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General instructions: Project Boxes belong on any profile managed by the project. Put this tag above the Biography headline, on its own line, with no extra hard returns or lines around it:


Include a Project Needs modifier to put the profile in a maintenance category. For example (!):
{{Norway|needs=Church Records|needs1=PPP|needs2=Birth}}

This is the template (Project Box) for profiles managed by the Norway Project.

  • For profiles of individuals born in Norway please use the "Norway Native" sticker, unless it is a project-managed profile.
  • There is also a sticker "Norway roots" for use when you wish to emphasize a Norwegian background.

The {{Norway}} Project Box also includes the "needs" parameters for project maintenance categories. You simply need to add "Needs=xxx", replacing the xxx with Biography, Research, PPP, Sources, or other approved project maintenance categories. Just copy and paste the following into the top of the biography:


And it displays the following

Norway's Flag
... ... ... is Norwegian.
Join: Norway Project
Discuss: norway

and will put the profile in the Norway Project Needs Biography category.

Profiles using template

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