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Robynne F. Lozier formerly Thompson
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Robynne has participated in 03 out of 52 weeks during the 2019 52 Photos Challenge.
Robynne (Thompson) Lozier participated with Kiwi Crew during the 2019 Scan-a-Thon, scanning and uploading 56 items to profiles.
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New Zealand
Robynne (Thompson) Lozier Lived in Putaruru, Waikato, New Zealand.
New Zealand
Robynne (Thompson) Lozier Lived in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.
New Zealand
Robynne (Thompson) Lozier Lived in Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.
Robynne (Thompson) Lozier participated with Kiwi Crew during the 2018 Source-a-Thon, adding 300 sources to profiles.
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Robynne (Thompson) Lozier was a Weekend Chat Guest Host 1-3 June 2018.
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Born and raised in New Zealand. Spent 3 years in a pacific Island country as a teenager while parents were missionaries. Back home in New Zealand, completed high school and dropped out of University. Drifted for a number of years from job to job, never quite managing to make anything into a career. Went online in 1998 and eventually met a man in a chat room with whom she had a lot of things in common.

Got married in New Zealand in the year 2000. Just one week later, left NZ and moved to Canada. Went through 6 years of immigration limbo while the case was being processed, but eventually was successfully approved as a Permanent Resident. Has now been married for 18 years, and has one 16 year old son.

Robynne has been doing genealogy a lot more seriously since she arrived in Canada because she finally has access to the internet 24/7. She has also spent time working on her new husbands family as well. Catholic records are much better kept than Protestant records.

Notables I have connected

  • NOTABLES I Have Helped to connect to the Global Tree.
  • My favourite American Author Notable [Helene Hanff ] is now connected to the Global Tree.
  • My favourite Kiwi Actor Notable [Sam Neill] is now connected to the Global Tree
  • My own cousin Jessica Watson who is still considered to be the youngest ever to sail around the world non-stop and unassisted.
  • My favourite NZ-born Australian-based Actor [Russell Crowe] is now connected to the Global Tree.
  • My favourite sports people to watch at the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics were the American Twins [Phil Mahre] and [Steve Mahre]. They are now connected to the Global tree
  • I was able to help get one of my favourite American actors [Richard Dean Anderson] connected to the Global tree.
  • I was able to connect Eurythmic Singer [Annie Lennox] to the Global Family Tree, thanks to the WDYTYA episode that Annie made in 2017.
  • I have also connected English Actor [Charles Dance] to the Global Tree.
  • Was finally able to add [Sir Peter Blake] - a Notable Kiwi Sailor and Yachtsman - to the Global tree.
  • Finally added the best Canadian Hockey Player [Sidney Crosby] to the global tree.
  • I have helped to get the Actor [Warwick Davis] - Best known as Wicket the Ewok and Willow - connected to the Global Tree.
  • Have connected up New Zealand Author Mona Anderson to the Global Tree.
  • Back in 1994, 5 members of one family were murdered in their home in Dunedin, New Zealand. The one survivng family member was out that morning delivering newspapers. Upon his return to the house, he found his family all dead and called the ambulance and police. He was later arrested for their murders and sentenced to life in prison. Several years later this young mans lawyers appealed to the privy council and won a second trial for the accused. He was acquitted in the second trial due to the miscarriage of justice from the police. The family members had their profiles added to Wikitree back in February 2016. But they were not connected to the global tree. Today (21 Oct 2017) I have connected the Cullen-Bain family to the global tree.
  • I have also connected one of my all time favourite American Olympic Gymnasts to the Global Tree - [Mary Lou Retton]
  • I was finally able to connect both the TV actress Michael Learned and the 1970s Australian Singer Helen Reddy to the Global tree. Michael's son married Helen's daughter.
  • Jan 2018 - Have just connected the TV actress Emily Deschanel ( to the Global tree. I did not need to create her profile. That and the rest of her family - her sister Zooey and parents - were all created back in 2015 but never connected!! Now they are finally connected!!
  • January 2018 - There was a small Music Challenge in January 2018 for the weekend chats. We had to pick a member of a 1980s HEAVY METAL band, do their ancestry and then post their profile plus a video of one their songs from their group for the next weekend chat. I wanted to do QUEEN, because I have been working on Freddie Mercury's family tree for several years. But QUEEN is not considered a HEAVY METAL band? You want to know why? Because they use a piano. Freddie often played a piano at many of Queens stage performances and in their videos. I was not happy about that, so I chose the Heavy Metal band KISS instead. Yes the fellows with the greasepaint masks. I ended up doing the Drummer [Peter Criss]. It took a while to get started but once I got into the spouses (Peter was married 3 times) the records just started flowing!!
  • February 2018 - I recently picked up a biography about the British Actress, Maggie Smith. Her profile was already on wikitree but she had NO Ancestors. So I have made made it my job to read the biography and find her some ancestors which I have done. She was already connected to the Global tree via her ex-husband.
  • Feb 2018 - Over January and February I had been working on getting Ron Howard - actor from Happy Days, and now Director of such brilliant movies as Apollo 13, and the Robert Langdon series from the books by Dan Brown - connected to the Global tree, but I got stuck on one missing relative. Today a newbie (who has been on wikitree for just under one month) found that missing relative and made the connection!! So Ron Howard is now FINALLY connected to the global tree!! He is also descended from King Edward 1 of England!!
  • March 2018 - After 6 months I was finally able to connect the childrens author, Arthur Ransome, to the Global tree. He wrote the Childrens Series known as Swallows and Amazons.
  • March 2018 - I was finally able to connect the Carpenter family island (50+ profiles) to the Global tree. I had been working in this for 6 months or more and now finally it is done. I do confess that I got a little help with sources from Carol Keeling (Winton-239) but I had already done most of the work. Karen and Richard Carpenter are now both connected to the Global Family Tree.
    Karen -
    Richard -
  • July 2018 - I have added in the family for well known and very popular Kiwi TV Game show host, Selwyn Toogood. He created the game show called Its in the Bag in the 1940s and was the host of this TV game show for some 40 years -
  • Oct 2018 - I was finally able to create and post the profile for the first New Zealand born Medical Doctor to obtain a Medical Fellowship in England. He does not have a Wikipedia page, but there is a very detailed biography of this doctor online. His name was William Ledingham Christie - He may or may not be related to me, since I too have the Ledingham name in my ancestry. I am still investigating this possible connection.
  • December 2018 - I discovered the BBC reality TV series on Youtube this month. It's called Fake or Fortune. It covers the journey of 2 people who are looking for lost works of art!! One of the episodes delved into the Art stolen by the Nazis during World War 2, and it mentioned the famous painting Woman in Gold by Gustave Klimt. The woman in this portrait was Adele Bloch-Bauer, a wealthy Jewess whose family were forced to leave Austria after the Anschluss of 1938. Adele's portrait was stolen by the Nazis and hung in the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna. Adele's neice, who fled to California in 1940, spent many years trying to get back several Klimt paintings that her family had owned, including the Woman in Gold. Maria Altman was finally successful in 2006. She died in 2011. And when I discovered that she was not on Wikitree, I created her profile.
  • 31 Dec 2018 and 1 January 2019 - Sister Wendy Beckett passed away on 26 December 2018, so I decided to do her family tree. Not yet connected to the global tree. She was well know as a teacher of Art History on several BBC documentaries in the 1990s -

One Name Studies, One Place Studies and Projects

  • I have started up a One Name Study for the surname - [PELLEW] - which hails from Cornwall, in England.
  • And I have started up another new One Name Study. This one is for the name SMERDON, which is also a Devon name. [SMERDON Name Study]
  • Just started up my 4th One Name Study for the surname - LITTLEY. This is the new page for the [LITTLEY ONS]
  • Aug 2017 - East Devon Names I am currently working on - Smerdon, Bolt, Littley, Parsons and Spiller
  • January 2018 - One of my most favourite countries in the world now has its own project which I prompty joined. That country is MALTA. Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea and it has the most fascinating history, culture, architecture, archaeology and language I have ever seen. The Space page is here --
  • March 2018 - Joined the Scottish project and became Coordinator for Orkney and Fife Counties. I have ancestors from both these Counties. Have also made a Space Page for Orkney but not a page for Fife - Not yet!! Need to do some research.
    Orkney Page
  • March 2018 - I was just awarded a nice shining new Global Outreach project badge because I volunteered to help cleanup the WDYTYA category. WDYTYA = Who Do You Think You Are - a very popular celebrity genealogy TV Series for which there are currently 3 versions running - UK, USA and Australia.

52 Ancestors and Photos for 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors - 2018
52 Photos in 52 weeks Challenge

DNA Testing

  • I have done a DNA test from FT DNA based in Texas, and mailed the package back to the Lab. Now we have to wait for the results. Date - 17 April 2018.
    Test Results Complete - 3 May 2018. That was FAST!!!!
    97% European - which breaks down to - 72% British, 22% East European and 3% Scandinavian.
Ethnicity Results
  • I'm still in shock over these results. As you can see on my tree, I do have 3 grandparents who are all of British ancestry. So that leaves my unknown maternal grandfather to be of East European ancestry?? I have done a bit of research and I learned that a number of families from Hungary did immigrate to NZ and they settled in Invercargill in the years between the wars (from 1918 to 1939). This immigration was probably due to the Austro-Hungarian Empire break up after World War 1. Date - 10 May 2018
My MyHeritage Ethnicity Results
  • And these are my results from My Heritage. My Eastern European has been replaced with Scandinavian or Viking. That supports all my Scottish and Orkney ancestry. No Matches yet, but those will come. Date - 19 May 2018
    75% Irish, Scottish, Welsh, 21% Scandinavian, 2% Baltic, 1% Middle Eastern
  • Most of my top matches on both FT DNA and My Heritage seem to be focusing on a specific irish family that I am not familiar with. It is possible that my mother's father was Irish. I cannot pinpoint which member of this Irish family might be my grandfather, until my mother gets her DNA test results. Due in July or August 2018. For now we can only wait. Date - 30 May 2018
  • My mothers DNA results have finally arrived. This is my mothers Ethnicity estimate from My Heritage. 86% Irish/Scottish/Welsh, 7% English, 3% East European, 2% Central Asia and 2% Ashkenazi Jewish. The central Asia estimate tends to match my Middle Eastern estimate. The East European estimate is covered by my Baltic estimate. The Jewish estimate is a complete surprise. I don't seem to have inherited that part. Date - 20 July 2018.
  • My mother was finally able to meet up with her second cousins. They definitely do look alike with similar mannerisms and personalities, and some interesting genetic traits in common. The most interesting one being the Hair that goes grey early in life. That seems to be a Ryan trait. So we finally have proof of Mum's Biological family. I have at long last been able to attach my mother's profile to her fathers profile. The second cousin has joined wikitree and will enter her DNA details to support the link between me, mum and her. Date - 14 October 2018.

2019 Scan-A-Thon

  • Wow!! That was so much fun!! For a small team (there were just 5 of us) we ended up coming in FIRST in the Teams competition!! Arthur and Darren were brilliant in uploading Hundreds of Cemetery photos. Go Kiwi Crew!! Congrats to the Kiwi Crew Team.

2018 Source-a-thon

2018 Source-a-thon

I will be leading the New Zealand KIWI CREW Challenge team for the 2018 Source-a-thon again. The Kiwi Crew Space page is here >>

The Kiwi Crew Chat Page for the Source-a-thon is here. This page has your letter assignments and Video Hangout Details and any thing else you need to know --


  • First-hand information. Personal Knowledge from Robyn Thompson, edited after registration.
  • Title - Les Descendantes et Descendants de Prospere Desjardins dit Lausier - Author - Andree Dumont Losier - Publisher- Dictionaire Genealogique de 'Association des Familles Losier - 2006 - Francophone edition - Page 44

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Robynne is a Wiki Genealogy Volunteer following these tags:
I will be doing the 52 Photos challenge in 2019.
To join the Acadian Project. Also my husband has both Quebecois and Acadian ancestry. I have spent 6 years researching his family and the family tree now has over 2200 names.
I volunteered to be the Project Coordinator for Australia and New Zealand Home Children.
There were 11 Burrow children born in New Zealand after arrival in 1886. 3 of them never married (1 early death and 2 deaf sisters), and I have not yet found all the descendants.
Have joined the Canadian history project on behalf of my Acadian spouse.
As Captain of the Kiwi Crew team, I need to know whats happening for the 2018 clean-a-thon
Have decided to join the Connectors Project
FTDNA - 97% European - breaks down to 72% British, 22% East European and 3% Scandinavian My Heritage - 99% European - 75% Irish/Scottish/Welsh, 22% Scandinavian and 2% Baltic
Another French Canadian name from New Brunswick that was never actually Acadian, but they did marry into Acadian families.
My Fairbairn line is from Fife in Scotland.
Trying to find out if my Busson ancestors were Huguenots or not.
Just joined the Irish Roots project thanks to my mothers possible new irish family
My husbands French Canadian family from Quebec and later New Brunswick. They married into several prominent Acadian families. There are several spellings - could be Lozier, Losier or Lausier
For those who are part of the Malta Project
I am now the Project Co-ordinator for the New Zealand Project. My former home country.
Have now connected several other notables to the world family tree - namely Russell Crowe, Martin Crowe, Helene Hanff, Sam Neill, Nigella Lawson, Annie Lennox, Charles Dance, Peter Blake, Sidney Crosby.
Ready and willing to lead the Kiwi Crew in the 2018 source-a-thon
My Stephens line has been traced back to Lostwithiel and St Winnow in Cornwall, in the late 1600s through original parish records.
Being the Captain of the new Kiwi Crew team, I need to know what is happening
My family surname obviously, has been traced back to Aberdeen in Scotland as Thomson but lost the trail in the early 1800s. Family immigrated to NZ. Not much else is known.

DNA Tested
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On 3 Jan 2019 at 02:49 GMT Linda Barnett wrote:

Ronynne since I fell behind so badly last year because of real life roar it ugly head for the Barnetts can I still finish up last years 52 weeks and get a badge for last yeas 52 week challenge.

On 9 Dec 2018 at 20:50 GMT Linda Barnett wrote:

Are you still going to do 52 ancestor next year ? If not can I still get the badge for this year when I get all 52 weeks done. The week before SAT real life really roar its ugly head in the Barnetts househould and we have moved and I am trying to get settled and help my mom and dad to get settled also.

On 13 Oct 2018 at 22:16 GMT Kylie Fowler wrote:

WT said to contact you about Pending NZ Category on Seifert-480. I don't know how it got there. I added a NZ sticker but am reasonably naive with regard to stickers and categories.

On 6 Oct 2018 at 14:08 GMT Michael Clarke wrote:

Thank you Robynne for your answer. Much appreciated. Mike

On 16 Sep 2018 at 18:25 GMT Vic Watt wrote:


The profile for Donat-64 is Unlisted. Is it Peter Donat, the actor? If so, he died on Monday, Sept 10. If not, I will add the actor as a son of his father, Philip Ernst Donat. Please let me know. Thanks, Vic

On 11 Sep 2018 at 00:26 GMT Richard Shelley wrote:

Thank you!

On 20 Aug 2018 at 19:16 GMT Susie MacLeod wrote:

Hi Robynne,

Greg Lavoie, Dave Rutherford and I have put a lot of work into restructuring the Canada Project. Have a look at the new project page.

You'll see that we've changed the project name to the Canada Project and the badge will be changed shortly. We've done this in order to provide lots of ways for people to contribute to Canadian Profiles. We've also moved towards a team approach with top level teams being lead by Project Coordinators and sub-teams being lead by Team Leaders.

Would you like to continue in the Canada Project, and if so, which team(s) would you like to be on?

Let me know if you have any questions. Once I hear back from you I'll add you to the Google group and get you set up in your team(s).


On 1 Aug 2018 at 01:50 GMT Natalie (Durbin) Trott wrote:

Hi Robynne,

I’m Natalie, leader of the Categorization Project. Please have a look at the revamped Categorization Project page, specifically about the new team approach. Members will be now be part of the Maintenance Team. Project Liaisons and leaders will be involved in the Vision and Collaboration team. Please contact me within the next week to let me know if you would like to remain an active member of the project. If I don’t hear back from you I will assume you no longer want to be a part of the Categorization Project. Thanks, Natalie

On 1 Jul 2018 at 08:31 GMT Malcolm Cowan wrote:

Hi. Re Category Orkney, Scotland. There are categories for the individual islands. The main category says 'do not place profiles here'. In the case of Orkney, this poses a problem. I have several profiles for people from Orkney. The records say only 'from Orkney', so it is not possible to file them according to the individual island. What do you suggest? I have found only one example where the island was named - Sanday - and it was in only one record for the person; other records said only 'Orkney'.

On 2 Jun 2018 at 12:51 GMT Maria Maxwell wrote:

Hi Robynne, Thanks for the message and apologies for not picking up your G2G post sooner.

I've added the Irish Roots badge to your profile and your good self to the members interest page - Welcome !!


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Queen Victoria Robynne is 20 degrees from Robin Helstrom, 29 degrees from Katy Jurado and 16 degrees from Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland on our single family tree. Login to find your connection.

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