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Put following template just below the title and greeting on every Project page.

Note: This is only for use on Project and Sub-project pages. It shouldn't be used on Project Team pages and Free-Space Project pages.

{{Project Information
|projectbadge=Optional. Name of the project badge. displayed in upper righthand corner.
|leaderimage=Optional. Name of the leader or project image. displayed in lower righthand corner.
|projectname=Optional. Name of the project without the word project. Use if different than page name.
|Leaders= [[Leader-00|Leader Name]], [[Leader-01|Leader Name]]
|Coordinators= [[Coordinator-00|Coordinator Name]], [[Coordinator-01|Coordinator Name]], if your project has coordinators
|toplevelproject= Top-level / parent project
|g2g=123456 (put G2G html number from your welcome thread). All projects must have a G2G join post.
|tag= g2g_tag
|communication= formatted link to your communication tool. All projects must have some sort of communication they use, and that should be listed here-a Google group, G2G, email list
|category= Project_Category (whatever your specific maintenance category name is)
|errors=the last part of the url on your project's custom suggestion report. For example, for the Texas Project, the url is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Automated:DD_Suggestion_List_WikiTree44 and all you need to put in is WikiTree44. Consult with Ales if you aren't sure where your suggestion list is. If your project does not have a project account, you do not have to use this field, but might consider linking to a custom search on WikiTree+.
|example= ID-12345 (your project's example profile's ID). This is required for all topical projects and should be a profile used in the examples gallery
|badge=Optional. You do not need to put anything here if the project is a top-level with its own badge. Sub-projects will need to put in the tag from the project badge in order to grab the correct feed.


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