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Research Note Box for Profiles Without Sources

{{Unsourced}} is a Research Note Box. It should be placed on any profile that has no sources.


Put the tag {{Unsourced}} above the == Biography == headline and below any categories or Project Boxes without any extra lines or hard returns.

For example:

[[Category: Battle of Trenton]]
{{Unsourced|New Jersey}}
== Biography ==

You can enter {{Unsourced}} without a modifier, but it's best to enter a country, state, province or other place name.


  • {{Unsourced|United States}}
  • {{Unsourced|Connecticut}}
  • {{Unsourced|England}}
  • {{Unsourced|London}}
  • {{Unsourced|New South Wales}}

You can enter two locations like this:

  • {{Unsourced|Australia|England}}

The tag places the profile in Category:Unsourced Profiles and narrower categories if a modifier is used. Narrower categories give the profile a much better chance of being found by a volunteer "Sourcerer" who can help.

If you've done research but couldn't find sources please explain where you have looked in a Research Notes section. This will save other volunteers time.

If you have any questions, come ask in G2G. Use the tags templates and Sourcerers.


Simply delete {{Unsourced}} to remove the box.

It should be removed when any sources are added, even if other facts still need citations.

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