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William Halbert(s)-Son(s) Joel

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Date: 1700 [unknown]
Location: Colony of Virginiamap
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In researching an unconnected profile as part of WikiTree's 2022 Year of Family Connections, I encountered the (very) tangled Cooke and Halbert families, which seemed to confuse several sets of father/son William/Joel Halberts. This page is intended to help keep them straight. ~ Noland-165, March 2022

NOTE: William Halbert (abt. 1681 - 1718) married Mary Wood - Unknown-586494 - widow of Thomas Wood, in 1709. HER MAIDEN NAME IS NOT KNOWN, despite all the online trees that say it is Cook/Cooke and the continued existence of the duplicate profile Cook-2360.

Mary wife of (1) David Jenkins, (2) Jeremiah Biswell is a Cooke; the maiden name of Mary born c1680 (widow of Wood, married Taylor after Halbert) is unknown... later generations of Halberts and Cookes intermarried (causing a bit of confusion).
  1. William Halbert and son Joel from Wales: William Halbert Jr. (born c1681) & Joel Halbert Sr (born c1712)
  2. William Halbert (son of Joel) and his son Joel: William Anson Halbert (1744-1808) & Joel Halbert Sr. (1769-1848)
  3. William Halbert who was living in Essex County in 1813 is the grandson of William #1 above, son of Joel's brother William: William Halbirt II (1714-1761) & William Halbirt III (-1819)
  4. William Halbirt II (1714-1761) was Halbirt-13, now Halbert-116 also had a son Joel: Joel Halbirt

So... William Halbert-41 (b c1681) -> sons

Joel Halbert-205 (b 1712) -> sons
William Halbert-17 (b 1744) -> Joel Halbert-39 (b 1769)
Joel Halbert-96 (b 1741 or 1749)
Halbert-116 (b 1714) -> sons
William Halbirt-12 (b 1755)[1]
Joel Halbirt-14


Latest Research

The following passages cover what appears to be the latest published research on this family, from [1] & with the citation "From Halbert-Holbert History Vol I by Karen Halbert Moore; Published 1985; Transcribed by Jeffrey W. Moore":

"Joel Halbert, the oldest son of William Halbert and Mary Wood, was born about 1712, Essex, Virginia, and died about 1762, Caroline, Virginia. Joel's father was a Welsh immigrant that came to Essex County Virginia prior to 1709. Joel married first Mary Biswell, about 1733, Essex, Virginia. She was born about 1713, Essex, Virginia and died about 1742, Essex, Virginia. Her parents were Jeremiah Biswell, born about 1680, England, and died Mar 1730, Essex, Virginia. and Anne Cooke, born about 1680 in Essex, Virginia and died 1724 in Essex, Virginia. Anne was the daughter of John Cooke and Susannah Pells. Joel and Mary Biswell had two daughters: Sarah and Mary. He married second Elizabeth Frances Jones, ca. 1740, Essex, Virginia. He and his wife Elizabeth Jones settled in Caroline County, Virginia. The children of Joel and Elizabeth were: John, Hanniniah, William, Martha, Frances Jones, and Joel Jr. The couple were evidently close neighbors and goods friends of William Hill, Sr. and his wife, Susannah Smithers, judging from the intermarriages between the two families. Two sons of William Hill, Sr., married two daughters of Joel Halbert and the only daughter of William Hill, Sr., married William Halbert, a son of Joel Halbert. William Hill, Jr., married Elizabeth Halbert; Robert Hill married Martha Halbert; and Elizabeth Hill married William Halbert. This last-named marriage was in 1765 and, shortly afterwards, William Hill, Sr., and his wife, Susannah Smithers, with the major part of their children, moved to Surry County, North Carolina, where they spent the remainder of their lives. Except the two daughters who married Hills, Joel Halbert and the other members of his family continued to live in Virginia till after the Revolution when his son William Halbert and his wife, Elizabeth Hill, moved to South Carolina and settled on the Saluda river."
"William Halbert Sr. The third child of Joel Halbert Sr. and Frances Jones, born Oct 14, 1744, in Essex Co., Va., and died Dec 28, 1809, in Anderson Co., SC. He married Elizabeth Hill about 1766, probably in Caroline Co., Va. She was born Sep 18, 1847, Caroline Co., Va., and died Nov 6, 1836 in Anderson Co., SC. Her parents were William Hill Sr. and Susannah Smithers. William is said to have had a red beard, blue eyes, and was of stout build. He served in the Revolutionary War as a 2nd Lt. In the Henry Co., Va. Militia from 1779-80. His name appears on a placard of officers now hanging in the Henry Co., Court House. William owned over 150 acres in Surry Co., NC. in 1777, and several other tracts nearby on Russell’s Creek, a tributary of the Mayo River, adjacent to his son-in-law John Gresham. William’s land in Va. was that part of Henry Co., Va., that was cut off to form the part of Patrick Co., Va. It was just over the border line of Surry Co., NC. William and his family moved to SC. in 1786 and settled on the Saluda River in Pendleton Dist., near Belton, which is now a part of Anderson Co., SC. He served as a Justice of the Peace for many years and was also appointed one of the commissioners to locate a site for the Court House of the then recently created Pendleton District. The first quarterly court held May 10, 1790, of which the Magistrates William Halbert, John Wilson, and Robert Anderson. William received his land in SC. by a land grant that was issued to him by Thomas Jefferson for his service in the Revolutionary War. William prospered in SC. and accumulated a considerable estate and possessed several slaves which was an indication of wealth in those days. William disposed of his land through his will to his children. After William’s death Elizabeth lived with her daughter, Susannah Acker until her death. William and Elizabeth are both buried on the old plantation."

Found Sets

As of 8 January 2022, WikiTree has the following connected sets (that I found):

Halbert-205: Joel Halbert SR (1712-1762)
Halbert-39: Joel Halbert Sr. (1769-1848)[2]
Halbirt-14: Joel Halbirt (no dates/locations - parents shown as married 1738 in Essex Co., VA)
  • married ? (no wife attached or mentioned in text)
  • parents of Halbirt-14:
    • Halbirt-13 William Halbirt II (1714-1761), born Essex County, died 20 April 1761 in "Carolin, Essex Co., VA" attached as son of Mary Cook-4736, in a proposed merge with Unknown-586494[3]
    • Robb-238: Mary (Robb) Halbirt (no dates; Essex County marriage is the only location)
still looking...

William living in 1813

The least known #3 first:

3. William Halbert living in Essex County, Virginia in 1813[4]
  • William Halbert who served during the American Revolution under Henry Lee[4]
  • ...

The other two Williams

Not sure which of the other two are the set from Wales (might even be the one living in 1813). So... #1 and #2 will be "renamed" "will proved in 1809/wife Elizabeth" and "William m Mary [Unknown] (most trees say Cook)".

William died c1809

2. William Halbert, will proved in 1809/wife Elizabeth
  • son of Joel, immigrant from Wales (needs verifying), Joel's wife not known... in WikiTree:
    • Halbert-205: Joel Halbert SR (1712-1762)
    • Jones-6335: Elizabeth Frances (Jones) Halbert (abt.1715-abt.1780)
  • Halbert-17: William Anson Halbert Sr (1744-1808), married Hill-2715 Elizabeth (Hill) Halbert (1747-1836)
  • both William and Elizabeth born in Virginia - William in Essex County & Elizabeth in Caroline County (according to their WikiTree profiles as of 8 January 2022)
  • both William and Elizabeth died Anderson County, SC, where WikiTree says they were married
  • William's will was proved in 1809[5]
  • Will names a son Joel
  • Joel attached as son: Halbert-39- Joel Halbert Sr. (1769-1848). Text for William Halbert-17 says about son Joel:
    • Joel Halbert, b. 13 Jun 1769; d. 24 Jun 1848; m. Mary Lindsay.[6][7] Joel's profile is attached as husband of Mary Lindley-186 (as of 8 January 2022).
    • "Joel married Mary Lindsey and went to Indiana in 1819. His daughter Sarah, married Moses Welborn of Anderson County, South Carolina."[8]

William m widow Mary Wood

3. William m Mary [Unknown] (most trees say Cook)

Will Abstracts

1809, SC

Will proved 1809 ("signed into probate" 6 March 1809), Pendleton District, SC, dated 13 July 1806[5] If named, slaves are included in the following abstract. Land is included if relevant (e.g., land and acreage specified in the will may not be included if not otherwise identified). Transcription of will posted in profile text of William Halbert-17 (accessed 8 January 2022).
"I, William Halbert of Pendleton District, S.C.,... My will and desire is that all my children at their coming of age or marrying shall have as follows..."
  • beloved wife, Elizabeth Halbert profile attached as wife of Halbert-17 - Hill-2715
  • son Joel Halbert ("the land I bought from Ralph Owens and Elijah Owens that he has now in his possession and two Negroes, viz Sal and Mose") profile attached as son Joel of Halbert-17 - Halbert-39
  • son Enos Halbert ("what land he has in his possession including the land I bought from Henry Burdin, one Negro, viz Reda")
  • my son Arthur's children "two hundred acres of land whereon he died and fifty of a tract we call Hireth to be divided between his children... when they come of age"
    • Henry Halbert
    • Linda Halbert
    • Arthur Halbert
  • son James Halbert ("land joining that where Arthur died and running across all tracts, with one young Negro, viz Peter")
  • son William Halbert (two hundred and 32 acres of land including the mill on Big Creek and a tract of ninety acres called Datenial")
  • son Joshua Halbert (two hundred acres of land joining James across all tracts... also thirty acres and the mill shoal on Saluda I purchased from Wm Acker and at his mother's death to have the plantation she lives on")
  • daughter Martha Grisham
  • daughter Susana Acker
  • daughter Franka Garrison
  • daughter Elizabeth Berry
  • daughter Mary Halbert
  • daughter Lucinda Halbert
Executors: Joel Halbert, John Halbert, Enos Halbert, and John Grisham
"Signed in the presence of William Harper, James Brown, David Brown
The original copy was made by H. I. H. Nance, Probate Judge of Anderson County, South Carolina.

1733 Administration Record, Essex County

Not a Will - bond (19 February 1733) for Joel Halbert to be administrator of William Halbert's estate[9]
"The Administration of the William Halbert Estate by Joel Halbert dated February 19, 1733"[10]
  • Joell Halbard, Wm. Motley and Joseph Leeman bound "until" [sic - maybe meant "unto"]
  • William Daingerfield, Thomas Waring, Sal Myscoe, Robert Brooks, James Garnett & Richard Smith, gent Justices of the County of Essex[11][12]
  • "The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Joell Halbard, Admr. Of all the goods, chattles & credits of the decd.... into the County Court of Essex... and if it shall hereafter appear ye any Last Will and Tetant was made by the sd. Decd. & the Exr. Or Exrs. Therein named do exhibit ye same into ye sd. Court making request to have it allowed and approved accordingly if the sd. Joel being thereunto required to render & deliver up his Letters of Admon. Approbation of such testamt, being first had and made in sd. Court."
I just realized that "William Halbert" is only named in the title, which I did not think had been part of the record, but apparently was.


Note that DAR records only list children whose descendants have joined the DAR based on the service of that child's father (or mother). Also remember that DAR records are not considered reliable; you need the source for the information given in the record. That said, the following information may be useful for leads (or not).

William Hill, Sr., DAR Patriot Ancestor #A056112
  • born about 1712 in Virginia
  • service (patriotic) in North Carolina
    • Service Description: took Oath of Allegiance to make land entry, Surry County, 1778
  • married Susannah Smithers
  • died before 17 February 1787 in Surry County, North Carolina
  • children (in DAR record)
    • William Hill Jr married Hanniniah Elizabeth Halbert
    • Daniel Hill married Martha Hickman
    • Elizabeth Hill married William Anson Halbert
    • Joshua Hill married Nancy Ann Wyatt Collier
    • Robert Hill married Martha Halbert
    • Jesse Hill married Mary X
    • "S UEL" married X Devall
William Halbert, DAR Patriot Ancestor #A049188
  • born 14 October 1744 in Essex Co., Virginia
  • service in Virginia, Rank: Lieutenant
    • Service Description: 1) 2LT, HENRY CO MILITIA, Source: GWATHMEY, HIST REG OF VA IN THE REV, P 338
  • died 28 December 1808 in Pendleton District, South Carolina
  • married Elizabeth Hill
    • Elizabeth Hill born Sep 1747, Caroline County, Virginia; died 6 Nov 1836 at Belton, SC; married 1765 - son Joel was born in Virginia on 13 Jun 1769 (married Mary Lindsay)[13] and son William Anson Jr. was born in Henry County, Virginia on 17 May 1788.[14]
  • children
    • Thomas Halbert married Henrietta Ragland
    • Susanna/h Halbert married John Peter Acker / Peter Acker
    • Martha Halbert married John Gresham[15]
    • John Halbert married Margaret Harper
    • Frances Halbert married Charles Garrison / Charles Gregory Garrison
    • Joel Halbert married Mary Lindley/Lindsey/Linley/Linsay/Lindsay
    • Joshua Halbert married Matilda Nash
    • Lucinda/Lucienda Halbert married David Berry
    • Elizabeth Halbert married William Berry
    • Arthur Halbert married Elizabeth Cobb
    • William Anson Halbert married Elizabeth/Bettie Bowen
    • Enos Halbert married X / Lucy Nancy Ann Garner
    • James Halbert married X X


  1. The William represented by Halbirt-12 is most likely the William who was living in 1813 in Essex County with the bounty land application. The FamilySearh PID LHGX-WP5 for him says he was born in 1755.
  2. Note that Halbert-244- Joel Halbert III (1780-1860), married Zilphia Wright, has different birth and death years but same day and month birth/same month death as Halbert-39- Joel Halbert Sr. (1769-1848). Halbert-244's 1780-1860 years are supported by reliable sources, so he's definitely not a duplicate of Halbert-39.
  3. Just added another proposed merge for Cook-4736 - Cook-2360 (rather than merge with Unknown-586494, the relationship for Cook-2360 to child was set as uncertain)
  4. 4.0 4.1 Bounty Land Records of William Halbert, #BLWt607-100 (pdf), transcribed by Will Graves, posted by Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements & Rosters, accessed 8 January 2022.
  5. 5.0 5.1 South Carolina Will Transcripts, 1782-1868, Roll 4. Volume I, Wills: Records of Old Pendleton District, Anderson County, Will Book A, p. 103.
  6. Acker, E. D. & Lincoln, LL. B., comp. and ed. A Brief History of the Acker-Halbert Family Composed of Biographical Sketches and Descent-Diagrams. p. 92. (See Sources list, below.)
  7. Dates of birth from Newspaper article on the Gresham Family (Publication not given). Alabama Department of Archives and History; Montgomery, AL; Alabama Surname Files; Box or Film Number: M84-4744. (See Sources list, below.
  8. Vandiver, Louise Ayer. Traditions and History of Anderson County, South Carolina. Atlanta, GA: Ruralist Press (1928). p. 138.
  9. Transcription posted on both William Halbert-41's profile & Joel Halbert-205's profile (accessed 8 January 2022).
  10. Essex County, Virginia Records: Will Book #5 - Pages 175-176
  11. Of interest: The Bounty Land record for William Halbert who was living in 1813 included testimony by brothers James M. Garnett & John M. Garnett that William Halbert was living with "our father" after the war in Essex County & had been his overseer. Additionally, Mark Andrews (probably Andrews-5407) testified that William Halbert had served under "the present General Henry Lee". "Zilpha" in Mark's profile caught my eye. A Zilphia Wright married a Joel Halbert in Tennessee (Mark died in TN). That Joel - Halbert-244: Joel Halbert III (1780-1860) - was born in Stokes County, NC.
  12. The only likely Garnetts that I found in WikiTree were in the family of Garnett-606, but it doesn't look like that family had a set of brothers named James M. & John M. who were living in 1813. Maybe a branch of the family descended from John Garnett (1671-bef.1713) that doesn't have WikiTree profiles?
  13. Descendant record for Joel, son of William Halbert, DAR Patriot Ancestor #A049188.
  14. Descendant record for William Anson Jr., son of William Halbert, DAR Patriot Ancestor #A049188.
  15. Martha's husband John Gresham is DAR Patriot Ancestor #A047936, with pension application #S21790.
Sources (for additional information about footnoted sources, if any)
  • Alabama, U.S., Surname Files Expanded, 1702–1981 - Ancestry sharing link.
  • Acker, E.D., A brief history of the Acker--Halbert family : composed of biographical sketches and descent diagrams (1928), pages 90-91 of 179 in FamilySearch copy.

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