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This template was deprecated and should not be used on any profiles. Please contact Project:Templates for more information.


Used to display a person's title, the years they held it, and their predecessor and successor.


Name:Succession box
Type:Navigation Profile Box
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Basic usage:

{{Succession box

The preceded-text and succeeded-text variables are optional. If left blank, they will display "Preceded by" and "Succeeded by", respectively.

If there are existing profiles for the "before" and "after" people, they should be linked to in the template. Eg. instead of just "before = Previous Important Person", it would be better to have "before = [[Person-1000|Previous Important Person]]".

To see an example of this template being used on an actual profile, see the profile for Queen Victoria. The profile is open, so you can go to the edit tab to see the wiki markup used to produce the template.


Code used:Displays as:
{{Succession box
|title= Very Important Person
|years= 2000 - 2010
|preceded-text= Following
|succeeded-text= Followed by
|before= Previous Important Person
|after= Next Important Person
Previous Important Person
Very Important Person
2000 - 2010
Followed by
Next Important Person


after Preferred Text AutoGenerated '
before Preferred Text AutoGenerated '
preceded-text Preferred Text AutoGenerated '
succeeded-text Preferred Text AutoGenerated '
title Preferred Text AutoGenerated '
years Preferred Text AutoGenerated '

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