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David W. Thomson III aka Martin
Born 1960s.
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Projects I Follow

Black Sheep, Outlaws, Southern Pioneers, Military and War, Westward Ho The Magna Carta stickers on the right are the 15 Magna Carta sureties that I am a direct descendant of.



Born 26 Aug 1960 at Hawthorne, Los Angeles, California.[1]

Name Changes

Born as David Fohrell Thomson, adopted to David Fohrell Martin and then legally changed name to David Wise Thomson III.


David married Nancy Marie Hutchins 17 Apr 1982 at West Dover, Windham, Vermont. We married at the West Dover Congregational Church. All in attendance were mostly family of Nancy, and friends of both. David's friends in attendance were Lars Swanson (Best Man) and Michael J. Rosso. David's parents did not attend.

David married Kate Peto (aka Shelly Rae Bliss) at Alma, Illinois on 24 Jul 2013 at the Alma United Methodist Church. In attendance were members of both families, David's first wife, Nancy, and many friends from Alma. Kate's foster mother, Gayle and her husband were in attendance, as was David's mother, Carole. Kate and David are 10th cousins twice removed.


Kinmundy Lodge #398 Past Master and Past Secretary of Social Lodge #38, Wilmington, Vermont; Vermont Lodge of Research; Past Master and Past Secretary of Kinmundy Lodge #398, Kinmundy, Illinois; Certified Lodge Instructor, Grand Lodge of Illinois. Dimited member of Vermont Consistory Valley of Burlington; York Rite of Vermont; Illinois Consistory; and York Rite of Illinois.


Finance Manager, Author of "Secrets of the Aether," an alternative foundation for physics.

Family History




  • Ludwig Mäintzger My 7th great grandfather immigrated from Germany with his wife, Maria Catherina Esch. The arrived 13 Sep 1749 on the ship, Christian.
  • Antonio W. Lentz My great grandfather immigrated from Baden, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.




Puritan Great Migration

Freemasons in my Family

  • John William Thomson Sr. According to J. Darrell Thomson, John Thomson Sr. came to America with his carpentry tools and was already a Scottish Freemason. He is assumed to be a member of Clearfield Lodge #314, Clearfield, Pennsylvania.
  • John William Thomson Jr. Assumed to be a member of Clearfield Lodge #314, Clearfield, Pennsylvania.
  • Thomas J. Thomson Known to be a member of Chama Lodge #17, Chama, New Mexico, and affiliated from Clearfield Lodge #314, Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

Soldiers in my Ancestry

  • Jared Blakeslee My 4th great grandfather was a Sergeant during the Revolutionary War.
  • Ludwig Mäintzger My 7th great grandfather served as a Private in Captain John Murry's Company of the Pennsylvania militia and died during the Revolutionary War battle at Coryells Ferry.
  • George Mansker My 6th great grandfather joined the Lancaster County militia in Captain Jonathan McClure's Company, 4th Class, 4th Battalion. He also was sent to Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, to protect settlers from marauding Native Americans.
  • Robert Hooke Sr. My 7th great grandfather is said to have seen active service in the French and Indian War. Later, he supplied the militias with supplies during the Revolutionary War.
  • Isaac McBee My 6th great grandfather served during the Revolutionary War as a spy for Capt. Benjamin Clark's Company in Greene County, North Carolina.
  • Elisha Hooke My 5th great grandfather served as a 5th Corporal in Capt. Daniel Mathews' Company of the 116th Regiment of Virginia Volunteers just after the War of 1812 (7 Jul 1813).
  • Edward Grady My 6th great grandfather fought with the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.
  • Samuel L. Hook My 4th great grandfather was a Private with Company K in the 5 IL US CAV during the Civil War. He joined on December 23, 1863 while living at Liberty, Randolph County. Samuel mustered out 27 Oct 1865.
  • William Bush Civil War - Served as a private with CO F, 6 IL US CAV from 1862 to 1865.
  • Jacob Lewis Mansker Civil War - My 3rd great grandfather served in the Civil War as a Private. He deserted in 1862 while in Alabama and then joined the Navy as a Seaman aboard the General Lyon and five other vessels.
  • David Wise Thomson My dad served briefly in Korea and then joined the United States Department of Defense and worked as a QASAS. He was directly responsible for delaying the California National Guard from quelling the the Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles. The reason was because the military was planning to use the same CS gas that was used at Waco, Texas during the Branch Davidian raid, and which killed more than 50 people. He had the bad gas destroyed and the proper gas brought into supply.
  • Travis Louis Morris My 5th great grandfather served in the Revolutionary War for several different terms.
  • Col. John Stokes I proved that Col. John Stokes is not a direct ancestor of mine, as popular genealogy sites had suggested.

Pioneers in my Ancestry

  • Samuel Douglas My 5th great grandfather was among the first settlers in Illinois, before Illinois became a State.
  • Alexander Gaston My 7th great grandfather was among the first settlers in Illinois, before Illinois became a State. He was also an immigrant from Ireland.
  • William McBride My 5th great grandfather was among the first settlers in Illinois, before Illinois became a State. He was also an immigrant from Ireland.
  • Archibald W. Thompson My 6th great grandfather was among the first settlers in Illinois, before Illinois became a State. He was also an immigrant from Ireland.
  • John Benjamin Crane My 6th great grandfather was among the first settlers in Illinois, before Illinois became a State. He was also an immigrant from Ireland.
  • John Griffith My 6th great grandfather was among the first settlers of Illinois.
  • Zephi Brockett Metcalf My 2nd great grandfather was an early land speculator. He and my great great grandmother would buy land, fix it up, and sell it. They did this numerous times as they migrated West.
  • John Mansker My 5th great grandfather left Pennsylvania for Missouri in search of salt during the Spring of 1800. A detailed account is in his profile.
  • George Mansker My 6th great grandfather was born in Germany, settled in Pennsylvania, and then traveled to the Cumberland Frontier in what is now Tennessee. A detailed account is in his profile.
  • Elisha Hook My 5th great grandfather moved his family by wagon train from Rockingham County, Virginia to Dayton County, Indiana, and then on to settle Jefferson, Louisa, Iowa.
  • James Pillars My 6th great grandfather was with a party that was attacked by Indians while crossing the Ohio River to settle along the Mississippi River in Randolph County, Illinois.
  • John N. Stokes My 5th great grandfather was the first to settle Stokes Precinct in Union County, Illinois.
  • David Wise Thomson My great grandfather was part of the great railroad development of the late 1800s.

Builders, Mechanics, and Blacksmiths

I believe in ancestral memory being passed to future generations through DNA. I am very mechanically inclined, both physically and mentally. These are my direct ancestors who were skilled with tools and machinery:
  • Cyril Clifford Thomson My grandfather worked as a lineman installing power lines from Boulder Dam to Los Angeles. Later in life he worked as an electrician's helper at a tire manufacturing plant in Los Angeles.
  • James Levi McIntyre Blacksmith

Railroad Workers

  • David Wise Thomson My great grandfather learned carpentry skills from his dad and paternal grandfather. These skill made it possible for David to get a job as Foreman for the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad as a builder of wooden railroad trestle bridges throughout Colorado in the late 1800s.
  • Cyril Clifford Thomson My grandfather also worked as a train conductor while living at El Paso in his youth.
  • Leslie "Hippo" Sullens Hippo was a train engineer and used to travel from Alma, Illinois through Thebes, Illinois, where he met my great grandmother, Goldie, and married her.
  • William J. McIntire Blacksmith
  • Edward Mansker My great great grandfather was a painter, and he learned this trade from his father, who was also a painter.
  • Jacob Lewis Mansker My 3rd great grandfather was a painter. He lived by the Mississippi River and used to light lamps at night for the river boats.

Professional Women

It is important to me to see women living their lives to be happy, particularly in my family.
  • Dora Roxanna Metcalf While my great grandmother was having and raising children while her husband built railroad bridges throughout Colorado, she worked tirelessly as a hotel operator for miners and railroad personnel in the area.
  • Carole Jean Morrissette My mother started off her 25 year career in California working as a clerk in a medical office, and worked her way up to General Manager of Prairie Avenue Medical Clinic in Santa Monica, California. She continued working as a medical administrator in Salem, Illinois and Effingham, Illinois until her retirement.

Ministers and Clergy

  • Elijah Metcalf My 3rd great grandfather was one of the first Methodist ministers on the west side of the Genessee river in the early 1800s.


Many of my ancestors worked as farmers for themselves, or as laborers for other's farms. One of my life-long hobbies has been gardening for food and landscaping.


Many of my ancestors worked for the US Post Office as office workers, rural carriers, and Postmasters.
  • Virginia Rosamond Sears My grandmother worked for the Post Office in Torrance, California as an office worker. I remember when I was about 10 years old and my sister and me attended a Post Office worker's family picnic with our grandmother.
  • Edward Mansker My great great grandfather was a mail carrier and Postmaster for Thebes, Illinois.
  • Leslie "Hippo" Sullens My great grandmother Goldie's second husband, Hippo, worked as a rural mail carrier in Alma, Illinois.


Some of my ancestors experienced difficult circumstances.
  • John Ivan Wyatt My great grandfather was in the wild years of his thirties when he was driving home from work during WWII. He had a head-on auto collision with another car, which resulted in his head being decapitated. The gory details are recorded in the newspaper article included in his profile.
  • James Levi McIntyre In the Wild West of the 1890s, my great grandfather, or a friend of his, shot and killed a woman. They were not charged for the killing because it was a mistake. They were aiming for her daughter. This story from the Jonesboro Gazette is posted on his profile.

Young Marriages

  • Elvira Mansker My 4th great grandmother was only 13 when she was married.
  • Edward Grady and Milred Young, my 6th great grandfather and grandmother, were 12 and 11 years old when they had their first child.
  • Cassandra Ann Prescott My 4th great grandmother was 14 when she got married and had her first child.
  • Earla Thomson The father of my 2nd cousin 1x removed was 13 and her mother was 17, when she was born.

Relations To Me


  1. George Washington is my 2nd cousin 10 times removed.
  2. John Adams is my 3rd cousin 7 times removed.
  3. John Quincy Adams is my 4th cousin 6 times removed.
  4. William Harrison is my 8th cousin 6 times removed.
  5. Millard Fillmore is my 5th cousin five times removed.
  6. Franklin Pierce is my 8th cousin 5 times removed.
  7. Abraham Lincoln is my 9th cousin four times removed.
  8. Ulysses S. Grant is my 6th cousin four times removed.
  9. Rutherford Birchard Hayes is my 6th cousin four times removed.
  10. James Garfield is my 8th cousin three times removed.
  11. Grover Cleveland is my 7th cousin three times removed.
  12. Benjamin Harrison is my 10th cousin four times removed.
  13. William Taft is my 8th cousin three times removed.
  14. Warren Harding is my 7th cousin twice removed.
  15. Calvin Coolidge is my 9th cousin once removed.
  16. Herbert Hoover is my 8th cousin three times removed.
  17. Franklin Roosevelt is my 9th cousin twice removed.
  18. Harry S. Truman is my 8th cousin twice removed.
  19. Richard Nixon is my 9th cousin once removed.
  20. Gerald Ford is my 10 cousin once removed.
  21. George H. W. Bush is my 9th cousin twice removed.

Mayflower Passengers First to America

I am not related to the passengers of the first Mayflower voyage who settled the Plymouth Colony.

Famous and Infamous People

  1. Charlemagne Carolingian (Emperor of the Romans) is my 32nd great grandfather.
  2. Edward (Edward III) "King of England" of England formerly Plantagenet is my 21st great grandfather.
  3. Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister is my 8th cousin once removed.
  4. Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home (British Prime Minister is my 13th cousin once removed.
  5. Harriet Beecher Stowe is my 6th cousin six times removed.
  6. Lucille Ball is my 9th cousin twice removed.
  7. Elvis Presley is my 12th cousin twice removed.
  8. Carolyn Sue Jones (Morticia on the Addams Family) is my 7th cousin twice removed.
  9. John Wayne is my 9th cousin twice removed.
  10. General Robert E. Lee is my 9th cousin five times removed.
  11. Rush Hudson Limbaugh III is my 5th cousin twice removed.
  12. William Albert Mansker is my 3rd cousin five times removed. Albert was one of the Oliphant train robbers who was hanged in 1894.

Wikitree Spaces

  1. Illinois Regiments
  2. Illinois County Histories
  3. Kinmundy Masonic Lodge #398
  4. Crains island, Illinois

DNA Ancestry

Saxon + Frank (3.169)
Viking Danish + Frank (3.603)
Celt + Frank (3.638)
Visigoth + Saxon (3.982)
Visigoth + Celt (4.401)
Frank (5.948)
Celt (6.173)
Saxon (6.707)
Viking Danish (7.155)
Visigoth (8.816)


  1. Birth certificate in the possession of David W. Thomson III

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DNA Connections
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Noted your changes to the Bartley-1140 profile. What evidence led you to detach Sophia from John P. Bartley and Charity (Lawson)? No evidence has been presented to demonstrate that they were not her parents, or conversely that her currently attached parents are valid. Note, too, that the F-A-G memorial pages of Sophia and her extended family support the original parental relationship. Also noted your assertion that Charity (Lawson) may have been the second wife of John P. Bartley, which I'm not disputing, nevertheless there is no contradictory evidence that she was not Sophia's mother.

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John P. Bartley-1230 married Charity Lawson and then Elsie Broderick, as the references in those profiles suggest. There was a different John Bartley-1658 who married Peggy DeVoss.

Follow the references in each profile to see their different residences after 1820. It was just a fluke that three different John Bartley's were living at Spriggs, Ohio in 1820.

When I split the John Bartley profiles I apparently carried Sophia over to the wrong family. You are correct that Sophia is the daughter of John P. Bartley and not the John Bartley who married Peggy DeVoss. Feel free to fix Sophia's parents.

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My 4th Great Grandfather is John Benjamin Crain

3rd Great Grandfather is John Crain wife Charlotte 2nd Great Grandfather is Curtis C Crain wife Julia Greeny. (whose sister Jane Greeny married Riley McBee) Great Grandfather is William Douglas Crain wife Johanna Quinlin Grandfather Clifton Charles McLean wife Bessie CRAIN (Genevieve O’Neal, adopted name) Father. Clifton Charles McLean wife Marjorie Sonners Me Marsha McLean I have record of Jane marrying Royal McBee. I have been looking for him for 15 years in Missouri. Today I see the very deep connection to Crain’s Island by your research. I am excited to glean all I can from your research. I have yet to load my info on to WikiTree. I just signed up yesterday and on a wild hair decided to look for the McBees. I have worked for years, but am horrible at getting things right. Can you help me get things right for this family? I have trees on Ancestry and Family Search

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Hi Marsha, this is an exciting development. I look forward to working on the McBee ancestors and relatives, especially if they lived at Crains island, and I look forward to seeing your records. I show that Riley McBee had married Hester Kagel, but I show that all of Riley's children had a different mother. Jane Greeny may be the missing mother. Crains Island is a special project since the island has since completely washed away. Any information related to Crains island families will help to further reveal the history. It is great to meet another Crains island cousin!
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With regard to the Military project, you can visit the profiles to the left of this post under the heading of "Soldiers in my Ancestry" to see what I have been working on so far, and there are dozens more military profiles I have worked on that are not in my ancestry. When available, I proved information boxes for persons in the military and connect them to categories and projects for which they qualify.

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