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Charles Stevens Jr (abt. 1658 - abt. 1703)

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Charles Stevens Jr
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Biography of Charles, Jr

Charles Stevens, Jr, b. ca 1658, is a possible ancestor of President Abraham Lincoln, according to Roberts, Ancestors of American Presidents. [1]

1658 Birth and Parentage

The date and place of the birth of Charles Stevens, Jr, is unknown.

Charles' mother, Susannah Norwood, was not born when his grandfather John Norwood immigrated to Virginia about 1643, placing her birth in 1644 shortly after her parents arrival. To have four children in a compressed time, she needed to marry by the age of 12 or shortly thereafter -- 1655. All four of Susannah's own children were born by the time Susannah and Charles Stevens, Sr, immigrated to Maryland about 1659. And Charles Stevens, Sr. was dead by 1662.

This would place Charles Steven's birth as about 1658, which is the estimate of Marion Callum. [2] It is also the estimate of Roberts. [1]

Others, such as Mike Marshall, place his birth earlier at 1643. [3] Placing his birth date this early would require that Charles' mother Susannah be born in England and leave unexplained how she arrived in Virginia.


Charles Stevens, Jr, had been born when Charles Sr, Susannah, and the four children -- Charles Jr, Susannah, Elizabeth and Sarah crossed from Virginia to Maryland, probably in 1659. This was the basis for John Howard's 1662 claim for land based on the immigration of husband, wife and all four children.

Charles' father, Charles Stevens, Sr, died soon after the birth of the fourth child. All four were young, and Charles' friend John Howard quickly stepped in as step-father and new husband.

In 1662 Charles' grandfather John Norwood placed a claim acknowledging that Charles Sr was deceased, and seeking 50 acres to be held by Susannah for Charles.

In 1666 John Howard placed a claim to obtain the lands due to Charles Stevens, Sr, of Anne Arundel County, for each member of the family he had brought in from Virginia. The claim listed Charles Jr and his sisters Elizabeth, Sarah, and Susan, as well as Sarah, "relict" (widow) of Charles Sr. [4]


Charles Stevens II, son of Charles, married Elizabeth. Boyd [1] reports no known maiden name for her. Some genealogies show her family name as Shipley, but no substantiation has been found for this.


Charles lived in Anne Arundel County, and may have had connections across the Chesapeake Bay in Dorchester County.

1679 Creditor of Henry Lewis

Charles Stevens Jr's name begins to appear in public records in 1679, when he would have been 21. In 1679 the reference could not be to his father, who had died by 1662. In 1679 Henry Lewis died and in his will Charles Stevens is listed among those owning debts of Henry's. (6.156 I AA Apr 28 1679). Mentioned in the will:

  • Servants mentioned: Thomas Rugg, John Draper, Jenery Chappell, Barbary Ball, Anne Floyd.
  • Appraisers: William Hawkins, Richard Gwinn.
  • List of debts: Simon Herring, Richard Jefferis (runaway), Johanna Norman, Morrice Hooper, Thomas Watkins of Baltimore County, Richard Taylor, Morrice Baker, Joseph Norwood, William Jones, John Brewer, Joseph O'Keen, Richard Benison, Mary Barnard, Thomas Buckwell, Theophiles Hackitt, John Fish, Thomas Cleverly, Dawson, Barnett Eglestone, John Williams, John Davis, Thomas Beech, Jonas Boyne, Charles Stevens, Daniell Bdye, Thomas Dadd, Richard Kenison, Mathew Howard, James Croutch, Lawrence Drapper and Robert Grimes, John Richlous, John Price (runaway), Thomas Lawrance, Samuel Croutchill, Robert Tylar, John Thornton, John Rolston, John Pine, Margarete Allcock, Thomas Ayers, Richard Ball, Thomas Browne, Enoch Boston (dead), Humphry Boon, John Bolton, John Button, Peter Bond, Ebenezar Blackstone, William Cocks, John Clarke, Joseph Connaway, John Cross, William. Cook, John Cousen, Joseph Deffreen, William Davis, Thomas Drew, Edward Dorsey, Robert Davavadge (?), Thomas Beech, Ralph Hawkins, widdow Gardner, Robert Eagle, William Hawkins, Josias Hall, Charles Howell, William Penington, William Jones, widdow Lisbie, Thomas Lawrence, Edward Lunn, Rowland Nance, Joseph Norwood, James Of ford, Robert Parmbe, John Ray, Henry Rigby, Adam Sheply, William Stanton, Edward Tadd, Richard Tayler, Thomas Tally, John Worrace, Henry Walden, Hugh Welde-, Thomas Fenn, Francis Underwood, John Gray, William Petticoate, Thomas Tucker, John Hammond, William Smith, James Smith, Thomas Francis, Mathias Stevenson, Henry Johnson, John Smith, Thomas Hooker, Abraham Childs, John Forth, Thomas Penington, Col. Thomas Tailler, John Thorneton, Edward Jones, Christopher Rowley.[3]

1680 Witnessed Will of Cornelius Howard

In 1680 Charles Stevens, Jr, witnessed the will of Cornelius Howard, the brother of his step-father John Howard. Howard, Cornelius, Anne Arundel Co., 15th Apr., 1680; 15th Oct., 1680.

  • To wife Eliza:, execx., home plantation during life.
  • To son Joseph at 18 yrs. of age, "Howard's Hope" on s. side Severn R., and "Howard's Hardship."
  • To son Cornelius at 18 yrs. of age, "Howard's Hills" and tract on Hockly Ck.
  • To dau. Sarah, 250 A. at Tuckahoe on Choptanke R.
  • To dau. Mary, 200 A., part of "Howard and Porter's Range."
  • To dau. Eliza:, personalty.
  • Overseers: Jno. Hammond and brother Samuel Howard.
  • Test: Abraham Childe, Chas. Stevens, Lancelott Todd, Jno. Howard. 2. 107. [3]

Notice that Cornelius Howard had lands both on the western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Anne Arundel County, and also on the eastern shore, on the Choptank River in Dorchester County. This suggests that Charles Stevens as a member of the family, may have had similar connections on both sides of the Bay.

1687 Debtor

The will of Joshua Dorsey (February 20, 1687-June 21, 1688) names Charles Stevens as a debtor: “I give and bequeath to my Cossen Samuel Howard Two hoghds of Tobacco that Charles Stevens oweth me… [5]

1696 Petitioner and Administrator

A Charles Stevens in the State of Maryland was a petitioner in 1696. [6]

Also in 1696, Charles Stevens was administrator of the Taylor estate in Anne Arundel County:

  • Michaell Taylor 14.49 A AA £116.8.2 £38.8.0 Oct 1696. Payments to: James Barnes, Thomas Reynolds, Daniell Maccomous, John Rock, Col. Henry Ridgley, Capt. Howard, John Howard, John Mention, Michaell Yockly. Administrator: Charles Stevens.[3]
  • Michaell Taylor 18.151 A AA #400 May 12 1699. Received from: William Griffin. Administrator: Charles Stevens.[3]
  • Michaell Taylor 18.151 A AA #650 May 12 1699. Payments to: Mr. John Boys. Administrator: Charles Stephens.[3]

1702 Appraiser for Farthing Estate and acquisition of "Pinkston's Delight"

In 1702, Charles Stevens -- styled "Mr. Charles Stevens" as a sign of his status in the community, was appraiser for the estate of Mr. John Farthing 23.123 I - {AA} £40.10.10 Mar 18 1702. Appraisers: Mr. John Marriott, Mr. Charles Stevens.[3]

Also in 1702, Charles Stevens acquired the property Pinkston's Delight from Peter Pinkson. Peter Pinkson had property in Maryland before 1700. The earliest record of a Pinkston ‎(Pinkstone)‎ in America is a land warrant issued October 25, 1695, to Peter Pinkston 1 for 200 acres named Pinkston's Delight lying at Elk Ridge by a branch of the Pattuxent River in Anne Arundel County. Also, he received a land warrant on Feb 19, 1699 and a patent for another 180 acres he called Pinkstons Folly located on Rogue Harbors Branch Creek, near Sheldon Creek, adjoining William Ridgely's land. In 1735 he gave this land to his grandson William Inman. [7] Peter sold his plantation called Pinkston's Delight to Charles Stevens in 1702. ‎[8]

1706 Death

Charles Stevens died 6 Aug 1706 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland - Account [3]

Charles Stevens 25.340 A AA £227.6.6 £142.0.3 Aug 6 1706

  • Cash in the hands of: David Dennis.
  • Payments to: Mr. Amos Garrett, Richard Warfield, Edward Hall, Samuel Norwood, Amos Garrett on account of Henry Pinkney due to John Munday & Co.

Administratrix/Executrix: Elisabeth Brown. [3]

In this document, Samuel Norwood is perhaps a relative of Charles' grandfather, John Norwood. Noticeable by their absence is any reference to Charles' children, who are not named either indviidually or as a group. And this document is the only document giving a name to his wife Elizabeth, who by now has remarried and is Elizabeth Brown.

Was Charles related to other Stevens in St. Anne's Parish, Annapolis?

There was another Stephens family in the St. Anne's Parish register at about the same time. On 19 Feb 1704 John Stephens married Mary Brown. [9] Eight years later, however, John is married to Sarah, and the St. Anne's Parish records contain several of their children:

  1. Charles Stephens, b. 2 Mar 1712. John Stephens and Sarah parents of Charles Stephens son b. 2 Mar 1712; Susanna Stephens dau b. 18 Sep 1708; Comfort Stephens dau b. 8 Mar 1713. [10]
  2. John Stevens, b. 24 March 1714/15. John Stevens and Sarah parents of John Stevens son b. 24 Mar 1714/1715[11] This John Stevens (of John and Sarah) was in turn baptized 23 Jun 1717[12]


There is no clear documentation for the children of Charles Stevens, Jr. If he was born in 1658 and married at the age of 21 (1679), then his children were born between the year 1679 and the yeare of his death, 1706, when he would have been 52.

In addition, there are other persons named Charles Stevens in the vicinity who may have fathered some of the children whose father is named Charles.

Rutherford [13] reports the following children:

  1. William
  2. Mary m. William Yeidhall
  3. Sarah
  4. Elizabeth, b. 1680 and married Robert Shipley.

Susannah Stephens is not listed by Rutherford. Other sources claim Susanna to be daughter of Benjamin of John.

As reported by Mike Marshall, Charles and Elizabeth had four children:

  1. Susannah Stevens b: ABT 1681[3] and married Richard Shipley, brother of Robert. When her husband Richard wrote his will in 1724, he named Susannah as co-executor along with Benjamin Stevens. This has led to speculation that Benjamin was her father -- and there was a Benjamin in St. Mary's County with a daughter Susanna. However, that relationship has difficulties and the most logical explanation is that Benjamin would be a brother of Susannah and therefore her closest male relative to look out for her interests.
  2. Elizabeth Stevens b. abt 1693 in Anne Arundel Co, MD, [3] married Robert Shipley, brother of Richard. Elizabeth Stevens, is described in Shipley, [14] p. 7, as daughter of Charles Stevens of Dorchester Co. See indenture made by William Stevens (her brother) Oct 12 1710 (Shipley, p. 7). At what point would Robert Shipley have moved to Dorchester County and at what point would he have moved back -- or have two different people been made into one here?
  3. Benjamin Stevens[3]. This would be the Benjamin named in the 1724 will, but little else is known of him.
  4. Sarah Stevens b: BEF 1700 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland[3]Sarah Stevens, daughter of Charles Stevens, married on 28 Jul 1716 Richard Barnes, the son of James Barnes and Ketura (Roturah) Shipley. Richard Barnes was born about 1699. She died before 1740 and he died after 18 Oct 1751. Richard Barnes and Sarah Stevens had the following children: Richard Barnes Jr. and Benjamin Barnes. Benjamin was married to Catharine before 1740. Benjamin was born on 3 Oct 1716 and baptized on 29 Jul 1717 in St Anne's Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD with the notation that the family had come from Baltimore Co. [15]


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