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This free space page for Wolf Valley Cemetery is part of WikiTree's Cemeterist Project and was created to document the life and times of our ancestors that are interred there. This free space page for Wolf Valley Cemetery was created to document the life and times of our ancestors that are interred there.

This page is a work in progress, and will remain so until the Table of Interments (below) is completed. The Table of Interments is a sortable listing of persons interred at this cemetery, some or all of whom are linked to existing WikiTree profiles. Although all grave markers in this cemetery are in the process of being photographed, the photos can only be displayed for persons with existing WikiTree profiles. If you know of a person interred at this cemetery who should be linked to an existing WikiTree profile, or needs to have a profile created for them, please contact Dean Anderson for assistance.

General Information

Cemetery Name: Wolf Valley Cemetery

Address: 22267 North Highway 183, May, TX 76471

GPS Coordinates: 32.0267470, -98.9345300


This valley was settled in the 1860's. Most of the residents left their home states (southern), and traveled together until they found this small hill, overlooking a green valley. Mr. Robert Porter, a long time resident, is of the opinion that when they were scouting the area, they found a great many wolves in the immediate vicinity. Consequently the name Wolf Valley.

The church building was constructed here in 1887 for the use of the Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian congregations, as well as the local school. Ten acres was sold to the school trustees "for school, church, and graveyard, and when said lands are abandoned as school and church purposes, the whole is to be used for graveyard purposes." The Cemetery was formally set aside in 1902, when trustees A. E. Bailey, A. W. Hardy, and J. W. Spence bought the original tract from the D. M. Davidson family. Recorded in Vol. 64, page 154, Brown County Courthouse. Filed 15 Mar 1902.

This Cemetery was first surveyed June 1872 by Mrs. Hazel Wetzel and updated by Jim and Georgia Rodgers on 22 Oct 2001. [1]

Historical Marker

Wolf Valley Cemetery Historical Marker

Erected in 1983 by Texas Historical Commission, registered in the Historical Marker Database.

The caption on the marker reads: This cemetery originally served pioneer settlers of the Wolf Valley community, which began about 1875. The earliest grave is that of S.T. Tollette, who was buried here May 11, 1882. Also buried that same month were James Lyon and R.P. Ramsey. The cemetery was formally set aside in 1902 when trustees A.E. Baily, A.W. Hardy, and J.W. Spence bought the original tract from the D.M. Davidson family. The site was enlarged through later additions of land.

A church building was constructed here in 1887 for use by Baptist, Methodist and Cumberland Presbyterian congregations as well as the local schools. Brush arbors were used for summer revivals. The building and grounds were the spiritual and educational hub of the community. The structure burned, but was rebuilt through donated funds and labor.

Graves here include those of pioneer settlers, early community leaders, military veterans and two state legislators, H.P. Taylor and W.R. Chambers. The site contains over three hundred marked graves and two unmarked gravesites. An annual homecoming and Memorial Day service is conducted here each May. Maintenance of the historic burial ground is funded through various donations. [2]

Marker is near May, Texas, in Brown County. Marker can be reached from Unnamed Road 0.3 miles west of U.S. 183. Marker is at end of unnamed road; the unnamed road is accessed from US 183 immediately north of County Road 494.

Notable Monuments

The church building which was constructed there in 1887 for use by Baptist, Methodist and Cumberland Presbyterian congregations as well as the local schools. Brush arbors were used for summer revivals. The building and grounds were the spiritual and educational hub of the community. The structure burned, but was rebuilt through donated funds and labor.

Notable Interments

Graves here include those of pioneer settlers, early community leaders, two state legislators, and military veterans who served in the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War.

Additional Information


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Table of Interments

Sortable table
Last Name First/Middle/"Maiden"/Initials Born Died Notes Location Photo (click for larger)
AllenAUnknownUnknownGrave Marker has no Names says "Allen 2 Infants"LocationImage:Surname-ID
AllenAaUnknownUnknownGrave Marker has no Names says "Allen 2 Infants"LocationImage:Surname-ID
AllenConey Nathan "Butch"23 Apr 194424 Feb 2019DadLocationImage:Surname-ID
AllenHaseUnknown18 Jun 1910Infant twin brother of Horris AllenLocation
AllenHorrisUnknown18 Jun 1910Infant twin brother of Hase AllenLocation
AllenSandra Jean "Sandy" Lancaster3 Feb 194522 Feb 2013MomLocationImage:Surname-ID
ApplegateAUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
ApplegateErnestUnknownUnknownAge 3LocationImage:Surname-ID
ApplegateLillie18811891 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ApplegateMay PearlUnknownUnknownAge 1LocationImage:Surname-ID
ApplegateRosa MayUnknownUnknownAge 3LocationImage:Surname-ID
ApplegateWesley6 Mar 188727 May 1887Little Wesley s/E H & M M LocationImage:Surname-ID
AsherBetty Genelle Chambers21 May 193121 Oct 1999 LocationImage:Surname-ID
AshworthEva Lore Powers2 Aug 191624 Jan 2012 LocationImage:Surname-ID
AshworthFred1 Jan 191211 Aug 1977 Row 7Image:Surname-ID
BaileyInfantUnknownUnknownDaughter of Thomas A. BaileyLocationImage:Surname-ID
BaileyBessie Lovia Rogers24 Jul 18876 Apr 1944 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
BaileyCharles Emmett "Doc", Sr.17 Nov 191425 Nov 2004 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BaileyDannie James27 May 195512 Apr 2018 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BaileyDelma Wayne7 Nov 192328 Nov 1942 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
BaileyDiane Jean6 Apr 194026 Dec 2016notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
BaileyDora Mae White31 Aug 19162 Mar 1988 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
BaileyEura Dee Sudderth28 Mar 190626 Dec 1985 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
BaileyFrancis Louise Lester18 Nov 192326 Jan 1998 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BaileyInfant DaughterUnknownUnknownInfant Daughter of Thomas A. BaileyRow 11Image:Surname-ID
BaileyIrene Blankenship22 Dec 190725 Jan 2001 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BaileyJames Alison "Jim"13 Jun 189918 Jan 1950WWI Veteran - Private (PVT) USMCRow 11Image:Surname-ID
BaileyJames Lowell8 Mar 190829 Jun 1959 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
BaileyJessie Rippy27 Dec 185618 Apr 1931 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
BaileyJoseph Weldon27 Jul 19073 Apr 1997 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BaileyLowell Wayne 17 Aug 193415 Oct 1969 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
BaileyMary Rippy31 Oct 182130 Jun 1908 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
BaileyNon Kirby28 Oct 18791 Jan 1974 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
BaileyOliver S23 Nov 188919 Jan 1892 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
BaileyOra Elma Smith3 Jul 190716 Jun 1981 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BaileyRoxanna Talley Roe6 Apr 18636 Jun 1959 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
BaileySharee Louise Chrane9 Jan 19523 Apr 2019 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BaileySolomon Roe "Sol" 16 Jan 188526 Mar 1966 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
BaileyThomas A10 Jan 190223 Sep 1926 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
BaileyThomas Brian9 Sep 194425 May 2005 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BaileyWendell Perry24 Oct 192318 Aug 1999 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BainesAlexander Clinton29 Mar 18444 Feb 1912Civil War Veteran - Private (PVT) CSA Co E 41st Miss InfLocation
BainesMount23 Apr 188925 Aug 1909 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BarkerAngela Leigh Alexander25 Nov 197422 Sep 2019 notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
BloxomAudie Glynn18 Oct 192918 Oct 1929Safe In The Arms Of JesusLocationImage:Surname-ID
BloxomBenjamin Thomas "Tom"7 Jan 185024 May 1903 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BloxomDora Paloma Hardy7 Oct 187019 Dec 1904 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BloxomFrancis Marion4 May 189229 Mar 1968WWI Veteran - Private (PVT) US Army LocationImage:Surname-ID
BloxomMaggie Emily Mallon12 May 19078 Oct 1966 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BolandWilliam Richard20 Jun 190314 Feb 1977WWII Veteran - Private (PVT) US ArmyRow 5Image:Surname-ID
BowdenMary Tressie "Mollie" Hardy8 Apr 187718 Mar 1963 Row 13Image:Surname-ID
BowdenRobert Augustus "Gus"26 Jun 187629 Mar 1955 Row 13Image:Surname-ID
BowdenWilliam Robert27 Sep 18412 Mar 1913Civil War Veteran - Private (PVT) CSA Co E 3rd Texas CavalryRow 13Image:Surname-ID
BradshawCora13 Nov 188120 Dec 1885 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BrazzilEmma Ernestine Lancaster19 Sep 191724 Dec 1990 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BrazzilRobert Dee21 Sep 192015 Jan 1982WWII Veteran - Warrant Officer (WO) US ArmyLocationImage:Surname-ID
BrownCaleb Matthew7 May 19966 Dec 2018notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
BurchamArbie Raymond2 Mar 190922 Dec 2001 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BurchamViolet Evelyn Huddleston6 Aug 191113 Jul 2005 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ButtsJames Stephens25 Nov 188015 Jan 1955 Row 9Image:Surname-ID
ButtsPhoebe Cassandra "Spence"24 Aug 185919 Dec 1921 Row 9Image:Surname-ID
ButtsRobert Cannon10 Jan 18538 May 1920 Row 9Image:Surname-ID
ButtsVictoria Tabitha20 May 188714 Jul 1993 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BuzbeeDavid Layton "Tuck"5 May 186720 Feb 1947 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BuzbeeOda Lee Hardy8 Apr 187214 Jan 1918 LocationImage:Surname-ID
BuzbeeOna Eurilda Wrenn21 May 187927 Sep 1970 LocationImage:Surname-ID
CannonBobby20 Oct 188920 Oct 1889Son of Mr & Mrs G. W. Cannon Row 4Image:Surname-ID
CannonHarvey L18481919 Row 4Image:Surname-ID
CannonMarie18 Sep 189118 Sep 1891Daughter of Mr & Mrs G. W. Cannon Row 4Image:Surname-ID
CannonMary Amanda Evans18564 Nov 1935 Row 4Image:Surname-ID
CantrellJemima Cora Bible Curtner 7 Apr 191221 Apr 1946 Row 17Image:Surname-ID
CartwrightMary Jane4 Jun 183727 Mar 1911 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
ChambersAmanda Wilbanks27 Dec 19105 Nov 1979 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersDaughter19161916Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersSon19151915Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersBessie Lee Wright14 Dec 189514 Oct 1968 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersCharles Curtis18 Dec 19177 Jan 1986 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersClarence Elmo24 Mar 191325 Feb 1958 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersClarence Lester18 Aug 19101 Jul 1986 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersEliza Frances Smith20 May 18674 Oct 1954Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersMelba Eugenia Neeley27 Jan 192820 May 2007 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersEula Valera Taylor28 Apr 191024 Jan 1995 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersJames Douglas22 Nov 191726 Aug 1994 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersJames Wade1 Feb 19082 Aug 1976 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
ChambersLena Mae Degman23 Jan 19331 Sep 2004 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersLillie P Spence27 May 18826 Nov 1940Wife of W H Chambers Row 11Image:Surname-ID
ChambersMary Lorena Nichols12 Jan 19097 Jul 1988 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersMartha Jane Williams14 Dec 187830 Sep 1976 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersMary Alice Spence7 Aug 188415 Sep 1971 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersMillard Hampton18 Apr 19024 Mar 1977 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
ChambersNancy Susan Shirey24 Jun 187519 Sep 1925Wife of W H G Chambers Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersNancy Ann Roe30 Apr 184317 Sep 1906 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersNorris Roe6 Sep 191722 Mar 2013 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersOna Mae Richey15 Jun 191721 Jul 2018 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
ChambersPaul Jones Sr.1 Jun 186528 Feb 1926 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersEarnest Raymond10 Oct 190530 Mar 1989 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersRobert Leroy1 Feb 19305 Jan 1999 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersRoland Brinkley22 Mar 19216 Oct 1927 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersDr Solomon Roe20 May 186831 Aug 1950 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersSpencer Allen4 Aug 18918 Dec 1975 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersStanley31 Aug 19195 Sep 1991 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersTim "Timmy" Keith14 Aug 195421 Jun 2008 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersThomas Eugene "Tom"21 Sep 186221 Feb 1948"Freemasons" Emblem on Headstone Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersThomas Spencer "Bud"10 Jul 183727 Jul 1918 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersVelma Leone Jackson30 Jan 192318 Feb 2007 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersWade Hampton12 Mar 18779 Dec 1962Husband of Lillie Chambers Row 11Image:Surname-ID
ChambersWilliam Harrison Grisby "Grigs"27 Feb 187117 Apr 1961 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersWilliam Raliegh10 Apr 18803 Jul 1970 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
ChambersWilliam Wallace19 Dec 191515 Jan 1943WWII Veteran - Private First Class (PFC) US Army (Killed in Action - Northern (Oro), Papua New Guinea) Co A, 163 Inf Rgt, 41 Inf DivRow 10Image:Surname-ID
ChapmanUnknownUnknownUnknown Row 6Image:Surname-ID
ChartersAnnie18 Jan 18397 Jun 1918Row 9Image:Surname-ID
ChartersAmanda Caroline "Carrie" Howell 5 Dec 18531 Sep 1950 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
ChartersMinnie Lee Wilson8 Aug 187815 Dec 1932 Row 12Image:Surname-ID
ChartersRobert E29 Apr 184810 Dec 1939 Row 9Image:Surname-ID
ChartersSamuel M16 Jun 184513 Feb 1906 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
ChartersThomas Howell "Tom"4 May 18789 Apr 1957"Freemason" Emblem on HeadstoneRow 12Image:Surname-ID
CoeUnknownUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
CoeRuth18 Feb 19008 May 1903 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ComptonClarence8 Jul 190510 Apr 1994 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ComptonDon Willard3 Sep 193218 Jun 2006 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ComptonJohnnie Mae Lancaster26 Apr 192523 Aug 2001 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ComptonLillie Simmons11 Dec 190511 May 1980 LocationImage:Surname-ID
CorderAsa Bony6 Nov 190531 Mar 1945 Row 16Image:Surname-ID
CorderBonnie Eva Stewart13 Aug 191525 Sep 1998 LocationImage:Surname-ID
CorderJohn Felix3 Jul 187924 May 1952 Row 16Image:Surname-ID
CorderJohn Felix, Jr.30 Mar 191125 May 1997 LocationImage:Surname-ID
CorderMaggie Jewell Darter20 Apr 188526 Jul 1929 Row 16Image:Surname-ID
CorderMaggie Pearl8 Jan 19338 Jan 1933Daughter of Mr & Mrs A B Corder Row 16Image:Surname-ID
CourtwrightCecil Loyd7 Jul 18985 Dec 1977 Row 14Image:Surname-ID
CourtwrightGertrude Beatrice Bowden1 Apr 190612 Jul 1985 Row 14Image:Surname-ID
CummingsBettye Jo Warren4 Mar 192830 Mar 1996 LocationImage:Surname-ID
CummingsTruman Hamlet24 Apr 192522 Mar 2009WWII Veteran - Technician Fifth Grade (T/5) US Army LocationImage:Surname-ID
CurtnerBilly Carroll12 Dec 193320 Feb 1944 LocationImage:Surname-ID
DanielOllie Clara Wilson12 Aug 18928 Mar 1976 Row 5Image:Surname-ID
DavidsonUnknownUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
DavidsonCharles Howard11 Dec 192021 Aug 1969 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
DavidsonDavid M13 Nov 186625 Jan 1891 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
DavidsonDavid Martin22 Sep 181429 Sep 1902 LocationImage:Surname-ID
DavidsonElmer Joe27 Aug 19236 Mar 1945WWII Veteran - Private First Class (PFC) US Army (Killed In Action - Germany) Co L 94th Inf/94 Division Row 6Image:Surname-ID
DavidsonEwell Emmitt6 Feb 19078 May 1995 LocationImage:Surname-ID
DavidsonHenrietta24 Sep 186210 May 1885Daughter of D M & Matilda DavidsonRow 6Image:Surname-ID
DavidsonHorace Oliver22 Mar 19175 Jan 1964 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
DavidsonJoseph R8 Jan 18704 Aug 1958 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
DavidsonLaura Alice Lester14 Jan 188720 Dec 1965 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
DavidsonMary Lee Galloway2 Apr 19116 Dec 2010 LocationImage:Surname-ID
DavidsonMatilda Killingsworth14 Jun 182812 May 1885 LocationImage:Surname-ID
DeckerSusan A Ivey182518 Jan 1888 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
DickersonA J18 Dec 19379 Jun 2014 LocationImage:Surname-ID
DickersonEdna Pearlie Jones16 Mar 190312 May 1981 LocationImage:Surname-ID
DickersonJohn Cleveland "Clevie"18 Oct 18907 Sep 1975 Row 8Image:Surname-ID
DickersonJohn Skidmore2 Mar 18564 Dec 1903 Row 8Image:Surname-ID
DickersonMinnie G Howton26 Aug 19026 Feb 1996 Row 8Image:Surname-ID
DickersonWillie Thomas23 Jun 189313 Dec 1980 LocationImage:Surname-ID
DillInfantUnknownUnknownSon of J.W. and Mattie LocationImage:Surname-ID
DuensingMattie Deariso Holamon18 Sep 19143 Feb 1997 LocationImage:Surname-ID
DuensingEdward Adam24 Nov 19067 Oct 1987WWII Veteran - Sergeant (SGT) US Army Air Forces LocationImage:Surname-ID
DuensingNorris Edward22 Nov 194728 Nov 1948 Row 9Image:Surname-ID
DuncanUnknownUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
EakinAlda Pearl Steward11 Jan 191730 May 1967 Row 15Image:Surname-ID
EldridgeLawrence William13 Jul 191528 Apr 2001 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ElliottArvil C28 Aug 192711 Aug 1992WWII Veteran - US Army LocationImage:Surname-ID
ElliottCaskey22 Dec 188410 Apr 1909Son of W F & M A Elliott Row 8Image:Surname-ID
ElliottUnknownUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
ElliottWilford Hall19 Apr 188714 Jan 1889Son of W F & M A Elliott Row 8Image:Surname-ID
FordAnna Mae Hardy 11 May 188221 Nov 1925 Row 8Image:Surname-ID
FordEleanor "Ellen" Thomas5 Mar 184220 Feb 1905Wife of W S Ford Row 8Image:Surname-ID
FordEly Benjamin23 Mar 18773 Jul 1947 Row 8Image:Surname-ID
FordWesley Roe2 Jan 189925 Mar 1957 Row 8Image:Surname-ID
FordWesley Swift21 Apr 18355 Jan 1912 Row 8Image:Surname-ID
FreelandBradley Chase26 Apr 19987 Mar 2018notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
FullerOttie Emma Palmore Feril 16 Sep 19097 Oct 1996 LocationImage:Surname-ID
GarnettAmanda Catharine Goodgame3 Nov 183528 Apr 1922Unmarked probably next to John W Garnett LocationImage:Surname-ID
GarnettClaudie Owen9 Nov 19074 Oct 1913 LocationImage:Surname-ID
GarnettJohn Wesley7 Jan 183323 Apr 1911 Row 12Image:Surname-ID
GarnettLovick Edward2 Oct 18703 May 1938 Row 12Image:Surname-ID
GarnettNannie Canada Renfro Hart 18912 Sep 1970 Row 12Image:Surname-ID
GarnettUnknownUnknownUnknownSecond beside John W Garnett on South side LocationImage:Surname-ID
GarnettUnknownUnknownUnknownNext to John W Garnett on South side LocationImage:Surname-ID
GarnettUnknownUnknownUnknownNext to John W Garnett on North side LocationImage:Surname-ID
GoberPatsy Sue Hardy25 Aug 19466 Nov 2005 LocationImage:Surname-ID
GoinsCallie Caroline Muhle18 Mar 193331 Jan 2001 LocationImage:Surname-ID
GoinsJohn Columbus27 Sep 196120 Jul 1980 LocationImage:Surname-ID
GoinsOrville Gene11 Aug 196331 Jan 1981 LocationImage:Surname-ID
GoinsRoy Albert25 Mar 192431 Aug 1992 LocationImage:Surname-ID
GossLaveda Dometra Holamon16 Apr 191012 Jun 1981 LocationImage:Surname-ID
GossRex Allie6 Oct 190522 Jul 1988 LocationImage:Surname-ID
GotcherEmma Francis Taylor13 Jan 189220 Oct 1966 Row 13Image:Surname-ID
GotcherJohn Cecil1 Aug 189211 Sep 1977 Row 13Image:Surname-ID
GrayRosie Nell Sutter11 Nov 194112 Nov 2006 LocationImage:Surname-ID
GriceElda Aurburn "Red"13 Jan 19078 Aug 1977 Row 13Image:Surname-ID
GriceEdna Gladys Hardy25 Jun 191129 Jun 1966 Row 13Image:Surname-ID
GriceLarry Lane3 Sep 193710 May 2014 LocationImage:Surname-ID
GriceRonald Gene10 Feb 194231 Jul 2012 LocationImage:Surname-ID
GriffithRoxie Doris Spence19 Feb 192229 May 1976WWII Veteran - Corporal (CPL) US Army Air Forces Row 4Image:Surname-ID
HardyAudrey Lou Birdwell23 Mar 192915 Feb 2019 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HardyAugustus William8 Mar 18684 Mar 1918 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HardyCharles Dean "Charlie"19 Oct 19485 Jul 2014 Location
HardyDee Edgar Columbus9 Feb 19047 Mar 1989 Row 13
HardyEthel J8 Jul 19026 Jun 1987 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
HardyFreddie Mae Harms Lester30 Jun 189617 Apr 1990 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HardyHomer T12 Oct 189530 Nov 1910Son of A W & N M Hardy Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HardyIna Neoma25 Jul 191019 Jul 1981 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
HardyInfantUnknownUnknownSon of Bazor and Nova Hardy LocationImage:Surname-ID
HardyJames Mac18 Nov 19307 Nov 1976WWII Veteran - Sergeant (SGT) US Army LocationImage:Surname-ID
HardyJohn Hogan12 Aug 188511 Nov 1967 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HardyJohn Ralph16 Feb 19207 Nov 2011 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HardyJosephine Brooks5 May 18484 Jan 1931 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HardyLarry D3 Mar 194430 Oct 1985 Location
HardyLeroy Dow “Roy” 3 Mar 190021 Jan 1978 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
HardyLois Francis Sudderth9 Nov 188828 Nov 1975 Row 7Image:Surname-ID
HardyLois Juanita Hedrick19 Sep 19192 Mar 2001 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HardyLorene Waldrep16 Jul 190628 Feb 1971 Row 13
HardyNancy Anna Mae “Annie” Casey22 Jul 184817 Feb 1893 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HardyNancy Mahalia Lancaster16 Oct 187522 Jun 1957 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HardyNovey E “Nova” Byrd20 Dec 188213 Apr 1935 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HardyO B9 Apr 191224 Oct 1915Son of A W & N M Hardy Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HardyOsie Ola Carter31 Jan 188427 Feb 1975 Row 13Image:Surname-ID
HardyParis Pendergrass5 Apr 188420 Apr 1930 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HardyRaymond Richard28 Jul 190120 Jun 1953 Row 13Image:Surname-ID
HardySamuel Joseph7 Oct 187328 Oct 1962 Row 13Image:Surname-ID
HardyThomas Hogan Sr12 Aug 184815 Apr 1935Civil War Veteran - Private (PVT) CSA Co E 5th Reg GA Militia Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HardyThomas Hogan “Tom” Jr25 Jul 18797 Nov 1954 Row 7Image:Surname-ID
HardyVernon Augustus8 Aug 18982 Mar 1918Son of A W & N M Hardy Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HardyWessie Spence16 May 188716 Mar 1974 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HarrisAnnie16 Jan 191220 Jan 1912Headstone reads July 1912, Death Certificate show Jan 1912 dates Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HarrisCharles S "Chas"Jul 1899Jan 1900 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HarrisCharles Wayne9 Oct 195221 Dec 2017 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HarrisDorothy Yvonne Strickland24 Feb 192923 Sep 2006 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HarrisDr Gail Janice Mosher6 Sep 194715 May 2016 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HarrisJames Ruben9 Jan 187512 Mar 1929 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HarrisJames RJul 1907Mar 1908 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HarrisJim Bob26 Jun 19247 Dec 1991WWI Veteran - Water Tender Petty Officer 3rd Class (WT3) US NavyLocationImage:Surname-ID
HarrisJim Bob, Jr24 Mar 19495 Jan 2021LocationImage:Surname-ID
HarrisMinnie Lee Charters19 Feb 188127 Nov 1947 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HarrisRoss1 Mar 19011 Mar 1901 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HarrisThomas Franklin7 Jun 191812 Aug 1942WWII Veteran - Ensign US Navy (Killed In Action - Buried at Sea) Row 3Image:Surname-ID
HarrisonBessie Maebel Simmons8 Jun 19017 May 1942 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HarvilleSarah Ann “Sally” Eckols21 Sep 194711 Feb 1994 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HolamonAlmira Frances “Allie” Sudderth24 Dec 188611 Jan 1970 Row 9Image:Surname-ID
HolamonBetty Sue Roach16 Jan 19327 Jul 1987 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HolamonClarence Worsham 7 Oct 190622 May 1909Son of M I & H F Holamon Row 9Image:Surname-ID
HolamonDorothy Bill Kelley7 Jun 1918May 2002 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HolamonElizabeth Larcenia Deariso4 Oct 185716 Aug 1938Spouse of J Franklin "Frank" Holamon Row 9Image:Surname-ID
HolamonEllis Fulton9 Mar 189213 Jul 1979 Row 8Image:Surname-ID
HolamonIdus Idel23 May 188521 Jan 1981 Row 9Image:Surname-ID
HolamonIvin Eugene1 Nov 191729 Dec 1999WWII Veteran - Apprentice Seaman (AS) US Navy LocationImage:Surname-ID
HolamonJohn Franklin “Frank”7 Jul 184822 Feb 1922 Row 9Image:Surname-ID
HolamonJames O1 Jan 184426 Feb 1913 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HolamonLeeland James15 Jul 190417 Jul 1904Son of M I & A F Holamon Row 9Image:Surname-ID
HolamonLina L15 Jun 190311 Jan 1904Daughter of J H & E L Holamon Row 9Image:Surname-ID
HolamonLutie Dewbre29 Nov 189217 Sep 1978 Row 8Image:Surname-ID
HolamonMinnie D M "Dena"10 Jul 188218 Oct 1909Daughter of J F & E L Holamon Row 9Image:Surname-ID
HolamonMartha Ann R.Jan 183716 Jan 1905 Row 9Image:Surname-ID
HolamonMyrtle "Mytr" Iro1 Mar 18793 May 1960 Row 9Image:Surname-ID
HolamonPercivian Delores “Cherry”25 Jul 19206 Jul 1979 Row 8Image:Surname-ID
HolamonS. A. C.4 Oct 18349 Feb 1891 Row 9Image:Surname-ID
HolamonSamuel C. W.16 Dec 18497 Dec 1930Civil War Veteran - Private (PVT) CSA Co D, 64 GA Inf Row 9Image:Surname-ID
HolamonWillie Alma Sudderth22 Mar 188923 Mar 1970 Row 9Image:Surname-ID
HolmesAmanda Kay “Mandy”12 Jan 198221 Apr 2003 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HolmesDavid Larson Simpson17 Aug 19363 Sep 2021 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HolmesNelda Darlene Hardy30 Apr 194222 Jun 2000 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HolubecPolly Anna Roberds9 Aug 194330 Nov 2007 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HullAlma Dean Childers29 May 189916 Jan 2001 Row 14Image:Surname-ID
HullArlie7 Apr 19102 Jan 1981 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HullBertha Margaret Taylor7 Mar 18955 Mar 1988 Row 13Image:Surname-ID
HullBud Leo31 Jul 19121 Sep 1965WWII Veteran - Private (PVT) US Army Btry B 55 AA TNG BN CAC and "Freemason" Emblem on HeadstoneRow 13Image:Surname-ID
HullEdith Mae Nabors13 Aug 19204 Nov 1990 LocationImage:Surname-ID
HullOrby William17 Oct 189411 Oct 1967 Row 14Image:Surname-ID
HullOtho Taylor22 Feb 191926 Apr 1977WWII Veteran - Warrant Officer US Army Row 13Image:Surname-ID
HullRosa Ola Bowden26 Feb 187213 Aug 1945 Row 13Image:Surname-ID
HullWalter Lee3 Nov 18976 May 1966 Row 13Image:Surname-ID
InmanBaby13 Mar 190213 Mar 1902 Row 5Image:Surname-ID
IrvinAndrew Marion18 Dec 18984 Sep 1968WWI Veteran - Private (PVT) US Army Row 5Image:Surname-ID
IrvinWillis J23 Aug 189514 Oct 1902 Row 5Image:Surname-ID
JacksonArthur Floyd3 Sep 19239 Oct 2001WWII Veteran - Private First Class (PFC) US Army LocationImage:Surname-ID
JacksonBrenda Kay5 Apr 195130 Jan 2010 LocationImage:Surname-ID
JacksonDonald Wayne23 Jun 194728 Jan 2004Vietnam Veteran - Specialist 4th Class (SP4) US Army LocationImage:Surname-ID
JacksonLaurie Allyne Hardy18 Dec 192618 Sep 2003 LocationImage:Surname-ID
JonesElla Lee Wheeler Dickerson9 Mar 186827 Apr 1959 LocationImage:Surname-ID
KellyAline S24 Aug 193219 Dec 1981 LocationImage:Surname-ID
KellyClyde Wilburn22 Jan 18928 Dec 1956 Row 14Image:Surname-ID
KellyDewane W5 May 19315 Aug 1999 LocationImage:Surname-ID
KellyMyrtle Velma Hardy17 Nov 190725 Jan 2004 Row 14Image:Surname-ID
KennedyBillie Gene14 Mar 192814 Mar 1928Daughter Row 16Image:Surname-ID
KennedyDora Ann Miller17 Oct 19003 Mar 1973 Row 16Image:Surname-ID
KennedyEdd Martin28 Aug 189210 Jul 1976 Row 16Image:Surname-ID
KinneyJohn Lafette7 Aug 18651947 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
KinneyJoseph Hershel "Kim"10 May 189220 Oct 1941 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
KinneyTexanna Davidson31 Jul 18582 Mar 1934 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
KinneyThomas Roy30 May 189730 Sep 1902Son of A.J. & L.E. Kinney Row 5Image:Surname-ID
LancasterAggie T5 Feb 1932Unknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterAlbert Newton9 May 188820 May 1965 Row 4Image:Surname-ID
LancasterAmanda Belle Ford14 Nov 188012 Feb 1964 Row 4Image:Surname-ID
LancasterAnnie Trecie Taylor21 May 18874 Sep 1971 Row 15Image:Surname-ID
LancasterAnnie E.13 Sep 189018 Jun 1892Daughter of E J & N M Lancaster Row 4Image:Surname-ID
LancasterArthur Howard “Hap”21 Aug 191910 Jun 1988WWII Veteran - Private First Class (PFC) US Army Co B 309th Engineers Construction BattalionLocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterBabyUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterBirdie L30 Jun 189928 Jan 1988 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterBuren Nathan “Bud”15 Jun 191510 Feb 1977 Row 15Image:Surname-ID
LancasterDelton R19101979WWII Veteran - Private (PVT) US Army Row 15Image:Surname-ID
LancasterElizabeth Jane Wheat20 Oct 185212 May 1912 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterEnla M10 Oct 189120 Aug 1977 Row 4Image:Surname-ID
LancasterGlen Roy13 Sep 19342 Jun 2000 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterJerry Dean14 Nov 19467 Jul 2008 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterJames Russell15 Feb 187816 Apr 1949 Row 4Image:Surname-ID
LancasterJohn Lewis28 Jan 18819 Nov 1968 Row 15Image:Surname-ID
LancasterKenneth Ray16 Oct 194022 Sep 1978Cold War Veteran - Private First Class (PFC) US ArmyRow 15Image:Surname-ID
LancasterMabel Maggie Corder27 Aug 19128 Aug 1997 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterMark9 Sep 19231 Jan 1930 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterMartha Tubb16 Feb 18189 Sep 1907 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterMary E Wiggins6 Dec 188414 Dec 1939 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterNewton Mark25 Aug 190824 May 1986 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterNewton Markus23 Dec 183723 Feb 1907Civil War Veteran - Private (PVT) CSA Co K 5 Tex Mid Cav Row 4Image:Surname-ID
LancasterPatsy Ruth Hale12 Dec 193115 Jan 2011 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterRonnie Joe23 Jun 194713 Oct 2016Vietnam - Specialist 5 (Spec/5) US Army LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterRoyal Delton18 Aug 1910Jan 1979 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterThomas Russell29 Jul 192816 Apr 2012 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterThomas Russell Jr. “Rusty”11 Oct 195412 May 2005 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterVelma Beatrice “Bea” Ray Lutz25 May 192410 Feb 2007 Row 15Image:Surname-ID
LancasterVelma D17 Aug 1923Unknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
LancasterWeldon Leroy18 May 190030 Jan 1953 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LesterAnnie Mae Hardy18 Nov 189919 Aug 1978 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LesterCalifornia Jane “Callie” Decker27 Mar 18665 Jan 1940 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
LesterDorothy Hearn11 Dec 1924Unknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
LesterGeorge Cleveland20 Mar 185630 Aug 1938 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
LesterGeorge Ray1 Jun 19254 Nov 1978WWII Veteran - US Navy LocationImage:Surname-ID
LesterInfant28 Jan 188630 Jan 1886Son of George C. and Callie Jane Row 3Image:Surname-ID
LesterJames Dewey10 Apr 189821 Jan 1953 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LesterJames Odell11 Oct 19201 Jan 1949 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LesterJessie Orietta Teague21 Feb 192314 Jan 2004 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LesterJoseph Palemon9 May 189114 Nov 1919 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
LesterMary Elizabeth Lyon20 Aug 183126 Mar 1906 Row 4Image:Surname-ID
LesterMildred Ruth Witt18 Sep 190827 Dec 2008 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LesterRobert Herman24 Jan 19188 Feb 1933 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
LesterSamuel Jay1 Jun 192512 May 1968WWII Veteran - US Army LocationImage:Surname-ID
LesterSusie Elizabeth6 Nov 189327 Jun 1911Son of George C. and Callie Jane Row 3Image:Surname-ID
LesterThomas Jefferson "Tom"4 Sep 19004 Sep 1967 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LesterThomas Joseph18271863 Civil War Veteran - Private (PVT) CSA Co G 20 Regt Texas CavRow 4Image:Surname-ID
LindseyLUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
LowinskiErica14 Oct 200814 Oct 2008 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LyonInfantUnknownUknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
LyonJames10 May 188226 May 1882Son of E.R. and S.D. LyonLocationImage:Surname-ID
LyonSara D “Sally” Rhone18551888 LocationImage:Surname-ID
LyonWilliam Weaver18851885 LocationImage:Surname-ID
MartinInfant16 Feb 19286 Feb 1928Son of Mr & Mrs W.O. Martin LocationImage:Surname-ID
McBrideInfantUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
McBrideInfantUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
McBrideInfantUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
[[McBride-7159|McBrideBobby Hardy3 Oct 193915 Mar 1981 LocationImage:Surname-ID
McBrideJohn Leroy16 Jul 18956 May 1924 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
McBrideRuby Doris Hardy28 May 191525 Aug 1989 LocationImage:Surname-ID
McBrideWanda HJul 1920Mar 1921 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
McElmoylInfant30 Mar 189831 Mar 1898Son of William Elmer & Nancy Ann (No Marker) LocationImage:Surname-ID
McElmoylNancy Ann “Lizette” Chambers30 Aug 187328 Nov 1954 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
McElmoylOla May28 May 189613 Apr 1897 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
McElmoylWilliam Enzes8 May 18734 Jan 1953 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
MercerJack Terrell24 Oct 19185 Jun 1973WWII Veteran - Private First Class (PFC) US Army Air Forces LocationImage:Surname-ID
MercerNell C Chambers3 Feb 191226 Feb 2003 LocationImage:Surname-ID
MitchellEvelyn Sue13 Oct 19486 May 2009 LocationImage:Surname-ID
MitchellJanice Marlene18 Jan 195819 Jan 1958 Row 10Image:Surname-ID
MitchellRosa Nell Skaggs5 Feb 1914Feb 1986Marker Shows 1988 as Year of Death LocationImage:Surname-ID
MitchellW. A. "Buck"2 Sep 19133 Apr 1990WWII Veteran - Carpenter's Mate First Class (CM1) US Navy LocationImage:Surname-ID
MizeHoyt Theodore12 Dec 19036 Apr 1984 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
MizeOla Ruth Charters2 Apr 9125 Mar 1978 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
MoffettElmo Weldon25 Dec 190818 May 1913 LocationImage:Surname-ID
MoffettHermanUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
MoffettThurmanUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
MontgomeryN. C.9 Feb 191229 Sep 1994WWII Veteran - Private First Class (PFC) US Army LocationImage:Surname-ID
MontgomeryOpal Dean Powers16 Oct 191920 Sep 2010 LocationImage:Surname-ID
MuhleBenjamin Jerome30 Dec 18945 May 1974 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
MuhleCatherine "Lester"19 Apr 19053 May 1983 LocationImage:Surname-ID
MuhleLester Marvin28 Aug 193920 Feb 2008Vietnam War Veteran - Private (PVT) US Army LocationImage:Surname-ID
MuhleLula Estella Lester11 Feb 189525 Apr 1971 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
MuhlePaul Andrew30 Apr 190210 Apr 1978 LocationImage:Surname-ID
NewAlbert Lee2 Apr 191017 Feb 1990 LocationImage:Surname-ID
NewNancy Elizabeth Lancaster17 Jun 19128 Oct 1993 LocationImage:Surname-ID
NewtonJoseph Edward26 Apr 186014 Nov 1938 LocationImage:Surname-ID
NicholsAnnie Laurance Charters24 Aug 18903 Jun 1967 Row 12Image:Surname-ID
NicholsCarl Byron31 Dec 190416 Dec 1988 LocationImage:Surname-ID
NicholsCarrie Lou Charters5 Feb 188429 Jul 1961 Row 12Image:Surname-ID
NicholsClinton Larry16 Nov 194223 Nov 2017notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
NicholsClura Adell Jackson16 Nov 19123 Apr 1996 LocationImage:Surname-ID
NicholsEarl Charters21 Feb 19164 Aug 2004WWII Veteran - Sergeant (SGT) US Army LocationImage:Surname-ID
NicholsGeorge Washington12 Jun 190821 Nov 1992 LocationImage:Surname-ID
NicholsHarvey Randolf28 Dec 187814 Jul 1965 Row 12Image:Surname-ID
NicholsJimmy Dean “J.D.”23 May 193530 Oct 2011 LocationImage:Surname-ID
NicholsLucy Pauline Chambers9 Apr 191328 Feb 1960 Row 12Image:Surname-ID
NicholsRose Mae Bowden18 Jun 190922 Nov 1997 LocationImage:Surname-ID
NicholsThomas Jefferson10 May 188115 Jul 1965 Row 12Image:Surname-ID
PalmoreAbby Lea “Abilee” Carpenter Wright7 Feb 187023 Jun 1949 Row 14Image:Surname-ID
PalmoreDeWitt Clinton4 Jul 18541 Jun 1912 Row 14Image:Surname-ID
PierceJ. C.20 Mar 18597 Oct 1905 LocationImage:Surname-ID
PierceKaren Jeanette “Bella BKNY”12 Feb 197811 Jul 2017notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
RagsdaleMartha Jane29 Apr 188627 May 1968 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
RagsdaleSarah Ann Bailey9 Sep 18648 Jun 1936 Row 11Image:Surname-ID
RagsdaleWillard Lewis21 Dec 191616 Jun 1944WWII Veteran - Corporal (CPL) US Army - D Troop 50 Paratroop Inf (Died of Wounds in France)D Troop, 507 Paratroop InfImage:Surname-ID
RamseyR. A.22 Feb 18583 May 1882 LocationImage:Surname-ID
RankinRay Lawrence19 May 192317 Jan 2000 LocationImage:Surname-ID
RasberryWilliam Wetsell16 May 18559 Aug 1917 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ReedInfant24 May 189424 May 1894Son of J G & C L Reed Row 9Image:Surname-ID
ReedInfant16 Mar 190318 Mar 1903Son of J G & C L Reed Row 9Image:Surname-ID
ReedDoyle9 Sep 191228 Mar 1913Son of J C & C L Reed Row 9Image:Surname-ID
ReedFranklin T.6 Nov 19058 Nov 1905Son of J C & C L Reed Row 9Image:Surname-ID
ReischmanLonye Ford6 Jun 190410 Apr 1987 LocationImage:Surname-ID
RhoadesNellie Jewell25 Aug 193330 Jan 2006 LocationImage:Surname-ID
RibbleFloyd Brooks10 May 1936Unknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
RibblePeggy Anita Lancaster27 Oct 193623 Dec 1999 LocationImage:Surname-ID
RichardsonAlbert Columbus13 Feb 190724 Jun 1983 LocationImage:Surname-ID
RichardsonOllie Palemon Lester5 Mar 191621 Jan 1990 LocationImage:Surname-ID
RivardPatricia Ruth "Patsy" Stalcup2 Sep 19235 Sep 1992Vietnam War Veteran - Private First Class (PFC) US ArmyLocationImage:Surname-ID
RivardWilliam Randall4 Aug 19508 Feb 2007Vietnam War Veteran - Interior Comm Tech 3d Class (IC3) US NavyLocationImage:Surname-ID
RobertsUnknownUnknownUnknown Row 8Image:Surname-ID
RoeInfant20 May 190720 May 1907Son of G M & G A RoeRow 9Image:Surname-ID
RogersInfant12 Apr 191212 Apr 1912Daughter of J E & Mary RogersRow 11Image:Surname-ID
RossAlice Faye7 Nov 194018 Aug 2010LocationImage:Surname-ID
RussellJames18 Mar 192114 Apr 1921 LocationImage:Surname-ID
RyanJames Arnold16 Jul 19433 Sep 2012 LocationImage:Surname-ID
RyanLinda S.10 Jan 194825 Nov 2014 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SesterJack13 Mar 192710 Jul 1993 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SesterJoy13 Feb 192711 Dec 1985 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SimsJames Ernest1 Nov 193310 Nov 2007 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SmithEva Mae Harris14 Jul 189723 Aug 1981 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SmithJoel Green6 Jan 187620 Apr 1968 Row 3Image:Surname-ID
SparkmanJoe Mae Lester29 Mar 192012 Mar 1999 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SparkmanRobert Glenn21 May 191724 Apr 2009WWII Veteran - Lt Colonel (Lt Col) US Army Air Force / Korea War Veteran - Lt Col US Air Force / Vietnam War Veteran - Lt Col US Air ForceLocationImage:Surname-ID
SpenceAlbert Price13 Sep 189818 May 1979WWI Veteran - Private (PVT) USMC LocationImage:Surname-ID
SpenceAnsel Roe24 Jan 19261 Feb 1973 Row 4Image:Surname-ID
SpenceBonna Mae Bohlander20 Aug 193111 Dec 1985LocationImage:Surname-ID
SpenceChester3 Jan 19247 Aug 1983 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SpenceGorda L. Sudderth27 Aug 190230 Dec 1991 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SpenceJames Luther24 Mar 189124 Sep 1956WWI Veteran - Private (PVT) US Army Co K 47 Infantry Row 4Image:Surname-ID
SpenceJames Russell18 Mar 192114 Apr 1921Son of J.L. & Belle Spence (2 Markers) LocationImage:Surname-ID
SpenceJo Ann Plummer12 Sep 193319 Nov 2001 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SpenceJohn Donald “Don”16 Jan 192023 Jul 1981WWII Veteran - Private First Class (PFC) US ArmyLocationImage:Surname-ID
SpenceJohn Wesley31 Aug 184523 Mar 1935Civil War Veteran - Private (PVT) CSA Co F 18 Regt Tennessee Inf Row 4Image:Surname-ID
SpenceJohnnie Joyce Dison26 Aug 192315 Feb 1991 Row 4Image:Surname-ID
SpenceKenneth Ross29 Jan 19322 Jan 1991Korea War Veteran - Disbursing Clerk 2d Class (DK2) US Navy LocationImage:Surname-ID
SpenceMartha A. Lester18 Aug 185818 Mar 1926 Row 4Image:Surname-ID
SpenceRobert Joseph “Bob”10 Oct 192622 Nov 1997WWII Veteran - Gunner's Mate 2d Class (GM2) US Navy LocationImage:Surname-ID
SpenceTexanna Belle Bailey11 Jan 18957 Feb 1992LocationImage:Surname-ID
StewartLillie Pearle Eppler30 Jan 189117 Sep 1939Row 15Image:Surname-ID
StewartRaymond Elvis16 Dec 18897 Mar 1963Row 15Image:Surname-ID
StokerForrest Jr.7 Jul 192529 Feb 2000 WWII Veteran - 1st Sergeant USMCLocationImage:Surname-ID
SudderthAdline Vaughn13 Aug 182615 Jan 1907Wife of Allan R Sudderth Row 7Image:Surname-ID
SudderthAllan R.17 Nov 18196 Nov 1904 Row 7Image:Surname-ID
SudderthBen Doyle24 Sep 193228 Feb 2001 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SudderthEarnest Wiggins11 Sep 189511 Jun 1905 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SudderthElmer H.11 Sep 189515 Oct 1895 Row 7Image:Surname-ID
SudderthHomer A.7 Oct 18969 Feb 1897 Row 7Image:Surname-ID
SudderthHope Stanford Schuford “S.S.”20 Apr 18676 Sep 1931 Row 7Image:Surname-ID
SudderthInfant4 Sep 19124 Sep 1912Son of L I & L E Sudderth Row 11Image:Surname-ID
SudderthInfant8 Oct 19208 Oct 1920Son of L I & L E SudderthRow 11Image:Surname-ID
SudderthJewell Moselle Brown14 Jan 189822 Nov 1926 Row 8Image:Surname-ID
SudderthJoseph M.8 Apr 185710 Jan 1895 Row 7Image:Surname-ID
SudderthJoseph Marion “Joe”28 Dec 189922 Jul 1975 Row 8Image:Surname-ID
SudderthLeeland Washington “Lee”8 Apr 185729 May 1927 Row 8Image:Surname-ID
SudderthLouisa Eleanor Ford6 Aug 186421 Nov 1938Wife of S P Sudderth Row 7Image:Surname-ID
SudderthMattie Elizabeth Ford31 Oct 186729 Jan 1950 Row 8Image:Surname-ID
SudderthMelvia Walters19 Nov 189414 Feb 1935 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SudderthRuel Larene2 Jul 19006 Sep 1933 Row 7Image:Surname-ID
SudderthRuth11 Jul 189824 Feb 1988 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SudderthSarah Alice Dunn29 May 187019 Aug 1932 Row 7Image:Surname-ID
SudderthSinsatter Peoples “Nat” / “S.P.”19 Jun 185915 Nov 1928 Row 7Image:Surname-ID
SudderthSkylar B.3 Oct 19663 Apr 2007 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SudderthVera V.7 Jul 190919 Nov 2002 LocationImage:Surname-ID
SudderthWesley22 May 188728 Nov 1887 Row 7Image:Surname-ID
TatumChildUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
TatumFrances Viola “Fannie”19 Mar 190922 Nov 1911 LocationImage:Surname-ID
TatumGeorgeUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
TatumHenry Lafayette4 Aug 18876 Mar 1964 Row 4Image:Surname-ID
TatumOda6 Apr 18797 Mar 1961 Row 4Image:Surname-ID
TatumRoderic(k) Desmon7 Oct 190623 Nov 1911 LocationImage:Surname-ID
TatumSallie Caroline26 Dec 189220 Nov 1911Marker Shows 1910 as Year of Death LocationImage:Surname-ID
TatumSamantha Caroline Ketchum17 Jul 186725 Feb 1911 LocationImage:Surname-ID
TatumWillieUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
TaylorFrances Miranda29 Nov 185211 Jul 1933 Row 12Image:Surname-ID
TaylorHenry Percy28 Mar 184710 Mar 1931 Row 12Image:Surname-ID
TaylorHorace Mack5 Apr 190921 Aug 1999 LocationImage:Surname-ID
TaylorMartha Almeda Hardy30 Nov 19132 Mar 1998 LocationImage:Surname-ID
TaylorMary28 Feb 183416 Jul 1875 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ThompsonAlbert29 May 19055 Jul 1980 LocationImage:Surname-ID
ThorpMrsUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
ThorpMUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
TolletteS. T.Unknown11 May 1882 LocationImage:Surname-ID
TurpinEunice Amanda Sudderth28 Oct 18917 Mar 1974 Row 7Image:Surname-ID
TurpinGrover C.4 Nov 188421 Jan 1947"Freemason" Emblem on Headstone Row 7Image:Surname-ID
UnknownUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
UnknownUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
UnknownUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownMexican Child Location
VavrinaJohn F.17 Mar 192517 Sep 1989 LocationImage:Surname-ID
VavrinaLizette C.30 Jan 19285 Nov 2013 LocationImage:Surname-ID
WalkerHarvey George12 Aug 191925 Nov 1987 LocationImage:Surname-ID
WalkerMamie Christine Dickerson23 Jul 192325 Jul 1987 LocationImage:Surname-ID
WatkinsHenry15 Aug 185328 Jan 1910 LocationImage:Surname-ID
WatkinsWillie Catherine “Katie” Hall28 Oct 186723 Oct 1954 LocationImage:Surname-ID
WheatNancy Jane James5 Mar 182015 Apr 1901 Row 4Image:Surname-ID
WheelerAce3 Mar 19165 Mar 1916son of J.C. and J.L. WheelerRow 14Image:Surname-ID
WhiteAnnie Elizabeth29 Nov 188723 Feb 1907Wife of J D White Row 9Image:Surname-ID
WhiteheadMartha Jane F Baines184910 Dec 1934 LocationImage:Surname-ID
WilchCarrie Leone16 Mar 197928 Jul 2002 LocationImage:Surname-ID
WillettElizabeth M Crawford23 Aug 188822 Mar 1948 Row 16Image:Surname-ID
WillettInfantUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
WillettJ. W.3 May 185620 Feb 1926 Row 16Image:Surname-ID
WillettJohn Clyde9 Sep 18986 Jan 1976 Row 16Image:Surname-ID
WillettJohn Wesley8 Nov 192618 Feb 1955 Row 16Image:Surname-ID
WillettMattie M. Carlisle18 Oct 186117 Feb 1933Wife of J. W. Willett Row 16Image:Surname-ID
WillettThurmon Horace22 Aug 19219 Jan 1951 LocationImage:Surname-ID
WilliamsBobUnknownUnknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
WilsonJoseph Lee “Joey” Jr.28 Jan 1951Unknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
WilsonJoseph L.1929Unknown LocationImage:Surname-ID
WilsonNathaline Turpin20 Feb 193025 Nov 1980 LocationImage:Surname-ID
WilsonSarah Ann "Sally" Davis7 Feb 185826 Dec 1928 Row 5Image:Surname-ID
WilsonTrecie Faye Lancaster10 Sep 192824 Feb 2013 LocationImage:Surname-ID
WilsonW. K.7 Apr 18536 Feb 1940 Row 5Image:Surname-ID
WittAlice H. Cartwright10 May 184716 Aug 1923 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
WittJohn Thomas5 Dec 187931 Jul 1966 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
WittMary Jane Nichols3 Nov 188211 Aug 1972 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
WittThomas Henry5 Mar 184629 May 1905 Row 6Image:Surname-ID
WoodEuda Vee Dickerson19252000 LocationImage:Surname-ID
WrightInfantUnknownUnknownSon of J.W. Wright & Wife LocationImage:Surname-ID
WrightStarling Carpenter20 Dec 189212 Jan 1916 Row 14Image:Surname-ID
SurnameGiven Name(s)dobdodnotesLocationImage:Surname-ID

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