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This sticker is for display on profiles that are part of a One Name Study. See Space:OPS_and_ONS_Sticker_Logo_Customization for guidance on setting up this sticker for a new ONS project.

To add this sticker to a profile, place the string similar to the text in Code used: column of Examples table anywhere in the biography part of the profile. Usually you should put it next to the text describing a Sticker, but it should always be below the == Biography == heading and above the == Sources == heading.


Name:One Name Study
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To use it on a profile, include the following text on the profile: {{One Name Study|name=Smith}} replacing "Smith" with the name that your study covers. If the link to your study is red, then contact a Leader to add a redirect from your study's project page to the primary space page.

To have the template add a different category than the standard "Category:Name Name Study", you can include the category variable, for example:

{{One Name Study|name=Jackson|category=Mississippi, Jackson Name Study}}

returns the same template but will add the profile to [[Category:Mississippi, Jackson Name Study]] instead of [[Category:Jackson Name Study]]:


Code used:Category added:Displays as:
{{One Name Study|name=Towns}} Category:Towns Name Study
This profile is part of the Towns Name Study.
{{One Name Study
|category=Mississippi, Jackson Name Study
Category:Mississippi, Jackson Name Study
This profile is part of the Jackson Name Study.
{{One Name Study|name=Ireland}} Category:Ireland Name Study
This profile is part of the Ireland Name Study.


name Required Text The name of the study Jackson
category Optional Category Alternate category for the name study. Mississippi, Jackson Name Study

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