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Jill (Turkington) Lee

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Jill J. Lee formerly Turkington aka Lee
Born 1940s.
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Please see and reply to my requests on Stoppelmoor-1.



posted by Russell Butler
Hi Jill,

Following up my trust list request and private message that I sent to you regarding Crosby-158. Please add me to the trusted list on this profile or open the profile so that I can make a connection.



posted by Russell Butler
Hello. I saw your comment on Grimmie-3. I would be interested in taking over researching her family and updating her tree. Can I be added to the Trusted List, please?
posted by Kasey Bonanno
I would like to Update the profile page for Rush Limbaugh-95 ! ! Please Open ! the Privacy setting ! I see today that it has been One Year since someone left you a message on his profile to Open the Privacy Setting ! you have yet to do so !
posted by Sandie (Schwartz) Schwarz
edited by Sandie (Schwartz) Schwarz
Please add me to the trusted list of Crone-476 as she passed away this year and needs to be added to her son, Kurt Russell. Thank you.
posted by Scott Fulkerson
Hi Jill, there are two mergers waiting for your approval, if you've lost interest I could take them over, they are Marjorie Byrd Hall and Charles T Collins.
posted by Kurt Driver

Have you had a chance to review my Trusted List request (sent 14 June) and/or my Private Message (sent 21 June)?

Ros Haywood

posted by Ros Haywood
News outlets have reported that today on April 14th, 2021. Bernie Madoff has died. It appears that Madoff-4 might be him. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/14/bernie-madoff-dies-mastermind-of-the-nations-biggest-investment-fraud-was-82.html
posted by Robert Ward
Jill, you have enough proof that Rosalia Easton's maiden surname was GRIMES. You are the only one that can edit her last name as you are the manager. Could you please changes her last name please? Thanks (-:


posted by Maggie N.
Phil Spector has died. If Spekter-1 represents him (as I assume it does), then please open the profile. There is a duplicate it should be merged with.


my mother was adopted in 1967.. her birth certificate says "baby girl cyrus" her mother was 5'1 - 5'2 i was told that Destiny (miley) was possibly my cousin. im not sure. i dont care about the fame... i just have health issues and would like to know more about my family history
posted by Margaret Phipps
Hi Jill. Will you connect Gordy-193 with his father Gordy-229? Thank you.
posted by Jessica Key
Hi Jessica,

I connected Gordy-193 with his father, Gordy-229. However, I’m having difficulties adding you to the Trusted List. The problem seems to be that I need your email address. Sorry, but I have been without a computer for at least a year and haven’t been active for quite awhile, so I’ve gotten a bit rusty. Can you please help me out? Send me an email? Jill

posted by Jill (Turkington) Lee
Hi Jill,

You shouldn't need someone's email address to be able to add them to the Trusted List for a profile for which you are a manager, if they've submitted a Trusted List request. From your profile (or just about anywhere else in WikiTree), use the My WikiTree drop-down menu to choose the Requests option and scroll to the bottom to see all "Trusted List Requests to You", or just click here => https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:InvitationPage&review=1#to. While you are there, can you please address the 10 TL requests that I've submitted over the past year for profiles for which you are a profile manager.


Rick Peterson

posted by Rick Peterson
Hi Jill,

Hope all is well. It appears that you now have access to your WikiTree account again. Can you please respond to the Trusted List requests for my relatives?

Henry Limbaugh

George Limbaugh

Anna Ritter

Johannes Limbaugh

Marie (Listerer) Limbaugh

They are my 5g-7g grandparents.


Rick Peterson

posted by Rick Peterson
Hello Jill, hope all is well, you are the profile manager for a William H. Price profile, Price-11005, of Ogle County, Illinois. I am going to add his wife, which is a second cousin 3XR of mine. I will be adding about 6 source citations for William. I will not remove your one mention of a history book for your source.
posted by Rodney Long
Hi Jill! A few weeks ago I sent you a Trusted List request for Amy (Hunnewell) Cussler so I can connect Clive Cussler to the WikiTree. Could you take a look and respond?

Thank you! :)

Hi Jill,

It appears that your 2 accounts have now been merged. Can you please respond to my Trusted List requests for the following profiles for which you are the profile manager?

Henry Limbaugh

George Limbaugh

Anna Ritter

Johannes Limbaugh

Marie (Listerer) Limbaugh

They are my 5g-7g grandparents.


Rick Peterson

posted by Rick Peterson
Hi Jill,

I’ve not heard back from you regarding the US Southern Colonies Project so have gone ahead and removed you from the project for now. However, if you’d like to rejoin at any stage you would be most welcome to do so by answering the G2G sign-up post here.

Many thanks,

Susie :-)

Thank you, Jill for finding my error on the Birth Date for Sarah E Linhart. Was this being a wiki Data Doctor, or are you related to Sarah?
posted by David Miller
Hi Jill,

I sent you a message a week ago to let you know about the exciting changes in the US Southern Colonies Project to ask you about your continued involvement but have no yet heard back from you. Do you still want to be in the project? If so, which team(s) would you like to be on and please can you private message me with your e-mail address so I can get you added to the project’s Google Group?

If I don’t hear from you by the same time next week I’ll assume that you’ve moved on to other things but you’d be most welcome to re-join the project at any time.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes,

Susie - US Southern Colonies Co-Leader

Hi Jill,

As you may have seen, we have been doing some restructuring in the US Southern Colonies Project and are now organising ourselves into different teams. We have also changed the criteria for membership. Please have a look at the new project pages, and let me know whether you would like to remain in the project and, if so, which team(s) you would like to be in.

Please can you also send me your e-mail address. I can then make sure you are introduced to your Team Leaders and are in the Google Group.

Please note that it is a requirement for membership in the US Southern Colonies Project that you respond to these check-ins. We’re really excited for the future of the project and hope that you decide to be a part of it with us moving forwards.

Many thanks,

Susie, US Southern Colonies Project Co-Leader

Hi Jill,

This is a follow up to my message in February, I hope you return to WikiTree soon....

posted by Robin Lee
Hi Jill!

Thanks for joining us! I hope you're enjoying our site and our community. I just wanted to check in and see how things are going. Has the New Member How To Pages been helpful or has it left you with questions?

It's great to have you on board. Enjoy your time here, and good luck growing your branches. If you need help just click on my name you'll be transferred to my profile where you can post a message or send me a private message.

Cheryl ~ WikiTree Messenger

P.S. To find reliable sources for your profiles, go to the Family Tree & Tools tab; select Genealogy Research and scroll down near the bottom of that list and select Research with RootsSearch. There are over 20 websites to access from there.

posted on Turkington-189 (merged) by Cheryl (Smith) Hess
Hey that’s interesting! (So many Gregorys). Did you find me via a profile I manage? :)
posted on Turkington-189 (merged) by Katherine Gregory
Hi Jaclyn,

A warm welcome to WikiTree. You are now a member and can add your family to the big tree!

Click here to start with our New Member How To Pages. They will save you time, energy and frustration as you add your family profiles.

I hope you enjoy WikiTree as much as I have. You never know when you will find a lost family member or ancestor. Or maybe find a hidden family secret about an ancestor. Genealogy to me is like being a detective looking for clues into the past.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm always happy to help!

David ~ WikiTree Greeter

PS. Sometimes links don't work in emails. If that's happened to you, check the public comments on your profile as the links will work from there.

posted on Turkington-189 (merged) by David Selman
Oh my goodness! I hope you're feeling better now. My husband and I were also dragged into iPhones this Christmas. (I'll get used to it, I suppose, but I truly hate the keyboard.)

Okay. Regarding merging two profiles!

There are two options:

1. If you were able to recover the old email address, you can log in with that, and click on the "forgot password" link to reset it.

2. Drop a note to [email address removed] and explain the situation. Ask them to send you the email address you used originally and reset your password.

Then, you should be able to merge the profiles since you're the manager of both of them.

Let me know if this doesn't work, okay?

Happy new technology,

Claire ~ WikiTree Greeter

posted on Turkington-189 (merged) by Claire (Chapel) Nava
Hi Jill,

Can you please respond to my Trusted List requests for the following profiles for which you are the profile manager?

Henry Limbaugh

George Limbaugh

Anna Ritter

Johannes Limbaugh

Marie (Listerer) Limbaugh

They are my 5g-7g grandparents.


Rick Peterson

posted by Rick Peterson
edited by Rick Peterson

This is just a note to say hi and to let you know that I'm available to answer questions about joining WikiTree.

To contact me, click the link to my name, then send a private message or post a comment on my profile page.

Claire ~ WikiTree Greeter

P.S. If you did not receive a notice to confirm your email, check your spam folder or use this link to request a new one. If links do not work in an email from WikiTree, try them from the comment section on your profile page.

posted on Turkington-189 (merged) by Claire (Chapel) Nava
Hi Claire!

In Nov my computer died. I didn't get a new one until late Dec, when we were celebrating Frank's 80th birthday. My email - [email address removed] then became inaccessible. My brother-in-law tried to help, and we created a new email. - [email address removed] Then our daughter, Kathy, decided that since Frank & I both had flip phones that were failing us, she added us to her cricket account and got us both iphones. Sunday Kathy flew to Hawaii for two weeks - leaving me with her cat, fish & plants, etc., as well as my dog,,etc., to care for. Monday Frank & I ended up at a 3PM Dr.'s appt. followed by a visit to my brother-in-laws until about 11PM. Then yesterday I had major oral surgery beginning at 9AM, and ending around 4:30 PM, followed by a visit to CVS, etc. Got home around 7 pm. Needless to say, I've been a bit overwhelmed by all of this. In trying to regain access to my my WikiTree account I ended up with a duplicate profile for myself, which, of course, I can't merge with my new profile, because I can't access the old one. (I know duplicate files are a No/No & I want this cured ASAP. Can you help, or connect me with someone to help me, with getting my Turkington-66 profile merged with my Turkington-189 profile? My email has to be changed in the process, of course.

Many, many thank yous if you can help at all,

Jill Lee

posted on Turkington-189 (merged) by Jill (Turkington) Lee
Hi Jill,

Glad to see you back on WikiTree! If you haven't already done so, send an email to [email address removed] explaining your duplicate profiles and providing your 2 profile IDs. They should be able to get your duplicate profiles resolved.

Rick Peterson

posted on Turkington-189 (merged) by Rick Peterson
Hi Jill, thanks for the welcome. I live in northern Ireland and my Turkingtons come from Cookstown, Co Tyrone originally before moving to Belfast. It will take me a while to get everyone added but you never know
posted by Lesley (Cobain) Kirk
LOL! Hello, cousin. You must have a lot of New Englanders in your tree, then.
posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
Hi Jill,

I'm doing some building on Raymond Wesley Mason's branch. I'm going to add profiles for his parents and possibly others. If you would like me to add you to trusted list or profile management as I create them, let me know. Thanks, Sarah

posted by Sarah Mason

First, sorry for your loss!

Second, because Vizy-3 is unlisted and I'm not on the trusted list, I can't see the profile or hope to help solve the problem.

For it and the other issue, I'd suggest a post at G2G or an e-mail to [email address removed]

Hope you get it resolved easily & soon and again sorry about your brother-in-law.


posted by Nick Andreola Jr
Hi Jill,

Thinking of you! How are you? Well, I hope!


posted by Paula J
Hi Jill, we may also need to merge Pickens-1266 into Pickens-909. Thanks!
posted by J. Mancha
Hi Jill, sorry for the T. Boone Pickens duplicate. I tried to merge, but the original is restricted, so I couldn't. Thanks!
posted by J. Mancha
Hi ,

On behalf of the Connectors Project Leaders, we are doing a six-month check-in with members. Please let us know if you are still active. If you are active, please let us know in which ways you are currently contributing to the project.

All of us at WikiTree would like to thank you for your contributions and hope that you are enjoying exploring your roots.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Michelle ~ Volunteer Coordinator

That's pretty cool Jill! As more profiles are added, we might even find a closer connection!
posted by Nick Andreola Jr
Hi Cousin! I’m going to have fun exploring your list of relations to see if I share them too!
posted by Katherine Gregory

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