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This template is deprecated. Usage should be phased out. We now have the DNA Confirmed Relationship Status indicators and recommend source citations to show how the determination was made. Whitten-1 13:59, 16 June 2017 (EDT)

This template can be used on the profile of any two males whose yDNA test results are a close match and all direct line male ancestors in between them and their most recent common direct line paternal ancestor (but it's not meant to be used on the common ancestor's own profile).

This template should only be used if the haplotypes are in YSearch and/or there is a link to a haplotype comparison chart. This will allow others to verify the confirmation.

Basic usage:

{{YDNA Match
| person1 =
| person2 =
| common =
| testURL1 =
| testURL2 =
| comments =

The person1 and person2 fields are for WikiTree IDs of the two test-takers. An ID can be obtained through the URL of a profile, its edit page, or your Watchlist.

The common field is for the WikiTree ID of the first shared common ancestor on their direct paternal lines.

The testURL1 and testURL2 fields are for the DNA test of person1 and the DNA test of person2 that match. The URLs for the test pages can be obtained through the DNA Tests page of the test-takers. This is your DNA tests page. To find someone else's, click the DNA button or DNA tests link from their profile.

The comments field is optional. If used, it should briefly explain details of the test match.

Here is an example of what to put inside the text of the profile:

{{YDNA Match
| person1 = Roberts-7266
| person2 = Roberts-7085
| common = Roberts-7104
| testURL1 = http://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:DNATests&u=6204666&id=8
| testURL2 = http://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:DNATests&u=6035205&id=8
| comments = 36/37 markers.

Here is the example on a live profile Roberts-7102 and inside the text on the edit page of Roberts-7102.

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