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Y-DNA E-M35.1 (formerly E3b) Subclades found in WikiTree

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Y-DNA E-M35.1 (formerly E3b) subclades (redirects to E-M215) shown by YCC shorthand naming (i.e. major haplogroup - SNP name) of DNA testers found in their WikiTree profiles which include results in YSearch.

For the hierarchy of these subclades see M35.1 at Y-DNA Haplogroup E and its Subclades.

Y-DNA E-M35.1 (formerly E3b) Subclades Found in WikiTree

In SNP name order. WikiTreers are encouraged to add to this list. Please show only one example per subhaplogroup.

  1. E-BY4281
  2. E-CTS2500
  3. E-FGC11450
  4. R-FGC11458
  5. E-L117
  6. E-L143
  7. E-L241
  8. E-L542
  9. E-L791
  10. E-M84
  11. E-M123
  12. E-M183
  13. E-PF6748
  14. E-PF6751
  15. E-S9725
  16. E-V13 Wikipedia
  17. E-V22
  18. E-Z17696


On 8 Apr 2015 at 14:10 GMT Peter Roberts wrote:

Hello WIlliam, I agree. I will work on using this rewording on this page and similar wording for the other pages for the subclades (subhaplogroups). Thanks.

On 8 Apr 2015 at 13:56 GMT William Harvey wrote:

It would be more correct to list this as :

Y-DNA E-M35.1 (formerly E3b) Subhaplogroups found in WikiTree The term E3b is archaic & obsolete and should be referenced today only as an indicator of past nomenclature change. The less often this old term is used the sooner it will disappear from everyday usage, which would be for the better.