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Sunny E. Clark formerly Trimbee aka Hofelt
Born 1960s.
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Descendant of honored ancestors.
Descendant of Constantine The Great, Roman Emperor.
Descendant of Saint Darerca, sister of Saint Patrick, mother of 16 Saints.
Descendant of "Niall of the Nine Hostages", High King of Ireland.
Descendant of Clovis I, Founder of the Merovingian dynasty.
Descendant of Frode VII, King of Denmark.
Descendant of Muhammed, "The Prophet".
Descendant of Saint Arnulf, Bishop of Metz.
Descendant of Halfdan III, "Halfdan the Valiant," King of Sweden.
Descendant of Widukind, Wittekind le Grand, chief opponent of Charlemagne.
Image:Of Wessex-198.jpg
Descendant of Egbert, King of Wessex.
Descendant of Lord Tancrède, Viking.
Descendant of Kenneth MacAlpin, King of the Picts and Scots.
Descendant of Alfred the Great King of the West Saxons and Anglo-Saxons.
Descendant of Rollo, Hrolf Ragnvaldsson, Duke of Normandy.
Descendant of Harald, King of Norway.
Descendant of Heinrich I, King of Germany, "Henry The Fowler".
Descendant of Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor.
Descendant of Brian Bóruma, 175th High King of Ireland.
Descendant of King Hugues.
Sunny (Trimbee) Clark is the descendant of a Huguenot emigrant.
Descendant of Yaroslav The Wise, Czar of Russia.
Descendant of Mieszko II King of Poland.
Descendant of Saint Olaf, Olav II, King of Norway.
Descendant of Saint Vladimir The Great, Grand Prince of Kiev.
Descendant of Godgifu de Lincolnshire de Mercia aka "Lady Godiva" (reported as based on her).
Descendant of Saint Olaf, Olav II, King of Norway.
Descendant of William The Conqueror, King of England.
Descendant of Ruggero II, King of Sicily.
Descendant of Malcolm III, King of Scots.
Descendant of Saint Knud (Canute IV), King of Denmark.
Descendant of Alfonso I, King of Portugal.
Descendant of Matilda le Vavasour Butler Fitzwarren, aka "Maid Marion" (reported as based on her), reputedly killed by the evil King John.
Descendant of King John, Among the worst of British Kings.
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Descendant of several Magna Carta Surety Barons.
Descendant of Saher de Quincy, Magna Carta surety baron.
Descendant of Gilbert de Clare, Magna Carta surety baron.
Descendant of Richard de Clare, Magna Carta surety baron.
Descendant of Robert de Vere, Magna Carta surety baron.
Descendant of John FitzRobert, Magna Carta surety baron.
Descendant of Roger le Bigod, Magna Carta surety baron.
Descendant of Hugh le Bigod, Magna Carta surety baron.
Descendant of Béla IV, King of Hungary.
Descendant of Henry III, King of England.
Descendant of Robert I, King of Scotland.
Descendant of Alain Chartier, French Poet.
Descendant of Edward III, King of England.
Descendant of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster.
Descendant of Kathryn de Roet de Swynford storied Duchess of Lancaster.
Descendant of Louis I, first Duke of Bourbon.
Descendant of Rodrigo Borgia, aka Pope Alexander VI.
Descendant of Cesare Borgia, Cardinal, Soldier, patron of Di Vinci.
Descendant of Robert II, King of Scotland.
Descendant of Marie Rollet, pioneer settler and midwife.
Descendant of Louis Hébert, pioneer, Canada's first apothecary.
Descendant of Mathurin Denys Ennobled Captain of the Royal Guard of King Henry III.
Descendant of Loyse Bourgeoys "The Scholar" of midwifery.
Descendant of Charles Amador de La Tour de St-Étienne, Governor of Acadia.
Descendant of "Mamie", beloved grandmother.
Sunny (Trimbee) Clark has Irish ancestors.
Sunny (Trimbee) Clark has Italian Roots.

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Ancient Roots

Noble & Notable Ancestors

Louise Boursier (1563 - 1636): "The Scholar" of midwifery, personal midwife to (my 6th cousin) Marie de' Médicis, Queen of France. Louise's name has long endured in our family. - 12th Gen. Grandmother

Mathurin Denys "May 7, 1589 Death of Mathurin Denys, Sieur de la Thibaudière. He died while defending King Henry III of France. He was given letters of nobility, which were passed on to his son..." [1] - 13th Gen. grandfather.

Guillaume d'Aquitaine (1099 - 1137): William X, Duke of Aquitaine [2] - 22nd Gen. Grandfather

Edward II (1284 - 1327): King of England, Prince of Wales and Caernarfon. - Deposed by spouse, (my ancestor) Isabelle Capet, his 2nd cousin, once removed, and her lover, (my 6th cousin, 18xR) Roger de Mortimer, also Edward's 2nd cousin, twice removed, and her own 5th cousin (who was later hanged, drawn and quartered by order of Edward III (who spared, but exiled, his mother. - Murdered or, possibly, escaped and fled to exile. - 23rd Gen. Grandfather

William The Conqueror (1028 - 1087): Guillaume de Normandie, son of Robert I - 24th, 28th & 30th Gen. Grandfather.

Heinrich V (1129 - 1195): "The Lion" of Saxony - 25th Gen. Grandfather

Godgifu de Lincolnshire de Mercia (c. 985 - 1066): "Lady Godiva" - 26th & 33rd Gen. Grandmother

"Maid Marian" ( died c. 1214): Maud le Vavasour, Baroness Butler - Lady of Robin Hood lore - Imprisoned, then reputedly poisoned by (my ancestor) King John, in 1214, for rebuffing his advances. - 27th Gen. Great-Grandmother.

Henry I (1068 - 1135): 28th Gen. Grandfather.

Henry II (1133 - 1189): King Henry of England, Curtmantle, FitzEmpress - "The Revolt of 1173–74 was a rebellion against King Henry II of England by three of his sons, his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine, and their rebel supporters. The revolt ended in failure after eighteen months: Henry's rebellious family members had to resign themselves to his continuing rule and were reconciled to him..." [3] - 28th Gen. Grandfather.

Constance of Arles (974 - 1032): Queen of France - 30th Gen. Grandmother.

Robert I (1000 - bef. 1035): Le Magnifique, Robert the Magnificent, Duc de Normandie - 30th Gen. Grandfather

Queen Anna Анна Ярославна Киевская - Agnesa Yaroslavna, Queen of France - married two Capet brothers, King Henri , then Robert, Duke of Burgundy - 30th Gen Grandmother

Urso (Abitot) d'Abitot (c. 1045 - c. 1108): Feared Sheriff and Viscount of Worcestershire, known as "The Bear - 30th Gen. Grandfather

Henri I (c. 1008-1060): King of the Franks - 30th Gen. Grandfather

Hugues de Capet (c. 941-998): King of France - 31st Gen. Grandfather

Smbat I Son of Ashot I ("Ashot the Great") [4] [5] [6] - 33rd Gen Grandfather

Yaroslav I (976-1054): "Yaroslav The Wise" [7] - Czar of Russia - Ярослав Владимирович (Kiev) Киевский - 31st Gen. Grandfather

Drahomíra (c. 890-934): Mother of Grand-Uncle Wenceslaus I, had his grandmother, Saint Ludmila [my 35th Gen Grandmother], murdered. Her eldest son, later canonized as Saint Wenceslaus, was murdered by his younger brother for the throne. - 32nd Gen. Grandmother

Aethelbert I (c. 0550 - 0616): King of Kent - First English king to convert to Christianity. - 32nd Gen. Grandfather

Baudouin I (c. 0864 - 918): "Iron Arm" Count of Flandres - 30th and 40th Gen Grandfather

Harald I (850-933): First King of Norway - 31st Gen. Grandfather

Polotsk-2 Рогволод Полоцкий - Rognvald aka Rettilbeini - "The Straight Limbed" - Haraldsson, Sorcerer - 33rd Gen. Grandfather

Mieszko I (c. 930-992): First Duke of Poland - 33rd Gen Grandfather

Richard II (0963 - 1026): Richard de Normandie - "Richard Le Bon" - Duke of Normandy - 34th Gen. Grandfather

Olof Ingjaldsson (c. 684 - abt. 740): King of Sweden - 35th Gen. Grandfather

Heinrich I (876-936): Heinrich der Vogler aka King Henri the Fowler - spouse of Saint Matilda - 35th Gen. Grandfather

Boleslav I (c. 935-972): "Ukrutný, der Grausame, the Cruel" - Murdered his brother, [my 35th Gen Grand-Uncle] Good King Wenceslaus, to seize the throne. - 35th Gen. Grandfather

Ragnar Sigurdsson (c. 0766 - 0845): "Lodbroc", "Hairy Breeches" - King of Dacia Lethra - Father was King of Denmark (claimant to the throne of Denmark in the Civil War of 812). - 6th cousin (6xR) of King Ælfred, born in Sweden, died in a Northumbria snake pit. - "Legendary Viking ruler, king, and hero from the Viking Age described in Old Norse poetry and several sagas. In this tradition, Ragnar was the scourge of France and England in the 9th century and the father of many renowned sons, including Ivar the Boneless, Björn Ironside, Halfdan Ragnarsson, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, and Ubba. While these men are historical figures, it is uncertain whether Ragnar himself existed or really fathered them. Many of the tales about him appear to conflate the deeds of several historical Viking heroes and rulers. [8] [9] [10] Disputed existence: "Many acts ascribed to Ragnar in the Sagas can be associated, through other sources, with various figures, some of which are more historically certain. These candidates for the "historical Ragnar" include: King Horik I (d. 854) and King Reginfrid (d. 814) [11]- 35th Gen. Grandfather

Welf I (c. 770 - bef. 825): 36th Gen. Grandfather, eponymous ancestor of the Welf dynasty [12]

Halfdan Solvisson (c. 650-): King of Sweden - 36th Gen. Grandfather

Solvar Solvasson (c. 605-680): King of Norway - 37th Gen. Grandfather

Ivar Ragnarsson (c.787 - aft. 0870): Ivar the Boneless - 37th Gen. Grandfather

Prince Slavibor (c. 830-860): Father of Saint Ludmila. [13] - 38th Gen Grandfather

Kuningas Widukind (734-829): aka "Wolverine" Great-Grandfather of Emperor Charles II through his mother, Judith Welf, granddaughter of Widukind and third wife of Charlemagne's son, Emperor Louis I. "Germanic leader of the Saxons and the chief opponent of the Frankish king Charlemagne during the Saxon Wars from 777 to 785." [38th Gen Grandfather] "...Charlemagne ultimately prevailed, organized Saxony as a Frankish province and ordered conversions of the pagan Saxons to Roman Catholicism. In later times, Widukind became a symbol of Saxon independence and a figure of legend," dubbed "Blessed Widukind". [14] [15] - 39th Gen. Grandfather

Muirecán mac Diarmata (c. 810 - 863): King of Leinster [16] - 41st Gen. Grandfather

Ecgberht (784 -0838): First King of all England - 40th Gen. Grandfather

Tancrède Tancarville (c. 890-?): "The Viking" - 40th Gen. Grandfather

Kenneth MacAlpin (c. 810-858): King of the Picts [17] - 40th Gen. Grandfather

Eirik Agnarsson (c. 715-740): King of Westfold - 40th Gen. Grandfather

King Anund (c. 638 - c. 0708) - 42nd Gen. Grandfather

King Halfdan (730 - 802): King of Westfold - 42nd Gen. Grandfather

Cerdic I : First King of Saxon Wessex - 46th Gen Grandfather

Clovis I (466-511): Clovis Hlodowig aka "Chlodwig the Great" Founder of the Merovingian Dynasty - 44th Gen. Grandfather

Muhammad The Prophet (c. 570 - 632): Prophet of Islam [18] - 45th Gen. Grandfather (ie: via Isabelle Tesson).

King Hengist (c. 425 - 488): Hengist "Hengest, Hencgist, King of Kent" of Kent formerly Sachsen aka Wihtgilsson, von Sachsen, of Jutes - 45th Gen. Grandfather

Childeric I (436-481): King of the Franks - 47th Gen. Grandfather

Valentian III (0419 - 0455): Western Roman Emperor - 48th Gen. Grandfather

Constantin III (c. 360 - 421): Emperor of the Western Roman Empire - 49th gen Great-Grandfather

Teodosio I (347-395): Emperor of Rome - 50th Gen. Grandfather

Empress Justina (c 340 - c 0391): Empress of Rome - 51st Gen. Grandmother

Valentinianus I (321 - 375) - Emperor of Rome - 51st Gen. Grandfather

Constantin I (272-0337): Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus - "Constantin the Great" - 51st Gen. Great-Grandfather

Constance I (250 - 306): Emperor of Rome - 52nd Gen. Grandfather

Tiridates II (c.195 - c. 0252) - 52nd Gen. Grandfather

Maximien Hercule (c. 285 - c. 305) - 52nd and 55th Gen. Grandfather

Vologaesus IV (130 - 208): Grand-King of the Parthians of the Arsacid dynasty [19] - 54th Gen. Grandfather

[[ |Gurdzad de Pars]]




Name & Profile DOB & DOD Biography & Links Relationship
Saint Louis1214-1270Only canonized King of France; Chief of the 7th and 8th Crusades23rd Gen. Grandfather
Saint Erzsébet 1207 - 1231Elizabeth of Hungary"[20] 25th Gen. Grandmother
Saint Knud1043-1086King "Cnud the Great" of Denmark, England and Norway [21][22] - spouse of my 1st cousin (28xR), Adèla of Flanders [23], who was the daughter of Robert I (Robert the Frisian, Count of Flanders)28th Gen. Grandfather
Saint Margaret1045-1093Queen of Scotland 30th Gen. Grandmother
St Berta 1675 - 1741Queen of the Franks. Daughter of Charibert, King of the Franks. Married King of Kent 31st gen. Great-Grandmother.
Saint Vladimir956-1015 Vladimir the Great" - Владимир Святославич - "Vladimir Sviatoslavich, Grand Prince of Kiev, Czar of Russia" - Vladimir was the son of Svjatoslav I Igorjevitch, grand duke of Kiev, and Predslava. When his father was killed in 972 he was a contender for the rule of Kiev, together with his elder two brothers. The eldest brother Jaropolk I Svjatoslavitsch was already established in Kiev, and he disposed of the middle brother Oleg and forced Vladimir to flee the country. Vladimir went from Novgorod to Scandinavia, from where he returned with an army of Varangians. He attacked and killed Jaropolk and in doing so became the sole ruler of Rus. In his early years as ruler he was brutal, bloodthirsty and dissolute. By his first wife Ragneda of Polatsk, whom he abducted before killing her parents and two brothers, he had three sons and two daughters; by a Greek woman he fathered one son; by a Czech woman one son; two more sons by a different mother; and by a Bulgarian woman two more sons. He was said to have had three hundred concubines at Vyshegorod, three hundred at Belgorod, and two hundred at Berestovo. At the beginning of his long reign he continued attacking the Byzantine empire... around 988 he adopted Christianity for himself and his people. He also took as his third wife Anna Porphyrogenita, the sister of the Byzantine emperors Basilus II and Constantine VIII. However, the Pechenegs continued to harass him and he had to fight them until the end of his reign. After his conversion Vladimir became a changed man; he became mild towards criminals, generous to the poor and supported the Greek missionaries. This led later generations to look on Vladimir and his grandmother Olga as the first-born of the new Christian people of Russia and her borderland. They were both esteemed as saints and St. Vladimir became the subject of a cycle of folklore and heroic poems." [24]30th Gen. Grandfather.

Saint Warinus (620-677): Archbishop of Trier - "Warinus of Poitiers... the Franco-Burgundian Count of Poitiers and Count of Paris who became Saint Warinus, Martyr of the Franks. He is the son of Saint Sigrada of Sainte-Marie de Soissons and the brother of Saint Leodegarius. He is also the father of Saint Leudwinus. In 677 A.D., Warinus was stoned to death near Arras because of a feud between his brother, Leodegarius, and Ebroin, the Frankish Mayor of the Palace of Neustria." [25] - 33rd Gen. Grandfather.

Saint Matilda (878-967) - Queen of Germany, spouse of Henry The Fowler, Heinrich I, mother of Hedwige de Paris, Grandmother of King Hugues - 35th Gen. Grandmother.

King Ælfred (c. 849-899): Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons and Anglo-Saxons [26] - 35th Gen. Grandfather

Saint Olaf (995-1030): Olav II, King of Norway - 35th Gen. Grandfather

Saint Ludmila (c. 860-921): Duchess consort of Bohemia, "daughter of the Slavic prince Slavibor... main source for her life is the Legenda Christiani, attributed to the Benedictine monk Kristián, her great-grandson Strachkvas." [27] - Murder instigated by the jealous mother, [my 36th Gen Grandmother and her DIL], Drahomíra, of her grandson, Wenceslaus I. - 35th Gen. Grandmother.

Saint Ælfgifu (912-944): aka Saint Elgiva of England, formerly Shaftesbury aka Wessex - 36th Gen. grandmother.

Dode d'Héristalr (c. 585-640): Saint Dode - "In 614 , Arnulf was elected bishop of Metz and as a bishop can not be married, Dode retired to a convent of Trier." [28] - 39th Gen. Grandmother.

Saint Begga (613-693): Abbess of Andenne - spouse of Ansegisel Metz, Mayor of the Palace - 40th Gen. Grandmother.

Saint Itte (c. 592-652) - 41st Gen Grandmother.

Saint Leodegarius (615-679): Bishop of Autun - assassinated by order of Ebroin after ordering his eyes be poked out [29] - 41st Gen. Grandfather

Saint Sigrada (625-678): Sigrada of Alsace - "mother of St. Leger [Leodegar] and of and Saint Warinus of Autun Saint Gerin (arrested by order of Ebroin and stoned to death in 677). Relegated to a monastery in Soissons by order of the mayor of the palace Ebroin, she saw all her property confiscated... endured .... with great dignity and piety." [30] - 42nd Gen Grandmother St Leudwinus (c. 660-717): Count of Treves - son of Saint Warinus, the paternal grandson of Saint Sigrada and his uncle was Saint Leodegarius. - 42nd Gen. Grandfather

Sainte Clotilde (c. 0480-0544): Second wife of Clovis I. - 44th Gen. Grandmother

Saint Arnulf (c. 580-640): Great-Great-Great Grandfather of Charlemagne - 9th Bishop of Metz - “Don’t drink water, drink beer.” [31] - "Arnulf was married ca 596 to a noblewoman whom later sources give the name of Dode or Doda, (born ca 584). Chlodulf of Metz was their oldest son, but more important is his second son Ansegisel, who married Begga daughter of Pepin I, Pippin of Landen. Arnulf is thus the male-line grandfather of Pepin of Herstal, great-grandfather of Charles Martel and 3rd great grandfather of Charlemagne. After his wife took the veil as a nun in a convent at Treves, Arnulf saw it as a sign of God and became a priest and bishop afterwards." [32] - 44th Gen. Grandfather

Saint Darerca (310-330): Sister of St. Patrick and mother of 17 Saints [33] - 58th Gen. Grandmother

Saint Augustine (272 - 337): Roman Emperor - "Constantine the Great" - " Constantine, Equal-to-the-Apostles" ("Κωνσταντίνος Α' Ἰσαπόστολος") - Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus - 50th Gen. Great-Grandfather

Geoffrey Chaucer (1343 - 1400): Poet - 21st Gen. Great-Uncle BY MARRIAGE

Saint Hedwig (c. 1174-1243): Hedwig de Śląska - 23rd Gen. Great Aunt

Saint Leo (1002-1054): Pope Leo - son of Hugh and 1st cousin (1xR) to Emperor Conrad - 25th Gen. Great-Uncle.

Saint William (c. 1090-1154): William FitzHerbert of York - 28th Gen. Great Grand Uncle

Saint Gertrude (c. 626-664): Abbess of Nivelles - 30th Gen Great-Aunt

St Cunigunde (c. 975-1033): Kunigunde of Luxembourg - 31st Gen Grand-Aunt

Wenceslaus I (c. 907-935): Saint Václav aka Good King Wenceslaus, Duke of Bohemia - Grandson of Saint Ludmila - 33rd Gen Grand-Uncle.

Saint Leodegarius (c. 615-679): Bishop of Autun - 6th Gen. Great-Uncle

Saint Cuthburga (674-720): Queen Cuthburh of Northumbria - Founded the Abbey of Wimborne with her sister Quinburga - 40th Gen. Grand-Aunt.

Saint Quinburga (c. 670-700): Cwenburh of Wessex - Founded the Abbey of Wimborne with her sister Cuthberga - 40th Gen. Great-Aunt.

Saint Cloud (c. 611-697): Chlodulf, 32nd Bishop of Metz. - 40th Grand-Uncle

St Edith (895-937): Edgyth (Wessex) Northumbria - "Orgiue, St Edith of Polesworth, St Edith of Tamworth" - 1st cousin (34xR).

Saint Sigismund (c. 494-523): Sigismund, King of Burgundy - 1st cousin (37xR).

Saint Henri (973- 024): Heinrich II, Sainted by Pope Eugene III "in 1146, making Henry II the only German monarch to ever be canonized." [34] - 2nd cousin (32xR).

Saint Louis (1214-1270): King of France - 3rd cousin (25xR).

Saint Edward the Martyr (c. 962-978): King of England from 975... murdered in 978... eldest son of King Edgar the Peaceful... not his father's acknowledged heir." [35] [36] - 3rd cousin (32xR).

Saint Sigisbert (c. 630-656): King of the Franks at Austrasia - 3rd cousin (41xR).

St. Ferdinand III (1201-1252): San Fernando Alfónsez - King of Castilla, León, el Santo - 4th cousin (23xR).

Saint Joan (1464 - 1505): Duchess of Orleans - Queen of France for only eight months - canonized 28 May 1950 [37] - 4th cousin (26xR).

Edmund the Martyr (0988 - 1016): Edmund II, King Edmund of England (Wessex) - Eadmund, "Ironside", Aetheling - [38] - [39] - 4th cousin (30xR).

Brynhild Budlisdatter (0720 - 0775): "Shieldmaiden and a valkyrie in Germanic mythology, where she appears as a main character in the Völsunga saga and some Eddic poems..." [40] [41] - 4th cousin (41xR).

Saint Waltheof (1092-1159): Waltheof Melrose - 5th cousin (29xR).

Swithin Wells (c. 1536-1591): English Roman Catholic martyr who was executed during the reign of Elizabeth I. [42] - 9th cousin (26xR).

Saint Robert (c. 1561-1595) : "English poet and Catholic priest, executed in 1595, canonized in 1970." [43] - 9th cousin (15xR).

Holy Roman Emperors

Name & Profile DOB & DOD Biography & Links Relationship
Henri de Luxembourgc. 1279 - 1313Kaiser des Heiligen Römischen Reiches23rd Gen. Grandfather
Charlemagne c. 747 813First Holy Roman Emperor, confirmed by Pope Leo III37th Gen. Grandfather.
Otto I912 - 973"Otto the Great" - The oldest son of Henry I the Fowler and Matilda of Ringelheim, Otto was "the first of the Germans to be called the emperor of Italy... He continued his father's work to unify all German tribes into a single kingdom and greatly expanded the king's powers at the expense of the aristocracy... Otto's later years were marked by conflicts with the Papacy and struggles to stabilize rule over Italy. He wanted to improve relations with the Byzantine Empire, which opposed his imperial authority and southern expansion. So he arranged to have his son Otto II ["Otto The Red"] marry the Byzantine princess Theophanu in April 972. The next year, Otto I died, and was succeeded by Otto II." [44] 35th Gen. Great-Grandfather
Heinrich Vc. 1081 - 1125Holy Roman Emperor25th Gen. Great-Uncle

Otto I (c. 1020 - 1072): Otto von Scheyern, King of Bavaria, Holy Roman Emperor, King of the Romans, King of Denmark, King of Sweden, Norway and Greece - 1st cousin (29xR)

Otto II (0955 - 0983): "The Red" - 1st cousin (35xR)

Otto III (0980 - 1002) - 2nd cousin (34xR)

Heinrich II (0973 - 1024): Saint Henri - 2nd cousin (32xR).

Maximilian I (1459 - 1519): Kaiser des Heiligen Römischen Reiches - 5th cousin (15xR)

Ferdinand I (1503-1564): Ferdinand Österreich von Habsburg - 10th cousin (13xR)

Philip II (1527 - 1598): "The defeat of Protestantism was always keen in Philip's mind. For a while, he ruled England jointly with Queen Mary Tudor, and a reconciliation with the Catholic Church followed. Heresy trials were reestablished and hundreds of Protestants burned at the stake. England and Philip parted ways after the death of his Queen, nicknamed 'Bloody Mary'. Philip's gravest mistake over the long run was his attempt to violently eradicate Protestantism... he strove to enforce Catholic orthodoxy through an intensification of the Inquisition, students were barred from studying elsewhere, and books printed by Spaniards outside the kingdom were banned. Even a highly respected churchman like Archbishop Carranza of Toledo was jailed by the Inquisition for 17 years, for publishing ideas that seemed sympathetic in some degree with Protestantism..." [45] - His Armada was defeated against (his 5th cousin, 1xR) Elizabeth I at the Thames following the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, having been his last hope to restore Catholicism to England. - 10th cousin (16xR)

Charles V (1500-1558): aka Charles I of Spain - Attempted to try Martin Luther at the "Diet of Worms" in 1521; banned Lutheranism in 1529, eventually led to protest (thus Protestants) and war, settled by the 1555 Peace of Augsburg declaring each Prince able to declare the religion of his state. - 11th cousin (15xR)

The Crusades

Crusade of Leo IX against the Normans (1053)

Name & Profile DOB & DOD Biography & Links Relationship
Pope Leo 1002 - 1054Leader 25th Gen. Great-Uncle

Popular Crusade

Name & Profile DOB & DOD Biography & Links Relationship

First Crusade

Name & Profile DOB & DOD Biography & Links Relationship
Pope Urban II - Father, Mother and Grandfatherc. 1042-1099Initiated the First Crusade30th Gen. Great-Uncle
Hugues the Great24th Gen. Grandfather
Godefroi de Boulognec. 1060-1100Commander24th Gen. Great Uncle

||Hugues III|| ||last crowned King of Jerusalem|| 2nd cousin

Louis IX||1214-1270||Chief of the 7th and 8th Crusades, later Saint Louis||23rd Gen. Grandfather

Ancestors: Konrad III, Elvira de Castilla, Raimond de Tripoli

Magna Carta Surety Barons

Ancestor (26xR) King John "lost the Duchy of Normandy to [his 3rd cousin], ancestor King Philippe II of France, which resulted in the collapse of most of the Angevin Empire and contributed to the subsequent growth in power of the Capetian dynasty, founded by [ancestor] Hugues I, during the 13th century." [46]

Evil King John also imprisoned, then fatally poisoned, his 4th cousin (my 2nd cousin), wife of (his 5th cousin, my Great-Grand Uncle, 25xR) Geoffrey FitzGeoffrey de Mandeville, the hapless "Maid Marian" of myth and lore, for rebuffing his advances.

At least seven ancestors rebelled against King John, becoming known as Magna Carta Surety Barons.

N.B. section footnotes: "Magna Carta Trust" [47]

Name & Profile DOB & DOD Biography & Links Relationship
Saher de Quincy(c. 1155-1219)1st Earl of Winchester [48] 28th Gen. Grandfather
Williame le Mareschal(c. 1190-1231)2nd Earl of Pembroke [49] 26th Gen. Grand-Uncle
Geoffrey FitzGeoffrey de Mandeville (c. 1186-1216)5th Earl of Essex [50]25th Gen. Great-Grand Uncle
William Mowbray c. 1173-1224 Baron of Axholme, Baron of Thirsk [51]1st cousin (27xR)
Robert de Verec. 1165 -c. 1221 Earl of Oxford 26th Gen. Grandfather
John de Lacy of Chester(1192-1240) ) Earl of Lincoln [52] Great Grand Uncle (27xR)
Hugues Bigod III 1185-1225 5th Earl of Norfolk [53] 26th Gen. Grandfather
Gilbert de Clare c. 1180-1230 7th Earl of Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford, Lord of Harfleur and Mostrevillers in Normandy [54] 25th Gen. Grandfather

Roger Bigod (c. 1143-1221): 2nd Earl of Norfolk [55] - 27th Gen. Grandfather.

Richard de Percy (c. 1181-1244) [56] - 1st cousin (26xR).

Henry de Bohun (c. 1175-1220): 5th Earl of Hereford [57] - 1st cousin (25xR).

William Malet (c. 1175-1215): Lord of Curry, Mallet, Somersetshire and " of the sizeable group of rebel barons who were heavily indebted to King John- [aka 'the most evil monarch in Britain’s history' -Mark Morris] [58] "-making the revolt of 1215 in some sense a debtors’ revolt." (-Nigel Saul, MC Trust)[59] - 3rd cousin (25xR).

Robert FitzWalter (c. 1152-1235): "has as good a claim as anyone to being regarded as the leader of the baronial opposition to John [his 4th cousin, 1xR] styling himself in letters ‘Marshal of the Army of God’. An enigmatic personality, by turns shifty and querulous, conspiratorial and high principled, he played a major part in the events of 1215 and so contributed substantially to Magna Carta becoming part of the fabric of English political society..." (-Nigel Saul, MC Trust) [60]

Eustace de Vesci (1169/70-1216): Lord of Alnwick [61] - 3rd cousin (27xR).

William d'Aubigny (Albibi) (c. 1160-1236): Lord of Belvoir [62] - 2nd cousin (25xR).

Richard de Claire (c. 1153-1217): Earl of Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford [63] - |26th Gen. Grandfather

William de Forz (c. 1192-1241): Count of Aumale [64] - conservatores Magna Carta - 4th cousin (24xR).

Geoffrey de Say (c. 1155-1230): "Geoffrey the Younger" [65] - 4th cousin (27xR).

William de Huntingfield (c. 1160-1221): Keeper of Dover Castle [66] - 2nd cousin (25xR).

John FitzRobert (c. 1191-1242): John FitzRobert of Clavering, Lord of Warkworth Castle, Northumberland [67] - 27th Gen. Grandfather

Richard de Montfichet II (c. 1190-1267) [68] - 5th cousin (24xR).

Robert de Ros ( c. 1182-1226/7): Lord of Hamlake Castle, Yorkshire [69] - 5th cousin (25xR).

Royal, Noble & Notable Kin

Name & Profile DOB & DOD Biography & Links Relationship
Halfdan Ragnarsson - "The White Shirt" c. 822 - 877Halfdan Ragnarsson (Old Norse: Hálfdan; Old English: Halfdene or Healfdene; Old Irish: Albann; died 877) was a Viking leader and a commander of the Great Heathen Army which invaded the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of England, starting in 865. According to the tradition recorded in the Norse sagas he was one of the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok, and his brothers included Björn Ironside, Ivar the Boneless, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye and Ubba. He was the first Viking King of Northumbria and also claimed the Kingdom of Dublin. He died at the Battle of Strangford Lough in 877 trying to press his Irish claim.... Halfdan was one of the leaders of the Great Heathen Army which invaded the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia in 865. According to the Norse sagas this invasion was organised by the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok, of whom Halfdan was one, to wreak revenge against Ælla of Northumbria. Ælla had supposedly had Ragnar executed in 865 by throwing him in a snake pit, but the historicity of this explanation is unknown... " [70] [71]33th Gen. Great-Grand-Uncle
Gaspard II de Coligny1519 - 1572An admiral, he was a disciplined Huguenot leader in the French Wars of Religion; close friend and adviser to King Charles IX.2nd cousin (14xR)
Madame de Mornay1548 - 1606Huguenot chronicler3rd cousin (13xR)
Lady Jane Grey1537 - 1554)"Nine Days Queen"8th cousin (16xR)
Josiah Wedgewood1730 - 1795 Wedgewood Pottery founder14th cousin (9xR)

Saint Edward (1002-1066): King Edward the Confessor - one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings of England, last king of the House of Wessex - Nephew of Saint Edward the Martyr - 27th Great-Grand-Uncle ).

Ubbe (c. 775 - ): "Ubba, also known as Hubba, Ubbe, and Ubbi, was a mid-ninth-century Viking chieftain and one of the commanders of the Great Army, a coalition of Norse warriors that in AD 865 invaded the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia and Wessex." [72] - 33rd Great-Grand-Uncle.

Prince Strachkvas (c. 960-996): aka Kristián younger son of Boleslav I the Cruel, Duke of Bohemia (who murdered his own twin). - Became a Benedictine Monk, wrote treatise, "The Life and Passion of Saint Václav and his Grandmother Saint Ludmilla, as Monk Kristián. - 33rd Great-Grand-Uncle.

Sigebert I (c. 535-575): King of Austrasia - spouse of Brunhilda of the Visigoths "In 573, Sigebert took possession of Poitiers and Touraine, and conquered most of his kingdom. Chilperic then hid in Tournai. But at Sigebert's moment of triumph, when he had just been declared king by Chilperic's subjects at Vitry-en-Artois, he was struck down by two assassins working for Fredegund." [73] - 41st Great-Grand-Uncle.

Chilperic I (c. 539-584): King of the Franks at Soissons. [74] - 41st Great-Grand-Uncle.

Louis Denis Delaronde V (1801 - 1868): "Red Sky Métis Independent Nation (RSMIN) 'Founding Family' ...descendants of these founding families make up the citizens of RSMIN today... Robinson-Superior Treaty... made in the year 1850, with the Objibewa... of Lake Superior. The Red Sky Métis Independent Nation™ consists of the descendants of the aforementioned eighty-four 'half-breeds' included under this treaty..." [75][76] [77][78] [79][80] [81] [Also see "Red Sky", above.] - 1st cousin (6xR).

Pierre Denys de La Ronde (1762 - 1824): Commanded Louisiana Militia's Third Regiment at the Battle of New Orleans... fought both at his plantation... and at the neighboring Chalmette plantation, belonging to his maternal half-brother, Ignace Martin de Lino de Chalmette. [82] - 1st cousin (7xR)

Alfonso I (1109-1185): First King of Portugal - 1st cousin (29xR).

Konrad II (990 - 1039) - 1st cousin (33xR).

Heinrich IV (1050 - 1106) - 1st cousin (33xR).

Rudolf de Bourgogne (993-1032) - King of Burgundy, 993–1032 (Reign: 971 – September 6, 1032): "Last king of an independent Kingdom of Arles, also called the Second Kingdom of Burgundy... son of King Conrad of Burgundy and Queen Matilda of France... last male member of the Burgundian group of the Elder Welfs family."[83]. - 1st cousin (34xR).

Conrad I (c. 0925 - 0993) - Roi de Bourgogne - Konrad the Peaceful", King of Burgundy [84] - 1st cousin (35xR).

Ignace Martin de Lino de Chalmette (1755 - 1815): Owner of de Lino Family plantation where the 1815 Battle of New Orleans was fought. Half-brother of Pierre Denys de La Ronde - 2nd cousin (7xR)

Henrich V (1081 - 1125) - 2nd cousin (32xR).

Sassanide I (200 - 0272) - King of the Sasanian Empire - 2nd cousin (55xR)

Mary I (1542 - 1587): Mary, Queen of Scots - beheaded by her first cousin, once removed, Elizabeth I (my fourth cousin, 16 times removed), precipitating the arrival and defeat of the Spanish Armada at the mouth of the Thames - 1st cousin (15xR).

James I (1566 - 1625): King James, son of Mary, Queen of Scots - 2nd cousin (14xR).

Henry VIII (c. 1491-1547): King of England - excommunicated by Pope Paul III for violating sacrament of marriage. In retaliation, British Parliament enacted Act of Supremacy in 1534, making the King the "supreme head of the new Church of England (Anglican), establishing a Christian authority and new denomination aside papal authority. The Church of England would then alter with the religion of each new monarch. - 3rd cousin (17xR).

Elizabeth I (1533-1603): "Virgin Queen" daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn; ill-advised, executed her 1st cousin (1xR) Mary, Queen of Scots then defeated her 5th cousin (1xR) Philip II's invading Spanish Armada, leading to "The Golden Age" - 4th cousin (16xR).

Mary II (1516 - 1558): "The first queen to rule England in her own right, she was known as 'Bloody Mary' for her persecution of Protestants."[85] Daughter, sister and wife to Kings, "Mary had always rejected the break with Rome instituted by her father [Henry VIII] and the establishment of Protestantism by her brother's regents. Philip persuaded Parliament to repeal Henry's religious laws, thus returning the English church to Roman jurisdiction... By the end of 1554... the Heresy Acts were revived..." [86] Mother of Elizabeth I. [87] - spouse of Phillip II - 4th cousin (16xR).

Knut I (995 - 1018-35): Knut Svendsson - First Danish King of England - King Canute the Great - (Svendsson, Sveynsson) - "The viking warrior who created a North Sea empire consisting of Britain, Denmark, Norway and a part of Sweden... son of Sweyn Forkbeard. His grandfather was Harald Bluetooth and his great-grandfather was Gorm the Old. [88] - "In Knud´s first years as the King of England a lot needed to be done. - A.D. 1016: "This year came King Knute with a marine force of one hundred and sixty ships, and Alderman Edric with him, over the Thames into Mercia at Cricklade; whence they proceeded to Warwickshire, during the middle of the winter, and plundered therein, and burned, and slew all they met." [89] - 3rd cousin (33xR).

Edward I (1239-1307): King of England [90] [91] - 3rd cousin (23xR).

Frederik Hendrik van Oranje-Nassau (1584 - 1647) - Prince of Orange - 4th cousin (12xR)

Henrich III (1017 - 1056) - 4th cousin (30xR)

Willem van Oranje-Nassau (1626 - 1650) - Prince of Orange - 5th cousin (11xR)

Mary Stewart (1453 - c. 1488) - "Countess of Arran" - 17th Gen. Great-Aunt.

Denis I (1261 - 1325): King of Portugal -"The Poet King" - "The Farmer King" - 2nd cousin (23xR)

Willem Hendrik Orange-Nassau III (1650 - 1702) King William - 5th cousin (11xR)

Queen Jane (c. 1508-1537): Jane Seymour, third wife and 5th cousin of Henry VIII, "died of postnatal complications less than two weeks after the birth of her only child, a son who became King Edward VI. She was the only one of Henry's wives to receive a queen's funeral, and his only consort to be buried beside him in St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle." [92] - 7th cousin (13xR).

David II (1324-1371): King of Scotland - 22nd Gen Great-Uncle)

Marie de' Medicis (1573-1642): Queen of France - 6th cousin (11xR).

Bess Raleigh (1565-1647): Elizabeth Throckmorton, 2nd cousin (1xR) and "Gentlewoman of the Privy Chamber to Queen Elizabeth I of England" [93] was imprisoned via the bed and wed of Sir Walter Raleigh, her 8th cousin (1xR). - 7th cousin (17xR).

Lord Byron (1788 - 1824): British Poet - 6th cousin (7xR).

Ada, Countess of Lovelace (1815-1852): Lord Byron's daughter. Recognized as crafter of the "first algorithm intended to be carried out by a machine. As a result, she is often regarded as the first computer programmer.'" [94] Inventor and engineer Charles Babbage called her the "Enchantress of Numbers." - 7th cousin (6xR).

Sir Donald (1585-1643): Gorm Og Mac'illeasbuig Chleireich, 8th Laird of Sleat and First Baronet of Sleat (Nova Scotia) - 9th cousin (12xR)

Oliver Cromwell (1599 - 1658): "Old Ironsides" [95], 1st Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland. [96] - 2nd great grand-nephew of Thomas Cromwell - 9th cousin (12xR).

Marguerite de Navarre (1492 - 1549): "...Author and a patron of humanists and reformers, she was an outstanding figure of the French Renaissance. Samuel Putnam called her 'The First Modern Woman.'"[84] - 9th cousin (13xR).

Sir Walter Raleigh (1552-1618): Explorer, Poet, Confidant of his 7th cousin (1xR), Elizabeth I, until secretly impregnating, then marrying her Lady-in-Waiting, Bess [97] thus imprisoned. Forgiven and released to aid against the invading Spanish Armada, restored to Captain of Queen's Guard. Later beheaded by King James I, Elizabeth I's successor, for Treason [98] - 9th cousin (15xR).

Ferdinand II (abt. 1452 - abt. 1516): "...he and Isabella sponsored the first voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492. That year he also fought the final war with Granada which expunged the last Islamic state on Iberian soil, thus bringing to a close the centuries-long Reconquista... married Infanta Isabella, the half-sister and heiress of Henry IV of Castile, on 19 October 1469 in Valladolid, Kingdom of Castile and Leon. Isabella also belonged to the royal House of Trastámara, and the two were [second] cousins by descent from John I of Castile. They were married with a clear prenuptial agreement on sharing power..." [99] - 9th cousin, (15xR).

Anne Boleyn (c. 1501-1536): A formerly Lady to popular Queen Catherine, Catherine's successor, the unpopular "Queen Nan", was framed for Treason by her 9th cousin (2xR) [my 14th cousin (14xR)] Thomas Cromwell, then beheaded by spouse Henry VIII, her 5th cousin (1xR). 9th cousin (2xR) to Henry VIII, whose decree later delivered Cromwell to a similar fate over his displeasure with his orchestration of his marriages to Anne of Kleves. - 9th cousin (17xR).

Countess Erzsebet Bathory (1560-1614): notorious Hungarian serial killer, the "Blood Countess" [85] was an inspiration for Count Dracula and "was known to be one of the most educated women of the time..." [100] - 9th cousin (18xR).

Queen Mary II (1662 - 1694) - Queen with William - 10th cousin (7xR)

Henri IV (1553-1610): Henri of Navarre, King of France and Navarre - First Calvinist King, converted to Catholicism for political reasons, issuing the Edict of Nantes in 1598, decreeing France, once again, Catholic, but allowing the practice of other religions, ending religious civil wars of 1562-1598. - 10th cousin (12xR).

Henri III (1551 - 1589): King of France and Poland - 10th cousin (12xR).

Catherine of Aragón ((1485 - 1536): "...she had a stronger claim to the English throne than Henry VII himself [1]... successfully appealed for the lives of the rebels involved in the Evil May Day for the sake of their families... Queen Catherine garnered widespread admiration by starting an extensive program for the relief of the poor... a patron of Renaissance humanism... friend of the great scholars Erasmus of Rotterdam and Saint Thomas More." [101] - Produced no male heir, marriage (1509) annulled (1533), leading to excommunication of Henry VIII. - 10th cousin (14xR).

Isabella I (1451 - 1504): "...established the foundation for the political unification of Spain that occurred during the reign of their grandson, Carlos I of Spain. A pious Catholic, Isabella focused on converting the citizens of her kingdom, in pursuit of what she believed were necessary measures to ensure doctrinal uniformity to the Church. She unleashed the Inquisition, and in 1492 she decreed that all Jews and Muslims must either convert or be expelled. This act of misplaced religious zeal destroyed what has been a society marked by remarkable religious tolerance and co-existence. This was particularly onerous on the Jews, who were forced to emigrate to lands throughout Europe and North Africa; others converted outwardly but practiced their religion in secret; these "marranos" were hunted down by the Inquisition.

Isabella is perhaps best known for funding Christopher Columbus' explorations, which resulted in Spain's overseas empire and Spanish domination of Europe for the next century. It also resulted in the Christianization of the peoples of Latin America and the use of Spanish as the lingua franca by millions. Although she showed compassion for the Native Americans encountered by Columbus, refusing to receive them as slaves and asking that they be returned to their homes and educated in the Catholic faith, the conquistadors who followed would enslave millions of Native Americans and destroy their ancient cultures. [102] - 10th cousin (16xR)

Thomas Cromwell (c. 1566–1655) - 1st Earl of Essex - Framed Anne Boleyn for Treason. "...gradual slide towards Protestantism at home and the King's ill-starred marriage to Anne of Cleves, which Cromwell engineered in January 1540, proved costly... Cromwell was condemned to death without trial and beheaded on Tower Hill on 28 July 1540, the day of the King's marriage to Catherine Howard..." [103] - 10th cousin (17xR)

Meriwether Lewis (1774 - 1809) - 11th cousin (10xR)

Queen Catherine (c. 1523-1542): His fifth cousin (1xR) and fifth wife, "Queen of England from 1540 until 154... then 16 or 17, married Henry VIII [age 49] on 28 July 1540, at Oatlands Palace, in Surrey, almost immediately after the annulment of his marriage to Anne of Cleves was arranged... Catherine was stripped of her title as queen within 16 months, in November 1541. She was beheaded three months later, on the grounds of treason for committing adultery while married to the King... Catherine was a daughter of Lord Edmund Howard (c. 1478 – 1539) and Joyce Culpeper (c. 1480 – c. 1528). Her father's sister, Elizabeth Howard, was the mother of Anne Boleyn. Therefore, Catherine Howard was the first cousin of Anne Boleyn, and Catherine Howard and Anne's daughter, Lady Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth I), were first cousins once removed... her final words were, 'I die a Queen, but I would rather have died the wife of Culpeper,' [referring to her cousin, with whom she was accused, Thomas." [104] Thomas Culpeper... a courtier and close friend of Henry VIII, and related to two of his queens, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. He is known to have had many private meetings with Catherine after her marriage, though these may have involved political intrigue only, as the one letter she is known to have written him does not seem to suggest intimacy. But under torture, he confessed to adultery, and both were beheaded for treason.'" [105] - 11th cousin (13xR).

William Shakespeare - 11th cousin (15xR) via Maud Dutton]]

Henry Courtenay (1498 - 1539): 1st Marquess of Exeter - Henry came to hate Vicar-General Cromwell and his Protestantism. He joined the Catholic Poles in the Western Rebellion during 1538, and perhaps anticipating the end wrote a will on 25 September 1538. Captured as his support collapsed, he was taken in chains to the Tower. He was tried by his Peers only one of two Marquess in the kingdom, on 3 December 1538 in Westminster Hall. He was found guilty by his correspondence with Cardinal Pole from Rome. He was executed by decapitation with a sword on Tower Hill on 9 December 1538.[5] The earldom of Devon became forfeit, and his lands in Cornwall annexed by the Duchy... His wife and son were both attainted. His wife was, however, released in 1540 and maintained a friendship with Princess Mary Tudor for the rest of her life... Their son was released on 3 August 1553 on the orders of Mary, now Mary I of England, as she had become Queen Regnant [106] - 11th cousin (16xR).

Thomas Wyatt the Younger (c. 1522-1554) : "...credited with introducing the sonnet into English literature... Many legends and conjectures have grown up around the notion that the young, unhappily married Wyatt fell in love with [his 2nd cousin, 1xR] the young Anne Boleyn in the early-to-mid-1520s. Their acquaintance is certain, but whether or not the two shared a romantic relationship remains unknown..." [107] - 9th cousin (11xR).

Anne of Kleves (1515 - 1557): 5th cousin (1xR) of King Henry VIII. "Queen of England... 6 January 1540 to 9 July 1540 as the fourth wife of King Henry VIII... marriage was declared never consummated and, as a result, she was not crowned queen consort. Following the annulment of their marriage, Anne was given a generous settlement by the King, and thereafter referred to as the King's Beloved Sister. She lived to see the coronation of Queen Mary I, outliving the rest of Henry's wives." [108] - 12th cousin (14xR).

Sir Henry Pole (c. 1480 - 1539): 1st Baron Montagu - Brother of Cardinal Pole, son and heir of Sir Richard Pole, KG and Margaret, Countess of Salisbury (daughter of George, Duke of Clarence, brother to Edward IV), and heiress to her brother, Edward, Earl of Warwick who was the last male House of Plantagenet royal heir), beheaded in 1499 by Henry VII. - 12th cousin (16xR).

Cardinal Reginald Pole (1500 - 1558): Attempted to help return England to papal authority, attanded by his 2nd cousin, Henry VIII. - Mary II and her cousin, Cardinal Pole (who had helped the Pope try to depose her father, Henry VIII, to return England to Catholicism, and whom she had made the Archibishop of Canterbury), "coincidentally died on the same day, closing a chapter in English history as the country would never again return to Catholicism. Their deaths also finally ended the last plot of the Wars of the Roses. Was this the real end date of a hundred years of civil war?" [109] - 12th cousin (16xR).

William Clark (1770 - 1838) - 13th cousin (7xR)

T. E. Lawrence (1888 - 1935): "Lawrence of Arabia" - 15th cousin (1xR).

Unity Mitford (1914 - 1948) - Hitler's intimate - 11th cousin (3xR)

Senator Henry Lippet (1856-1933): Rhode Island Senator (R), 1911-1917 - 17th cousin (7xR).

Пётр Фёдорович (1728 - 1762): Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, Piotr Fiodorovich Romanov, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russians - 12th cousin (5xR).

Friedrich Wilhelm II aka Kurfürst von Brandenburg, König von Preußen" von Preußen II (1744-1797): King of Russia - 20th cousin (6xR).

Thomas Wyatt (c. 1522-1554): - "...rebel leader during the reign of Mary I of England [his 4th cousin]... led 'Wyatt's rebellion'... son of the English poet and ambassador Sir Thomas Wyatt..." [110] - 22nd cousin (7xR).

Scotland: ancestral clans (paternal)

Clan Abernethy | Clan Barclay | Clan Borthwick | Clan Bruce | Clan Campbell | Clan Chisholm | Clan Comyn | Clan Douglas | Clan Dunbar | Clan Duncan | Clan Drummond | Clan Edmonstone | Clan Elphinstone | Clan Erskine | Clan Forbes | Clan Forsyth | Clan Galloway | Clan Graham | Clan Hamilton | Clan Hay | Clan Keith | Clan Lindsay | Clan MacDonald | Clan MacDougall | Clan MacLeod | Clan Marshall | Clan MacAlpin | Clan Murray | Clan Ogilvie | Clan Ogilvy | Clan Ramsay | Clan Rose | Clan Ruthven | Clan Seton | Clan Sinclair | Clan Stewart | Clan Urquhart | Clan Wallace

North America

Mayflower Passengers

Hurst-26 6th cousin (15xR)

White-11597 8th cousin (16xR)

Cooper-827 10th cousin (13xR)

More-108 10th cousin (14xR)

Samson-27 11th cousin (12xR)

May-153 11th cousin (15xR)


Name & Profile DOB & DOD Biography & Links Relationship
Louis Denys de La Ronde 1675 -1741Captain Commandant of first troops sent by the King of France to Acadia... In "1713- Treaty of Utrecht - This peace treaty ceded Acadia and Newfoundland to England. In order to counter the loss the French migrated to Ile Royale (Cape Breton Island). Louis Denys delaRonde surveyed the island and made recommendations for settlement etc." [111]7th gen. Great-Grandfather
René Louis Chartier1641 - c. 1709First Counselor to the Sovereign Council of Quebec, Civil and Criminal Lieutenant General of the Provost and Admiralty of Quebec), Deputy Attorney General of the Council (1670-1674); Advisor to the Sovereign Council of New France (1674-1677); Judge; Poet9th Gen. Grandfather
Zacharie Cloutierc. 1590 - 1677Master Carpenter "founded one of the foremost families of Quebec." [112]9th Gen. Grandfather
Paul Vachonc. 1630 - 1703Mason, Notary, attorney, court clerk [113]9th Gen. Grandfather
Louis Sédilotc. 1600 - 1672 settler with Company of One Hundred Associates 9th Gen. Grandfather
Dame Catherine Le Neuf 1640 - 1697 Mother of Louis Denys de La Ronde, matriarch of Canadian Denys9th Gen. Grandmother
Hélène Desportesc. 1621 - 1675)First white child born in Neuvelle-France; Midwife9th Gen. Grandmother
Simon Denys de la Trinité1600 - 1678 Explorer, Settler; "Delarondes are the descendants of Simon Denys De La Trinité." [114] 10th Gen Grandfather
Nicolas Marsoletc. 1587 - 1677Explorer, Interpreter, fur trader10th Gen. Grandfather
Louis Guertin dit Le Sabotier 1625 - 1687 La Grande Recrue10th Gen. Grandfather
Charles Melanson La Raméec. 1642 - 1700Huguenot founder of the Melanson Settlement, Nova Scotia10th Gen. Grandfather
Jean-Noël Langloisc. 1606 - 1684 A Founding Father of Nouvelle-France.[115][116]10th Gen. Grandfather
Étienne Hébert c. 1629 - c. 1671 Acadian settler 10th Gen. Grandfather
Françoise Grenierc. 1605 - 1665A Founding Mother of Nouvelle-France [117]] [118]11th Gen. Grandmother
Jeanne Le Marchand1575-1647 Matriarch and Quebec settler, by all counts a formidable woman11th Gen. Grandmother
Germain Doucetc. 1595 - c. 1659 Acadian Métis Commander under Razilly 12th Gen. Grandfather
Jehan Denysc. 1425-? 15th Century Explorer; possible patriarch of Denys lines: de la Thibaudiere, de Bonaventure, de Fronsac, de la Trinite, de la Ronde, de Vitre, de Saint-Simon, de Saint-Pierre, du Tartre; "the first of the Normans who landed in Newfoundland in an authentic way. (Dionne, 107-108)." [119]14th Gen. Grandfather
Jehan Le Juiffc. 1500-?Prosecutor, attorney, lieutenant of the Court of Saint-Malo. Voyaged with Jacques Cartier to New World 14th Gen. Grandfather
Charles Le Moyne de Longueuil et de Châteauguay1626 - c. 1685Explorer; trader; interpreter12th Gen. Uncle
Jean-Baptiste Legardeur de Repentignyc. 1632 - 1709One month mayor (Elected first Mayor of Québec City - after a month, the Conseil Souverain considered the Office unnecessary}1st cousin (10xR)
Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville1661-1706Explorer, Ship Captain; Founder of La Louisiane1st cousin (11xR)
Charles Le Moyne de Longueuil1656 - 1729 governor of Trois-Rivières; governor of Montreal, 1724; Acting governor of Nouvelle-France, 1725 1st cousin (11xR)
Jacques Bourgeois c. 1621 -c. 1699 Surgeon, shipbuilder, founder of Beaubassin1st cousin (14xR)
Agathe de Saint-Père1657-c.1748Business leader, innovator2nd cousin (10xR)
Armand Le Gardeur de Tilly 1733 - 1812Vice-Admiral of the French fleet 3rd cousin (8xR)
Jean de Lauson1584 - 1666President of the Grand Conseil; Intendant of Provence3rd cousin (12xR)
Henri de Bourbon 1588 - 1646 Prince de Condé - Viceroy , 1614-1619 4th cousin (12xR)
Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve1612 - 1676 Founder of Montréal; Leader of La Grande Recrue 5th cousin (12xR)
Ann Hutchinson1591 - 1643Educated, Calvinist lay theologian; established settlement of Portsmouth which became the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations; killed with whole family, save one, by Native raiders, in 1643.9th cousin (15xR)
James Wolfe1727 - 1759 Britain's "Hero of Quebec" (1759) was instrumental to 1763 capture of Nouvelle-France10th cousin (10xR)

Governors & Premiers

Name & Profile DOB & DOD Biography & Links Relationship
Charles de Saint-Étienne de La Tour1593-1666 Governor of Acadia (1631–1642 & 1653–1657)10th Gen. Grandfather
Jacques Le Neufc. 1604 - c. 1687Governor of Trois-Rivières' Acting Governor of Nouvelle-France10th Gen. Grandfather
Nicolas Denys1603 - c. 1688"La Grande Barbe" - Explorer, Settler, Entrepreneur, Chronicler, Governor and Lieutenant-General for the king of the bay of the St. Lawrence, from Cape Canseau to Cap des Rosiers and islands (Newfoundland, St Jean Island, Magdalen Islands and Cape Breton)" [120] 11th Gen Uncle
Michel Le Neuf du Hérisson c. 1601-c.1671Acting Governor of Trois-Rivières, royal judge11th Gen. Uncle
Joseph Robineau de Villebonc. 1655 - 1700 First Governor of Acadia1st cousin (9xR)
Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville1680-1676Governor of La Louisiane1st cousin (11xR)
Charles Le Moyne de Longueuil1656 - 1729 governor of Trois-Rivières.; governor of Montreal, 1724; Acting governor of Nouvelle-France, 1725.1st cousin (11xR)
Pierre de Rigaud de Vaudreuil-Cavagnial1698 - 1778 Governor of Trois-Rivières (1733-1742); Governor of French Louisiana (1743–1753); last Governor-General of New France (1755-1760)2nd cousin (8xR)
Alexandre Mouton1804 - 188511th Governor of Louisiana 3rd cousin (6xR)
Henri II de Montmorency 1595 - 1632 Governor of Canada, 1635-1648 3rd cousin (13xR)
Sir Wilfred Laurier 1841 - 19198th Prime Minister of Canada 4th cousin (3xR)
Henri-Gustave Joly de Lotbinière 1829 - 19084th Premier of Québec 4th cousin (5xR)
Paul Octave Hébert1818 - 188014th Governor of Louisiana 4th cousin (5xR)
Charles Huault de Montmagnyc. 1599 - 1657First Governor of Nouvelle-France4th cousin (12R)
Louis-Olivier Taillon1840 - 1923)8th Premier of Québec 5th cousin (4xR)
Augustin-Norbert Morin 1803 - 18658th Premiere of Canada East5th cousin (4xR)
Charles-Alfrede Mousseau1837 - 18866th Premier of Québec5th cousin (4xR)
Charles-Eugène-Napoléon Boucher de Boucherville1822 - 19153rd & 10th Premier of Québec5th cousin (4xR)
George-Étienne Cartier 1814-1873Premier of Canada East whose influence failed to save his 5th cousin, twice removed, Louis Riel (my 4th cousin, 4xR)5th cousin (7xR) (& 6th cousin 4xR)
Étienne-Paschal Taché 1795 - 18659th & 15th Premier of Canada East; 10th & 15th Premier of Canada Province 5th cousin (5xR)
John Ross1831 - 19017th Premier of Québec 5th cousin (4xR)
[[Parent-667|Étienne Parent1802 - 1874Journalist & Politician5th cousin (5xR)
Louis-Victor Sicotte1812 - 188913th Premier of Canada East6th cousin (6xR)
Joseph-Adolphe Chapleau 1840-18985th Premier of Québec 6th cousin (3xR)
René Lévesque1922 - 1987 27th Premier of Québec 7th cousin (1xR)
Honoré Mercier 1840 - 1894 9th Premier of Québec 7th cousin (3xR)
Louis d'Ailleboust de Coulongec. 1612 - 1660Governor of Nouvelle-France , 1648-16519th cousin (10xR)
Charles de Menou d'Aulnay de Charnizayc. 1604 - 1650Governor of Acadia. (Cousin of Razilly)9th cousin (10xR)
John Winthrop1587 - 1649Puritan Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony10th cousin (10xR)

Mayors of Montréal

Name & Profile DOB & DOD Biography & Links Relationship
Jacques Viger 1787 - 1858 First Mayor3rd cousin (7xR)
Jean de Lauzon 1584 - 1666 Mayor3rd cousin (12xR)
Jean-Louis Beaudry 1899-1881 1862-1866 & 1877-1879 & 1881-1885 4th cousin (5xR)
Édouard-Raymond Fabre 1799 - 1854 1849 - 1851 4th cousin (6xR)
Sévère Rivard 1834 - 1888 1809-1866 6th cousin (4xR)
Jean Drapeau 1916 - 1999 1954 -1957 7th cousin (1xR)

Voyageurs & Coureurs des Bois

Nicolas Marsolet - 10th Gen. Great Grandfather

Anne Geneviève Lemire - 9th Gen. Great-Grandmother

Jean-Baptiste Lemire - 8th Gen. Great-Grand-Uncle

Charles-Henri Desjardins Gonneville - 9th Gen. Great-Grand-Uncle #

Guillaume Marion - 7th Gen. Great-Grand-Uncle

Louis Menard - 1st cousin (9xR)

Paul Desjardins de Rupally de Gonneville - 1st cousin (9xR)

JeanGodfroy - 9th Gen. Great-Grand-Uncle by marriage to Marie LeNeuf

René Bourassa Laronde - 2nd cousin (10xR) by marriage to Agnès Gagné

Pierre Louis Dufour - 5th cousin (5xR) by marriage to Marie Archange Garand

Carignan-Salières Regiment

Name & Profile DOB & DOD Biography & Links Relationship
Pierre André Renaudc. 1641 - 1713 [121] 8th Gen. Grandfather
Jean de Gerlaise dit Saint-Amandc. 1643 - 1722 9th Gen. Grandfather
Léonard Montreau Francoeur1646 - 1699 9th Gen. Grandfather
François Dessureau dit le Bourguignonc. 1633 - 1688 9th Gen. Grandfather
Michel Hébertc. 1641 -c. 1699sargent [122]9th Gen. Grandfather
Pierre Handgrave1652 - 1703 9th Gen. Grandfather
Jean-Baptiste Gourdon 1644 - 1691 9th Gen. Grandfather
Jean Gazaille1639 - c. 1693 9th Gen. Grandfather
Jean (Chatenay) Chastenayc. 1642 - 1707 9th Gen. Grandfather
Honoré Martelc. 1632 - c. 1713 10th Gen. Grandfather
Jean Laspron1637 - 1692 10th Gen. Grandfather
Germain Gauthier Jr.c. 1697 - 1719 10th Gen. Grandfather
Pierre Parenteau dit Lafontainec.1649 - 1695 1st cousin (10xR)
Claude Desjardinsc.1636 - 1704 2nd cousin (9xR)
Nicolas Audet1637 - 1700[123] 2nd cousin (11xR)
Pierre St-Ours1641 - 1724 1st cousin BY MARRIAGE (10xR)
Jacques Vigor dit Le Galop Great Uncle BY MARRIAGE
Robert Gadoys Step-Grandfather BY MARRIAGE

more C-S ancestors

Jean Piette dit Trempe

Louis Truchon

Antoine Roy

Pierre Aberoux

Émery "Mery" Herpin dit Poitevin

Pierre Balan

François Chevrefils

Auffray "Jean" Coulon dit Mabriand

Germain Gauthier dit St-Germain

Pierre Favreau

Antoine "Thony" Émery dit Coderre

André "La Gachette" Mignier dit Lagacé

Pierre Ménard dit St-Onge

Jean-Baptiste Tellier


René Huguet - Great-Uncle by marriage

Filles du Roi


Françoise Tierce

Marguerite Levaigneur

Marguerite Deshayes

Marie Bouart

Marie-Madeleine Benoit

Jeanne Touzé

Marie Lamy (wed to two Régiment Carignan-Salière soldiers, one being an ancestor)

Renée Birette

Anne-Michelle Renault

Jeanne Juin (Following her death, her husband married one of the Filles a Marier.)

Françoise Desportes

Marguerite (Chaumereau

Julienne Anne "Juliet" Dumont

Marie (Campion) Dube

Jeanne Godequin

Françoise Latier

Françoise Lemoine

Marie Major 1637-1689 Midwife [124] - 8th Gen.

Marguerite Moreau 1649-1690 - 9th Gen.

Madeleine Chrétien 1641-1709 - 9th Gen.

Élisabeth Provost c.1646 - 1722 - 9th Gen.

Relatives Marguerite Paquet - 8th Gen. Great-Aunt

Marguerite Prévost - 9th Gen. Great-Aunt

Marie-Charlotte (Roussel) Gauthier - 2nd cousin (8xR)

Anne (Roy) Le Roy - 3rd cousin (10xR)

Martine Crosnier - 3rd cousin (11xR)

Françoise Chartier 1655-1718 - 8th Gen. step-Great-Grandmother

Catherine De Lostelneau c. 1650-? - 8th Gen. Great-Aunt (by marriage)

Jeanne Judith De Matras c. 1645-1681 - 1st cousin by marriage (10xR)

Filles a Marier



















Le Grand Dérangement des Acadiens (1755-1764)

Name & Profile DOB & DOD Deportation Relationship
François Boudrot dit Mannec. 1692 - c. 1765 8th Gen Grandfather
Anne "Titan" Boudrot1709 - c. 1771Port-Royal1st cousin (8xR)
Joseph Pitre1718 - c. 1765Grand-Pré1st cousin (9xR)
Marguerite Amirault Mius-de-Pobomcoup1704 - 1796Cap Sable1st cousin (9xR)
Anne Marie Boudrotc. 1677 - 1778NS1st cousin (9xR)
Alexis Aucoin1725 - 1792 Île St. Jean2nd cousin (8xR)
Marie-Madeleine Mius Henry1710 - 1758 Île St. Jean - died aboard Duke William2nd cousin (8xR)
Geneviève Mius1720 - 1758Île St. Jean - died aboard Duke William2nd cousin (8xR)
Joseph Mius II1700 - 1765Grand-Pré 2nd cousin (8xR)
Joseph Mius I dit d'Entremont1705 - 1757Port-Royal 2nd cousin (8xR)
Charles Mius I1701 - 1795Cap Sable 2nd cousin (8xR)
François Mius1703 - c. 1755Cap Sable 2nd cousin (8xR)
Jean-Baptiste Mius1713 - c. 1806Cap Sable 2nd cousin (8xR)
Claire Mius1708 - 1760to Europe2nd cousin (8xR)
Anne Landryc. 1725 - ?to Europe2nd cousin (8xR)
Alexis Doiron[125][126]1723 - c. 1798Ile Saint Jean2nd cousin (9xR)
Jean Baptiste Raymond1710 - 1757Port-Royal 2nd cousin (9xR)
Marie-Marthe Hébert1710 - 1803Cap Sable 2nd cousin (9xR)
Marie Josèphe Surette1718 - c. 1762Cap Sable 2nd cousin (9xR)
Jeanne Duonc. 1718 - c. 1787Cap Sable 2nd cousin (9xR)
Marguerite Mius d'Entremontc. 1720 - c. 1760to Europe 3rd cousin (7xR)
Pierre Mius d'Entremontc. 1731 - 1778to Europe 3rd cousin (7xR)
Jacques Mius 1755 - 1819to Europe 3rd cousin (7xR)
Madeleine D'Entremont 1730 - 1770to Europe 3rd cousin (7xR)
Charles Mius d'Entremont1716 - c. 1773to Europe3rd cousin (7xR)
Joseph Mius d'Entremontc. 1725 - c. 1766to Europe 3rd cousin (7xR)


Designated Persons of National Historic Significance

"Designated by the Canadian government as being nationally significant in the history of the country... As of July 2016 there are 694 National Historic Persons." [128]

Name & Profile DOB & DOD Biography & Links Relationship
Nicolas Marsolet1587-1677Fur Trader, Interpreter recruited by Samuel de Champlain in 1613 to come to New France.[129]10th Gen. Grandfather
Nicolas Denys1603 - c. 1688"La Grande Barbe" - Explorer, Settler, Entrepreneur, Chronicler, Governor and Lieutenant-General for the king of the bay of the St. Lawrence, from Cape Canseau to Cap des Rosiers and islands (Newfoundland, St Jean Island, Magdalen Islands and Cape Breton)" [130]9th Gen. Grand-Uncle.
Jean-Baptiste Lemire (1676 - 1754)Quebec Syndic8th Gen. Grand-Uncle
Charles Aubert de La Chesnaye1632-1702 New France businessman and financier.[131] [132]7th Gen. Grand Uncle, BY MARRIAGE, to Angélique Denys
Agathe de Saint-Père1657-c.1748Manufacturer2nd cousin (10xR)
Marie-Anne Gaboury Lagimodière 1780-1875Pioneer, grandmother of Louis Riel|3rd cousin (6xR)
Louis Riel1844 - 1885Father of Manitoba & Executed Métis Martyr4th cousin (4xR)
Gabriel-Alphonse Desjardins1854 - 1920 Journalist, Publisher, Politician and co-founder of the caisse populaire. [133]4th cousin (4xR)
Philippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspé 1786 - 1871Author 4th cousin (5xR)
Gabrielle Roy1909 - 1983Author 5th cousin (3xR)
Gabriel Dumont1837 - 1906Métis Leader5th cousin (4xR)
Joseph-Adolphe Chapleau 1840-18985th Premier of Québec 6th cousin (3xR)
Louis Stephen St. Laurent 1882 - 197316th Prime Minister of Canada 6th cousin (3xR)
Lester B. Pearson1897 - 197218th PM of Canada7th cousin (3xR)
Marius Barbeau1883-1969Quebec Folklorist & Founding Anthropologist of Canada. [134]7th cousin (3xR)
PM Pierre Trudeau 1919 - 2000 Prime Minister of Canada7th cousin (1xR)
Joseph-Armand Bombardier1907 - 1964Inventor of the snowmobile. (Ski-Doo, 1959.)8th cousin (1xR)
Charles Bagot1781-1843Gov.-Gen. of the Province of Canada; Diplomat.11th cousin (9xR)
Snow Parker1760-1843Privateer, mariner, businessman, politician, militia officer, judge & JP14th cousin (10xR)
Dr. Norman Bethune 1822-1892Upper Canada School of Medicine Co-Founder; Toronto School of Medicine professor of surgery.7th cousin (4xR)
Laura Secord1775 - 1868War of 1812 heroic hiker.12th cousin (7xR)
Dr. H. Norman Bethune 1890- 1939 "...Canadian physician, medical innovator, and noted anti-fascist... came to international prominence... as a front line surgeon supporting the democratically-elected Republican government during the Spanish Civil War. But it was his service with the Communist Eighth Route Army (Ba Lu Jun) during the Second Sino-Japanese War that would earn him enduring acclaim. Dr. Bethune effectively brought modern medicine to rural China... selfless commitment to the Chinese people made such an impression on Mao Zedong that generations of Chinese students were required to memorise the Chairman's eulogy to him. The Norman Bethune Medal is the highest medical honour in China, bestowed by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Personnel of China, to recognize an individual's outstanding contribution, heroic spirit and great humanitarianism in the medical field... '" [135] "Mao Zedong published his famous text, 'In memory of Norman Bethune', calling on the Chinese people to assimilate Bethune's spirit: 'utter devotion to others without any thought of self.' After the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949, Bethune became a widely respected hero there." [136]9th cousin (2xR)
Billy Bishop1894 - 1956WWII Ace Pilot.18th cousin (4xR)

Sir Wilfred Laurier - 4th cousin (3xR)

George-Étienne Cartier - Premier of Canada East - 5th cousin (7xR) (& 6th cousin 4xR)

Étienne-Paschal Taché 1795 - 1865 - 5th cousin (5xR)

Maurice Duplessis - 6th cousin (2xR)

Honoré Mercier 1840 - 1894 - 6th cousin (4xR)

Simon Fraser 8th cousin (7xR)

Martin Frobisher - 11th cousin (13xR)

John George Lambton 1792 - 1840 ||8th cousin (6xR)

Lord Dufferin - 11th cousin (7xR)

John Beverley Robinson 1820 - 1896||13th cousin (8xR)

Peter Pond [137] ||1739 - 1807 ||11th cousin (10xR)

Robert Borden 14th cousin (6xR)

Adolphus Egerton Ryerson 1803 - 1882 ||14th cousin (7xR)

Gordon Drummond 9th cousin (8xR)

James Bruce 10th cousin (6xR)

Mazo de La Roche 1879 - 1961||16th cousin (4xR)

Richard William Scott ||1825 - 1913||Ottawa Mayor, Ontario Senator||14th cousin (6xR)

Charles Tupper, MD 1821 - 1915|| 13th cousin (7xR)

Margaret Marshall Saunders ||1861 - 1947||19th cousin (8xR)

Joseph Barss III 19th cousin (8xR)

Edward Belcher 21st cousin (7xR)

Celebrated Cousins

Name & Profile DOB & DOD Biography & Links Relationship
Abbé Cyprien Tanguay1819 - 1902Priest & Genealogist, Author of Dictionnaire généalogique des familles canadiennes françaises depuis les origines de la colonie jusqu'à nos jours5th cousin (5xR)
William Bergeron 192? - 199? Musician 6th cousin
Jean-Guy Lavigueur1935-2000Widowed patriarch of infamous lottery-winning Lavigueur family6th cousin (2xR)
Joseph Drouin (1875 - 1937)Attorney & Genealogist, Founder of the Drouin Institute "pioneer of genealogy as a commercial enterprise, Drouin used two corporate names: Les Généalogies Drouin Enregistré and Joseph Drouin Généalogies et Armoiries. Over the years he compiled approximately 1,200 genealogies and created more than 500,000 index cards. The methodology of this workhorse was rigorous, his findings being verified and supported by references to sources." [138] 6th cousin (3xR)
Madonna Ciccone 1958 - Singer, Actress, Entrepreneur 7th cousin
Céline Dion 1968- Singer7th cousin (1xR).
Dionne Quintuplets b. May 28, 1934First Quints known to survive infancy7th cousins (1xR)
"Rocket" Richard 1921-2000 Montréal Canadiens Hockey hero 7th cousin (1xR)
Jean Harlow1911 - 1937 22nd greatest female star of classic Hollywood cinema (American Film Institute) died of kidney disease at age 26 7th cousin (2xR)
René Jetté1944-2003History Professor, Demographer, Genealogist, Author7th cousin (3xR)
Justin Trudeau 1971-Prime Minister of Canada, 2015 - present. Son of former PM, Pierre Trudeau8th cousin
Jack Kerouac 1922 - 1969)Writer 8th cousin.
Alanis Morissette1974-Singer, Actor, Producer8th cousin.
Mark Wahlberg 1971- Actor8th cousin (1xR)
Angelina Jolie 1975Actress, Producer 8th cousin (1xR).
Patricia Arquette 1968-Actress. Sister of actor David Arquette8th cousin (2xR)
Ellen Degeneres1958-Actor, Producer9th cousin (1xR)
Johnny Depp 1963Actor, Producer, Musician10th cousin (1xR)[139]
Elizabeth Cady Stanton 1815 - 1902 American Suffragette 10th cousin (6xR)
Prince Philip1921- Queen's consort13th cousin (3xR)
Susan B. Anthony 1820 - 1906 American Suffragette9th cousin (7xR)
Clara Barton 1821 - 1912Red Cross Founder14th cousin (8xR)
Brigham Young 1801 - 1877 LDS Church Leader14th cousin (8xR)
Kate Rice1882-1963First female Canadian prospector; writer; trapper15th cousin (6xR)
Abigail Adams1744 - 1818Civil Rights Activist & unofficial Presidential Adviser15th cousin (5xR)
Isaac Singer1811-1875Developed the sewing machine15th cousin (8xR)
Ethan Allen1738 - 1789 Author, Philosopher, War Hero15th cousin (9xR)
General Rufus Putnam1738 - 1824"Father of the Northwest Territory" was instrumental in its initial settling, in present-day Ohio, following the American Revolutionary War16th cousin (12xR)
Abraham Lincoln1809 - 1865 U.S. President "Honest Abe"13th cousin (8xR)
Edwin Booth1833 - 1893Famed 19th Century Actor14th cousin (5xR)
John Wilkes Booth 1838 - 1865 Actor & Assassin of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln14th cousin (5xR)
Lord Carnarvon1866 - 1923 Raider of King Tut's Tomb13th cousin (3xR)
Judy Garland1922-1969Film Actress & Singer16th cousin (14xR)
Liza Minnelli1946-Film Actress & Singer 16th cousin (14xR)
Marilyn Monroe 1926 - 1962Actress17th cousin (3xR)
Margaret Atwood1939-Noted Author13th cousin (3xR)
Lucille Ball1911-1989Actor17th cousin (3xR)
Steve McQueen1930-1980"King of Cool" Actor13th cousin
Neil Young1945 - Singer-Songwriter18th cousin (5xR)
Edgar Rice Burroughs1875 - 1950Novelist (Tarzan)18th cousin (5xR)
L. Ron Hubbard1911-1986Author of pulp fiction and founder of the Church of Scientology17th cousin (3xR)
Adm. Bertram Ramsay 1883-1945Architect of the nine-day Dunkirk Evacuation, rescuing 338,000 Allied troops trapped on the beach at Dunkirk, from capture by Nazis. 11th cousin (3xR)
Robert Duvall1931-Actor16th cousin (4xR)
Bill Nye1955-"Bill Nye the Science Guy"19th cousin (4xR)
Zane Grey1872-1939Author19th cousin (5xR)
Annie Edson Taylor1838 - 1921 first person to survive Niagara Falls in a barrel @ 63!18th cousin (7xR)
Louis L'Amour1908-1988Author20th cousin (3xR)
John F. Kennedy1917-1963Storied U.S. President, assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald 20th cousin (4xR)
Elvis Presley1935-1977"The King of Rock 'n' Roll"19th cousin (2xR)
Barack Obama1961-First (openly) Black U.S. President19th cousin (1xR)
Dick van Dyke1920-Comic Actor15th cousin (1xR)
Buckminster Fuller1895 - 1983 Architect, engineer, author, designer, inventor, and futurist - designed the geodesic dome18th cousin (3xR)

Matt LeBlanc - 8th cousin

Mathew Perry - 9th cousin (1xR)

Beyoncé - 9th cousin [140]

Ryan Gosling - 9th cousin (1xR)

Justin Bieber - 9th cousin (2xR)

Meghan Trainor - 9th cousin (3xR)

Prince William - 10th cousin (13xR) [141]

Avril Lavigne - 11th cousin (1xR)

Queen Elizabeth II - 11th cousin (4xR)

Laura Linney - 15th cousin (4xR)

Princess Diana - 11th cousin (2xR)

PM Jean Chrétien - 17th cousin (2xR)

Edward Norton - 18th cousin (2xR)

Christopher Plummer - 19th cousin (2xR)

Chris Whitten: WikiTree Founder - 18th cousin (1xR).

Robert Duvall - 16th cousin (4xR)

Benedict Cumberbatch 14th cousin (3xR)

Jennifer Lawrence - 21st cousin

Courtney Cox - 19th cousin (2xR)

Halle Berry - 21st cousin (3xR)

Annette Bening - 21st cousin (3xR)

Cate Blanchett - 14th cousin (1xR)

Julia Roberts - 18th cousin (3xR)

Emma Roberts - 19th cousin (2xR)

Sally Field - 24th cousin (5xR)


Name & Profile DOB & DOD Biography & Links Relationship
Charles Henry Browning1846 - 1926False Genealogy Author & Publisher [142]18th cousin (6xR)
Frédéric Forsyth1833- Genealogical Fraudster & Aryan Order FounderUnrelated (though would have it believed otherwise)

Généalogie (maternal)

Hennequin Ancestry - Pattou

"Racine Histoire: 'Maison d'Hennequin: Flandres, Artois, Champagne, Île-de-France, Anjou",

by Etienne Pattou; 2004.[143]

de Montmorency Ancestry - Pattou

"Racine Histoire: 'Maison de Montmorency du Vexin, Île-de-France",

by Etienne Pattou; 2005, p. 10." [144]

"'Prevves De L'Histoire De La Maison De Montmorency: Tirees Des Chartes De Diverses Eglises, des Registres de la Chancellerie, du Parlement, & de la Chambre des Comptes, & de plusieurs Tiltres & Historiens. Avec Les Figvres Des Anciens Seavx & Armes, dont les Seigneurs & Dames de Monmorency seelloient leurs Actes', par André Du Chesne; Cramoisy; France; 1624, p. 178." [145]

d'Anglure Ancestry - Pattou

"Racine Histoire: 'Maison d’Anglure du Champagne",

by Etienne Pattou; 2016, p. 17. [146]

"'Prevves De L'Histoire De La Maison De Montmorency: Tirees Des Chartes De Diverses Eglises, des Registres de la Chancellerie, du Parlement, & de la Chambre des Comptes, & de plusieurs Tiltres & Historiens. Avec Les Figvres Des Anciens Seavx & Armes, dont les Seigneurs & Dames de Monmorency seelloient leurs Actes', par André Du Chesne; Cramoisy; France; 1624, p. 178." [147][148]

Denys Ancestry - Drolet


by Yves Drolet; 2016:


Mathurin DENYS n v 1490 Tours FRA, d 1548/1553 Tours FRA

m Guillemine GIRARD, v 1515 Tours FRA d ap 1567.
i. Mathurin
ii. Jean
iii. Pierre...


Mathurin DENYS de MUSSAY n v 1525 Tours FRA, s 11-09-1584 Ballan-Miré FRA :m 1e Marie AUBERT d 1569/1570 Tours FRA (Pierre & Guillemine N.)

i. Mathurin, n 19-09-1549 Tours FRA
ii. Mathurine, n 19-09-1550 Tours FRA m Nicolas LEGENDRE, v 1569 Tours FRA
iii. Perrine, n 06-06-1552 Tours FRA
iv. Renaud, n 03-10-1553 Tours FRA
v. Garianne, n 12-07-1556 Tours FRA
vi. Renaud, n 06-02-1557 Tours FRA, d 1593 Tours FRA
vii. Louis, n 12-05-1559 Tours FRA
viii. Jacques...


Jacques DENYS du PRESSOIR n 1561 Tours FRA, d 18-05-1631 Tours FRA

m Marie COSNIER, 11-06-1594 Tours FRA b 14-11-1567 Tours FRA (Hugues & Françoise YESURE)
i. Marie, b 24-03-1596 Tours FRA, d 11-1659 FRA...
i. Jacques de VITRÉ, b 10-09-1597 Tours FRA, d av 1650...
iii. Françoise, b 26-12-1598 Tours FRA
iv. Simon de LA TRINITÉ
v. Anne, b 17-09-1601 Tours FRA
vi. Nicolas
vii. Françoise, b 27-12-1604 Tours FRA...
viii. Anne, b 15-09-1607 Tours FRA
ix. Hugues, b 19-11-1608 Tours FRA...


Simon Denys de la Trinité b 12-01-1600 Tours FRA, s 11-11-1678 La Rochelle FRA

m 1e Jeanne DUBREUIL, cm 26-05-1628 Tours FRA b 20-10-1605 Tours FRA, s 03-10-1641 Tours FRA (Honorat & Suzanne GEREAU)
i. Simon, b 04-03-1629 Tours FRA
ii. Pierre de LA RONDE
iii. Marie, b 14-08-1632 Tours FRA
iv. Jacques, b 15-03-1634 Tours FRA
v. Anne, b 07-07-1637 Tours FRA...
vi. Françoise, b 01-08-1639 Tours FRA, s 11-09-1643 Tours FRA...


Pierre DENYS de LA RONDE n 09-10-1630 Tours FRA, d 03-06-1708 Québec QC

m Catherine LENEUF de LA POTERIE 23-08-1655 Québec QC...'"[149]

"'GÉNÉALOGIE DE LA FAMILLE DENYS Montreal 2014"' by Yves Drolet.[150]

Denys & Cosnier - Audcent


Mathurin DENYS de MUSSAY 'The eglise de Saint-Symphorien-des-Ponts. Made a will and testament 1584. Sieur de Mussay. Bourgeois and merchant of Tours. Régisseur des domaines (estate manager) at the château de La Carte, at Ballan, for Renaud de Beaune, Bishop of Bourges. Married (1) c1549 to Marie Aubert (alias Aulbert)...

Jacques DENYS Born c1564. Died 1631. Sieur du Pressoir. Merchant of Tours, conseiller du roi, greffier des insinuations ecclésiastiques de l'archevêché de Tours. He married Marie Cosnier. Born c1567. Died after 1609
Simon Denys de la Trinité Baptised 1600 in the eglise de Saint-Pierre-du-Boile at Tours. Died 1678 and buried in the cemetery of the eglise de St Bathelemy at La Rochelle. Ecuyer, Sieur de la Trinité, conseiller du roi, Lieutenant au Grenier à sel de Tours, Neuvy et Langeais. Canadian colonial pioneer and entrepreneur. Conseiller au Conseil souverain à Québec. Resident of Tours, Paris, Quebec and La Rochelle. Ennobled by lettres patentes, granted by [9th cousin, 8xR] Louis XIV in March 1668 at Germain-en-Laye. He married in 1628 (1) Jeanne Du Breuil, baptized 1605 in the eglise de Saint-Pierre-du-Boile at Tours, died 1641 and buried in the eglise de of Saint-Vincent at Tours, and (2) in 1643 to Françoise Dutertre....
Pierre DENYS de LA RONDE Baptised in the eglise de Saint-Vincent at Tours, 1631. Died 1708 at Quebec and buried in the eglise de Récollets. Ecuyer, Sieur de la Ronde, seigneur de l’Isle Percé. Canadian colonial pioneer and entrepreneur. He was married c1655 in Canada, to Catherine Le Neuf de La Poterie. Born 1640, Canada. Died 1697 at Quebec and buried in the eglise de Récollets...'" [151] [152]

LeNeuf Ancestry

"Dictionary of Canadian Biography" [153]

Red Sky Métis Independent Nation

"History of the Métis People of Lake Superior Red Sky Métis Independent Nation’s™ ancestry can be dated back to as early as 1506, when Captain Jehan Denys landed in Newfoundland. Denys was a French sailor, captain, an expert navigator and voyager from Honfleur, Normandy. Connected to Montreal and to the fur trade, these explorers married aboriginal women establishing a new generation of Canadians that embraced the cultures of both worlds. By the 1600’s, they had established permanent settlements along the shores of Lake Superior that provided a foundation for the North West Company and, later, the Hudson’s Bay Company trading routes.

Today RSMIN people possess a strong sense of shared identity. Approximately 8,000 Red Sky Métis Independent Nation citizens reside in communities throughout the Robinson-Superior Treaty area as well as throughout Canada and the World. The RSMIN Community is committed to the preservation of history, traditions and practices. Our history and culture is celebrated in the traditions and songs of the Great Rendezvous, chronicled in the annals of the North West Company and the Hudson’s Bay Company and occupies an uncontested, pre-eminent position in the historical record of the founding of Thunder Bay, Gateway to the West.

It unites the traditions of the people of New France and English Canada with that of our Aboriginal mothers into a distinct and vibrant Métis culture. We are the voice of the Métis people of the Red Sky Métis Independent Nation whose ancestors, the Coureurs de Bois, the first colonists – the French Voyageurs, settled this area and brought Canada to the attention of the World as a land of unsurpassed natural wealth and unparalleled opportunity."[154]


University of Toronto 1982-1985

Psychoanalytic Theory
Literary Studies
Political Science
News Bureau Chief, "the newspaper"

"'Sunnyside Historical Society: Then and Now', Toronto, Ontario, published 2016."

Photo: 1969 [155]
Photo: 1970 [156]

"'Sunnyside Historical Society: Then and Now', Toronto, Ontario, Photo: 1962 Handmade beaded hospital bracelet from St Joseph's, passed down from mother Janet Klein, and 'Acknowledgement of Registration of Birth'. [Erratum: not my birth certificate, as captioned in article.] [157]


Film [158] [159]

Writer Editor, Copy Editor, Poet, Journalist, Interviewer, Book Developer, Ghostwriter, Biographer [160] [161] [162]

Genealogy Blog [163]

Manager of The Second City Comedy, Toronto, 1982-1985 [164]


Zuma Beach, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
More Myth & Legend Enterprises, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
the alleyway café, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
Island Organics, Saltspring Island, BC, Canada
Discovery Coast Cottage Inn, Long Beach, Washington, USA


A year along this 'road less taken' with native Grandmothers and Voyageurs, through Frankish Kings to the Roman Empire, was a journey begun in homage to my dying mother Janet Klein.

Every step to discovering our shared human roots has been a revelation made possible by the careful research of so many others. Thank you, especially, to cousin Ed Hass of Ontario, Canada for a well-laid path to this 'Yellow Brick Road". The research of Yves Drolet of Montreal, Canada, and of David B. Audcent and Geoffrey Audcent of England has been invaluable.

Thank you, too, for the wondrous work of the caring Wiki volunteers that makes this platform possible.

Gratefully en famille, 2016


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hi Sunny, on Anne Charlotte, I put a copy of the first section of her son's marriage contract on his profile, shows her name written Anne Charlotte, no blank spaces or anything.
posted by Danielle Liard
Hello, Sunny,

We are sorry to lose you as a member of the Black Sheep Project, but we understand that life gets busy and interests shift. Please know that you will always be welcome to rejoin the project in the future if you wish.

Thank you so much for your participation; we genuinely appreciate it.

Deb ~ Volunteer Coordinator

posted by Deb (Lewis) Durham
Hi Sunny, I see you have lots of experience. I was wondering if you can take a peek into whether I have any mix-ups or not. I am curious if these are two different sets of Etienne & Marguerite within the same family at different generations (aunt & uncle Denys_de_laronde-7 to Longdo-10)? I have a feeling there is possibly some sort of mix up here. Thanks for all your assistance! ~Lynn Tober-Rice
Hello, Sunny,

It has been a few weeks since we contacted you about your participation in the Black Sheep Project and as we haven't heard from you, we are following up to make sure you wish to remain a member.

We understand that interests shift as we grow our shared tree and that some members may have moved on to projects more pertinent to the branches they are currently building. If this is the case for you, please let us know.

If we do not hear back from you within the week, we will assume you have moved on to other things for the moment and remove you from the project. Please know that you will always be welcome to rejoin should your interests shift back in this direction.

Thank you so much for your participation; we genuinely appreciate it.

Deb ~ Volunteer Coordinator

posted by Deb (Lewis) Durham
Hi Sunny

It has been a couple of weeks since we contacted you about your participation in the Acadia Project and as we haven't heard from you, we are following up to make sure you wish to remain a member.

We understand that interests shift as we grow our shared tree and that some members may have moved on to projects more pertinent to the branches they are currently building. If this is the case for you, please let us know.

If we do not hear back from you within the week, we will assume you have moved on to other things for the moment and remove you from the project. Please know that you will always be welcome to rejoin should your interests shift back in this direction.

Thank you so much for your participation; we genuinely appreciate it.

Karen ~ Volunteer Coordinator

Hello Sunny,

On behalf of the Project Black Sheep Leaders, we are doing a six-month check-in with members. Please let me know, by commenting on my profile or sending a private message, if you are still active in the project, and if so, how you have contributed to the main project or a sub-project within the last two months.

All of us at WikiTree would like to thank you for your contributions and hope that you are enjoying exploring your roots.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Butch Smith ~ Volunteer Coordinator

posted by Butch Smith
Hi Sunny,

On behalf of the Acadians Project Leaders, we are doing a six-month check-in with members. Please let us know if you are still active. If you are active, please let us know in which ways you are currently contributing to the project.

All of us at WikiTree would like to thank you for your contributions and hope that you are enjoying exploring your roots.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Karen ~ Volunteer Coordinator

Thanks for the merge notice re Mary-Ann Perrett (Hurlstone-95). This is the second merge notice I have received within 24 hours. The matching at creation time must be deficient, but with such an enormous database, it still does a wonderful job.
posted by Doug Laidlaw
Hi! Because Dick Brennan has the notable tag he shows up on my To Do list, I am updating the notables tags so notable profiles starts to get sub categorized (makes them easier to find, maintain and be cared for). But he can belong to more than just one project, maybe the Irish Roots project? There seems to be missing some information on his Irish ancestry.