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General instructions: Project Boxes belong on any profile managed by the project. Put this tag above the Biography headline, on its own line, with no extra hard returns or lines around it:


Include a Project Needs modifier to put the profile in a maintenance category. For example (!):
{{Norway|needs=Church Records|needs1=PPP|needs2=Birth}}

This is the template for members of the Norway Project and all profiles falling under and or part of this project. For location please add the town and parish together with county letter to create category for where the person was born. If you don't use the location parameter, it will automatically put the profile into the Norway Project category until a location is known. This template also includes the "needs" parameters for project maintenance categories. You simply need to add "Needs=xxx", replacing the xxx with Biography, Research, PPP, Sources, or other approved project maintenance categories. Just copy and paste the following into the top of the biography:


And it displays the following

Norway's Flag
... ... ... is Norwegian.
Join: Norway Project
Discuss: norway

and will put the profile in the Norway Project Needs Biography category.

Profiles using template

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