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Zebra Passenger list 1838

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Zebra's Journey

On 2nd January 1839 the Zebra under Captain Dirk Hahn arrived at Port Adelaide with 187 further religiously motivated settlers, mainly from the village of Kay in Züllichau District, Brandenburg. They had a rough and stormy journey, and 6 adults and 5 children had died on the voyage from a fever that broke out on the ship. During the journey Captain Hahn was impressed with the behaviour and attitude of the emigrants, and he arranged a lease for them on good land that he had visited in the Adelaide Hills. His passengers founded a village there a few months after their arrival (at first they lived in the existing German village of Klemzig near Adelaide), and named the new village Hahndorf after the captain in gratitude for his help.[1]

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Even before the 'Zebra' left the wharf two children had died. Eight days later two more had died and several more were ailing. Dr Mathieson, who had been appointed to keep order and to distribute provisions, tried in vain to persuade the captain to put into harbour to allow the sick to recover. This scheme was considered impractical. By 24 September the eighth corpse had been buried at sea.[4]

  • After leaving Altona, the 'Zebra' reached Holdfast Bay (Adelaide) on Friday, 28 December 1838 and Port Adelaide, known as Port Misery, four days later on Wednesday, 2 January 1839. The 'Zebra' started with 106 adults and 91 children as passengers. Six adults and five children died on the voyage. The 'Zebra' was the first ship to fly a foreign flag in the port, and as a result attracted considerable interest.[5]

Ship Zebra

Ship Zebra, 350 tons, Captain Dirk Meinerts Hahn, from Altona 12th August, Hamburg 21st August 1838, arrived at Holdfast Bay (Glenelg) 28th December 1838 & Port Adelaide, South Australia 2nd January 1839, Dr. Matheison, ships' surgeon and a crew of 16 men.

The South Australian Gazette & Colonial Register, Saturday January 5th, 1839 December 28— The Zebra, 344 tons, Hahn Master, from Altona, with 189 German emigrants:— 100 barrels of pork, 100 barrels of flour, 2 boxes boots and shoes, 18 water casks & 40,924 bricks.[6]


Kook, Hermann Friedrich Surveyor / Farmer from Lübeck cabin passenger

BARTEL Christian age 78 from Möstchen, Brandenburg Anna Rosina nee LIEBELT age 76

Bartel, Christian age 44 Thresher / Gardener from Möstchen, Brandenburg

  • Maria Elisabeth (nee Kirschke) 41
  • Johanne Luise age 21 Anna Maria age 16 Dorothea Elisabeth age 12 Johanne Karoline age 6

Bartel, Gottlob age 41 Cottager from Möstchen, Brandenburg

  • Elisabeth (nee Binder) age 40
  • Johann Wilhelm age 19 Maria Elisabeth age 14 Johann Gottfried age 8 Johann Gottlob age 4 Johann Christoph age 9 months

Bartsch, Johann Samuel age 37 Joiner from Skampe

Berndt / Behrend, Gottfried 35 Shoemaker from Schwiebus

Boehm, Johann Georg age 42 Cottager from Muestchen

Bothe, Christian age 59 Merchant from Krummedorf

  • Anna Maria (nee Korber/Koerber) age 54
  • Luise age 21

Brettig / Braettig, Samuel age 42 Shoemaker from Breatz, near Tirschtiegel

Dohnt / Dohnke, Johann Gottfried age 43 Small Cottager from Guhren, Brandenburg

Helbig / Helwig, Friedrich age 35 Colonist from Friedrichsfelde died at sea, Sept. 22 1838 Eleonore (Koch) age 37 Johann Wilhelm age 7

Jaensch Christian 40 Farmer Kay Maria Elisabeth (Klenke) 39 Johanne Dorothea 15 Johann Gottlob age 13 Johann Christian age 9 Johann Friedrich Traugott age 6 Maria Elisabeth age 5 Johann Luise (Hanna Louise) age 2

Janetzki Johann Georg age 32 Cottager / Mason from Muschten Johanne Luise (Lude) age 28 Johann Gotthilf age 3 Johanne Luise age 1

Klenke, Christian age 51 Day-labourer from Kay died at sea Anna Elisabeth (Gierke) age 49 Johanne Dorothea age 21

Kluge Eleonore 55 Day-labourer Nickern widow Richstieg ? Christian 19 daughter 15

Liebelt Johann Christian 38 Shepherd Nickern Maria Elisabeth (Kuchel) 40 Johann Gottlieb 14 Johann Christoph 12 Johanne Eleonore 5

Liebelt Johann Christoph 33 Tailor Nickern Anna Dorothea (Wolf) 30 Johann Friedrich August 7 Johanne Luise 4 Johann Gottfried 1

Lubasch, Gottfried age 49 Cottager from Rissen / Riesen * Johanne Eleonore Henriette' age 16 daughter of 1st marriage *Anna Dorothea (Greiser) age 41 second wife * Anna Dorothea Luise age 13 *Johanne Karoline age 11 *Anna Dorothea age 5 *Maria Elisabeth age 3 *Anna Elisabeth age 6mo.

Neumann, Gottfried age 42 Cottager from Kay *Anna Maria (Pfeiffer) age 44 Luise age 12 (Married Johann Karl Friedrich Lauaterbach 11 Feb 1847) Johann Friedrich August Edmann age 10 Wilhelm age 8 Maria Elisabeth age 3

Nitschke Friedrich Wilhelm age35 Mason fom Kay (son of Gottfried and Johanne Dorothea Nitschke) Maria Elisabeth (Suess) age 35 Johann Karl 10 Johann Wilhelm 8 Johanne Karoline 6

Nitschke Gottlob age 58 Cottager from Kay Johanne Dorothea (Wolfe) 58 (4th Great Grandfather and Grandmother of Debra Dienelt

Nitschke Johann Gottlob (also known as Gottlieb) age 30 Wheelwright Kay

Nitschke Samuel age 48 Small Cottager from Lochow Anna Elisabeth (nee Grieger) age 42 Johann Gottlieb age 18 Johann Gottfried 14 Johanne Eleanore age 12 Johann — 6 Johann Traugott 2 Johanne Luise 1mo.

Paech Friedrich 32 Cottager / Joiner Nickern Johanne Luise (Jachning) 36 Johanne Karoline 7 Johanne Eleonore 5 Johanne Luise 2

Paech, Johann Georg age 45 from Kay

Paech, Johann Friedrich age 36 Farmer from Rentschen

  • Anna Dorothea (nee Kramm) age 33
  • Johann Friedrich Wilhelm age 12 Johann August age 9 Johanne Dorothea age 5 Johann Gottlieb age 3 Johann Friedrich age 6mo.

Pfeiffer, Johann Georg age 47 Thresher / Gardener Kay Anna Rosina (nee Neumann) age 47

  • Johann Gottlieb age 18 Johann Gottfried age 17 Anna Elisabeth age 12 Johann Georg age 8 Anna Luise age 6 Johann Christian age 3

Pfeiffer Johann Georg age 59 Thresher / Gardener from Rackau Christiane (Schliefke) age 60 Johanne Eleonore age 30 Johann Christian age 26 Maria Elisabeth age 18 Johann Gottlieb age 16 Johann Wilhelm age 12

Rillright Gottfried 44 Colonist Friedrichsfelde Anna Dorothea (Woith) 43 Johann Gottlob 20 Dorothea Elisabeth 17

Schirmer Johann Christian age 33 Thresher / Gardener from Nickern son of Friedrich Gottlob Anna Dorothea (Kirsch) age 34 Johann Gottlieb age 4

Schirmer Friedrich Gottlob age 56 widower Nickern Johann Georg age 16 Eleonore age 11

Schmidt, Gottlob age 50 Day-labourer Skampe Anna Dorothea (nee Kluge) age 50 (3th Great Grandfather and Grandmother of Debra Dienelt Anna Dorothea 20 Dorothea Elisabeth 17 Gottfried 16 Johann Gottlob 13 Anna Elisabeth Rosina 10

Schubert Johann Christian age 51 Day-labourer Möstchen Johanna Rosina (nee Bartel) age 48 (daughter of Christian Bartel and Anna Rosina nee Liebelt) Johann Christian age 16

Schultz Johann Christoph age 47 Colonist of Klippendorf Johanne Dorothea (Frank) 49 Johann Christian 28 Karl August 20 Johanne Luise 7

Schultz Dorothea Elisabeth (Paech) 42 widow Rentschen sister of J.F. Paech Johanne Eleonore 12 Johann Gotthilf 8

Steicke / Steike, Johann Samuel age 40 Day-labourer from Kay

Suess / Suss Johann Friedrich 67 Cottager Kay father-in-law of F.W. Nitschke Christiane (Theile) 67 Eleonore 43

Wittwer Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 38 Miller Guhren Johanne Leonore Henriette (Gerlach) 34 Friedrich Wilhelm 9 Johanne Karoline 6mo.

Zimmermann Johann Friedrich age 38 Freehold Gardener from Jehser

Anna Elisabeth (Zimmermann) age 39
Johanne Luise age 11
Johanne Eleonore age 8
Maria Elisabeth age 2

Single Men

Single Women

  • Jaensch Maria 44 Kay sister of Christian
  • Kirsch Friederike 56 widow Nickern mother of Anna D. Schirmer