine out of all things whatsoever touching the setling of my estate & ordering of my will & children & earnestlie intreating them and every of them to direct & rule themselves according to the instructions in my will made the fifteenth daie of March one Thousand six hundred twenty nyne wherein the termes of yeeres to come of all my leases are expressed with their severall rents & if any difference or controversie shall arise in any Article of Articles or any other thing should happenby mistake of one or any other mistaking my true meaning not able to p[re]vent future tyme specillie in cases of alteracons or changes & or of interpretacon be of any thing in this my will or if any accident should happen hereafter that I cannot forsee I doe appoint eight executors & overseers in trust or the maior part of them to order & award & determyne it according to most voices without waying of the lawe or the like And I appoint for overseers in Ireland my said wife Margerie Mounsell, Edward Burgess of [Lisniker] my sonne in lawe Latymer Sampson James Lork Minister of [ Killi ] Edmond Hobcomb minister of Astee of the maior parte of them during their abode in Ireland and noe longer to determyne of all businesses in Ireland that will not nor cannot stay, for order & advise from my executors in trust out of England And I appont that this my will be legallie proved within an yere and half after my decease As well in England as Ireland in the Arches And it is my desire that my five youngest children And likewise the children of my daughter Joane Sampson more be brought up in England and none of them to live in Ireland after they be tenn yeeres old untill they have lived seaven yeares at the least or that they bee one & twentie yeeres old at the least or are marryed And not to bee suffered to returnne for Ireland, or if they doe to have no maintenance of my estate during their abode in Ireland.
And whereas I have money lyeing by mee in my trunkes with two bottoms at Cardiff aforesaid or shall have in the hands of John Pitt of Waymouth & Melcombe Regis aforesaid and Thomas Edmonds of London confectioner or shalbe in the handes or custodie of any other of my frendes or is or shalbe due unto mee by bond bill or letter My will is also done as I have left this earthly mansion that all my money shalbe gotten in together And what is made by the sale of sheepe & chatell whereof two hundred poundes to be in a [deoner]into Ireland withall possible & convenient speede for my rentes etc As alsoe all other somes of money that are or shalbe in the custody of my sonne in lawe Laymer Sampson or in the handes of any other whatsoever
According as it is provided by the orders of the said citty of London after the death of any freeman It is my desire that my executor shall pay in yeerlie the overplus of the profitte of my stocke into the chamber of London the charges & or deducted And it is my meaning that what money is payd in yerelie to the chamber of London for my fower youngest children my executor to[ be ] of so[ ] yeerelie maintenance to them Ano when their porcons be fullie payd in there then all maintenance to cease and they to have it of the chamber or to allowe it in account in their yeerlie payment or in the last yeere as they desire it I give to every one of my overseers both in England & Ireland twenty shillings appece to be payd them and everie of them within one yeere after my decease
Memorand I have caused three parts to be indented & ingrossed of this my will sealed and subscribed in the towne of Cardiff aforesaid And have one parte thereof in my owne custody at Cardiff aforesaid The second parte I purpose forthwith to send to my wife Margerie Mounsell at Courte Browne Castle aforesaid in Ireland And the third parte to lye in the handes of Griffin Lewis at Cardiff aforesaid that everie of my children maie have a coppie. Revoking & disaannulling hereby all former wills by mee made In wittnes whereof I the said John Mounsell to this my last will & testament have sett my hand & seale the eighteenth day of May in the thirteenth yeere of the raigne of o’re soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of God King of England Scotland France & Ireland defender of the faith etc Anno Dmni 1637
John Mounsell signed sealed & delivered in the p[re]sence of Nicholas Mast miles, Morgan Bayles of Cardiff, Thomas Kimbron, Nicholas Greene Aldermen John Janes John Pittjunior Griffin Lewis

[Probate granted to son Peter]

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