Adèle  (Vermandois) d'Anjou

Adèle (Vermandois) d'Anjou (abt. 0950 - aft. 0984)

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Adèle (Adele) "Adela, Comtesse de Meaux" [uncertain] d'Anjou formerly Vermandois
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Line of Descent to William the Conqueror

Douglas Richardson [1] provides one line of descent from Charlemagne to William the Conqueror and four lines of descent from Charlemagne to William's wife Maud.

Parent: Robert, 931-968
This profile: Adele, 950-984
Child: Ermengarde, 966-992



Adèle de Meaux is not Adélaïde de Châlons. Adèle married Geoffroy I Grisegonelle, d. 987, count of Anjou, while Adélaïde married Lambert, Comte de Chalon, who died probably 978. The confusion arises because after Adele's death, and after Lambert's death, Lambert's widow, Adélaïde did marry Geoffroy I Grisegonelle. [2]


  • Adela Vermandois [3]
  • Adele of Troyes,[1]
  • Adèle de Troyes. [2]
  • Adele of Meaux [3]
  • Adèle or Adela de Meaux,[1]

To distinguish her from her possible sister, Adèle or Adela will be used for this person, and Adelais or Adelaide for her sister, although in practice, all four names tend to function interchangeably.

950 Birth and Parentage

Baldwin states that both the date and place of birth of Adele of Troyes are unknown. [2]

Cawley estimates a birth year of 950 [4] or before 950 [5] Wikipedia shows her birth year as about 934 without further citation, [3] but that date is not consistent with the 931 birth year of her father Robert.

Adele of Troyes was the daughter of Robert, Count of Meaux and his wife Adelais, alias Werra. [1]daughter of Giselbert, count of Chalon and Troyes. [2][6]

Cawley notes that she was long regarded as the sister of Robert and therefore daughter of Heribert, but that recently, historian K.F. Werner showed that she is instead his daughter. [7] Cawley estimates a marriage year of 965 based on the birth year of her eldest daughter. [7] Baldwin states that she is sometime falsely shown as the daughter of Heribert II, who died in 943, count of Vermandois, who was actually her grandfather. [2] Baldwin goes on to identify scholars who have asserted that, including Mabille. [8]

Baldwin notes that the major medieval source for Adèle's parentage is an eleventh century collection of Angevin genealogies, which includes a genealogical table of Adèle's relatives and clearly makes her a daughter of count Robert of Troyes. The count Heribert who witnessed the 974 charter could not be Heribert II, who died in 943, but either Heribert II's son Heribert le Vieux, count of Omois, or the latter's nephew Heribert le Jeune, son of count Robert of Meaux and Troyes. Furthermore, making this Adele to be the daughter of Heribert II would require him to have two daughters of the same name, since he already has a well documented daughter, Adèle. [2]

965 Marriage to Geoffroi

About 965 she married, as his first wife, Geoffroi I Grisegonelle, Count of Anjou (958/960-987), Count of Chalon (979-987), son of Foulques II the Good, Count of Anjoy, by his wife Gerberge. [1] Geoffroy I “Grisegonelle” Comte d'Anjou, was son of Foulques II Comte d’Anjou and his first wife Gerberge [de Maine] (-21 Jul 987) [5][2]

974 Charter

In a charter dated 6 March 974, Adèle donated her hereditary domains to Saint-Aubin in Angers. Witnesses included, among others, her husband Geoffroy, sons Foulques and Geoffroy, and count Heribert . [2][9]

978 Death

Adela de Meaux, who was living at the time of the 6 Mar 974 charter, died some time after that.[9] Her actual date and place of death is unknown. [2]

Since her husband remarried in 979, a death date for Adela of 978 is a plausible estimate. Bachrach gives a death year of 982 [10] which would appear contradicted by the 979 remarriage.

Wikipedia reports that she was buried in the St. Aubin Abbey, Angers.[3]

979 Husband's Second Marriage

After Adela's death, Geoffroy married, second, on 2 or 9 Mar 979, Adelais, widow of Lambert Comte de Chalon, and they had one child: Maurice. [5] Lambert I, Count of Chalon-sur-Saone, died 22 Feb 978. [1]

987 Geoffroi's Death

Geoffroi I, Count of Anjou, in turn was slain in battle at Marcon (near Chateau-du-Loir) 21 July 987, and was buried at Saint-Martin de Tours. His widow, the second Adele, was living in 999. [1]


Documented Children

Geoffroi and Adele had two sons and two daughters [1] born between 965, when they married, and 978, her presumed date of death. Geoffroi and his second wife Adelais had a son, Maurice.

Douglas Richardson simply dates the births of all four children as between 965 and 974. [1]

  1. Ermengarde de Bretagne, daughter of Geoffroi and Adele, was born, say, 966, and married Conan I of Rennes, born about 950, who died in 992. Baldwin notes that (1) Rodulfus Glaber states that Conan married a sister of count Foulques of Anjou; (2) the Chronicle of S. Florent says that Geoffrey was son of Conan by a sister of Foulques; and (3) the Angevin genealogical collection states that Judith, wife of Richard of Normandy, was the daughter of Conan by his wife Ermengarde, daughter of Geoffroy of Anjou. [2] Baldwin further notes that chronological considerations place Ermengarde as a child of Geoffroy's first marriage to Adèle de Troyes. Sometimes Ermengarde and her sister Gerberge are conflated into one person, "Ermengarde-Gerberga" [11] Baldwin, however, notes that "there is no good reason to identify Geoffroy's daughters Ermengarde (wife of count Conan of Rennes) and Gerberge (wife of count Guillaume IV of Angoulême) as the same person, as is sometimes done [2]
  2. Gerberga d'Anjou, daughter of Geoffroi and Adele, born, say, 968, married Guillaume IV, Count of Angouleme. [1] She died after 988. [9] Ademar de Chabannes states that count Guillaume (IV) was married to Gerberge, sister of count Foulques ["Andegavensis" in one manuscript], who must chronologically be Foulques III. Depoin cites a charter which gives the name of Guillaume's wife as Girberga. </ref name="henry"/>
  3. Foulques d'Anjou , or Foulques III Nerra, Count of Anjou, son of Geoffroi and Adele [2]. Historiæ Andegavensis names his birth year as 970, and his death at Metz on 21 Jun 1040 with burial at Beaulieu-lez-Loche, Abbaye de Saint-Pierre).[12] "Fulco Andecavorum comes" relinquished rights to the bishop of Angers "pro anima patris mei Gauffredi et matris Adelæ" by charter dated 17 Jan 1020. [5]
  4. Geoffrey d'Anjou or Geoffroi, son of Geoffroi and Adele. Bachrach suggests a birth year of 971. [13] Geoffrey ("Gauzfredi filii eius") is named by his mother "Adela" in the 6 March 974 charter by which she donated property to Saint-Aubin d'Angers [9] and is living at that time [2] Geoffrey of Anjou (971-977), died young. [13]

Falsely attributed children

Baldwin notes the following falsely attributed children:

  1. Bouchard (Barbatus), supposed father of Bouchard de Montmorency. Bouchard is part of a late attempt to fabricate an origin for the house of Montmorency[2]
  2. Adélaïde (in fact a sister), mother of queen Constance. One example of this comes from a late fabricated genealogy which was published with the cartulary of Trinité de Vendôme. Constance's mother Adélaïde was a sister of Geoffroy [2]

Children formerly linked which have been delinked

  1. Hugues (Châlons) de Châlons, born Dijon 1030 has been shown as the child of Lambert and Adelaide de Vermandois. There are two problems with this -- (1) Lambert and Adelaide were married to different people, and (2) Hughes was born well after the deaths of both of them. Therefore I have delinked Hughes from Adelaide.Day-1904 19:06, 5 March 2017 (EST)


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Chart of Paternal Royal and Noble Ancestors
Chart of Paternal Royal and Noble Ancestors


On 9 May 2017 at 01:15 GMT Robert Wood wrote:

Problem with birth date of Vermandois-351 (abt 934) and father, Vermandois-1 (931).

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Looking at the kids

- the two Mauds are the same, their father is Lambert and their mother should be his wife, Adelaide Unknown-313332

- who is also Hugh's mother

- Aelis and Elizabeth are unaccounted for. They aren't Adele's, or Geoffrey's, or Adelaide's, or Lambert's. Elizabeth was a very unusual name before AD 1000.

On 24 Jul 2016 at 09:35 GMT RJ Horace wrote:

Good to see the two wives of Geoffrey now have a profile each

Still some issues

1 - The first block in the bio needs moving to the other wife

2 - She gave away her land on 6 Mar 974 and was dead by 979, when Geoffrey remarried

3 - Gottfried died after 6 Mar 974 (witnessed the deed)

4 - the Wikipedia page is all confused and needs a danger warning attached to the link.

5 - worth noting that Henry Project and Richardson both call her Adele de Troyes, though this might just be a legacy of old confusion with her mother

6 - the name Chalons invites confusion, since the future 2nd wife was Countess of Chalons the whole time

7 - should only be 4 kids not 9

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Adelais, the widow of Lambert, who married Geoffoy, was not the daughter of Robert de Vermandois. Her origins are unknown. SEE:,%20MAINE.htm#GeoffroyIdied987B

I have inserted a note regarding Disputed Origins, and I would like to change her LNAB to Unknown. Any objections?

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Adelais and Adele de Meaux, both wives of Geoffrey d'Anjou, are not the same women. Do not merge them.

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Adèle de Meaux and Adelais, both wives of Geoffrey d'Anjou, are not the same women. Do not merge them.

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