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John P. Vickery IV
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Born 1960, To John P & Donna M (Edmonston) Vickery III In Up-State Area, Onondaga County, New York, USA. Lived at: # 4 Downer Street, Baldwinsville, Onondaga, New York. [1], 1966 while attending a family reunion at Watkins Glenn State Park in New York State [2], with my parents permission I wandered off alone. Went swimming without permission and subsequently almost drowned, It was very deep, I had no business in the deep end, I could not swim. As I was going down into the darkness I prayed to God (that I did & did not understand) " I will be good, please save me", as I reached up my hands and my short life passed before my eyes... a (*coughs & clears throat)random Lady pulled me up to safety and the shore. I was so frightened, trembling, crying, choking that I never got the chance to thank that Lady in person. (Thank You Kindly, Nice Lady.) I still remember what she wore and what she looked like. I can still see her beautiful eyes/face in my minds eye 50 years later. I returned to my parents & family group area, I did not see my parents. They had a full clam-bake and a pit roasted bear w/ all the fixin's (Disambiguation: Texans say "Fixin's) . I sat alone saying grace over my meal and giving Thanks. Whereupon I finished praying opened my eyes... streaming tears of grace and mercy running down my cheeks... laughing and mumbling in glee as I humbly ate my supper. My Mom soon arrived and saw my tears of joy. She was confused because I was laughing and crying at the same time. I then told her of my life changing experience, she scolded me for swimming, then hugged me. We cried and laughed together. I took swimming lessons and almost drowned at another camp-site in New York a year later.

A member in Boy Scouts at an early age, I used to save in our huge cellar (it had a large work bench w/ all of my dads tools, there were many. Dad was a carpenter, car mechanic and an owner-operator OTR-Truck Driver.), ONP (Old News Papers) & magazines to be sold for our Boy-Scout troop outings funding. I was a big kid for my age as are all my male first cousins. I had two businesses: Snow Shoveling (I bought my own shovels) in winter & worm, crayfish picking/selling in spring/summer/fall; as we lived close to the Seneca River [3] & Erie Canal[4]. All the neighbors/friends in my area would save for me; so after I shoveled snow (walked to school and home from school, up-hill both ways) from their driveways/sidewalks... I'd take huge bundles of books, newspapers and magazines home. During the long cold months in Up-State New York, I would hang out in the cellar; sort and read every book, newspaper and magazine... Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, U.S. News & World Report, National Geographic were especially nice finds.

I liked working with my hands and built countless modeling cars, airplanes, wooden ships and soon found that I was mechanically & scientifically inclined. I worked on: bicycles, go-carts, mini bikes/cycles, skate-boards/ roller skates, Ice skates and tree forts; we always went home when the street lights came on. We played: kick the can, red rover, football, baseball & Ice Hockey. My 6th grade aptitude test showed that I had a college entrance level knowledge & retention for science. Always loved fishing, firearms, rocks, minerals, gems, geology, chemistry, coins, minting, numismatics, Gilbert's Chemistry Set, electrical, electronics, space exploration, Martial Arts. Mom and Dad always bought me expensive cars & trucks to play with because I always took them apart & reassembled them many times.

I beat all the other Pinewood Derby [5] cars including the over weight disqualified cars. They said I had earned First Place with my Fire-Engine-Red car! But that I had to tell them what I did to the car to win the trophy. I knew in my 7 y/o heart that I had indeed won First Place already weather or not I got that trophy and if I had told them that they would beat me the next year. It was my decision to not tell them and therefore did not take home the First Place Trophy. I had already won. I swear someone stold a part of my life story as an idea for a movie[6]. lol :) " Do you not know that the runners in a stadium all race, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win." 1 Corinthians 9:24-27.

At 7 y/o my family and I vacationed in Washington, D.C. / Virginia : toured Lincoln Memorial[7], Jefferson Memorial[8], John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame[9], United States Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial)[10] at night, The White House[11], Washington Monument[12], Arlington National Cemetery[13], Changing Of The Guard/Tomb of The Unknown Soldier[14] and two of my favorites: The United States Mint/BPE[15] & The Smithsonian Institution Museum[16] witch I asked if we could go to again the next day...

At 8 y/o I studied American Kempo Karate[17] in Syracuse, New York, w/ the Ed Parker[18]. My family and I vacationed in Pennsylvania / Dutch area. We rented rooms in the humble home of a generous Mennonite[19] family, I was in culture shock but learned a lot. We rented horses from some "Friends" Quakers[20] and rode all around their farms & homes. While leaving Pennsylvania I asked "How far is it to the Smithsonian Museum? & Can we go there too again please?" :)

At 9 y/o I earned a New York State Boating & Snowmobile license. The next year we moved to (Pinney Woods) N.E. Texas. " I may not have been born in Texas but I got here quick as I could, Ya'll " :). At 12 y/o I Earned a S.C.U.B.A.[21] Diving certificate and my parents divorced. We then moved a lot, I attended 5 different Jr. High Schools & 4 High Schools. At 13-14 y/o I worked part-time at a Pawn Shop & Variety store on Greenville Ave., Dallas. At 15 y/o I worked as a fry-cook at Long John Silvers, in Walnut Hill, suburb of North Dallas. 17 y/o I had a automobile drivers license (for 2 X years rode my 10 speed Schwinn bicycle: to school then work & home everyday to earn enough to pay for Drivers-Education and my first car. a: Fire-Engine-Red (Same as my unbeaten Pinewood Derby Car) 1970 Chevrolet, Impala[22]; that a lil-ole-lady from Pasadena had owned and only drove on Sundays. Although it was flawless when I purchased it... being my first car I detailed it for many hours at our local car-wash, all that day Saturday as I was off-work the whole day. I only ever got to drive it from the corner of Greenville Ave. & Ross Street, Dallas, Tx to Waxahachie, TX = 32 miles. It was totaled in a wreck/accident while legally parked in front of my house less than 10 hours after I bought it, while I was asleep. It was an Omen of things to come as I have had 14 car wrecks/accidents, NONE MY FAULT) & was an active member in Police-Explorers[23]; Toured Texas Ranger Hall Of Fame and Museum[24] in Waco, Texas. Worked 3 hours a day in Building Trades class X 2 Years. (A Big Thank You goes to my teacher: James A Easterling Framer/Carpenter & Coach/Principal: James Ray, for all the corporal punishment "Licks / spankings with a long wooden or fiberglass paddle" that this rebellious, spoiled brat received).

At 18 y/o Enlisted as: USNR /USNavy, E-1 FR (Fireman Recruit) volunteering for submarines (3 by 6 years). Sworn in / mustered: Aafes-Army & Air Force Base, Barksdale AFB Shreveport, Louisiana. Attended: NRTC, San Diego, California (Boot-Camp). Attended BESS[25] NAVSUBASE NLON[26] Submarine School, Groton, Connecticut. I then took leave to back home & earned "M" Motorcycle endorsement on my drivers License. Arrived early at my permanent duty station: DevSubGrpOne, Mare Island Naval Ship Yard in California. I could not see or approach my assigned ship until my (Need To Know basis) Top Secret-SBI security clearance was finished and approved. Once approved and briefed I was escorted to see my Ship. I saluted the armed Topside Watch / Duty Officer & requested to come aboard. He requested my identification & looked for me in a log-book, once approved I saluted the Jack (United States American Flag mounted on a Jackstaff) proudly, walked the gangway... I was aboard a then 80 million USDollar (219,260,000 in 2016 terms) United States Navy Nuclear Submarine the USS Seawolf (SSN-575). I made a free-space page at wikitree to honor her. . I went on to drive her (Helmsman/Plainsman, Top Side Watch, Under Way Look-Out, finished all my required mess hall cooking and all of "Ships-Quals" for my Dolphins (Qualified in Submarines) but never had the chance to finish it). Unknowingly I had a pre-existing heart condition and collapsed while working 18-20 hour days while at sea. Then Honorable Medical discharged from the service. Grandfather had a pace-maker, Dad can't eat chocolate, Son can't have lots of Caffeine or sports drinks, I am limited to one cup of java a day. I went to sea-trials after dry-dock fitting to Bremerton, Washington/Puget Sound with: Four Star Admiral Hyman G Rickover

83' I hired into Axelson USI, Longview Texas, became a Carbon Furnace Apprentice, Chrome/Nickle Plater, Inspector, Forge Operator. When the oil field work slowed down I was laid off. Hired in at Nitro Marine as Assembler/Carpet layer, Boat Rigger/Joiner. They sold to Coleman & again I was laid off. Hired into Skeeter Boats as a Hull builder/Chop Gun Operator. Got chemical Pneumonia and resigned. I studied Tae-Kwon-Do in Longview, Texas under Jack Yoder & Sam Prunjintun. Self taught Judo & Jeet-Kune-Do. I hired in at Builders Express (previous owners of Home Depot) locally as a Delivery Truck Driver and promptly earned my Class-B CDL. In later years my Dad helped me get my Class A-CDL License w/ Hazmat, Tanker, Doubles/Triples endorsement. I became a Master ASE-Certified Mechanic, licensed High-line Electrican.

Married in 1995 had one son then divorced in 2002. I am self taught: DOS (Disk Operating System) 20+ years ago on a hp 486-Turbo when the only WWW access was dial-up & through Universities, Gold Prospecting, Refining, Metallurgy, Horology. I later became a Dispatcher for Laidlaw Waste Systems/Allied Waste on an AS-400 mainframe computer, 4 microwave radio channels (that could not hear each other) & 3 phone lines, 146 Drivers/Trucks/Routes, 179,000 sq. miles, Relief Dispatcher, Route Auditor, MRF Supervisor, Instituted a nation wide safety mapping/emergency services contacting program & trained their National Trainer. Dispatched awhile for Mobley Tank Trucking and then drove OTR (Over The Road) flatbeds & 53ft. box vans.

I am a Supervisory, Journeyman Painter, Sign Painter, Industrial Painter Commercial Painter, Residential Painter, Framing Carpenter, Finish Carpenter, Cabinet Carpenter. While a Supervisory Painter at Zimmerman Signs I was assigned exclusively to paint 10 ft X 20 ft NCNB Bank signs that went all over the world with: metal-flake Fire-Engine-Red. Studied Psychotherapy, Psychology (LCDC/CADAC) at: University of Texas Tyler & Kilgore College. Hired on at Sundown Ranch Adolescent In Patient Treatment Center in Canton, Texas to complete my practicum, studied (PMAB®) Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behavior; a specialized form of patient & self defense. I have owned a Lawn Care company & Donut Shop. Now retired/disabled. My son John is currently a Computer Tech (I don't have "Need to Know" soz I don't know exactly what he does :-)) .) enlisted in the U.S. Air Force ( I love & am proud of him, his wife, my first & only grand-child ?).

14 wrecks + 3 near drownings & probably deserve to have been shot more than once... I have more lives than 1.888 Cats! *(®.®)*. I keep my head and heart in the clouds & my feet on the ground, my feet are made of clay. I don't run with the big dogs anymore, I stay up on the porch with the old dogs ;)

I have been working on my family genealogy locally at LDS Church since before my first computer 25+ years ago. Thanks for reading my True "Big Fish" story:).

Brian Wilson: Love And Mercy

My Mom Donna Marie Edmonston Vickery worked for Fay's Drugstores, Russell Stover Candies, Hallmark Cards in New York, Head Waitress for Papacita's Restaurant, Bernard's Coffee, Community Coffee in Texas & Louisiana. All my friends growing up & people I had never met before all told me... "What a wonderful / Nice person she was" ? And She Was ?.

My Grand Father OD Dr. John P Vickery Jr. was an Optometrist, owned his own business in Syracuse. He was a 33rd Degree Fremason & Past Master of Seneca River Lodge, Past Deputy Grand Master of the Second Onondaga District, F & AM. President of: Baldwinsville, New York, Lions Club.

My Gr Gf John P Vickery Sr. was a career newspaper-man / Typsetter, Editor, Publisher, Manager of The New York Times, Brooklyn Daily Image, Hearld Times, New York Hearld Tribune, The Baldwinsville Hearld.



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Baily / Bailey Quaker "Friends" New Jersey / New York /Pennsylvania
Corlies /Corllies / Corleys Samuel Fisher Corlies (1830-1888), dau: Caroline Atlee (Corlies) Bailey (1861-1913), Quaker "Friends". Origin: Pennsylvania / Penn
Duesler / Dussler / Düssler / Dußler from Ulm / Blaubeuren, Alb-Donau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany / Seißen, Alb-Donau-Kreis, Baden-Wüerttemberg, Germany
Edmonston is a town in Prince George's County, Maryland & My Mothers Maiden Surname / Edmonstone Baronetcy, of Duntreath in the County of Stirling, is a title in the Baronetage of Great Britain., De Edmundiston., Connected with; Campbell, Stewart, Douglas, Drummond, Montifchet, James II "Firey Face, King of Scotland., Sir Gilbert "7th Earl of Clare. 4th Earl of Hertford, Lord of Harfleur and Mostrevillers in Normandy" de Clare., Edward )Edward I) "Lomgshanks, King of England" Plantagenet.,
Edmonston is a town in Prince George's County, Maryland & My Mothers Maiden Surname / Edmonstone Baronetcy, of Duntreath in the County of Stirling, is a title in the Baronetage of Great Britain., De Edmundiston., Connected with; Campbell, Stewart, Douglas, Drummond, Montifchet, James II "Firey Face, King of Scotland., Sir Gilbert "7th Earl of Clare. 4th Earl of Hertford, Lord of Harfleur and Mostrevillers in Normandy" de Clare., Edward )Edward I) "Lomgshanks, King of England" Plantagenet.,
Edmonstone Baronets, Sir Archibald Edmonstone 1st Baronet, Sir Charles Edmonstone 2nd Baronet, Sir Archibald Edmonstone 3rd Baronet, [ Sir Wil
I have a few branches that are Palatine Migrators
I have special interest in Senator John Herschel Glenn Jr.
Sydney Ham Virginius Goode (1842-1920), William Edwin Goode (1883-1950). Origin: CSA Virginia
William Halstead (1832-1916), dau: Ida M (Halstead) Duesler (1871-1939). Origin: New York. Needed: Halstead, Gary A. Three Hundred and Fifty Years of Halsteads in America. Gering, NE: Privately Published. 1982.
Jacob Theanley Haney (1870-1943), dau: Margaret (Haney) Vickery (1841-1910). Origin: Pennsylvania & New Jersey
William Hawker (1847-1914), dau: Anna M (Hawker) Hudson (1870-1933). Origin: England / New York
Willard J Hudson (1860-1923), son: Howard Willard Hudson (1893-1962). Origin: England / New York
Martha S Marvin
My 6th cousin 2xr Actors: James King Aurness aka James Arness from "Gunsmoke" & Peter Duesler Aurness aka Peter Graves from "Mission : Impossible"., 6th Gr. Gf. Judge William Augustus Atlee-7., 16th Gr. Gf. Col. Samuel Goode-1042., Woody Guthrie-1255 & son, Arlo Guthrie-1415., David Hatcher Childress-704.
Baily & Corlies in my tree are: "Friends" Quaker
Edmonston Edmonstone
I have many Ancestors Stackpole.
Joseph Vickery (1834-1905), son: John Vickery (1877-1968). Origin: England / New York

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On 28 Mar 2017 at 22:19 GMT Beth Bowman wrote:

It appears your 14th great grandfather is my 15th great granfather on my maternal grandmother's side Thomas Vickery ? I am just trying to piece together my dad's side of the family. Beth Bowman

On 25 Mar 2017 at 17:39 GMT Randy McLaughlin wrote:

Another tidbit related to Elizabeth (Haney) Jarred. Her daughter, Martha Jarred, married a Bailey. One of your tags pertains to Bailey Friends. Somewhere along the line, my ancestors dropped the Friends connection, but this suggests that children and grandchildren of Friends at least continued to stay in close association even as they married into other faiths.

On 25 Mar 2017 at 17:26 GMT Randy McLaughlin wrote:

You enquired about parents of Elizabeth (Haney) Jarred. I had previously found clues that her mother was Barbara Lydia (King) Haney. See [1]. Her husband is also listed.

Elizabeth is my mother's mother's mother's mother's mother. I inherit my mDNA from her. l have a special interest in following that line as far as I can take it. I did some research about 10 years ago and need to review and reconstruct it.

I noted that several of your tags were about Quakers. I got the sense during my previous research that Barbara may have been a Quaker or born into a Quaker family. You may have more insight into how to follow up on that possibility or how to look for her in Quaker records.

On 10 Mar 2017 at 16:08 GMT Mary Richardson wrote:

Hi John, The Military Showcase nominations closed last week. And the Voting also has closed today. The winner is Lt. Colonel Edwin Lee Atterberry

So I posted your new profile on the list of World War II suggested nominations the next time World War II is the topic of the month.. Thank you for the participation.. When the time comes I will remind you.. Mary

On 5 Jan 2017 at 02:38 GMT Eowyn Langholf wrote:

On 24 Dec 2016 at 09:08 GMT J (Dorsch) Murray wrote:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from North Carolina, the other trouble making state. :)

On 24 Dec 2016 at 04:06 GMT Edwin Priest wrote:

Please revise Category:Foreman (singular) to Category:Foremen (plural).


On 18 Dec 2016 at 14:38 GMT Dorothy Barry wrote:

Thanks John for the "Wonderful WikiTreer" badge!!! Can anyone award that badge or just leaders????

PS: Merry Christmas to you as well!!!

On 17 Dec 2016 at 16:16 GMT Eowyn Langholf wrote:

wonderful wikitreer
John Vickery IV is a Wonderful WikiTreer.

On 17 Dec 2016 at 10:08 GMT J (Dorsch) Murray wrote:

Hi John!

Just stopping by to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!


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