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This sticker can be used to recognize active participation in a WikiTree project or challenge (see details, below).


name:Recognition Sticker
status:Approved February 2018
Timeframe: -
Project: /
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Template in Detail

{{Recognition Sticker}}
Project Logo
Thank you for participating!
Without defining parameters (see parameter details below), the sticker will display the default "Thank you for participating!"
The following example defines parameters.
Flag of Virginia
... met the February 2018 Virginia Project Challenge
{{Recognition Sticker
|text={{#profile:RealName}} met the February 2018 [[Project:Virginia|Virginia Project]] Challenge
|imagetext=Flag of Virginia
|category=add project-created category
The template will automatically replace "..." with the profile's "Preferred First Name" and add the project-created category.


text optional text see details below {{#profile:RealName}} met the February 2018 Virginia Project Challenge
image optional image see details below {{US_Flag|Virginia}}
imagetext optional text see details below Flag of Virginia
imagelink optional URL see details below https://wikitree.com/wiki/Template:Recognition_Sticker
category optional category see details below name of Project-managed category

Parameters in Detail

text= default is a generic thank you; recommend being specific - for example...
{{#profile:RealName}} completed the [[Project:Magna Carta|Magna Carta project]]'s February Challenge.
image= default is WikiTree logo; recommend using project logo
imagetext= default is "Project Logo"
imagelink= default is this page (Template:Recognition Sticker); recommend an appropriate category, space, or project page (use the full URL)
category= no default; include only the name of the category - recommend projects using the stickers create a Category:[Project] Recognition Stickers (entry would be, e.g., |category=This Project Recognition Stickers)

Description in Detail

This sticker can be used to recognize active participation in a WikiTree project or challenge. WikiTree Leaders can award a "Winner Badge" for winners of challenges. These stickers are a less formal, less competitive way of recognizing the achievements and contributions of project members, both within a challenge and within the project.

To award the Recognition Sticker, project leaders, project coordinators, or challenge leaders can send the coding to WikiTree members to place in their profiles. If you need assistance with coding for a sticker to use for your challenge or project, contact Liz Shifflett or post to G2G.


If you notice problems with this template, contact the Template Project.

Sticker proposed February 2018, see this G2G discussion.

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