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Served in the US Civil War between the States

To add this sticker to a profile, place the string similar to the text in Code used: column of Examples table anywhere in the biography part of the profile. Usually you should put it next to the text describing a Sticker, but it should always be below the == Biography == heading and above the == Sources == heading.


Name:US Civil War
Timeframe:1861 - 1865
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Usage Instructions

{{US Civil War
|side = CSA or USA
|enlisted = mmm dd, yyyy
|mustered = mmm dd, yyyy
|regiment flag = file name from Civil War Flags
|regiment name = regiment1; regiment2
|rank=rank (start with uppercase letter; if no rank is entered, the prefix from the profile will be used)
|unit= name of unit category to add profile to (", United States Civil War" will be added to the unit by the sticker)

The |regiment name= parameter is free text so the template cannot make assignments to a category using this parameter since it can

be more specific than the level we are creating categories for, i.e. Company B, 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment
have parent commands of Brigade, Division, Army, etc
have abbreviations, i.e. 1st Regt.
have multiple units, i.e 1st Regiment; 7th Cavalry

To overcome this, you can identify the first unit served in using |unit=. To correctly create the category, add |unit=<unit> to the template line, and the template will format the category name to add the profile to using <unit>, United States Civil War. If multiple units are listed, to add the profile to the 2nd, 3rd, etc., the profile will need to be added to the category explicitly with [[Category: <unit>, United States Civil War]] for each of them. Examples of <unit>, based on the most specific name that you know, are:

  • 1st Regiment, Illinois Infantry
  • 1st Regiment, Illinois Cavalry
  • Illinois
  • Union Army
  • Union Navy
  • United States of America

If the category listing on the profile shows up as RED check the spelling/punctuation and the parent category (if Illinois Infantry, look in Category: Illinois, United States Civil War to see if it is spelled the same way. If all looks correct, you can create the new category, default text for the new category should be listed in the HELP! section of the parent category.

This template is managed by the US_Civil_War and the Military and War Projects.


Code used:Category added:Displays as:
{{US Civil War
|enlisted=Sep 14, 1861
|mustered=Jun 30, 1865
|regiment flag=Civil_War_Flags-6.png
|regiment name=New York 6th Volunteer Cavalry
|unit=6th Regiment, New York Cavalry
Category:6th Regiment, New York Cavalry, United States Civil War
Corporal ... ... ... served in the United States Civil War.
Enlisted: Sep 14, 1861
Mustered out: Jun 30, 1865
Side: USA
Regiment(s): New York 6th Volunteer Cavalry


side Required Text AutoGenerated USA CSA, USA
enlisted Preferred Text AutoGenerated '
mustered Preferred Text AutoGenerated '
rank Preferred Text AutoGenerated '
unit Preferred Text AutoGenerated '
regiment flag Preferred Text AutoGenerated '
regiment name Preferred Text AutoGenerated '

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