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Bill Vincent Ph.D.
Born 1950s.
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Grayson County, Kentucky
Metcalfe County, Kentucky

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Bill Vincent Ph.D. participated with Team Virginia during the 2020! Clean-a-Thon.correcting 2,186 suggestions.We cleaned 15,730 suggestions & finished in 3rd place!
Bill Vincent Ph.D. participated with Team Virginia during the 2019! Clean-a-Thon.correcting 2,065 suggestions.We cleaned 11,253 suggestions & finished in 3rd place!
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Why Genealogy?

Bill began working on his own family tree after his mother passed away in 1984. He had been interested in her family research before, and picked up her efforts soon after she died. His first online genealogy experience was with using Compuserve and Mailing Lists, years before the Worldwide Web was created. (Yes, he's ancient.) His mother's ancestors traditionally valued their ancestry and passed on a rich tradition of oral family history.
Virginia and Southern Colonies

Early Southern & Kentucky Roots

Bill was born and raised in Kentucky, as have been all his ancestors for the past 190 years. Several ancestors came to Kentucky before statehood in 1792. Most of Bill's Kentucky ancestors came from Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland, plus some from Delaware, and South Carolina. Just a few were Yankees from Pennsylvania and New York. Bill's Virginia cousins include US Presidents, Governors, First Ladies, and Frontier Explorers. (See list below.)

Kentucky Counties

Bill and his family were raised in Grayson and Edmonson Counties, for whom he is the KyGenWeb coordinator. Other family came from Adair, Barren, Green, Hardin, LaRue, Lincoln, Marion, Metcalfe, Nelson, Washington, and Wayne Counties. He has a large personal database of over 100,000 entries, especially of people linked to those areas.
Kentucky Counties of Principal Interest

Historic Roots

Thirty Patriot Ancestors of the American Revolution (see list below), plus one or two English Loyalists.
Most of Bill's Kentucky kinfolk fought for the Union during the Civil War, even slaveholders. One ancestor who didn't own slaves was a Confederate in the Kentucky Orphan Brigade.
Other ancestors fought in the French and Indian War, Northwest Indian War, and the War of 1812.
Two ancestors, James Wood and James Watson, were captured at Preston in 1715 during the First Jacobite Rebellion in England, and deported as prisoners to Jamestown, Virginia.
Bill's Personal Hero is his Uncle, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Lane, who earned Engineering degrees at West Point, University of Kentucky and Harvard, and died tragically in Vietnam.


  • Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Scientist, Chemist, and College Soccer Coach.
  • Bill's father was a Haberdasher, Farmer, Agriculturalist, and Politician.
  • Bill's Kentucky ancestors were Farmers, Horse Traders, Hunters, Merchants, Physicians, Postmasters, Teachers, Soldiers, and Surveyors.

Ancestral Family

Four-Generation Family Tree
(with photos)
Bill's Family Surnames (Link)
  • Skaggs (4 of 4 grandparents)
  • Meredith (3 of 4 grandparents)
Surnames of Great-Grandparents:
  • Vincent
  • Meredith (2)
  • Lane
  • Musick
  • Goff
  • Asbury
  • Nelson

Living Family

Bill has three children, six grandchildren, and one sweet sister.
He is fortunate to have many wonderful cousins in Kentucky and around the USA.

Personal Info

B.S. in Chemistry - Univ. of Ky.      ...Go Cats!
Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics - Univ. of Fla.
Living in New Jersey for past 35 years, but still a Kentucky boy at heart.
Bill likes to help people, so please feel free to avail yourself of any meager knowledge or experience he may possess.
I will take it with me when I go. I'd like to pass on as much as possible.


Bill is occasionally mistaken for Astronaut Scott Kelly, to whom Bill offers his sincere apologies.
Astronaut Scott Kelly

Patriot Ancestors

Patriots of the
William Blanton - 5th-great-grandfather
Humphrey Brooke 6th-great-grandfather
William Decker 5th-great-grandfather
Cornelius Drake 6th-great-grandfather
Mark Foster 6th-great-grandfather
Willam Froggett 4th-great-grandfather
Michael Goodnight 7th-great-grandfather
Hugh Gordon 6th-great-grandfather
Elizabeth Graves Sandidge 6th-great-grandmother
Thomas Harbour 7th-great-grandfather
Vincent Hobbs 6th-great-grandfather
John Kendrick 6th-great-grandfather
Solomon Kessinger 5th-great-grandfather
William Logan 5th-great-grandfather
John Love 6th-great-grandfather
Thomas Luckett 6th-great-grandfather
David McGowan 5th-great-grandfather
Joseph Millsaps 6th-great-grandfather
Abraham Musick 6th-great-grandfather
John Radford 6th-great-grandfather
Samuel Sanders 5th-great-grandfather
John Sandidge 5th-great-grandfather
William Sandidge 6th-great-grandfather
John Simms 6th-great-grandfather
Charles Skaggs 6th-great-grandfather
Richard Skaggs 5th-great-grandfather
Zachariah Taylor 5th-great-grandfather
Day Willin 5th-great-grandfather
David Witt 6th-great-grandfather
John Witt 5th-great-grandfather
David Wood 6th-great-grandfather

Notable Relationships

3rd Cousin Harry
George Washington and Bill are 5C8R.
John Adams and Bill are 5C7R.
James Madison and Bill are 4C7R.
John Quincy Adams and Bill are 6C6R.
John Tyler and Bill are 4C6R.
Millard Filmore and Bill are 7C5R.
Abraham Lincoln and Bill are 2C5R.
Chester A. Arthur and Bill are 6C7R.
Theodore Roosevelt and Bill are 6C4R.
Franklin D. Roosevelt and Bill are 9C5R.
Harry S. Truman and Bill are 3C6R.
Gerald R. Ford and Bill are 9C2R.
Jimmy Carter and Bill are 7C2R.
George H. W. Bush and Bill are 8C & 8C1R.
George W. Bush and Bill are 8C1R & 9C.
Barack H. Obama and Bill are 7C2R & 8C1R.
Vice Presidents
Maj. Gen. John Cabell Breckinridge and Bill are 4C4R.
Hubert H. Humphrey and Bill are 8C3R.
Cousin Mary Todd
First Ladies
Mary Todd Lincoln and Bill are 3C4R.
Edith Bolling Wilson and Bill are 8C3R.
Eleanor Roosevelt and Bill are 8C2R.
Nancy Robbins Reagan and Bill are 6C2R.
Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill are 6C2R.
Signers & US Founding Fathers
Carter Braxton and Bill are 1C8R.
John Hanson and Bill are 2C8R.
Charles of Carrollton Carroll and Bill were 3C8R.
Daniel Carroll and Bill were 3C8R.
Thomas Stone and Bill are 5C8R.
Peyton Randolph and Bill are 7C7R.
Edmund Jennings Randolph and Bill are 8C6R.
Politicians and Statesmen
KY Sen. William Logan and Bill are 1C6R.
KY Gov. Isaac Shelby and Bill are 1C7R (x2).
Governor Isaac Shelby
KY Gov. William Owsley and Bill are 2C6R.
KY Sen. Humphrey Marshall and Bill are 2C6R.
VA Gov. Robert Brooke and Bill are 2C7R.
VA Gov. William H. Cabell and Bill are 2C6R.
VA Gov. John Page and Bill are 3C8R.
KY Gov. Augustus O. Stanley and Bill are 4C4R.
KY Sen. Henry Clay and Bill are 4C5R.
VA Gov. John Floyd and Bill are 4C5R.
VA Gov. Thomas Mann Randolph and Bill are 4C7R.
VA Gov. John B. Floyd and Bill are 5C4R.
AR Gov. Thomas Churchill and Bill are 5C6R.
KY Gov. Charles S. Morehead and Bill are 6C5R.
KY Gov. Earle C. Clements and Bill are 7C4R.
Pioneers and Explorers
Samuel Saunders is Bill's 5th-great grandfather
Longhunter Richard Skaggs is Bill's 5th-great grandfather.
Longhunter Charles Skaggs is Bill's 6th-great grandfather.
Michael Goodnight is Bill's 7th-great-grandfather.
General Benjamin Logan is Bill's 6th-great uncle.
Uncle Ben Logan
John Floyd and Bill are 3C6R.
MO Gov. William Clark and Bill are 3C7R.
Astronaut Neil Armstrong and Bill are 7C2R.
Military Leaders
Lt. Col. Edward Lane is Bill's uncle.
Brig. Gen. Evan Shelby is Bill's 7th-great uncle.
Gen. George Rogers Clark and Bill are 3C7R.
Maj. Gen. John Cabell Breckinridge and Bill are 4C4R.
Maj. Gen. Samuel Bell Maxey and Bill are 4C5R.
Maj. Gen. Thomas Churchill are 5C6R.
Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart and Bill are 6C4R.
Brig. Gen. George Patton and Bill are 10C1R.
General William C. Westmoreland and Bill are 11C1R.
Historical & Legendary Figures
Doris Duke (Philanthropist) and Bill are 5C5R.
Pocahontas is Bill's 10th-Great Grand Aunt.
Johnny Appleseed and Bill are 9C5R.
General George Rogers Clark
Robert Burns and Bill are 13C1R.
Orville Wright and Bill are 9C3R.
Wilbur Wright and Bill are 9C3R.
Artists and Entertainers
Woody Guthrie and Bill are 4C1R.
Arlo Guthrie and Bill are 5C. (DNA)
Chace Crawford and Bill are 5C1R.
Minnie Pearl and Bill are 5C2R.
Johnny Depp and Bill are 6C.
George C. Scott and Bill are 6C1R.
Willie Nelson and Bill are 6C2R.
Robert Redford and Bill are 7C.
Steve McQueen and Bill are 7C1R.
Neil Patrick Harris and Bill are 7C1R.
Woody Guthrie
(a Kessinger-Logsdon cousin)
Eric & Julia Roberts and Bill are 7C1R & 8C.
Blake Lively and Bill are 7C1R & 8C.
Brad Pitt and Bill are 7C2R.
Johnny Cash and Bill are 7C3R.
Edward Hopper and Bill are 7C3R.
Elvis Aaron Presley and Bill are 8C.
Stephen King and Bill are 8C.
Robin Williams and Bill are 8C.
Reese Witherspoon and Bill are 8C & 9C.
Ed Helms and Bill are 8C.
Phil & Don Everly and Bill are 8C1R.
Cousin Steve
Paris Hilton and Bill are 8C1R.
Harper Lee and Bill are 8C2R.
Henry Fonda and Bill are 8C2R.
Lady Gaga and Bill are 8C2R.
Maggie Lawson and Bill are 8C2R (x2).
Debbie Reynolds and Bill are 9C (x2).
Billy Ray Cyrus and Bill are 9C.
Miley Cyrus and Bill are 9C1R.
Jane Fonda and Bill are 9C1R.
Carrie Fisher and Bill are 9C1R (x2).
Robert Duvall and Bill are 9C1R.
Ronnie Van Zant and Bill are 9C2R.
Cliff Arquette and Bill are 9C2R.
Katharine Hepburn and Bill are 9C4R.
Cate Blanchett and Bill are 10C1R.
Lewis Arquette and Bill are 10C1R.
Shirley (Temple) Black and Bill are 10C2R.
F. Scott Fitzgerald and Bill are 10C3R.
Buddy Holly and Bill are 11C1R.
Joe Blanton and Bill are 4C1R.
Bobby Jones and Bill are 7C1R.
Mickey Mantle and Bill are 8C2R.
Magna Carta Signators (if you trust the lineages)
Magna Carta
John Fitz Robert is Bill's 24th-great grandfather.
Grandpa Gilbert
William de Mowbray is Bill's 25th-great grandfather.
Robert de Roos is Bill's 25th-great grandfather.
William d'Aubigny is Bill's 25th-great grandfather.
Geoffrey de Say is Bill's 25th-great grandfather.
William de Huntingfield is Bill's 26th-great grandfather.
William de Lanvallei is Bill's 26th-great grandfather.
Robert FitzWalter is Bill's 27th-great grandfather.
Gilbert de Clare is Bill's 27th-great grandfather.
John de Lacy is Bill's 27th-great grandfather.
William Malet is Bill's 27th-great grandfather.
Hugh (III) le Bigod is Bill's 28th-great grandfather.
Saier de Quincy is Bill's 28th-great grandfather.
Robert de Vere is Bill's 28th-great grandfather.


  • Ky Birth Records, 1911-1999, CD-ROM
  • Kentucky Marriage Records
  • Public Records
  • First-hand information. Entered by William Vincent.

DNA Confirmation

  • Parental relationship is confirmed by a 2,781 cM match between Bill Vincent GEDmatch T827997 and his sister M. Vincent GEDmatch M811226.
  • Maternal relationship is confirmed with an AncestryDNA test match between Matthew Patterson and Bill Vincent, first cousins once removed. Predicted relationship reported by AncestryDNA: 1st to 2nd Cousins based on sharing 575 cM across 29 segments; Confidence: Extremely High.
  • Paternal relationship is confirmed through Y-chromosome DNA testing. Bill Vincent, FTDNA kit #91114, and his 4th cousin, B. G. Vincent, match at a Genetic Distance of 0 on 67 markers thereby confirming their direct paternal lines back to their MRCA Reuben Vincent. FTDNA indicates that the probability the two share a common ancestor within the last 5 generations is 94.23% and within the last 6 generations is 96.74%.
  • Paternal relationship is confirmed by a 126.4 cM match between Bill Vincent GEDmatch T827997 and his double third cousin Jerry Blankenship GEDmatch M283958.
  • Paternal relationship is confirmed by a 65.4 cM match between Bill Vincent GEDmatch T827997 and his third cousin Kathie (Ashley) Nelson GEDmatch A901375.
  • Paternal relationship is confirmed by a 325.8 cM match between Bill Vincent GEDmatch M143417 and his second Cousin Mary Wheat GEDmatch T661076.
  • Paternal relationship is confirmed by a AncestryDNA test match between Bill Vincent and M. Kessinger, second cousins twice removed. Their most-recent common ancestor is Alexander Kessinger, the third-great grandfather of Bill Vincent and great grandfather of M. Kessinger. Predicted relationship from AncestryDNA: Third Cousin, based on sharing 122 cM across 4 segments.
  • Paternal relationship is confirmed by a triangulated group consisting of Bill Vincent GEDmatch M143417, Brian Hightower GEDmatch A750742 and Harry Binkow GEDmatch T594819 sharing a 22.2 cM segment on chromosome 12 from 77579514 to 101235572.
  • Paternal relationship is confirmed with an AncestryDNA test match between Bill Vincent and Ray Dennison, second cousins once removed. Predicted relationship reported by AncestryDNA: 3rd Cousins based on sharing 145 cM across 9 segments; Confidence: Extremely High.
  • Paternal relationship is confirmed with an AncestryDNA test match between Judi Corbin and Bill Vincent, first cousins once removed. Predicted relationship reported by AncestryDNA: 1st to 2nd Cousins based on sharing 472 cM across 24 segments; Confidence: Extremely High
  • Maternal relationship is confirmed by an exact HVR1 and HVR2 match between this Family Tree DNA mtDNA test for William Vincent and this mtDNA test of his maternal line cousin Daniel O'Connor.
  • Maternal relationship is confirmed by an AncestryDNA test match between Bill Vincent and his third cousin G. Crenshaw. Their most-recent common ancestors are their great, great grandparents, Morris Asbury and Louticia Froggett. Predicted relationship from AncestryDNA: 3rd Cousins, based on sharing 109 cM across 6 segments; Confidence: Extremely High.
  • Maternal relationship is confirmed by a 47.0 cM X-Chromosome match between Bill Vincent GEDmatch A660845 and his 4th Cousin Freddy Arlen Parsley GEDmatch A386123. Their MCRA is Elizabeth (Quisenberry) Nelson.
  • Maternal relationship is confirmed by a 40.3-cM X-Chromosome match between Bill Vincent GEDmatch A660845 and his 5th Cousin Barry W. Downs GEDmatch A063195. Their MCRA is Anna (Gordon) Sanders. (There is no automatic way to show this X-Chromosome relationship on WikiTree.)
  • Maternal relationship confirmed by William Vincent (M143417) and Summer Orman (A239508) 7.8 cM match on one segment, using Gedmatch with 7.4 generations to MRCA.
  • Maternal relationship is confirmed with an AncestryDNA test match between Bill Vincent and June (Jeffries) Watts, third cousins. Predicted relationship reported by AncestryDNA: 3rd Cousins based on sharing 158 cM across 9 segments; Confidence: Extremely High.
  • Maternal relationship is confirmed by triangulated groups consisting of:

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Followed Tags
Bill is a Wiki Genealogy Volunteer following these tags:
Descendant of several Rev. War Patriots.
Shooting for all 52 weeks in 2020.
I respect structure and classification.
I don't claim to be an expert, but I have been doing DNA-based research for some time, testing several family members for autosomal-DNA, mtDNA, and y-DNA. I strongly advocate the use and support of independent sites (e.g., y-Search, etc.) for comparing DNA and Family Trees. Testing site matches are too competitive and limited.
Please visit the Edmonson County Wikitree Project
Please Visit the Grayson County, Kentucky Project
Descendants of Dumas LANE, b. ca. 1742, Albemarle Co., VA, and Mary Norman DICKEN
Descendants of Joseph MEREDITH, b. ca. 1762, VA, and Nancy SKAGGS, 1763-1840. y-DNA is of Irish origin. I have recorded over 40,000 descendants in my personal files.
Please visit the Metcalfe County Project on Wikitree.
John Musick, b. c1776, NC, and died or left Edmonson Co., KY, aft. 1850.
I have already researched and help to connect several notables. Plan to do more.
See: Edmonson County, Kentucky, Grayson County, Kentucky, and Metcalfe County, Kentucky
Christopher "Kit" Sandidge (1797-1886), son of Capt. John Sandidge (1760-1832).
Descendant of 1) Charles Skaggs (c1740-1815) & 2) Richard Skaggs (c1744-1818)
Following numerous families who migrated to Kentucky from Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania.
Several Southern Pioneers in my family including: Skaggs, Logan, Logsdon, Sanders, Goodnight..., who were mostly in early Kentucky.
Kentucky ancestors descended from Meredith, Lane, Musick, Goff, Asbury, Nelson, Skaggs, Blanton, Hazelwood, McClendon, Kessinger, Burks, Froggett, Ashley, Saling, Salling, Milner, Milsap, Millsaps, Willian, Witt, Sandidge, Atkisson, Atkinson, Quisenberry, Smothers, Conder, McClendon, McGowan, McCown, Dearing, Thurman, Simms, Logsdon, Herring, Logan, Graves, Whitlock, Taylor, Lacefield Lasswell, Jones Duncan, Saunders, Wilton, Decker, Talley
Primary interest in Central Kentucky. Please see: Edmonson County, Kentucky, Grayson County, Kentucky, and , Metcalfe County, Kentucky
Descendants of Reuben VINCENT, b. ca. 1789, NC/SC, d. 8 Dec 1874, Edmonson Co., KY, and Easter SALING, c1795-c1870
DNA Tested
Bill Vincent's DNA has been tested for genealogical purposes. It may be possible to confirm family relationships by comparing test results with Bill or other carriers of his ancestors' Y-chromosome or mitochondrial DNA. Y-chromosome DNA test-takers in his direct paternal line on WikiTree:
  • Bill Vincent: Family Tree DNA Y-DNA Test 67 markers, haplogroup I-BY3406, FTDNA kit #91114 + Y-Chromosome Test 67 markers, haplogroup I-Z63
Mitochondrial DNA test-takers in the direct maternal line:
  • Bill Vincent: Family Tree DNA mtDNA Test HVR1 and HVR2, haplogroup HV7, FTDNA kit #91114
  • Daniel O'Connor Find Relationship : Mitochondrial DNA Test HVR1 and HVR2, haplogroup HV7
It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share DNA with Bill:

Have you taken a DNA test? If so, login to add it. If not, see our friends at Ancestry DNA.

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Hi Bill!

Thanks so very much for your participation in the spring Clean-a-thon! Every suggestion you cleared (over 2000!) made our Tree that much better. The WikiTree community appreciates YOU!

Pip Sheppard WikiTree’s Appreciation Team

PS: I kept running into your corrections the whole weekend!

posted by Pip Sheppard
Thanks. I appreciate being appreciated. LOL. That was an epic weekend, Pip. Our team finished 3rd for the 2nd year in a row, which makes me quite proud and satisfied. Congratulations to the Super Sweepers who did well, also. I ended up 9th overall last year with just under 2070 points, and beat that considerably this year finishing 13th over all. I think the bad weather and the pandemic worked to keep people inside and focused. You and I were working on Gender suggestions at the same time, from different starting points. When I ran into your work, I knew we were of like minds. Most of my False Suggestions came from Gender and from Nicknames, both of which can be a little different in the South. LOL. Names also change with time. My grandfather's given name, Hillary, was strictly a man's name years ago, as was the given name Meredith.
posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
Hello Bill,

My name is Sarah and I’m the Project Coordinator for the Scotland Project. As you may have heard, we have merged the Scottish Clans project into the Scotland Project. I am contacting you today to find out if you are interested in continuing with us under this new format. If you would like to go forward on the Scottish Clans Team, please reply and let me know which clans you have been working on or would like to work on. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Sarah Mason, Scotland PC

posted by Sarah Mason
Sarah, I am intermittently rather than continuously involved in the project. If it's no trouble, I would like to continue to be associate with the Scottish Clans Team as well as the Scotland Project. Thanks... Bill
posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
I need to ask what was changed for columbus skaggs?
You don't need to ask. I recorded that it was "Cleanup after Merge". That implies that the profile contained duplicate items from the result of a merge, which needed to be consolidated or removed, as was the case.
posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
edited by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
Hi Bill

Thank you for confirming appreciate that your message included link to the how to pages. If you would be interested in the greeter project just let the project lead know

Here is the link to the project

Pip and Mindy are both greeters while there are a number of us, new members are always welcome. Take a look, join us and have some fun

All the Best

Janet - Wikitree Greeter

posted by Janet (Langridge) Wild
Thanks for the invitation, Janet. I'll have to ask for a rain check at this time.
posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
lol Bill your DNA match list always astounds me! How wonderful it is. Unfortunately, you missed the sign up for the Thon. We would love to have you in an unofficial manner if you're interested, and can add you to the chat and page


posted by Mindy Silva
Thank you, Bill, for every one of your more than one thousand contributions to our Shared Tree during the month of September. The Appreciation Team honors you for all of your efforts.

Pippin Sheppard

WikiTree’s Appreciation Team

posted by Pip Sheppard
Bill, thank you for each of your more than 1000 contributions to our Shared Tree for the month of August 2019. All of your work makes our Tree all that much better.

Pippin Sheppard

WikiTree’s Appreciation Team

posted by Pip Sheppard
Bill, your comments are well noted, and I agree. The problem arises with multiple spouses and perhaps children with each one - when it becomes an issue to deliniate when one marriage might have started and / or ended. And as long as there is a field to document the end of a marriage - for any reason, sometimes the date of a death will have to serve.
posted by Hans Hofmann
Hi Bill!

Thank you for your time and energy in creating over 1000 actually, over 1200!) contributions to WikiTree for the month of July 2019. Your efforts are appreciated!

Pip Sheppard

WikiTree Appreciation Team

PS: My wife remains a Kentuckian at heart, too! Mercer County.

posted by Pip Sheppard
Thank you so much for your help. This is so exciting to me. We have a family reunion every year and I always mean to try and research our history to give info to my relatives. We always say the reunion is for relatives of Jesse Bob and Hattie. We would love to have you and your family. I would love to invite everyone on these lists. You can never have too many family members!
posted by Sara (Duvall) Cummings
Hi, Bill!

Thank you so much for responding to our check-in. We are delighted that you wish to continue contributing to the Military and War Project. Below is a quick checklist for active members. The project leaders would like you to make sure you have done the following:

1) Checked the Project Page for ways to contribute.

2) Added MILITARY_AND_WAR to the tags you follow.

3) PMed the Project Coordinator with your email address to be added to the Google Group.

4) Bookmarked the Activity Feed to monitor the project watchlist.

Thank you!

Deb ~ Volunteer Coordinator

posted by Deb (Lewis) Durham
Hello, Bill!

Very well done on your making 1,000 or more contributions to WikiTree in June 2019! We commend and appreciate all of your time and effort in helping to grow and perfect our Shared Tree. Keep up the great work!

Pip Sheppard ~ WikiTree Appreciation Teams

PS: I think you have the most DNA connections I've ever seen on a profile!

posted by Pip Sheppard
Once again, thanks with helping on the Skaggs and Johns profiles and merges. You know as much about these families and relationships as anyone on this site. I always appreciate your suggestions.
posted by Matt Melcher

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