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What are WikiTree Teams?

Teams are groups of members from the same geographic location, or who share a common genealogical interest.

They were initially started for the Source-a-Thon but were continued because they were so popular. Members really enjoyed the camaraderie and support.

As with the Source-a-Thon, teams have a role in challenges and ongoing activities. Rivalry and friendly competition in ... what?

What's the difference between a team and a project?

Teams may be connected with a project or sub-project.

Projects have goals, but teams do not. Teams exist for camaraderie and support in the pursuit of other goals.

You can join as many projects as you want. You can only be on one team (at a time; you can change teams).

Projects have leaders. Teams have team captains but it's an informal role and every team member is invited to encourage and cheer other team members.

20-Member Limit

Teams can only have 20 members.

Limits are another legacy of the team system on the Source-a-Thon, but we decided to keep them for two reasons:

  1. This keeps it more interesting for friendly rivalries, i.e. teams aren't wildly different sizes.
  2. Teams should be close groups. Limiting the size means that inactive members should be removed when active members want to join. This keeps them active groups, rather than just long lists of members.

(We could remove the limit. We could actually have all members choose a team after signing the Honor Code.)

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