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Will of William Heydon de Watford 1545

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Citation Court of the Archdeaconry of St Albans, Registered wills and administrations, "Ewer" 1540-1546, fol. 95 recto, will of William HEYDON of Watford, proved 26 June 1545; images, FamilySearch (https://www.familysearch.org/ : accessed 15 January 2022) DGS no. 8076678, image 127-130 of 691 (can be viewed at Family History Centres and Affiliate Libraries); Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies, ref. 5AR95.

Spelling, punctuation and line breaks as per the original.
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Persons mentioned
William Heydon/William Heydon de Watford: Testator
Henry Heydon: Eldest son and heir of testator
Alyce Heydon : Testator's wife
Thomas Heydon: Testator's son
Sir Nicholas Hare, Knight: Master of the Rolls and related to Thomas Heydon's intended bride.
Raffe/Ralph Heydon :Testator's son
Agnes Heydon' :Wife of Ralph and daughter of Thomas Abraham of Flamstead, Hertfordshire
Thomas Abraham : Father of Agnes Heydon, wife of Ralph Heydon
John Heydon: Testator's son
Anthony Heydon: Testator's son
Jerome Heydon: Testator's son
Elene/Ellen Heydon'/Beddell/Pawne/Payne: Testator's eldest daughter and wife of William Pawne/Payne of Essex, previously married to William Beddell
Anne Heydon/Dinham: Testator's second daughter married to John Dinham/Denham
Elizabeth Heydon/Palmer:Testator's third daughter married to Thomas Palmer
Dorathi/ Dorothy Heydon/ Shoredyche: Testator's fourth daughter married to Robert Shoreditch
Alyce Heydon/Bigge: Testator's fifth daughter married to Edward Bigge
Mary Heydon/Frankis(Frankish): Testator's sixth daughter married to John Frankish


William Heydon de Watford Armiger

In Dei no[m]i[n]e Amen The viijth day of may in the xxxvij yere
of the Raynge of our sov[er]ayne lord Kyng Henry the viijth I Will[ia]m
Heydon of the grove yn the p[ar]ysh of watford yn the countye of
hertf[ord]s[hire] Esquyer beyng in hole & p[er]fytt mynd thank yt be to all
myghtye god oure blessed lady & to all the compayny of heven
ordeyne & make my testament & my last will comprysid yn the
same in man[er] & forme followyng/ first I co[m]mend my synfull
soule to allmyghtye god oure blessed lady & to all the co[m]pany of
heven my wreched body to be buryed in Saynt Katherins chapel
one the South sid of the quere of the p[ar]yshe churche of watford
aforsayd wych my father & grandmother buylded in suche
place therof as by my executors shall sence co[n]venyent yf yt
fortune me to Deceasse nyghe ther or els by therm Dyscrecyon w[i]th
out pompe & to geve the larg[er] to pore men & specially to pore true
laborers havyng childerne y[a]t Doe not begge for for shame/ Also
I bequeth to the hyi aut[er] of watford beforesayd vjs viijd for
my tythes forgotten & myspayd/ Also I bequith to ev[er]y Dought[er]
I have one Anngell of gold for a remembrannce/ And I bequith to
ev[er]y of my s[er]vantes of both kindes beyng yn my s[er]vyce at the tyme
of my Dicesse vis viijd ov[er] ther wages & Dutyes/ And I gyve
to ev[er]y godchild of myn of both kyndes xxd And wheras
my father gave unto me & my heres his game & marke & swannes in
colney I geve the same to my sone henry my here & to his heres
And where also my sayd father gave unto me & my heres two vestment
one chalys a masse boke & all man[er] of Aparill for a Aut[er] to be always
occupyed yn my house/ I give the sayd vestments & all the other
the p[re]mysses to my sayd here & his heres to be occupied yn my sayd

Second page

house accordyng/ Also I Doe gyve & bequeth to my sayd hore my
greate standyng cupe w[i]th a cov[er] hole gilt/ And also a greate salt
wyth a cov[er] hole gilt wych were my sayd father/ Also I gyve to
my sayd here too of my best fetherbeds & cov[er]leds wyth all other
Apparell to them/ sellers & hangyngs in too of my best cha[m]bers
at Grove as they be & none to be removed/ And Also I gyve unto
hym allman[er] bedstedes tables troughes ledes spytt[es] cobernes
allman[er] of bruying vessell & all other ma[ner] of hustilment[es] &
hangyng yn my house at grove & newstrete and yn all other
my houses in watford to the use of my heyre/ Also I gyve to
my sayd heyre all my cart[es] and ploughes wyth all man[er] of horse
harnes to them both for cart and ploughe and vj cart horse ten
of my best bull[ock]s & one bull/ fourty of my best shepe/ towerd[es]
his household at grove therto be occupyed/ Also I Doe gyve to
Alyce my wyfe ij fetherbed[es] wyth allman[er] of aparill of biddyng
& hangyng for ij chamber next best to the too chambers before
bequithed to my sayd heyre/ And also the bedes w[i]th mattres &
all other aparell for s[er]vant[es] bedes/ And also I Doe gyve unto her
part of all other man[er] of stuffe as pott[es]/ pannes shettes lynyn
& of all other thing[es] mete for her to occupye to be Delyv[er]id to
her by the Dyscrecyon of my executors/ Also I requyre my
heyre to geve iijs iiijd yerely toward[es] the sallarry of the
masse at the trynyte aut[er] in watford to the churchewardens
as long as yt Duryth/ And yf it Do fayle then yerely to
Dystrybute iijs iiijd to pore people/ Also I Doe geve and yntend
to gyve to my sonne Thomas all that my messe wheryn Ric[hard]
flecher nowe Dwellythy yn & the close and fild adioynyng to the

Third page

same in his occupying/ And also the mess[uag]e or tenement wych Rob[er]t
myller dwyllyth yn wyth the p[ar]cell[es] of the close adionyng to the
same/ And I Doe gyve to my sayd sone Thomas all these two closes
lying by the highe way ledyng from watford to cayshe bryge some
tyme crek[es] To have & to hold the sayd two closes & all other the
p[re]myss[es] both fre & copye to my sayd sone Thomas & to the heres
males of his body lawfully begotten/ And for Default of suche
issue to remayne to the heres males of the body of me the sayd
Will[ia]m Heydon lawfully begotten/ Also I Doe gyve and bequeth
to my sayd sone Thomas twenty nobyll[es] wych is payd yn
considerac[i]on of his maryage wyth the syst[er] dought[er] of S[ir]
Nicholas Hare Knyght hiis speciall goodmaster in sundry wyse/
And wher by Dede Indented I have gyve my man[or] of Sarret to my
sone Raffe in maryage w[i]th Agnes his wyfe Dought[er] & heyre of Mr
Abraham of Flampstede upon consideracyon that he promysid
me that she shuld be his heyre & soe ys callid in the Dede of all
his land[es] & tenement[es]/ And that he wold make astate of his land[es]
& of like value to my sayd sone Raffe & his wyfe as I Dyd/ And also
p[ro]mysed me that my sayd son yf he marryed his Dought[er] that he
shuld have greate good[es] of hym & of his wyfe/ upon considerac[i]on
& they contracted Drove me to make a on unreasonable astate
to them of my sayd man[or] or els shamefully to have leffte the
maryage in breche of my will to my heyres males &c wyche
my sayd sone Raffe Doth well knowe/ and now the sayd
astate makynge a greate season hath p[ro]longyd any astate to be made

Fourth page

to my sayd son Raffe & his wyfe/ And as yet nothing hathe
geven them toward[es] ther lyvyng ayenst all fasshion of honestye
and specially co[n]sideryng the astate that I have made to my sone
& to his Dought[er]/ And whereas I have certeyne copy hold
land adionyng to the sayd man[or] of Sarret wherof noe astate
nor surre[n]der as yet is made/ yf no reformacyon be made yn
my lyfe by my sayd son Raffe whome I charge hym to reforme
the p[re]myss[es] accordyng to my mynd wych he well knowyth/
And yn case he refuse to Doe then I will that my sone heyre
apparant & his heyres have all the sayd copy hold[es] adioynyng
to the sayd man[or] & to his heyres males/ And yf my sayd son
Raffe and his wyfe well reforme the sayd astate to my sone John
& to his heres males for Default of heyre male of my sayd sone
Raffe wyth the other remannders accordyng/ then I will and
charge my sayd sone & heyre & his heyres to make a sufficient
surrender of all the said cope hold in Sarret to my sayd son Raffe
and to his heyres males/ And in Default of suche issue to my sone
John & to his heyres males wyth remaynder accordyng as is
specified in the Dedes of my said man[or] to hym & to his wyfe
made/ And I will that the said astate made of my sayd man[or]
of Sarret to my said son Raffe & his wife be reformed & to
be made to his heyres males wyth remaynders as is aforesaid
And as for my sayd sone John he may be content for I p[re]ferryd
him to the Kyng[es] s[er]vyce wher he both hath fee and
wages/ and besides that in his s[er]vyce first and last I have be
stowed cc markes in his aparell and horses and otherwyse/

Fifth page

Also I doe gyve to my sone Anthony fyve markes of annuyte yerely
to be payd to hym by myn heyres owt of all my land[es] & ten[emen]t[es] yn
Watford Duryng his lyffe & for Default of payment to Dystreyne
for yt/ And yf he cannot be payd then in recompense of the sayd annuite
of fyve mark[es] I Doe gyve unto my sayd sone Anthony all that my
messe & land[es] nowe in the occupacyon of John Tyler for terme of
lyffe of my said sone Anthony by cause I gave hym his maryage and also
shall have Richekyng[es] in Ever[1] the remaynder therof to the
heyres males of my body lawfully begotten/ Also the kyng[es]
part ther he ought to have/ And also my wyfes Dower
that she ought to have in my man[or] of Grove & grove myll[es] and
in all other my maners land[es] & tenement[es] in the townes & p[ar]yshes
of watford Abbott[es] langlie & sarret in the countye of hert[ford]sh[ire]
And also yn the countye of Midd[lesex] ymmedyatly aft[er] my Decease
first taken and assigned owt/ I Doe gyve my said man[or] of
Grove and grovemylles And also wyth all that messe & land[es]
called mast[er] Rogers/ And also my capitall messe and all other
ten[emen]t[es] in newstrete in watford/ And all other my messes land[es]
& tenement[es] wyth thapp[ur]tenannce in watford/ And also
all those my messes land[es] & tenement[es] medowes wodes and
pastures in oxi[2] called Sayntlowes and p[ar]kefild by me lately
knyldyd together wyth my p[ar]ke called oxi p[ar]ke oxi wode oxi
frythe merehill merehill garden the asshen spryng the
aspson sprynge Salmons bower Stonyfild and amys wyth all
man[er] of wodes & underwodes hegges(hedges) & hegerowes in the same

Sixth page

And in ev[er]y of them in oxi and in all other plaices in the p[ar]yshes
of watford and Abbotts langlei/ the messe and land[es] in the
occupacion of John Tyler aforesaid except/ All wych I doe
gyve to my sone Henry myn here apparannt/ To have & to
hold to hym & to his heyres males of his body lawfully
begotten/ And for default of suche issue the remaynder to my
sone Jerome & to the heyre males of his body lawfully begotten
And for default of such issue to remayne to my sone Anthonye & to the heyres
males of his body lawfully begotten/ And for default of suche issue
to remayne to my sone Thomas & to the heyres males of his body
lawfully begotten/ And for default of suche issue to remayne
to my sone Raffe & to the heyres males of his body lawfully
begotten/ And for default of suche issue to remayne to my
sone John & to the heyres males of his body lawfully begotten
And for default of suche issue to remayne to Elene my eldest
dought[er] nowe maryed to Will[ia]m Pawne Esquyre in Essex
before that maryed to Will[ia]m Beddell of wrykell Esquyer
and to the heyres males of her body lawfully begotten/ And for
default of suche issue to remayne to my dought[er] Anne my
second dought[er] maryid to one John Dinham & to her
heyres males of her body lawfully begotten/ And for
default of suche issue to remayne to my dought[er] Elzabeth
my thyrd dought[er] maryed to one Thomas Palm[er] & to
the heres males of her body lawfully begotten/ And for

Seventh page

default of suche issue to Remayne to my dought[er] Dorathie my iiijth
dought[er] maryid to Rob[er]t Shordysshe of Ikenham Esquyer & to the heres
males of her body lawfully begotten/ And for default of suche issue
to Remayne to my dought[er] Alyce my vth dought[er] maryid to one
Edward Bigge & to the heres males of her body lawfully begotten
And for default of suche issue then to Remayne to my dought[er] Marye
my vith dought[er] maryed to one John Frankes & to the heres males
of her body lawfully begotten/ And for default of suche issue then to
remayne to my sonnes Thomas Raffe and John to ther heyres in fee
for ev[er]/ And wyth my good[es] I will my executors to pay my dett[es]
and to such of my sonnes & ther childerne that shall happen to
have nede I will that my executors by ther dyscrecyons doe releve
them & to doe other werk[es] of m[er]cy for my soule helthe/ Also
I gyve and bequeth xx nobles to be payd by my executors to xx
pore maydens mariag[es] that be of good diposicyon & toward[es] to
thryve to ev[er]y of them one noble & specially suche as be pore of
my kyne except to Will[ia]m Heydon dought[er] nowe in s[er]vyce at
langleberye to whom I have geven a noble by my own hand
And of this of testament and last will comprysed in the same I doe
ordeyne & make my sayd wyfe & my sayd sone Henry my executo[ur]
& Mr John Connyngisbe Esquyer Edward Brokes Esquyer ov[er]
seers of the same to whom I bequeth to ev[er]y of them xxs besyd[es]
allman[er] other charges to be susteynyd for the accomplyshement
of my sayd last will & testament/ In wytnes wherof I have
wrytten the same wyth my owne hand & subscribed my name
And therunto have sett my seale of armes/ yeven the day and
yere above sayd xxvj die Junij D[omi]ni 1545


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