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Working List of Questionables

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See an example of how to find a Questionable below the table.

Leader Know Your Number - Questionables Pending Questionables Lines Removed Potential Gateways for Further Research
Eyestone-2 11 Clapp-797 Baldwin-264 Davis-941 Hutchinson-200 Hutchinson-201 Cutler-197 Flint-115 Curtis-333 Thayer-20 Yonges-8 Wood-299215 Boynton-9 Bartlett-1867 Parke-9 Lothrop-3 Porter-152 Scott-217 Carpenter-19 Kimball-138 House-36 Newberry-53 Newberry-18 Allyn-12 Parke-6 Parke-112 Palmer-70
Strutton-11 6 Thayer-20 Willett-115 (born VA, mother didn't emigrate) Davis-941 Heath-36 Page-174 also Cantrell-39 (b. c. 1580) has a 2x great grandfather Cantrell-114 born c. 1757
Clark-15765 4 Mitchell-1308 Milton-143 Mendenhall-16 Pierson-242
Barnum-281 1 Whalley-7
Hammond-2140 8 Acres-2 Smith-2681 Thayer-2455 Eddye-9 Benjamin-79 Haynes-605 Scudamore-18 Haines-90
Bishop-4082 0 1 Warren-1669 (still a Questionable, no longer connected to Bishop-4082)
Franklin-1969 5 Foster-1777 (through his father, too) Isham-52 Irvine-126 Hamilton-5963 Weir-1575
Smith-40964 5 Palmer-70 Paine-269 Way-225 Comstock-148 Wolcott-36
Lowe-866 3 Monroe-377 Yonges-8 Stone-1648
Andrus-373 10 Spencer-326 Ludlow-108 Smith-2065 Hawkins-87 Carr-174 Oliver-83 Taylor-1609 Cooke-896 Conant-34 Whitfield-12
Norman-801 5 Dalton-1517 Thornton-1568 Glenn-162 Harris-1904 Claiborne-4 (spouse is a Gateway)
Stills-18 25 Cule-1 Partridge-29 Benedict-25 Gregory-190 St_John-115 Smith-2075 Smith-2078 Clapp-797 Salmon-29 Russell-546 Eddy-23 Doggett-1 Root-35 Woodward-407 Woodward-144 (Woodwards show no relation) Sheldon-80 Haynes-171 Claesz-4 (German) Van_Ness-32 (Dutch) Keene-9 Lewis-3293 Beeson-32 Vane-3 Newberry-53 Newberry-18
Stovall-395 3 Westmoreland-156 Cole-573 Mottrom-1
Johnson-18438 3 Owen-124 Hawkins-87 Savage-579
J-276 5 Clapp-5 Greene-43 Willett-115 (born in VA, via mother who apparently didn't emigrate) Potter-138Bryan-1736
Pierpont-94 27 Bidwell-86 Clapp-797 Curtis-621 Greene-43 Hussey-26 Judd-9 Latham-33 Lockwood-16 Lyman-8 Stiles-26 Woodcock-33 Woodward-130 Carr-182 Cornell-31 Dungan-52 (via her father, too) Eliot-50 Goodrich-120 Greenwood-264 Minott-50 Newgate-1 Peck-217 Pierrepont-37 Pinney-16 Rumsey-91 Saville-88 Townsend-133 Ward-797 Webb-113 8 Seton-1 Jessup-3 Allen-579 Newberry-53 Fleming-441 Newberry-18 Stow-154 Browne-220
Gaulden-7 0 No Questionables; one line via Ripley-615 back to 1184? none
Shaw-2476 0 No Questionables; one line back to 1417 none
Snow-2128 31 Faulkner-1146 Williams-14593 Hamilton-2312 (through both parents) Beeson-32 Gregg-48 Knight-1086 Alexander-4012 Jones-6846 Gray-1759 Savage-804 Stafford-443 Thornton-1102 Rowland-808 Stark-412 White-6721 Matthews-473 Littleton-58 Marshall-5357 Rogers-9161 Brown-2470 Stone-1142 Vernon-99 (through her mother, too) Vernon-94 Durham-251 Morgan-1684 Bacon-366 North-640 Glenn-162 Claiborne-4 Harris-1904 Faulkner-1063
Lockwood-1016 21 Bourne-248 Yonges-8 Cooper-8280 Yonges-3 Hallock-18 Warren-4691 Gardiner-158 Parshall-55 Comstock-147 Howell-459 Mapes-52 Eddy-13 Munson-20 Loveday-39 Howell-159 Howell-155 Terry-18 Fry-611 Demarest-276 (German) Mabille-4 (Dutch) Bowers-2305
Athey-67 7 Dungan-12 Whitfield-12 Coffin-221 Grosse-18 Hussey-26 Peck-78 Estes-65
Schmeeckle-1 2 Hull-262 Tilden-81 Weaver-168
Dellinger-332 5 Shelley-376 Sherrill-59 Campbell-9821 James-1565 Halsnode-4
Roberts-7085 4 Bryan-1232 Needham-201 Littleton-58 Drake-14
Gerard-337 1 Bish-6 (via both parents)
Langholf-2 3 Hussey-26 Perkins-50 Beeson-32
Alvis-9 37 Lea-104 Strode-14 Beall-75 Richardson-562 Ely-117 Acton-11 Bacon-366 Chapin-15 Knight-189 Cutler-26 Wheeler-36 Willoughby-101 Denton-25 Bryan-72 Phillips-140 Shaw-84 Best-10 Lyman-8 Hills-64 Spencer-165 Unknown-148821 Clark-1456 Wilder-96 Sprague-91 Young-894 Gregory-64 St_John-115 Hayes-389 Benedict-25 Lewis-3293 Isham-52 Hoskins-65 Walker-2351 Ferguson-804 Hambleton-2 (born in VA, via both parents who died in Scotland) Cole-221 Childers-13 1 Hatch-316
Cooper-1 13 Smith-2075 Philbrick-22 Norton-97 Day-268 Slye-8 Partridge-29 Abbott-184 Harvie-121 Norton-97 Philbrick-22 Overton-54 Leonard-316 Hulings-28
Forrester-158 2 Monroe-377 Spens-3
Watt-266 20 Fenner-19 Locke-999 Fitts-50 Ibrook-4 Rickard-30 (shows born Plymouth, MA in 1597?) Cogan-19 Lakin-12 Bacon-563 Flint-115 Brown-3023 Locke-999 Davis-7666 Wood-2992 Coffin-221 Sheldon-105 Browne-523 Hyde-64 Wolcott-34 Fenner-19 Griggs-180
Smith-32867 0 none
Barton-1090 12 Irvine-126 Tucker-301 Featherstone-255 Dixon-92 Stratton-659 Hambleton-2 (born in VA, via both parents who died in Scotland) Branch-50 Strickland-124 Washburn-535 Barham-49 (via her mother who appears not to have emigrated) Langston-205 (no death location, son born VA) Irwin-281
Brown-7904 34 Wright-181 Hoskins-65 Keene-9 Woodward-407 Roote-4 Cogswell-73 Bishop-263 Palmer-70 Mowry-83 Vincent-82 Hazard-9 Wilbore-30 Potter-408 Potter-138 Potter-36 Browne-26 Hawley-384 Freeman-80 Matthew-25 Montague-36 Smith-5472 Keene-9 Greville-20 Mathews-14 Hinton-367 (born VA, parents don't appear to have emigrated) Throkmorton-2 Isham-52 Hoskins-65 Townsend-235 Wright-312 Newgate-1 Townsend-133 Crawford-437 (born VA, via father who appears not to have emigrated) Crawford-335 1 Montgomery-146Awbrey-3
Stough-48 8 Stone-70 Hambleton-2 Hunt-80 3x (born in VA, via both parents who died in Scotland) Wynne-2 Bluet-16 Hudson-221 Ewell-72 Lewis-239 Lewis-241 (had other issue)
Fields-574 22 Wright-457 Philbrick-13 Bryan-72 Bryan-102 (father from Denmark?) Ramsden-3 Howard-203 Warner-315 (says born MD in 1603, via mother who appears not to have emigrated) Weaver-168 Holbrook-36 Moore-10153 Bane-41 Webb-1428 Judd-9 Freeman-1501 Stanley-149 Ramsden-10 Chase-1562 Powell-913 (via her mother who apparently died at age 12, and 22 years before Powell-913's birth) Warren-1125 Scarbrough-45 Warner-100 Lewis-241
Brown-8212 10 Stackhouse-56 Wood-31 Stanley-149 Clark-1851 Lee-7453 (appears to be born 3 years after father's death) Peck-217 Thayer-2535 Thayer-9 Williams-1115 (spouse is a Gateway) Atwood-10
MacEntee-1 4 Hunting-11 Hawes-177 (brother of a known Gateway) Ware-136 Roosa-86 (via Holland)
Osmer-1 9 Cooke-158 Ely-136 Partridge-427 Parsons-679 Slye-8 Day-268 Talcott-6 Strong-142 Curtis-333
Nally-4 28 Emery-20 Chipman-40 Sargent-79 Bourne-2 Coggan-8 Waters-389 White-145 West-5573 Leete-2 Fowler-178 Horton-2211 Clark-1851 Skinner-698 Allen-14410 Stratton-277 Lyman-93 Stanley-140 Freeman-1326 Swift-317 Sargent-79 Shelley-98 Robinson-8928 Chipman-40 Smith-54694 Tillinghast-35 Clinton-175 Harrington-233 Constable-30 1 Frost-28
Whitten-1 25 Miner-637 White-145 Chipman-40 Munson-18 Palmer-70 Fowler-178 Clark-1851 Skinner-698 Horton-2211 Freeman-1326 Swift-277 Sargent-79 Shelley-376 Stanley-140 Robinson-8928 Constable-30 Smith-2576 Harrington-233 Clinton-175 Tillinghast-35 Bourne-1 Coggan-8 Waters-389 West-5573 Leete-2

An example of how to find Questionables in your own tree, using the tree of Philip.

First step, go to the family tree page.

Here, open the profiles for the first two 2x great grandparents, Albert Smith and Louisa Pelton. In each of these profiles, go to the relationship finder (on Albert's profile, if you hover over the Smith-43634, about halfway down the list you'll see 'relationship to me' - click that).

Now you'll have two relationship finder pages opened up showing Smith-43634's relationship to you and Pelton-182's relationship to you. In your place, on both pages, add Quincy-226 (a popular surety baron, Saher de Quincy). Click "Find Relationship."

You'll see Smith-43634 gets 'we could not find a blood relationship.' Pelton-182 gets 'Direct ancestral relationship found.' Bingo!

Now we know Philip has a relationship to Saher de Quincy through Louisa Pelton and none through Albert Smith.

We're not done, though, as we're looking for the immigrant ancestor. Further, Louisa is likely to have more than one immigrant ancestor that we'll want to explore. So, we'll repeat the same process in her own family tree. Looking at her 2x great grandparents, we're already in the late 1600's.

Louisa's first 2x great grandfather, Henry Pelton, b 1690 in Rhode Island, shows as a direct descendant of Saher de Quincy. Knowing we're already in 1690, look at the relationship finder list as we know at least one immigrant with a direct descent will be in the first couple generations. Henry Way, b. 1583 in Dorset, d 1667 in Massachusetts is the one we want to tag. His daughter was born in England and was an immigrant with this ancestry, too, but after checking Henry's wife doesn't have these lines (by comparing her relationship with Quincy-226) we know that if we handle Henry we handle his daughter, too.

In checking Henry, we see that in addition to Saher de Quincy he shows lines to surety barons the Clares, Magna Carta notable William Marshal, and a line to King William the Conqueror.

Now you'll want to repeat this to check more of Louisa's other 2x great grandparents... and when you're done digging through those, you'll want to go back and check the Philip's family tree page to work through the rest of his 2x great grandparents.

When you do find one, tag them with [ [Category:Questionable_Gateway_Ancestors] ].

It looks like Henry's profile is well sourced - he is in Anderson's Great Migration Begins and David Green's work is supported on the profile and by Anderson. A couple generations back (see Gollop-48, Gollop-7, Temple-187, Temple-222, Gedney-18. etc.) are all gedcom generated. So we'll have to do a little research on this one....

Hope the example helps!


On 11 Jan 2017 at 16:03 GMT J (Schmeeckle) S wrote:

Only if you use it! Peter Eyestone was the motivating force behind it, and the questionable ancestor sub-project has been dormant for quite a while -- but still a good idea if and when somebody steps up to wade back into the morass.

On 11 Jan 2017 at 02:02 GMT Michael Stills wrote:

Is this chart still in use?

On 15 Apr 2015 at 06:01 GMT James Stratman wrote:

One correction I want to point out. The tag at the bottom of the page reads as Category:Questionable_Gateway_Ancestor but it should be Ancestors with an 's', and no space within the brackets of course. Anyone copying and pasting that will get an error in their profile.