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Wołoszyn Name Study

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About the Project

The Wołoszyn Name Study project serves as a collaborative platform to collect information on the Wołoszyn name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join the study to help make it a valuable reference point for other genealogists who are researching or have an interest in the Wołoszyn name.

About the surname

Wołoszyn, Volosin, Волошин, Woloshin, Voloshin, Woloshyn, Wolosin (and many other variants) is a Slavic surname which is particularly concentrated in the former Galician province of Austria-Hungary, in modern-day south-eastern Poland and western Ukraine. The origin of the surname is conjectured to be cognate to Wallachia, potentially indicating a distant Romanian ancestry. Due to immigration, particularly to the United States and Canada, the surname is often mutated considerably (e.g. from Volosin to Wolson). It can also be found wrongly transcribed as Wotoszyn (due to the Polish letter Ł).

You can get a sense of the distribution of the surname from this map of the birthplaces of people who have a Wikidata profile.

The purpose of this name study is to gather together all the known information about people bearing this surname or one of its many variants, and to aid those whose ancestors may be difficult to find in the records due to transcription errors or transliterations as they migrated between different linguistic communities.

Note: although the main name for this study has been chosen as Wołoszyn (with variant spellings on Wikitree selected as Voloshin and Woloshin), no claim is made regarding whether these are the “true” spelling or not; different languages have their own orthographies for spelling this name and all are equally valid for inclusion in this study.

How to Join

This project is still in its infancy, but anybody who wishes to get involved is welcome! Message the coordinator with your query or areas/families of interest.

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Once you are ready to go, you can also show your project affiliation with the ONS Member Sticker:


Family clusters

In this section all the public profiles on Wikitree are listed, organized according to the earliest known patrilineal ancestor. Birth/death locations are as listed on Wikitree.

One of the first tasks of this project will be to extend these family clusters as far as possible given available online records. In particular the people unconnected to other Wołoszyns are the priority.

Descendants of Aleksander Wołoszyn

Descendants of Unknown Woloszyn

Descendants of Michał Wołoszyn

Descendants of Wójciech Wołoszyn

Descendants of Joseph Woloszyn

Descendants of Olexay Woloshin

Descendants of Walenty Wołoszyn

Descendants of Adalbert "Wojciech" Wołoszyn

Descendants of Wasyl Woloszyn

Descendants of Mikolaj Woloszyn

Descendants of John Woloszyn

Descendants of Peter Woloshyn

  • Peter Woloshyn (b. abt. 1860, Austria Hungary)
  • mar. Anna Sawa (b. abt. 1860, Austria Hungary)
    • John Woloshyn (b. abt. 1882, Dobrovich Ukraine | d. 1955-12-17, Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA) FG FS
    • mar. Mary Sewchyk (b. 1886-08-15, Prystan Ukraine | d. 1957-08-21, Taylor, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA) FG FS
      • Peter Woloshyn (b. 1907-03-31, Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA | d. 1989-10-14) FG FS
      • Michael Woloshyn (b. 1909-02-24, Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania | d. 1989-04-26, Chatham, Morris, New Jersey, USA) FS
      • Anna Woloshyn (b. 1912, Taylor, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, USA | d. 1967-03-16, Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, United States) FG FS
      • Charles Woloshyn (b. 1915, Taylor, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, USA | d. 1939, Taylor, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, USA) FG FS
        • Eugene Woloshyn (b. 1938-02-18, Taylor, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, USA | d. 1938-03-16, Taylor, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA) FG FS
      • Joseph Woloshyn (b. abt. 1910s | d. abt. 1990s) FG FS

Descendants of Wasyl Woloszyn

Descendants of Aleksander Wołoszyn

Descendants of Alexander Woloshen

Descendants of Janos Volosin

Descendants of Piotr Woloszyn

Descendants of Adam Francis Woloszyn

Descendants of Paul Woloszyn

Descendants of Michael Woloszyn

Descendants of Peter Woloszyn

Descendants of Michael J. Woloszyn

Descendants of Chariton Voloshin

Descendants of Michael Woloszyn

Descendants of Joseph Woloszyn

Descendants of Wasyl Woloszyn

Descendants of Metro Volosen

Descendants of Anthony "Tony" Woloszyn

Descendants of Francis Anthony "Frank" Wolosin

Descendants of Johann (John) Woloszyn

Individuals with no patrilineal connection yet

Notable people bearing the surname

This list is sourced from Wikidata, and consists of all those people bearing the surname or a variant of it who were born over a hundred years ago.

  • Петро Волошин (Petro Voloshyn); 17th–18th centuries; Ukrainian politician and diplomat. Wikidata: Item Q28701615, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Матвій Волошин (Matviy Voloshyn); fl. 18th century; Ukrainian bandura player. Wikidata: Item Q12090514, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Олександр Федорович Волошин (Oleksandr Fedorovich Voloshin); 1855-12-06 – 1933; Ukrainian ethnographer and politician. Wikidata: Item Q16694892, ru:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Фёдор Моисеевич Волошин-Петриченко (Fodor Moiseyevich Voloshin-Petrichenko); 1860 – ; Russian military leader. Wikidata: Item Q16631577, ru:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Тимофей Моисеевич Волошин-Петриченко (Timofey Moiseyevich Voloshin-Petrichenko); 1862-01-22 – ; Russian commander. Wikidata: Item Q16631574, ru:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Jan Wołoszyn; 1871-01-08 – 1950-01-17; Polish Righteous Among the Nations. Wikidata: Item Q110006742 help.gif
  • Авґустин Волошин (Avgustyn Ivanovych Voloshyn); 1874-03-17 – 1945-07-19; Ukrainian priest, politician, academic. Wikidata: Item Q535894, en:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Михайло Іванович Волошин (Mykhaylo Ivanovych Voloshyn); 1877-05-05 – 1943-07-29; Ukrainian political activist. Wikidata: Item Q11787511, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Максимилиан Александрович Кириенко-Волошин (Maximilian Alexandrovich Kirienko-Voloshin); 1877-05-28(NS) – 1932-08-11; Ukrainian-born Russian poet. Wikidata: Item Q358885, en:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Олена Ясеницька-Волошин (Olena Yasenytsʹka-Voloshyn); 1882 – 1980; Ukrainian pianist and conductor. Wikidata: Item Q16724255, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Маргарита Васильевна Сабашникова (later Волошина) (Margarita Vasilyevna Sabashnikova, later Voloshina); 1882-01-31 – 1973-11-02; Russian author and artist. Wikidata: Item Q1895200, de:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Alexander Alexandrovich Voloshin; 1886-04-20 – 1960-11-23; Hollywood actor. Wikidata: Item Q116740878 help.gif
  • Мария Степановна Заболоцкая (later Волошина) (Mariya Stepanovna Zabolotskaya; later Voloshina); 1887-10-12 – 1976-12-17; Russian medical worker and fiction writer. Wikidata: Item Q4182624, ru:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Павел Фёдорович Волошин-Петриченко (Pavel Fodorovich Voloshin-Petrichenko); 1888-08-20 – 1969-01-03; Russian soldier and teacher. Wikidata: Item Q16631572, ru:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Prokop Voloshin; 1889 – 1968-06-21; Ukrainian Righteous Among the Nations. Wikidata: Item Q110850821 help.gif
  • Павел Пятровіч Валошын (Paviel Piatrovič Valošyn); 1891-07-10 – 1937-11-03; Belarussian activist and journalist. Wikidata: Item Q3920107, ru:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Іван Волошин-Берчак (Ivan Voloshyn-Berchak); 1895-08-01 – 1942; Ukrainian soldier. Wikidata: Item Q12090509, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Іван Митрофанович Волошин (Ivan Mytrofanovych Voloshyn); 1896-11-11 – 1954-01-10; Ukrainian Soviet politician. Wikidata: Item Q15065081, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Лаврентий Иванович Волошин (Lavrentiy Ivanovich Voloshin); 1897-08-10 – 1944-12-11; Soviet military commander. Wikidata: Item Q4124085, ru:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Євдокія Василівна Волошина (Yevdokiya Vasylivna Voloshyna); 1898 – ; Soviet politician. Wikidata: Item Q54309419, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Lubov Voloshina; 1900 – 1981; Ukrainian Righteous Among the Nations. Wikidata: Item Q110036635 help.gif
  • Stanisław Wołoszyn; 1900-04-23 – 1987-09-08; Polish Righteous Among the Nations. Wikidata: Item Q23943914, pl:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Олександр Іванович Волошин (Oleksandr Ivanovych Voloshyn); 1902 –; Ukrainian Soviet politician. Wikidata: Item Q60987240, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Yemelian Voloshin; 1902-08-10 – 1985-04-14; Ukrainian Righteous Among the Nations. Wikidata: Item Q110006125 help.gif
  • Rozalia Wołoszyn; 1902-09-30 – 1957-04-06; Polish Righteous Among the Nations. Wikidata: Item Q110006743 help.gif
  • Іван Піліпавіч Валошын (Ivan Pilipavič Valošyn); 1903-07-29 – 1969-01-18; Belarussian Soviet politician. Wikidata: Item Q109061722, be:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Іван Іванович Волошин (Ivan Ivanovych Voloshyn); 1905-10-10 – 1973-08-15; Ukrainian writer. Wikidata: Item Q12090512, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Андрей Максимович Волошин (Andrey Maksimovich Voloshin); 1906-09-14 – 1974-11-24; Soviet army colonel. Wikidata: Item Q4124076, ru:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Максим Афанасьевич Волошин (Maksim Afanas'yevich Voloshin); 1907-01-18 – 1981-06; Russian general. Wikidata: Item Q112413936 help.gif
  • Petr Vološin; 1907-06-26 – 1943-12-30; Czech soldier. Wikidata: Item Q107576376 help.gif
  • Марія Яківна Волошина (Mariya Yakivna Voloshyna); 1908 – ; Ukrainian teacher and Soviet figure. Wikidata: Item Q85989895, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Ольга Демидовна Волошина (Ol'ga Demidovna Voloshina); 1908 – 1968; Soviet agriculturist. Wikidata: Item Q29358730, ru:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Іван Олексійович Волошин (Ivan Oleksiyovych Voloshyn); 1908-05-09 – 1993; Ukrainian theatre critic. Wikidata: Item Q16169151, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Anna Voloshina; 1908-12-16 – 1990-11-03; Ukrainian Righteous Among the Nations. Wikidata: Item Q110006126 help.gif
  • Julian Voloshin; 1909-08-13 – 1989-06-13; American actor. Wikidata: Item Q17285821, it:Wikipedia help.gif FS
  • Николай Федотович Волошин (Nikolay Fedotovich Voloshin); 1909-12-05 – 2000-02-15; Soviet artilleryman. Wikidata: Item Q17427595, ru:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Stefan Wołoszyn; 1911-08-19 – 2004-09-02; Polish pedagogue. Wikidata: Item Q7945988, pl:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Анастасія Волошин (Anastasiya Voloshyn); 1911-10-27 – 1994-01-09; Ukrainian stigmatist. Wikidata: Item Q12090516, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Ростислав Павлович Волошин (Rostyslav Pavlovych Voloshyn); 1911-11-03 – 1944-08-22; Ukrainian military colonel. Wikidata: Item Q4124096, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Александр Никитич Волошин (Aleksandr Nikitich Voloshin); 1912-08-31 – 1978-05-28; Russian writer. Wikidata: Item Q4124073, ru:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Jan Józef Maria Wołoszyn; 1912-12-28 – 2009-02-01; Polish banker. Wikidata: Item Q63487454, pl:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Ніна Глібівна Березюк-Волошина (Nina Hlibivna Berezyuk-Voloshyna); 1913-07-27 – 1971; a figure in the Ukrainian national liberation movement. Wikidata: Item Q12082182, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Вера Даниловна Волошина (Vera Danilovna Voloshina); 1919-09-30 – 1941-11-29; Russian partisan. Wikidata: Item Q4124091, en:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Алоксой Прохорович Волошин (Aleksey Prokhorovich Voloshin); 1920-02-13 – 2020-06-24; Russian military officer. Wikidata: Item Q4124075, ru:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Михаил Евстафьевич Волошин (Mikhail Yevstaf'yevich Voloshin); 1920-08-10 – 1944-07-31; Red Army soldier and Hero of the Soviet Union. Wikidata: Item Q4124086, ru:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Олександр Йович Волошин (Oleksandr Yovych Voloshyn); 1922-01-01 – 1989-09-22; Ukrainian Red Army soldier. Wikidata: Item Q4124072, uk:Wikipedia help.gif
  • Olga Voloshina; 1922 – ; Ukrainian Righteous Among the Nations. Wikidata: Item Q110006124 help.gif
  • Ярослава Волошин (Yaroslava Voloshyn); 1922-05-20 – ; Ukrainian teacher and notable Ukrainian-Canadian. Wikidata: Item Q110763569, uk:Wikipedia help.gif

Research Pages

There are no research pages included yet, as the project has just started. Feel free to suggest avenues for research!


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