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Peyton Thomas (1765)

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Peyton Thomas
Born in Pittsylvania County, Virginiamap
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Date: 17 FEB 1765
Place: Pittsylvania County, Virginia[1]

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Pittsylvania Co VA DB 8
6 Apr 1789 William Thomas to Peyton Thomas. For love and affection. Tract of 400 acres both sides Strawberry Creek. Begin at a Maple ?.line of Richard Chamberlayne's Order of Counsel, line of Patent
Signed: Wm Thomas
20 Apr 1789. Ack by William Thomas
[This deed never uses the word "son" to apply to Peyton Thomas.]
Caswell Co NC, WB B, April Court 1789
p.268 Bill of Sale. William Hall and wife, executors to estate of Thomas Robertson, to Asa and Peyton Thomas of Pittsylvania Co VA, Negro woman Nell. Wit: Daniel Merritt, Jacob Pearson, Will Yeates.
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 9
p.400 23 Nov 1791 William Durrett & Mary his wife to James Woody. 20£. 260 acres on waters of Double Crk. Begin at road a little below the store, running to the North to Nimrod Scott's lines to William Harrisons line, to Noel Waddel's line, road near Hammacks, down the road to the beginning. Signed: William Durett
Wit: Peyn Thomas, Gabriel Richards, Nimrod Scott, Edward Busey.
16 Apr 1792. Proved by 2 of wit. 17 Jun 1793. further proved. 18 Jun 1811, Mary Durrett came into court & relinq her right.
p.471 17 May 1793 William Robertson of Prince George Co to Samuel Harris of Pittsy. 4sh. Tract on branch of Fall Crk adj lines of William Ball. 229 acres. Part of survey of 1025 granted Wm Robertson by Patent dated 10 Jun 1784. Signed: William Robertson.
Wit: Joel Clark, P. Wilson Jr, Jno Wilson, William (X) Ramsay, Asa Thomas, Peyton Thomas16 Sep 1793 ? proved by one of the wit. 16 Dec 1793 ? proved by two other witnesses
p.475 17 May 1793 William Robertson of Prince George Co to John Wilson of Pittsy for 73£. Tract of 258 acres on branches of Fall Creek. Bounding on the said Wilson's lines. Part of survey of 1025 acres. Signed: William Robertson. Wit: Joel Clark, P. Wilson Jr, John Wilson, William (X) Ramsay, Asa Thomas, Peyton Thomas. Certified same as above.
p.476 17 May 1793 William ?Robinson? of Prince George in Blanford to Phillemon Payne of Pittsy. 60£. Tract on branches of Falls Crk. 200 acres. Begin on Wilson's line, Smith's line, William Balls line, Part of susrvey of 1025 acres. Signed; William Robertson. Wit: Asa Thomas, Joel Clark, P. Wilson JR, John Wilson, William (X) Ramsay, Peyton Thomas.
Proved as above.
p.530 17 May 1793 William Robinson [sic] of Prince George Co to William Ball. 20£. Tract on branches of Falls Crk. 100 acres. Part of survey of 1025 acres 10 Jun 1784. Signed: William Robertson. Wit: Joel Clark, P. Wilson Jr. Jno Wilson, William (X) Ramsay, Asa Thomas, Peyton Thomas. Proved by oaths 16 Dec 1793 and 21 Apr 1794.
p.542 19 Apr 1794 John Johnson & wife Anne to Asa Thomas. 14£. 56 ¾ acres. Head of Sandy Crk. Road on Wm Dix's line, pine on Anne Daniel's line. Dividing line bet sd Johnson & the Excr of John Watkins dec'd, up the road to the beginning. Signed: John (X) Johnson, Anne (X) Johnson Wit: William Payne Jr., Peyton Thomas, William Walters, Richard Rannolds, W. Wilkinson. 21 Apr 1794 Ack. by Johnson
p.23 20 Sep 1793 James Nelson to Stephen Barker. 20 acres. Begin line chopped between James Jones & his father to the fence; mouth of the Branch. Signed: James Nelson Wit: John Twedell, Moses Barker, Peyton Thomas Ack 16 Jun 1794
p.38 Will of John Lewis, Sr. 26 Oct 1790 The witnesses were: Peyton Thomas, Jacob Thomas, John Thomas. 21 Jul 1794 Will Exhibited by John & Robert Lewis. Proved by Oaths of witnesses. Jonathan Read & Haynes Morgan their securities. Liberty is reserved to Charles Lewis to join in the probate. Test: Will. Tunstall C.C.
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
p.289 7Nov 1795 Trustees appointed by Act of Assembly poss'd 23 Nov 1793 for Vesting 25 acres of land the property of John Barnett adj Wynn's Falls on the S side Dann River to be laid off in lots of half acres each with convenient streets & establish Town named Danville to Peyton Thomas. Auction 4 May 1795. Lot #9. Sum of 10£. Shall build a dwelling House 16 feet square at least, brick or Stone Chimney, to be completed & finished for habitation within 5 years to be computed from 4th May 1795. Or lot shall be forfeited.
Signed: Thos. Fearn, Ro. Payne, Thos. (X) Worsham, James Dix, Jn. C. Russell, Thos Smith, Jno Sutherlin.
p.294 8 Oct 1795 John Twedell to Benjamin Twedell. 50£. 250 acres given & conveyed to sd John Twedell by his father William Twedell dec'd in his lifetime by Deed dated 17 May 1788. Signed: John Twedell Wit: Ben. Harris, W. Wright, Sam. Harris, Peyton Thomas, Thos. (X) Cecill, Bazaleal Wier, John (X) Owen. 15 Feb 1796 Proved by wit.
p.439 12 Feb 1796 William Boyd & Polley his wife of Halifax Co to John Barnett. 102 acres. S side Dann River, Larkin Dixes line, William Wynns line. Signed: William Boyd
Wit: Halcott Townes, Thomas Pendleton, Peyn Thomas, Thos Dix 15 Feb 1796 Proved by oaths of two of wit. 19 Sep 1796 Proved by another witness
p.450 13 May 1796 Zachariah Butt to Jesse Ronald. 15£ On waters of Birches Crk 50 acres. Sd Ronalds line, Wilsons line, Yeamans line. Signed: Zachariah Butt Wit: Pey Thomas, Thomas Cecill, John Yeaman, Hanson Gayling 19 Sep 1796. Proved by wit.
p.481 5 Sep 1796 John Rogers to George Cook. 56 3'4 acres. Waters of Sandy Creek. By land of Charles Booth on N, Anna Daniel on the S, John Johnson on the E, William Dix on the W. Signed: John Rogers. Wit: Peyn. Thomas, Zachariah Butt, John Wallers, Holland Heagpeth 17 Oct 1796 Ack.
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 11
p.344 5 Feb 1798 Basel Wilson to Creed Tanner. 140£ Tract of 275a on Walter's fork of Burches Creek. Pine in Weatherfords line, thence new line, thence along Akins line, pine Weatherfords line. Signed: Bassel Wilson Wit: Peyn. Thomas, Matthew Tanner Senr, Daniel (x) Slayton. 16 Apr 1798. Proved by one of witnesses. 18 Jun proved by another. 17 Sep further proved & ordered recorded
p.401 4 Dec 1796 Anna Daniel, Extr of James Daniel Dec'd of Caswell Co Nc to James Smith Senr of Pittsy 40£ 200 acres in Pittsylvania, waters of Sandy Crk John Johnson's Corner, along his line; pine on Hendricks line, his line; new dividing line; George Cooks line. Signed: Anna Daniel Wit: John Thomas, Peytn Thomas, Joseph Smith. 17 Apr 1797 proved by one of witnesses. 20 Jan 1799, further proved by two.
p.463 27 Feb 1799 Peyton Thomas of Pittsy to Isaak Stone of Luningburg VA. 200£. Tract of 400a in Pitty both sides of Strawberry Crk, branch of Banister River. Richard Chamberlayne paten, part of Richard Chamberlaynes Order of Council, with the Paten line Signed: Peyton Thomas. Wit: Asa Thomas, Charles Thomas, James Dix, Thos. Gatewood. Ack by Peyton Thomas on 17 Jun 1799
Pittsylvania Co DB 12
p.90 19 Nov 1799 Presley Carter to Durrett Richards & Co of Milton, Caswell Co NC. $200 Tract by land of John Walters, James Woody and John Lewis. 242a. Signed: Presley Carter. Wit: Peytn Thomas, John Stanfield, John (X) Brock. 16 Dec 1799. Oaths of two of wit. 20 Jan 1800 further proved [Mortgage Deed]
p.147 13 Jun 1800 John Collie & Fanney his wife to Samuel Walker. 45£. Begin James Collies corner, to Burgesses corner, his line, dividing line to Dodson's line, to Samuel Walkers corner pine, along his line. 72A Signed: John (x) Collie Fanney (x) Collie Wit: Charles Shelton, Robert Walters, Ralph Dodson, Peyn Thomas 16 Jun 1800 Ack by John Collie. Fanny relinq dower
p.533 16 Jan 1802 Peyton Thomas & John Standfield of Caswell Co NC. To Holloway Pass of Halifax Co VA. Thomas is indebted to said Holloway Pass for 238£ payable 16 Jan 1803. Sells to John Standfield tract on Dan River, one half of tract whereon Joice Thomas now lives which was once the property of William Thomas Senr, Deceast then the property of George Thomas Deceast & Willed to Asa Thomas, Peyton Thomas & John Thomas which is to be divided agreeable to the Will of sd George Thomas Deceast and it is unknown what part shall fall to said Peyton, to John Standfield.
Signed: Peytn Thomas, John Standfield, Holloway Pass.
p.535 19 Apr 1802. Ack by Peyton Thomas to be his act and deed.
Pittsylvania Co DB 13
p.517 9 Dec 1803. Holloway Pass of Caswell Co NC to Peyton Thomas of Pittsylania. 270£ paid by sd Peyton. All title in tract on Dan River, being one half of land whereon Joice Thomas & Peyton Thomas now live, Will'd by George Thomas Dec'd to be equally divided between Asa Thomas & the said Peyton Thomas. Signed: Holloway Pass. Wit: D. Richards. Jno Stanfield, Charles Thomas, Ack by Holloway 16 Jan 1804.
Pittsylvania Co DB 14
p.166 I, Peyton Thomas in consideration of sum of 58 £, 11sh, and one penny, paid by Richards & Samuel. Sell one bedsted, bed & furniture, Desk, Black horse named Dick, two cows & two yearlings, 30 head of hogs, two Stots, Balck Walnut table, four chairs, my kitchen & household furniture, Bridle & saddle, all my Crop of Corn, Tobacco, Wheat. Signed 18 Oct 1804: Peyn Thomas. Wit: Jno Stamps, James Hayes, Danl. S. Farley. 17 Dec 1804, Bill of sale presented & sworn by two of witnesses
p.167 15 May 1804 Peyton Thomas to Richards & Samuel of town of Milton, Caswell Co NC. For sum of $200, tract of land in Pittsylvania on waters of Sandy Creek, 200 acres. Adj old lines of James Smith, William Dix, George Cook & James Nelson and being one half of tract formerly did belong to Jas Daniel and sold by Jeremiah Daniel to the sd Peyton Thomas. Signed: Peyn. Thomas. Wit: Jno Stamps Jn. Randolph Buckley, James Hayes, Charles Thomas
17 Dec 1804, proved by three of the witnesses.
p.402 20 Mar 1805 John Stamps Junr as Trustee for Peyton Thomas. John Lewis & Durett Richards payment of 500£ & charges on tract of land near the Island ford in Dan River being Peytons' part of a tract of land wil'd by George Thomas to Asa & Peyton Thomas. Said John Stamps as Trustee duly advertised on the 16 day last and did sell the same for 501 £ to the said Durrett Richards who was the highest bidder. I hereby sell to the said Durett Richards all the said tract which was bound by virtue of the Deed in Trust. Signed: John Stamps Junr. Wit:  ??? Sutherlin, Robt Dix, Thos. Wilkinson, Francis Dabney, Christopher L. White
16 Sep 1805 John Stamps Jr. ack deed.
p.407 23 Mar 1805 Peyton Thomas to Durett Richards of Caswell Co NC. For 500£. Tract near the Island ford, one half of land wil'd by George Thomas, de'cd to Asa Thomas & Peyton Thomas. Bounded from Dan River by the state line to a corner of John Thomas and along his line between the land wil'd to him by George Thomas, Dec'd & the above mentioned line wil'd by George Thomas to Asa Thomas & myself, to Elizabeth Hopson's line, thence to Dan River & up the river to the State line. Divisions of land hath not been made between Asa Thomas & myself., any part which shall come to me & confirm to the said Durett. Signed: Peyn. Thomas Wit: John Stamps, Danl. S. Farley, Richard Johnson, Jno William Whitehurst, Thos. Connally 17 Jul 1805. proved by two of witnesses. 16 Sep Proved by another witness and recorded.
p.409 19 Jun 1805. Durett Richards of Caswell Co NC to John Lewis of Pittsylvania for 525£. Tract of land on Dan River, being one half of tract wil'd by George Thomas Dec'd to Asa Thomas and Peyton Thomas. Begin on river, thence along NC line to Charles Lewis corner, to theline of the land wil'd by George Thomas to John Thomas to Eliza Hopson's line to Dan River. 403 acres, one half of which was agreeable to a deed in Trust executed by Peyton to John Lewis & Durett Richards & John Stamps Junr as Trustee, sold without any division being made to the highest bidder, said Durett Richards. Signed: D.Richards. Wit: Francis Epperson, John Stamps, Epa. White, C S. White, Richard Johnston Junr, thos. Connally. 16 Sep 1805, proved by three of witnesses.
p.455 25 Jun 1805 Peyton Thomas appoints Asa Thomas of Caswell Co, NC his true and lawfull Attorney to receive from any person all sums of money, debts & demands now due.
Signed: Peyn Thomas. Wit: Ichabod Thomas, Phi. Thomas [names cut off at bottom of the page - could be ??? Thomas] p.456 15 Jul 1805. Pwer of attorney from Peyton Thomas to Asa Thomas presented & proved by one of the witnesses. 21 Oct, further proved by two other witnesses.
Caswell Co NC Deeds:
DB N, p.152 19 Jan 1802 Peyton Thomas to Jeffreys & Richards, 5 negroes, Nancy and children Nancy, George, Larance, Tilman and boy Bob. Wit: John Stanfield, Wm Bolton.
DB N, p.1 11 Mar 1803 Durett Richards for Jeffreys & Richards quit claim to Nancy, a negro girl formerly property of Peyton Thomas, sold to him by Joyce Thomas of Pittsylvania Co and renounces sale of Nancy to Jeffreys & Richards on 19 Jan 1802. Wit: Jno Stamps, Asa Thomas
5 May 1814 Pittsy DB 21, p.322 Power of Attorney from Peyton Thomas to Philip Thomas.
13 Mar 1818 Caswell DB S, p.120 Philip Thomas, attorney-in-fact for Peyton Thomas, to James Sanders Sr of Caswell NC for $1. All of sd Peyton Thomas's interest in Lot #24 in Milton, conveyed by Philip Thomas to sd Sanders on 14 Nov 1814. Wit: R. M. Sanders, Ichabod Thomas.
Caswell DB S, p.293
17 Mar 1818 Philip Thomas with Power of Attorney of Peyton Thomas to Icabod Thomas all of Pittsylvania Co for $500, all right & title to land & lots in Milton owned by Peyton Thomas. Wit: Jas. Williams, Jno Astin, James Beck
Caswell DB S, p.179
22 May 1818 Peyton Thomas of Howard Co Missouri to James Jackson of Davidson Co TN for $300. All my interest ...deceased brother Asa Thomas of Caswell Co NC. Signed: Peyton Thomas.
Caswell DB T, p.108-9
15 Mar 1819 Philip Thomas of Pittsylvania Co, atty for Peyton Thomas, to Philip J. Echols of Milton - whereas George Thomas by last Will devised property to brothers Asa Thomas & Peyton Thomas, for $100, lot #14 in Milton on Bridge St. Wit: James Williams, Isaac Stone, Icabod Thomas, Wm Hutchings
17 Mar 1823 Pittsy DB 25, p.271 Phillips Thomas as attorney for Peyton Thomas to James M. Williams. $108. 231 acres in Pittsylvania Co VA on head waters of Sandy Creek of Dan River.


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  1. Source: #S196 Data: Text: Pittsylvania Co VA on USGenWeb; Bible Record of the William Thomas Family submitted by Carol Adams.

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