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... ... has Magna Carta connections.

{{Magna Carta Project}}


This template will automatically replace "... ... ..." with the name of the person upon whose profile it is used and add the category Category:Magna Carta Profiles.

The template can accommodate up to five "needs=" parameters that will add an existing Magna Carta Maintenance Category with the corresponding name. See the list of available parameters and their use on this page.


The sticker should be added just above "Magna Carta trail" in the "Magna Carta Project" section (a sub-section under "Acknowledgements"). The section should explain why the sticker was added and specifics about any "needs=" parameters. (See this page for examples of "Magna Carta Project" sections.) Profiles with this sticker will have the project account added to the trusted list. The sticker will be removed if the profile does not fit within the scope of the Magna Carta project's main goal of having a project-reviewed/approved trail from a Magna Carta Surety Baron to each of the 200+ Gateway Ancestors that Douglas Richardson documented in his Magna Carta Ancestry. See this page for more information about project-reviewed/approved trails.

For profiles outside the scope of the project's main goal, please use Descendant stickers (see, for example, this page for coding you could use for a descendant of a gateway ancestor).


If you notice problems with this template, contact the Template Project or the Magna Carta Project.

List of profiles using this sticker.

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